trace metals in tissues of the six most common fish species in the black sea, turkey.concentrations of mn, fe, co, ni, as, se, cd, ag and pb in scale, skin, muscle, gills, liver and the gonads of gilthead seabream (sparus aurata), european seabass (dicentrarchus labrax), black sea salmon (salmo trutta labrax), horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus), red mullet (mullus barbatus) and whiting (merlangius merlangius euxinus) from the black sea, in turkey, were investigated. elemental analyses were performed with inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry after sample preparation by ...201525082436
screening of marine algae for potential tyrosinase inhibitor: those inhibitors reduced tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis in order to find new anti-browning and whitening agents in this study, we investigated 43 indigenous marine algae for tyrosinase inhibitory activity. the extracts from endarachne binghamiae, schizymenia dubyi, ecklonia cava (ec) and sargassum silquastrum (ss) evidenced potent tyrosinase inhibitory activity similar to that of positive control, kojic acid. among those marine algae, ec and ss are distributed abundantly on jeju island. therefore, we selected those two species for further studies. ou ...201121544943
response of branchial na(+)/k(+) atpase to changes in ambient temperature in atlantic cod (gadus morhua) and whiting (merlangius merlangus).the maintenance of ion and ph homeostasis despite changes in ambient temperature is crucial for ectothermic organisms. thermal sensitivity of na(+)/k(+) atpase mrna expression, protein expression and activity was determined in gills of north sea cod (nc) and northeastern arctic cod (neac), acclimated for 6 weeks at 4 and 10 °c and compared to field samples of north sea cod (snc), acclimatized to early spring (4 °c) and summer (18 °c) conditions. the same analyses were conducted in gills of the c ...201626922791
sexual size dimorphism in three north sea gadoids.existing biological data on whiting merlangius merlangus, cod gadus morhua and haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus from a long-term international survey were analysed to address sexual size dimorphism (ssd) and its effect on their ecology and management. results show that ssd, with larger females of the same age as males, is a result of higher growth rates in females. a direct consequence of ssd is the pronounced length-dependent female ratio that was found in all three gadoids in the north sea. fe ...201525457726
a statistical model for estimation of fish density including correlation in size, space, time and between species from research survey data.trawl survey data with high spatial and seasonal coverage were analysed using a variant of the log gaussian cox process (lgcp) statistical model to estimate unbiased relative fish densities. the model estimates correlations between observations according to time, space, and fish size and includes zero observations and over-dispersion. the model utilises the fact the correlation between numbers of fish caught increases when the distance in space and time between the fish decreases, and the correl ...201424911631
role of kairomones in host location of the pennellid copepod parasite, lernaeocera branchialis (l. 1767).the life cycle of the parasitic copepod lernaeocera branchialis involves 2 hosts, typically a pleuronectiform host upon which development of larvae and mating of adults occurs and a subsequent gadoid host, upon which the adult female feeds and reproduces. both the copepodid and adult female stages must therefore locate and identify a suitable host to continue the life cycle. several mechanisms are potentially involved in locating a host and ensuring its suitability for infection. these may inclu ...201323369461
effectiveness of taqman probes for detection of fish eggs and larvae in the stomach contents of a teleost predator.experiments were conducted on the ability of taqman molecular probes to detect plaice pleuronectes platessa dna from eggs, and cod gadus morhua dna from eggs and larvae following ingestion by a teleost predator, whiting merlangius merlangus. estimated half-life detection rate (t50) for eggs was 31 h, and 26 h for larvae, with some positive detections occurring even after visual inspection indicated complete gut clearance. because taqman probes are taxon specific, the results presented demonstrat ...201222747822
diet and feeding niches of juvenile gadus morhua, melanogrammus aeglefinus and merlangius merlangus during the settlement transition in the northern north sea.a study on the feeding ecology of juvenile cod gadus morhua, haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus and whiting merlangius merlangus during the pelagic to demersal transition was carried out on fishes sampled throughout their settlement season at a local nursery ground in the north-western north sea, off the scottish east coast. a comprehensive quantitative taxonomic analysis of the diets, as described in the paper, showed the emergence of distinctive feeding niches, minimizing the potential for compe ...201121722113
fish mortality by impingement on the cooling-water intake screens of britain's largest direct-cooled power estimated 5.66 x 10(7) fish (summed quarterly 95% confidence intervals: 3.01 x 10(7)-1.07 x 10(8)) weighing 258.4 t (143.2-467.9 t) were killed on the cooling-water intake screens of the 2400 mw longannet power station (forth estuary) in january 1999--december 2000. abundance and number of species (40) collected were close to predictions for a power station of this size and latitude. potential losses of equivalent adult whiting (merlangius merlangus), cod (gadus morhua), and plaice (pleuronec ...200818243248
the complete mitochondrial genome of the whiting, merlangius merlangus and the haddock, melanogrammus aeglefinus: a detailed genomic comparison among closely related species of the gadidae family.we determined the first complete mitochondrial dna (mtdna) sequences for the whiting (merlangius merlangus, family gadidae, order gadiformes) and the haddock (melanogrammus aeglefinus, family gadidae, order gadiformes). the entire mitogenomes were amplified and sequenced by primer walking using newly designed specific internal primers. lengths were 16,569 and 16,585 bases for whiting and haddock respectively, lengths which lie within the range of previously reported gadiform sequences from atlan ...200616996701
diclidophora merlangi (monogenea: diclidophoridae) on atlantic cod, gadus morhua.diclidophora merlangi (kuhn, in nordmann, 1832), as species specific to whiting, merlangius merlangus (linnaeus, 1758), is reported and described for the first time on the gills of atlantic cod gadus morhua (linnaeus, 1758). of the about 1,200 cod examined in this article, only 2 specimens of d. merlangi occurred on 2 fish, suggesting that they represented accidental infections. the 2 specimens showed specific traits of d. merlangi, but their size was considerably smaller than that of d. merlang ...200616995384
taqman dna technology confirms likely overestimation of cod (gadus morhua l.) egg abundance in the irish sea: implications for the assessment of the cod stock and mapping of spawning areas using egg-based methods.recent substantial declines in northeastern atlantic cod stocks necessitate improved biological knowledge and the development of techniques to complement standard stock assessment methods (which largely depend on accurate commercial catch data). in 2003, an ichthyoplankton survey was undertaken in the irish sea and subsamples of 'cod-like' eggs were analysed using a taqman multiplex, pcr (polymerase chain reaction) assay (with specific probes for cod, haddock and whiting). the taqman method was ...200515723679
changes in fisheries discard rates and seabird is clear that discards from commercial fisheries are a key food resource for many seabird species around the world. but predicting the response of seabird communities to changes in discard rates is problematic and requires historical data to elucidate the confounding effects of other, more 'natural' ecological processes. in the north sea, declining stocks, changes in technical measures, changes in population structure and the establishment of a recovery programme for cod (gadus morhua) will a ...200414973483
470 million years of conservation of microsatellite loci among fish species.primers for 18 microsatellite loci originally isolated from whiting (merlangius merlangus, n = 6), stickleback (gasterosteus aculeatus, n = 5) and cod (gadus morhua, n = 7) were tested across a panel of diverse fish species, representing the three principal superclasses and most principal superorders of fish, to examine conservation of microsatellite regions across distantly related taxa. three methods were used. first, amplified fragments were analysed by southern blotting using the relevant mi ...19968677258
analysis of a natural chemical attractant for whiting merlangius merlangus l. and cod gadus morhua l. using a behavioural bioassay. 197711923
revision of the oriental subfamily heteropteryginae kirby, 1896, with a re-arrangement of the family heteropterygidae and the descriptions of five new species of haaniella kirby, 1904. (phasmatodea: areolatae: heteropterygidae).the areolate oriental family heteropterygidae kirby, 1893 is critically reviewed and the results of the present study contradict the arrangement suggested by zompro (2004), but in most aspects agree with a molecular study presented by whiting et al (2003) and a phylogenetic study presented by bradler (2009). the family is critically discussed and new hypotheses are presented for the phylogeny and intra-familiar relationships, placing the subfamily dataminae rehn & rehn, 1939 as the basalmost cla ...201627615907
salmon blood plasma: effective inhibitor of protease-laden pacific whiting surimi and salmon mince.the effect of salmon plasma (sp) from chinook salmon on proteolytic inhibition was investigated. sp was found to inhibit both cysteine and serine proteases as well as protease extracted from pacific whiting muscle. sp was found to contain a 55kda cysteine protease inhibitor through sds-page inhibitor staining. freeze dried salmon plasma (fsp) and salmon plasma concentrated by ultrafiltration (csp) were tested for their ability to inhibit autolysis in pacific whiting surimi and salmon mince at co ...201525624255
fatty acid and cholesterol concentrations in usually consumed fish in brazil.several studies have demonstrated clinical benefits of fish consumption for the cardiovascular system. these effects are attributed to the increased amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids in these foods. however, the concentrations of fatty acids may vary according to region.201525424160
the morphology and genetic characterization of iheringascaris goai n. sp. (nematoda: raphidascarididae) from the intestine of the silver whiting and spotted catfish off the central west coast of this study a new species of nematode, iheringascaris goai n. sp., is reported from two fish hosts, including silver whiting, sillago sihama, and spotted catfish, arius maculatus, caught off the central west coast of india at goa. the new species can be differentiated morphologically from i. inquies, the most closely related species collected from cohabiting marine fish. the distinguishing characteristics are distinct cuticular striations, a unilateral excretory system, the presence of dentige ...201221846431
community structure of soft sediment pool fishes in moreton bay, australia.a survey of soft sediment tide pools was conducted to assess the occupation and assemblage of fishes on three different intertidal shores in moreton bay, australia, between january and december 2009. tide-pool volume ranged from 0· 30 to 29· 75 l and varied significantly between months and sites. a total of 1364 individuals representing 15 species and nine families of fishes were observed. at dunwich, fish assemblages were dominated by the sand goby favonigobius lentiginosus (89%) and whiting, s ...201121284630
a new nematode, dichelyne alatae sp. n. (cucullanidae), from sillaginopsis panijus (pisces) of west bengal, india.a new nemarode, dichelyne alatae sp. n., is described on the basis of the worms recovered from the intestine of the whiting, sillaginopsis panijus (perciformes: sillaginidae) from the estuary of the river hooghly at kalyani, west bengal, india. dichelyne alatae differs from congeners in having a small body size, deirids posterior to the oesophagus, short and wide caudal alae at the level of cloacal opening, unequal, alate spicules, a shield-shaped gubernaculum, a different number of caudal papil ...19958774775
tachykinin immunoreactivity in the parasitic flatworm diclidophora merlangi and its fish host the whiting (merlangius merlangus): radioimmunoassay and chromatographic characterisation using region-specific substance p and neurokinin a antisera.1. tachykinin immunoreactivity has been quantified and chemically characterised in extracts of the monogenean parasite, diclidophora merlangi and its fish host, merlangius merlangus, by means of four tachykinin radioimmunoassays interfaced with gel permeation chromatography and reverse-phase hplc. 2. of the two tachykinins identified in parasite tissue, one was sp-like and the other was nka-like, although neither was identical to previously identified tachykinins. 3. three tachykinins were ident ...19892483928
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