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the case of the "human ostrich.". 189420754788
the policy of the ostrich. 191920769347
the policy of the ostrich. 191920311245
parallel mutations in the ostrich. 192017737045
no time to play ostrich. 195320893677
animal fats. 3. the component acids of ostrich fat. 195413181860
an epithelial ependymoma in an ostrich. 195613286177
operation ostrich: is mass evacuation strictly for the birds. 195613358629
the eagle and the ostrich. 196113754771
arteriosclerosis in the ostrich, rhea, and emu: naturally occurring lesions of the aortas and coronary arteries. 196514254909
spore germination and development of the young gametophyte of the ostrich fern (matteuccia struthiopteris). 196514265546
arteriosclerosis in the ostrich, rhea, and emu. 196514318834
[testispherite centres in ostrich egg shells]. 19664862094
temperature regulation and evaporative cooling in the ostrich. 19676018016
purification and properties of ostrich heart malate dehydrogenases. 19676033466
a feather pulp culture technique for avian chromosomes, with notes on the chromosomes of the peafowl and the ostrich. 19685703048
editorial. the posture of the ostrich. 19695254798
isolation of edwardsiella tarda from an ostrich and an australian skink. 19695388164
cardio-vascular and skeletal muscle changes in two ostriches (struthio camelus linnaeus). 19705527694
[the hip joint of the ostrich as a biologic model for orthopedic problems]. 19704253081
sephadex fractionation of phosvitins from duck, turkey and ostrich egg yolk. 19725064123
playing ostrich. 19725067251
[letter: the human ostrich]. 19734734028
the amino acid sequence of ostrich (struthio camelus) cytochrome c. 19744364857
specific serological identification of ostrich meat and meat products.using aqueous urea solution extracts of heated ostrich muscle as antigen for the production of precipitating rabbit antiostrich sera, it was possible to specifically identify raw, heated (70-95 degrees c) and air dried-salted ostrich meat by means of gel immunodiffusion tests. the sera did not react with chicken, turkey or horse meat or with beef in any form. the soluble proteins extracted from ostrich meat heated to temperatures of 70 degrees c for 30 minutes appear to constitute at least two c ...1975815549
proteolytic activity in the pituitary gland of the ostrich (struthio camelus) and the isolation of an apparent endogenous substrate. 19763355
[comparison of feet--ostrich, horse and man]. 1976987298
biologic effects of plant toxins and aflatoxins in rats.after weaning, groups of rats were fed a semi-purified diet containing fiddlehead greens (the unfuried frond of the ostrich fern matteuccia struthiopteris), mature bracken fern (pteridium aquilinum), or cycad meal (cycas circinalis), or this diet plus aflatoxin b1. the groups fed 1-10% fiddlehead greens for 70-73 weeks developed no tumors, whereas those fed mature bracken fern for 67 weeks developed small-bowel adenocarcinomas (3/17). those fed 3% cycad meal for 64 weeks developed tumors of the ...19761255785
a mechanism for lipid accumulation and central necrosis in fibrous plaques.this is a step section study of 3 fibrous plaques from the abdominal aorta of an ostrich. the distribution of gelatinous like lesions in these plaques suggested that the gelatinous lesions were formed by the influx of plasma at the plaque shoulders. two gelatinous lesions extended like tunnels into the center of one of the plaques. the presence of focal necrosis and large cholesterol crystals in one of these gelatinous tunnels deep within the plaque suggested that gelatinous lesions might repres ...19761274794
studies on avian erythrocyte metabolism. inositol tetrakisphosphate: the major phosphate compound in the erythrocytes of the ostrich (struthio camelus camelus). 197719258
the isolation and characterization of corticotropin from the pituitary gland of the ostrich struthio camelus.1. avian corticotropin (acth) was purified from both fresh and aged pituitary glands of the ostrich struthio camelus. 2. the isolation of corticotropin in pure form involved acid/acetone extraction, nacl fractionation, cm-cellulose chromatography and sephadex g-50 chromatography. 3. the hormone preparations from fresh and aged glands behaved as single substances on polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis, and both preparations were found to consist of 39 amino acid residues, in identical molar propor ...1977200225
aortic rupture in ostriches (struthio camelus)-a comparative study. 1977838902
the ostrich (struthio camelus) egg-white lysozyme.the purification of ostrich (struthio camelus) egg-white lysozyme is reported. the quantitative amino acid composition, the molecular weight, the n-terminal sequence (34 amino acids) as well as kinetic studies allow to range this enzyme among the goose type lysozymes.1977904618
adrenocorticotropin 53. the amino acid sequence of the hormone from the ostrich pituitary gland. 1978208539
the specificity of the reaction of collagen with platelets.1. human platelets will react with a number of different collagens from guinea-pig to ostrich. 2. human skin collagen when treated with pepsin does not react with human platelets. 3. calf platelets display a different pattern of reactivity than that of human platelets.1978262326
homology of single copy and repeated sequences in chicken, duck, japanese quail, and ostrich dna.the extent of reassociation of 3h-labeled repetitive or single copy dna sequences from the chicken with excess unlabeled dna from the duck, the japanese quail, and the ostrich, respectively, was measured by hydroxylapatite chromatography. chicken repetitive dna reassociated to an equal or greater extent than chicken single copy dna with the dna of each of the other birds. using an isolated subfraction of chicken repetitive dna representing those dna sequences common to the chicken and ostrich ge ...1978310314
safety examination of some edible plants, part 2.the carcinogenicity of cacalia, dandelion, ostrich-fern, and aralia, which are wild plants used as human food or folk medicine, and of burdock, bambooshoots, and lotus, which are cultivated as vegetables in japan, was examined in an inbred strain aci rats. fresh plant materials were dried, milled, and mixed with the rat basal diet in the ratio of 4--33% of the total. these diets thus prepared were administered to rats for periods ranging upward from 120 days. however, carcinogenic activity was n ...1978722187
the ostrich syndrome. 197810238821
the american board of family practice: phoenix or ostrich in 1983? 1979429984
[lipids in the egg shell of the ostrich (struthio camelus) (author's transl)].the egg shell (with cuticle) of the ostrich contained a total lipid concentration of 0.19 mg/g egg shell; the phospholipids constituted the major portion, among the neutral' lipids cholesterol esters, cholesterol and free fatty acids were identified. the egg shell lipids showed a stimulating effect on the crystal growth of calcium carbonate; the highest rate of crystal growth was observed with the phospholipid fraction.1979477864
reappraisal of energetics of locomotion shows identical cost in bipeds and quadrupeds including ostrich and horse. 1979514349
studies on avian erythrocyte metabolism. ix. relationship of changing organic phosphate composition to whole blood oxygen affinity during development of the ostrich (struthio camelus camelus). 19807372012
isolation and characterization of three lutropin isohormones from the pituitary gland of the ostrich (struthio camelus).avian lutropin has been isolated from pituitary glands of the ostrich (struthio camelus) in three homogeneous forms (designated isohormones). the different homogeneous forms of ostrich lutropin were characterized physically and chemically in terms of molecular weight, electrophoretic mobility, isoelectric points, amino acid and carbohydrate composition. from these characteristics it was evident that the isohormones are very similar. the differences between these isohormones can be attributed to ...19807372410
an outbreak of pasteurellosis in kano outbreak of pasteurellosis caused by pasteurella multocida is reported in which six elands (taurotragus oryx), a gnu (connochaetes taurinus albojubatus), a zebra (equus bruchelli), five kangaroos (macropus rufus), an ostrich (struthio camelus camelus) and a bateleur eagle (terathopius ecaudatus) died in kano zoological gardens toward the end of the rainy season of 1978. confirmation was based on cultural isolation of p. multocida. analysis of likely factors that could have contributed to the ...19807373722
[the sequence of the hemoglobin of barheaded goose (anser indicus) and ostrich (struthio camelus). inositol pentaphosphate as a modulator of the evolution rate: the surprising sequence alpha 63 (e12) valine (author's transl)]. 19807399417
isolation, characterization and opiate activity of beta-endorphin from the pituitary gland of the ostrich, struthio camelus.1. avian beta-endorphin was purified from adenohypophyseal glands of the ostrich struthio camelus by a procedure involving acid/acetone extraction, nacl fractionation, cm-cellulose chromatography, sephadex g-50 chromatography and paper electrophoresis (ph 6.7). 2. the 31-amino acid peptide behaved as a single substance during polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing, the isoelectric point being 8.84. 3. ostrich beta-endorphin exhibited significant opiate activity in the guinea ...19807406864
aspergillus pneumonia in an ostrich (struthio camelus). 19817020676
beta-endorphin: primary structure of the hormone from the ostrich pituitary gland. 19817213380
the epididymis and its development in ratite birds (ostrich, emu, rhea).the epididymis of ratitae is subdivided into a main part and a appendix epididymidis. the appendix epididymidis consists of the ductus aberrans and ductuli aberrantes. the ductus aberrans is the cranial continuation of the ductus epididymidis. the appendix epididymidis is cranially attached to the adrenal gland. in the main part of the epididymis the largest part of the rete testis is found. the rete testis is composed of an intratesticular rete (also named tubuli recti), and intracapsular rete ...19817270904
isolation and characterization of beta-lipotropin from the pituitary gland of the ostrich, struthio camelus.avian beta-lipotropin (beta-lph) was purified from adenohypophyseal glands of the ostrich struthio camelus by a procedure involving acid/acetone extraction, nacl fractionation, cm-cellulose chromatography, sephadex g-75 chromatography and paper electrophoresis (ph 6.7). the 90-amino acid peptide behaved as a single substance during polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing (pi of 6.0) and n-terminal analysis, the n-terminal amino acid being alanine. ostrich beta-lph exhibited lipo ...19817309374
beta-lipotropin: primary structure of the hormone from the ostrich pituitary gland.the amino acid sequence of beta-lipotropin from the ostrich pituitary has been determined. it consists of 79 amino acids. the amino acid sequence has been determined as follows: h-(1)ala-leu-pro-pro-ala-ala-met-leu-pro-(10)ala-ala-ala-glu-glu-glu-glu-gly-gl u-glu-(20)glu-glu-glu-gly-glu-ala-glu-lys-glu-asp-(30)gly-gly-ser-tyr-arg-met-a rg-his-phe-arg-(40)trp-gln-ala-pro-leu-lys-asp-lys-arg-tyr-(50)gly-gly-phe-met- ser-ser-glu-arg-gly-arg-(60)ala-pro-leu-val-thr-leu-phe-lys-asn-ala-(70)ile-val -l ...19817309375
in vivo thyroxine release in day-old cockerels in response to acute stimulation by mammalian and avian pituitary hormones.thyroxine (t4) level in the blood of newly hatched cockerels were measured at different times after the injection of bovine thyrotropin. a linear response to increasing doses of mammalian thyrotropin was seen when a two-injection protocol was used with a fifteen-hour interval between injections. blood t4 levels peaked 5 hr after the second injection and declined thereafter. this response was shown to be highly specific for thyrotropin from both mammalian and avian sources; gonadotropins, prolact ...19817322997
[ostrich face and efforts toward complete dental prosthetic care]. 19816214122
human resource management and the energy crisis: an ostrich posture? 198110253454
paleognathous carinate birds from the early tertiary of north america.fossils newly discovered in the paleocene and early eocene of western north america document some of the oldest birds known from nearly complete skeletons. these were medium-sized carinates with powers of sustained flight but which had a paleognathous palate like that of the flightless ostrich-like birds and the tinamous. the fossils provide additional evidence that the paleognathous palate is probably primitive and therefore should not be cited as a derived character state to define the ostrich ...198117789293
legal aspects of artificial human reproduction: can the law afford to play ostrich? 198211658651
synthesis of the nonatriacontapeptide corresponding to the entire amino acid sequence of ostrich adrenocorticotropic hormone. 19826284392
beta-endorphin. synthesis and radioreceptor-binding activity of the ostrich hormone.ostrich beta-endorphin has been synthesized by the solid-phase method. opiate activity in a radioreceptor binding assay is about seven times that of human beta-endorphin. structural differences within positions 6-15 account for the increased binding potency.19826288586
beta-endorphin: analgesic and receptor binding activity of non-mammalian homologs.analgesic potencies of turkey, ostrich and des-acetyl salmon beta-endorphins have been measured in the tail-flick test and binding affinities determined by radio-receptor assay. the duration of analgesia and the slope of the dose-response curves generated by these peptides are similar to those elicited by mammalian beta-endorphins. this suggests that they act in vivo and in vitro on the same population of opiate receptors. the ratio of binding to analgesic potencies observed for these peptides v ...19826288596
biochemical and immunological characterization of pituitary hormones from the ostrich (struthio camelus). 19826814981
complete amino acid sequence of ostrich (struthio camelus) egg-white lysozyme, a goose-type lysozyme.the complete amino acid sequence (185 amino acid residues) of the good-type lysozyme from the egg white of ostrich (struthio camelus) has been determined from the study of tryptic and staphylococcus aureus v8 protease peptides as well as of cnbr and bnps-skatole fragments. a slight sequence homology between the goose-type and chicken-type lysozymes has been observed.19827075596
the bursa cloacae (fabricii) of struthioniforms in comparison with the bursa of other birds.the late embryonic and postembryonic genesis of the bursa cloacae (fabricii) of struthioniforms and other birds is described and discussed. the bursa of ostrich and emu is a wall organ of the caudal cloacal chamber. the bursa of rhea is, like the bursa of gallus, a cranial appendix of the proctodeum. lobuli bursales of struthioniforms are composed of a peripheral pars lymphoepithelialis (ple) and a central pars lymphoreticularis (plr). by contrast, lobuli bursales of gallus are composed of a per ...19827077679
energetics and mechanics of terrestrial locomotion. iv. total mechanical energy changes as a function of speed and body size in birds and mammals.this is the final paper in or series examining the link between the energetics and mechanics of terrestrial locomotion. in this paper the kinetic energy of the limbs and body relative to the centre of mass (eke, tot of paper two) is combined with the potential plus kinetic energy of the centre of mass (ecm, tot of paper three) to obtain the total mechanical energy (excluding elastic energy) of an animal during constant average-speed locomotion. the minimum mass-specific power required of the mus ...19827086351
isolation and characterisation of a novel peptide from ostrich adenohypophyses.a novel peptide has been isolated from ostrich pituitary glands using acid acetone extraction, salt fractionation, ion exchange and gel permeation chromatography and preparative paper electrophoresis. the homogeneous fraction contained a large proportion of hydrophobic amino acids apparently concentrated in a portion of the polypeptide. an amino-terminal isoleucine and carboxyl-terminal glutamine were found. the molecular weight was determined as 15 024 (ultracentrifugation) and 16 185 (amino ac ...19827118433
pulmonary blood flow distribution in panting ostriches.ostriches (struthio camelus) are the only birds known that can increase post-dead space ventilation during severe heat stress without experiencing hypocapnia and respiratory alkalosis. to determine whether this phenomenon occurs due to redistribution of pulmonary blood flow during panting, thus creating an extreme ventilation-perfusion (v/q) imbalance, the distributions of pulmonary blood flow in ostriches at rest (15 degrees c) and in severe panting (45 degrees c) were determined using radioact ...19827153138
[primary structures of the alpha and beta chains from the major hemoglobin component of the ostrich (struthio camelus) and american rhea (rhea americana) (struthioformes). aspects of respiratory physiology and taxonomy].the primary structures of the alpha a- und beta-chains from the major hemoglobin component of the ostrich (struthio camelus) and american rhea (rhea americana) are given. the minor component with the alpha d-chains was detected in ostrich in several concentrations, in american rhea as in chicken and pheasant (about 40%). by homologous comparison, greylag goose (anser anser) hemoglobin and ostrich alpha a-chains differ by 15 amino acids or 16 nucleotide (1 two-point mutation) exchanges, beta-chai ...19836840701
determination of the primary sequence of the duck alpha d globin mrna and comparison of all adult duck and chick globin mrna sequences.the nucleotide sequence of the duck alpha d globin mrna was determined. its main feature is an exceptionally short 3' non-coding segment of only 46 nucleotides, placed after the coding sequence of 141 codons. the last of the 6 adult globin mrna of duck and chicken being thus sequenced, a comparison of all their features has become possible. comparing the duck alpha d mrna to the related sequence in the chicken, we found greater homology than comparing it to the linked alpha a globin sequence in ...19836888376
suspected vitamin e-selenium deficiency in two ostriches.paresis of the limbs of two 4-month-old ostriches fed a diet predominantly of crushed maize was investigated. raised levels of serum aspartate transaminase and creatine kinase were demonstrated in both birds. the less severely affected ostrich recovered after a single intramuscular injection of a vitamin e-selenium preparation but the other died despite therapy. an autopsy of the latter revealed focal pale areas in the thigh muscle. microscopically affected muscle fibres showed degeneration, nec ...19836631892
biological and binding activities of pituitary hormones from the ostrich, struthio camelus.biological and binding activities of adenohypophysial hormones purified from the ostrich (ost), struthio camelus, were compared to those of the corresponding hormones derived from mammalian and other avian species. the potency of ostrich prolactin was comparable to those of other avian preparations and slightly less active than the ovine hormone when tested in the pigeon crop-sac assay, but ostrich growth hormone (gh) was more potent than several other avian preparations and was comparable to ma ...19836411519
subunits of an avian (ostrich) follicle-stimulating hormone and their hybridization with subunits of mammalian gonadotropins.follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh) from the ostrich, struthio camelus, was dissociated by methods previously used to prepare subunits from mammalian gonadotropins. two chemically dissimilar subunits were obtained from the ostrich fsh and these resembled the alpha- and beta-subunits of mammalian fsh in amino acid composition. the subunits were relatively inactive in radioimmunoassay, radioreceptorassay, and bioassay when tested alone, but significant activity was regenerated upon their recombinat ...19836195045
differential response in the water status of immature and mature fronds of the ostrich fern (matteuccia struthiopteris [l.] todaro) to a mild water stress.experiments were conducted in growth chambers to examine the effect of a mild water stress (-200 kilopascals polyethylene glycol) on frond elongation and water status of the ostrich fern (matteuccia struthiopteris [l.] todaro). measurements were taken for two days, starting one day after the application of polyethylene glycol. total water potential in control (well-watered) plants was always significantly higher in immature fronds than in mature fronds. the osmotic potential in mature fronds was ...198316662990
organic phosphates increase the solubility of avian haemoglobin d and embryonic chicken haemoglobin.the isolated minor haemoglobin fractions (haemoglobin d) of ostrich, chicken and duck haemoglobin, which constitute about 30% of total intracellular haemoglobin, form crystalline aggregates upon deoxygenation at physiological temperature, ionic strength and ph and at haemoglobin concentrations even well below those present in the red cell. the aggregation is reversed by oxygenation, and can be inhibited by addition of organic phosphates or the corresponding major haemoglobin fraction in a stoich ...19846424651
two avian luteinizing hormone radioimmunoassay procedures compared by measurement of changes during the ovulatory cycle of turkey and broiler hens.two radioimmunoassay (ria) procedures for measuring avian luteinizing hormone (lh) were compared using divided aliquots of plasma samples collected during the ovulatory cycles of turkey and broiler breeder hens in three separate experiments. the ria systems compared were the homologous turkey lh assay wentworth et al. (1976) and the homologous chicken lh assay of follett et al. (1972). both assays provided the same assessment of circulating lh changes. the preovulatory surge of lh was observed 6 ...19846429660
studies on the specificity of thyroid response to pituitary glycoprotein hormones.thyrotropins (tsh) and gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone, lh, and follicle-stimulating hormone, fsh) purified from ovine, bovine, ostrich, sea turtle, and bullfrog pituitary glands were tested for their ability to simulate the thyroid glands of four species of amphibians (three anurans and a urodele), a reptile (the slider turtle), and a bird (the cockerel). all animals tested responded specifically to mammalian, sea turtle, and ostrich thyrotropins; any thyroid-stimulating activity of the gona ...19846436141
ratites as oldest offshoot of avian stem--evidence from alpha-crystallin a of the most disputed issues in avian phylogeny is the origin of the ratites, the large flightless birds of the southern hemisphere (reviewed in refs 1-3). it is still not generally agreed whether the ostriches, rheas, emus and cassowaries, and probably kiwis, form a natural, monophyletic group, although much recent evidence supports this view. also, their phylogenetic relationship with the other avian orders remains unresolved, comparative protein sequence studies might shed new light on thi ...19846482951
intussusception in an ostrich chick.intussusception of the distal small intestine was observed in a 5-week old ostrich chick. the intussusception occurred at the point of attachment of the yolk sac and was speculated as being a predisposing cause to the problem, as a result of localised infection. other predisposing causes seen in poultry such as enteritis, tumours, parasites and diet, were not evident in this case.19846492056
function of the lower intestine and osmoregulation in the ostrich: preliminary anatomical and physiological observations.the gross anatomy of the lower intestine of the african ostrich (struthio camelus) was investigated in four adult birds shot in the wild. the presence of 80 cm long paired caeca, and approximately 10 m of colon between ileum and the cloaca was confirmed. urine, but not faeces, was found in the coprodeum. retrograde flow into the colon was not observed. samples of contents from the lower intestine were secured from these birds and the water content, osmolality and concentrations in the supernatan ...19846514998
[nutritional muscular dystrophy in a clutch of ostrich chicks].six 1 1/2-month old ostrich chickens in the upington district of the cape province developed lameness. two died and pathological examination of one of them revealed lesions identical to those of white muscle disease in the larger muscle groups. vitamin e-selenium therapy cured the other 4. the diet of the animals consisted mainly of lucerne (alfalfa).19846545370
the autopsy versus the ostrich. 19846724757
the coronary circulation of the heart of the ostrich (struthio camelus).the distribution of the coronary arteries of the ostrich is described and compared with existing accounts of other species of birds. the blood supply to the ventricular walls, part of the interventricular septum and atria comes from the superficial branches of the left and right coronary arteries. the deep branches are small, supplying most of the interventricular septum and part of the right atrioventricular valve. the left and right coronary arteries are of equal size, forming a balanced circu ...19846735902
adrenocorticotropin. 57. synthesis and biological activity of ostrich and turkey hormones.synthesis of ostrich and turkey corticotropin (acth) has been accomplished by the solid-phase method. each was identical to the natural hormone in high performance liquid chromatography. relative potencies in a lipolytic assay in isolated rabbit fat cells were: human acth, 100; ostrich acth, 53; turkey acth, 28. in isolated rat fat cells relative lipolytic potencies were: human acth, 100; ostrich acth, 2; turkey acth, 13. it was concluded that lipolytic potency is sensitive to alterations in str ...19846321369
structural requirements and species specificity of the inhibition by beta-endorphin of heavy acetylcholinesterase from vertebrate skeletal muscle.the molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in extracts of gastrocnemius muscle from four vertebrate species and in electric eel (electrophorus) electric organ were separated and identified by low-salt precipitation and velocity sedimentation. the activity of the heavy insoluble (a12) form of human muscle acetylcholinesterase was inhibited by synthetic human beta-endorphin (500 mm). the homologous form in rat muscle extracts was poorly inhibited by human beta-endorphin at the same concentration, ...19846087117
intracerebroventricular injection of ostrich beta-endorphin to satiated pigeons induces hyperphagia but not hyperdipsia.satiated pigeons received intracerebroventricular injections of either ostrich (0.06, 0.3 and 1.5 nmoles) or human (0.06 and 1.5 nmoles) beta-endorphin, or a control solution, and their consumption of food and water was monitored during the half hour after these treatments. at each administered dose, ostrich beta-endorphin enhanced food without altering water intake. by contrast, human beta-endorphin did not induce any reliable alteration either of feeding or drinking. together with previous stu ...19846093072
nonmammalian growth hormones have diabetogenic and insulin-like activities.purified ghs isolated from ostrich, sea turtle, snapping turtle, bullfrog, tilapia, and sturgeon were tested for in vivo diabetogenic activity in the hereditarily obese ob/ob mouse and for in vitro insulin-like activity in isolated adipose tissue from hypophysectomized rats. ghs from all species exhibited significant diabetogenic activity, causing fasting hyperglycemia and decreased glucose tolerance when administered at doses of 100 micrograms/day (ostrich, bullfrog, and sturgeon) or 200 microg ...19853882411
lung volume changes during respiration in ducks.the avian lung has been considered to be rigid and to remain isovolumetric during the respiratory cycle. we tested this hypothesis by implanting radiopaque markers of tantalum on the dorsal pulmonary surfaces and ventral pulmonary aponeuroses of pekin ducks (anas platyrhynchos) and measuring changes in lung thickness during the respiratory cycle using high speed cineradiography. we found small but regular changes in lung thickness that were synchronous with respiratory phase. lung thickness was ...19853975499
blood chemical and electrolyte concentrations in the ostrich struthio camelus.serum levels of sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorus, iron, total magnesium, total calcium, alkaline phosphatase, alanine transaminase, lactate dehydrogenase, creatine kinase, gamma-glutamyltransferase, aspartate transaminase, urea, creatinine, total protein, albumin and plasma glucose were determined in 49 ostriches (struthio camelus) kept under semi-extensive conditions.19854020817
[typhlohepatitis in ostriches (struthio camelus) caused by a histomonas infection].acute typhlohepatitis was diagnosed in two juvenile ostriches (struthio camelus). gross pathology and histologic examination revealed a striking resemblance with histomoniasis in galliformes.19854041079
the isolation and characterization of pepsinogens from the proventriculus of the ostrich struthio camelus.three pepsinogens were isolated and purified from the proventriculus of the ostrich struthio camelus, by a combination of chromatography steps on deae-cellulose, sephadex g-100 and hydroxylapatite. the purified pepsinogens manifested peptic activity towards haemoglobin as substrate after activation, but resembled chicken pepsinogens in that they appeared to lose their potential peptic activities during storage. all three pepsinogens contained glycine as n-terminal amino acid, but differed in the ...19854053575
isolation and characterization of a neurophysin from ostrich neurohypophyses.a neurophysin has been isolated from ostrich neurohypophyses using acid acetone extraction, salt fractionation and sephadex g-75 chromatography. the crude neurophysin eluting from the sephadex g-75 column was subjected to a) reverse-phase hplc followed by sephadex g-75 chromatography, b) deae-sephadex a-50 chromatography or c) isoelectric focusing. the different homogeneous ostrich neurophysin fractions so obtained were compared i.t.o. amino acid composition, spectral properties, n-terminal amin ...19854077382
the isolation and characterization of serum albumin from the ostrich (struthio camelus).ostrich serum albumin (ossa) was purified by a combination of heat fractionation and polyethylene glycol precipitation. equilibrium centrifugation revealed a relative molecular mass of 71,666 for the purified monomer, whereas the presence of a dimeric form was confirmed by means of page and sds-page analysis. compared to other species, relatively high levels of proline, glycine, isoleucine and histidine together with lowered amounts of half cystine, phenylalanine and arginine were observed in os ...19854092440
[phylogeny of neurohypophyseal hormones in birds: microidentification of mesotocin and vasotocin in the ostrich (struthio camelus)].ostrich (struthio camelus) neurohypophysial hormones have been isolated from 5 freeze-dried posterior pituitary glands. purification has involved three steps: a first molecular sieving on sephadex g-75 for eliminating proteins, a second molecular sieving on bio-gel p4 for separating the two active principles and a high pressure reverse-phase liquid chromatography (hplc) on nova-pak c 18 with an 10 mm acetate-acetonitrile gradient for isolating each hormone. the active peptides have been identifi ...19862943369
counting components of the chicken's b cell the risk of representing a chicken as a hybrid between a hummingbird and an ostrich, we can summarize the preceding sections and order-of-magnitude estimates as follows. chicken b lymphocytes are derived from less than 10(5) lymphoid precursor cells, which either have already rearranged their ig genes before they colonize the embryonic bursa, or (more probably) rapidly give rise to cells with rearranged genes within the bursa's 10(4) follicles. since the bird's functional germline ig v genes ...19863488258
perturbation of the human t-cell antigen receptor-t3 complex leads to the production of inositol tetrakisphosphate: evidence for conversion from inositol trisphosphate.antibodies directed against the t-cell antigen receptor-t3 complex mimic antigen and lead to cellular changes consistent with activation. when cells of the human t-cell line jurkat were stimulated with a monoclonal antibody directed against t3, inositol phosphates were produced. in addition to inositol trisphosphate, which is the product of phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate cleavage, a second inositol polyphosphate was formed. this compound was more polar than inositol trisphosphate but less pol ...19863488551
ventriculostomy for removal of multiple foreign bodies in an ostrich. 19863505946
the topography of the thoraco-abdominal viscera in the ostrich (struthio camelus).the topography of the thoraco-abdominal viscera in the ostrich was studied in 20 birds varying in age from 2 weeks to 12 months. the lungs occupied the dorsal third of the thorax, and the heart lay in the cranioventral thorax perpendicular to the long axis of the body. there was no pleural cavity. the liver was situated in the caudoventral part of the thorax, and the proventriculus occupied the left cranial part of the abdomen between the 7th vertebral rib and the acetabulum. the gizzard lay in ...19863725330
an anaesthetic combination of ketamine, xylazine and alphaxalone-alphadolone in ostriches (struthio camelus). 19863739196
the expression of alpha d-chains in the hemoglobin of adult ostrich (struthio camelus) and american rhea (rhea americana). the different evolution of adult bird alpha a-, alpha d- and beta-chains.the hemoglobin of adult american rhea (rhea americana) and ostrich (struthio camelus) contains two components identified to be hba (alpha 2a beta 2) and hbd (alpha 2d beta 2). the amino-acid sequence of alpha d-chains from hbd of adult american rhea and ostrich has been determined. the sequence was studied by edman degradation of tryptic peptides and chemical cleavage products in a liquid phase sequencer. by homologous comparison with pheasant hbd (phasianus colchicus colchicus), the alpha d-cha ...19863741627
precursors of mesotocin and vasotocin in birds: identification of vldv- and msel- neurophysins in chicken, goose, and ostrich.precursors of neurohypophysial hormones are small proteins processed into nonapeptide hormones and neurophysins during axonal transport to the neurohypophysis. in mammals, oxytocin is associated with vldv-neurophysin and vasopressin with msel-neurophysin. in birds, mesotocin and vasotocin are found instead of mammalian oxytocin and vasopressin. from goose, chicken and ostrich posterior pituitary glands, two types of neurophysins related to mammalian vldv- and msel-neurophysins, respectively, hav ...19863742012
[organ enzyme patterns and plasma enzyme activities in the chicken, ostrich and flamingo]. 19863775347
preliminary investigation into the nutrition of ostrich chicks (struthio camelus) under intensive conditions.twenty ostrich chicks (struthio camelus) up to 8 weeks of age were fed isocaloric diets containing protein levels of 14%, 16%, 18% and 20%. the highest mean body weight gain was obtained from feeding the 20% protein diet; however, this result was not significantly different at the 0.05 level of probability. feed conversion favoured the 18% protein group. during the seventh and eighth week of the experimental period some chicks developed leg deformities. clinical signs, radiological findings and ...19863783569
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