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observations on the metabolism of adrenal and gonadal steroids in xenopus laevis and bufo bufo. 196213942665
methylcholanthrene-induced lymphosarcomas in xenopus laevis. 196213966185
morphogenetic interactions before gastrulation in the amphibian, xenopus laevis--the cortical field. 196214024350
amino-acid activation in embryonic tissues of xenopus laevis. ii. hydroxamic acid formation in the presence of l-leucine. 196213885830
delayed currents in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis investigated with voltage clamp technique. 196213894663
instantaneous potassium currents in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis. 196213894664
potassium permeability in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis. 196213894665
lethal effects in tadpoles of xenopus laevis (daudin) after irradiation with high-energy electrons. 196214016517
studies on the serum proteins of xenopus laevis daudin. 196214017371
changes in dna content during early embryonic development of xenopus laevis (daudin) and rana temporaria (l.). 196213997243
transfer of primordial germ-cells between two subspecies of xenopus laevis. 196213971390
histological investigation of the unpigmented meningeal spot on the brain of black background adapted xenopus laevis larvae. 196214453423
cytological confirmation of female heterogamety in the african water frog (xenopus laevis). 196213999560
morphogenetic interactions before gastrulation in the amphibian, xenopus laevis--regulation in blastulae. 196214024349
two spectral sensitivity curves of xenopus laevis obtained by using the melanophore response to light on white and black backgrounds. 196314078059
[breeding experiments with sex-converted clawed toads (xenopus laevis)]. 196314094062
an experimental analysis of the development of the haploid syndrome in embryos of xenopus laevis. 196313952338
the isolated xenopus laevis tail: a preparation for studying the central nervous system and metamorphosis in culture. 196313988328
lens regeneration from the cornea in xenopus laevis. 196314066571
functional sex-reversal in genetic females of xenopus laevis, induced by implanted testes. 196314071759
[effects of placental gonadotropins on the initial stages of spermatogenesis in xenopus laevis]. 196314092241
a quantitative description of potassium currents in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis. 196314079678
pregnancy diagnosis--haemagglutination inhibition method (prepuerin) compared with the xenopus laevis test. 196314052567
comparison of the xenopus laevis pregnancy test with an haemagglutination inhibition (pregnosticon) test. 196314052572
development of the brain in xenopus laevis after removal of parts of the neural plate. 196314059582
the adrenal cortex and metamorphosis of xenopus laevis daudin. 196314061885
the effect of temperature on the sodium and potassium permeability changes in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis. 196314079679
the specificity of the initial current in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis. voltage clamp experiments. 196314079680
inactivation of the sodium-carrying mechanism in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis. 196314079681
patterns of limb regeneration in xenopus laevis. 196314085412
[glycogen and glucose-6-phosphatase present in the liver of adult specimens of xenopus laevis daudin subjected to treatment with 4-methyl-2thiouracil: biochemical and histochemical research]. 196314065169
[rapidly labeled ribonucleic acid in xenopus laevis embryos]. 19644157729
[behavior of the acid hydrolases in the tail of the tadpole of xenopus laevis during metamorphosis]. 19644157956
investigations on the neural control of clasping and feeding in xenopus laevis (daudin). 19645889159
pronephric system in haploid and diploid larvae of xenopus laevis. 19645856323
benzpyrene-induced tumours in the clawed toad, xenopus laevis. 19645898274
absence of ribosomal rna synthesis in the anucleolate mutant of xenopus laevis. 196414106673
breeding of xenopus laevis daudin. 196414111337
activity of intrafusal muscle fibres in muscle spindles of xenopus laevis. 196414131837
the isolation of nuclei from xenopus laevis embryonic cells. 196414134529
uptake of labelled precursors of melatonin by the epiphysis of xenopus laevis. 196414243388
[reaction to darkness and to treatment with thyroxine of the melanophores of xenopus laevis larvae; normal, blind and after removal of the anterior encephalon]. 196414153820
studies on the synthesis of ribonucleic acids in embryonic stages of xenopus laevis. 196414167431
rna synthesis during the development of xenopus laevis, the south african clawed toad. 196414187393
variations in the synthesis of stable rna's during oogenesis and development of xenopus laevis. 196414187394
lymphoid tumor transfers from xenopus laevis laevis to alien subspecies and species, including rana pipiens. 196414209407
transplantation of spontaneously occurring and chemically induced lymphoid tumors in xenopus laevis. 196414106159
variation in the response of xenopus laevis to normal tissue homografts. 196414201349
origin of the pronephric duct in xenopus laevis. 196414202165
the neurohypophysial hormones of the amphibians: comparison of the hormones of rana esculenta and xenopus laevis. 196414247596
the implantation of lymphosarcoma of xenopus laevis into regenerating and non-regenerating forelimbs of the species. 196414214408
lymphoid tumor transfers from xenopus laevis to alien subspecies and species, including rana pipiens. 196414216160
changes in nucleic acid concentration during the development of xenopus laevis embryos. 196414216238
the relationship between size and vascularity in the spinal cord of developing xenopus laevis. 196414207034
genetic disparity and cancer induction by normal tissue implants in amphibia.fifty percent of the implants of normal adult triturus cristatus kidney made into the forelimbs of immature but postmetamorphic xenopus laevis hosts initiated the formation of lymphosarcoma at the site of implantation. donor-host genetic disparity as it relates to the intensity of the reaction, when homografts, heterografts, and xenografts are compared, appears to be one of several factors which play a role in the post-embryonic induction of both lymphosarcomas in xenopus laevis and accessory li ...196414207463
contraction in intrafusal muscle fibres of xenopus laevis following stimulation of their motor nerves. 196414236549
[histochemical research on the kidney of vertebrates. 3. the kidney of bufo b. bufo (l.) and xenopus laevis (daudin)]. 196414236657
the action potential in the myelinated nerve fiber of xenopus laevis as computed on the basis of voltage clamp data. 196414191481
histocompatibility in the platanna, xenopus laevis laevis (daudin), following nuclear transplantation. 196414109137
changes in thyroxine deiodinase of the frog, xenopus laevis daudin, during metamorphosis and growth. 196414202675
granular gland development during xenopus laevis metamorphosis. 196414227353
the development of embryos derived from the transplantation of neural ectoderm cell nuclei in xenopus laevis. 196414227359
accommodation of single myelinated nerve fibres from xenopus laevis related to type of end organ. 196414209258
[a simplified method for breeding xenopus laevis]. 196414205601
accommodation related to inactivation of the sodium permeability in single myelinated nerve fibres from xenopus laevis. 196414209259
localization of capacities for functional development in the neural plate of xenopus laevis. 196414219667
changing serotonin levels in developing xenopus laevis. 19655899517
cortical inheritance in the amphibian xenopus laevis: preliminary results. 19655858821
cold blooded vertebrates, including xenopus laevis. 19655859239
endbrain regeneration in adult xenopus laevis. 19655859613
a study of ribosomes during embryonic development of xenopus laevis. 19655859847
rapidly labelled ribonucleic acid in xenopus laevis embryonic cells. 19655859848
development of hydroxyindole-o-methyl transferase activity in eye and brain of the amphibian, xenopus laevis. 19655864107
a spontaneously active fibrinolytic system in xenopus laevis which is further activated by human urokinase. 19655832870
computed action potential in nerve from xenopus laevis. 19655880362
the ultrastructure of gliosomes in the brains of amphibia.small fragments of superficial neuropil and fragments of deeper layers from various regions of the brains of xenopus laevis daud. and rana esculenta l. were fixed in buffered osmium tetroxide, embedded in vestopal w or methacrylate, and studied with the electron microscope. the glial fibers and their meningeal end-feet contain numerous large mitochondrion-like dense bodies for which the term "gliosome" has been adopted. gliosomes have a specific and constant structure characterized by the presen ...19655865926
electron microscopic observations on the fine structure of the adenohypophysis of xenopus laevis. 19655843292
[comparative study of the cytology and ultrastructure of the distal hypophysis in 3 species of anurous amphibia: rana temperaria l, bufo vulgaris laur, xenopus laevis d]. 19655848005
[a form of hereditary goiter in the batrachian xenopus laevis d]. 19655841259
the prolongation of homograft survival time in the platanna, xenopus laevis laevis (daudin), by exposure to low environmental temperature. 19655319902
the induction of lymphosarcoma in xenopus laevis by cancerous and normal tissues of rana pipiens. 19655327927
the effect of endbrain lesions on hypothalamic neurosecretion and the formation of cytoplasmic inclusions in the ependyma of xenopus laevis. 19655887329
[the chemical composition and significance of pas positive granules in the supranuclear zone of kidney tubule cells of xenopus laevis daud]. 19654158600
[normal blood values of african clawed toad, xenopus laevis (daudin)]. 19654161153
[electron microscopy studies of the skin of xenopus laevis in larval and metamorphosis stages following application of potassium perchlorate]. 19654286767
lymphosarcoma in the south african clawed toad, xenopus laevis: a virus tumor. 19655220162
[effect of a major trauma and subsequent regeneration on the rate of metamorphosis in xenopus laevis daudin tadpoles]. 19655294468
cytoplasmic regulation of rna synthesis and nucleolus formation in developing embryos of xenopus laevis. 196514343286
accommodation in myelinated nerve fibres of xenopus laevis as computed on the basis of voltage clamp data. 196514286770
[alterations of arteriolocapillary circulation induced by electric current. microcinematographic documentation on the interdigital membrane of xenopus laevis]. 196514293132
germ-cell transfer and sex ratio in xenopus laevis. 196514296276
cell turnover in the spinal ganglia of xenopus laevis tadpoles. 196514296277
[distal hypophysis of xenopus laevis d. comparative study with light and electron microscopes]. 196514305431
changes in cell fine structure during lens regeneration in xenopus laevis.changes at the level of cell fine structure have been studied during lens regeneration in the toad, xenopus laevis, where cornea gives rise to the new lens. the transformation of these cells may be divided into three phases. (1) in the cornea, flattened cells become cuboidal and rough endoplasmic reticulum increases in amount. (2) in the new lens vesicle, cisternae of the rough er break down into vesicles, smooth-walled vesicles and free ribosomes increase in number, and mitochondria can become ...196514326107
an immuno-fluorescent study of lens regeneration in larval xenopus laevis. 196514329486
the development of haploid and diploid embryos of xenopus laevis after treatment with sodium thiocyanate and lithium chloride. 196514329400
metamorphosis and neurosecretion of xenopus laevis. neurosecretory activity of praeoptic nuclei during and after prolonged thiourea treatment. 196514303261
histology of the distal lobe of the pituitary of xenopus laevis daudin. 196514321941
[action of adrenalin on melanophores of larvae of xenopus laevis, normal, hypophysectomized or with the intermediate pituitary lobe hyperfunctioning]. 196514337393
factors influencing the differentiation of amphibian embryos implanted into homologous immunologically competent hosts (xenopus laevis). 19665332238
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