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genesis of mitochondria in neurospora crassa. 196313931479
co-ordinate changes in complementation, suppression and enzyme phenotypes of a pyr-3 mutant of neurospora crassa. 196314001825
the accumulation of free fatty acids in poky, a maternally inherited mutant of neurospora crassa. 196313952739
genetic and epigenetic factors controlling female sterility in neurospora crassa. 196313945362
regulation of early reactions in the biosynthesis of tryptophan in neurospora crassa.lester, gabriel (reed college, portland, ore.). regulation of early reactions in the biosynthesis of tryptophan in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 85:468-475. 1963.-the regulation of the biosynthesis of tryptophan was examined in neurospora crassa, strain ylo-tryp-la, which accumulates anthranil compounds. the block in this strain appeared to be in the conversion of 1-(o-carboxyphenylamino)-1-deoxyribulose-5-phosphate to indole-3-glycerol phosphate, since the dephosphorylated form of the former ...196313929917
inheritance of gene differences in neurospora crassa. 196314113662
[arginine uptake from medium by resting cell of neurospora crassa mutant s36703a, and relationship between arginine and canavanine]. 196314034622
[action of canavanine on the growth of neurospora crassa arginine-less mutants]. 196314034619
characterization of ribosomes from neurospora crassa.ribosomes isolated from growing hyphae of neurospora crassa contain 53 per cent protein and 47 per cent rna and have a sedimentation coefficient of 81s at 20 degrees c and infinite dilution. these ribosomes are stable at ph 7.4 in the presence of 0.01 m and 0.002 m mgcl(2) but undergo a dissociation into smaller particles if the mgcl(2) concentration is lowered to 0.0001 m. two types of rna with sedimentation coefficients of 19s(20) (50) and 13s(20) (50) have been extracted from the 81s particle ...196313984420
[the behavior of transaminases in neurospora crassa following the addition of amino acids to the culture medium]. 196313965565
[the effect of hexachlorocyclohexanes on inositolless neurospora crassa. alteration of inositol metabolism by deltexan]. 196313954812
the biosynthesis of leucine. i. the accumulation of beta-carboxy-beta-hydroxyisocaproate by leucine auxotrophs of salmonella typhimurium and neurospora crassa. 196313958083
biotin biosynthesis. i. biotin yields and biotin vitamers in cultures of phycomyces blakesleeanus.eisenberg, m. a. (columbia university, new york, n.y.). biotin biosynthesis. i. biotin yields and biotin vitamers in cultures of phycomyces blakesleeanus. j. bacteriol. 86:673-680. 1963.-the addition of pimelic acid to a well-aerated medium resulted in a 10- to 12-fold increase in the biotin production of phycomyces blakesleeanus. azelaic acid also stimulated biotin production, but not to the same extent as did pimelic acid. a number of biotin analogues were found to be inactive. further enhance ...196314066460
effect of azo dyes on growth and metabolism of neurospora crassa. i. relative resistance of neurospora strains to azo dye inhibition.bobb, dolores (palo alto medical research foundation, palo alto, calif.), dorothy liebes, and david a. salzberg. effect of azo dyes on growth and metabolism of neurospora crassa. i. relative resistance of neurospora strains to azo dye inhibition. j. bacteriol. 84:242-249. 1962.-under conditions where growth factors were not limiting, 3'-methyl-4-monoaminoazobenzene, a rat hepatocarcinogen, inhibited growth of six neurospora strains studied. the strains could be divided into three groups with reg ...196213870285
permeability and metabolism of lactose in neurospora crassa.lester, g. (worcester foundation for experimental biology, shrewsbury, mass.), d. azzena, and o. hechter. permeability and metabolism of lactose in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 84:217-227. 1962.-germinated conidia of neurospora crassa suspended in buffer take up lactose, and this uptake can be attributed to the intracellular accumulation and to the metabolism of lactose. the former process predominates initially, and the latter after a few hours of incubation. the accumulation of lactose app ...196214464364
heterokaryon-incompatibility factor interaction in tests between neurospora mutants.studies on presumably isogenic ad-3a and ad-3b mutants of the ascomycete neurospora crassa derived from the same wild-type strain have revealed that the negative heterokaryon tests shown by certain pairwise combinations can be attributed to interaction of incompatibility factor mutations.196217816561
partical purification of the "messenger rna" of neurospora crassa controlling formation of tryptophan synthetase enzyme. 196213998326
interrelationships in trace-element metabolism in metal toxicities in neurospora crassa. 196213986674
genetic studies of ad-8 mutants in neurospora crassa. ii. interallelic complementation at the ad-8 locus. 196213956873
genetic studies of resistance to chemical agents in neurospora crassa. 196213955154
glutamic and alanine dehydrogenase determined by one gene in neurospora crassa. 196214017030
some asci with nonidentical sister spores from a cross in neurospora crassa. 196213981288
genetic studies of ad-8 mutants in neurospora crassa. i. genetic fine structure of the ad-8 locus. 196213956876
amino acid interrelationships in cysteine toxicity in neurospora crassa. 196213859412
tyrosinases of diverse thermostabilities and their interconversion in neurospora crassa. 196213894357
effect of sulphur compounds on the uptake of molybdenum by neurospora crassa. 196214490063
effect of molybednum toxicity on sulphur metabolism in neurospora crassa. 196214490062
the effect of amino acid on the uptake and utilization of tryptophan and other precursors of nicotinic acid by neurospora crassa. 196214038173
gene interactions affecting methionine biosynthesis and the response to s-methyl-cysteine by mutants of neurospora crassa. 196213921602
the behaviour of the bzmethylindoles as substrates and inhibitors for neurospora crassa tryptophan synthase. 196213903835
utilization of radiocarbon from thymidine and other precursors of ribonucleic acid in neurospora crassa. 196213892978
estimation of the relative frequencies of x-ray-induced viable and recessive lethal mutations in the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa. 196213884530
nystatin binding by protoplasts and a particulate fraction of neurospora crassa, and a basis for the selective toxicity of polyene antifungal antibiotics. 196214456211
measurement of membrane potentials in neurospora.microelectrodes were used to record intracellularly from the filamentous fungus neurospora crassa. under standard conditions membrane potentials averaged 127 mv, inside negative. the potentials were potassium-sensitive, and depended upon the distance of the cells from the growing margin of the colony. in addition, the potentials were quickly reduced to about 30 mv in the presence of low concentrations of sodium azide or the polyene antibiotic nystatin.196214039333
genes influencing the conversion of citrulline to argininosuccinate in neurospora crassa. 196214479348
factors affecting increased production of tryptophan synthetase by a td mutant of neurospora crassa.matchett, william h. (university of california, san diego, la jolla, calif.) and john a. demoss. factors affecting increased production of tryptophan synthetase by a td mutant of neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 83:1294-1300. 1962.-mutant td 201 of neurospora crassa produces a tryptophan synthetase in significantly larger amount than the parental wild-type strain. evidence obtained in the present investigation indicates that tryptophan synthetase formation in this mutant is subject to end produc ...196214471055
new biological effect of the gases of the helium group.the mold neurospora crassa atcc 5297a was grown in gaseous environments of helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, or nitrogen containing approximately 5 percent oxygen. a close correlation of the growth rate r (in millimeters per hour at 30 degrees c) with the molecular weight mw of the chemically inert gas was observed. this correlation is described by the empirical equation: r = 3.88 - 0.1785 (mw).196217814509
depletion and replenishment of the inorganic polyphosphate pool in neurospora crassa.harold, f. m. (national jewish hospital, denver, colo.). depletion and replenishment of the inorganic polyphosphate pool in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 83:1047-1057. 1962.-turnover of the inorganic polyphosphate pool of neurospora crassa was demonstrated in both growing and nongrowing mycelium. in nitrogen-deficient cultures, polyphosphate synthesis and degradation were in balance and no net changes occurred. when mycelium was suspended in a growth medium deficient in phosphate, polyphospha ...196213904772
dehydrogenases of neurospora crassa.malate, isocitrate, glucose-6-phosphate, and 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenases of the homogenate prepared from the mycelia of several wild strains of neurospora crassa have been subjected to zone electrophoresis in starch gel. four electrophoretically different malate dehydrogenases, a single isocitrate dehydrogenase, three glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenases, and two 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenases were obtained regardless of the strain or the media in which the organism was grown.196213922762
the formation and utilization of acetate in an acetateless strain of neurospora crassa. 196213917457
genetically determined multiple forms of glutamic dehydrogenase in neurospora crassa. 196213892910
the nucleolus in vegetative hyphae of neurospora crassa. 196213864180
complementation and recombination on among pyr-3 heteroalleles of neurospora crassa. 196214008260
a temperature independent mutation at the rib-1t locus in neurospora crassa. 196213897028
the growth of niacin-requiring strains of neurospora crassa with normal and altered phospholipid compositions. 196214465137
binding of inorganic polyphosphate to the cell wall of neurospora crassa. 196213904771
factors influencing the survival of neurospora crassa conidia in sorbose-sucrose media. 196213884529
effect of polyene antibiotics on protoplasts of neurospora crassa.kinsky, stephen c. (washington university, st. louis, mo.). effect of polyene antibiotics on protoplasts of neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 83:351-358. 1962.-the polyene antibiotics nystatin, amphotericin b, and filipin induced shrinkage of neurospora crassa protoplasts stabilized in sucrose. at low concentrations of filipin (5 mug per ml), or higher concentrations of nystatin and amphotericin b (20 mug per ml), shrinkage was followed by swelling and lysis (bursting) of protoplasts. the effect ...196214456209
a comparison of the fatty acid composition of lecithin and two of its phospholipid precursors from a mutant strain of neurospora crassa. 196213903892
a naturally occurring dna-rna complex from neurospora crassa. 196213909469
[effect of n sources on the vitamin b content of neurospora crassa]. 196213965564
induction and repression of nitrate reductase in neurospora crassa.kinsky, stephen c. (washington university, st. louis, mo.). induction and repression of nitrate reductase in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 82:898-904. 1961.-techniques are described for studying induced enzyme formation in neurospora crassa. the effects of various parameters (time, ph, nitrate concentration, etc.) on the induction of nitrate reductase were investigated. it was demonstrated that nh(4) (+), which is the end product of the metabolic sequence initiated by nitrate reductase, repre ...196114456210
alterations in the permeability of neurospora crassa due to polyene antibiotics.kinsky, stephen c. (washington university, st. louis, mo.). alterations in the permeability of neurospora crassa due to polyene antibiotics. j. bacteriol. 82:889-897. 1961.-thirty-three antibiotics and synthetic fungicides were examined for their effect on the growth and morphology of neurospora crassa. only the polyene antibiotics (nystatin, amphotericin b, and filipin) caused a decrease in the dry weight of mycelial mats, which was accompanied by the appearance of cytoplasmic constituents in t ...196114456208
a comparison of the properties of two forms of tyrosinase from neurospora crassa. 196113918502
an alkaline phosphomonoesterase from neurospora crassa. 196114460640
apparent heterogeneity of tryptophan synthetase in neurospora crassa. 196114008591
intra-cellular distribution of enzymes in micro-organisms. i. a study of citric acid cycle enzymes and l-amino acid oxidases in the cell free extract of neurospora crassa. 196113878056
isolation of nuclei of neurospora crassa. 196114491130
observations on the effects of methionine and homocysteine on growth of a cholineless mutant of neurospora crassa. 196116748933
methionine synthesis in neurospora crassa. 196113883171
[on the beta-alanine-alpha-ketoglutarate transaminase from neurospora crassa]. 196113863304
extracellular beta-transglucosidase activity from conidia of neurospora crassa. 196113867668
colonial growth of neurospora. sorbose and enzymes alter the composition of the cell wall and induce morphological changes.l-sorbose, an agent which induces colonial growth in neurospora crassa, also induces structural changes in the cell wall. acid hydrolyzates of cell walls isolated from sorbose-grown (colonial) hyphae contain more glucosamine and less glucose than do hydrolyzates of cell walls obtained from normally growing hyphae. snail digestive juice, an agent which effects a structural change in the cell wall of n. crassa by liberating from it large quantities of glucose, has been found to induce colonial gro ...196113884568
intracellular crystalline ergosterol in the fungus neurospora crassa, hexagonal crystalline inclusions have been observed with both the light and electron microscopes. these crystals have been enriched by differential centrifugation and found to be identical with ergosterol by the criteria of ultraviolet spectral analysis and cytochemical analysis. observations have been made on the distribution and fine structure of the crystalline bodies in various wild type and mutant strains of n. crassa.196113922856
purification and properties of an acid phosphomonoesterase from neurospora crassa. 196114460641
tetrad analysis of short chromosome regions of neurospora crassa. 196113917785
arginine and pyrimidine biogenesis in neurospora.the growth-promoting activity of propionic acid and related compounds for the pyrimidine-less strain, neurospora crassa 1298, is markedly inhibited by arginine. the data suggest that arginine exerts an inhibitory effect upon or represses the synthesis of an enzyme involved in pyrimidine formation.196113697950
complementation studies with isoleucine-valine mutants of neurospora crassa. 196117248057
repression and inhibition of indole-synthesizing activity in neurospora crassa.lester, gabriel (worcester foundation for experimental biology, shrewsbury, mass.). repression and inhibition of indole-synthesizing activity in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 82:215-223. 1961.-the possibility of repression and feedback inhibition as regulating mechanisms for the synthesis of tryptophan by neurospora crassa has been examined in a tryptophan auxotroph which accumulates indole (and indole-glycerol). indole-synthesizing activity was determined with germinated conidia suspended in ...196113761198
amino acid interactions in neurospora crassa.soboren, josephine (university of california, los angeles), and joseph f. nyc. amino acid interactions in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 82:20-25. 1961.-a systematic study of the effects of the naturally occurring amino acids on the growth of a wild-type strain of neurospora crassa focused attention upon l-tryptophan, which exhibits a strong growth inhibitory effect. further investigation disclosed that other tryptophan metabolites, anthranilic acid, indole, kynurenine, and 3-hydroxykynurenine ...196116561913
intracellular localization of inorganic polyphosphate in neurospora crassa. 196113711668
some aspects of tryptophan synthetase formation in neurospora crassa. 196113761199
biochemical, immunological, and genetic studies with a new type of tryptophan synthetase mutant of neurospora crassa. 196113738909
inactivation of tryptophan synthetase from neurospora crassa during dialysis. 196113786939
the effect of polyene antibiotics on permeability in neurospora crassa. 196113756165
protective action of calcium gluconate against after-effects of x-irradiation on conidia of neurospora crassa. 196113783820
modification of ultraviolet-induced mutation frequency in neurospora crassa. 196113779589
back-mutation of a neurospora crassa mutant by a nucleic acid complex from the wild strain. 196113750647
complementation between alleles of the td locus in neurospora crassa. 196113758139
an iron requirement for a dissimilatory nitrate reductase in neurospora crassa. 196113782714
[on the assimilation of alpha-alanine by neurospora crassa]. 196113685175
primary structure, in vitro expression and import into mitochondria of a 29/21-kda subunit of complex i from neurospora crassa.a full-length cdna clone coding for a cytoplasmically-synthesized subunit of complex i from neurospora crassa (apparent molecular mass of 29 kda) was isolated. dna sequencing revealed an open reading frame coding for a protein containing 201 amino acids. a molecular mass of 21323 da was calculated. the precursor polypeptide was efficiently expressed in vitro and imported into isolated mitochondria. it is synthesized without a cleavable signal sequence and needs a membrane potential in order to b ...19612137337
studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa. iv. lack of complementation between different ad-3a mutants in heterokaryons and pseudowild types. 196017247943
biosynthesis of valine and isoleucine. 2. formation of alpha-acetolactate and alpha-aceto-alpha-hydroxybutyrate in neurospora crassa and escherichia coli. 196013856271
a device for the homogenization and extraction of proteins from neurospora crassa. 196013686387
accumulation of inorganic polyphosphate in mutants of neurospora crassa. 196013711669
genetical and biochemical studies of histidine-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. ii. evidence concerning heterogeneity among hist-3 mutants. 196017248025
genetical and biochemical studies of histidine-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. i. classification of mutants and characterization of mutant groups. 196017248024
altered properties of the enzyme, adenylosuccinase, produced by interallelic complementation at the ad-4 locus in neurospora crassa. 196013733044
complementation among histidine mutants of neurospora crassa. 196014448643
inter-relationships of alleles at the am locus in neurospora crassa. 196013733280
a further genetic variety of glutamic acid dehydrogenase in neurospora crassa. 196013699528
the similar properties of tryptophan synthetase and a mutationally altered enzyme in neurospora crassa. 196013771716
evidence of non random distribution of ascus classes in fruiting bodies of neurospora crassa. 196017247996
action of nucleic acids on the inhibition of growth by actinomycin of neurospora crassa. 196014408651
high negative interference at the am locus in neurospora crassa. 196017247968
incorporation of uracil-2-c14 into the nucleic acids of neurospora crassa. 196013809013
preparation of an active glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase from neurospora crassa. 196014435710
mitosis in vegetative nuclei of neurospora crassa. 196017247965
incorporation of c14-labeled compounds into carotenes by neurospora crassa. 196014412356
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