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the control of conidial differentiation in neurospora crassa. 196013829321
studies of adenylosuccinase in mutants and revertants of neurospora crassa. 196017247942
ascus formation and recombinant frequencies in neurospora crassa. 196017247940
an enzymatic difference among pyr-3 mutants of neurospora crassa. 196016590656
comparative complementation and genetic maps of the pan-2 locus in neurospora crassa. 196016590655
directional effect of hydrocortisone acetate on the free amino acids of neurospora crassa. 196014426371
stimulation of carotene synthesis in submerged cultures of neurospora crassa by surface-active agents and ammonium nitrate. 196014412355
[o-carboxyanilino]-1-desoxyfructose in a medium of a neurospora crassa mutant]. 196014417247
some properties of glutamic dehydrogenase from neurospora crassa. 196014426898
acid-soluble nucleotide spectrum of neurospora crassa. 196013854858
a nitrite reductase from neurospora crassa. 196014426899
[comparative studies on the effect of choline analogues on choline-requiring mutants 34,486 and 47,904 of neurospora crassa]. 196014424877
nuclear and cytoplasmic effects of ultraviolet irradiation in neurospora crassa. 196013733281
the relationship of sodium, potassium, and deoxycorticosterone in neurospora crassa. 195916590577
electron microscopy of neurospora crassa mycelia.the fine structure of vegetative mycelia of the filamentous ascomycete, neurospora crassa, has been investigated by the standard techniques of electron microscopy. addition of uranyl nitrate to the methacrylate-embedding medium minimized disruption of the specimens-an accident often observed in the preparation of microbial material. this report describes the presence of a chitinous polysaccharide wall containing fine fibrils embedded in a homogeneous matrix. a sinuate plasma membrane lies adjace ...195914445619
on the nature of the glutamic dehydrogenase produced by inter-allele complementation at the am locus of neurospora crassa. 195913822822
tracer studies of pyrimidine synthesis by neurospora crassa 1298. 195913803550
asexual selection in neurospora crassa. 195917247894
transaminase activity in neurospora crassa. ii. kinetic behavior of a phenylpyruvate transaminase. 195914444465
transaminase activity in neurospora crassa. i. purification and substrate specificity of a phenylpyruvate transaminase. 195914444464
differential response of a double mutant--adenineless, inositolless-in neurospora crassa to combined treatment by ultra-violet radiation and chemicals. 195914420369
mutant-associated antagonisms in neurospora crassa. 195913804593
protoplasts from neurospora crassa. 195913795550
studies on normal and genetically altered tryptophan synthetase from neurospora crassa. 195916590520
tartaric acid metabolism of neurospora crassa.the growth of wild type neurospora crassa is stimulated by various organic acids including tartaric, tartronic, and mesoxalic acids. evidence is presented that this organism converts d- or l-tartaric acid to tartronic and mesoxalic acid, probably by fixation of co(2).195913675775
enzymatic activity of a genetically altered tryptophan synthetase in neurospora crassa.partially purified preparations of certain tryptophan-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa, which contain a protein (crm) antigenically related to wild-type tryptophan synthetase, possess indole glycerol phosphate-synthesizing activity. this activity can be inhibited by anti-crm sera. it is suggested that crm in such mutants represents a damaged tryptophan synthetase lacking the capacity to react with l-serine.195913668507
enzyme complementation in vitro between adenylosuccinaseless mutants of neurospora crassa. 195916590454
on the induced synthesis of an enzyme required for biosynthesis of an essential metabolite: induced kynureninase synthesis in neurospora crassa. 195913651976
the accumulation of phosphate esters of mono- and dimethyl-ethanolamine by a mutant strain of neurospora crassa. 195913654320
the formation of methionine by a methionine-requiring mutant of neurospora crassa. 195913654717
apparent self-fertility in neurospora crassa. 195913654715
linkage of polygenes controlling size ascospore in neurospora crassa. 195913632849
genetic alteration of pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase in neurospora crassa. 195916590370
on a mechanism of suppressor gene regulation of tryptophan synthetase activity in neurospora crassa. 195916590369
a gene modifying the thiamine-requirement of strains of neurospora crassa. 195913631181
an omega-hydroxy-alpha-amino acid dehydrogenase of neurospora crassa; partial purification and some properties. 195913630906
pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase of neurospora crassa; partial purification and some properties. 195913630905
[the effect of ethyleneimino-p-benzoquinones on neurospora crassa. brief communication]. 195914436476
[the effect of 4-ethylene-1-butene-3-ol on neurospora crassa]. 195914436475
induction of arginase synthesis * an auxotroph of neurospora crassa. 195913855614
genetic analyses of the pyr-3 locus of neurospora crassa: the bearing of recombination and gene conversion upon intraallelic linearity. 195913835862
[research on inositol metabolism in an inositol-autotrophic and an inositol-heterotrophic strain of neurospora crassa]. 195913827539
[establishment of a balance of meso-inositol in two strains of neurospora crassa, autotrophic and heterotrophic for this factor]. 195913827538
spontaneous mutations in dry spores of neurospora crassa. 195913795075
[inhibition of molybdenum-dependent nitrate reductase by wolfram in neurospora crassa]. 195913650586
the accumulation of dimethylethanolamine by a mutant strain of neurospora crassa. 195913628622
the accumulation of acetylmethylcarbinol and acetylethylcarbinol by a mutant of neurospora crassa and its significance in the biosynthesis of isoleucine and valine. 195913610901
complementation at the ad-4 locus in neurospora crassa. 195816590338
dissociation of rubidium uptake by neurospora crassa into entry and binding phases. 195816590325
the influence of molybdenum toxicity on sulfur amino acid metabolism in neurospora crassa. 195813607471
a direct method for determination of forward-mutation rates in neurospora crassa. 195813590301
the biosynthesis of isoleucine and valine in neurospora crassa. 195816590304
metabolism of nicotinamide and nicotinic acid in neurospora crassa. 195813584324
the genetic control of conidiation in a heterokaryon of neurospora crassa. 195813575750
sulfate inhibition of thiosulfate utilization by certain strains of neurospora crassa. 195813572035
production, reproduction, and reversion of protoplast-like structures in the osmotic strain of neurospora crassa. 195816590257
aberrant recombination at the am locus in neurospora crassa. 195813566090
the exclusion of free indole as an intermediate in the biosynthesis of tryptophan in neurospora crassa. 195813560421
study of folic acid derivatives in neurospora crassa and the recognition of a mutant resistant to aminopterin. 195813549368
evidence from tetrad analysis for both normal and aberrant recombination between allelic mutants in neurospora crassa. 195816590210
kinetics of tyrosine oxidation by crude tyrosinase preparations from neurospora crassa. 195813554558
the effects of deoxycorticosterone and other steroids on neurospora crassa. 195813534700
studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa. iii. reversion of x-ray-induced mutants. 195817247749
some factors influencing valine and isoleucine transaminase activity in neurospora crassa. 195813522236
para-amino-benzoic acid and sulphanilamide in the nutrition of neurospora crassa. 195813517248
activation and thermostability of neurospora crassa tyrosinase. 195813525629
a study of the mechanism of resistance to ultraviolet light in a strain of neurospora crassa. 195813648689
recombination mechanisms at the pan-2 locus in neurospora crassa. 195813635549
recombination and interference in the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa. 195813635548
a possible inversion in the mating-type chromosome of neurospora crassa. 195813598051
[metabolic disturbances in neurospora crassa after treatment with the growth-inhibiting hexachlorocyclohexane]. 195813552770
measuring linkage in neurospora crassa. 195813548509
the biosynthesis of aromatic compounds by neurospora crassa. 195813522593
effect of sulphanilamide on formation of sterols in saccharomyces cerevisiae and neurospora crassa. 195813535581
studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa. ii. tetrad analyses from a cross of an ad-3a mutant with an ad-3b mutant. 195717247720
uracil metabolism in neurospora crassa. 195713512284
effects of molybdenum, copper and iron on some enzymes in neurospora crassa. 195713491807
the effect of molybdenum deficiency on the catalase and peroxidase content of neurospora crassa. 195713491806
enzyme-inhibitor complex in a tryptophan-requiring mutant of neurospora crassa. 195713486064
the correlation effect for a histidine locus of neurospora crassa. 195717247726
the component fatty acids of neurospora crassa lipides. 195713491602
the cleavage of beta-ketoadipic acie by neurospora crassa. 195713491560
the synthesis of chitin in cell-free extracts of neurospora crassa. 195713475355
[incorporation of an anti-inositol substance in the phospholipids of inositolless neurospora crassa]. 195713472319
properties of a protein antigenically related to tryptophan synthetase in neurospora crassa. 195713475242
the use of aminobutyric acid-3-c14 for pyrimidine biogenesis by neurospora crassa. 195713463029
some properties of a zinc-dependent hexokinase from neurospora crassa. 195713459899
uricase in neurospora crassa. 195713459416
the cleavage and synthesis of cystathionine in wild type and mutant strains of neurospora crassa. 195713445714
the genetic control of adenylosuccinase in neurospora crassa. 195716578469
a modified glutamic acid dehydrogenase as a result of gene mutation in neurospora crassa. 195713426091
arginine synthesis in neurospora crassa; genetic studies. 195713416522
neurospora crassa mutants lacking arginino-succinase. 195713416521
[microbiological determination of mesoinositol by a test on neurospora crassa]. 195713459011
oxalacetic carboxylase deficiency of the succinate-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 195713416258
the enzymic synthesis of chitin by extracts of neurospora crassa. 195713412754
a zinc-dependent hexokinase from neurospora crassa. 195713400101
[the fine structure of the genome in the region of a pab locus of neurospora crassa]. 195713496911
accumulation of adenine-succinic acid by an adenine-requiring mutant of neurospora crassa. 195613395518
s-methyl-l-cysteine as a naturally occurring metabolite in neurospora crassa. 195613395513
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