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the relationship of phialophora verrucosa to phialophora americana.phialophora verrucosa and p. americana, two dematiaceous hyphomycetes, are known to cause chromoblastomycosis. even though most medical mycologists consider p. americana as synonymous with p. verrucosa, others maintain them as two distinct species on the basis that the phialides of p. americana have deeper collarettes than those of p. verrucosa. thirty-two isolates, identified either as p. americana or p. verrucosa, were studied for their morphologic, physiologic, and antigenic characteristics t ...19863084750
messenger rna intron in the nuclear 18s ribosomal rna gene of deuteromycetes.introns within messenger rna genes have characteristic border sequences and a conserved region near the 3' end of the intron. all are involved in splicing to produce the mature mrna. introns in ribosomal rna genes have less well-defined borders and contain no internal conservation. we report here mrna-type introns located near the 3' end of the 18s rrna genes of the deuteromycetes phialophora americana and cenococcum geophilum. inserted sequences of various sizes have also been located at the sa ...19938467532
mitochondrial dna analysis of phialophora verrucosa.restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) of mitochondrial dna (mtdna) was examined in 32 isolates of phialophora verrucosa (eight isolates from japan, 10 from china, four from the usa, six from venezuela and four from colombia) and in three of phialophora americana using five restriction enzymes. p. verrucosa isolates were divided into 10 mtdna types based on rflp patterns. phylogeny constructed on sequence divergence of mtdna indicated that p. verrucosa is a single species and isolates a ...19979470416
splicing and evolution of an unusually small group i intron.introns are common in the rrna gene loci of fungal genomes, but biochemical studies to investigate splicing are rare. here, self-splicing of a very small (67 nucleotide) group i intron is demonstrated. the passu intron (located within the rrna small subunit gene of phialophora americana) splices in vitro under group i intron conditions. most group i ribozymes contain pairing regions p1-p10, with a conserved g.u pair at the 5' splice site, and a g at the 3' intron border. the passu intron contain ...200818777024
occurrence and characteristics of group 1 introns found at three different positions within the 28s ribosomal rna gene of the dematiaceous phialophora verrucosa: phylogenetic and secondary structural implications.abstract: background: group 1 introns (ribozymes) are among the most ancient and have the broadest phylogenetic distribution among the known self-splicing ribozymes. fungi are known to be rich in rdna group 1 introns. in the present study, five sequences of the 28s ribosomal rna gene (rdna) regions of pathogenic dematiaceous phialophora verrucosa were analyzed using pcr by site-specific primers and were found to have three insertions, termed intron-f, g and h, at three positions of the gene. we ...201121548984
evolution of small putative group i introns in the ssu rrna gene locus of phialophora species.abstract: background: group i introns (specifically subgroup ic1) are common in the nuclear ribosomal rna genes of fungi. while most range in length from more than 200 to nearly 1800 nucleotides (nt) in length, several small putative (or degenerate) group i introns have been described that are between 56 and 81 nt. although small, previously we demonstrated that the passu intron in the rrna small subunit gene of phialophora americana isolate wang 1046 is capable of in vitro splicing using a stan ...201121781325
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