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phenyl derivative of pyranocoumarin precludes fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici infection in lycopersicon esculentum via induction of enzymes of the phenylpropanoid pathway.binding of phenyl derivative of pyranocoumarin (pdp) modulated activity of fungal endopolygalacturonase in silico. induced fit docking study of pdp with endopolygalacturonase (1hg8) showed a bifurcated hydrogen bond interaction with the protein at lys 244 with a docking score of -3.6 and glide energy of -37.30 kcal/mol. docking with endopolygalacturonase ii (1czf) resulted hydrogen bond formation with lys 258 with a docking score of -2.3 and glide energy of -30.42 kcal/mol. it was hypothesized t ...201525374140
endophytic bacteria from banana cultivars and their antifungal activity.endophytic microorganisms consist of fungi, bacteria, and actinomycetes that play important roles in the process of plant adaptation to the environment. currently, the natural associations between microorganisms and plant species are being explored for a large number of biotechnological applications. in this study, 122 endophytic bacteria were isolated from 5 cultivars of musa spp from the state of amazonas (brazil). four strains were selected because they exhibited antagonistic activities again ...201425366756
analysis of root proteome unravels differential molecular responses during compatible and incompatible interaction between chickpea (cicer arietinum l.) and fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri race1 (foc1).vascular wilt caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri race 1 (foc1) is a serious disease of chickpea (cicer arietinum l.) accounting for approximately 10-15% annual crop loss. the fungus invades the plant via roots, colonizes the xylem vessels and prevents the upward translocation of water and nutrients, finally resulting in wilting of the entire plant. although comparative transcriptomic profiling have highlighted some important signaling molecules, but proteomic studies involving chickpea-f ...201425363865
in-vitro antimicrobial, antibiofilm, cytotoxic, antifeedant and larvicidal properties of novel quinone isolated from aegle marmelos (linn.) correa.plant metabolites have wide applications and have the potential to cure different diseases caused by microorganisms. the aim of the study was to evaluate the antimicrobial, antibiofilm, cytotoxic, antifeedant and larvicidal properties of novel quinine isolated from aegle marmelos (linn.) correa.201425359605
gtpase rho1 regulates the expression of xyl3 and laccase genes in fusarium oxysporum.the rho1 protein is a gtpase that participates in cell wall biogenesis. we analyzed the transcript levels of laccase genes (lccl, lcc2, lcc3, lcc4, lcc5, and lcc9), and a xylanase gene (xyl3) in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici strain 4287 (wild type) and two mutant strains; rhol::hyg that lacks a functional rho1, and rho1::hyg + rho1 (g14v) that has a constitutively active rho1. the transcript levels of lcc2, lcc3, lcc5, and xyl3 differed among the three strains, but those of lcc1 and lcc9 ...201525351810
isolation and expression of enolase gene in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici.fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici is a fungus responsible for the tomato disease known as fusariosis. enolase, which is the enzyme that catalyzes the reaction of 2-phosphoglycerate to phosphoenolpyruvate, is present during glycolysis. enolase genes have been isolated from bacteria and fungi, among other organisms. in this research, a large portion of the enolase, eno, gene sequence was isolated from f. oxysporum and compared with those of other microorganisms, revealing a similarity of 51-69 ...201525349089
possible mechanism of antifungal phenazine-1-carboxamide from pseudomonas sp. against dimorphic fungi benjaminiella poitrasii and human pathogen candida albicans.investigation of antifungal mechanism of phenazine 1-carboxamide (pc) produced by a pseudomonas strain mcc2142.201525348290
[faba bean fusarium wilt (fusarium oxysporum )control and its mechanism in different wheat varieties and faba bean intercropping system].field experiment and hydroponic culture were conducted to investigate effects of three wheat varieties (yunmai 42, yunmai 47 and mianyang 29) and faba bean intercropping on the shoot biomass, disease index of fusarium wilt, functional diversity of microbial community and the amount of fusarium oxysporum in rhizosphere of faba bean. contents and components of the soluble sugars, free amino acids and organic acids in the root exudates were also examined. results showed that, compared with monocrop ...201425345048
molecular inversion probe: a new tool for highly specific detection of plant pathogens.highly specific detection methods, capable of reliably identifying plant pathogens are crucial in plant disease management strategies to reduce losses in agriculture by preventing the spread of diseases. we describe a novel molecular inversion probe (mip) assay that can be potentially developed into a robust multiplex platform to detect and identify plant pathogens. a mip has been designed for the plant pathogenic fungus fusarium oxysporum f.sp. conglutinans and the proof of concept for the effi ...201425343255
micrornas suppress nb domain genes in tomato that confer resistance to fusarium oxysporum.micrornas (mirnas) suppress the transcriptional and post-transcriptional expression of genes in plants. several mirna families target genes encoding nucleotide-binding site-leucine-rich repeat (nb-lrr) plant innate immune receptors. the fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici causes vascular wilt disease in tomato. we explored a role for mirnas in tomato defense against f. oxysporum using comparative mirna profiling of susceptible (moneymaker) and resistant (motelle) tomato cultivars. slmir ...201425330340
antimicrobial constituents from three endophytic evaluate the antimicrobial potential of extracts of the endophytic fungi plectophomella sp., physalospora sp., and crataegus monogyna (c. monogyna) and study the tentative identification of their active constituents.201425312126
in vitro antifungal potentials of bioactive compound oleic acid, 3-(octadecyloxy) propyl ester isolated from lepidagathis cristata willd. (acanthaceae) identify bioactive compound oleic acid, 3-(octadecyloxy) propyl ester from lepidagathis cristata willd. (l. cristata) and to assess antifungal potentials of the isolated compound.201425312119
highly diverse endophytic and soil fusarium oxysporum populations associated with field-grown tomato plants.the diversity and genetic differentiation of populations of fusarium oxysporum associated with tomato fields, both endophytes obtained from tomato plants and isolates obtained from soil surrounding the sampled plants, were investigated. a total of 609 isolates of f. oxysporum were obtained, 295 isolates from a total of 32 asymptomatic tomato plants in two fields and 314 isolates from eight soil cores sampled from the area surrounding the plants. included in this total were 112 isolates from the ...201525304514
antagonistic potential of native strain streptomyces aurantiogriseus vsmgt1014 against sheath blight of rice disease.a total of 132 actinomycetes was isolated from different rice rhizosphere soils of tamil nadu, india, among which 57 showed antagonistic activity towards rhizoctonia solani, which is sheath blight (shb) pathogen of rice and other fungal pathogens such as macrophomina phaseolina, fusarium oxysporum, fusarium udum and alternaria alternata with a variable zone of inhibition. potential actinomycete strain vsmgt1014 was identified as streptomyces aurantiogriseus vsmgt1014 based on the morphological, ...201425304022
construction of cdna expression library of watermelon for isolation of clwrky1 transcription factors gene involved in resistance to fusarium wilt.full-length cdnas are very important for genome annotation and functional analysis of genes. the number of full-length cdnas from watermelon remains limited. here we report first the construction of a full-length enriched cdna library from fusarium wilt stressed watermelon (citrullus lanatus thunb.) cultivar pi296341 root tissues using the smart method. the titer of primary cdna library and amplified library was 2.21 x 10(6) and 2.0 x 10(10) pfu/ml, respectively and the rate of recombinant was a ...201425296501
identification and characterization of wilt and salt stress-responsive micrornas in chickpea through high-throughput sequencing.chickpea (cicer arietinum) is the second most widely grown legume worldwide and is the most important pulse crop in the indian subcontinent. chickpea productivity is adversely affected by a large number of biotic and abiotic stresses. micrornas (mirnas) have been implicated in the regulation of plant responses to several biotic and abiotic stresses. this study is the first attempt to identify chickpea mirnas that are associated with biotic and abiotic stresses. the wilt infection that is caused ...201425295754
antifungal activity of paenibacillus kribbensis strain t-9 isolated from soils against several plant pathogenic fungi.the bacterial strain t-9, which shows strong antifungal activity, is isolated from the soils of samcheok, gangwondo and identified as paenibacillus kribbensis according to morphological and taxonomic characteristics and 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. the p. kribbensis strain t-9 strongly inhibits the growth of various phytopathogenic fungi including botrytis cinerea, colletotricum acutatum, fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici, magnaporthe oryzae, phytophthora capsici, rhizoctonia sol ...201425288992
root rot of balloon flower (platycodon grandiflorum) caused by fusarium solani and fusarium oxysporum.balloon flower (platycodon grandiflorum) is a kind of mountain herbs whose roots have restorative properties and the cultivating acreage of balloon flower has been steadily increasing in korea. more frequent rain and high amount of rainfalls as a result of climate changes predisposed balloon flower to the outbreaks of root rot at high-density cultivation area in recent years. root crowns were usually discolored into brown to blackish brown at first and the infected plants showed slight wilting s ...201325288973
molecular diversity and functional variability of environmental isolates of bacillus the present study, out of 264 phosphate (p) solubilizing bacillus strains isolated from apple rhizosphere, only twelve isolates were found to be efficient (showed most of the plant growth promoting activity) which were further characterized at molecular level using 16s rdna partial gene sequencing. out of 12 isolates, mzpsb 207 was found to be most efficient p-solubilizing (864.71 μg/ml) isolate which also showed indole acetic acid production (51.83 μg/ml), siderophore production, ammonia pro ...201425279279
activation of salicylic acid metabolism and signal transduction can enhance resistance to fusarium wilt in banana (musa acuminata l. aaa group, cv. cavendish).fusarium wilt caused by the fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubens (foc) is the most serious disease that attacks banana plants. salicylic acid (sa) can play a key role in plant-microbe interactions. our study is the first to examine the role of sa in conferring resistance to foc tr4 in banana (musa acuminata l. aaa group, cv. cavendish), which is the greatest commercial importance cultivar in musa. we used quantitative real-time reverse polymerase chain reaction (qrt-pcr) to analyze the expres ...201525277445
[biological activity of lipids and photosynthetic pigments of sargassum pallidum c. agardh].the biological activity of lipids and photosynthetic pigments of the kelp sargassum pallidum (turner) c. agardh has been studied. free fatty acids and their esters demonstrated considerable antimicrobial activity against bacteria (staphylococcus aureus[ital] and escherichia coli), yeast-like fungi (candida albicans), and opportunistic pathogenic (aspergilius niger) and phytopathogenic (fusarium oxysporum, and septoria glycines) fungi. glyceroglycolipids and neutral lipids demonstrated moderate a ...201425272757
the transcription factor con7-1 is a master regulator of morphogenesis and virulence in fusarium oxysporum.previous studies have demonstrated the essential role of morphogenetic regulation in fusarium oxysporum pathogenesis, including processes such as cell-wall biogenesis, cell division, and differentiation of infection-like structures. we identified three f. oxysporum genes encoding predicted transcription factors showing significant identities to magnaporthe oryzae con7p, con7-1, plus two identical copies of con7-2. targeted deletion of con7-1 produced nonpathogenic mutants with altered morphogene ...201525271883
purification and characterisation of an antifungal protein, mcha-pr, from the intercellular fluid of bitter gourd (momordica charantia) antifungal protein, designated mcha-pr, was isolated from the intercellular fluid of bitter gourd (momordica charantia) leaves during a screen for potent antimicrobial proteins from plants. the isolation procedure involved a combination of extraction, ammonium sulphate precipitation, gel filtration on bio-gel p-6, ion exchange chromatography on cm-sephadex, an additional gel filtration on hiload 16/60 superdex 30, and finally, hplc on a source 5rpc column. matrix-assisted laser desorption/ion ...201525245535
fungus-mediated preferential bioleaching of waste material such as fly - ash as a means of producing extracellular, protein capped, fluorescent and water soluble silica this paper, we for the first time show the ability of the mesophilic fungus fusarium oxysporum in the bioleaching of waste material such as fly-ash for the extracellular production of highly crystalline and highly stable, protein capped, fluorescent and water soluble silica nanoparticles at ambient conditions. when the fungus fusarium oxysporum is exposed to fly-ash, it is capable of selectively leaching out silica nanoparticles of quasi-spherical morphology within 24 h of reaction. these sil ...201425244567
fungal infections after liver transplantation: incidence and outcome.fungal infections, although less frequent than bacterial infections, represent a severe comorbidity with an exponential increase in mortality rate in liver transplantation patients. the incidence of invasive fungal infections (ifis) after solid organ transplantation ranges from 7% to 42%, with candida spp. and aspergillus spp. as the most common pathogens. fungal infections in liver transplant recipients have been associated with poor outcome and mortality rates ranging from 65% to 90% for invas ...201425242777
production of biocontrol traits by banana field fluorescent pseudomonads and comparison with chemical fungicide.pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from banana field rhizosphere produced different antifungal metabolites like bactriocin, hydrogen cyanide and siderophore. bacteriocinogenic, siderophoregenic, and hcn rich broth of isolate inhibited the growth of phytopathogen like aspergilus niger, aspergilus flavus, fusarium oxysporum and alternaria alternata. the isolate exhibited more antifungal activity and comparatively low mic vis-a-vis commonly used copper based systemic chemical fungicide;bil cop.201425241593
dna demethylases target promoter transposable elements to positively regulate stress responsive genes in arabidopsis.dna demethylases regulate dna methylation levels in eukaryotes. arabidopsis encodes four dna demethylases, demeter (dme), repressor of silencing 1 (ros1), demeter-like 2 (dml2), and dml3. while dme is involved in maternal specific gene expression during seed development, the biological function of the remaining dna demethylases remains unclear.201425228471
antifungal activities of triterpenoids from the roots of astilbe myriantha diels.during a search for plant extracts that possess activity against the fungi that cause diseases in plants, a 95% ethanol extract from the roots of astilbe myriantha diels showed inhibitory activity against colletotrichum gloeosporioides. bioassay-guided fractionation of the 95% ethanol extract led to the isolation of seven triterpenoids (1-7). their structures were elucidated by spectroscopy and by a comparison with literature data. among these compounds, 3β,6β,24-trihydroxyurs-12-en-27-oic acid ...201125212161
characterization of fusarium secorum, a new species causing fusarium yellowing decline of sugar beet in north central usa.this study characterized a novel sugar beet (beta vulgaris l.) pathogen from the red river valley in north central usa, which was formally named fusarium secorum. molecular phylogenetic analyses of three loci (translation elongation factor1α, calmodulin, mitochondrial small subunit) and phenotypic data strongly supported the inclusion of f. secorum in the fusarium fujikuroi species complex (ffsc). phylogenetic analyses identified f. secorum as a sister taxon of f. acutatum and a member of the af ...201425209635
design, synthesis and fungicidal activities of some novel pyrazole order to discover new compounds with good fungicidal activities, 32 pyrazole derivatives were designed and synthesized. the structures of the target compounds were confirmed by 1h-nmr, 13c-nmr, and high-resolution electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (hr-esi-ms), and their fungicidal activities against botrytis cinerea, rhizoctonia solani kuhn, valsa mali miyabe et yamada, thanatephorus cucumeris (frank) donk, fusarium oxysporum (s-chl) f.sp. cucumerinum owen, and fusarium graminearum sc ...201425203055
rapid and quantitative detection of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 4 in soil by real-time fluorescence loop-mediated isothermal this study, a real-time fluorescence loop-mediated isothermal amplification (realamp) was developed and evaluated for the rapid and quantitative detection of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 4 (r4) in soil.201425200557
[biodegradation of agricultural plant residues by fusarium oxysporum strains].the cellulolytic and endoglucanase activity of fusarium oxysporum strains isolated from soil and plants in the media with plant waste as carbon source has been studied. it was established that the majority of studied strains were able to hydrolyze the filter paper, husk of sunflower seeds, wheat straw and corn stalks. cellulolytic activity depended on the strain of microscopic fungi, type of substrate and duration of cultivation. the maximum cellulase activity 1 u/ml and the concentration of red ...201425199344
thermoactive β-n-acetylhexosaminidase production by a soil isolate of penicillium monoverticillium cfr 2 under solid state fermentation: parameter optimization and application for n-acetyl chitooligosaccharides preparation from chitin.two fungal strains were evaluated for β-n-acetylhexosaminidase production by solid state fermentation using different agro-industrial residues such as commercial wheat bran (cwb) and shrimp shell chitin waste (sscw), of which penicillium monoverticillium cfr 2 a local soil isolate showed significantly (p ≤ 0.001) higher β-n-acetylhexosaminidase activity on cwb medium as compared with the activity of fusarium oxysporum cfr 8. fermentation parameters such as incubation temperature, incubation time ...201125187143
phylogeny and pathogenicity of fusarium spp. isolated from greenhouse melon soil in liaoning province.fungi of the fusarium oxysporum are widely distributed around the world in all types of soils, and they are all anamorphic species. in order to investigate the relationships and differences among fusarium spp., 25 fusarium spp. were isolated from greenhouse melon soils in liaoning province, china. with these 25 strains, three positive control fusarium strains were analyzed using universally primed pcr (up-pcr). seventy-three bands appeared after amplification using 6 primers, and 66 of these ban ...201425183948
heterologous expression of the antifungal β-chitin binding protein cbp24 from bacillus thuringiensis and its synergistic action with bacterial chitinases.the genome sequence analysis of bacillus thuringiensis serovar konkukian s4 has shown to contain two chitinases (chi74, chi39) and two chitin-binding proteins (cbp50 and cbp24). the chi74, chi39 and cbp50 have been characterized previously. the chitin-binding protein cbp24 was cloned and heterologously expressed in escherichia coli. the recombinant protein was purified using a ni-nta purification system. the purified protein was used to study its substrate binding activity using crystalline chit ...201525182053
plant methyl salicylate induces defense responses in the rhizobacterium bacillus subtilis.bacillus subtilis is a rhizobacterium that promotes plant growth and health. cultivation of b. subtilis with an uprooted weed on solid medium produced pleat-like architectures on colonies near the plant. to test whether plants emit signals that affect b. subtilis colony morphology, we examined the effect of plant-related compounds on colony morphology. bacillus subtilis formed mucoid colonies specifically in response to methyl salicylate, which is a plant-defense signal released in response to p ...201525181478
effects of endogenous signals and fusarium oxysporum on the mechanism regulating genistein synthesis and accumulation in yellow lupine and their impact on plant cell cytoskeleton.the aim of the study was to examine cross-talk interactions of soluble sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose) and infection caused by fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lupini on the synthesis of genistein in embryo axes of lupinus luteus juno. genistein is a free aglycone, highly reactive and with the potential to inhibit fungal infection and development of plant diseases. as signal molecules, sugars strongly stimulated accumulation of isoflavones, including genistein, and the expression of the iso ...201425178062
in vitro inhibition activity of essential oils from some lamiaceae species against phytopathogenic fungi.natural products have been in focus as alternative, effective and safe materials against the phytopathogens. investigations show nepeta oils as effective in controlling the food crops decay. the inhibitory effects of essential oils derived from nepeta leucophylla, nepeta ciliaris, nepeta clarkei and calamintha umbrosa against five phytopthogenic fungi have been determined. in vitro antifungal activity varied with their constituents and target species. more active being the oils containing oxygen ...201425175652
tomato susceptibility to fusarium crown and root rot: effect of grafting combination and proteomic analysis of tolerance expression in the rootstock.grafting can enhance the tolerance of vegetable crops to soilborne diseases. the aim of this study was to investigate whether different tomato scion-rootstock combinations may affect the plant susceptibility to fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici (forl), the causal agent of crown and root rot. a proteomic approach was used to investigate whenever the protein repertoire of the rootstock can be modified by forl infection, in relation to cultivar susceptibility/tolerance to the disease. t ...201425173633
characterization of fusarium wilt resistant somaclonal variants of banana cv. rasthali by cdna-rapd.fusarium wilt of banana, caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (foc), is counted among the most destructive diseases of crop plants in india. in the absence of any credible control measure to manage this disease, development of resistant cultivars is the best option. somaclonal variations arising out of long term in vitro culture of plant tissues is an important source of genetic variability and the selection of somaclones having desired characteristics is a promising strategy to develop p ...201425160909
antimicrobial activity of engineered shrimp ovarian peritrophin fragments from fenneropenaeus merguiensis.shrimp ovarian peritrophin (sop), a major protein in jelly layer and cortical rods, plays a role in egg protection after spawning. previous study, sequence of sop gene from fenneropenaeus merguiensis (fm-sop) was composed of domain a and domain b. the sop domain a contains amino acid sequences between 1-80 of fm-sop. the domain a had six conserved cysteines which have been found in many antimicrobial peptides. the molecular weight of purified rsop-a protein was about 9 kda. the sop domain b cont ...201525159507
detection of fusarium oxysporum f.sp. basilici in substrates and roots by pcr.fusarium oxysporum is a soil-borne fungus that causes vascular wilts in a wide variety of plant species. basil is recognized as an ecological niche for fusarium oxysporum f.sp. basilici (fob) and this fungus is now present in most countries where basil is cultivated. the rapid identification of the species affecting basil plants is necessary to define a successful method for crop protection. the aim of this study was to develop a pcr method for the rapid detection of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ba ...201325151841
effect of silicates and electrical conductivity on fusarium wilt of hydroponically grown lettuce.silicon can stimulate natural defense mechanisms in plants, reducing foliar diseases like powdery arid downy mildew on several crops, including lettuce. the effect of silicate on fusarium wilt, caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lactucae was evaluated under greenhouse conditions on lettuce grown in soilless systems. silicon, as potassium silicate, was added at 100 mg l(-1) of nutrient solution at three levels of electrical conductivity; 1.5-1.6 ms cm(-1) (e.c.1), 3.0-3.2 ms cm(-1) (e.c.2) and 4 ...201325151830
changes induced by trichoderma harzianum in suppressive compost controlling fusarium wilt.the addition of species of trichoderma to compost is a widespread technique used to control different plant diseases. the biological control activity of these species is mainly attributable to a combination of several mechanisms of action, which may affect the microbiota involved in the suppressiveness of compost. this study was therefore performed to determine the effect of inoculation of trichoderma harzianum (t. harzianum) on compost, focusing on bacterial community structure (16s rrna) and c ...201325149244
identification and expression analysis of wrky family genes under biotic and abiotic stresses in brassica rapa.wrky proteins constitute one of the largest transcription factor families in higher plants, and they are involved in multiple biological processes such as plant development, metabolism, and responses to biotic and abiotic stresses. genes of this family have been well documented in response to many abiotic and biotic stresses in many plant species, but not yet against pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum and fusarium oxysporum f.sp. conglutinans in any of the plants. moreover, potentiali ...201525149146
exploring microrna-like small rnas in the filamentous fungus fusarium oxysporum.rna silencing such as quelling and meiotic silencing by unpaired dna (msud) and several other classes of special small rnas have been discovered in filamentous fungi recently. more than four different mechanisms of microrna-like rnas (milrnas) production have been illustrated in the model fungus neurospora crassa including a dicer-independent pathway. to date, very little work focusing on small rnas in fungi has been reported and no universal or particular characteristic of milrnas were defined ...201425141304
fusarium oxysporum induces the production of proteins and volatile organic compounds by trichoderma harzianum t-e5.trichoderma species have been used widely as biocontrol agents for the suppression of soil-borne pathogens. however, some antagonistic mechanisms of trichoderma are not well characterized. in this study, a series of laboratory experiments were designed to characterize the importance of mycoparasitism, exoenzymes, and volatile organic compounds (vocs) by trichoderma harzianum t-e5 for the control of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum (foc). we further tested whether these mechanisms were induc ...201425135494
extracellular chitin deacetylase production in solid state fermentation by native soil isolates of penicillium monoverticillium and fusarium oxysporum.extracellular chitin deacetylase production by native soil isolates of penicillium monoverticillium cfr 2 and fusarium oxysporum cfr 8 in solid state fermentation (ssf) using commercial wheat bran (cwb) and shrimp processing by-products (spp) as solid substrate has been studied. p. monoverticillium produced maximum chitin deacetylase activity of 547.7 ± 45 and 390.2 ± 31 units/g initial dry substrate (u/g ids) at 96 h of incubation in cwb and spp media, respectively. while, f. oxysporum produced ...201425114353
a major qtl associated with fusarium oxysporum race 1 resistance identified in genetic populations derived from closely related watermelon lines using selective genotyping and genotyping-by-sequencing for snp discovery.a major quantitative trait locus (qtl) for fusarium oxysporum fr. f. sp. niveum race 1 resistance was identified by employing a "selective genotyping" approach together with genotyping-by-sequencing technology to identify qtls and single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with the resistance among closely related watermelon genotypes. fusarium wilt is a major disease of watermelon caused by the soil-borne fungus fusarium oxysporum schlechtend.:fr. f. sp. niveum (e.f. sm.) w.c. snyder & h.n. han ...201425104326
benzimidazole-1,2,3-triazole hybrid molecules: synthesis and evaluation for antibacterial/antifungal activity.a novel series of hybrid molecules 4a-i and 5a-i were prepared by condensation of 4-(trimethylsilylethynyl)benzaldehyde 1 with substituted o-phenylenediamines. these in turn were reacted with 2-(azidomethoxy)ethyl acetate in a cu alkyne-azide cycloaddition (cuaac) to generate the 1,2,3-triazole pharmacophore under microwave assistance. the newly synthesized compounds were examined for their in vitro antimicrobial activities against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and the phytopathogenic ...201425088180
identification and characterization of lim gene family in brassica rapa.lim (lin-11, isl-1 and mec-3 domains) genes have been reported to trigger the formation of actin bundles, a major higher-order cytoskeletal assembly, in higher plants; however, the stress resistance related functions of these genes are still not well known. in this study, we collected 22 lim genes designated as brassica rapa lim (brlim) from the brassica database, analyzed the sequences, compared them with lim genes of other plants and analyzed their expression after applying biotic and abiotic ...201425086651
application of silica nanoparticles in maize to enhance fungal this study, maize treated with nanosilica (20-40 nm) is screened for resistance against phytopathogens such as fusarium oxysporum and aspergillus niger and compared with that of bulk silica. the resistivity is measured for disease index and expression of plant responsive compounds such as total phenols, phenylalanine ammonia lyase, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase. the results indicate that nanosilica-treated plant shows a higher expression of phenolic compounds (2056 and 743 mg/ml) and a lo ...201425082220
isolation and characteristics of protocatechuic acid from paenibacillus elgii hoa73 against botrytis cinerea on strawberry fruits.this study was undertaken to describe purification, identification, and characteristics of protocatechuic acid (pca) isolated for the first time from paenibacillus elgii hoa73 against botrytis cinerea (the cause of gray mold disease on strawberry fruit). pca was purified by different chromatographic techniques and identified as pca (3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid) by nuclear magnetic resonance and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses. pca displayed potent antifungal activity against b. ci ...201525081931
genome sequence of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis strain nrrl 26406, a fungus causing wilt disease on melon.horizontal chromosome transfer introduces host-specific pathogenicity among members of the fusarium oxysporum species complex and is responsible for some of the most destructive and intractable plant diseases. this paper reports the genome sequence of f. oxysporum f. sp. melonis (nrrl 26406), a causal agent of fusarium wilt disease on melon.201425081257
isolation of antifungal bacteria from japanese fermented soybeans, inhibitory effect of a traditional japanese fermented food, natto, was found against plant pathogens such as rhizoctonia solani and fusarium oxysporum, and the bacteria which showed inhibition were isolated from the natto. among isolated bacteria, bc-1 and gac exhibited a strong antagonistic effect in vitro against plant pathogens on an agar medium. the supernatant of bacterial culture also showed strong activity against r. solani, which meant the antimicrobial substances were produced and se ...201325078814
screening of endophytic bacteria against fungal plant pathogens.bacterial endophytes were found from 6 plant leaves among 35 plant leaves screened. two of the isolated bacteria showed antagonistic activity against fungal plant pathogens. an isolate named kl1 showed the clear inihibition against plant pathogens, fusarium oxysporum and rhizoctonia solani, on pda as well as tsa plate. supernatant of the bacterial culture also showed the clear inhibition against the fungal growth on the plate and the antibiotic substance was identified as iturin a by hplc analys ...201325078813
molecular determination of mixed infections of dermatophytes and nondermatophyte molds in individuals with onychomycosis.reports of mixed infections with nondermatophyte molds (ndms) and dermatophytes in onychomycosis are rare, possibly owing to the inhibition of ndm growth during traditional culture. we sought to determine the prevalence of mixed infections in onychomycosis using molecular identification.201425076075
identification of predictor parameters to determine agro-industrial compost suppressiveness against fusarium oxysporum and phytophthora capsici diseases in muskmelon and pepper seedlings.the lack of reliable prediction tools for evaluation of the level and specificity of compost suppressiveness limits its application. in our study, different chemical, biological and microbiological parameters were used to evaluate their potential use as a predictor parameter for the suppressive effect of composts against fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis (fom) and phytophthora capsici (p. capsici) in muskmelon and pepper seedlings respectively. composts were obtained from artichoke sludge, chopp ...201525074864
first report of potato stem-end rot caused by fusarium oxysporum in this study, we identified the causative agent of stem-end rot in potatoes that were grown in gangwon alpine areas of korea in 2013. the disease symptoms included appearance of slightly sunken circular lesion with corky rot on the potato surface at the stem-end portion. the fungal species isolated from the infected potatoes were grown on potato dextrose agar and produced white aerial mycelia with dark violet pigments. the conidiophores were branched and monophialidic. the microconidia had elli ...201425071394
biocontrol of fusarium crown and root rot and promotion of growth of tomato by paenibacillus strains isolated from this study, bacterial strains were isolated from soils from 30 locations of samcheok, gangwon province. of the isolated strains, seven showed potential plant growth promoting and antagonistic activities. based on cultural and morphological characterization, and 16s rrna gene sequencing, these strains were identified as paenibacillus species. all seven strains produced ammonia, cellulase, hydrocyanic acid, indole-3-acetic acid, protease, phosphatase, and siderophores. they also inhibited the m ...201425071385
siderophore as a potential plant growth-promoting agent produced by pseudomonas aeruginosa jas-25.siderophores scavenges fe(+3) from the vicinity of the roots of plants, and thus limit the amount of iron required for the growth of pathogens such as fusarium oxysporum, pythium ultimum, and fusarium udum, which cause wilt and root rot disease in crops. the ability of pseudomonas to grow and to produce siderophore depends upon the iron content, ph, and temperature. maximum yield of siderophore of 130 μm was observed at ph 7.0 ± 0.2 and temperature of 30 °c at 30 h. the threshold level of iron w ...201425062779
isolation and characterization of genetic variability in bacteria with β-hemolytic and antifungal activity isolated from the rhizosphere of medicago truncatula the present study, we analyzed the frequency of hemolytic and antifungal activities in bacterial isolates from the rhizosphere of medicago truncatula plants. of the 2000 bacterial colonies, 96 showed β-hemolytic activities (frequency, 4.8 x 10(-2)). hemolytic isolates were analyzed for their genetic diversity by using random amplification of polymorphic dna, yielding 88 haplotypes. the similarity coefficient of nei and li showed a polymorphic diversity ranging from 0.3 to 1. additionally, 8 o ...201425062484
[biological characteristics of fusarium oxysporum and inhibitory effects of five fungicides].the mycelium growth and sporulation in different temperature, ph value and light conditions were detected by using the crossing and haemocytometer method. the toxicity of five fungicides to fusarium oxysporum was tested by mycelia growth method, so as to provide the reference for prevention and control against f. oxysporum. the optimum temperature and ph value of f. oxysporum to grow and spore were 28 degrees c and 6-7. alternating light and darkness promoted growth and sporulation of bacterial ...201425039169
antimicrobial and inhibitory enzyme activity of n-(benzyl) and quaternary n-(benzyl) chitosan derivatives on plant pathogens.chemical modification of a biopolymer chitosan by introducing quaternary ammonium moieties into the polymer backbone enhances its antimicrobial activity. in the present study, a series of quaternary n-(benzyl) chitosan derivatives were synthesized and characterized by (1)h-nmr, ft-ir and uv spectroscopic techniques. the antimicrobial activity against crop-threatening bacteria agrobacterium tumefaciens and erwinia carotovora and fungi botrytis cinerea, botryodiplodia theobromae, fusarium oxysporu ...201425037402
characterization of a yam class iv chitinase produced by recombinant pichia pastoris x-33.a yam (dioscorea opposita thunb) class iv chitinase, whose genomic dna was cloned by mitsunaga et al. (2004), was produced by the recombinant pichia pastoris x-33 in high yields such as 66 mg/l of culture medium. the chitinase was purified by column chromatography after endoglycosidase h treatment and then characterized. it showed properties similar to the original chitinase e purified from the yam tuber reported by arakane et al. (2000). this pichia-produced chitinase also showed strong lytic a ...201425036674
staurosporine from the endophytic streptomyces sp. strain cns-42 acts as a potential biocontrol agent and growth elicitor in cucumber.chinese medicinal plants and their surrounding rhizospheric soil serve as promising sources of actinobacteria. a total of 180 actinobacteria strains were isolated from the rhizosphere soil, leaves, stems, and roots of nine selected plants and have been identified as potential biocontrol agents against fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum. an endophytic strain cns-42 isolated from alisma orientale showed the largest zone of inhibition demonstrating a potent effect against f. oxysporum f. sp. cuc ...201425035061
reduction of fusarium rot and maintenance of fruit quality in melon using eco-friendly hot water treatment.significant losses in harvested fruit can be directly attributable to decay fungi and quality deterioration. hot water treatment (hwt) has been demonstrated to be an effective and economic environment-friendly approach for managing postharvest decay and maintaining fruit quality. in this study, the effects of hwt (45 °c for 10, 15, 20, and 25 min) on in vitro growth of fusarium oxysporum, in vivo fusarium rot, and natural decay of melon were investigated. hwt inhibited spore germination and germ ...201425030787
toxic influence of silver and uranium salts on activated sludge of wastewater treatment plants and synthetic activated sludge associates modeled on its pure cultures.toxic impact of silver and uranium salts on activated sludge of wastewater treatment facilities has been studied. some dominating cultures (an active nitrogen fixer agrobacterium tumifaciens (a.t) and micromyces such as fusarium nivale, fusarium oxysporum, and penicillium glabrum) have been isolated and identified as a result of selection of the activated sludge microorganisms being steadiest under stressful conditions. for these cultures, the lethal doses of silver amounted 1, 600, 50, and 300  ...201525027236
antimicrobial activity of ammodaucus leucotrichus fruit oil from algerian sahara.three fruit oil samples of ammodaucus leucotrichus cosson & durieu from algerian sahara were obtained by hydrodistillation and analyzed by gc(ri), gc-ms and 13c nmr spectroscopy. the main compounds were perillaldehyde (87.0-87.9%) and limonene (7.4-8.2%). the antimicrobial effect of the essential oil was evaluated against bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi. high antibacterial activity was observed against escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus. enterobacter cloaceae, bacillus cereus and sal ...201425026729
hyphal growth of phagocytosed fusarium oxysporum causes cell lysis and death of murine macrophages.fusarium oxysporum is an important plant pathogen and an opportunistic pathogen of humans. here we investigated phagocytosis of f. oxysporum by j774.1 murine cell line macrophages using live cell video microscopy. macrophages avidly migrated towards f. oxysporum germlings and were rapidly engulfed after cell-cell contact was established. f. oxysporum germlings continued hyphal growth after engulfment by macrophages, leading to associated macrophage lysis and escape. macrophage killing depended o ...201425025395
phytohormone profiles induced by trichoderma isolates correspond with their biocontrol and plant growth-promoting activity on melon plants.the application of trichoderma strains with biocontrol and plant growth-promoting capacities to plant substrates can help reduce the input of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture. some trichoderma isolates can directly affect plant pathogens, but they also are known to influence the phytohormonal network of their host plant, thus leading to an improvement of plant growth and stress tolerance. in this study, we tested whether alterations in the phytohormone signature induced by diff ...201425023078
marker assisted selection (mas) for chickpea fusarium oxysporum wilt resistant genotypes using pcr based molecular markers.the exploration of genetically superior accessions is the key source of germplasm conservation and potential breeding material for the future. to meet the demand of better yielding chickpea cultivars in pakistan the present study was organized to select more stable and resistant lines from indigenous as well as exotic chickpea germplasm obtained from plant genetic resource institute (pgri), national agricultural research centre, islamabad, pakistan. for the identification and evaluation of chick ...201425017202
fungal model systems and the elucidation of pathogenicity determinants.fungi have the capacity to cause devastating diseases of both plants and animals, causing significant harvest losses that threaten food security and human mycoses with high mortality rates. as a consequence, there is a critical need to promote development of new antifungal drugs, which requires a comprehensive molecular knowledge of fungal pathogenesis. in this review, we critically evaluate current knowledge of seven fungal organisms used as major research models for fungal pathogenesis. these ...201425011008
root defense analysis against fusarium oxysporum reveals new regulators to confer resistance.fusarium oxysporum is a root-infecting fungal pathogen that causes wilt disease on a broad range of plant species, including arabidopsis thaliana. investigation of the defense response against this pathogen had primarily been conducted using leaf tissue and little was known about the root defense response. in this study, we profiled the expression of root genes after infection with f. oxysporum by microarray analysis. in contrast to the leaf response, root tissue did not show a strong induction ...201424998294
native cell-death genes as candidates for developing wilt resistance in transgenic banana order to feed an ever-increasing world population, there is an urgent need to improve the production of staple food and fruit crops. the productivity of important food and fruit crops is constrained by numerous biotic and abiotic factors. the cultivation of banana, which is an important fruit crop, is severely threatened by fusarium wilt disease caused by infestation by an ascomycetes fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (foc). since there are no established edible cultivars of banana res ...201424996429
genotypic and phenotypic characterization of fungi in the fusarium oxysporum species complex from soybean roots.isolates in the fusarium oxysporum species complex (fosc) from soybean range from nonpathogenic to aggressive pathogens causing seedling damping-off, wilt, and root rot. the objective of this research was to characterize the genotype and phenotype of isolates within the fosc recovered predominantly from soybean roots and seedlings. sequence analyses of the translation elongation factor (tef1α) gene and the mitochondrial small subunit (mtssu), polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length ...201424983844
fungal infections among diabetic foot ulcer- patients attending diabetic clinic in kenyatta national hospital, isolate and identify fungal pathogens associated with dermatophytoses in diabetic patients and identify the spectrum of yeasts colonising diabetic foot ulcers at kenyatta national hospital.201124968597
galactose oxidase from fusarium oxysporum--expression in e. coli and p. pastoris and biochemical characterization.a gene coding for galactose 6-oxidase from fusarium oxysporum g12 was cloned together with its native preprosequence and a c-terminal his-tag, and successfully expressed both in escherichia coli and pichia pastoris. the enzyme was subsequently purified and characterized. among all tested substrates, the highest catalytic efficiency (kcat/km) was found with 1-methyl-β-d-galactopyranoside (2.2 mm(-1) s(-1)). the michaelis constant (km) for d-galactose was determined to be 47 mm. optimal ph and tem ...201424967652
synergistic effect of dazomet soil fumigation and clonostachys rosea against cucumber fusarium wilt.soil fumigation and biological control are two control measures frequently used against soilborne diseases. in this study, the chemical fumigant dazomet was applied in combination with the biocontrol agent (bca) clonostachys rosea 67-1 to combat cucumber wilt caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum kw2-1. when the mycoparasite c. rosea 67-1 was applied after dazomet fumigation, disease control reached 100%, compared with 88.1 and 69.8% for dazomet and 67-1 agent, respectively, applied al ...201424941326
toxicity of abiotic stressors to fusarium species: differences in hydrogen peroxide and fungicide tolerance.stress sensitivity of three related phytopathogenic fusarium species (fusarium graminearum, fusarium oxysporum and fusarium verticillioides) to different oxidative, osmotic, cell wall, membrane, fungicide stressors and an antifungal protein (paf) were studied in vitro. the most prominent and significant differences were found in oxidative stress tolerance: all the three f. graminearum strains showed much higher sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide and, to a lesser extent, to menadione than the other ...201424939687
purification, characterization, and in vitro activity of 2,4-di-tert-butylphenol from pseudomonas monteilii psf84: conformational and molecular docking studies.a novel strain of pseudomonas monteilii, psf84, was isolated from tannery waste soil from jajmau, kanpur, india. 16s rrna gene sequence phylogenetic analysis confirmed the taxonomic affiliation of psf84 as p. monteilii. an antifungal volatile organic compound (voc) active against hyphal growth of fusarium oxysporum (cimap-imi-357464) in vitro was isolated from strain psf84 by using chromatographic techniques. the molecular formula of the antifungal voc was deduced to be c₁₄h₂₂o by ei-ms and 1d a ...201424934765
purification and identification of a novel antifungal protein secreted by penicillium citrinum from the southwest indian ocean.a novel antifungal protein produced by the fungal strain penicillium citrinum w1, which was isolated from a southwest indian ocean sediment sample, was purified and characterized. the culture supernatant of p. citrinum w1 inhibited the mycelial growth of some plant pathogenic fungi. after saturation of p. citrinum w1 culture supernatants with ammonium sulfate and ion-exchange chromatography, an antifungal protein (pcpaf) was purified. the n-terminal amino acid sequence analysis showed that pcpaf ...201424931500
influence of acetylation degree and molecular weight of homogeneous chitosans on antibacterial and antifungal activities.the results given in the literature are conflicting when considering the relationship between antimicrobial activity and chitosan characteristics. to be able to clarify, we prepared fifteen homogeneous chitosans with different acetylation degrees (da) and molecular weights (mw) by reacetylation of a fully deacetylated chitin under homogeneous conditions. they were tested at different ph values for their antimicrobial activities against four gram-negative bacteria (escherichia coli, pseudomonas a ...201424929684
effect of physicochemical parameters on nitrile-hydrolyzing potentials of newly isolated nitrilase of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopercisi recent years, nitrilases from fungus have received increasing attention, and most of the studies are performed on nitrilases of bacterial origin. frequently used methods are based on analytical methods such as high-performance liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography; therefore, an efficient, user friendly, and rapid method has been developed to screen nitrilase enzyme based on the principle of color change of a ph indicator. phenol red amended wi ...201524923632
development of dart markers and assessment of diversity in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris, wilt pathogen of chickpea (cicer arietinum l.).fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris (foc), the causal agent of fusarium wilt of chickpea is highly variable and frequent recurrence of virulent forms have affected chickpea production and exhausted valuable genetic resources. the severity and yield losses of fusarium wilt differ from place to place owing to existence of physiological races among isolates. diversity study of fungal population associated with a disease plays a major role in understanding and devising better disease control strategie ...201424912854
non-thermal plasma treatment diminishes fungal viability and up-regulates resistance genes in a plant host.reactive oxygen and nitrogen species can have either harmful or beneficial effects on biological systems depending on the dose administered and the species of organism exposed, suggesting that application of reactive species can possibly produce contradictory effects in disease control, pathogen inactivation and activation of host resistance. a novel technology known as atmospheric-pressure non-thermal plasma represents a means of generating various reactive species that adversely affect pathoge ...201424911947
the tomato wilt fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici shares common ancestors with nonpathogenic f. oxysporum isolated from wild tomatoes in the peruvian andes.fusarium oxysporum is an ascomycetous fungus that is well-known as a soilborne plant pathogen. in addition, a large population of nonpathogenic f. oxysporum (npf) inhabits various environmental niches, including the phytosphere. to obtain an insight into the origin of plant pathogenic f. oxysporum, we focused on the tomato (solanum lycopersicum) and its pathogenic f. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (fol). we collected f. oxysporum from wild and transition solanum spp. and modern cultivars of tomato ...201424909710
marine-derived penicillium in korea: diversity, enzyme activity, and antifungal properties.the diversity of marine-derived penicillium from korea was investigated using morphological and multigene phylogenetic approaches, analyzing sequences of the internal transcribed spacer region, β-tubulin gene, and rna polymerase subunit ii gene. in addition, the biological activity of all isolated strains was evaluated. we tested for the extracellular enzyme activity of alginase, endoglucanase, and β-glucosidase, and antifungal activity against two plant pathogens (colletotrichum acutatum and fu ...201424908060
differential protein accumulations in isolates of the strawberry wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fragariae differing in virulence.this study was conducted to define differences in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fragariae (fof) isolates with different virulence efficiency to strawberry at the proteome level, in combination with their differences in mycelial growth, conidial production and germination. comparative proteome analyses revealed substantial differences in mycelial proteomes between fof isolates, where the 54 differentially accumulated protein spots were consistently over-accumulated or exclusively in the highly virule ...201424907490
characterization and fungal inhibition activity of siderophore from wheat rhizosphere associated acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain hirfa32.acinetobacter calcoaceticus hirfa32 from wheat rhizosphere produced catecholate type of siderophore with optimum siderophore (ca. 92 % siderophore units) in succinic acid medium without feso4 at 28 °c and 24 h of incubation. hplc purified siderophore appeared as pale yellow crystals with molecular weight [m(+1)] m/z 347.18 estimated by lcms. the structure elucidated by (1)h nmr, (13)c nmr, hmqc, hmbc, noesy and decoupling studies, revealed that siderophore composed of 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid w ...201424891739
quantum dot and superparamagnetic nanoparticle interaction with pathogenic fungi: internalization and toxicity profile.for several years now, nanoscaled materials have been implemented in biotechnological applications related to animal (in particular human) cells and related pathologies. however, the use of nanomaterials in plant biology is far less widespread, although their application in this field could lead to the future development of plant biotechnology applications. for any practical use, it is crucial to elucidate the relationship between the nanomaterials and the target cells. in this work we have eval ...201424853082
neuroprotective effects of bikaverin on h2o2-induced oxidative stress mediated neuronal damage in sh-sy5y cell line.the generation of free radicals and oxidative stress has been linked to several neurodegenerative diseases including parkinson's disease, alzheimer's disease, huntington's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. the use of free radical scavenging molecules for the reduction of intracellular reactive oxygen species is one of the strategies used in the clinical management of neurodegeneration. fungal secondary metabolism is a rich source of novel molecules with potential bioactivity. in the cu ...201424848007
optimization and kinetic modeling of cell-associated camptothecin production from an endophytic fusarium oxysporum nfx06.the production of cell-associated camptothecin (cpt) from an endophytic fungus fusarium oxysporum nfx06 isolated from nothapodytes foetida and its kinetics studies were proposed. response surface methodology (rsm) based on central composite design (ccd) was used to construct a model to describe the effects of substrate concentration. three independent variables (dextrose, peptone, and mgso4) were successfully employed to study the yield of cpt under submerged fermentation. the maximum yield of c ...201524840354
asterisulphoxide and asterisulphone: two new antibacterial and antifungal metabolites from the tunisian asteriscus maritimus (l.) less.two new sulphur-containing metabolites, asterisulphoxide 1 and asterisulphone 2, together with six known compounds, coniferaldehyde 4, 4-hydroxy-2-methoxybenzaldehyde 3, methylcaffeate 5, isobutyrate 10-isobutyryloxy-8,9-epoxythymyle 6, 8,9-dihydroxy-10-isobutyryloxythymol 7 and 8-hydroxy-9,14-diisobutyryloxythymol 8, were isolated from asteriscus maritimus roots. their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic evidence and comparison with authentic samples. compounds 1-8 were ass ...201424824823
novel phl-producing genotypes of finger millet rhizosphere associated pseudomonads and assessment of their functional and genetic diversity.genetic diversity of phld gene, an essential gene in the biosynthesis of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol, was studied by restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) in 20 phl-producing pseudomonads isolated from finger millet rhizosphere. rflp analysis of phld gene displayed three patterns with haeiii and taqi enzymes. phld gene sequence closely correlated with rflp results and revealed the existence of three new genotypes g, h and i. further, the phylogenetic and concatenated sequence analysis o ...201424819774
agrobacterium-mediated transformation of tomato with rolb gene results in enhancement of fruit quality and foliar resistance against fungal pathogens.tomato (solanum lycopersicum l.) is the second most important cultivated crop next to potato, worldwide. tomato serves as an important source of antioxidants in human diet. alternaria solani and fusarium oxysporum cause early blight and vascular wilt of tomato, respectively, resulting in severe crop losses. the foremost objective of the present study was to generate transgenic tomato plants with rolb gene and evaluate its effect on plant morphology, nutritional contents, yield and resistance aga ...201424817272
microwave assistant synthesis, antifungal activity and dft theoretical study of some novel 1,2,4-triazole derivatives containing pyridine order to investigate the biological activity of novel 1,2,4-triazole compounds, seventeen novel 1,2,4-triazole derivatives containing pyridine moiety were synthesized under microwave assistant condition by multi-step reactions. the structures were characterized by 1h nmr, ms and elemental analyses. the target compounds were evaluated for their fungicidal activities against stemphylium lycopersici (enjoji) yamamoto, fusarium oxysporum. sp. cucumebrium, and botrytis cinerea in vivo, and the res ...201424815069
characterization of anticancer, dnase and antifungal activity of pumpkin 2s albumin.the plant 2s albumins exhibit a spectrum of biotechnologically exploitable functions. among them, pumpkin 2s albumin has been shown to possess rnase and cell-free translational inhibitory activities. the present study investigated the anticancer, dnase and antifungal activities of pumpkin 2s albumin. the protein exhibited a strong anticancer activity toward breast cancer (mcf-7), ovarian teratocarcinoma (pa-1), prostate cancer (pc-3 and du-145) and hepatocellular carcinoma (hepg2) cell lines. ac ...201424814706
analysis of the defence-related mechanism in cucumber seedlings in relation to root colonization by nonpathogenic fusarium oxysporum cs-20.a defence response can be induced by nonpathogenic fusarium oxysporum cs-20 in several crops, but the molecular mechanism has not been clearly demonstrated. in the present study, we analysed the defence mechanism of a susceptible cucumber cultivar (cucumis sativus l. 9930) against a pathogen (f. oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum) through the root precolonization of cs-20. a challenge inoculation assay indicated that the disease severity index (dsi) was reduced, ranging from 18.83 to 61.67 in comparis ...201424810367
occurrence of root rot and vascular wilt diseases in roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa l.) in upper egypt.roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa l.) family malvaceae is an important crop used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics industries. roselle is cultivated mainly in upper egypt (qena and aswan governorates) producing 94% of total production. root rot disease of roselle is one of the most important diseases that attack both seedlings and adult plants causing serious losses in crop productivity and quality. the main objective of the present study is to identify and characterize pathogens associated with r ...201424808737
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