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an inhibitory factor affecting ribonuclease activity in neurospora crassa. 19734267553
the ribonuclease activities of the single-strand-specific nucleases of neurospora crassa. 19734267583
particle weights of active ribosomal subunits from neurospora crassa. 19734268077
adenylate cyclase activity in neurospora crassa. 3. modulation by glucagon and insulin. 19734268860
in vitro formation of nitrate reductase using extracts of the nitrate reductase mutant of neurospora crassa, nit-1, and rhodospirillum vitro formation of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (nadph)-nitrate reductase (nadph: nitrate oxido-reductase, ec has been attained by using extracts of the nitrate reductase mutant of neurospora crassa, nit-1, and extracts of either photosynthetically or heterotrophically grown rhodospirillum rubrum, which contribute the constitutive component. the in vitro formation of nadph-nitrate reductase is characterized by the conversion of the flavin adenine dinucleotide ( ...19734270447
effects of yeast proteinase and its inhibitor on the inactivation of tryptophan synthase from saccharomyces cerevisiae and neurospora crassa. 19734272540
infectious dna from herpes simplex virus: infectivity of double-stranded and single-stranded molecules.the infectious units in native and alkalidenatured preparations of dna of herpes simplex virus were characterized with respect to their sensitivity to neurospora crassa endonuclease, their sedimentation properties in high-salt, neutral sucrose gradients, and their sensitivity to hydrodynamic shearing forces. infectious molecules in native preparations were resistant to n. crassa endonuclease, sedimented at 56 s, and were highly sensitive to shearing forces. after alkaline denaturation, infectiou ...19734357884
an exonuclease of neurospora crassa specific for single-stranded nucleic acids. 19724334920
heterologous charging of neurospora crassa phenylalanine trna by escherichia coli valyl-trna synthetase. 19724337752
neurospora crassa pyruvate dehydrogenase: interconversion by phosphorylation and dephosphorylation. 19724352021
protein fluorescence of nicotinamide nucleotide-dependent dehydrogenases.1. the decrease in the protein fluorescence (f) of neurospora crassa glutamate dehydrogenase is linearly related to the increase in the fraction of the coenzyme sites occupied by nadph (alpha) at ph6.35. under these conditions nadph causes this enzyme to dissociate to monomers. 2. there is a non-linear relationship of f to alpha for nadh binding to give the alcohol dehydrogenase-nadh-isobutyramide complex, the l-glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase-nadh complex and the bovine glutamate dehydrogena ...19724404769
inhibition of tryptophan synthetase by indoleacrylic acid.indoleacrylic acid (5 x 10(-4)m in the growth medium) inhibits the growth of mycelia of neurospora crassa and causes the cells to accumulate indoleglycerol phosphate. measurement of kinetic parameters of partially purified tryptophan synthetase in the presence of indoleacrylic acid showed the following patterns of inhibition: in reaction 1, the physiological reaction, indoleglycerol phosphate + serine [formula: see text] tryptophan + glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (unusual with respect to indoleglyc ...19724259663
regulation of exocellular proteases in neurospora crassa: induction and repression of enzyme synthesis.neurospora crassa strain 74a grown on vogel's medium containing bovine serum albumin (bsa) as principal carbon source secretes proteolytic enzymes which appear in the culture filtrate. low concentrations of sucrose (0.1%) are necessary for growth from conidia, as conidia will not germinate on bsa alone. once growth is initiated, however, protease production begins and at 5 to 6 hr growth and enzyme production are parallel. higher concentrations of sucrose (0.5-2%) repress protease synthesis. oth ...19724260559
genetic and enzymatic analysis of a gene controlling uv sensitivity in neurospora crassa. 19724261527
mutation induction in neurospora crassa incubated in mice and rats. 19724261732
[study on the conidial differentiation of neurospora crassa. ii. immunological comparison of conidiogenic wild-type antigenic structures with those of 2 aconidial mutants]. 19724262114
enzymic properties of a mutant tryptophan synthase from neurospora crassa. 19724262962
acetohydroxy acid synthetase with a ph optimum of 7.5 from neurospora crassa mitochondria: characterization and partial acetohydroxy acid synthetase (aas) has been found associated with the mitochondrial fraction of wild-type neurospora crassa. it has a ph optimum of 7.5 and is presumed to be homologous to the ph 8.0 aas that synthesizes the valine and isoleucine precursors in bacteria and yeast. the enzyme was characterized and purified 30- to 60-fold. the aas activity of intact mitochondria requires thiamine pyrophosphate (tpp), mn(2+) or mg(2+), and flavine adenine dinucleotide (fad), and is sensitive to en ...19724263405
interaction of genes controlling ultraviolet sensitivity in neurospora crassa.two independently segregating ultraviolet (uv) sensitivity genes in neurospora crassa interact synergistically resulting in uv sensitivity approximately twice that expected based on an evaluation of the sensitivities of the individual mutants. the mutant genes singly and together reduce photoreactivation (pr) in vivo although a pr enzyme is produced which exhibits normal activity in vitro.19724263406
uncoupling of the recbc atpase from dnase by dna crosslinked with psoralen.exonucleolytic cleavage of dna by the recbc dnase is accompained by a dna-dependent atp hydrolysis that ceases when the dna that has been digested to a limit. on the other hand, dna that has been crosslinked by 4,5',8-trimethylpsoralen in the presence of 360-nm light remains an effective cofactor in the atpase reaction, but is resistant to digestion by the enzyme. psoralentreated dna is degraded by pancreatic dnase, micrococcal nuclease, and escherichia coli b restriction enzyme, but not by neur ...19724263506
an inhibitor of ribonucleic acid polymerase from neurospora crassa. 19724263858
interactions of phenylalanyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase of neurospora crassa with valyl transfer ribonucleic acid of escherichia coli. 19724264131
[neurospora crassa pyruvate dehydrogenase: interconversion due to phosphorylation and dephosphorylation]. 19724265372
formation and reduction of intermediate acyladenylate by aryl-aldehyde. nadp oxidoreductase from neurospora crassa. 19724405494
induction of mitochondrial rna polymerase in neurospora crassa. 19724264635
adenylate cyclase activity in lubrol-treated membranes from neurospora crassa. 19724265406
[the isolation and characterization of a nadh: semidehydroascorbic acid oxidoreductase from neurospora crassa]. 19724405497
ubiquinone function in neurospora crassa.mitochondria of cytoplasmic respiratory mutants [mi-1] (poky) and [mi-4] contain about a fourfold molar excess of ubiquinone as compared to the wild-type strain of neurospora crassa. in the wild type and [mi-1] cultures the concentration of ubiquinone remains constant during the exponential and stationary phase of growth. in [mi-4] cultures it markedly decreases in the stationary phase. the reduction of ubiquinone by substrates is approximately the same in the three strains tested and amounts 60 ...19724344917
identification of sexual hormones in neurospora crassa. 19724267851
genetic and metabolic control of sulfate metabolism in neurospora crassa: a specific permease for choline-o-sulfate. 19724265021
the kinetics of l-aspartate transport in neurospora crassa conidia. 19724264473
adenylate cyclase activity in neurospora crassa. i. general properties. 19724343160
purification and stability of the multienzyme complex encoded in the arom gene cluster of neurospora crassa. 19724263953
adenylate cyclase activity in neurospora crassa. ii. kinetics. 19724263616
different pool sizes of the precursor polypeptides of cytochrome oxidase from neurospora crassa. 19724344829
regulation of inositol biosynthesis in vivo by pyrophosphate in neurospora crassa. 19724344827
inhibition of the assembly of cytochrome oxidase in neurospora crassa by chloramphenicol. 19724344826
cytochrome b in neurospora crassa mitochondria. a membrane protein containing subunits of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial origin. 19724264399
effect of pyrrolnitrin on electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria isolated from neurospora crassa.pyrrolnitrin, at low concentrations, uncouples oxidative phosphorylation in neurospora mitochondria. at higher concentrations, pyrrolnitrin inhibits electron transport both in the flavine region and through cytochrome oxidase.19724343822
tryptophan transport in neurospora crassa by various types of mtr revertants. 19724265907
control of acetohydroxy acid synthetase in neurospora crassa. 19724265245
direct induction in wild-type neurospora crassa of mutants (qa-1 c ) constitutive for the catabolism of quinate and shikimate.a color test has been developed for the selection and identification of mutants in neurospora crassa, constitutive for the three normally inducible enzymes which convert quinate to protocatechuate. by this means seven such mutants have been recovered after ultra violet irradiation of wild type and have been shown to be allelic (or very closely linked) to the qa-1(c) mutants previously obtained by other means. thus, the regulation of the synthesis of these three catabolic enzymes is indicated to ...19724264707
ribosomal rna genes of neurospora: isolation and characterization.dna sequences in neurospora crassa that code for ribosomal rna have been isolated in a highly purified state by dna-rna hybridization. about 100 separate ribosomal rna genes exist in each nucleus. these genes are composed of repeated sequences that are present about 100 times per nucleus. the individual members of this group of dna sequences are essentially identical.19724264050
regulation of pyridine nucleotide levels and ratios in neurospora crassa. 19724405599
thymidine 2'-hydroxylation in neurospora crassa. 19724265566
[reduction of aromatic acids to aldehydes and alcohols using enzymes from neurospora crassa]. 19724405469
interactions between amino acid transport systems in neurospora crassa.mutants of neurospora crassa, selected as resistant to l-canavanine and l-thialysine, are partially deficient in the uptake of basic amino acids. neutral amino acids completely inhibit uptake of basic amino acids, and this inhibition is dependent on the activity of a neutral amino acid permease. in contradistinction, mutants resistant to 4-methyl-dl-tryptophan are partially deficient in the uptake of neutral amino acids. basic amino acids completely inhibit neutral amino acid uptake, and this in ...19724263403
synthesis of amino acids from succinate by the mitochondria of neurospora crassa. 19724403712
[localization and possible physiological role of polyphosphate depolymerases in neurospora crassa cells]. 19724343579
mutagenicity of chemical carcinogens in neurospora crassa. 19724264527
some observations of ascospores of neurospora crassa made with a scanning electron microscope.scanning electron micrographs of ascospores of neurospora crassa reveal two of the structures which develop during germination and outgrowth: (i) a germination pore and (ii) the probable site of initiation of hyphal cell wall synthesis.19724115466
permeability problems encountered when treating conidia of neurospora crassa with rna synthesis inhibitors. 19724264155
altered species of mitochondrial transfer rna associated with the mi-1 cytoplasmic mutation in neurospora crassa. 19724262272
in vitro translation of mitochondrial dna from neurospora crassa. 197211946701
close correlation between antimycin titer and cytochrome b(t) content in mitochondria of chloramphenicol treated neurospora crassa. 197211946688
a fluorescent analog of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.nicotinamide 1,n(6)-ethenoadenine dinucleotide, a fluorescent analog of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, has been synthesized by the reaction of chloroacetaldehyde with the coenzyme. the technical fluorescence emission maximum of the analog is 410 nm, upon excitation at 300 nm. its fluorescence yield is about 8% of that of the 1,n(6)-ethenoadenine 5'-phosphate, and its fluorescence lifteime is shorter. upon hydrolysis of the modified coenzyme analog with neurospora crassa nadase o ...19724340748
delta-aminolaevulinate dehydratase, the regulatory enzyme of the haem-biosynthetic pathway in neurospora crassa.the activity of delta-aminolaevulinate dehydratase is very low in the mould neurospora crassa compared with the activities detected in bacterial and animal systems. the enzyme is inducible in iron-deficient cultures by addition of iron and is repressed by protoporphyrin. the properties of the purified enzyme indicate its allosteric nature and susceptibility to feedback inhibition by coproporphyrinogen iii. neurospora extracts also contain a protein inhibitor of the enzyme and a small-molecule ac ...19724265023
isolation and classification of extranuclear mutants of neurospora crassa.four extranuclear mutants, [exn-1], [exn-2],[exn-4], and [stp-c], were obtained from n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine-treated conidia and mycelium of neurospora crassa. the three exn mutants grow with a pronounced lag from conidia and ascospores and are female fertile, whereas [stp-c] has a stop-start growth phenotype and is female sterile. the mitochondria from all four mutants are deficient in cytochromes a+a(3) and b, but contain an excess of cytochrome c. on the basis of growth and ferti ...19724262391
cell wall alterations associated with the hyperproduction of extracellular enzymes in neurospora crassa.a pleiotropic mutation in neurospora (exo-1), which confers derepression of alpha-amylase, glucoamylase, beta-fructofuranosidase, and trehalase, appears to also affect the composition of the cell wall. segregants resulting from the backcross of exo-1 to the wild-type strain from which it derived are altered in the ratio of galactosamine to glucosamine in hydrolysates of isolated cell walls. conidial cell walls exhibit a marked decrease in the amount of galactosamine in both exo-1 and exo-1(+) st ...19724262302
pyruvate kinase of neurospora crassa: effect of various ligands on the rate of inactivation by protein denaturants. 19724262270
effects of medium composition and carbon dioxide on circadian conidiation in neurospora.efforts to significantly perturb the timing mechanism, and thus the period, of the rhythm responsible for circadian conidiation in bd, a strain of neurospora crassa, by altering the medium composition have been unsuccessful. various salt solutions, sugars, and amino acids do, however, have pronounced effects on growth and conidiation, and thus on the expression and persistence of rhythmicity.aeration stimulates conidiation in growth-tube cultures, thereby allowing experiments which demonstrate t ...197216658116
structure of the mitochondria of neurospora crassa as revealed by thin sectioning and freeze-etch techniques. 19724267202
purification of two multienzyme complexes in the aromatic-tryptophan pathway of neurospora crassa. 19724261463
the intracellular site of synthesis of mitochndrial ribosomal proteins in neurospora crassa.the intracellular site of synthesis of mitochondrial ribosomal proteins (mrp) in neurospora crassa has been investigated using three complementary approaches. (a) mitochondrial protein synthesis in vitro: tritium-labeled proteins made by isolated mitochondria were compared to (14)c-labeled marker mrp by cofractionation in a two-step procedure involving isoelectric focusing and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. examination of the electrophoretic profiles showed that essentially none of the peak ...19724261038
genetical and biochemical evidence for further interrelationships between the polyaromatic synthetic and the quinate-shikimate catabolic pathways in neurospora crassa. 19724261015
carbamoyl phosphate compartmentation in neurospora: histochemical localization of aspartate and ornithine transcarbamoylases.carbamoyl phosphate is required for arginine and pyrimidine synthesis. in the arginine pathway, it is used in the ornithine transcarbamoylase (ec reaction; in the pyrimidine pathway, it is used in the aspartate transcarbamoylase (ec reaction. in neurospora crassa, two pathway-specific enzymes catalyze the synthesis of carbamoyl phosphate, and two path-specific pools of carbamoyl phosphate are maintained. histochemical studies show that ornithine transcarbamoylase is located in ...19724114857
isolation of transfer rna genes from neurospora crassa. 19724261112
the purification and properties of superoxide dismutase from neurospora crassa. 19724337853
a new class of p-fluorophenylalanine-resistant mutants in neurospora crassa. 19724269807
the effect of thiourea on ureide metabolism in neurospora crassa. 19724263857
the regulation of nitrate reductase in neurospora crassa. 19724263853
[conidial differentiation of neurospora crassa. 3. malate dehydrogenase activity of antigenic structures and its relation to conidial competence]. 19724263229
sexuality in neurospora crassa. ii. genes affecting the sexual development cycle. 19724263084
dominance modifiers in neurospora crassa: phenocopy selection and influence of certain ascus mutants.when homozygous in zygotes, mutant alleles at the peak locus in linkage group v of neurospora crassa initiate aberrant asci that are nonlinear, in contrast to the linear asci characteristic of wild type. most mutant alleles are recessive, inasmuch as crosses of the mutant strains with wild type give linear asci. however, five different mutant alleles, when heterozygous with the wild-type allele, act in varying degrees as zygote dominants, initiating both linear and nonlinear asci, the relative p ...19724261623
control of the synthesis, activity, and turnover of enzymes of sulfur metabolism in neurospora crassa. 19724261415
electron microscopy of nuclear membranes during somatic nuclear separation in neurospora crassa. 19724261058
cooperation of mitochondrial and nuclear genes specifying the mitochondrial genetic apparatus in neurospora crassa.enzymes involved in the expression of the mitochondrial genome in neurospora crassa are induced by chloramphenicol and ethidium bromide, which block transcription and translation of mitochondrial dna. it is concluded that most, if not all, proteins of the mitochondrial genetic apparatus are coded by nuclear genes, synthesized on cytoplasmic ribosomes, and controlled by a repressor-like mitochondrial gene product. a model explaining the coordination of nuclear and mitochondrial division cycles by ...19724260903
genetic characterization of diethylnitrosamine-induced purple adenine (ad-3) mutants in neurospora crassa. 19724260579
regulation of arginase activity by intermediates of the arginine biosynthetic pathway in neurospora has been found that, in neurospora crassa, arginine synthesized from exogenous citrulline was not as effectively hydrolyzed as exogenous arginine. this was explained by the observed inhibition of arginase in vitro and in vivo by citrulline. the high arginine pool formed from exogenous citrulline feedback inhibits the arginine pathway. these two factors allow exogenous citrulline to be used adventitiously and efficiently as an arginine source. finally, it was found that ornithine was a strong ...19724260560
simple and reliable method for replica plating neurospora crassa.the details of a simple method for replica plating neurospora crassa are described. the procedure has proved to be highly reliable for replica plating of colonies arising from either ascospores or conidia.19724260558
repair of ultraviolet light-induced damage to the deoxyribonucleic acid of neurospora crassa.a method is described for labeling a specific pyrimidine in the deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) of neurospora crassa. in cells grown in the presence of [5-(3)h]-uridine, more than 97% of the radioactivity associated with the dna had been incorporated into cytosine. the specific activity of the labeled dna was approximately 3 x 10(3) counts per min per mug. the dna was isolated by elution from hydroxyapatite columns with sodium phosphate buffer (0.40 m, ph 6.8). this procedure was used to demonstrate ...19724260557
the induction of nitrite reductase in neurospora crassa. 19724402141
the separation of three allosterically inhibitable 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthases from extracts of neurospora crassa and the purification of the tyrosine inhibitable isoenzyme. 19724260319
circular dna from mitochondria of neurospora crassa. 19724260513
regulation of the two "malic" enzymes in neurospora crassa. 19724402367
[respiratory chain of the mi-1-mutant of neurospora crassa, a useful model for studies of oxidative phosphorylation]. 19724341662
effect of (nh 4 ) so 4 and glycerol on the preservation of the "nad + -independent" activity of d-glucose-6-phosphate, l-myo-inositol-1-phosphate cycloaldolase from neurospora crassa. 19724337538
[nucleus directed biosynthesis of the mitochondrial genetic apparatus in neurospora crassa]. 19724262620
regulation of nitrate reductase in neurospora crassa: regulation of transcription and translation.a technique employing cycloheximide and actinomycin d has been used for the separation of transcription and translation during the induction of nitrate reductase in neurospora crassa. nitrate reductase is found to be synthesized in low efficiency when nitrate is not provided during both transcription and translation. nitrate reductase synthesis is enhanced by nitrate. nitrate is found to induce nitrate reductase by enhancing the increase of the capacity to synthesize nitrate reductase, and ammon ...19724259976
mutagenic activity of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide and 4-hydroxyaminoquinoline 1-oxide in neurospora crassa. 19724262705
genes influencing selective fertilization in neurospora crassa.the mutual attraction of conidia to protoperithecia of the opposite mating type was studied genetically in crosses where a mixture of conidia from two different strains, one of which was marked by an ascospore color mutant gene tan spore (ts), was applied to protoperithecia. selective fertilization was measured as the frequency of perithecia fertilized by conidia from one strain in competition with conidia from another strain. selective fertilization by a given strain varied throughout the range ...19724261371
alkaline phosphatases of neurospora crassa. ii. product inhibition studies. 19724259964
histidine uptake in strains of neurospora crassa with normal and mutant transport systems.kinetic parameters for three systems of active histidine uptake by germinated conidia of neurospora crassa have been measured. each system appears to follow typical michaelis-menten kinetics when studied separately from the other systems. under the conditions studied, the general amino acid transport system was found to account for the major portion of histidine uptake from low concentrations. three types of transport mutants with altered growth inhibition patterns were selected in a histidine a ...19724259665
separation of mitochondrial membranes of neurospora crassa. ii. submitochondrial localization of the isoleucine-valine biosynthetic pathway.separation of neurospora mitochondrial outer membranes from the inner membrane/matrix fraction was effected by digitonin treatment and discontinuous density gradient centrifugation. the solubilization of four isoleucine-valine biosynthetic enzymes was studied as a function of digitonin concentration and time of incubation in the detergent. the kinetics of the appearance of valine biosynthetic function in fractions outside of the inner membrane/matrix fraction, coupled with enzyme solubilization ...19724259051
oxygenases involved in thymine and thymidine metabolism in neurospora crassa. 197211946494
the electron transport components of wild type and poky strains of neurospora crassa. 19724401060
effect of 8-azaguanine on polyribosomes of neurospora crassa. 19724264601
super suppressors in neurospora crassa i. induction, genetic localization and relationship to a missense suppressor.genetic analyses have been made to test the feasibility of using coincident reversions to prototrophy of multiple mutants to select super suppressors (ssu) in neurospora crassa. of five double-mutant strains examined, only those mutant combinations in which both members had the properties of nonsense mutations did revert coincidently. forty-eight genetically purified coincident revertants were crossed to the wild type, and each was shown to contain a suppressor mutation. five super suppressors w ...19724260182
detection of circular dna from mitochondria of neurospora crassa. 19724259385
redundant dna of neurospora crassa. 19724269805
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