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notes on the encapsulation of dirofilaria immitis in the mosquito aëdes aegypti. 195613362800
biological variations in anopheles darlingi and anopheles gambiae; their effect on practical malaria control in the neotropical region.a remarkable range of variation has been demonstrated in the biting habits of a. darlingi in south america. at the centre of its area of distribution, the species comprises both anthropo-endophilic and zoo-exophilic individuals, but the anthropophilic tendencies increase progressively towards the periphery of its distributional area. conditions of travel and migration, imposed by the south american rain forest, have probably favoured the development of a specialized anthropophilic strain on a ge ...195613404433
initiation and promotion of ovarian development in the mosquito aëdes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). 195613395327
genetic differences affecting egg-laying in the mosquito aëdes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). 195613395326
aedes aegypti in malaya. ii. larval and adult biology. 195613395330
aëdes aegypti in malaya. i. distribution and dispersal. 195613395329
[report for the month of august 1956 on the aedes aegypti erradication campaign in the american territories]. 195613383035
[report for the month of july 1956 on the aedes aegypti eradication campaign in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195613383031
the history of dengue in tropical asia and its probable relationship to the mosquito aedes aegypti. 195613368255
[report of the month of june 1956 on the eradication campaign of aedes aegypti in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195613373979
an artificial feeding procedure for aedes aegypti using sucrose as a stimulant. 195613362762
the influence of mating on egg production by aedes aegypti. 195613362761
[report of may 1956 on the eradication campaign of aedes aegypti in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195613373969
[report for april 1956 on the campaign for eradication of aedes aegypti in the countries and the territories of the americas]. 195613355910
blood meal volume in anopheles quadrimaculatus, a. albimanus and aedes aegypti. 195613344500
yellow fever in trinidad and the development of resistance in aedes aegypti linn, to d.d.t. formulations. 195613361199
[the eradication of aedes aegypti in the americas]. 195613342108
role of diet in egg development by mosquitoes (aedes aegypti). 195613324108
[report for the month of february 1956 on the aedes aegypti control program in american countries and territories]. 195613328961
a mosquito survey at kuala lumpur airport with special reference to aedes aegypti. 195613347454
a brief note on the occurrence of aedes aegypti in the city of baghdad. 195613316289
[the significance of odor & sweat in the attraction of aedes aegypti to man]. 195713469577
[development of dirofilaria immitis leidy 1856 in aedes (stegomyia) aegypti lin. orlando (florida) strain]. 195713489447
physiological effects of carbohydrates in the nutrition of a mosquito, aedes aegypti and two flies, sarcophaga bullata and musca domestica. 195713491649
[analysis of the course of infection of plasmodium gallinaceum in the intestine of aedes aegypti]. 195713497814
genetical aspects of the aedes aegypti problem. i. taxonom: and bionomics. 195713498658
the effect of acetone concentration and larval density on the mortality of aedes aegypti larvae exposed to ddt and dieldrin. 195713498655
[reports for october 1956 on the eradication campaign of aedes aegypti in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195713412798
[report for september 1956 on the eradication campaign of aedes aegypti in the americas]. 195713404006
variation in the time of release of the ovarian development hormone in aedes aegypti. 195713477248
tree hole breeding of aedes aegypti (linn) in arima, trinidad, b.w.i. 195713507340
[report for the month of march 1957 on the aedes aegypti erradication campaign in latin american countries]. 195713459979
[report for the month of februrary 1957 on the aedes aegypti eradication campaign in american countries]. 195713446031
the susceptibility of aëdes aegypti larvae of different ages to ddt and dieldrin, and the relevance of the results to the formulation of standardized susceptibility tests for mosquito larvae. 195713445081
aëdes aegypti in malaya. iii. experiments on control and eradication. 195713445078
[report for january 1957 on the aedes aegypti eradication campaign in the americas]. 195713436585
[report for december 1956 on the aedes aegypti eradication campaign in the american countries]. 195713436578
[report of november 1956 on the eradication campaign of aedes aegypti in the american countries]. 195713426277
observations on the oviposition-cycle of aëdes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). 195713445076
the insecticide-resistance problem: a review of developments in 1956 and 1957.the author reviews the growth of the insecticide-resistance problem throughout the world during the period between july 1956 and november 1957, and the developments in research on the subject during the same period.three new resistant species have been discovered-anopheles subpictus, chrysomyia putoria and rhipicephalus sanguineus-and eight new types of resistance in already resistant species have been observed. moreover, the geographical area covered by certain resistant insect populations has ...195813536795
arthropod transmission of rabbit papillomatosis.the virus of rabbit papillomatosis, a neoplastic disease studied intensively in relation to cancer because of its tendency toward malignant transformation, has been successfully transmitted by aedes aegypti, rhodnius prolixus, and triatoma infestans from papillomas induced in cottontail rabbits, and by the first species mentioned, from papillomas induced in domestic rabbits. this was accomplished by interrupted feeding, feeding after an interval of several days from the infective meal, or by app ...195813549638
[attraction effect of olfactory substance secreted by man on aedes aegypti l]. 195813581960
the production of ddt resistance in a southern nigerian strain of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti under laboratory. 195813570011
laboratory studies on the survival of the eggs of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti under adverse conditions. 195813530920
winter and spring survival of aedes aegypti in south-western georgia. 195813533736
genetical aspects of the aedes aegypti problem. ii. disease relationships, genetics and control. 195813521698
the inheritance of ddt-resistance in a highly resistant strain of aëdes aegypti (l.). 195820604037
presence of a factor inhibiting biting in aedes aegypti. 195813613336
a resurvey of aedes aegypti at kuala lumpur airport. 195813632219
biting behavior of mated and unmated females of an african strain of aedes aegypti. 195813566138
[effect of some insecticides in the larvae of aedes aegypti l]. 195813581961
resistance patterns in ddt-resistant aedes aegypti.colonies of three strains of aëdes aegypti resistant to ddt were obtained from trinidad, haiti and malaya and reared beside a normal colony. from their relative resistance to a series of compounds analogous to ddt, characteristic resistance "spectra" were obtained. the two colonies from the west indies showed a similar type of resistance, rather different from the (smaller) resistance of the malay strain. no resistance to methoxychlor or dieldrin was found.195813536807
nitrogen partition in excreta of three species of mosquitoes.adults of three species of mosquitoes, aedes aegypti, anopheles quadrimaculatus and culex pipiens, showed essentially similar patterns of nitrogen output as judged by their excretion of total nitrogen and by their excretion of nitrogen as uric acid, urea, ammonia, amino acid, and protein. about 80 percent of their total nitrogen has been accounted for. substances that seem on analysis to be like glycoprotein have been found in the excreta of the three species.195913658962
the effect of atmospheric pressure on aedes aegypti exposed to dirofilaria immitis and on glossina morsitans exposed to trypanosoma rhodesiense or t. congolense. 195913844915
the transmission of semliki forest virus by aedes aegypti l. 195913845839
[report for november, 1958 on the campaign of erradication of aedes aegypti in the americas]. 195913651384
[appearance in french guiana of a strain of aedes aegypti resistant to ddt]. 195913823833
[report of the month of september 1958 on the campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in the americas]. 195913628836
[polyploidy and somatic reduction in larva epidermis of aedes aegypti l. (culicidae)]. 195913652353
effect of changes of temperature on the susceptibility to dieldrin of adult aëdes aegypti. 195913638796
[eradication of aedes aegypti in brazil: development & results of a large campaign]. 195913662355
observations on the oviposition-cycle of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). iii. 195913850105
laboratory observations on pupation and emergence in the mosquito aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). 195913830752
observations on the ovipositioncycle of aëdes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus), ii. 195913650486
comparison of natural and artificial infection of aedes aegypti l. with semliki forest virus. 196013729957
aedes aegypti as an experimental vector of brugia malayi. 196013739286
viruses associated with epidemic hemorrhagic fevers of the philippines and thailand.epidemiologic, clinical, and etiologic studies were carried out on a newly recognized, frequently fatal, pediatric disease syndrome which occurred in urban areas infested with aedes aegypti mosquitoes. four types of dengue virus (two of which are new), chikungunya virus, and another virus yet to be identified were isolated from the blood of patients. dengue viruses, types 2 and 3, were isolated from the mosquitoes. ample serologic confirmation was obtained of concurrent hemorrhagic fever and inf ...196014399343
the development of dirofilaria immitis in the mosquito aedes aegypti. 196013775556
the susceptibility of fourth-stage larvae of anopheles gambiae, aedes aegypti and culex pipiens fatigans to some phosphoric acid esters. 196013783589
notes on the mosquitoes and mosquito borne infections of sierra leone. 1. the breeding places of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti in and around freetown. 196013838027
observations on the oviposition-cycle of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus), iv. 196013811896
studies on the biting habits of the mosquito aedes (stegomyia) aegypti, linn., in a west african village. 196013802671
observations on the feeding habits of the mosquito aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus): the loss of fluid after a blood-meal and the amount of blood taken during feeding. 196013802674
[report of the month of november 1959 on the campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in the americas]. 196013856688
[on the elimination from french guiana of an aedes aegypti resistant to d.d.t]. 196013700643
[on the elimination from french guiana of a population of ddt-resistant aedes aegypti]. 196013700642
an inherited male-producing factor in aedes inherited factor causes a predominance of males in certain strains and in progeny of single pairs of aedes aegypti l. this factor appears to be transmitted only by males and is not due to differential mortality, at least in postgametic stages. mass release of male-producing males might be used in control operations.196013696189
effects of body weight and size of blood-meal upon egg production in aedes aegypti (linnaeus) (diptera, culicidae). 196013694683
preliminary tests with a new insecticide (baytex) on adults and larvae of culex fatigans and aedes aegypti. 196013752336
notes on rock hole breeding and resistance of aedes aegypti in puerto rico. 196013824248
observations on the amount of virus present in the haemolymph of aedes aegypti infected with uganda s, yellow fever and semliki forest viruses. 196013802670
effect of ddt on free amino acids of susceptible and ddt-resistant aedes aegypti larvae.the exposure of mosquito larvae (aedes aegypti l.) to lc(50) concentrations of ddt for various periods of time resulted in a selective increase in the alanine level of a ddt-resistant strain after 4 to 8 hours' contact with the insecticide, whereas the concentration of this amino acid in a susceptible strain remained comparatively low.196017745315
[resistance of aedes aegypti to certain chlorinated hydrocarbon and organophosphorus insecticides in puerto rico]. 196013824249
the intake of brugia malayi by different strains of aedes aegypti. 196114455352
artificial infection of aedes aegypti with semliki forest virus by intrahaemocoelic injection. 196114480780
the development of brugia malayi in aedes aegypti. 196114490050
experimental transmission of borrelia anserina (sakharoff 1891) by aedes aegypti. 196113742160
susceptibility tests in trinidad with anopheles aquasalis curry, aedes aegypti (l.) and culex pipiens fatigans wiedemann, using the standard who mosquito adult test kit.malaria, yellow fever and filariasis eradication programmes in many parts of the world have in recent years become largely dependent on the use of ddt, dieldrin, gamma-bhc and organophosphorus insecticides. it is of vital importance for the success of such programmes, often costly when undertaken on a nation-wide basis, that the insecticides being used are effective against the vectors of these diseases.during 1958 and 1959, susceptibility tests carried out in trinidad using the standard world h ...196113730936
genetical studies on dieldrin-resistance in aedes aegypti and its cross-resistance to ddt.a strain of aëdes aegypti was recently found in puerto rico which proved to be resistant to both ddt and dieldrin. this paper reports on genetical studies of this strain to determine whether a single entity is involved or two distinct resistances. tests carried out by repeated back-crossing combined with selection pressure from ddt and dieldrin and by crossing with a strain with marker genes indicate that a single entity is responsible (dieldrin-resistance with cross-resistance to ddt) and that ...196113755610
resistance of aedes aegypti to certain chlorinated hydrocarbon and organophosphorus insecticides in puerto rico.failure to control aëdes aegypti in puerto rico has suggested resistance to the insecticides, particularly ddt. a laboratory colony (named isla verde strain) was established from material obtained near the international airport. this strain proved highly resistant to ddt and dieldrin as well as various other insecticides. the scientific and practical significance of this is far-reaching. heretofore, it was thought that populations of aëdes aegypti could be resistant to the ddt group of insectici ...196113701099
genetic variability in populations of aedes aegypti.although aëdes aegypti shows extensive physiological, bionomic and morphological variation in different populations, the genetic basis for this variation has never been determined. genetic plasticity influences disease transmission, resistance to control measures, and breeding behaviour. solutions to problems of public health importance may depend upon an understanding of the present and potential degree of genetic resiliency in mosquito populations.the purpose of the work described in this pape ...196113696190
analysis of the development of the compound eye in the mosquito, aedes aegypti. 196114006559
studies on mosquito-borne viruses in their vectors. i. the normal fine structure of the midgut epithelium of the adult female aedes aegypti (l.) and the functional significance of its modification following a blood meal. 196113868491
blood-feeding, fecundity and ageing in aedes aegypti var. queenslandensis. 196113759636
genetic studies of aedes aegypti. 196114447858
multi-resistant aedes aegypti in puerto rico and virgin islands.the isla verde, puerto rico, laboratory colony, highly resistant to ddt and dieldrin in 1959, became even more so by 1960; resistance to organic phosphates was also greater than before. in laboratory tests bayer 29493 was best for killing resistant larvae and adults. it is improved with piperonyl butoxide at the ratio of 10:1.196113701097
[contribution to the study of the geographical distribution of sub-species, varieties or forms of aedes aegypti]. 196113750083
influence of temperature during the treatment period on the susceptibility to dieldrin of adult aëdes aegypti.seasonal variations in the susceptibility of adult mosquitos to some chlorinated-hydrocarbon insecticides appeared, in some countries, to be due to the differences in temperature at the time the tests were carried out. this also seemed to apply to aëdes aegypti adults tested with dieldrin at arusha, tanganyika. tests were therefore carried out throughout the various seasons and the results showed that when there was a decrease in the temperature at the time of treatment, the susceptibility of th ...196120604095
observations on the oviposition-cycle of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus). vi. 196113898644
observations on the oviposition-cycle of aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus), v. 196113903448
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