wolbachia infection and cytoplasmic incompatibility in the cricket teleogryllus taiwanemma.wolbachia are cytoplasmically inherited bacteria found in many arthropods. they induce various reproductive alterations in their hosts, including cytoplasmic incompatibility, thelytokous parthenogenesis, feminization and male-killing. in this study, we examined wolbachia infection and its effects on the host cricket teleogryllus taiwanemma. in a phylogenetic study based on the wsp gene coding for a wolbachia surface protein, the wolbachia strain harboured by t. taiwanemma was clustered together ...200010903165
innate and learned olfactory responses in a wild population of the egg parasitoid trichogramma (hymenoptera: trichogrammatidae).parasitoid insects face the fundamental problem of finding a suitable host in environments filled with competing stimuli. many are deft sensors of olfactory cues emitted by other insects and the plants they live on, and use these cues to find hosts. using olfactory cues from host-plants is effective because plants release volatile organic compounds (vocs), in response to herbivory or oviposition, that contain information about the presence of hosts. however, plant-produced cues can also be misle ...201627965403
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