a trial of the suppression of infection of bulinus snails during ambilhar (niridazole) therapy of bilharziasis. 19744471064
epididymitis due to schistosoma haematobium infection.four cases of schistosoma haematobium-infection of the epididymis are reported. histological examination showed an intense granulomatous infiltration of the epididymis with calcified eggs of schistosoma haematobium.19744471717
behaviour of the miracidia of an iraqi strain of schistosoma haematobium. 19724537328
effect of metrifonate on blood cholinesterases in children during the treatment of a controlled clinical trial, tanzanian schoolchildren with urinary schistosomiasis, many of whom had coexisting hookworm infection, were randomly allocated to one of three groups that were treated with doses of 7.5, 10.0, and 12.5 mg per kg of body weight, respectively, of metrifonate, orally, up to 3 times at 14-day intervals. no serious side effects were observed during or after the administration of single or repeated doses. a few hours after medication, plasma cholinesterase was almost co ...19724538536
seasonal abundance of trematode cercariae in bulinus truncatus in a small focus of schistosomiasis in the nile delta.bulinus truncatus was most numerous from june to august, and echinostome cercariae, present in 19.3% of snails, were the most prevalent of the 4 types of trematode cercariae found. the echinostomes occurred throughout the year, other cercariae only in certain months. double infections were uncommon. the findings suggest that echinostome cercariae exercise some biological control of schistosoma haematobium in the area studied.19724539823
studies on heterologous immunity in schistosomiasis. 6. observations on cross-immunity to ornithobilharzia turkestanicum, schistosoma bovis, s. mansoni, and s. haematobium in mice, sheep, and cattle in iran.experiments were carried out in mice, cattle, and sheep to investigate the possibility that heterologous immune reactions may occur between the schistosomes prevalent in man and domestic animals in iran. immunization with ornithobilharzia turkestanicum from cattle produced a considerable degree of immunity in mice against challenge with schistosoma bovis, s. haematobium, and s. mansoni. the results of immunizing cattle with o. turkestanicum, s. bovis, and s. haematobium were even more striking; ...19724540679
evaluation of a modified complement fixation test for schistosomiasis. 19724540905
molluscicide for the control of schistosomiasis in irrigation schemes: a study in southern rhodesia.the development of large areas of irrigation farming in the south-eastern lowveld of southern rhodesia has produced the risk of severe transmission of schistosomiasis over an extent of some 30 000 ha. control measures instituted by the ministry of health were primarily directed against the large and widely distributed snail populations by using molluscicides. the chemical was applied to the irrigation water by drip-feed methods once every 6-8 months. the drains, however, were treated routinely b ...19734542798
the value of incidence for the assessment of schistosomiasis control; a study in southern rhodesia.rapid assessment of the rate of transmission of schistosomiasis is essential in any control programme. it has been demonstrated that, by following the pattern of infection developing during a longitudinal study in a cohort of children under 6 years of age, it is possible to calculate the incidence of schistosomiasis in the community represented by that cohort. children who were found by survey to be free from active infection with schistosomes were examined at intervals of 1, 3, or 4 months to d ...19734543546
two new field techniques for detection and counting of schistosoma haematobium eggs in urine samples, with an evaluation of both methods.two new techniques for the quantitative determination of schistosoma haematobium egg densities in urine samples, the first using sedimentation and the second filtration, have been developed and evaluated. in the first method the concentrated sediment is examined in a counting chamber under a low-power microscope and in the second method the final concentration achieved by filtration is also examined microscopically. both procedures are easily carried out under primitive field conditions, while r ...19744549491
schistosomiasis in north-western ghana.a survey of 8 274 people in the ghana-2101 project area showed that 12% were passing ova of schistosoma haematobium in the urine, the infection rate rising to a peak of 34% in males 15-19 years of age. s. mansoni, despite the wide distribution of its potential intermediate host, was not encountered in 1 698 boys examined for it. urinary schistosomiasis in northern ghana is focal in character and is usually contracted in standing water during the dry season. a method of control was developed that ...19744549612
bilharziasis of the appendix (report of three cases). 19744478859
intramolluscan inter-trematode antagonism: a review of factors influencing the host-parasite system and its possible role in biological control. 19724559144
summary of recent abstracts. ix. helminthiasis. trematode infections. 19724562258
schistosomiasis in gynaecology--two cases in immigrants in western australia. 19724509099
immunologic diagnosis of schistosomiasis. i. a controlled study of intradermal (immediate and delayed) and serologic tests in st. lucians infected with schistosoma mansoni and in uninfected st. vincentians. 19734569542
[bilharziasis in the democratic republic of the sudan. preliminary results of sero-epidemic research in the gezirah region]. 19724577284
comparative study of the behaviour between the planorbarius metidjensis and the bulinus contortus towards infection by schistosoma haematobium. 19744477942
the malumfashi pilot survey. i. introduction, malaria and urinary schistosomiasis. 19734579223
suppressive therapy in the control of bilharziasis: a comparative trial in african school children. 19734583840
the etiology of cancer of the bladder. 19744587689
[hypersensitivity in human schistosomiasis due to schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium. i. study of delayed hypersensitivity in vivo by the intradermal reaction and in vitro by the leukocyte migration test, and a mixed test derived from the test of inhibition of macrophage spreading]. 19734589579
[hypersensitivity in human schistosomiasis due to schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium. ii. in vitro study of the lethal activity of patient sera for schistosomules of s. mansoni. relation to hypersensitivity tests]. 19734589580
scabies, pyoderma and nephritis in zaria, nigeria. a clinical and epidemiological study. 19734591502
upon man and beast--adventures in cancer epidemiology: presidential address. 19744599357
[parasitology and splenomegaly]. 19734599750
new aspects of the chemothrapy of bilharziasis with ambilhar (niridazole). 19744607612
carcinogens in the environment. 19744608383
human schistosomiasis (an african health challenge). 19744608611
a short review of the epidemiology of schistosomiasis in africa. 19744608855
modified antigens in the indirect immunofluorescence test for schistosomiasis. 19744611253
[microscopical and serological studies on schistosoma haematobium infection in the south of togo (author's transl)]. 19744614509
tropical pathology. 19744619032
new aspects of the chemothrapy of bilharziasis with ambilhar (niridazole). 19744619884
experimental schistosoma haematobium infection in vervet monkeys (ceropithecus aethiops centralis). 19724623245
intravenous pyelograms and associated histopathology of baboons infected with schistosoma haematobium (nigerian strain). 19724625892
a case of natural infection of s. haematobium in a senegalese baboon (papio sp.). 19724625894
chronic salmonellosis, urinary schistosomiasis, and massive proteinuria. 19724627631
proliferative epithelial lesions of the urinary bladder of nonhuman primates infected with schistosoma haematobium. 19724631463
schistosome ova deposits in the appendix. qualitative and quantitative histopathological findings in bilharzial appendicitis. 19724567579
bilharziasis (schistosomiasis) in nigeria. 19734577669
[delayed hypersensitivity during experimental helminthiasis: in vitro and in vivo study of the phenomenon in the guinea-pig. preliminary results in man]. 19724552027
recent developments in the chemotherapy of schistosomiasis. 19724633870
[two cases of schistosomiasis]. 19724640122
[an ecological study of schistosoma haematobium in the forest region of south-west nigeria]. 19724634261
[evolution of the schistosoma intercalatum concept]. 19724637678
metabolism of steroid hormones by schistosomes. 19724643348
schistosomiasis control. report of a who expert committee. 19734632657
occurrence and concentrations of biogenic amines in trematodes. 19724641878
regulation of parasite populations. a general theory of the epidemiology and control of parasitic infections. 19724647641
studies on schistosomiasis on the western shores of lake bangweulu, zambia. 19724648274
comparative studies on the in vivo effects of tartar emetic, vitamin b 6 , and the chelating agent 2,3-dimercaptopropanol (bal) on the functional capacity of the tryptophan-niacin pathway in patients with schistosomiasis. 19724641954
vesical bilharziasis. 19724646214
[mixed infestation of bulinus truncatus (audouin, 1827) by larval forms of schistosoma haematobium (bilharz, 1852) and an echinostomatidae]. 19724650809
bilharzia and bladder cancer. an investigation of urinary -glucuronidase associated with s. haematobium infection. 19724653042
[bilharziasis of the eye]. 19724646936
running performance in south african bantu children with schistosomiasis. 19724648648
the cercariacidal properties of commercial hypochlorite preparations. 19724649261
lamellar structures in the gut of schistosoma haematobium. 19724656448
inhibition by metrifonate and dichlorvos of cholinesterases in schistosomes.1. no species differences between schistosoma haematobium and schistosoma mansoni were detected when the i50 of metrifonate for the acetylcholinesterases (ache) and the cholinesterases (che) of these two trematodes were determined in isolated enzyme preparations or following exposure of the intact worms to this drug in vitro.2. s. haematobium appeared to be more affected by ache inhibition because, after administration of metrifonate to hamsters, a hepatic shift of the parasites was observed wit ...19724656609
a comparison of the susceptibility to metrifonate of schistosoma haematobium, s. mattheei and s. mansoni in hamsters. 19724656447
an approach of the study of hepatic schistosomiasis using non susceptible animal model. 19724657614
[bilharziasis]. 19724653815
some urological complications of bilharziasis in iraq. 19724669396
incidence of schistosomiasis in the urban population of accra, ghana. 19724670823
the distribution of schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium in east africa. 19724673849
a simple apparatus for rapid recovery of helminth eggs from excreta with special reference to schistosoma mansoni. 19724674019
preliminary trial of the effect of hycanthone (etrenol) in the mass treatment of urinary bilharziasis. 19724661366
the effect of natural alkaline waters upon the ova and miracidia of schistosoma haematobium. 19724675403
an analysis of factors influencing the epidemiology and control of human schistosome infections in mwanza, tanzania. 19724677147
host-parasite relationships of bulinus globosus and b. truncatus with strains of schistosoma haematobium. 19724673614
present status of schistosomiasis in lebanon. 19724673654
[malacologic studies in the area of the lufira reservoir (katanga). distribution and ecology of aquatic molluscs. epidemiological role of vectors of intestinal and urinary schistosomiasis]. 19724677866
immunologic diagnosis of schistosomiasis. ii. further studies on the sensitivity and specificity of delayed intradermal reactions. 19734688415
[urinary infection due to salmonella paratyphi c during schistosoma haematobium schistosomiasis]. 19724678938
[plan for combatting the intermediate hosts of human bilharziasis in cameroon within the framework of the 3d 5-year plan for economic and social development]. 19724679207
[epidemiological study of intestinal and urinary bilharziasis in the area of the reservoir lake of the lufira. 4. effects of helminthiasis, as evaluated by examination of urological lesions, on the health of subjects passing schistosoma haematobium eggs]. 19724679269
population movements in relation to the spread and control of schistosomiasis in sukumaland, tanzania. 19734717274
[bilharziasis. 76 cases treated with hycanthone]. 19734706638
treatment with hycanthone of egyptian farmers infected with schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni. 19734722427
treatment of salmonella paratyphi a osteomyelitis with trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole. 19734706995
schistosoma mansoni and sch. haematobium found as a natural double infection in the nile rat, arvicanthis n. niloticus, from a human endemic area in egypt. 19734711659
[case of schistosoma haematobium infection]. 19734721469
results of a seven year snail control project on the endemicity of schistosoma haematobium infection in egypt. 19734723214
a comparison of egyptian and east african strains of schistosoma haematobium. 19734735717
urinary osmolality and acid excretion in schistosomal uropathy. 19734726538
laboratory maintenance of bulinus vectors of schistosoma haematobium. 19734729747
[treatment of schistosoma hematobium infestation with niridazol]. 19734730988
comparative histopathology of schistosome granulomas in the hamster.when uniform histologic criteria are applied to staging schistosome egg and granuloma development in the hamster liver, the evolution of the egg foci is shown to be monophasic, albeit with considerable variation of the individual cell response. both real and artifactual egg-granuloma asynchrony are demonstrable. alternate granuloma stages occur simultaneously within the same single organ, so that necrosis or fibrous scarring may result in some lesions but not in others. the granulomas of schisto ...19734737396
[infection of genital organ with schistosoma hematobium in roentgenographic analysis (author's transl)]. 19734763492
bilharzioma of the ureter. 19734753852
[operative treatment of chronic urinary bilharziasis (author's transl)]. 19734770034
comparison of the infectivity and pathogenicity of six species of african schistosomes and their hybrids. 1. mice and hamsters. 19734775762
schistosomiasis of the spinal cord. 19734757510
the distribution of schistosome vector snails in central liberia. 19734761944
preliminary studies on the fine structure of some schistosome cercariae. 19734777414
some long-term results of treating urinary schistosomiasis in kuwait. 19734779113
studies with the schistosomicide oxamniquine (uk-4271). i. activity in rodents and in vitro. 19734779114
the effects of endemic schistosomiasis and of hycanthone on the mental ability of african school children. 19734779115
letter: the adhesion of red blood cells to schistosoma haematobium ova as a cause of haematuria. 19734784117
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