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microsatellite-based parentage analysis of aedes aegypti (diptera: culicidae) using nonlethal dna track aedes aegypti (l.) egg-laying behavior in the field in iquitos, peru, we developed methods for 1) sampling dna from live mosquitoes and 2) high through-put parentage analysis using microsatellite markers. we were able to amplify dna extracted from a single hind leg, but not from the pupal exuvia. removal of a leg from teneral females caused no significant changes in female behavioral or life history traits (e.g., longevity, blood feeding frequency, fecundity, egg hatch rate, gonotrophic ...022308775
daily newspaper view of dengue fever epidemic, athens, greece, 1927-1931.during the late summers of 1927 and 1928, a biphasic dengue epidemic affected the athens, greece, metropolitan area; >90% of the population became sick, and >1,000 persons (1,553 in the entire country) died. this epidemic was the most recent and most serious dengue fever epidemic in europe. review of all articles published by one of the most influential greek daily newspapers (i kathimerini) during the epidemic and the years that followed it did not shed light on the controversy about whether th ...022257469
the harmonic convergence of fathers predicts the mating success of sons in aedes aegypti.during courtship males often communicate information about their fitness to females. the matching of harmonic components of flight tone in male-female pairs of flying mosquitoes, or harmonic convergence, was recently described. this behaviour occurs prior to mating and has been suggested to function in mate selection. we investigated the hypothesis that harmonic convergence is a component of mosquito courtship. a key prediction of this hypothesis is that harmonic convergence should provide infor ...022003255
south-to-north, cross-disciplinary training in global health practice: ten years of lessons learned from an infectious disease field course in commerce, travel, and emerging and resurging infectious diseases have increased awareness of global health threats and opportunities for collaborative and service learning. we review course materials, knowledge archives, data management archives, and student evaluations for the first 10 years of an intensive summer field course in infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance offered in jamaica. we have trained 300 students from 28 countries through collaboration between the university ...021896794
dengue infection: an emerging cause of neuromuscular weakness. 022346179
food availability alters the effects of larval temperature on aedes aegypti growth.variation in temperature and food availability in larval habitats can influence the abundance, body size, and vector competence of the mosquito aedes aegypti. although increased temperature has energetic costs for growing larvae, how food resources influence the developmental response of this mosquito species to thermal conditions is unknown. we explored how rearing temperature and food affect allometric scaling between wing size and epidermal cell size in ae. aegypti. mosquitoes were reared at ...021936315
behavioral observations and sound recordings of free-flight mating swarms of ae. aegypti (diptera: culicidae) in thailand.sound plays an important role in the mating behavior of mosquitoes, including aedes aegypti (l). males orient to the fundamental wing beat frequency of females, and both sexes actively modulate their flight tone before mating to converge at harmonic frequencies. the majority of studies on mosquito mating acoustics have been conducted in the laboratory using tethered individuals. in this study, we present the first free-flight recording of naturally forming ae. aegypti swarms in thailand. we desc ...021845959
newer approaches to malaria control.malaria is the third leading cause of death due to infectious diseases affecting around 243 million people, causing 863,000 deaths each year, and is a major public health problem. most of the malarial deaths occur in children below 5 years and is a major contributor of under-five mortality. as a result of environmental and climatic changes, there is a change in vector population and distribution, leading to resurgence of malaria at numerous foci. resistance to antimalarials is a major challenge ...023508211
distributions of competing container mosquitoes depend on detritus types, nutrient ratios, and food availability.coexistence of competitors may result if resources are sufficiently abundant to render competition unimportant, or if species differ in resource requirements. detritus type has been shown to affect interspecific competitive outcomes between aedes albopictus (skuse) and aedes aegypti (l.) larvae under controlled conditions. we assessed the relationships among spatial distributions of detritus types, nutrients, and aquatic larvae of these species in nature. we collected mosquitoes, water, and detr ...022707761
the world of pulmonary vascular disease. 022140619
direct targets of the d. melanogaster dsxf protein and the evolution of sexual development.uncovering the direct regulatory targets of doublesex (dsx) and fruitless (fru) is crucial for an understanding of how they regulate sexual development, morphogenesis, differentiation and adult functions (including behavior) in drosophila melanogaster. using a modified damid approach, we identified 650 dsx-binding regions in the genome from which we then extracted an optimal palindromic 13 bp dsx-binding sequence. this sequence is functional in vivo, and the base identity at each position is imp ...021652649
tagetes erecta linn. and its mosquitocidal potency against culex investigate mosquitocidal effects of ethanolic extract of flowers of tagetes erecta (t. erecta) and its chloroform and petroleum ether soluble fractions against the larvae of culex quinquefasciatus (cx. quinquefasciatus).023569756
interlocked feedforward loops control cell-type-specific rhodopsin expression in the drosophila complex networks of activators and repressors lead to exquisitely specific cell-type determination during development is poorly understood. in the drosophila eye, expression patterns of rhodopsins define at least eight functionally distinct though related subtypes of photoreceptors. here, we describe a role for the transcription factor gene defective proventriculus (dve) as a critical node in the network regulating rhodopsin expression. dve is a shared component of two opposing, interlocked ...021663797
toxicological effects of sphaeranthus indicus linn. (asteraceae) leaf essential oil against human disease vectors, culex quinquefasciatus say and aedes aegypti linn., and impacts on a beneficial mosquito predator.use of environmentally friendly, decomposable natural products for effective vector control has gained considerable momentum in modern society. in this study, essential oil of sphaeranthus indicus (si-eo) was extracted and further phytochemical screening revealed fourteen compounds with prominent peak area percentage of 24.9 and 22.54% in 3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde and benzene,2-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-1,4-dimethoxy, respectively. the si-eo was further evaluated for their larvicidal res ...028455566
concerning the geographic distribution of the yellow fever mosquito. 190319601151
the yellow-fever mosquito. 190617737726
the incubation period of yellow fever in the mosquito.1. the yellow fever virus was found in infectious form in aedes aegypti throughout the entire period of the extrinsic incubation, as demonstrated by the injection of the bodies of mosquitoes into normal rhesus monkeys at daily intervals after the insects had fed on an infected animal. 2. the virus was transmitted through the bite of the mosquitoes, in one experiment on and after the 9th day, and in two experiments on the 12th day after the initial infecting feed. 3. the pathologic changes produc ...192819869467
possibility of hereditary transmission of yellow fever virus by aedes aegypti (linn.).attempts to obtain passage of yellow fever virus from one generation to the next in a. aegypti were unsuccessful. subcutaneous injections at varying intervals of a saline emulsion of 200 eggs laid by an infective lot of mosquitoes produced no reaction in six normal m. rhesus monkeys. negative results were also obtained in five biting and two injection experiments with progeny of the same infective lot of mosquitoes in which seven normal monkeys were used. the eggs consisted of batches laid after ...192919869656
the filtrability of yellow fever virus as existing in the mosquito.the virus of yellow fever as it exists in aëdes aegypti mosquitoes, both in their so-called infective stage and in the intermediate condition termed the "incubation period", is capable of passing through berkefeld n filters when suspended in normal monkey serum, although earlier investigators have shown that the virus from infective mosquitoes will not do so when suspended in physiological salt solution. the virus of yellow fever as it exists in mosquitoes behaves with regard to filtration throu ...192919869658
studies on yellow fever in south america : iv. transmission experiments with aedes aegypti.1. batches of aëdes (stegomyia) aegypti which had fed on monkeys in the early febrile stage of yellow fever and which has subsequently passed the usually accepted extrinsic incubation period for the virus, failed to transmit the disease to normal monkeys in approximately fifty per cent of the experiments. during the same time over eighty per cent of blood transfers were successful. 2. the monkeys which failed to show fever following mosquito bites later proved resistant to the inoculation of blo ...192919869665
recent laboratory contributions to the control of yellow fever: (section of tropical diseases and parasitology).the most important recent laboratory contributions to the control of yellow fever will be briefly summarized under three headings: (1) methods of diagnosis, (2) transmission, and (3) protection.(1) methods of diagnosis.-the development of improved methods of identification, in particular by immunity tests, has made it possible to diagnose yellow fever with much greater certainty. moreover, since the immunity following an attack of the disease is usually of life-long duration, it is possible to d ...193319989606
the transmission of equine encephalomyelitis virus by aedes confirming kelser's work on the transmission of equine encephalomyelitis of the western type by aëdes aegypti it has been learned that the mosquitoes must be fed virus of high titer if positive results are to be secured. a period of from 4 to 5 days after feeding either on infected guinea pigs or on brain containing virus must elapse before the disease is transmitted by biting, but after this time transmission regularly results for a period of about 2 months. by inoculation, virus can be demo ...193519870442
a practical way of dealing with ædes ægypti (stegomyia fasciata) mosquito breeding in country craft. 193629013069
a practical way of dealing with ædes ægypti (stegomyia fasciata) mosquito breeding in country craft. 193629012997
the multiplication of the virus of yellow fever in aedes aegypti.aëdes aegypti have been shown to be capable of multiplying the asibi strain of yellow fever virus in their bodies. following the ingestion of infected blood, the content of virus falls for several days, reaching a minimum during the 1st week. it then increases rapidly until quantities of virus greater than those previously encountered can be demonstrated. the actual final amount of virus demonstrable, however, is subject to variations of which we know little.193719870651
control of stegomyia fasciata (ædes ægypti) mosquitoes in indian country craft by a mosquito-proof metal cap (bennett pattern) for drinking-water receptacles. 193829014217
the absence from the urine of pernicious anemia patients of a mosquito growth factor present in normal urine.extracts prepared from the urine of normal persons or patients with aplastic anemia or leukemia contain a substance, possibly flavine or a flavine compound, which under suitable conditions of test enhances the growth of larvae of the mosquito, aëdes aegypti. this substance is lacking, or is present in much smaller amount, in extracts from the urine of pernicious anemia patients showing symptoms of the disease. extracts from the urine of the same patients after adequate treatment contain as much ...193819870733
measures instituted for the control of aëdes aegypti. 194018015233
aedes aegypti linnaeus, the yellow fever mosquito, in central missouri. 194217752151
occurrence of aedes aegypti in british guiana. 194520998212
studies on cyclic passage of yellow fever virus in south american mammals and mosquitoes; marmosets (callithrix penicillata and leontocebus chrysomelas) in combination with aedes aegypti. 194620996629
winter survival of aedes aegypti in houston, texas. 194620995756
chlorine as a possible ovicide for aedes aegypti eggs. 194621027331
experiments upon the feeding of aedes aegypti through animal membranes with a view to applying this method to the chemotherapy of malaria. 194621014255
practical laboratory methods for quantity rearing and handling of aedes aegypti mosquitoes to be infected with plasmodium gallinaceum. 194720266394
physiological factors which influence the infection of aedes aegypti with plasmodium gallinaceum. 194720279328
failure of aedes aegypti and culex pipiens to transmit plasmodium vaughani. 194720294091
mortality of aedes aegypti feeding on rabbits receiving oral gammexane. 194720344387
observations on the effect of microclimate on biting by aëdes aegypti (l.) (dipt., culicid.). 194718920748
aedes aegypti control in the absence of a piped potable water supply. 194718897110
further observations on the nutritional requirements of the larva of aedes aegypti l. 194720269871
ddt and aedes aegypti control in british guiana. 194720264247
the inhibition of growth of larvae of aedes aegypti by certain anti-malarial drugs. 194720265407
stimuli involved in the attraction of aedes aegypti, l., to man. 194818104364
the effect of artificial blood meals containing the hydroxynaphthoquinone m2279 on the developmental cycle pf plasmodium gallinaceum in aedes aegypti. 194818864109
the effect of one plant extract and of certain drugs on the development of plasmodium gallinaceum in aedes aegypti. 194818867818
studies on cyclic passage of yellow fever virus in south american mammals and mosquitoes; marsupials (metachirus nudicaudatus and marmosa) in combination with aedes aegypti as vector. 194818898700
toxicity of limewash containing ddt or gammexane to mosquitos, aëdes aegypti, l. 194818865550
extermination of aëdes aegypti in khartoum. 194818900760
the nutrition of the larva of aëdes aegypti linnaeus; protein and amino-acid requirements. 194818122654
the nutrition of the larva of aëdes aegypti linnaeus; lipid requirements. 194818105885
the nutrition of the larva of aëdes aegypti linnaeus. 4. protein and amino-acid requirements. 194816748417
the nutrition of the larva of aëdes aegypti linnaeus. 3. lipid requirements. 194816748416
relative susceptibility of aëdes aegypti, aëdes albopictus, aëdes canadensis and anopheles quadrimaculatus to plasmodium gallinaceum. 194918137143
aedes aegypti and other mosquito control measures in port sudan. 194915408260
rearing of anopheles quadrimaculatus say and aedes aegypti (l.) in the laboratory. 194915406584
bioassay systems for the pyrethrins; water-base sprays against aëdes aegypti l. and other flying insects. 194918151949
experiments in crossing aedes (stegomyia) aegypti linnaeus and aedes (stegomyia) albopictus skuse. 194917800955
a method of infecting aedes aegypti with plasmodium gallinaceum from chick embryos. 195014795205
arrest of development of plasmodium gallinaceum in mosquitoes (aedes aegypti) by radiation effect of p32 1,2. 195015424666
[attempt at control of aedes aegypti by application of ddt in water tanks]. 195014783641
[control of aedes aegypti in chile]. 195015411454
studies on plasmodium gallinaceum. i. characteristics of the infection in the mosquito, aedes aegypti. 195114846794
[eradication of aedes aegypti and control of yellow fever; four year continental program]. 195114886443
[results of ddt application in french guiana; destruction of the aedes aegypti and spectabular reduction of malaria]. 195124541063
[innocuousness of the addition of 1 ppm of ddt to drinking water for the eradication of aedes aegypti]. 195114821037
estimation of traces of ddt using aedes aegypti larvae as a biological indicator. 195114817816
some nutritional requirements of adult mosquitoes (aedes aegypti) for oviposition. 195114851026
studies on plasmodium gallinaceum. iv. a comparison of the susceptibility of aedes aegypti, anopheles quadrimaculatus and anopheles freeborni. 195214933391
the mechanism of the transmission of myxomatosis in the european rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus) by the mosquito aedes aegypti. 195214934625
control of malaria in mauritius; eradication of anopheles funestus and aedes aegypti. 195313077717
studies on the intake of microfilariae by their insect vectors, their survival, and their effect on the survival of their vectors. i. dirofilaria immitis and aëdes aegypti. 195313080982
healing of gut wounds in the mosquito aedes aegypti (l.) and the leafhopper orosius argentatus (ev.). 195313126036
transmission of a west nile-like virus by aedes aegypti. 195313090296
[monthly report on eradication of aedes aegypti in american countries, january, 1953]. 195313066562
the cutaneous reaction to the bite of the mosquito aëdes aegypti (l.) and its alleviation by the topical application of an antihistaminic cream (pyribenzamine). 195313044474
[monthly report on the progress of campaign for eradication of aedes aegypti in american countries, october, 1952]. 195313051435
aedes aegypti surveys in three cities in alabama in 1952. 195313023298
[monthly report on the campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in american countries, september, 1952]. 195313041772
the growth stimulating effect of apf, terramycin hydrochloride, vitamin b12 and an undetermined factor x upon aedes aegypti (l) diptera, culicidae. 195313007931
observation on the biology of west nile virus, with special reference to its behaviour in the mosquito aëdes aegypti. 195413149118
studies on the north american arthropod-borne encephalitides. vii. estimation of amount of eastern equine encephalitis virus inoculated by infected aedes aegypti. 195413207100
the yellow fever situation in africa.while the twentieth century has produced great developments in the epidemiology of yellow fever and in techniques for its control in urban areas, the essential method of control has not changed: it is still the elimination of the urban vector, aëdes aegypti. the aim of those responsible for yellow fever control in africa should be the eradication of this vector from all urban communities in the endemic area. in the case of sylvan yellow fever, complete control of the vectors is not yet possible, ...195413209300
the transmission of semliki forest virus by aedes aegypti. 195413212871
[infectibility of aedes aegypti from chicks infected with plasmodium gallinaceum in incubation stage]. 195414355424
[monthly report on the aedes aegypti control program in american countries and territories]. 195414363372
a preliminary aedes aegypti survey. 195414355279
residual effect of ddt in a controlled area of british guiana tested by the continued release of anopheles darlingi and aedes aegypti: a practical technique for the standardized evaluation of over-all residual efficiency under field conditions. 195413216955
[monthly report on the campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in american countries and territories]. 195413230222
[monthly report on eradication of aedes aegypti in american countries]. 195413181996
[technical bases and standards of evaluation of the campaign against aedes aegypti]. 195413181984
[monthly report on eradication of aedes aegypti in american countries, december, 1953]. 195413181976
studies on the intake of microfilariae by their insect vectors, their survival, and their effect on the survival of their vectors. vii. further observations on the intake of the microfilariae of dirofilaria immitis by aedes aegypti in laboratory conditions: the pattern of the intake of a group of flies. 195513239083
the comparative morphological and physiological effects of various drugs on the sporogonous cycle of plasmodium gallinaceum in aedes aegypti. 195513271507
behaviour differences in two strains of aëdes aegypti. 195513244634
[report of march, 1955, on the campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195513260399
[report of the month of january 1955 on the eradication campaign of aedes aegypti in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195513260397
[campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in the americas; its organization, development and results since december 1954]. 195513260395
[monthly report on the campaign of eradication of aedes aegypti in the countries and territories of the americas]. 195514389431
the laboratory transmission of yellow fever by aëdes (stegomyia) aegypti (linnaeus) from malaya. 195514362420
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