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design, synthesis, spectral and biological evaluation of novel 1-allyl substituted 2,6-diphenylpiperidin-4-ones and its derivatives of oximes/oxime ethers.a series of 1-allyl-2,6-diphenylpiperidin-4-one oximes 17-24 and 1-allyl-2,6-diphenylpiperidin-4-one o-benzyloximes 25-32 were synthesized from respective 1-allyl-2,6-diphenylpiperidin-4-ones 9-16. the structure and the conformations have been investigated for all the synthesized compounds 9-32 by analytical and spectral techniques (ir, mass, 1h, 13c, 2d nmr and x-ray diffraction). based on the proton nmr analysis, all the synthesized compounds 9-32, exposed chair conformation except compounds 2 ...201223031593
synthesis of 4'-thiosemicarbazonegriseofulvin and its effects on the control of enzymatic browning and postharvest disease of fruits.4'-thiosemicarbazonegriseofulvin, a new thiosemicarbazide derivative of griseofulvin, was synthesized and evaluated for its potential in the control of enzymatic browning and postharvest disease of fruits. browning on fruits is mainly due to the enzymatic oxidation of phenolic compounds catalyzed by tyrosinase. 4'-thiosemicarbazonegriseofulvin could effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and its 50% inhibitory concentration (ic(50)) against tyrosinase was determined to be 37.8 μm. it wa ...201223025498
α-fucosidases with different substrate specificities from two species of fusarium.two fungal-secreted α-fucosidases and their genes were characterized. fofco1 was purified from culture filtrates of fusarium oxysporum strain 0685 grown on l-fucose and its encoding gene identified in the sequenced genome of strain 4287. fofco1 was active on p-nitrophenyl-α-fucoside (pnp-fuc), but did not defucosylate a nonasaccharide (xxfg) fragment of pea xyloglucan. a putative α-fucosidase gene (fgfco1) from fusarium graminearum was expressed in pichia pastoris. fgfco1 was ~1,800 times less a ...201323011349
phylogenetic diversity of bacterial endophytes of panax notoginseng with antagonistic characteristics towards pathogens of root-rot disease complex.endophytes play an important role in protection of host plants from infection by phytopathogens. endophytic bacteria were isolated from five different parts (root, stem, petiole, leaf and seed) of panax notoginseng and evaluated for antagonistic activity against fusarium oxysporum, ralstonia sp. and meloidogyne hapla, three major pathogens associated with root-rot disease complex of p. notoginseng. from 1000 endophytic bacterial strains evaluated in vitro, 104 strains exhibited antagonistic prop ...201322987248
origin of pisatin demethylase (pda) in the genus specificity of plant pathogens can be dictated by genes that enable pathogens to circumvent host defenses. upon recognition of a pathogen, plants initiate defense responses that can include the production of antimicrobial compounds such as phytoalexins. the pea pathogen nectria haematococca mating population vi (mpvi) is a filamentous ascomycete that contains a cluster of genes known as the pea pathogenicity (pep) cluster in which the pisatin demethylase (pda) gene resides. the pda gene pro ...201222985693
verticillium dahliae sge1 differentially regulates expression of candidate effector genes.the ascomycete fungus verticillium dahliae causes vascular wilt diseases in hundreds of dicotyledonous plant species. however, thus far, only few v. dahliae effectors have been identified, and regulators of pathogenicity remain unknown. in this study, we investigated the role of the v. dahliae homolog of sge1, a transcriptional regulator that was previously implicated in pathogenicity and effector gene expression in fusarium oxysporum. we show that v. dahliae sge1 (vdsge1) is required for radial ...201322970788
hapx-mediated iron homeostasis is essential for rhizosphere competence and virulence of the soilborne pathogen fusarium oxysporum.soilborne fungal pathogens cause devastating yield losses and are highly persistent and difficult to control. during the infection process, these organisms must cope with limited availability of iron. here we show that the bzip protein hapx functions as a key regulator of iron homeostasis and virulence in the vascular wilt fungus fusarium oxysporum. deletion of hapx does not affect iron uptake but causes derepression of genes involved in iron-consuming pathways, leading to impaired growth under ...201222968717
identification and antibacterial characteristics of an endophytic fungus fusarium oxysporum from lilium lancifolium.the aim of this study is to isolate and identify an endophytic fungus with antibacterial activity from the asian medicinal and culinary plant lilium lancifolium and to study the characteristics of its major antibacterial fractions.201222967218
fusaric acid is a crucial factor in the disturbance of leaf water imbalance in fusarium-infected banana plants.fusarium wilt of banana is caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense infection. the initial chlorosis symptoms occur progressively from lower to upper leaves, with wilt symptoms subsequently occurring in the whole plant. to determine the effect of the pathogen infection on the gas exchange characteristics and water content in banana leaves, hydroponic experiments with pathogen inoculation were conducted in a greenhouse. compared with control plants, infected banana seedlings showed a higher le ...201222964424
a genetic mechanism for emergence of races in fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici: inactivation of avirulence gene avr1 by transposon insertion.compatible/incompatible interactions between the tomato wilt fungus fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (fol) and tomato solanum lycopersicum are controlled by three avirulence genes (avr1-3) in fol and the corresponding resistance genes (i-i3) in tomato. the three known races (1, 2 and 3) of fol carry avr genes in different combinations. the current model to explain the proposed order of mutations in avr genes is: i) fol race 2 emerged from race 1 by losing the avr1 and thus avoiding host res ...201222952887
soil suppressiveness to fusarium disease: shifts in root microbiome associated with reduction of pathogen root colonization.soil suppressiveness to fusarium disease was induced by incubating sandy soil with debris of wild rocket (wr; diplotaxis tenuifolia) under field conditions. we studied microbial dynamics in the roots of cucumber seedlings following transplantation into wr-amended or nonamended soil, as influenced by inoculation with fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-cucumerinum. disease symptoms initiated in nonamended soil 6 days after inoculation, compared with 14 days in wr-amended soil. root infection by f. ...201322950737
the role of a dark septate endophytic fungus, veronaeopsis simplex y34, in fusarium disease suppression in chinese cabbage.the soil-inhabiting fungal pathogen fusarium oxysporum has been an increasing threat to chinese cabbage (brassica campestris l.). a dark septate endophytic fungus, veronaeopsis simplex y34, isolated from yaku island, japan, was evaluated in vitro for the ability to suppress fusarium disease. seedlings grown in the presence of the endophyte showed a 71% reduction in fusarium wilt disease and still had good growth. the disease control was achieved through a synergetic effect involving a mechanical ...201222923110
production of antifungal chitinase by aspergillus niger lock 62 and its potential role in the biological control.aspergillus niger lock 62 produces an antifungal chitinase. different sources of chitin in the medium were used to test the production of the chitinase. chitinase production was most effective when colloidal chitin and shrimp shell were used as substrates. the optimum incubation period for chitinase production by aspergillus niger lock 62 was 6 days. the chitinase was purified from the culture medium by fractionation with ammonium sulfate and affinity chromatography. the molecular mass of the pu ...201222922773
identification of antifungal niphimycin from streptomyces sp. kp6107 by screening based on adenylate kinase assay.microbial culture extracts are used for natural product screening to find antifungal lead compounds. a microbial culture extract library was constructed using 343 actinomycete isolates to examine the value of the adenylate kinase (ak) assay for screening to identify antifungal metabolites that disrupt cell integrity in plant pathogenic fungi. a culture extract of streptomyces sp. strain kp6107 lysed cells of fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici which resulted in high ak activity. the active ingr ...201322915202
composition and antipathogenic activities of the twig essential oil of chamaecyparis formosensis from this study, antipathogenic activities of the twig essential oil and its constituents from chamaecyparis formosensis matsum were evaluated in vitro against six plant pathogenic fungi. the essential oil from the fresh twigs was isolated using hydrodistillation in a clevenger-type apparatus, and characterized by gc-fid and gc-ms. twenty-five compounds were identified, representing 98.9% of the oil. the main components were beta-eudesmol (25.1%), tau-muurolol (21.6%), elemol (15.0%), totarol (14. ...201222908586
phytopathogenic fungal inhibitors from celery seeds.extract of celery (apium graveolens l.) seeds was investigated against phytopathogenic fungi. the light petroleum extract showed promising inhibition activities in the tests against rhizoctonia solani and fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfecum. chromatographic separation of the extract gave 19 fractions, one of which, qcz-4, possessed significant inhibitory rates of 64.6%, 88.4% and 54.7% at a concentration of 100 ppm against r. solani, f. oxysporium f. sp. vasinfecum and alternaria alternata, res ...201222908573
biotransformation of salvianolic acid b by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum and its two degradation routes.resting cells of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum (f. oxsporum) were used for the biotransformation of salvianolic acid b (sal b). three transformed products, isolithospermic acid, prolithospermic acid and danshensu, were identified on the basis of chemical and spectroscopic data. the stability of the two ester bonds of sal b was studied and two degradation routes were found. in the biotransformation system, sal b was transformed into isolithospermic acid first which was then converted into ...201222908572
differential chlorate inhibition of chaetomium globosum germination, hyphal growth, and perithecia synthesis.chaetomium globosum kunze:fr is a dermatophytic, dematiaceous fungus that is ubiquitous in soils, grows readily on cellulolytic materials, and is commonly found on water-damaged building materials. chlorate affects nitrogen metabolism in fungi and is used to study compatibility among anamorphic fungi by inducing nit mutants. the effect of chlorate toxicity on c. globosum was investigated by amending a modified malt extract agar (mea), oat agar, and carboxymethyl cellulose agar (cmc) with various ...201222903379
a non-cyclic baboon θ-defensin derivative exhibiting antimicrobial activity against the phytopathogen verticillium dahliae.θ-defensins are the only natural cyclic proteins found in primates. they have strong antimicrobial activity related to their trisulfide ladders and macrocyclic conformation. a non-cyclic baboon θ-defensin (btd) was synthesized by substituting valine with phenylalanine at position 17, at the c-terminal end of the btd; this was termed "btd-s." the antimicrobial activities of this synthetic peptide were investigated against escherichia coli and two cotton phytopathogens: verticillium dahliae and fu ...201322903319
transposition of the miniature inverted-repeat transposable element mimp1 in the wheat pathogen fusarium culmorum.high-throughput methods are needed for functional genomics analysis in fusarium culmorum, the cause of crown and foot rot on wheat and a type b trichothecene producer. our aim was to develop and test the efficacy of a double-component system based on the ability of the impala transposase to transactivate the miniature inverted-repeat transposable element mimp1 of fusarium oxysporum. we report, for the first time, the application of a tagging system based on a heterologous transposon and of splin ...201222897438
visualizing and quantifying fusarium oxysporum in the plant forms of fusarium oxysporum infect the roots of numerous plant species. i present a novel application of familiar methodology to visualize and quantify f. oxysporum in roots. infection in the roots of arabidopsis thaliana, tomato, and cotton was detected with colorimetric reagents that are substrates for fusarium spp.-derived arabinofuranosidase and n-acetyl-glucosaminidase activities and without the need for genetic modification of either plant host or fungal pathogen. similar pat ...201222894177
degradation of terbuthylazine, difenoconazole and pendimethalin pesticides by selected fungi cultures.contamination of waters by xenobiotic compounds such as pesticides presents a serious environmental problem with substantial levels of pesticides now contaminating european water resources. the aim of this work was to evaluate the ability of the fungi fusarium oxysporum, aspergillus oryzae, lentinula edodes, penicillium brevicompactum and lecanicillium saksenae, for the biodegradation of the pesticides terbuthylazine, difenoconazole and pendimethalin in batch liquid cultures. these pesticides ar ...201222878100
bioefficacy of novel cyanobacteria-amended formulations in suppressing damping off disease in tomato seedlings.biological control of plant pathogens is receiving increasing relevance, as compared to chemical methods, as they are eco-friendly, economical and indirectly improve plant quality and yield attributes. an investigation was undertaken to evaluate the potential of antagonistic cyanobacteria (anabaena variabilis rpan59 and a. oscillarioides rpan69) fortified formulations for suppressing damping off disease in tomato seedlings challenged by the inoculation of a fungal consortium (pythium debaryanum, ...201222869418
isolation and molecular characterization of a novel strain of bacillus with antifungal activity from the sorghum rhizosphere.we looked for bacterial strains with antifungal activity in the sorghum rhizosphere. a prescreening procedure to search for hemolytic activity among the isolated strains allowed us to detect good fungitoxic activity in a bacterial isolate that we named um96. this bacterial isolate showed strong growth inhibition in bioassays against the pathogens diaporthe phaseolorum, colletotrichum acutatum, rhizoctonia solani, and fusarium oxysporum. the supernatant of isolate um96 also showed strong hemolyti ...201222869080
identification and regulation of fusa, the polyketide synthase gene responsible for fusarin production in fusarium fujikuroi.fusarins are a class of mycotoxins of the polyketide family produced by different fusarium species, including the gibberellin-producing fungus fusarium fujikuroi. based on sequence comparisons between polyketide synthase (pks) enzymes for fusarin production in other fusarium strains, we have identified the f. fujikuroi orthologue, called fusa. the participation of fusa in fusarin biosynthesis was demonstrated by targeted mutagenesis. fusarin production is transiently stimulated by nitrogen avail ...201222865073
fungal-mediated nano silver: an effective adulticide against mosquito.fungi as such are known to be an effective mosquito control agent. in the present investigation, the effect of silver nanoparticles synthesized with chrysosporium keratinophilum, verticillium lecanii, and fusarium oxysporum f.sp. pisi has been evaluated against the adult mosquito of filariasis vector culex quinquefasciatus. the silver nanoparticles were characterized by using the uv-vis spectrophotometer and x-ray diffraction techniques. the micrographs of silver nanoparticles were obtained by t ...201222864863
transcriptome profiling of resistant and susceptible cavendish banana roots following inoculation with fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 4.fusarium wilt, caused by the fungal pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 4 (foc tr4), is considered the most lethal disease of cavendish bananas in the world. the disease can be managed in the field by planting resistant cavendish plants generated by somaclonal variation. however, little information is available on the genetic basis of plant resistance to foc tr4. to a better understand the defense response of resistant banana plants to the fusarium wilt pathogen, the transcr ...201222863187
genetic and physical mapping of candidate genes for resistance to fusarium oxysporum f.sp. tracheiphilum race 3 in cowpea [vigna unguiculata (l.) walp].fusarium oxysporum f.sp. tracheiphilum (fot) is a soil-borne fungal pathogen that causes vascular wilt disease in cowpea. fot race 3 is one of the major pathogens affecting cowpea production in california. identification of fot race 3 resistance determinants will expedite delivery of improved cultivars by replacing time-consuming phenotypic screening with selection based on perfect markers, thereby generating successful cultivars in a shorter time period. resistance to fot race 3 was studied in ...201222860000
production of fungal and bacterial growth modulating secondary metabolites is widespread among mycorrhiza-associated streptomycetes.studies on mycorrhiza associated bacteria suggest that bacterial-fungal interactions play important roles during mycorrhiza formation and affect plant health. we surveyed streptomyces actinobacteria, known as antibiotic producers and antagonists of fungi, from norway spruce mycorrhizas with predominantly piloderma species as the fungal partner.201222852578
hybrid molecules of carvacrol and benzoyl urea/thiourea with potential applications in agriculture and medicine.benzoyl phenyl urea, a class of insect growth regulator's acts by inhibiting chitin synthesis. carvacrol, a naturally occurring monoterpenoid is an effective antifungal agent. we have structurally modified carvacrol (2-methyl-5-[1-methylethyl] phenol) by introducing benzoylphenyl urea linkage. two series of benzoylcarvacryl thiourea (bctu, 4a-f) and benzoylcarvacryl urea (bcu, 5a-f) derivatives were prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, ir, (1)h and (13)c nmr and mass spectroscopy. d ...201222850211
new 1,3,4-bisthiadiazolines: synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluations.the bisthiadiazolines 4a-4g have been synthesized in good yields from the cyclization reactions of bisthiosemicarbazones 3a-3g with acetic anhydride. the condensation reaction of dibenzaldehydes 2a-2g with thiosemicarbazide in alcoholic medium provided 3a-3g and former were obtained from the o-alkylation of 3-hydroxybenzaldehyde with suitable 1,ω-dibromoalkanes under alkaline conditions in the presence of dry etoh/dmf. the intermediates 3a-3g and bishetrocyclics 4a-4g were also screened for thei ...201222832010
sesquiterpenes from the conifer root rot pathogen heterobasidion occidentale.investigation of the production of secondary metabolites of heterobasidion occidentale led to the isolation and identification of six sesquiterpenes (illudolone a and b, illudolactone a and b, deoxyfomannosin a and b) along with the well-known sesquiterpene fomannosin and the previously described benzohydrofuran fomannoxin. the structures and relative configurations of the compounds were determined by 1d and 2d nmr spectroscopic analysis as well as by hrms. their absolute configuration and biosy ...201222831894
integrated approach for disease management and growth enhancement of sesamum indicum l. utilizing azotobacter chroococcum tra2 and chemical fertilizer.azotobacter chroococcum tra2, an isolate of wheat rhizosphere displayed plant growth promoting attributes including indole acetic acid, hcn, siderophore production, solubilization of inorganic phosphate and fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. in addition, it showed strong antagonistic effect against macrophomina phaseolina and fusarium oxysporum. it also caused degradation and digestion of cell wall components, resulting in hyphal perforations, empty cell (halo) formation, shrinking and lysis of f ...201222828791
degradation of aromatic compounds through the β-ketoadipate pathway is required for pathogenicity of the tomato wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici.plant roots react to pathogen attack by the activation of general and systemic resistance, including the lignification of cell walls and increased release of phenolic compounds in root exudate. some fungi have the capacity to degrade lignin using ligninolytic extracellular peroxidases and laccases. aromatic lignin breakdown products are further catabolized via the β-ketoadipate pathway. in this study, we investigated the role of 3-carboxy-cis,cis-muconate lactonizing enzyme (cmle), an enzyme of ...201222827542
[anaerobic growth ability and alcohol fermentation activity of microscopic fungi].the method proposed in this study was used to isolate fungi grown under anaerobic conditions and to reveal distinctions in their abundance and species composition in different habitats. the ability of micromycetes of different taxa to grow under anaerobic conditions and ensure alcohol fermentation was determined for a representative sample (344 strains belonging to more than 60 species). the group of fungi growing under anaerobic conditions included species with high, moderate, and low fermentat ...201122808743
structure determination of two new trichothecenes from a halotolerant fungus myrothecium sp. gs-17 by nmr spectroscopy.two new trichothecenes, named 8α-hydroxyroridin h and myrothecin a, along with six known compounds, 8α-acetoxy roridin h, isororidin k, verrucarin a, verrucarin j, verrucarin l and 8α-acetoxy verrucarin l, were isolated from the fermentation broth of a halotolerant fungus myrothecium sp. gs-17, which was separated from the soil sample of a salina. structure elucidation and nmr signal assignments were achieved on the basis of spectroscopy. in addition, compounds 1 and 2 were active against plant ...201222806769
suppression of fusarium oxysporum and induced resistance of plants involved in the biocontrol of cucumber fusarium wilt by streptomyces bikiniensis hd-087.cucumber fusarium wilt, caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum, which usually leads to severe economic damage, is a common destructive disease worldwide. to date, no effective method has yet been found to counteract this disease. a fungal isolate, designated hd-087, which was identified as streptomyces bikiniensis using physiological-biochemical identification and 16s rrna sequence analysis, is shown to possess distinctive inhibitory activity against f. oxysporum. the fermentation broth ...201222806732
bioprospecting micromonospora from kaziranga national park of india and their anti-infective potential.large number of strains was isolated from soils of kaziranga national park of north-east india using selective isolation procedure. they were assigned to the genus micromonospora on the basis of their typical colonial and pigmentation features. the taxonomic identities of the isolates were confirmed on the basis of their molecular characters (16srdna). a total of one hundred micromonospora strains were isolated during the present investigation. the diagnostic cell wall sugar and amino acids were ...201222806196
a pleiotropic drug resistance transporter in nicotiana tabacum is involved in defense against the herbivore manduca sexta.pleiotropic drug resistance (pdr) transporters are a group of membrane proteins belonging to the abcg sub-family of atp binding cassette (abc) transporters. there is clear evidence for the involvement of plant abc transporters in resistance to fungal and bacterial pathogens, but not in the biotic stress response to insect or herbivore attack. here, we describe a pdr transporter, abcg5/pdr5, from nicotiana tabacum. gfp fusion and subcellular fractionation studies revealed that abcg5/pdr5 is local ...201222804955
[diversity and antimicrobial activities of actinomycetes from pesticide-contaminated spots in shandong peninsula].in order to study diversity and find antimicrobial activities of actinomycetes from pesticide-contaminated spots in shandong peninsula.201222799208
molecular characterization of stress resistance-related chitinase genes of brassica rapa.brassica is an important vegetable group worldwide that is impacted by biotic and abiotic stresses. molecular biology techniques offer the most efficient approach to address these concerns. inducible plant defense responses include the production of pathogenesis-related (pr) proteins, and chitinases are very important pr proteins. we collected 30 chitinase like genes, three from our full-length cdna library of brassica rapa cv. osome and 27 from brassica databases. sequence analysis and comparis ...201222796900
synthesis, antimicrobial evaluation and spectroscopic characterization of novel imidazolone, triazole and triazinone derivatives.the reactions of 2-phenyl-4-arylmethylene-2-oxazolin-5-ones (1a, b) and 2-phenyl-4-arylazo-2-oxazolin-5-ones (8a, b) with p-aminoazobenzene derivatives (2a-c) gave the corresponding imidazolone derivatives (4a-f) and triazole derivatives (10a-f), respectively. also, the reaction of 1a with o-aminophenol to give the imidazolone derivative 5 was studied. the reaction of 1a with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine gave the corresponding 1,2,4-triazine derivatives 14a-c, respectively. the newly synthesized c ...201222796528
the lateral organ boundaries domain transcription factor lbd20 functions in fusarium wilt susceptibility and jasmonate signaling in arabidopsis.the lateral organ boundaries (lob) domain (lbd) gene family encodes plant-specific transcriptional regulators functioning in organ development. in a screen of arabidopsis (arabidopsis thaliana) sequence-indexed transferred dna insertion mutants, we found disruption of the lob domain-containing protein20 (lbd20) gene led to increased resistance to the root-infecting vascular wilt pathogen fusarium oxysporum. in wild-type plants, lbd20 transcripts were barely detectable in leaves but abundant in r ...201222786889
physiological and biochemical aspects of the resistance of banana plants to fusarium wilt potentiated by silicon.silicon amendments to soil have resulted in a decrease of diseases caused by several soilborne pathogens affecting a wide number of crops. this study evaluated the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that may have increased resistance of banana to fusarium wilt, caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense, after treatment with silicon (si) amendment. plants from the grand nain (resistant to f. oxysporum f. sp. cubense) and "maçã" (susceptible to f. oxysporum f. sp. cubense) were grown in pl ...201222784251
sensitivity of some nitrogen fixers and the target pest fusarium oxysporum to fungicide thiram.this study was carried out to investigate the toxic effects of the fungicide thiram (tmtd) against five nitrogen fixers and the thiram target pest fusarium oxysporum under laboratory conditions. nitrogen fixing bacteria falvobacterium showed the highest values of ld(50) and proved to be the most resistant to the fungicide followed by fusarium oxysporum, while pseudomonas aurentiaca was the most affected microorganism. ld(50) values for these microorganisms were in 2-5 orders of magnitude lower i ...201222783146
induction of systemic resistance of benzothiadiazole and humic acid in soybean plants against fusarium wilt disease.the ability of benzothiadiazole (bth) and/or humic acid (ha) used as seed soaking to induce systemic resistance against a pathogenic strain of fusarium oxysporum was examined in four soybean cultivars under greenhouse conditions. alone and in combination the inducers were able to protect soybean plants against damping-off and wilt diseases compared with check treatment. these results were confirmed under field conditions in two different locations (minia and new valley governorates). the tested ...201122783118
enhancing effect of shimizuomyces paradoxus on seed germination and seedling growth of canola, plant growth of cucumber, and harvest of tomato.shimizuomyces paradoxus showed no inhibitory effect against plant pathogen fungi, such as fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici and alternaria solani. the s. paradoxus culture filtrate showed higher seed germination and seedling growth rates in canola than distilled water and potato-dextrose broth. a conidial suspension of 1.0×10(4)/ml resulted in the highest growth stimulating effects on total plant length, and fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots in cucumber, when compared to the highest s ...201122783066
antifungal activity of phenyl derivative of pyranocoumarin from psoralea corylifolia l. seeds by inhibition of acetylation activity of trichothecene 3-o-acetyltransferase (tri101).antifungal activity of petroleum ether extract of psoralea corylifolia l. seed, tested against fusarium sp. namely, fusarium oxysporum, fusarium moniliforme, and fusarium graminearum, was evaluated by agar well diffusion assay. the chromatographic fractionation of the extract yielded a new phenyl derivative of pyranocoumarin (pdp). the structure of the pdp was confirmed using spectroscopic characterization (gc-ms, ir, and nmr), and a molecular mass of m/z 414 [m-2h](+) with molecular formula c(2 ...201222778547
linking fungal communities in roots, rhizosphere, and soil to the health status of pisum sativum.changes in fungal communities associated with healthy and diseased pea roots were investigated using deep amplicon pyrosequencing in three spatial compartments: roots, rhizosphere, and surrounding soil. thirty root systems were collected from three fields, half of which showing clear symptoms of root rot. in total, 500,461 internal transcribed spacer-1 sequences were obtained that were clustered into 123 (roots), 271 (rhizosphere), and 440 (bulk soil) nonsingleton operational taxonomic units (ot ...201222775574
application of a multiplex suspension array for rapid and simultaneous identification of clinically important mold pathogens.we have developed a microsphere-based suspension array (msa) for the identification of 23 medically important mold pathogens including aspergillus spp., fusarium spp., mucor spp., rhizopus spp., rhizomucor pusillus, penicillium marneffei, saksenaea vasiformis, apophysomyces elegans, lichtheimia corymbifer, and syncephalastrum racemosum. twenty-one oligonucleotide probes were designed based on the internal transcribed spacer (its2) region for species level identification of molds. among the 21 pr ...201222771862
diversity and chemotaxis of soil bacteria with antifungal activity against fusarium wilt of banana.the chemotactic response of bacteria to root exudates plays an important role in the colonization of bacteria in the rhizosphere. in this study, 420 strains of antifungal bacteria against fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (foc) were screened for chemotaxis based on a chea molecular diagnostic method. a total of 124 strains with antifungal efficiencies of 27.26-67.14 % generated a characteristic band of chea. the chemotaxis of 97 bacterial strains producing a chea band was confirmed using the dro ...201222763749
expression of recombinant earli1, a hybrid proline-rich protein of arabidopsis, in escherichia coli and its inhibition effect to the growth of fungal pathogens and saccharomyces cerevisiae.earli1 is an arabidopsis gene with pleiotropic effects previously shown to have auxiliary functions in protecting plants against freezing-induced cellular damage and promoting germinability under low-temperature and salinity stresses. here we determined whether recombinant earli1 protein has anti-fungal activity. recombinant earli1 protein lacking its signal peptide was produced in escherichia coli bl21(de3) using isopropyl β-d-1-thiogalactopyranoside (iptg) induction and the prokaryotic express ...201222759515
extraction optimization of water-extracted mycelial polysaccharide from endophytic fungus fusarium oxysporum dzf17 by response surface methodology.water-extracted mycelial polysaccharide (wps) from the endophytic fungus fusarium oxysporum dzf17 isolated from dioscorea zingiberensis was found to be an efficient elicitor to enhance diosgenin accumulation in d. zingigerensis cultures, and also demonstrated antioxidant activity. in this study, response surface methodology (rsm) was employed to optimize the extraction process of wps from f. oxysporum dzf17 using box-behnken design (bbd). the ranges of the factors investigated were 1-3 h for ext ...201222754306
biocontrol potential of siderophore producing heavy metal resistant alcaligenes sp. and pseudomonas aeruginosa rzs3 vis-à-vis organophosphorus present study in vitro phytopathogen suppression activity of siderophoregenic preparations of ni and mn resistant alcaligenes sp. stc1 and pseudomonas aeruginosa rzs3 sh-94b isolated from soil were found superior over the chemical pesticide. siderophore rich culture broth and siderophore rich supernatant exerted antifungal activity against aspergillus niger ncim 1025, aspergillus flavus ncim 650, fusarium oxysporum ncim 1281, alternaria alternata ari 715, cercospora arachichola, metarhizium a ...201122754001
molecular screening of streptomyces isolates for antifungal activity and family 19 chitinase enzymes.thirty soil-isolates of streptomyces were analyzed to determine their antagonism against plant-pathogenic fungi including fusarium oxysporum, pythium aristosporum, colletotrichum gossypii, and rhizoctonia solani. seven isolates showed antifungal activity against one or more strain of the tested fungi. based on the 16s rdna sequence analysis, these isolates were identified as streptomyces tendae (yh3), s. griseus (yh8), s. variabilis (yh21), s. endus (yh24), s. violaceusniger (yh27a), s. endus (y ...201222752910
the structure of a gh10 xylanase from fusarium oxysporum reveals the presence of an extended loop on top of the catalytic cleft.xylanase enzymes have been the focus of considerable research in recent decades owing to their extensive use in a variety of biotechnological applications. previous structural studies of a number of gh10 xylanases revealed that all gh10 family members have the (β/α)(8)-barrel fold and their catalytic site is conserved. the structure of a new gh10 xylanase from fusarium oxysporum (foxyn10a) was determined at 1.94 å resolution from crystals belonging to the tetragonal space group p4(1)2(1)2 with f ...201222751658
individual variability of mytimycin gene expression in mussel.the antifungal peptide mytimycin (mytm) is synthesized by hemocytes of the mediterranean mussel, mytilus galloprovincialis. in addition to sequence and gene structure diversities previously reported from pooled hemocytes, the present report focused on the expression of mytm gene in individual m. galloprovincialis, before and after challenge. within untreated mussel, mytm mrna was observed by ish in about 42% of circulating hemocytes, characterized by large, diffuse nucleus. injection with fusari ...201222750680
expression of the ginseng pgpr10-1 in arabidopsis confers resistance against fungal and bacterial infection.korean ginseng (panax ginseng c. a. meyer) consists of nine cultivars from three jakyung, chungkyung, and hwangsook lines. among three previously identified pr-10 homologs from ginseng (pgpr10-1, pgpr10-2, and pgpr10-3), we found that the exact same sequence of pgpr10-2 exist in all tested nine cultivars. but a deletion and snp was found in american ginseng (panax quinquefolius). pr-10 proteins are known to be small and cytosolic, and showed similar three-dimensional structure. here we show that ...201222750300
genetic basis of carotenoid overproduction in fusarium oxysporum.the phytopathogenic fungus fusarium oxysporum is a model organism in the study of plant-fungus interactions. as other fusarium species, illuminated cultures of f. oxysporum exhibit an orange pigmentation because of the synthesis of carotenoids, and its genome contains orthologous light-regulated car genes for this biosynthetic pathway. by chemical mutagenesis, we obtained carotenoid overproducing mutants of f. oxysporum, called cars, with upregulated mrna levels of the car genes. to identify the ...201222750191
a nonpathogenic fusarium oxysporum strain enhances phytoextraction of heavy metals by the hyperaccumulator sedum alfredii hance.low biomass and shallow root systems limit the application of heavy metal phytoextraction by hyperaccumulators. plant growth-promoting microbes may enhance hyperaccumulators'phytoextraction. a heavy metal-resistant fungus belonged to the fusarium oxysporum complex was isolated from the zn/cd co-hyperaccumulator sedum alfredii hance grown in a pb/zn mined area. this fusarium fungus was not pathogenic to plants but promoted host growth. hydroponic experiments showed that 500 μm zn(2+) or 50 μm cd( ...201222749969
identification of antimicrobial compound, diketopiperazines, from a bacillus sp. n strain associated with a rhabditid entomopathogenic nematode against major plant pathogenic purify and characterize antimicrobial compounds from bacillus sp. strain n associated with rhabditid entomopathogenic nematode (epn).201222747978
petunia floral defensins with unique prodomains as novel candidates for development of fusarium wilt resistance in transgenic banana plants.antimicrobial peptides are a potent group of defense active molecules that have been utilized in developing resistance against a multitude of plant pathogens. floral defensins constitute a group of cysteine-rich peptides showing potent growth inhibition of pathogenic filamentous fungi especially fusarium oxysporum in vitro. full length genes coding for two petunia floral defensins, phdef1 and phdef2 having unique c-terminal 31 and 27 amino acid long predicted prodomains, were overexpressed in tr ...201222745785
identification of fungi associated with rotylenchulus reniformis.the objective of this work was to isolate and identify fungi associated with r. reniformis in cotton roots. soil samples were collected in cotton fields naturally infested with r. reniformis and from cotton stock plants cultured in the greenhouse. nematodes extracted from the soil were observed under the stereoscope, and discolored eggs and vermiform stages colonized with mycelia were cultured on 1.5% water agar supplemented with antibiotics, and incubated at 27°c. identification of the nematoph ...201022736864
efficacy of sludge and manure compost amendments against fusarium wilt of cucumber.fusarium wilt of cucumber caused by the fungus, fusarium oxysporum, is one of the most destructive soilborne diseases and can result in serious economic loss. no efficient fungicide is currently available to control the disease. the aim of this study was to examine the disease suppression ability of pig manure and sludge composts in peat-based container media and explore the possible disease suppression mechanisms. pig manure and sewage sludge compost were made in laboratory-scale tanks. plant g ...201222729873
biocontrol of verticillium wilt and colonization of cotton plants by an endophytic bacterial explore biocontrol potential of 39 daeb isolates (doubly antagonistic towards both verticillium dahliae kleb and fusarium oxysporum) against verticillium wilt of cotton and to elucidate colonization and category characteristics of an endophytic bacterium with significant biocontrol activity.201222726297
the efficacy of voriconazole in 24 ocular fusarium infections.we examined, retrospectively, the efficacy of voriconazole in fusarium eye infections.201322718362
inhibitory effects of essential oils of medicinal plants from growth of plant pathogenic fungi.plant cells produce a vast amount of secondary metabolites. production of some compounds is restricted to a single species. some compounds are nearly always found only in certain specific plant organs and during a specific developmental period of the plant. some secondary metabolites of plants serve as defensive compounds against invading microorganisms. nowadays, it is attempted to substitute the biological and natural agents with chemically synthesized fungicides. in the present research, the ...201122702190
the wor1-like protein fgp1 regulates pathogenicity, toxin synthesis and reproduction in the phytopathogenic fungus fusarium graminearum.wor1 is a gene for a conserved fungal regulatory protein controlling the dimorphic switch and pathogenicity determents in candida albicans and its ortholog in the plant pathogen fusarium oxysporum, called sge1, is required for pathogenicity and expression of key plant effector proteins. f. graminearum, an important pathogen of cereals, is not known to employ switching and no effector proteins from f. graminearum have been found to date that are required for infection. in this study, the potentia ...201222693448
antifungal activity of bacillus amyloliquefaciens njn-6 volatile compounds against fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense.bacillus amyloliquefaciens njn-6 produces volatile compounds (vocs) that inhibit the growth and spore germination of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense. among the total of 36 volatile compounds detected, 11 compounds completely inhibited fungal growth. the antifungal activity of these compounds suggested that vocs can play important roles over short and long distances in the suppression of fusarium oxysporum.201222685147
expression of the cameleon calcium biosensor in fungi reveals distinct ca(2+) signatures associated with polarized growth, development, and pathogenesis.calcium is a universal messenger that translates diverse environmental stimuli and developmental cues into specific cellular and developmental responses. while individual fungal species have evolved complex and often unique biochemical and structural mechanisms to exploit specific ecological niches and to adjust growth and development in response to external stimuli, one universal feature to all is that ca(2+)-mediated signaling is involved. the lack of a robust method for imaging spatial and te ...201222683653
bacillus strains isolated from rhizosphere showed plant growth promoting and antagonistic activity against bacterial isolates screened from rhizosphere of common bean growing at uttarakhand himalaya showed potential plant growth promoting (pgp) and antagonistic activities. based on 16s rrna gene sequence the isolate bpr7 was identified as bacillus sp. bpr7. the strain bpr7 produced iaa, siderophore, phytase, organic acid, acc deaminase, cyanogens, lytic enzymes, oxalate oxidase, and solubilized various sources of organic and inorganic phosphates as well as potassium and zinc. strain bpr7 strong ...201222677517
high-resolution melting analysis allowed fast and accurate closed-tube genotyping of fusarium oxysporum formae speciales complex.the fungus fusarium oxysporum is a highly complex species composed by many strains put together into groups called formae speciales. as it is difficult and laborious to discriminate fusarium formae specials via biochemical or phenotypic methods, it is very important to develop novel, rapid, and simple to perform identification methods. herein, real-time pcr assay [using universal internal transcribed spacer (its) primers] coupled with high-resolution melting (hrm) analysis was developed for iden ...201222670678
development and utility of cleaved amplified polymorphic sequences (caps) and restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflps) linked to the fom-2 fusarium wilt resistance gene in melon (cucumis melo l.).fusarium wilt, caused by fusarium oxysporum schlecht f. sp. melonis snyder & hans, is a worldwide soil-borne disease of melon (cucumis melo l.). resistance to races 0 and 1 of fusarium wilt is conditioned by the dominant gene fom-2. to facilitate marker-assisted backcrossing with selection for fusarium wilt resistance, we developed cleaved amplified polymorphic sequences (caps) and restriction fragment length polymorphisms (rflp) markers by converting rapd markers e07 (a 1.25-kb band) and g17 (a ...199922665178
refractory disseminated fusariosis by fusarium verticillioides in a patient with acute myeloid leukaemia relapsed after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a case report and literature review.fusarium species are among the leading fungal pathogens to cause invasive mould infections in patients with hematopoietic malignancy. the fusarium species most frequently involved in human infections are fusarium solani, fusarium oxysporum and fusarium verticillioides. however, identification is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. fusarium is resistant in vitro to many of the antifungal agents and the management of fusariosis is not well defined.201322659590
synthesis and antifungal activity of novel pyrazolecarboxamide derivatives containing a hydrazone moiety.the plant pathogenic fungus (such as gibberella zeae, fusarium oxysporum and cytospora mandshurica) causes devastating disease in agriculture. the pathogenic fungus is responsible for billions of dollars in economic losses worldwide each year. in order to discover new fungicidal molecule with good fungicidal activity against g. zeae, f. oxysporum, and c. mandshurica, we sought to combine the active sub-structure of hydrazone and pyrazole amide derivatives together to design and synthesize novel ...201222647315
small rna isolation and library construction for expression profiling of small rnas from neurospora and fusarium using illumina high-throughput deep sequencing.due to crucial roles in gene regulation, noncoding small rnas (smrnas) of 20-30 nucleotides (nt) have been intensively studied in mammals and plants, and are known to be implicated in significant diseases and metabolic disorders. elucidation of biogenesis mechanisms and functional characterization of smrnas are often achieved using tools, such as separation of small-sized rna and high-throughput sequencing. although rna interference pathways such as quelling and meiotic silencing have been well ...201222589132
the ultrasound-assisted extraction and identification of antifungal substances from b. amyloliquefaciens strain njn-6 suppressing fusarium oxysporum.the primary mechanism underlying antagonism among microorganisms is the production of antagonistic substances called antibiotics that inhibit the growth of pathogens. in this study, the antagonistic substances produced by the bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain njn-6 that had antifungal activity against fusarium oxysporum were extracted and identified. the active antifungal substance was extracted from dried leavening with ultrasound-assisted extraction (uae), using n -butanol as the extractant. h ...201222581589
extracellular biosynthesis of platinum nanoparticles using the fungus fusarium oxysporum.nanoscience is a blooming field and promises a better future. in order to fabricate nanoparticles in an eco-friendly and inexpensive manner, significant efforts are being made to replace the chemical and physical methods currently being used with the biological methods. chemical methods are toxic while the physical ones are very expensive. biological methods, apart from being cost-effective, also provide protein capped nanoparticles which are thus very stable, have good dispersity and do not flo ...201222580481
integrated management of foot rot of lentil using biocontrol agents under field condition.the efficacy of cowdung, bangladesh institute of nuclear agriculture (bina)-biofertilizer, and bangladesh agricultural university (bau)-biofungicide, alone or in combination, was evaluated for controlling foot rot disease of lentil. the results exhibited that bina-biofertilizer and baubiofungicide (peat soil-based rhizobium leguminosarum and black gram bran-based trichoderma harzianum) are compatible and have combined effects in controlling the pathogenic fungi fusarium oxysporum and sclerotium ...201222580305
synthesis, spectroscopic and biological activities studies of acyclic and macrocyclic mono and binuclear metal complexes containing a hard-soft schiff base.mono- and bi-nuclear acyclic and macrocyclic complexes with hard-soft schiff base, h(2)l, ligand derived from the reaction of 4,6-diacetylresorcinol and thiocabohydrazide, in the molar ratio 1:2 have been prepared. the h(2)l ligand reacts with co(ii), ni(ii), cu(ii), zn(ii), mn(ii) and uo(2)(vi) nitrates, vo(iv) sulfate and ru(iii) chloride to get acyclic binuclear complexes except for vo(iv) and ru(iii) which gave acyclic mono-nuclear complexes. reaction of the acyclic mono-nuclear vo(iv) and r ...201222580137
cloning and expression of pathogenesis-related protein 4 from jelly fig (ficus awkeotsang makino) achenes associated with ribonuclease, chitinase and anti-fungal activities.a cdna fragment (fapr4) encoding a class i pathogenesis-related protein 4 (pr-4) from ficus awkeotsang was obtained by pcr cloning. plant pr-4s were grouped into class i and ii, differing by the presence of chtbd and hinge. the predicted mature fapr4 comprises n-terminal chitin-binding domain (chtbd), hinge, barwin domain and c-terminal extension. fapr4-c, an n-terminal truncated form of fapr4, was designed to mimic the structural feature of class ii pr-4s. fapr4 and fapr4-c were over-expressed ...201222579939
molecular characterization of syrian date palm cultivars using plasmid-like dna palm (phoenix dactylifera l.) is one of the most important domesticated fruit trees in the near east and north african countries. this tree has been, for several decades, in serious threat of being completely destroyed by the "bayoud" disease caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis. in this study, 18 syrian date palm cultivars and four male trees were analyzed according to the identity of mitochondrial plasmid-like dnas. a pcr strategy that employs plasmid-like dnas-specific primer pa ...201222568006
structural and biochemical changes in salicylic-acid-treated date palm roots challenged with fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis.histochemical and ultrastructural analyses were carried out to assess structural and biochemical changes in date palm roots pretreated with salicylic acid (sa) then inoculated with fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis (foa). flavonoids, induced proteins, and peroxidase activity were revealed in root tissues of sa-treated plants after challenge by foa. these reactions were closely associated with plant resistance to foa. host reactions induced after inoculation of sa-treated plants with foa includ ...201122567327
synthesis and fungicidal activity of novel 3-(substituted/unsubstituted phenylselenonyl)-1-ribosyl/deoxyribosyl-1h-1,2,4-triazole.reaction of potassium 1h-1,2,4-triazole-3-selenolate (i) with acetylated ribose/deoxyribose (iia,b) in the presence of montmorillonite k 10 as a solid adsorbent furnished potassium 1-acetylated ribosyl/deoxyribosyl-1h-1,2,4-triazole-3-selenolate (iiia,b) with excellent yield under microwave irradiation in solvent-free conditions. this eliminates a series of complex isolation procedures and often minimizes the use of a large amount of expensive, toxic, and hazardous solvents after each step. this ...201222563913
synthesis and bioactivity of pyrazole acyl thiourea derivatives.sixteen novel pyrazole acyl thiourea derivatives 6 were synthesized from monomethylhydrazine (phenylhydrazine) and ethyl acetoacetate. the key 5-chloro-3-methyl-1-substituted-1h-pyrazole-4-carbonyl chloride intermediates 4 were first generated in four steps through cyclization, formylation, oxidation and acylation. thess were then reacted with ammonium thiocyanate in the presence of peg-400 to afford 5-chloro-3-methyl-1-substituted-1h-pyrazole-4-carbonyl isothiocyanates 5. subsequent reaction wi ...201222555301
a pr-1-like protein of fusarium oxysporum functions in virulence on mammalian hosts.the pathogenesis-related pr-1-like protein family comprises secreted proteins from the animal, plant, and fungal kingdoms whose biological function remains poorly understood. here we have characterized a pr-1-like protein, fpr1, from fusarium oxysporum, an ubiquitous fungal pathogen that causes vascular wilt disease on a wide range of plant species and can produce life-threatening infections in immunocompromised humans. fpr1 is secreted and proteolytically processed by the fungus. the fpr1 gene ...201222553200
recalcitrant purulent paronychia and onychomycosis caused by fusarium oxysporum. 201222551386
ginkgolide b produced endophytic fungus (fusarium oxysporum) isolated from ginkgo screen the presence of ginkgolide b-producing endophytic fungi from the root bark of ginkgo biloba, a total of 27 fungal isolates, belonging to 6 different genus, were isolated from the internal root bark of the plant ginkgo biloba. the fungal isolates were fermented on solid media and their metabolites were analyzed by tlc. the obtained potential ginkgolides-producing fungus, the isolate syp0056 which was identified as fusarium oxysporum, was successively cultured in the liquid fermentation ...201222537641
bromelain, a cysteine protease from pineapple (ananas comosus) stem, is an inhibitor of fungal plant pathogens.this study aimed to evaluate the effect of bromelain, a cysteine protease isolated from pineapple (ananas comosus), on growth of several agronomically important fungal pathogens.201222537505
purification, characterization of a ckchn134 protein from cynanchum komarovii seeds and synergistic effect with cktlp against verticillium dahliae.cynanchum komarovii al iljinski is a desert plant that has been used as analgesic, anthelminthic, and antidiarrheal, but also as herbal medicine to treat cholecystitis in people. in this work, an antifungal protein with sequence homology to chitinase was isolated from c. komarovii seeds and named ckchn134. the three-dimensional structure prediction of ckchn134 indicated that the protein has a loop domain formed a thin cleft, which is able to bind molecules and substrates. the protein and cktlp s ...201222532259
genetic diversity analysis and development of scar marker for detection of indian populations of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris causing chickpea wilt.genetic diversity of the isolates of fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris causing chickpea wilt collected from 12 states representing different agro-ecological regions of india was determined through randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) markers. the upgma cluster analysis grouped the isolates into eight categories showing high magnitude of genetic diversity. each group had the isolates from different states present in various agro-ecological regions of india. therefore, the groups generated th ...201222528298
characterization of an endophytic whorl-forming streptomyces from catharanthus roseus stems producing polyene macrolide endophytic whorl-forming streptomyces sp. designated as ts3ro having antifungal activity against a large number of fungal pathogens, including sclerotinia sclerotiorum, rhizoctonia solani, colletotrichum gloeosporioides, cryphonectria parasitica, fusarium oxysporum, pyrenophora tritici-repentis, epidermophyton floccosum, and trichophyton rubrum, was isolated from surface-sterilized catharanthus roseus stems. preliminary identification showed that streptomyces cinnamoneus subsp. sparsus was it ...201222524528
dimerization of plant defensin nad1 enhances its antifungal activity.the plant defensin, nad1, from the flowers of nicotiana alata, is a member of a family of cationic peptides that displays growth inhibitory activity against several filamentous fungi, including fusarium oxysporum. the antifungal activity of nad1 has been attributed to its ability to permeabilize membranes; however, the molecular basis of this function remains poorly defined. in this study, we have solved the structure of nad1 from two crystal forms to high resolution (1.4 and 1.58 å, respectivel ...201222511788
endophytic fungi from pigeon pea [cajanus cajan (l.) millsp.] produce antioxidant cajaninstilbene this study, novel endophytic fungi producing cajaninstilbene acid (csa) from pigeon pea [ cajanus cajan (l.) millsp.] were investigated and screened. csa has prominent pharmacological activities. a total of 110 endophytic fungi isolates were grouped into 8 genera on the basis of morphological characteristics, and csa-producing fungi were screened by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (lc-ms/ms). according to its-rdna sequences analysis, the csa-producing fungi were identified as f ...201222494407
fungi associated with the southern eurasian orchid spiranthes spiralis (l.) chevall.the hitherto unknown relationships between the european orchid spiranthes spiralis (l.) chevall and its internally associated fungi were explored by a combined approach involving microscopy-based investigations at a morpho-histological level as well as by molecular analyses of the identity of the eukaryotic endophytes present in the root tissue of the plant. we found that this orchid which is currently reported to have a vulnerable status in northern italy, can host and interact with at least ni ...201222483052
use of two bacteria for biological control of bayoud disease caused by fusarium oxysporum in date palm (phoenix dactylifera l) seedlings.the bayoud, caused by fusarium oxysporum f. sp. albedinis (foa), is the most destructive disease of date palm (phoenix dactylifera l) in morocco and algeria, with no effective control strategy yet available. in this work, two bacteria, bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain ag1 (ag) and burkholderia cepacia strain cs5 (cs), were examined for their potential to control this disease. both bacterial strains inhibited both growth and sporulation of foa. they released compounds into the culture medium, wh ...201222480991
the top 10 fungal pathogens in molecular plant pathology.the aim of this review was to survey all fungal pathologists with an association with the journal molecular plant pathology and ask them to nominate which fungal pathogens they would place in a 'top 10' based on scientific/economic importance. the survey generated 495 votes from the international community, and resulted in the generation of a top 10 fungal plant pathogen list for molecular plant pathology. the top 10 list includes, in rank order, (1) magnaporthe oryzae; (2) botrytis cinerea; (3) ...201222471698
identification and biocontrol efficacy of streptomyces miharaensis producing filipin iii against fusarium wilt.a number of bacterial strains were isolated from the internal tissue of trapa japonica. of these, strain kpe62302h, which had a 16s rdna sequence identical to that of streptomyces miharaensis showed antifungal activity against several plant pathogens. treatment of seeds with strain kpe62302h induced a significant reduction in the incidence of fusarium wilt in tomato plants compared with untreated controls. an antifungal substance (fp-1) was purified from the culture extract of strain kpe62302h u ...201122460913
synthesis of a new group of aliphatic hydrazide derivatives and the correlations between their molecular structure and biological view of the growing demand for new compounds showing biological activity against pathogenic microorganisms, such as pathogenic and phytopathogenic fungi, the objective of this study was to synthesize a new group of aliphatic and aromatic derivatives of hydrazide. in consequence of the reactions observed during synthesis, the resulting compounds retained their linear structure. their structure and lipophilicity, measured by high-performance liquid chromatography (hplc), were analyzed. correlat ...201222441334
season and tissue type affect fungal endophyte communities of the indian medicinal plant tinospora cordifolia more strongly than geographic location.a total of 1,151 endophytic fungal isolates representing 29 taxa were isolated from symptom-less, surface-sterilized segments of stem, leaf, petiole, and root of tinospora cordifolia which had been collected at three locations differing in air pollution in india (ramnagar, banaras hindu university, maruadih) during three seasons (summer, monsoon, winter). endophytes were most abundant in leaf tissues (29.38% of all isolates), followed by stem (18.16%), petiole (10.11%), and root segments (6.27%) ...201222430503
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