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non-random crossing over in the second chromosome of neurospora crassa. 193917246907
heterocaryosis in neurospora crassa. 194417247122
the effect of ph on the availability of p-aminobenzoic acid to neurospora crassa. 194417844552
adenine-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 194620999484
the induction of biochemical mutations in neurospora crassa by nitrogen mustard. 194718896929
somatic segregation by microconidial isolation in synthesized heterokaryons of neurospora crassa. 194718899678
the genetics of threonine requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 194818100320
the use of neurospora crassa, mutant 9185, for the assay of aneurine. 194818121875
pigment production by neurospora crassa in the presence of para-amino-benzoic acid. 194816561489
induced reversions of biochemical mutants in neurospora crassa. 194818909961
chemical activation of ascospore germination in neurospora crassa. 194816561462
altered responses of neurospora crassa to inhibiting concentrations of indole. 194916561804
linkage studies with biochemical mutants of neurospora crassa. 194917247329
the occurrence of ergosterol in neurospora crassa. 194918135762
genetics of a colonial microconidiating mutant strain of neurospora crassa. 194917247320
oleic acid interference in the neurospora crassa assay for biotin. 194918119218
amino acid oxidase of neurospora crassa. 194915407249
characterization of a valine analog accumulated by a mutant strain of neurospora crassa. 195014790819
immunogenetic and biochemical studies of neurospora crassa: differences in tyrosinase activity between mating types of strain 15300 (albino-2). 195014808139
the homology patterns of induced lethal mutations in neurospora crassa. 195014791473
heterokaryosis between opposite mating types of neurospora crassa. 195014791472
an improved method for determination of p-aminobenzoic acid by neurospora crassa. 195014771898
the oxidation of various synthetic alpha-amino-acids by mammalian d-amino-acid oxidase, l-amino-acid oxidase of cobra venom and the l- and d-amino-acid oxidases of neurospora crassa. 195016748663
[transformation of kynurenin into nicotinic acid in the rat and in neurospora crassa]. 195014802985
studies on the formation of invertase by neurospora crassa. 195015419292
transaminases in neurospora crassa. 195114910611
neurospora diphosphopyridine nucleotidase. 195114861193
the effect of photoreactivation on mutation frequency in neurospora. 195114861174
a precursor of isoleucine obtained from a mutant strain of neurospora crassa. 195114841236
the enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in neurospora. 1. succinic dehydrogenase. 195114838870
a gene that causes natural death in neurospora crassa. 195114823328
studies on the vitamin b6-requiring, ph-sensitive mutants of neurospora crassa. 195114811499
studies on the mechanism of reversion in biochemical mutants of neurospora crassa. 195114942745
compounds produced by neurospora crassa in the presence of toxic concentrations of p-aminobenzoic acid. 195212999858
pseudo-wild types in neurospora crassa. 195216589148
the accumulation of alpha-phenylglycine by mutants of neurospora crassa stimulated by phenylalanine and tyrosine. 195216589129
genetic and non-genetic factors in pigmentation of neurospora crassa. 195217247390
a series of histidineless mutants of neurospora crassa. 195217247387
a case of "maternal" inheritance in neurospora crassa. 195216589122
aspects of the carbohydrate metabolism of a mutant of neurospora crassa requiring acetate for growth. 195214934248
two mutants of neurospora crassa which utilize formate or formaldehyde for growth. 195214927630
the biosynthesis of stable cobaltoproteins by plants. ii. interaction of iron and cobalt metabolism in neurospora crassa. 195313117936
a black mutant of neurospora crassa; mode of action of the mutant allele and action of light on melanogenesis. 195313114906
mendelian and non-mendelian factors affecting the cytochrome system in neurospora crassa. 195316589312
studies of reverse mutation in neurospora crassa. 195313090280
properties of mutants of neurospora crassa with low pyruvic carboxylase activity. 195313058369
[experiments on the adaptation of the fungus neurospora crassa to poisons]. 195313087367
haemoglobin in moulds: neurospora crassa and penicillium notatum. 195313087244
genetic factors influencing the activity of tryptophan desmolase in neurospora crassa. 195413221761
[iodothyronines and growth of neurospora crassa]. 195413218823
the relation between biotin and tryptophan metabolism studies in neurospora crassa. 195413208638
effects of a gene mutation in neurospora crassa relating to glutamic dehydrogenase formation. 195413211979
some physiological characteristics of ascospore activation in neurospora crassa. 195416654690
on the glutamate-proline-ornithine interrelation in neurospora crassa. 195416589539
isolation of nutritional mutants of neurospora crassa by filtration enrichment. 195413192298
a partial map of linkage group d in neurospora crassa. 195416589501
some factors affecting carbon dioxide metabolism in neurospora crassa. 195413174558
the general incidence of pseudo-wild types in neurospora crassa. 195417247487
studies on biosynthesis of carotenoids in neurospora crassa. 195413159302
temperature-dependent cellulase production by neurospora crassa and its ecological implications. 195413173446
gene interactions; the mode of action of the suppressor of acetate-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 195413152333
a genetical investigation into the td-locus of neurospora crassa. 195414366216
[effect of inositol antagonist isomytilitol on vitamin balance of neurospora crassa inositolless]. 195413201029
map construction in neurospora crassa. 195413180445
evidence for a new precursor of methionine in neurospora crassa. 195513276433
genetic mechanisms governing the effect of canavanine on neurospora crassa. 195517247584
inhibition of histidine uptake in neurospora crassa. 195513252213
on the biosynthesis of proline in neurospora crassa: enzymic reduction of delta1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate. 195513250008
the oxidases of polystictus versicolor and neurospora crassa in relation to their endogenous respiration. 195514389259
studies on the metabolism of acetate by acetate-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 195514362602
genetic control of heterocaryosis in neurospora crassa. 195517247532
amino acid biosynthesis in torulopsis utilis and neurospora crassa. 195514353934
accumulation of adenine-succinic acid by an adenine-requiring mutant of neurospora crassa. 195613395518
s-methyl-l-cysteine as a naturally occurring metabolite in neurospora crassa. 195613395513
trace metal requirements and some enzyme systems in a riboflavin-requiring mutant of neurospora crassa. 195613385430
the biosynthesis of monomethylethanolamine by neurospora crassa. 195613385228
effects of irradiated and reconstituted uridine on growth of a neurospora crassa mutant and synergism between uridine and uracil. 195613372800
synergism of two cytoplasmically inherited mutants in neurospora crassa. 195616589942
heterocaryons between strains of neurospora crassa with different cytoplasms. 195617247662
studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa. i. structural and functional complexity in the ad-3 region. 195617247654
heterocaryosis and protoplasmic incompatibility in neurospora crassa. 195616589916
studies on 4-aminopyrazolo(3, 4-d)pyrimidine: growth inhibition and relief in neurospora crassa. 195613366933
crossing over and nuclear passing in neurospora crassa. 195617247652
a map of linkage group vi of neurospora crassa. 195617247646
the nature of the lesion in the succinate-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa: interaction between carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism. 195613346013
studies on the lethal effect of incorporated p32 and s35 in neurospora crassa. 195613336269
[relations between the passage of amino acids through the cell wall of neurospora crassa in the presence of calcium and strontium in culture media]. 195613330241
the q locus of neurospora crassa. 195616589847
a nuclear gene suppressor of a cytoplasmically inherited character in neurospora crassa. 195613306893
effects of amino acids on transaminase production in neurospora crassa: evidence for four different enzymes. 195613293155
amino acid interrelationships in certain leucine-and aromatic-requiring strains of neurospora crassa. 195613286238
uracil metabolism in neurospora crassa. 195713512284
effects of molybdenum, copper and iron on some enzymes in neurospora crassa. 195713491807
the effect of molybdenum deficiency on the catalase and peroxidase content of neurospora crassa. 195713491806
enzyme-inhibitor complex in a tryptophan-requiring mutant of neurospora crassa. 195713486064
the correlation effect for a histidine locus of neurospora crassa. 195717247726
the component fatty acids of neurospora crassa lipides. 195713491602
the cleavage of beta-ketoadipic acie by neurospora crassa. 195713491560
the synthesis of chitin in cell-free extracts of neurospora crassa. 195713475355
[incorporation of an anti-inositol substance in the phospholipids of inositolless neurospora crassa]. 195713472319
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