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some properties of oral secretion from aedes aegypti (l.). 19665925484
lethal effects of synthetic juvenile hormone on larvae of the yellow fever mosquito, aedes aegypti.emergence of adult mosquitoes is blocked after the addition of 1 part of crude synthetic juvenile hormone to 100,000 parts water. development is arrested at stages ranging from pupae to fully formed pharate adults incapable of escaping from the pupal exuvium. fourth-stage larvae just prior to metamorphosis are most sensitive: 40 percent were killed after being exposed for 1 dayto 1 part juvenile hormone in 2 million parts water. the active material also inhibits the hatching of mosquito eggs.19665919758
studies on the growth and transmission of two viruses of the bunyamwera group in aedes aegypti linn. 19665919623
effects of high-intensity light flashes on mortality and reproduction of aedes aegypti (l.) (diptera: culicidae). 19665919299
cytopathic effect of semliki forest virus in the mosquito aedes aegypti. 19665917634
[some biometric characteristics of aedes aegypti l. mosquitoes cultivated under laboratory conditions]. 19665911308
separation and insect repellent activity of diastereoisomers of 2-ethyl-1,3-hexanediol against aedes aegypti. 19665908558
the current status of the aedes aegypti eradication program in the united states and 1964 summary of mosquito-borne encephalitides in the united states. 19655896171
an analytical study of coitus in aedes aegypti (linnaeus). 19655894287
[eradication of aedes aegypti and immunology of yellow fever: present aspects]. 20095887284
hatching pattern of aedes aegypti eggs. 19655885960
long-term effects of acute low-level x-rays on the population dynamics of the yellow fever mosquito, aedes aegypti. 19655884553
[considerations on the eradication of aedes aegypti on the american continent]. 19645873141
attempts to transmit reovirus type 3 by the bite of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti linnaeus. 19655861302
studies on spermathecal filling in aedes aegypti (linnaeus). ii. experimental. 19655849123
inhibition of blood digestion and oocyte growth in aedes aegypti by 5-fluorouracil. 19655849118
considerations for retention of aedes aegypti colonies in the united states. 19655840646
the contribution of aedes aegypti research to the advancement of biological science. 19655840645
1964 progress report of the aedes aegypti eradication program. 19655840644
distribution of aedes aegypti infestations in the united states. 19655840643
the 1964 status of aedes aegypti eradication and yellow fever in the americas. 19655840642
electrophoretic identification of strains of aedes aegypti. 19695789097
the nutrition of developing larvae of brugia pahangi and b. malayi in aedes aegypti. 19695789095
[study of sensitivity of aedes aegypti l. mosquitoes to repellents in relation to conditions of maintenance. i]. 20095785719
behaviour of large and small plaque variants of sindbis and western equine encephalitis viruses in aedes aegypti. 19695784582
radiosensitivity and regulation of population density in the yellow fever mosquito (aedes aegypti). 19695775538
structure and development of vesicles in larval tissue culture of aedes aegypti (l.). 19695775473
mosquitoes feeding on insect larvae.caged aedes aegypti and culex tarsalis are attracted to insect larvae, engorge on their body fluids, and produce viable eggs. attractiveness of the larvae is related to their size, shape, and color but not to their movement. the possibility that wild mosquitoes substitute insect hemolymph for vertebrate blood is discussed.19695774191
presence of sindbis virus in anal discharge of infected aedes aegypti. 19695768775
vitamin a deficiency: effect on mosquito eye ultrastructure.mosquitoes (aedes aegypti) were reared aseptically for one generation on an artificial diet containing neither vitamin a nor its usual precursor in animals, betacarotene. function (electrical response to light) in the compound eyes of these animals was severely impaired. ultrastructure of the photoreceptor cells was abnormal in two respects: multivesicular bodies were absent, and masses of smooth membrane lamellae were present near the nucleus. the organization of the photoreceptor organelle, th ...19695764477
growth of venezuelan, and eastern, equine encephalomyelitis viruses in tissue cultures of minced aedes aegypti larvae. 19695764190
gross variations in the response to man among yellow-fever mosquito populations in the laboratory. 19695763289
the effect of temperature and relative humidity on the flight performance of female aedes aegypti. 19685761668
reproductive isolation in stegomyia mosquitoes. i. sexual isolation between aedes aegypti and a. mascarensis. 19685758054
[program of control of aedes aegypti in mexico]. 19685741446
studies on arboviruses and bats (chiroptera) in east africa. i. experimental infection of bats and virus transssion attempts in aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). 19685729255
sexual responses of adult male aedes aegypti using the forced-copulation technique. 19685726227
[reinfestation with aedes aegypti]. 19685725382
effect of starvation on molting and growth in aedes aegypti and a. vexans. 19685723757
[reinfestation of brasil by aedes aegypti. considerations on the threat of urbanization of jungle yellow fever virus in the reinfested region]. 19685705657
artificial breeding places for the study of aedes aegypti breeding in a south indian town. 19685701276
host preferences and discrimination by the mosquitoes aedes aegypti and culex tarsali (diptera: culicidae). 19685699962
small-antenna, a sex-linked mutant of aedes aegypti. 20035691531
susceptibility of aedes albopictus and aedes aegypti cell lines to infection by arbo and other viruses. 19685680415
recovery of dengue type 3 virus from human serum and aedes aegypti in south india. 19685680412
l-lactic acid: a mosquito attractant isolated from humans.l-lactic acid was the major component in material isolated from humans that was active as an attractant for female yellow fever mosquitoes, aedes aegypti (l.). the l(+)-isomer was several times as attractive as the d-isomer. good correlation was found between the attractiveness of an individual to mosquitoes and the quantity of lactic acid present in an acetone washing of his hand.19685673445
dual infections of aedes aegypti with arboviruses. ii. salivary-gland damage by semliki forest virus in relation to dual infections. 19685672794
dual infections of aedes aegypti with arboviruses. i. arboviruses that have no apparent cytopathic effect in the mosquito. 19685672793
the biochemical basis of female monogamy in mosquitoes. i. extraction of the active principle from aedes aegypti. 19685672305
toxicity, pick-up and metabolism of p,p'-ddt and related compounds in culex pipiens fatigans and aedes aegypti. 19685666035
gas-liquid chromatography analysis of ddt metabolism in aedes aegypti. 19685659016
fungal toxins against larvae of the yellow-fever mosquito, aedes aegypti. 19685654769
the influence of chicken serum proteins on the infection of aedes aegypti with plasmodium gallinaceum. 19685652700
aedes aegypti eradication in a developed country. the programme in the usa. 19685651904
the effect of age on the flight performance of female aedes aegypti mosquitos. 19685649625
effect of insecticide-free rearing on the reproductive potential of organophosphorus-resistant african strains of aedes aegypti (l). 19685645180
physiology of feeding and oviposition behavior in aedes aegypti (l.) experimental dissociation of feeding and oogenesis. 19685642171
response of the yellow-fever mosquito to varying areas of human skin. 19685642122
uptake of p32 by yellow-fever mosquito larvae of equal age, and those pupating synchronously: its loss and transfer during development, mating, and oviposition. 19685642119
mathematical formulae for estimating resistance potential and speed of development of ddt resistance in the yellow-fever mosquito. 19685642118
attraction of near-infrared radiation to aedes aegypti. 19685636845
some effects of orally administered ruelene on host sheep and two ectoparasites: the yellow-fever mosquito and the rocky mountain wood tick. 19685636843
the susceptibility to insecticides of populations of aedes aegypti from queensland, australia. 19675634135
spermiogenesis in aedes aegypti (l.). 19675629261
bronze, a female-sterile mutant of aedes aegypti. 19675623787
problems of interaction and density in mosquitoes in relation to aedes aegypti eradication. 19675617578
current status of third united states army aedes aegypti eradication program. 19675617576
surveillance of aedes aegypti in the u.s. air force. 19675617573
training aspects of the united states sponsored aedes aegypti and malaria eradication programs. 19675617553
[entomological data obtained through the development of the program to eradicate the aedes aegypti of the republic of mexico]. 19675613730
[resistance to insectcides in aedes aegypti in tahiti]. 19675613496
mosquitoes: female monogamy induced by male accessory gland substance.male accessory glands were implanted in virgin females of aedes aegypti. when exposed to males, females copulated readily but were not inseminated; they remained sterile for life. extract from one male could sterilize more than 64 females. the active principle may be a protein or peptide. intraspecific transplant prevented insemination in 12 species, including aedes, anopheles, and culex; interspecific transplant gave partial protection.19675611023
morphologic variation in the larva of aedes aegypti, trinidad strain. 19675609365
a comparative genetical study of ddt resistance in adults and larvae of the mosquito aedes aegypti l. 19675587939
mortality of various genotypes of the mosquito aedes aegypti following the uptake of microfilariae of brugia pahangi. 19715575898
prevention of aedes aegypti-borne diseases in the americas. 19715566290
behavior of aedes aegypti (l.) larvae and pupae in direct-current electric fields. 19715557895
female sexual behavior as the mechanism rendering aedes aegypti refractory to insemination. 19715552355
a study of the probing response of aedes aegypti. 4. effect of dry and moist heat on probing. 19715551925
a study of the probing response of aedes aegypti. 2. effect of desiccation and blood feeding on probing to skin and an artificial target. 19715551924
factors affecting the control of body volume in the larvae of the mosquitoes aëdes aegypti (l.) and aëdes detritus edw. 19715549770
the control of sodium uptake by the larva of the mosquito aëdes aegypti (l.). 19715549769
evidence for na plus-h plus and cl minus-hco3 minus exchanges during independent sodium and chloride uptake by the larva of the mosquito aëdes aegypti (l.). 19715549762
culex pipiens and aedes aegypti: whole body extracts and development of plasmodium gallinaceum in aedes aegypti. 19715545024
precocious sexual receptivity induced by a juvenile hormone analog in females of the yellow fever mosquito, aedes aegypti. 19715542995
stability of virulence and plaque size of venezuelan encephalitis virus with passage in mosquitoes (aedes aegypti). 19715539571
rate of digestion of vertebrate blood in aedes aegypti (l.). effect of age, mating, and parity. 19705531200
metabolism of aedes aegypti cells grown in vitro. i. incorporation of 3 h-uridine and 14 c-leucine. 20135523182
cytogenetics of two radiation-induced, sex-linked translocations in the yellow-fever mosquito, aedes aegypti. 19705519660
correlation of linkage groups with chromosomes in the mosquito, aedes aegypti. 19705519652
paracentric inversions and detection of sex linked recessive lethals in aedes aegypti. 19705516686
linkage analysis of chromosome i of aedes aegypti. 19705516679
crossover values between dieldrin-resistance and ddt-resistance and linkage-group-2 genes in aedes aegypti. 19705516677
[the effect of food on formation of the peritrophic membrane of female aedes aegypti l. mosquitoes]. 20095516302
[larval morphology of setaria labiatopapillosa (nematoda, filarioidea) in aedes aegypti]. 19705511124
storage of aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus cells under liquid nitrogen. 20135510615
a study of the probing response of aedes aegypti. 3. effect of oviposition on probing. 19705508375
factors influencing the distortion of sex ratio in aedes aegypti. 19705503471
retardation of growth rate in aedes aegypti (l.) larvae exposed to vital dyes. 19705501236
breath, co2 and human handling of the host as factors affecting the feeding behavior of adult aedes aegypti (l.) on lepidoptera larvae. 19705501222
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