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[amblyomma chabaudi rageau, 1964 (ixodidae). breeding in the laboratory. description of the larva. complementary observations on the nymph]. 19676062855
ticks in the south african zoological survey collection. 13. gynanders of boophilus decoloratus (koch, 1844) and amblyomma hebraeum koch, 1844. 19675586994
[isolation of a strain of rickettsia conori from larvae of amblyomma variegatum in guadeloupe]. 19666013770
engorgement and reproduction of lone star ticks (amblyomma americanum (l.)) treated with gamma-radiation. 19665296972
[amblyomma chabaudi rageau, 1964. (ixodidae). description of the female and the nymph. morphologic variations of the male]. 19655864221
[isolation of toxoplasma gondii in naturally infected ixodidae of the genus amblyomma]. 19655892111
allergy in a horse due to amblyomma americanum. 196514296518
the bont tick (amblyomma hebraeum), exotic vector of heartwater found in the united states. 196514323370
[a new species of amblyomma, parasite of madagascan tortoises: a. chabaudi n. sp. (acariens ixodidae)]. 196414250518
the laboratory rearing of amblyomma sparsum neumann, 1899. 196414124281
ticks (ixodidae) on migrating birds in egypt, spring and fall 1962.over a number of years studies have been carried out in egypt on the transport by migrating birds of ticks that may transmit pathogens of man and animals. in continuation of these investigations 11 036 birds migrating southwards through egypt were examined for ticks during the fall of 1962. the 881 infested birds (comprising 24 species and sub-species represented by 10 612 individuals) yielded 1442 ticks. tick-host relationships were similar to those of previous years except that in 1962 the pre ...196414163959
spermiogenesis in the tick, amblyomma dissimili, as revealed by electron microscopy. 196313973643
[observations on the morphology, biology and development of amblyomma compressum (macalister, 1872), the pangolin tick of west africa]. 196314011156
kohls gm: description of the female of dermacentor latus cooley and of amblyomma albopictum neumann (acarina-ixodidae). 196213879941
a fine-structure study on spermiogenesis in the tick amblyomma dissimill, with special reference to the development of motile processes. 196213973642
[ixodological notes. ix. the oval complex of the genus amblyomma]. 196113861961
the fine structure of spermatids from the tick, amblyomma dissimili. 196114491069
[apropos of amblyomma laticaudae warburton, 1933 (acarien ixodoidea) in new caledonia]. 196013739123
the possible role of ticks as vectors of leptospire. ii. infection of the ixodid ticks, dermacentor andersoni and amblyomma maculatum, with leptospira pomona. 195913806052
[rectification of diagnosis: amblyomma tigrinum koch in place of amblyomma maculatum koch]. 195913836584
[studies on the transmission of toxoplasma gondii. ii. note on the experimental transmission by the tick amblyomma cajennense]. 195813848246
amblyomma imitator, a new species of tick from texas and mexico, and remarks on the synonymy of a. cajennense (fabricius) (acarina-ixodidae). 195813564359
[amblyomma, hyalomma, boophilus, rhipicephalus of africa are carriers of rickettsial & neorickettsial elements & occasionally of the two types of agents]. 195713489443
[various ixodes of the amblyomma marmoreum group in the collection of the museum of hamburg]. 195513314098
[study of amblyomma extraoculatum (neotropical species) based on the examination of the holotype]. 195513327254
natural occurrence of tularemia in the lone star tick, amblyomma americanus (linn.), and in dogs in arkansas. 195413138839
natural infection of the tick, amblyomma cajennense, with rickettsia rickettsii in panama. 195313065638
a further case of gynandromorphism, observed on an amblyomma variegatum govurensis t. dias, 1950. 195313171567
notes on the ticks of guam with the description of amblyomma squamosum n. sp. (acarina: ixodidae). 195313053309
[key to african amblyomma]. 195313080826
[notes on ticks. ii. a new species of the genus amblyomma and a new species of the genus ixodes (acari: ixodidae)]. 195213012856
[mexican amblyomma castanedai n. sp. (ixodidae)]. 195214957782
tick paralysis; implicating amblyomma maculatum. 195114806800
[a note on the amblyomma astrion dönitz 1909]. 195114894811
[amblyomma diemeniae, a new reptilian tick from australia, with observations on variant formations of the clava in the genus amblyomma]. 195015431890
[contribution to the study of the teratology of ixodids; 2 monsters obtained spontaneously in a strain of amblyomma nuttalli dönitz 1909]. 194914771470
serological characteristics of a pathogenic rickettsia occurring in amblyomma maculatum. 194915398100
experimental transmission of q fever by amblyomma cajennese. 194918141391
insecticides to control the european corn borer in field corn. 194720264508
infestation of a raccoon by amblyomma americanum. 194720264533
rite of amblyomma americanum associated with possible tick paralysis. 194720340890
dipping in benzene hexachloride to control ambylomma americanum. 194720240410
[not available]. 194620249314
the distribution of rickettsia in the tissues of insects and the absence of a satisfactory definition of rickettsia the observations herein recorded were arbitrarily limited to bacterium-like organisms which are intracellular and gram-negative. rickettsia of this type were found in the following species: amblyomma americana, amblyomma hebraeum, boophilus decoloratus, atomus sp., casinaria infesta, chrysopa oculata, ctenocephalus canis, dermacentor variabilis, lepisma saccharina, lucoppia curviseta, margaropus annulatus, margaropus annulatus australis, ...192319868737
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