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enhancement of pectinase production by ultraviolet irradiation and diethyl sulfate mutagenesis of a fusarium oxysporum isolate.fusarium oxysporum strain bm-201 was treated with ultraviolet (uv) radiation to obtain a high pectinase-producing strain. mutant uv-10-41 was obtained and then treated by diethyl sulfate. next, the mutant uv-diethyl sulfate-43 derived from uv-10-41 was selected as high pectinase-producing strain. mutant uv-diethyl sulfate-43 was incubated on slant for 10 generations, demonstrating that the pectinase-producing genes were stable. pectinase activity reached 391.2 u/ml, which is 73.6% higher than th ...201627706785
bioprospecting for secondary metabolites in the entomopathogenic bacterium photorhabdus luminescens subsp. sonorensis.crude extracts of in vitro and in vivo cultures of two strains of photorhabdus l. sonorensis (enterobacteriaceae) were analyzed by tlc, hplc-uv and lc-ms. nine unique compounds with mass/charge ratios (m/z) ranging from 331.3 to 713.5 were found in ms analyses. bioactivity of extracts was assessed on a selection of plant pathogens/pests and non-target species. caborca strain extracts showed the highest activity against helicoverpa zea (lepidoptera: noctuidae) neonates at all concentrations teste ...201627702563
ccr4-not complex subunit not2 plays critical roles in vegetative growth, conidiation and virulence in watermelon fusarium wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum.ccr4-not complex is a multifunctional regulator that plays important roles in multiple cellular processes in eukaryotes. in the present study, the biological function of fonnot2, a core subunit of the ccr4-not complex, was explored in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum (fon), the causal agent of watermelon wilt disease. fonnot2 was expressed at higher levels in conidia and germinating conidia and during infection in fon-inoculated watermelon roots than in mycelia. targeted disruption of fonnot2 re ...201627695445
an impedance-based mold sensor with on-chip optical reference.a new miniaturized sensor system with an internal optical reference for the detection of mold growth is presented. the sensor chip comprises a reaction chamber provided with a culture medium that promotes the growth of mold species from mold spores. the mold detection is performed by measuring impedance changes with integrated electrodes fabricated inside the reaction chamber. the impedance change in the culture medium is caused by shifts in the ph (i.e., from 5.5 to 8) as the mold grows. in ord ...201627690039
recombinant exochitinase of the thermophilic mould myceliopthora thermophila bja: characteristics and utility in generating n-acetyl glucosamine and in biocontrol of phytopathogenic fungi.chitinase from the thermophilic mould myceliopthora thermophila bja (mtchit) is an acid tolerant, thermostable and organic solvent stable biocatalyst which does not require any metal ions for its activity. to produce high enzyme titres, reduce fermentation time and overcome the need for induction, this enzyme has been heterologously expressed under gap promoter in the gras yeast, pichia pastoris. the production medium supplemented with the permeabilizing agent tween-20 supported two-fold higher ...201727689686
green synthesis, characterisation and biological evaluation of agnps using agave americana, mentha spicata and mangifera indica aqueous leaves extract.the current study was performed to synthesize stable, eco-friendly and bio-compatible silver nano-particles (agnps) of agave americana, mentha spicata and mangifera indica leaves and to screen them for biological activities. the ultraviolet-visible spectroscopic analysis revealed that λ-max for agnps range from 350-500 nm. all agnps possessed polycrystalline structure as notified as intense graphical peaks in complete spectrum of 20 values ranging from 10-80° in x-ray diffraction measurements an ...201627676375
enhancement of trichothecene mycotoxins of fusarium oxysporum by ferulic acid aggravates oxidative damage in rehmannia glutinosa libosch.rehmannia glutinosa is an important medicinal herb that cannot be replanted in the same field due to the effects of autotoxic substances. the effects of these substances on r. glutinosa in continuous cropping systems are unknown. in the present study, bioassays revealed that r. glutinosa exhibited severe growth restriction and higher disease indices in the fo+fa (f.oxysporum pretreated with ferulic acid) treatment. the increases in the contents of mda and h2o2 were greater in the fa+fo treatment ...201627667444
improved nadph regeneration for fungal cytochrome p450 monooxygenase by co-expressing bacterial glucose dehydrogenase in resting-cell biotransformation of recombinant yeast.fungal cytochrome p450 (cyp) enzymes catalyze versatile monooxygenase reactions and play a major role in fungal adaptations owing to their essential roles in the production avoid metabolites critical for pathogenesis, detoxification of xenobiotics, and exploitation avoid substrates. although fungal cyp-dependent biotransformation for the selective oxidation avoid organic compounds in yeast system is advantageous, it often suffers from a shortage avoid intracellular nadph. in this study, we aimed ...201627666994
phytogenic synthesis of silver nanoparticles, optimization and evaluation of in vitro antifungal activity against human and plant attempt was made to synthesis of biocompatible silver nanoparticles from ten different cassia spp. among them, cassia roxburghii aqueous leaf extract supported the synthesis of highly efficient and stable agnps. the synthesis of agnps was optimized at different physico-chemical condition and highly stable agnps were synthesized with 1.0ml of c. roxburghii leaf extract, ph 7.0, 1.0mm agno3 and at 37°c. the synthesized agnps were characterized by xps, dls and zeta potential. dls and zeta potent ...201627664723
a clonal lineage of fusarium oxysporum circulates in the tap water of different french hospitals.fusarium oxysporum is typically a soilborne fungus but can also be found in aquatic environments. in hospitals, water distribution systems may be reservoirs for the fungi responsible for nosocomial infections. f. oxysporum was previously detected in the water distribution systems of five french hospitals. sixty-eight isolates from water representative of all hospital units that were previously sampled and characterized by translation elongation factor 1α sequence typing were subjected to microsa ...201627663024
synthesis and fungicidal activity of tryptophan analogues - the unexpected calycanthaceous alkaloid derivatives.a series of 21 n-protected tryptophan derivatives were synthesised from tryptophan in good yields. their structures were characterised by ir, (1)h nmr, (13)c nmr, dept (90° and 135°) and ms analysis. the synthesised compounds were evaluated against a wide variety of plant pathogen fungi. compounds a19 and a21 displayed activity against fusarium oxysporum (f. oxysporum), and compound a21 showed high activity against f. oxysporum and eggplant verticillium, with ec50 values of 58.27 and 77.39 μg ml ...201727653454
identification, transcriptional and functional analysis of heat-shock protein 90s in banana (musa acuminata l.) highlight their novel role in melatonin-mediated plant response to fusarium one popular fresh fruit, banana (musa acuminata) is cultivated in the world's subtropical and tropical areas. in recent years, pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (foc) has been widely and rapidly spread to banana cultivated areas, causing substantial yield loss. however, the molecular mechanism of banana response to foc remains unclear, and functional identification of disease-related genes is also very limited. in this study, nine 90 kda heat-shock proteins (hsp90s) were genomewide i ...201727627033
photodynamic treatment with phenothiazinium photosensitizers kills both ungerminated and germinated microconidia of the pathogenic fungi fusarium oxysporum, fusarium moniliforme and fusarium solani.the search for alternatives to control microorganisms is necessary both in clinical and agricultural areas. antimicrobial photodynamic treatment (apdt) is a promising light-based approach that can be used to control both human and plant pathogenic fungi. in the present study, we evaluated the effects of photodynamic treatment with red light and four phenothiazinium photosensitizers (ps): methylene blue (mb), toluidine blue o (tbo), new methylene blue n (nmbn) and the phenothiazinium derivative s ...201627623154
use of fusarium oxysporum schl cucumerinum transformed with green fluorescent protein to follow infection patterns in three cucurbit plants.fusarium oxysporum schl is a soil-borne pathogen fungus, which could cause plant wilt diseases and caused great economic losses of agricultural production all over the world. however, the species of melon wilt diseases are too complex to breed stable disease-resistant melon strain. therefore, exploring the main specialized differentiation factors of cucurbit wilt pathogen is important for elucidating the pathogenesis. in this study, we constructed green fluorescent protein (gfp)-labeled fusarium ...201527617956
garlic, from remedy to stimulant: evaluation of antifungal potential reveals diversity in phytoalexin allicin content among garlic cultivars; allicin containing aqueous garlic extracts trigger antioxidants in cucumber.garlic has the charisma of a potent remedy and holds its repute of a therapeutic panacea since the dawn of civilization. an integrated approach was adopted to evaluate the genetic diversity among chinese garlic cultivars for their antifungal potency as well as allicin content distribution and, furthermore; a bioassay was performed to study the bio-stimulation mechanism of aqueous garlic extracts (age) in the growth and physiology of cucumber (cucumis sativus). initially, 28 garlic cultivars were ...201627610111
discrimination of aspergillosis, mucormycosis, fusariosis, and scedosporiosis in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimens by use of multiple real-time quantitative pcr a retrospective multicenter study, 102 formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (ffpe) tissue specimens with histopathology results were tested. two 4- to 5-μm ffpe tissue sections from each specimen were digested with proteinase k, followed by automated nucleic acid extraction. multiple real-time quantitative pcr (qpcr) assays targeting the internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) region of ribosomal dna, using fluorescently labeled primers, was performed to identify clinically important genera and spec ...201627605714
veterinary fusarioses within the united states.multilocus dna sequence data were used to assess the genetic diversity and evolutionary relationships of 67 fusarium strains from veterinary sources, most of which were from the united states. molecular phylogenetic analyses revealed that the strains comprised 23 phylogenetically distinct species, all but two of which were previously known to infect humans, distributed among eight species complexes. the majority of the veterinary isolates (47/67 = 70.1%) were nested within the fusarium solani sp ...201627605713
structural and functional characterization of a highly stable endo-β-1,4-xylanase from fusarium oxysporum and its development as an efficient immobilized biocatalyst.replacing fossil fuel with renewable sources such as lignocellulosic biomass is currently a promising alternative for obtaining biofuel and for fighting against the consequences of climate change. however, the recalcitrant structure of lignocellulosic biomass residues constitutes a major limitation for its widespread use in industry. the efficient hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials requires the complementary action of multiple enzymes including xylanases and β-xylosidases, which are respons ...201627602054
plant defensins nad1 and nad2 induce different stress response pathways in fungi.nicotiana alata defensins 1 and 2 (nad1 and nad2) are plant defensins from the ornamental tobacco that have antifungal activity against a variety of fungal pathogens. some plant defensins interact with fungal cell wall o-glycosylated proteins. therefore, we investigated if this was the case for nad1 and nad2, by assessing the sensitivity of the three aspergillus nidulans (an) o-mannosyltransferase (pmt) knockout (ko) mutants (an∆pmta, an∆pmtb, and an∆pmtc). an∆pmta was resistant to both defensin ...201627598152
[fusarium species associated with basal rot of garlic in north central mexico and its pathogenicity].garlic in mexico is one of the most profitable vegetable crops, grown in almost 5,451ha; out of which more than 83% are located in zacatecas, guanajuato, sonora, puebla, baja california and aguascalientes. blossom-end rot caused by fusarium spp is widely distributed worldwide and has been a limiting factor in onion and garlic production regions, not only in mexico but also in other countries. the presence of fusarium oxysporum has been reported in guanajuato and aguascalientes. fusarium culmorum ...201727590608
antifungal activity of isolated bacillus amyloliquefaciens sybc h47 for the biocontrol of peach gummosis.the gummosis disease is caused by botryosphaeria dothidea (moug. ex. fr) ces. et de not., and it is one of the most important diseases of stone fruits worldwide. the use of biocontrol as an alternative approach to synthetic chemical fungicides has aroused general concern about how to control plant diseases that are caused by phytopathogens. the aim of this study is to isolate bacillus strains from raw honeys with the capacity to inhibit b. dothidea and to explore the mechanisms by which they cou ...201627583463
a fungal pathogen secretes plant alkalinizing peptides to increase infection.plant infections caused by fungi are often associated with an increase in the ph of the surrounding host tissue(1). extracellular alkalinization is thought to contribute to fungal pathogenesis, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. here, we show that the root-infecting fungus fusarium oxysporum uses a functional homologue of the plant regulatory peptide ralf (rapid alkalinization factor)(2,3) to induce alkalinization and cause disease in plants. an upshift in extracellular ph prom ...201627572834
antifungal properties of hypericin, hypericin tetrasulphonic acid and fagopyrin on pathogenic fungi and spoilage yeasts.the role of hypericin-mediated photodynamic antimicrobial properties on pathogenic fungi and photodynamic therapy for human cancer cells is known. antifungal properties of hypericum perforatum l. (hypericaceae) and fagopyrum esculentum moench. (polygonaceae) extracts were also studied. the different polarities of solvents can cause complication in the identification of antifungal effects of separate biologically active compounds. in recent experimental work, we compared antifungal properties of ...201627564138
an evaluation method for the suppression of pathogenic fusarium oxysporum by soil microorganisms using the dilution plate technique.soil-borne diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms are one of the main factors responsible for the decline in crop yields in farmlands. pathogenic fusarium oxysporum causes serious damage to various crops, and, thus, a feasible diagnostic method for soil-borne diseases is required. we herein examined a simple method to evaluate the suppressiveness of soil microorganisms against a pathogen by co-cultivating indigenous soil microorganisms and a pathogenic fungus (f. oxysporum f. sp. spinaciae ...201627558588
striga biocontrol on a toothpick: a readily deployable and inexpensive method for smallholder farmers.striga hermonthica (witchweed) is a parasitic weed that attacks and significantly reduces the yields of maize, sorghum, millet, and sugarcane throughout sub-saharan africa. low cost management methods such as hand weeding, short crop rotations, trap cropping, or conventional biocontrol have not been effective. likewise, striga-tolerant or herbicide-resistant maize cultivars are higher yielding, but are often beyond the economic means of sustenance farmers. the fungal pathogen, fusarium oxysporum ...201627551284
potential biocontrol actinobacteria: rhizospheric isolates from the argentine pampas lowlands legumes.control of fungal plant diseases by using naturally occurring non-pathogenic microorganisms represents a promising approach to biocontrol agents. this study reports the isolation, characterization, and fungal antagonistic activity of actinobacteria from forage soils in the flooding pampa, argentina. a total of 32 saprophytic strains of actinobacteria were obtained by different isolation methods from rhizospheric soil of lotus tenuis growing in the salado river basin. based on physiological trait ...201627550574
soil bacterial and fungal community dynamics in relation to panax notoginseng death rate in a continuous cropping system.notoginseng (panax notoginseng), a valuable herbal medicine, has high death rates in continuous cropping systems. variation in the soil microbial community is considered the primary cause of notoginseng mortality, although the taxa responsible for crop failure remains unidentified. this study used high-throughput sequencing methods to characterize changes in the microbial community and screen microbial taxa related to the death rate. fungal diversity significantly decreased in soils cropped with ...201627549984
nitrogen metabolism and growth enhancement in tomato plants challenged with trichoderma harzianum expressing the aspergillus nidulans acetamidase amds gene.trichoderma is a fungal genus that includes species that are currently being used as biological control agents and/or as biofertilizers. in addition to the direct application of trichoderma spp. as biocontrol agents in plant protection, recent studies have focused on the beneficial responses exerted on plants, stimulating the growth, activating the defenses, and/or improving nutrient uptake. the amds gene, encoding an acetamidase of aspergillus, has been used as a selectable marker for the trans ...201627536277
suppressor of fusion, a fusarium oxysporum homolog of ndt80, is required for nutrient-dependent regulation of anastomosis.heterokaryon formation is an essential step in asexual recombination in fusarium oxysporum. filamentous fungi have an elaborate nonself recognition machinery to prevent formation and proliferation of heterokaryotic cells, called heterokaryon incompatibility (hi). in f. oxysporum the regulation of this machinery is not well understood. in neurospora crassa, vib-1, a putative transcription factor of the p53-like ndt80 family of transcription factors, has been identified as global regulator of hi. ...201627531696
two novel antimicrobial defensins from rice identified by gene coexpression network analyses.defensins form an antimicrobial peptides (amp) family, and have been widely studied in various plants because of their considerable inhibitory functions. however, their roles in rice (oryza sativa l.) have not been characterized, even though rice is one of the most important staple crops that is susceptible to damaging infections. additionally, a previous study identified 598 rice genes encoding cysteine-rich peptides, suggesting there are several uncharacterized amps in rice. we performed in si ...201627527801
synthesis and evaluation of in vivo antioxidant, in vitro antibacterial, mrsa and antifungal activity of novel substituted isatin n-(2,3,4,6-tetra-o-acetyl-β-d-glucopyranosyl)thiosemicarbazones.some new isatin n-(2,3,4,6-tetra-o-acetyl-β-d-glucopyranosyl)thiosemicarbazones 4a-t with different substituents at 1-, 5- and 7-positions of isatin ring have been synthesized by reaction of n-(2,3,4,6-tetra-o-acetyl-β-d-glucopyranosyl)thiosemicarbazide 2 with corresponding isatins 3a-t. compounds 4a-t were evaluated in vivo for antioxidant activity and in vitro for anti-microorganism activities. the mic values were found for gram positive bacteria (mic = 1.56-6.25 μm), for gram negative bacteri ...201627517802
design, synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 6-n-substituted chitosan derivatives.three novel 6-n-substituted chitosan derivatives were designed and synthesised and characterized by ftir and nmr. the degree of substitution was calculated by elemental analysis results. the antimicrobial activities of the target compounds were evaluated by twofold serial broth dilution method and poisoned food technique. the antifungal activities of 6-aminoethylamino-6-deoxy chitosan (3), 6-butylamino-6-deoxy chitosan (4) and 6-pyridyl-6-deoxy chitosan (5) were significantly increased against r ...201627506558
chickpea ferritin cafer1 participates in oxidative stress response, and promotes growth and development.ferritins store and sequester iron, and regulate iron homeostasis. the cdna for a stress-responsive phytoferritin, previously identified in the extracellular matrix (ecm) of chickpea (cicer arietinum), was cloned and designated cafer1. the cafer1 transcript was strongly induced in chickpea exposed to dehydration, hypersalinity and aba treatment. additionally, it has role in the defense against fusarium oxysporum infection. functional complementation of the yeast frataxin-deficient mutant, δyfh1, ...201627503257
antifungal and phytotoxic activity of essential oil from root of senecio amplexicaulis kunth. (asteraceae) growing wild in high altitude-himalayan region.this work was aimed to evaluate the essential oil from root of medicinally important plant senecio amplexicaulis for chemical composition, antifungal and phytotoxic activity. the chemical composition analysed by gc/gc-ms showed the presence of monoterpene hydrocarbons in high percentage with marker compounds as α-phellandrene (48.57%), o-cymene (16.80%) and β-ocimene (7.61%). the essential oil exhibited significant antifungal activity against five phytopathogenic fungi, sclerotium rolfsii, macro ...201627498832
nitrate protects cucumber plants against fusarium oxysporum by regulating citrate exudation.fusarium wilt causes severe yield losses in cash crops. nitrogen plays a critical role in the management of plant disease; however, the regulating mechanism is poorly understood. using biochemical, physiological, bioinformatic and transcriptome approaches, we analyzed how nitrogen forms regulate the interactions between cucumber plants and fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum (foc). nitrate significantly suppressed fusarium wilt compared with ammonium in both pot and hydroponic experiments. few ...201627481896
chitosan and oligochitosan enhance ginger (zingiber officinale roscoe) resistance to rhizome rot caused by fusarium oxysporum in storage.the ability of chitosan and oligochitosan to enhance ginger (zingiber officinale) resistance to rhizome rot caused by fusarium oxysporum in storage was investigated. both chitosan and oligochitosan at 1 and 5g/l significantly inhibited rhizome rot, with the best control at 5g/l. chitosan and oligochitosan applied at 5g/l also reduced weight loss, measured as a decrease in fresh weight, but did not affect soluble solids content or titratable acidity of rhizomes. the two compounds applied at 5g/l ...201627474591
biological preparation of chitosan nanoparticles and its in vitro antifungal efficacy against some phytopathogenic fungi.the aim of the present study was to prepare chitosan nanoparticles through biological method with high antifungal activities. chitosan nanoparticles were prepared by the addition of anionic proteins isolated from penicillium oxalicum culture to chitosan solutions. the formation of chitosan nanoparticles was preliminary confirmed by uv-vis spectrophotometric analysis. the physico-chemical properties of the chitosan nanoparticles were determined by size and zeta potential analysis, ftir analysis, ...201627474573
synthesis, structure and antimicrobial evaluation of a new gossypol triazole conjugates functionalized with aliphatic chains and benzyloxy groups.synthetic limitations in the copper-catalyzed azide alkyne cycloaddition (cuaac) on gossypol's skeleton functionalized with alkyne (2) or azide (3) groups have been indicated. modified approach to the synthesis of new gossypol-triazole conjugates yielded new compounds (24-31) being potential fungicides. spectroscopic studies of triazole conjugates 24-31 have revealed their structures in solution, i.e., the presence of enamine-enamine tautomeric forms and π-π stacking intramolecular interactions ...201627469129
fungal isolate optimized for biogenesis of silver nanoparticles with enhanced colloidal stability.understanding the synthesis and properties of nanomaterials is critical for reliable applications. biological systems, such as fungi, have been described as a "green" alternative to synthesis, yet knowledge gaps exist in terms of production variability, comparison with commercial products, and identifying a clear biological advantage over other synthesis methods. in this study, we evaluated 12 fungal isolates of fusarium oxysporum for ag nanoparticle production and characterized the resultant bi ...201627466012
comparative antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles synthesised by biological and chemical routes with pluronic f68 as a stabilising agent.the authors report the comparative antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles synthesised by biological (using fusarium oxysporum) and chemical routes in the presence and absence of pluronic f68 as a stabilising agent. the production of silver nanoparticles was evidenced by uv-visible spectra, with absorbance at about 420 nm in the case of both biological and chemical synthesis. x-ray diffraction pattern confirmed the presence of face-centred cubic structure (fcc plane). the nanoparticles ch ...201627463790
first report of fusarium oxysporum species complex infection in zebrafish culturing system.fusarium oxysporum species complex (fosc) is a highly diverse fungus. recently, f. oxysporum infection was identified from zebrafish (danio rerio) culturing system in korea. initially, a rapid whitish smudge was appeared in the water with the fungal blooming on walls of fish tanks. microscopic studies were conducted on fungal hyphae, colony pigmentation and chlamydospore formation and the presence of macro- and microspores confirmed that the isolated fungus as f. oxysporum. furthermore, isolated ...201727451953
development of a taqman probe-based insulated isothermal polymerase chain reaction (iipcr) assay for detection of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense race 4.this study developed a novel and inexpensive detection method based on a taqman probe-based insulated isothermal polymerase chain reaction (iipcr) method for the rapid detection of panama disease caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (foc) race 4, which is currently among the most serious fungal vascular diseases worldwide. by using the portable pockit™ device with the novel primer set iifoc-1/iifoc-2, the foc race 4 iipcr assay (including dna amplification and signal monitoring) could be ...201627448242
pseudo-outbreak of fusarium oxysporum associated with bronchoscopy. 201627424170
isolation and identification of the antimicrobial agent beauvericin from the endophytic fusarium oxysporum 5-19 with nmr and esi-ms/ms.endophytic microbe has been proved to be one of rich sources of bioactive natural products with potential application for new drug and pesticide discovery. one cyclodepsipeptide, beauvericin, was firstly isolated from the fermentation broth of fusarium oxysporum 5-19 endophytic on edgeworthia chrysantha linn. its chemical structure was unambiguously identified by a combination of spectroscopic methods, such as hresi-ms and (1)h and (13)c nmr. esi-ms/ms was successfully used to elucidate the spli ...201627413733
field demonstration of a multiplexed point-of-care diagnostic platform for plant pathogens.effective disease management strategies to prevent catastrophic crop losses require rapid, sensitive, and multiplexed detection methods for timely decision making. to address this need, a rapid, highly specific and sensitive point-of-care method for multiplex detection of plant pathogens was developed by taking advantage of surface-enhanced raman scattering (sers) labeled nanotags and recombinase polymerase amplification (rpa), which is a rapid isothermal amplification method with high specifici ...201627403651
effector profiles distinguish formae speciales of fusarium oxysporum.formae speciales (ff.spp.) of the fungus fusarium oxysporum are often polyphyletic within the species complex, making it impossible to identify them on the basis of conserved genes. however, sequences that determine host-specific pathogenicity may be expected to be similar between strains within the same forma specialis. whole genome sequencing was performed on strains from five different ff.spp. (cucumerinum, niveum, melonis, radicis-cucumerinum and lycopersici). in each genome, genes for putat ...201627387256
association of effector six6 with vascular wilt symptoms caused by fusarium oxysporum on soybean.the fusarium oxysporum species complex (fosc) is a widely distributed group of fungi that includes both pathogenic and nonpathogenic isolates. in a previous study, isolates within the fosc collected primarily from soybean were assessed for the presence of 12 fungal effector genes. although none of the assayed genes was significantly associated with wilt symptoms on soybean, the secreted in xylem 6 (six6) gene was present only in three isolates, which all produced high levels of vascular wilt on ...201627349740
"coca got us here and now it's our weakness:" fusarium oxysporum and the political ecology of a drug war policy alternative in bolivia.a strain of fusarium oxysporum fungus is killing coca plants in the chapare coca growing region of bolivia. coca farmers are already constrained in the amount of coca they can grow under the government's community-based coca control approach, "social control." coca leaf is the main ingredient in cocaine, but it is also a traditional medicine and food, is economically vital to household incomes, and is a political symbol of the current government administration. bolivia's approach to coca control ...201627346463
[trichophyton violaceum : main cause of tinea capitis in children at mbarara regional referral hospital in uganda].tinea capitis is caused by anthropophilic, zoophilic or geophilic dermatophytes of the genera microsporum or trichophyton.201627341825
native isolate of trichoderma: a biocontrol agent with unique stress tolerance properties.species of trichoderma are widely recognized for their biocontrol abilities, but seldom studied collectively, for their plant growth promotion, abiotic stress tolerance and bioremediation properties. our study is a concentrated effort to establish the potential of native isolate trichoderma harzianum ksnm (t103) to tolerate biotic (root pathogens) and abiotic stresses [high salt (100-1000 mm); heavy metal (chromium, nickel and zinc: 1-10 mm); pesticides: malathion (100-600 ppm), carbofuran (100- ...201627339311
detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria endowed with antimicrobial activity from a freshwater lake and their phylogenetic affiliation.antimicrobial resistance poses a serious challenge to global public health. in this study, fifty bacterial strains were isolated from the sediments of a freshwater lake and were screened for antibiotic resistance. out of fifty isolates, thirty-three isolates showed resistance against at least two of the selected antibiotics. analysis of 16s rdna sequencing revealed that the isolates belonged to ten different genera, namely staphylococcus(n = 8), bacillus(n = 7), lysinibacillus(n = 4), achromobac ...201627330861
suppressive effects of mycoviral proteins encoded by magnaporthe oryzae chrysovirus 1 strain a on conidial germination of the rice blast fungus.magnaporthe oryzae chrysovirus 1 strain a (mocv1-a) is the causal agent of growth repression and attenuated virulence (hypovirulence) of the rice blast fungus, magnaporthe oryzae. we previously revealed that heterologous expression of the mocv1-a orf4 protein resulted in cytological damage to the yeasts saccharomyces cerevisiae and cryptococcus neoformans. since the orf4 protein is one of the components of viral particles, we evaluated the inhibitory effects of the purified virus particle agains ...201627329666
the concept of ecthyma gangrenosum illustrated by a fusarium oxysporum infection in an immunocompetent individual.ecthyma gangrenosum (eg) involves necrotic cutaneous lesions caused by bacteria, mainly pseudomonas aeruginosa, and is usually seen in immunocompromised patients with septicemia. however, clinically similar infections have been published with fungi as etiologic agents. we present a case of an eg-like lesion due to fusarium oxysporum confirmed by clinical diagnosis, culture and molecular identification and discuss the definition of eg.201627324372
antimicrobial and antitumor activity and diversity of endophytic fungi from traditional chinese medicinal plant cephalotaxus hainanensis li.endophytes from cephalotaxus hainanensis li, an important source of anti-leukemia drugs, have not been widely explored. in this study, 265 endophytic fungal isolates from c. hainanensis li were screened for antimicrobial activities against tilapia, banana, rice, and rape and for antitumor activities against human leukemia cell lines (k562, nb4, and hl-60). diversity was also analyzed. the results showed that 17.7% of the endophytic fungi had antimicrobial activities against at least three differ ...201627323030
the fonsix6 gene acts as an avirulence effector in the fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum - watermelon pathosystem.when infecting a host plant, the fungus fusarium oxysporum secretes several effector proteins into the xylem tissue to promote virulence. however, in a host plant with an innate immune system involving analogous resistance proteins, the fungus effector proteins may trigger resistance, rather than promoting virulence. identity of the effector genes of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum (fon) races that affect watermelon (citrullus lanatus) are currently unknown. in this study, the six6 (secreted in ...201627320044
activity of flavanones isolated from rhododendron hainanense against plant pathogenic a search for naturally occurring antimicrobial compounds in medicinal plants and herbs, seven flavanones were isolated from the aerial parts of rhododendron hainanense and were tested for their antimicrobial activities against six bacteria and six plant pathogenic fungi. within the series of flavanones tested, farrerol (1) displayed moderate antibacterial activities against bacillus cereus, b. subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and erwinia carotovora, wi ...201627319130
improvement of banana cv. rasthali (silk, aab) against fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense (vcg 0124/5) through induced mutagenesis: determination of ld50 specific to mutagen, explants, toxins and in vitro and in vivo screening for fusarium wilt resistance.shoot tips and in vitro grown proliferating buds of banana cv. rasthali (silk, aab) were treated with various concentrations and durations of chemical mutagens viz., ems, nan3 and des. ld50 for shoot tips based on 50% reduction in fresh weight was determined as 2% for 3 h, 0.02% for 5 h and 0.15% for 5 h, while for proliferating buds, they were 0.6% for 30 min, 0.01% for 2 h and 0.06% for 2 h for the mutagens ems, nan3 and des, respectively. subsequently, the mutated explants were screened in vi ...201627319054
low utility of pediatric isolator blood culture system for detection of fungemia in children: a 10-year review.the use of the wampole isolator 1.5-ml pediatric blood culture tube for the detection of fungemia in children was assessed by a 10-year retrospective review at two pediatric hospitals, the hospital for sick children in toronto, canada, and the children's medical center of dallas, texas. over this period, a total of 9,442 pediatric isolator specimens were processed, with yeast or yeast-like organisms recovered in 297 (3.1%) of the specimens (151 [1.6%] unique clinical episodes) and filamentous or ...201627307462
microbial host selection and periplasmic folding in escherichia coli affect the biochemical characteristics of a cutinase from fusarium oxysporum.a cutinase from the mesophilic fungus fusarium oxysporum (focut5a) was functionally expressed in different hosts and their recombinant products were characterized regarding their activity, thermostability and tolerance in organic solvents. the cutinase gene cut5a was expressed in the bl21 and origami 2 escherichia coli strains and the resulting protein was folded either in the cytoplasm or in the periplasmic space, with the aim of correct formation of disulfide bonds. increase of thermostability ...201627302766
three fusarium oxysporum mitogen-activated protein kinases (mapks) have distinct and complementary roles in stress adaptation and cross-kingdom pathogenicity.mitogen-activated protein kinase (mapk) cascades mediate cellular responses to environmental signals. previous studies in the fungal pathogen fusarium oxysporum have revealed a crucial role of fmk1, the mapk orthologous to saccharomyces cerevisiae fus3/kss1, in vegetative hyphal fusion and plant infection. here, we genetically dissected the individual and combined contributions of the three mapks fmk1, mpk1 and hog1 in the regulation of development, stress response and virulence of f. oxysporum ...201627301316
molecular characterization of alkaline protease of bacillus amyloliquefaciens sp1 involved in biocontrol of fusarium alkaline protease gene was amplified from genomic dna of bacillus amyloliquefaciens sp1 which was involved in effective biocontrol of fusarium oxysporum. we investigated the antagonistic capacity of protease of b. amyloliquifaciens sp1, under in vitro conditions. the 5.62 fold purified enzyme with specific activity of 607.69u/mg reported 24.14% growth inhibition of f. oxysporum. however, no antagonistic activity was found after addition of protease inhibitor i.e. pmsf (15mm) to purified enzym ...201627294522
fungal phytopathogens encode functional homologues of plant rapid alkalinization factor (ralf) this article, we describe the presence of genes encoding close homologues of an endogenous plant peptide, rapid alkalinization factor (ralf), within the genomes of 26 species of phytopathogenic fungi. members of the ralf family are key growth factors in plants, and the sequence of the ralf active region is well conserved between plant and fungal proteins. ralf1-like sequences were observed in most cases; however, ralf27-like sequences were present in the sphaerulina musiva and septoria populi ...201627291634
biogenic terbium oxide nanoparticles as the vanguard against osteosarcoma.the synthesis of inner transition metal nanoparticles via an ecofriendly route is quite difficult. this study, for the first time, reports synthesis of terbium oxide nanoparticles using fungus, fusarium oxysporum. the biocompatible terbium oxide nanoparticles (tb2o3 nps) were synthesized by incubating tb4o7 with the biomass of fungus f. oxysporum. multiple physical characterization techniques, such as uv-visible and photoluminescence spectroscopy, tem, saed, and zeta-potential were used to confi ...201627288964
effects of silicon treatment and inoculation with fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum on cellular defences in root tissues of two cotton cultivars.silicon has been shown to enhance the resistance of plants to fungal and bacterial pathogens. here, the effect of potassium silicate was assessed on two cotton (gossypium hirsutum) cultivars subsequently inoculated with fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum (fov). sicot 189 is moderately resistant whilst sicot f-1 is the second most resistant commercial cultivar presently available in australia.201627288509
purification and some characteristics of extracellular lipase from fusarium oxysporum f. sp. extracellular lipase was isolated from a culture filtrate of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lini suf 402 by hydrophobic chromatography. purity of the preparation was 38-fold and recovery yield was 32%. the molecular mass of the isolated enzyme was 30 kda. the lipase had a sugar chain, and the n-terminal amino acid was modified. the optimun ph at 37°c was 7.0. the enzyme had higher activity toward p-nitrophenyl esters with long and middle chain fatty acids (c8-c18) than with a short chain fatty aci ...199227280667
differential response of extracellular proteases of trichoderma harzianum against fungal the present study, production of extracellular proteases by trichoderma harzianum was evaluated based on the relative gene expression and spectrophotometric assay. the fungal isolates were grown in czapek dox broth medium supplemented with deactivated mycelium of plant fungal pathogens such as fusarium oxysporum, colletotrichum capsici, gloeocercospora sorghi, and colletotrichum truncatum. the maximum protease activity was detected after 48 h of incubation against colletotrichum spp. similarl ...201627278806
selection and evaluation of micro-organisms for biocontrol of verticillium dahliae in identify potential biological control agents against verticillium wilt in olive through a mass screening approach.201627277382
molecular phylogeny, diversity, and bioprospecting of endophytic fungi associated with wild ethnomedicinal north american plant echinacea purpurea (asteraceae).the endophytic fungal community associated with the ethnomedicinal plant echinacea purpurea was investigated as well as its potential for providing antifungal compounds against plant pathogenic fungi. a total of 233 endophytic fungal isolates were obtained and classified into 42 different taxa of 16 genera, of which alternaria alternata, colletotrichum dematium, and stagonosporopsis sp. 2 are the most frequent colonizers. the extracts of 29 endophytic fungi displayed activities against important ...201627273012
vinegar residue compost as a growth substrate enhances cucumber resistance against the fusarium wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum by regulating physiological and biochemical responses.fusarium wilt caused by the fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum (foc) is the most severe soil-borne disease attacking cucumber. to assess the positive effects of vinegar residue substrate (vrs) on the growth and incidence of fusarium wilt on cucumber, we determined the cucumber growth parameters, disease severity, defense-related enzyme and pathogenesis-related (pr) protein activities, and stress-related gene expression levels. in in vitro and pot experiments, we demonstrated the follow ...201627272925
dispensable chromosomes in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici.the genomes of many filamentous fungi consist of a 'core' part containing conserved genes essential for normal development as well as conditionally dispensable (cd) or lineage-specific (ls) chromosomes. in the plant-pathogenic fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici, one ls chromosome harbours effector genes that contribute to pathogenicity. we employed flow cytometry to select for events of spontaneous (partial) loss of either the two smallest ls chromosomes or two different core chromosom ...201627271322
influence of plant genotype on the cultivable fungi associated to tomato rhizosphere and roots in different soils.rhizosphere and root-associated microbiota are crucial in determining plant health and in increasing productivity of agricultural crops. to date, research has mainly focused on the bacterial dimension of the microbiota. however, interest in the mycobiota is increasing, since fungi play a key role in soil ecosystems. we examined the effect of plant genotype, soil, and of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (fol) on the cultivable component of rhizosphere and root-associated mycobiota of tomato. ...201627268246
in vitro experimental environments lacking or containing soil disparately affect competition experiments of aspergillus flavus and co-occurring fungi in maize vitro experimental environments are used to study interactions between microorganisms, and to predict dynamics in natural ecosystems. this study highlights that experimental in vitro environments should be selected to match closely the natural environment of interest during in vitro studies to strengthen extrapolations about aflatoxin production by aspergillus and competing organisms. fungal competition and aflatoxin accumulation were studied in soil, cotton wool or tube (water-only) environm ...201627264786
detection and differentiation of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici race 1 using loop-mediated isothermal amplification with three primer sets.fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (fol) causes tomato wilt. based on the difference in pathogenicity towards tomato cultivars, fol is classified into three races. in this study, a rapid method is developed for the detection and discrimination of fol race 1 using a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) assay with two primer sets targeting a region of the nucleotide sequence of the six4 gene specific for race 1 and a primer set targeting the six5 gene, conserved in all known fol isolat ...201627248357
potential of pseudomonas putida pci2 for the protection of tomato plants against fungal pathogens.tomato is one of the most economically attractive vegetable crops due to its high yields. diseases cause significant losses in tomato production worldwide. we carried out polymerase chain reaction studies to detect the presence of genes encoding antifungal compounds in the dna of pseudomonas putida strain pci2. we also used liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry to detect and quantify the production of compounds that increase the resistance of plants to diseases from culture ...201627246499
synergistic and additive effect of oregano essential oil and biological silver nanoparticles against multidrug-resistant bacterial strains.bacterial resistance to conventional antibiotics has become a clinical and public health problem, making therapeutic decisions more challenging. plant compounds and nanodrugs have been proposed as potential antimicrobial alternatives. studies have shown that oregano (origanum vulgare) essential oil (oeo) and silver nanoparticles have potent antibacterial activity, also against multidrug-resistant strains; however, the strong organoleptic characteristics of oeo and the development of resistance t ...201627242772
[overexpression, homology modeling and coenzyme docking studies of the cytochrome p450nor2 from cylindrocarpon tonkinense].cytochrome p450nor catalyzes an unusual reaction that transfers electrons from nadp/nadph to bound heme directly. to improve the expression level of p450nor2 from cylindrocarpon tonkinense (c.p450nor2), escherichia coli system was utilized to substitute the yeast system we constructed for expression of the p450nor2 gene, and the protein was purified in soluble form using ni(+)-nta affinity chromatography. in contrast to p450nor from fusarium oxysporum (f.p450nor) and p450nor1 from cylindrocarpon ...201627239859
production and characterization of desmalonichrome relative binding affinity for uranyl ions in relation to other siderophores.siderophores are iron (fe)-binding secondary metabolites that have been investigated for their uranium-binding properties. previous work has focused on characterizing hydroxamate types of siderophores, such as desferrioxamine b, for their uranyl (uo2)-binding affinity. carboxylate forms of these metabolites hold potential to be more efficient chelators of uo2, yet they have not been widely studied. desmalonichrome is a carboxylate siderophore that is not commercially available and so was obtaine ...201627232848
dynamics of colonization and expression of pathogenicity related genes in fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri during chickpea vascular wilt disease progression.fusarium wilt caused by fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri (foc) is a constant threat to chickpea productivity in several parts of the world. understanding the molecular basis of chickpea-foc interaction is necessary to improve chickpea resistance to foc and thereby the productivity of chickpea. we transformed foc race 2 using green fluorescent protein (gfp) gene and used it to characterize pathogen progression and colonization in wilt-susceptible (jg62) and wilt-resistant (digvijay) chickpea culti ...201627227745
the components of rice and watermelon root exudates and their effects on pathogenic fungus and watermelon defense.watermelon (citrullus lanatus) is susceptible to wilt disease caused by the fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp niveum (fon). intercropping management of watermelon/aerobic rice (oryza sativa) alleviates watermelon wilt disease, because some unidentified component(s) in rice root exudates suppress fon sporulation and spore germination. here, we show that the phenolic acid p-coumaric acid is present in rice root exudates only, and it inhibits fon spore germination and sporulation. we found that exoge ...201627217091
effects of consecutive monoculture of pseudostellaria heterophylla on soil fungal community as determined by pyrosequencing.under consecutive monoculture, the biomass and quality of pseudostellaria heterophylla declines significantly. in this study, a three-year field experiment was conducted to identify typical growth inhibition effects caused by extended monoculturing of p. heterophylla. deep pyrosequencing was used to examine changes in the structure and composition of soil fungal community along a three-year gradient of monoculture. the results revealed a distinct separation between the newly planted plot and the ...201627216019
2,3-dideoxyglucosides of selected terpene phenols and alcohols as potent antifungal compounds.the antifungal activities of novel 2,3-unsaturated and 2,3-dideoxy 1-o-glucosides of carvacrol, thymol, and perillyl alcohol were tested against aspergillus flavus, aspergillus ochraceus, fusarium oxysporum, saccharomyces cerevisiae and candida albicans. in the agar well diffusion tests, zones of inhibition for the derivatives of carvacrol, thymol and perillyl alcohol were higher (15-30mm) in the case of filamentous fungi than those for the parent compounds. their mic and mfc values indicated th ...201627211660
metabolic engineering of fusarium oxysporum to improve its ethanol-producing capability.fusarium oxysporum is one of the few filamentous fungi capable of fermenting ethanol directly from plant cell wall biomass. it has the enzymatic toolbox necessary to break down biomass to its monosaccharides and, under anaerobic and microaerobic conditions, ferments them to ethanol. although these traits could enable its use in consolidated processes and thus bypass some of the bottlenecks encountered in ethanol production from lignocellulosic material when saccharomyces cerevisiae is used-namel ...201627199958
agroindustrial composts to reduce the use of peat and fungicides in the cultivation of muskmelon seedlings.environmental concerns about peat extraction in wetland ecosystems have increased. therefore, there is an international effort to evaluate alternative organic substrates for the partial substitution of peat. the aim of this work was to use different composts (c1-c10) obtained from the fruit and vegetable processing industry (pepper, carrot, broccoli, orange, artichoke residues, sewage sludge (citric and pepper) and vineyard pruning wastes) to produce added-value composts as growing media with su ...201727197924
isolation and identification of biocontrol agent streptomyces rimosus m527 against fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum.actinomycetes have received considerable attention as biocontrol agents against fungal plant pathogens and as plant growth promoters. in this study, a total of 320 actinomycetes were isolated from various habitats in china. among which, 77 strains have been identified as antagonistic activities against fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum which usually caused fusarium wilt of cucumber. of these, isolate actinomycete m527 not only displayed broad-spectrum antifungal activity but also showed the ...201627192632
a new biotype of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici race 2 emerged by a transposon-driven mutation of avirulence gene avr1.emergence of races in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (fol) is caused by loss or mutation of at least one avirulence (avr) gene. the product of avr1 is a small protein (avr1) secreted by fol in tomato xylem sap during infection. this protein triggers fol race 1 specific resistance (i) in tomato, indicating that avr1 is an avr gene. deletion of avr1 in race 1 resulted in the emergence of race 2, and an additional mutation in avr2 generated race 3. previously, we reported a new biotype of ra ...201627190160
post-transcriptional silencing of the sge1 gene induced by a dsrna hairpin in fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense, the causal agent of panama disease.fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense (foc), the causal agent of panama disease, is responsible for economic losses in banana crops worldwide. the identification of genes that effectively act on pathogenicity and/or virulence may contribute to the development of different strategies for disease control and the production of resistant plants. the objective of the current study was to analyze the importance of sge1 gene expression in foc virulence through post-transcriptional silencing using a double-s ...201627173186
assessment of dapg-producing pseudomonas fluorescens for management of meloidogyne incognita and fusarium oxysporum on watermelon.pseudomonas fluorescens isolates clinto 1r, wayne 1r, and wood 1r, which produce the antibiotic 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol (dapg), can suppress soilborne diseases and promote plant growth. consequently, these beneficial bacterial isolates were tested on watermelon plants for suppression of meloidogyne incognita (root-knot nematode: rkn) and fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum (fon). in a greenhouse trial, wayne 1r root dip suppressed numbers of rkn eggs per gram root on 'charleston gray' watermelon ...201627168652
lunatin, a novel lectin with antifungal and antiproliferative bioactivities from phaseolus lunatus billb.a novel lectin with a molecular mass of 24.3kda, designated lunatin, was isolated from edible seeds of phaseolus lunatus billb. the purification scheme consisted of ammonium sulfate precipitation, affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, and gel filtration chromatography. the lectin is a glycoprotein, as determined by staining with periodic acid-schiff (pas), and its n-terminal amino acid sequence was determined to be daviyrgpgdlhtgs. lunatin exhibited hemagglutinating activity towa ...201627164500
diversity, distribution, and antagonistic activities of rhizobacteria of panax notoginseng.rhizobacteria play an important role in plant defense and could be promising sources of biocontrol agents. this study aimed to screen antagonistic bacteria and develop a biocontrol system for root rot complex of panax notoginseng.201527158229
extraction and separation of active ingredients in schisandra chinensis (turcz.) baill and the study of their antifungal effects.schisandra chinensis extracts (ses) have traditionally been used as an oriental medicine for the treatment of various human diseases, however, their further application in the biocontrol of plant disease remains poorly understood. this study was conducted to develop eco-friendly botanical pesticides from extracts of s. chinensis and assess whether they could play a key role in plant disease defense. concentrated active fractions (se-i, se-ii, and se-iii) were obtained from s. chinensis via speci ...201627152614
hyphal chemotropism in fungal pathogenicity.the ability to grow as filamentous hyphae defines the lifestyle of fungi. hyphae are exposed to a variety of chemical stimuli such as nutrients or signal molecules from mating partners and host organisms. how fungi sense and process this chemical information to steer hyphal growth is poorly understood. saccharomyces cerevisiae and neurospora crassa have served as genetic models for the identification of cellular components functioning in chemotropism. a recent study in the pathogen fusarium oxys ...201627150623
association of putative fungal effectors in fusarium oxysporum with wilt symptoms in soybean.fungi within the fusarium oxysporum species complex can cause root rot, seedling blight, and wilt of soybean. isolates recovered from soybean vary in aggressiveness and also the type of symptoms they produce. the aim of this study was to identify genetic markers to detect aggressive soybean wilt isolates. eighty isolates collected primarily from soybean were tested in the greenhouse for their ability to produce wilt symptoms using susceptible 'jack' soybean. the same 80 isolates were assessed fo ...201627146104
effect of biosolarisation on the microbial populations of substrates infested with fusarium oxysporum by pcr-dgge.biosolarisation consists of combining solarisation and organic matter application for controlling soilborne pathogens. the effects of this control strategy on the microbial community is almost unknown and needs to be investigated with molecular tools. the aim of the research was to investigate how biosolarisation can affect the structure of the microbial populations evaluated by a culture independent method using dgge of pcr-amplified 18s-its genes-coding fragments from dna extracted directly fr ...201527141761
characterization and biocontrol potent of streptomyces sp. isolated from the rhizosphere of ononis angustissima lam.a total of 40 actinomycetes isolated from rhizosphere soils of ononis angustissima lam. were in vitro tested for their antagonism against deferent pathogenic microorganisms by streak assay. among the isolates, four (21, 2a26, 1b10 and 2c34) present a potent antagonism against both pathogenic bacteria and fungi, they were selected, identified by 16s rdna sequence analysis and phenotypic properties, and tested for their antimicrobial activity as well as their biocontrol potential against chickpea ...201527141751
identification of different fusarium spp. in allium spp. in 2013 allium cepa bulbs from different fields in northern and southern germany, seeds and sets from onion breeders were analysed for infestation with fusarium species. the same investigation was done in 2014 with different edible allium spp. from local markets. different fusarium spp. were isolated and identified by morphological characterisation. 24 different fusarium spp. were identified. the diversity of fusarium spp. and the intensity of infestation was higher on edible bulbs compared to t ...201527141742
pre-planting treatments with phosphite-based products against different foliar and soil-borne pathogens of vegetable crops.fifteen experimental trials were carried out under greenhouse conditions to evaluate the efficacy of preventative treatments based on phosphite salts on the following pathosystems: tomato/phytophthora nicotianae, zucchini/p. capsici, lettuce/fusarium oxysporum f.sp. iactucae, rocket/fusarium oxysporum f. sp. raphani, wild rocket/plectosphaerella cucumerina and basii/peronospora belbahrii. the possible use of phosphite salts in nursery cultivation systems is considered in comparison with chemical ...201527141741
jasmonate signalling and defence responses in the model legume medicago truncatula-a focus on responses to fusarium wilt disease.jasmonate (ja)-mediated defences play important roles in host responses to pathogen attack, in particular to necrotrophic fungal pathogens that kill host cells in order to extract nutrients and live off the dead plant tissue. the root-infecting fungal pathogen fusarium oxysporum initiates a necrotrophic growth phase towards the later stages of its lifecycle and is responsible for devastating fusarium wilt disease on numerous legume crops worldwide. here we describe the use of the model legume me ...201627135231
h1-a, a compound isolated from fusarium oxysporum inhibits hepatitis c virus (hcv) ns3 serine protease.the present study was aimed to isolate the active compounds from the fermentation products of fusarium oxysporum, which had hepatitis c virus (hcv) ns3 protease inhibitory activity. a bioactive compound was isolated by reverse-phase silica-gel column chromatography, silica-gel column chromatography, semi-preparative reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatography (hplc), and then its molecular structure was elucidated based on the spectrosopic analysis. as a result, the compound (h1-a, 1) e ...201627114318
[suppression of three soil-borne diseases of cucumber by a rhizosphere fungal strain].to understand the effect of rhizosphere fungi on soil-borne diseases of cucumber, 16 fungal, strains from rhizosphere soil were investigated for the antagonistic activity to three soilborne pathogenic fungi with dual culture method and for suppression of cucumber diseases caused by the pathogens in pot experiments. four strains showed antagonism to one or more pathogenic fungi tested. the strain jcl143, identified as aspergillus terreus, showed strong antagonistic activity to the three pathogeni ...201527112016
fungal endophytes in germinated seeds of the common bean, phaseolus vulgaris.we conducted a survey of fungal endophytes in 582 germinated seeds belonging to 11 colombian cultivars of the common bean (phaseolus vulgaris). the survey yielded 394 endophytic isolates belonging to 42 taxa, as identified by sequence analysis of the ribosomal dna internal transcribed spacer (its) region. aureobasidium pullulans was the dominant endophyte, isolated from 46.7 % of the samples. also common were fusarium oxysporum, xylaria sp., and cladosporium cladosporioides, but found in only 13 ...201627109374
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