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the effect of inhibitors on the hydrolysis of acetylcholine by four species of schistosoma. 19768273
general survey of the present distribution of helminths in iran and comparison with those of past this paper the literature on helminthiasis in iran is reviewed and the distribution, prevalence and intensity of infections caused by helminths are discussed. a comparison of prevalence and intensity of infections was accomplished in the recent 10 years by the author. hookworm infections are found mostly in the north along the caspian sea, but its prevalence is declining. trichostrongylus are found in iran with a high prevalence in central country. schistosoma haematobium is found in one prov ...19768977
multifocal candidiasis in a capuchin monkey (cebus apella).candidiasis involving nasal, pharyngeal, and intestinal mucosal surfaces and a pharyngeal lymph node was demonstrated microscopically in a young adult female capuchin monkey (cebus apella) experimentally infected with schistosoma haematobium (iran strain). persistent nasal exudation and weight loss characterized the clinical disease preceding the animal's death.197721298
ectopic lesion of schistosomiasis of the penis simulating an early carcinoma.a case of ectopic lesion of schistosoma haematobium of the penis with extensive tissue destruction, simulating an early carcinoma of the penis and almost resulting in an autoamputation of the crown of the penis, is presented. the penis was surgically repaired and the patient treated with ambilhar. in schistosoma endemic area, it is important to think of ectopic schistosoma lesion by such a presentation. existing theories to explain the presence of schistosoma eggs in locations outside the portal ...197831780
hydrogen ion excretion and urine osmolality in patients with obstructive uropathy secondary to schistosoma haematobium.sixty-one patients with urinary schistosomiasis were studied to determine the effects of obstruction and bacteriuria on renal function. 39 (12 with bacteriuria) had demonstrable obstruction and 22 (5 with bacteriuria) had no obstruction. total hydrogen ion excretion (t.h.+) for obstructed patients with sterile urine did not differ from that in controls; patients with bacteriuria with and without obstruction had a significantly lower t.h.+ (all p values less than 0.05). obstructed patients (with ...197938539
schistosomiasis--cancer: etiological considerations. a review.evidence for a causal connection between schistosoma haematobium-infection and carcinoma of the urinary bladder is discussed. a group relationship of schistosomiasis cancer to cancers as+sociated with asbestosis, foreign body implants, and cicatrization is suggested on the basis of several criteria. results of experimental foreign body tmuorigenesis in mice are presented and elaborated in relationship to schistosomiasis cancer. carcinogenic development at the cellular level is discussed with emp ...197943083
parasites in bulinus senegalensis (mollusca: planorbidae) and their detection.isoelectric focusing studies on enzyme variation between populations of the snail bulinus senegalensis revealed that parasitic infections in the snails contributed additional bands of enzyme activity, particularly in the glucose phosphate isomerase (gpi) and malate dehydrogenase (mdh) systems. the patterns due to the parasite enzymes were, in most cases, clearly distinct from those of the host and different from each other. parasites encountered included schistosoma haematobium, s. bovis, paramp ...197944358
control of snail hosts of bilharziasis in egypt. 3. effect of the organophosphorous insecticide, dursban, on carbohydrate metabolism of the snails biomphalaria alexandria and bulinus truncatus.the effects of the organophosphorous insecticide, dursban, on aerobic oxidation, glycolysis, glucose utilization and gluconeogenesis in snails tissues were determined. dursban had a biphasic effect on the aerobic oxidation of succinate, glutamate + malate and tmpd + ascorbate while it had only an inhibitory action on pyruvate oxidation. the compound significantly inhibited glycolysis, glucose utilization and gluconeogenesis when used at high concentrations (ten times higher than its lc50). howev ...197552436
purified antigen radioimmunoassay in serological diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni.a radioimmunoassay has been developed for detecting human schistosomiasis with a highly purified schistosoma mansoni egg antigen labelled with iodine-125. the antigen, major serologic antigen 1 (m.s.a.1), has striking immunochemical and species specificity and appears to be the principal antigen responsible for the granulomatous response to s. mansoni eggs. this 125i-antigen was tested with 5 microliter of patient serum as a potential serodiagnostic test for schistosomiasis. 92 control sera from ...197771599
radioallergosorbent and indirect fluorescent antibody tests in immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis.radioallergosorbent tests for specific ige antibodies to schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni were positive in 82 and 72%, respectively, of sera from 136 african schistosomiasis patients. 99% of sera from controls (5 free of parasitic disease, 75 infested with hookworm, ascaris, trichuris, and/or onchocerca) were negative. when titres in indirect fluorescent antibody tests were set at the same level of specificity only 38% of patients' sera were positive. a cut-off at a higher concentration in ...197882737
diagnosis of bilharziasis (s. haematobium and s. mansoni) by the elisa using the homologous antigen.sera of subjects with s. haematobium, s. mansoni and mixed infection were studied by the elisa by means of homologous antigens. the extinction values for s. haematobium and s. mansoni cases were higher with the homologous antigen. generally, s. haematobium cases were less reactive than s. mansoni or mixed infection.197884418
changing pattern of schistosomiasis in egypt 1935--79.a village in the nile surveyed for schistosomiasis by j. a. scott in 1935 was surveyed again in 1979. the same number of people as in the 1935 survey were randomly selected for investigation by the same parasitological techniques as those used by scott. the prevalence of schistosoma mansoni infection had increased from 3.2% to 73%, whereas s. haematobium infection, which had been very common in 1935 (74%), had almost disappeared (2.2%). in the local district hospital since 1972 the percentage of ...197989343
changing pattern of schistosomiasis in egypt. 197990230
schistosome patterns in egypt. 197990881
combination of a viability test and a quantification method for schistosoma haematobium eggs (filtration--trypan blue-staining-technique).the efficiency of the polycarbamate membrane filtration technique for detecting schistosoma haematobium eggs in urine has been increased by using a pore size of 14 micrometers diameter and the suction of a water jet pump. the technique permits filtration of several 1000 ml of urine in one test. eggs concentrations of 1 egg in more than 1000 ml of urine were detected. viability was assess after filtration by staining with trypan blue. preliminary data of 118 schistosoma haematobium-positive urine ...197994193
natural history of papillary lesions of the urinary bladder in schistosomiasis.variable epithelial hyperplasia was observed in urinary bladder of nine capuchin monkeys (cebus apella) when examined at cystotomy 94 to 164 weeks after infection with schistosoma haematobium. these hosts were followed for 24 to 136 weeks postcystotomy to determine the status of bladder lesions in relation to duration of infection and to ascertain whether lesion samples removed at cystotomy reestablished themselves in autologous and heterologous transfers. there was involution of urothelial hype ...1978100209
cost of snail the last 10 years, there has been general agreement that niclosamide (bayluscide) is the preferred molluscicide for control of the snails transmitting schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium. this chemical has been widely tested in pilot projects and is in use in expanded control projects in brazil, puerto rico, egypt, iran, and other countries. a comparison of the results from six pilot projects in these countries was analyzed with particular attention to the costs of the programs, s ...1979107817
cross resistance between schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni in the baboon. 1979108823
distribution of egg deposits and gross lesions in nonhuman primates infected with schistosoma haematobium (iran).widespread tissue egg deposits and gross lesions were recorded in 15 species of primates subsequent to schistosoma haematobium (iran) infections of variable intensity and duration. considerable extra-intestinal involvement as well as pathology in different parts of the urogenital system were observed. transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder was recorded for cebus apella.1979116002
immunobiology of schistosomiasis.although malaria and hookworm disease appear to be on the decline, another dreaded parasitic disease-schistosomiasis-is on the increase. presently, the number of infected individuals with schistosomes is estimated to be 250 million, and even though only a small proportion of them become sick and die, schistosomiasis remains a medical problem of great significance. the high incidence of infection of man with schistosoma mansoni, schistosoma japonicum or schistosoma haematobium, as well as the chr ...1979118264
schistosomal glomerulopathy. 1979119087
haematobium schistosomiasis in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus).the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus) accommodates schistosoma haematobium moderately well. adults occur in the major viscera but the extent of tissue egg deposits and associated pathology is variable. pathologic involvement of the urogenital system occurs in a large proportion of hosts exposed to moderate to heavy infections, and bladder pathology is indicative of conditions associated with bladder carcinoma.1979120625
distribution of blood groups and secretor status in schistosomiasis.urine and stool specimens from 425 school children in swaziland were examined for evidence of schistosoma mansoni or schistosoma haematobium infection. concurrently, saliva collections were analysed for abh secretory ability and blood samples were typed for abo, rh and lewis groups. among individuals infected with s. mansoni, the frequency of blood group b was significantly increased (p < 0.001), and there was a greater prevalence of positive secretor status (p < 0.05). in contrast, the presence ...1979121770
preliminary report on long term cure of schistosomiasis using metrifonate (bilarcil/dipterex)--a new antischistosomal drug.twenty patients aged between 7 and 19 years with confirmed vesical schistosomiasis due to schistosoma haematobium were treated with metrifonate (dipterex, bilarcil) orally on a single dose of 7.5 mg/kg body weight repeated at fortnightly intervals until egg excretion ceased. this was achieved with a maximum of three doses. no symptoms of toxicity or significant side effects were observed. four patients remained symptom free of the infection for up to three years after the initial treatment. thes ...1979122130
circulating soluble antigens and antibody in schistosomiasis.some patients with schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium infections were shown to have soluble schistosomal antigen in their plasma. antibody to this antigen and to other antigens of adult worms were also present. these findings may be relevant to schistosomal-related immune-complex disease, especially the nephrotic syndrome.1975123165
parasitic infections and the genitourinary tract. 1975124862
[a rare case of bilharziasis]. 1975129419
lymphocyte culture in the immunological diagnosis of human bilharziosis. 1977140615
electron microscopy of ouabain-inhibited, potassium-dependent transport adenosine triphosphatase activity in schistosome sporocysts. 1975143226
[a cyst of the spleen in a patient with schistosomiasis. its detection by laparoscopy (author's transl)].the authors report the observation of a 23 years old man, who presented an urinary schistosomiasis (s. haematobium) and an intestinal schistosomiasis (s. mansoni). important abdominal pains, and an enormous splenomegaly compressing stomach and colon, lead to a laparoscopy, which gave evidence of a big liquid cyst of the spleen. its exeresis brought recovery.1978152833
enzyme analyses of bulinus africanus group snails (mollusca: planorbidae) from tanzania.38 population samples of snails of the bulinus africanus group, collected from three separate areas of tanzania, have been examined. enzymes in crude digestive gland extracts of individual snails have been analysed by isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gels. the enzymes studied were: malate dehydrogenase (mdh); phosphoglucomutase (pgm); glucosephosphate isomerase (gpi); acid phosphatase (acp) and hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase (hbdh). samples of b. nasutus were clearly differentiated from oth ...1979161436
experimental bilharzial squamous metaplasia of the urinary bladder in hamsters. 1975165940
type c oncornaviruses in a capuchin monkey (cebus apella) previously infected with schistosoma haematobium. 1977191693
[criteria of identification of schistosomiasis caused by schistosoma hamatobium and s. mansoni (486 patients: 275 case of schistosomiasis)].out of a total of 486 patients who originated from french equatorial africa, from the west indies or from the indian ocean, the authors identified 275 cases of schistosomiasis of which 230 were due to s. hematobium and 45 to s. mansoni. the diagnostic methods were biopsy of the rectal mucosa, immunofluorescence, in the west indians, examination of the stools, in the africans examination of the urine, intravenous urography and less often cystoscopy. the value of these investigations was studied i ...1977191927
parasitic infections in black children in an endemic schistosomiasis area in natal.urine and stool specimens from 856 school children aged from 7 to 20 years, and from 80 preschool children, were examined for schistosoma haematobium and intestinal helminths and protozoa. s. haematobium was present in 57% with a peak of 81% in 13-14-year-old children. peak intensity preceded peak incidence and egg loads gradually decreased with age. there was no clear-cut difference between boys and girls with regard to intestinal parasites, nor was there a close correlation between the inciden ...1977191941
schistosomiasis and neoplasia. 1978209198
[systematic cardiologic study in 37 schistosomiasis patients].1) a systematic search was made for cardiac abnormalities (clinical, radiological and ekg) and for haemodynamic disorders (catheterisation of the right side of the heart and pulmonary artery). it was generally found that: -- 14 patients (37.8%) had no symptoms; -- 8 patients (21.6%) had pulmonary arterial hypertension (paht) with the corresponding cardiac signs; -- 15 patients (40.5%) had cardiac signs with no evidence of paht. 2) the 8 patients with paht (21.6%) had precapillary type of paht wi ...1978219489
[laparoscopy in black african immigrants. apropos of 60 cases].authors give results about 60 laparoscopies in negro immigrants. if one excepts isolated cases of liver cirrhosis, hepatoma, staphylococcic liver abscess, lymphosarcoma or schistosomiasis of the peritoneum and twelve normal laparoscopies, the most frequent diagnosis in this peculiar group is peritoneal and/or liver tuberculosis (21 cases). endoscopic aspects of hepato-splenic schistosomiasis are summarized. interest of liver and/or peritoneal biopsies is underlined. problem of liver granulomatos ...1979219515
schistosomiasis of ovarian thecoma--a case report. 1978232801
nephrotic syndrome in schistosomiasis mansoni complicated by chronic salmonellosis.thirteen patients with concomitant chronic salmonellosis and schistosomiasis and with the nephrotic syndrome were studied. of the seven patients' sera examined, all had markedly low complement c3 and near normal c4 levels. this indirectly suggests an active role of salmonella endotoxin in the etiology of the nephrosis.1975239605
significance of abnormalities in urinary neutral mucopolysaccharides in bilharziasis. 1975241625
[initial therapeutic trials of an antibilharzial agent, 35 972 r.p. in man].35,972 r. p. is a new schistosomicidal drug deriving from a thione dithiole pyrazinyl basic structure. it has been assessed with 125 patients suffering from an urinary tract schistosomiasis (69 cases) or from an intestinal schistosomiasis (56 cases). five regimens have been followed. the last one was 1.50 g/day over 3 days and it included 75 patients. the clinical tolerance was satisfactory although vomiting was reported in 16 % cases and headaches were noted in 21 % cases. the efficiency was re ...1979261934
prevalence of hbs-ag in schistosomiasis. (a) general aspects.nine hundred and sixteen schistosomal patient together with 97 non-schistosomal controls were examined for the presence of hbs-ag and anti-hbs in their sera by counter-immunoelectrophoresis (ciep). the results are reported and statistically analysed. hbs-ag, anti-hbs and the exposure rate were found significantly higher in schistosomal patients than in controls. the frequency of hbs-ag was not significantly different in the active and inactive schistosomal groups, while the anti-hbs was signific ...1979263092
delayed hypersensitivity to specific antigen and hetrologous ppd antigen in patients infected with schistosoma mansoni and/or schistosoma haematobium.181 cases with schistosomiasis were skin tested with s. mansoni antigen and tuberculin (ppd) after complete clinical and parasitological examination. their results were compared to a control group of 89 non bilharzial cases. the positivity of tuberculin reaction was found to be less frequent in schistosomiasis (37.5%) when compared to non schisto. controls (55.0%). this low reactivity was more manifest in the advanced stages of the disease. the delayed skin reaction with s. mansoni antigen was s ...1979263096
ecological studies of bulinus rohlfsi, the intermediate host of schistosoma haematobium in the volta the present ecological study of cercarial transmission of schistosoma haematobium in the volta lake, ghana, habitat observations and sampling of bulinus truncatus rohlfsi were conducted within a 60-km stretch of shoreline. observations revealed that human water contact sites in each village undergo constant changes in shape and vegetation. snail sampling surveys in water contact sites were carried out monthly (for 27 months) in 8 villages using newly designed palm-leaf traps, and in 8 additio ...1977304396
trials of ecological and chemical measures for the control of schistosoma haematobium transmission in a volta lake village.urinary schistosomiasis is highly prevalent along the shores of the volta lake in ghana, where transmission occurs focally in man-water contact sites. the intermediate host, bulinus truncatus rohlfsi, prefers to harbour in ceratophyllum, a common aquatic weed in the lake. removal of this weed reduced the density of both infected and uninfected snails, but not sufficiently to interrupt transmission.niclosamide was applied at 1, 0.7, and 0.5 mg/l in combination with weed removal at five water cont ...1978307458
water-contact patterns in relation to schistosoma haematobium infection.water-contact observations were carried out on a population exposed to schistosoma haematobium in a village situated on a man-made lake, lake volta, ghana.the observations were made over a period of 12 months prior to the introduction of control measures. a multiple regression analysis was performed on the results of observations on 132 individuals, with egg output as the dependent variable and various types of water-contact activity, as well as age and sex, as independent variables. in the anal ...1978308406
mixing of schistosoma haematobium strains in ghana, schistosoma haematobium exists as two strains, one transmitted by bulinus rohlfsi and the other by b. globosus. in anyaboni, a resettlement town, where the field station of the undp/who schistosomiasis research and control project is located, the residents contract the "rohlfsi" strain of the parasite from the volta lake and the "globosus" strain from a stream near the town. the present studies indicate that there is mixing of the two parasite strains on a community and an individual b ...1978310361
malumfashi endemic diseases research project, vii. the importance of young males from the malumfashi area, northern nigeria, in the transmission of schistosoma haematobium infection. 1979315212
the impact of urinary schistosomiasis on the health of two community populations living in endemic areas in tanzania.two populations living in separate areas in tanzania known to be endemic for s. haematobium were investigated for the effects of the infection on community health. both populations, each of about 450 examinees, had similar infection prevalences of 54-57% with peaks of 66-67% among the 5 to 19 year olds. over 90% of the infections from either population were symptomatic showing mostly manifestations of vesical lesions. radiological examinations of a random sample of 100 infected subjects from the ...1979316594
recent observations on schistosomiasis in mauritius.purpose of this study, carried out between 1967 and 1975, was to bring the existing knowledge on schistosomiasis in mauritius up-to-date. the paper describes the distribution, the behaviour and the infection rates of bulinus cernicus, the local intermediate snail host, and its role in human infection.1979316595
multicentre trials of praziquantel in human schistosomiasis: design and techniques.this paper outlines the experimental design and techniques used in the initial multicentre clinical experiences with praziquantel in the treatment of human infections due to schistosoma haematobium, s. mansoni, and s. japonicum. trials were conducted in brazil, japan, the philippines, and zambia.close professional cooperation between informed representatives of the manufacturers of the drug and who led to the use of a standard clinical trial design and agreed technical protocols, although parasi ...1979317254
schistosoma haematobium in a gambian community. iv. antibody levels and change in egg output.the indirect fluorescent antibody (fat) and indirect haemagglutination (iha) tests were used to study the serological response to schistosoma haematobium in a gambian community. the fat was frequently positive in very young children and also in adults, in whom urine examination did not show ova. this was much less often the case with the iha although this test sometimes gave negative results in heavily infected children. examination of paired sera taken at six month intervals apart showed that t ...1977326207
evaluation of the indirect immunofluorescence and complement fixation tests for the serodiagnosis of schistosomiasis.sera from patients with a variety of infections were used to compare the sensitivity and specificity of the complement fixation (cf) and the indirect immunofluorescence (iif) tests for schistosomiasis. adult antigens were used in both tests. the sensitivities of the iif and cf tests were 95% and 69%, respectively; the specificities were 98% and 100%, respectively. there was no statistical difference between the number of positive reactors among those individuals with no detectable helminth infec ...1977339755
modulation of immunopathology and disease in schistosomiasis. 1977339757
a check list of definitive hosts exhibiting evidence of the genus schistosoma weinland, 1858 acquired naturally in africa and the middle east. 1977340501
oxamniquine (uk 4271) in the treatment of vesical schistosomiasis in western nigeria. 1978349665
metrifonate trial in the treatment of various presentations of schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni infections in the sudan.the effect of metrifonate (bilarcil bayer) on schistosoma haematobium and s. mansoni infections was studied in 174 patients near khartoum. a high cure rate was obtained in s. haematobium infections, but anthelmintic efficacy was minimal in patients passing s. mansoni eggs in their stools. there was, however, a marked reduction of egg output in patients passing s. mansoni eggs in urine. this suggests that the site of infection in man, rather than the species of parasite, renders the parasite more ...1978352282
oxamniquine in the treatment of various schistosome infections in south africa.trials of a new schistosomicide oxamniquine (vansil) were carried out in the lowveld of the eastern transvaal. after initial dose-finding trials, the safety and efficacy of oxamniquine against schistosoma mansoni at an oral dose of 15 mg/kg twice a day for 2 days (total dose 60 mg/kg), were confirmed. no detectable effect was noted against s. haematobium or s. mattheei.1978354047
bacteriuria in urinary schistosomiasis in egypt a prevalence epidemiologic survey to assess the prevalence of bacteriuria in urinary schistosomiasis was carried out in a region endemic for urinary schistosomiasis in egypt. twenty of 390 (5.1%) school boys aged 5--16 years were bacteriuric. this prevalence rate is more than 10 times greater than that found in comparable surveys in areas non-endemic for urinary schistosomiasis. in this endemic population bacteriuria was found in 6.5% of active egg excreters and 2.3% of non-egg excreters.1978362956
metrifonate. summary of toxicological and pharmacological information available.the organophosphorus compound 0,0-dimethyl-(1-hydroxy-2,2,2-trichloroethyl)-phosphonate was introduced as an insecticide, trichlorfon, in 1952 (lorenz et al., 1955) and as a drug, metrifonate, in the treatment of schistosomiasis in 1960 (lebrun and cerf, 1960). this organophosphorus compound is unique in that it has been claimed not to be a direct acting cholinesterase inhibitor but being transformed nonenzymatically into an active component dichlorvos, 2, 2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (ddv ...1978363095
trends in the development of chemotherapy for parasitic diseases. 1978364672
preliminary results in human schistosomiasis with ro 11-3128. 1979380021
[changes in fluorescent antibodies in experimental bilharziasis with s. mansoni and s. haematobium in mice. comparison of the results obtained using homologous and heterologous antigens].fluorescent antischistosomiasis antibodies appear earlier in mice infected by 150/200 cercariae than in those who only received 20. the use of a homologous antigen in mice infected by s. mansoni or s. haematobium allows earlier and more important responses. the infections by s. haematobium seem to determinate in mice a more important immune responsiveness. is it a specific parasitic manifestation (s. mansoni being better adapted to rodents?).1978383309
[schistosoma mansoni and haematobium antisera tested by homologous and heterologous antigens. comparison of the results obtained by indirect immunofluorescence technic].the study of anti schistosoma mansoni and anti schistosoma haematobium sera by homologous and heterologous antigen shows that schistosoma haematobium has an immunogenic strength as good as that of schistosoma mansoni. the joint use of the two antigens can be useful in epidemiologic investigations in africa so as to track down seats of schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium and the prevalence of the infection.1978383310
[comparative study of the value of schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium antigens in the indirect immunofluorescent reaction applied to the diagnosis of rectal s. intercalatum bilharziasis].a comparative study of the value of antigenic sections of s. mansoni and s. haematobium in indirect immunofluorescence applied to the diagnosis of s. intercalatum rectal bilharziosis (in 66 cases) shows that far better results are obtained with s. haematobium antigen (83,3 0/0 positive reactions with higher titers dilution) than with s. mansoni (33,3 0/0 positive reactions).1978385162
[urinary infection caused by salmonella enteritidis in schistosoma haematobium bilharziasis]. 1979386258
[experimental replication of bladder tumors. morphologic features of early stages of their development]. 1979386636
the specific methods of control and eradication of schistosomiasis in israel.a review of the epidemiological status of urinary schistosomiasis and intestinal schistosomiasis in israel is made. the ecology, bionomy and geographical distribution of the snail vectors were studied and research on their vectorial capacity to the imported schistosoma strains was undertaken. biomphalaria alexandrina, the snail vector of s. mansomi, was eradicated through ecological factors (salinity and pollution by sewage) and human activities. the elimination of snail vectors by applications ...1979388774
schistosomiasis: assessment of the sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility of serological methods for the diagnosis of schistosomiasis in nigeria.three groups of sera were tested by indirect fluorescent antibody (ifa), complement fixation (cf) and counter-current immunoelectrophoresis (ccie) techniques; 56 (10.1%) of 554 sera from nigerians were anticomplementary and so could not be tested by the cf. crude antigen extract of adult schistosoma mansoni was used in the cf and ccie tests and cercarial antigen in the ifa test. ifa was the most sensitive test and cf the most specific. the reproducibility of both these tests was good. the ccie w ...1979393189
[interaction between salmonella and schistosomes. scanning electron microscopy study].in our attempts to elucidate the pathogenesis of prolonged salmonella bacteremia in patients with schistosoma mansoni or schistosoma haematobium infection, we have utilised meb. our results are significant. they show an association exists between bilharziasis and salmonellosis.1979393422
cancer of the urinary bladder in the pacific basin.the incidence of urinary bladder cancer differs markedly among the different ethnic and national groups in the pacific basin. because of these differences, the following colaborative studies can be done to identify and characterize factors associated with bladder cancer: 1) study population groups with different levels of bladder cancer risk who reside in the same geographic setting; 2) study ethnically similar groups who differ in risk and reside in different locations; and 3) study population ...1979395442
indirect immunoperoxidase tests in the diagnosis of enzymatic technique, immunoperoxidase histochemistry, was applied in the diagnosis of human schistosomiasis. sera of patients with s. haematobium, s. mansoni and mixed infection, together with control sera, were studied. the test proved easily applicable and gave reliable results particularly with s. mansoni and double infection. the depth of the colour reaction, was then compared with elisa readings, but there was no relation in the results of the individual cases.1979395743
initial experiences with praziquantel in the treatment of human infections due to schistosoma haematobium.initial studies of the tolerance and efficacy of praziquantel in the treatment of human infections due to schistosoma haematobium were conducted at the who tropical diseases research centre, ndola, zambia. the first stage of the trial was a double-blind assessment against placebo of the tolerance and efficacy of oral doses of 1x20, 2x20, or 3x20 mg/kg in patients with a minimum schistosome egg excretion of 50 per random 10-ml sample of urine. later a single-blind trial was carried out of the eff ...1979396053
the pattern of parasitic infection in villages of lagos state, nigeria. 1979396698
species specificity of the immediate hypersensitivity to schistosomal proteolytic acidic proteolytic enzyme which digests host haemoglobin can be isolated and purified from schistosomes. this small glycoprotein is an allergen which sensitizes the host, as shown by immediate hypersensitivity reactions. these are specific for either schistosoma haematobium or s. mansoni and can be demonstrated by mast cell degranulation in mice or by intradermal skin tests in monkeys. although high levels of total ige may be found in acute and chronic schistosomiasis, there was no evident re ...1979399332
efficacy of oxamniquine in treatment of s. mansoni in a closed community in egypt and the concomitant administration of both metrifonate and oxamniquine in mixed infections. 1978400362
parasites in the etiology of cancer--bilharziasis and bladder cancer. 1977402987
[experimental studies on the schistosomicidal activity of the aminobenzaldehyde derivative 80.647 (author's transl)].in a group of aminobenzaldehyde derivatives the 2-cholor-4-(1)-piperazinobenalazine showed to be highly active in golden hamsters (mesocricetus auratus), mastomys natalensis and capucine monkeys (cebus capucinus capucinus) against schistosoma mansoni, slightly active against s. mattheei and inactive against s. haematobium and s. japonicum. the d.c.m. in mice and hamsters was 50 mg/kg body weight after a single oral dose and 20 or 50 mg/kg body weight respectively when dosed once daily on 5 conse ...1977404743
the influence of physical factors on the survival and infectivity of miracidia of schistosoma manosni and s. haematobium i. effect of temperature and ultra-violet light.the influence of temperature and ultra-violet radiation on the degree of activity, survival and infectivity of schistosome miracidia is profound. miracidia of schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium were affect eaually. only miracidia classified as "active" or "slow" were capable of penetration, a capacity they retained for about 17 hours at 19 degrees c. miracidia that were "lethargic" as a result of low temperature, old age or ultra-violet radiation lost their infective capacity. the conclusion ...1977405414
the susceptibility to praziquantel of schistosoma haematobium in the baboon (papio anubis) and of s. japonicum in the vervet monkey (cercopithecus aethiops). 1977410180
schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium: calcium metabolism of the vitelline cell. 1979421769
[female genital bilharziasis. 1 case].in a swiss woman who had travelled in africa ovarian and tubal bilharziasis (schistosoma haematobium) was found by chance during laparotomy. in both sexes genital bilharziasis is nearly always caused by sch. haematobium and is a complication of bilharziasis of the bladder and intestine. genital bilharziasis in woman is found principally in the cervix and in the vagina, less commonly on the vulva and in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, and rarely in the body of the uterus.1979424717
the significance of proteinuria and haematuria in schistosoma haematobium infection.the intensity and prevalence of proteinuria and haematuria were studied with urinanalysis reagent strips in a gambian community in which the intensity of infection with schistosoma haematobium was high. the level of proteinuria present was shown to be related to the intensity of infection. follow-up for 12 months showed that infected subjects with heavy proteinuria had a good prognosis. these findings suggest that the urinary protein in such subjects is likely to originate from lesions in the bl ...1979442186
granuloma size in the liver of mice with schistosoma haematobium infection and schistosoma mansoni albino mice have been infected with s. haematobium and challenged with s. mansoni. s. haematobium infection in the mouse runs a course more or less parallel to that of s. mansoni infection. granuloma has reached a maximal size at 135 days post infection and has regressed thereafter. suppression of s. mansoni granuloma was observed in mice previously infected with s. haematobium. this manifests the presence of cross immunization.1979442201
studies of the relationships between schistosoma and their intermediate hosts. 1. the genus bulinus and schistosoma haematobium from egypt. 1979458127
schistosomiasis of the pericardium. 1979473315
surface hepatitis b antigen and urinary schistosomiasis. 1979473337
schistosomiasis in oklahoma. 1979479975
the chromosome numbers of four populations of bulinine snails from lake nasser, egypt. 1979483381
schistosomiasis haematobia in coast province kenya. relationship between egg output and morbidity.several studies of schistosomiasis haematobia in africa have revealed a correlation between intensity of infection as measured by urine egg counts and severity of disease as determined by intravenous pyelography. the present study consisted of a survey of 390 school children in the coastal area of kenya involving a single egg count, and intravenous pyelograms in a stratified random sample of 69 children; the results showed a greater prevalence of urinary tract disease in those with higher intens ...1979484768
the epidemiology of tropical parasitic diseases in rural zambia and the consequences for public health. 1979490753
malumfashi endemic diseases research project, vi. urinary schistosomiasis: abnormal urograms in infected males from the malumfashi study area, northern nigeria. 1979496461
malumfashi endemic disease research project, viii. follow-up intravenous urograms of boys infected with schistosoma haematobium from the malumfashi area. 1979496471
malumfashi endemic diseases research project ix. urinary schistosomiasis and hypertension in the malumfashi area. 1979496480
malumfashi endemic diseases research project, x. schistosoma haematobium and bacteriuria in the malumfashi association was found between bacteriuria and schistosoma haematobium infection in the malumfashi area, and no male had a confirmed significant bacteriuria. the overall bacteriuria prevalence rate in a separate group of schoolgirls was 0.96%, while in females over the age of 20 it was 1.37%; there was an estimated prevalence of 3.2% in women over the age of 30. these figures for females agree with those from populations which have no experience of bilharzia. no urinary s. typhi carriers were ...1979496487
cancer of the bilharzial bladder. 1979511629
[diffusion of hepatitis b surface antigens in subjects with bladder schistosomiasis].the problem of the relationship between the surface b antigen and the parasitosis characterized by active penetration of the larvae through the skin has not yet been resolved. conflicting results have been reported lately on this problem even though it is currently believed that hbsag is found more often among patients infected by parasites than among healthy subjects. serum samples from 67 somalian patients infected by s. haematobium were tested for the presence of the surface b antigen by elis ...1979518754
praziquantel: a new schistosomicide against schistosoma haematobium.the effectiveness of the new schistosomicide praziquantel was assessed in african schoolchildren infected with schistosoma haematobium. they were stratified according to the severity of their infection and were then randomly allocated to treatment with two single-dose regimens (30 and 40 mg/kg) and a split regimen of two doses of 20 mg/kg given four hours apart. all three regimens were highly effective and produced few side effects. children who initially had very high pretreatment egg loads sho ...1979519476
tropical diseases in canada. 1979519590
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