effect of thyroxine on radioiodine metabolism by the thyroid gland of goldfish, carassius auratus l., in fresh and iodine-enriched water. 196213916005
[histoautoradiographic and biochemical study of the prehypophysis of carassius auratus, after the administration of s35-labelled sodium sulfate]. 196214026896
[comparative histoautoradiographic and histochemical study of the incorporation of h3-phenylalanine into the anterior hypophysis, in carassius auratus]. 196214026895
thermal reinforcement and thermoregulatory behavior in the goldfish, carassius auratus.goldfish in a warm environment can cause a small drop in the temperature of their environment by pressing a lever. the fish regulate the temperature of their environment, keeping the temperature between 33.5 degrees and 36.5 degrees c most of the time.196113744274
the fine structure of secretory neurons in the preoptic nucleus of the goldish (carassius auratus). 196013732184
relation between the pigmentation and pterin derivatives of chromatophores during development in the normal black and transparent scaled types of goldfish (carassius auratus). 196017247991
feeding behavior and electrical stimulation of the brain of carassius auratus.bipolar electrodes were implanted in large goldfish in olfactory and nonolfactory areas of the central nervous system. stimulation of olfactory areas elicited stereotyped feeding activity indistinguishable from normally induced behavior. it is suggested that the olfactory rather than the peripheral gustatory system plays the predominant role in the arousal of feeding activity.196013829382
some morphological aspects of the resorption of carbohydrates in the renal tubules of the goldfish (carassius auratus). 195813627496
electron microscopy of the piscine (carassius auratus) renal glomerulus. 195813596267
the secretion of inert gas into the swim-bladder of fish.the composition of the gas mixture secreted into the swim-bladders of several species of fish has been determined in the mass spectrometer. the secreted gas differed greatly from the gas mixture breathed by the fish in the relative proportions of the chemically inert gases, argon, neon, helium, and nitrogen. relative to nitrogen the proportion of the very soluble argon was increased and the proportions of the much less soluble neon and helium decreased. the composition of the secreted gas approa ...195813514011
[kinetics of thyroid reaction to thyrotropic hormone in carassius auratus l.; reactions as function of temperature]. 195813555375
scale homotransplantation in goldfish (carassius auratus). 195713411917
[effect of temperature on the action of thyrotropic hormone in two lower vertebrates: rana esculenta l. and carassius auratus l]. 195613374986
an inactive thyroid gland in carassius auratus. 195613348640
some morphological aspects of protein absorption in isolated renal tubules of the goldfish (carassius auratus). 195613354998
[lesions of the central nervous system in carassius auratus caused by serotonin and the protective action of lysergic acid diethylamide]. 195613374116
[antagonism between lsd and 5-ht on the motor initiative of the fish (carassius auratus)]. 201213342212
[inhibition of the motor initiative of the fish (carassius auratus) by 5-ht]. 201613342211
the utilization of light as exteroceptive motivation in the comet goldfish (carassius auratus). 195613295411
[sodium metabolism in the fish, carassius auratus l.; effect of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor]. 195613439577
[oxygen requirement by carassius auratus gibelio (bloch) in early stages of development]. 195413220495
normal and altered thyroidal function in domesticated goldfish, carassius auratus. 195413177617
studies of the digestive tracts and the digestive enzymes of the goldfish, carassius auratus (linnaeus) and the largemouth black bass, micropterus salmoides (lacépède). 195114838933
the epithelial components and their seasonal changes in the pituitary gland of the carp (cyprinus carpio, l.) and goldfish (carassius auratus, l.). 195124541276
on spawning conditions and larvicidal propensities of carassius auratus. 194918135921
the effect of dietary fat on the heat tolerance of goldfish (carassius auratus). 194918119888
statistical investigation on carassius auratus and cyprinus carpio, with special reference to the number of vertebrae correlated with water temperature. 194818886429
influence of temperature on the asphyxiation of young goldfish (carassius auratus l.) under various tensions of oxygen and carbon dioxide. 194720249526
rate of gain of heat-tolerance in goldfish (carassius auratus). 194620997984
gonadectomy in the goldfish carassius auratus. 193117756029
transparency and mottling, a case of mendelian inheritance in the goldfish carassius auratus. 192817246559
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