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[respiratory chain of the mi-1-mutant of neurospora crassa, a useful model for studies of oxidative phosphorylation]. 19724341662
a fluorescent analog of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.nicotinamide 1,n(6)-ethenoadenine dinucleotide, a fluorescent analog of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, has been synthesized by the reaction of chloroacetaldehyde with the coenzyme. the technical fluorescence emission maximum of the analog is 410 nm, upon excitation at 300 nm. its fluorescence yield is about 8% of that of the 1,n(6)-ethenoadenine 5'-phosphate, and its fluorescence lifteime is shorter. upon hydrolysis of the modified coenzyme analog with neurospora crassa nadase o ...19724340748
the purification and properties of superoxide dismutase from neurospora crassa. 19724337853
heterologous charging of neurospora crassa phenylalanine trna by escherichia coli valyl-trna synthetase. 19724337752
effect of (nh 4 ) so 4 and glycerol on the preservation of the "nad + -independent" activity of d-glucose-6-phosphate, l-myo-inositol-1-phosphate cycloaldolase from neurospora crassa. 19724337538
[location of polyphosphatases, hydrolyzing polyphosphates to orthophosphates, in the subcellular structures of neurospora crassa]. 20164336095
an exonuclease of neurospora crassa specific for single-stranded nucleic acids. 19724334920
comparison of cysteine and tryptophan content of insoluble proteins derived from wild-type and mi-1 strains of neurospora crassa.the possibility of an amino acid substitution (cysteine for tryptophan) in a membrane protein of the [mi-1] strain of neurospora crassa has been investigated in detail by using a double radioactive labeling procedure. auxotrophic strains of neurospora having wild-type [+] or [mi-1] cytoplasm have been grown under conditions which result in the specific labeling of protein tryptophan with (3)h and protein cysteine with (35)s. although the least soluble 1 to 20% of the [mi-1] mitochondrial membran ...20154334762
regulation of glutamate dehydrogenases in neurospora crassa as a response to carbohydrates and amino acids in the media. 19714334010
[detection and some properties of neurospora crassa polyphosphatases hydrolyzing inorganic polyphosphates and orthophosphates]. 20164333905
cyanide-resistant respiration in neurospora crassa.cell respiration in wild type and poky was studied as part of a long-term investigation of cyanide-resistant respiration in neurospora. respiration in wild type proceeds via a cytochrome chain which is similar to that of higher organisms; it is sensitive to antimycin a or cyanide. poky, on the other hand, respires by means of two alternative oxidase systems. one of these is analogous to the wild-type cytochrome chain in that it can be inhibited by antimycin a or cyanide; this system accounts for ...20144333318
genetic control of the synthesis of repressible phosphatases in neurospora crassa. 19714332791
evidence for distinct kynureninase and hydroxykynureninase activities in neurospora crassa.previous studies have indicated that a single enzyme, "kynureninase," catalyzes the reactions of l-kynurenine to anthranilate and l-3-hydroxykynurenine to 3-hydroxyanthranilate in neurospora crassa and in other organisms. the present report describes separate enzymes which catalyze these reactions in n. crassa. the first, a kynureninase, preferentially catalyzes kynurenine to anthranilate and is induced over 400-fold by tryptophan or a catabolite of tryptophan. the second, a hydroxykynureninase, ...20154331500
a paracrystalline inclusion in neurospora crassa. induction by ethidium and acridine, isolation, and characterization.a paracrystal indistinguishable from the one which occurs in the mitochondrial mutant abnormal-1 can be induced in wild-type neurospora crassa after growth in either ethidium or euflavine. this paracrystal has been isolated and partially characterized. it appears to be composed of a single polypeptide (mol wt 68,000) which can be reversibly crystallized and dissociated by changes in the ph and ionic strength. when aggregated, the polypeptide forms oligomers which are arranged end-to-end into fib ...19714329522
cycloheximide resistant incorporation of amino acids into a polypeptide of the cytochrome oxidase of neurospora crassa. 19714329217
mitochondrial biogenesis in neurospora crassa. i. an ultrastructural and biochemical investigation of the effects of anaerobiosis and chloramphenicol inhibition.the isolation of a new class of mutants permitting facultative anaerobiosis in neurospora crassa is described. backcross analyses to the obligate aerobe prototroph (an(-)) indicate single nuclear gene inheritance (an(-)/an(+)). an(+) and an(-) are indistinguishable in morphology and growth rates under aerobic conditions. anaerobic growth requires nutritional supplements that are dispensable for aerobic growth. conidiogenesis, conidial germination, and vegetative growth rate are suppressed by ana ...19714329155
the site of cytochrome oxidase biosynthesis in neurospora crassa. 19714327452
conidiation in neurospora crassa. 19714325980
saturated fatty acid requirer of neurospora crassa.dietary saturated fatty acids containing 12- to 18-carbon atoms satisfy growth requirements of neurospora crassa mutant cel (previously named ol; perkins et al., reference 11); unsaturated fatty acids are synthesized by direct desaturation when an appropriate saturate is available. odd-chain saturates, 15 carbons and 17 carbons long, satisfy the requirement, and elaidic acid (18:1 delta(9)trans) results in slow growth. oleic acid and other cis-unsaturated fatty acids do not satisfy growth requir ...19714323964
a particulate fraction from neurospora crassa exhibiting aryl sulfatase activity. 19714323729
interconvertible forms of glycogen phosphorylase in neurospora crassa.glycogen phosphorylase in extracts of n. crassa mycelia has two interconvertible forms: one active (a form) and the other inactive (b form) in the absence of 5'-amp. the conversion of the b to the a form requires atp-mg(2+) and proceeds at higher rate in the presence of 3',5'-cyclic amp.19704317917
the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from the mitochondrial fraction of neurospora crassa. 19704317491
regulation of nitrate reductase activity in neurospora crassa. 19694314882
catalytic facilitation in vitro by two multienyzme complexes from neurospora crassa. 19704312868
glutamine synthetase of neurospora crassa. inactivation by urea and protection by some substrates and allosteric effectors. 19694311182
[cytochrome oxidase and associated with it a labelled protein from 14c-labelled mitochondria of neurospora crassa]. 19694310965
[preparation of neurospora crassa mitochondria, using a corundum disk-grinder and some of its properties]. 19694310964
some characteristics of the d-glucose-6-phosphate: cycloaldolase (nad+ dependent) from neurospora crassa. 19694310378
purification of a trifunctional enzyme, catalysing three steps of the histidine pathway, from neurospora crassa.1. a procedure is described for the purification of an enzyme from neurospora crassa that has three catalytic functions. these are 1-n-(5'-phosphoribosyl)-atp pyrophosphohydrolase, 1-n-(5'-phosphoribosyl)-amp cyclohydrolase and histidinol dehydrogenase (l-histidinol-nad oxidoreductase, ec, and are responsible for the catalysis of reactions 2, 3 and 10 in the histidine pathway. the ratio of these three catalytic activities remains approximately the same throughout the purification proce ...19694309307
effects of inorganic pyrophosphate on neurospora crassa phenylalanine transfer ribonucleic acid ligase in heterologous aminoacylation reactions. 19694309130
induction of nad-specific glutamate dehydrogenase in neurospora crassa by addition of glutamate to the media. 19694307386
ribonucleic acid-degrading enzymes associated with purified ribosomes from neurospora crassa mycelia. 19694306180
regulation of nad-specific alcohol dehydrogenases in neurospora crassa. 19694305614
thermostimulation of conidiation and succinic oxidative metabolism of neurospora crassa. 20144303684
[study of phosphorus compounds of mitochrndria from neurospora crassa]. 20134302491
spin-labeled mitochondrial lipids in neurospora crassa. 20144301148
feedback inhibition of glutamine synthetase of neurospora crassa by nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide. 19684300703
[on the biosynthesis of inorganic polyphosphates in neurospora crassa]. 20134300424
homocitrate formation in neurospora crassa. relation to lysine biosynthesis. 19684296471
[ribonucleases, phosphodiesterases and phosphomonoesterases in the culture of neurospora crassa under various conditions]. 19674294145
an endonuclease from mitochondria of neurospora crassa. 19664287861
studies on biosynthetic enzymes. i. mutant forms of histidinol dehydrogenase from neurospora crassa. 19654285393
the effect of chloramphenicol on mitochondrial protein synthesis in neurospora crassa. 19744283464
mutagenic and recombinogenic activities of the food additive furylfuramide in eurkaryotes.the mutagenic and recombinogenic activities of furylfuramide, an antimicrobial food additive, were tested in a two-component heterokaryon of neurospora crassa and a diploid strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae, respectively. the results show that furylfuramide is genetically active in both eukaryotic organisms; it induces mutations in neurospora crassa and mitotic crossing over in saccharomyces cerevisiae.19744283384
nucleotide degrading enzymes in neurospora crassa. 19744282658
the modifying effects of strain and age on the mutagenic specificity of ultraviolet light in neurospora crassa.two derivatives of k3/17 ad-3a 38701; inos 37401 of neurospora crassa are described which show opposite specific reversional responses to uv. both derivatives carry the same two auxotrophic alleles and appear to differ only in a single gene which influences the pattern of mutagen specificity. the differences between the derivatives only develop after the cultures have been aged for two to four weeks. various possible explanations are considered.19744282639
genetic contro of recombination in neurospora crassa. ii. polygenic and maternal control in two promimal chromosome regions - a quantitative analysis. 19744282487
proceedings: identification of two products of mitochondrial protein synthesis associated with oligomycin-sensitive atpase from neurospora crassa. 19744282372
identification of a complex chromosome rearrangement in neurospora crassa. 19744282063
detection of the ergosterol and episterol isomers lichesterol and fecosterol in nystatin-resistant mutants of neurospora crassa. 19744282021
interaction of galactosaminoglycan with neurospora conidia.the inactivation of neurospora crassa conidia by galactosaminoglycan isolated from cultures of this organism was followed by measuring colony-forming ability and ability to take up radiolabeled metabolites. when kinetic data on the loss of transport function and on killing were analyzed by use of target theory, it appeared that few "hits" are required for inactivation. however, studies with radio-labeled galactosaminoglycan mucopolysaccharides showed that cells receiving a single lethal hit have ...20144281775
cold-induced increase of glycerol kinase activity in neurospora crassa: rapid inactivation of the enzyme in vivo.the glycerol kinase activity induced by incubation of neurospora crassa at low temperatures was rapidly lost when cultures were returned to 26 c. after a short lag, the activity disappeared irreversibly with a half-life of approximately 15 min. the loss of activity was not due to a change in the level of an inhibitor or activator. glycerol reduced the activity loss but did not completely prevent it, which was an effect that was dependent on protein synthesis. the cold-induced activity was also a ...20144281774
neurospora crassa cytoplasmic ribosomes: isolation and characterization of a cold-sensitive mutant defective in ribosome biosynthesis.twenty-seven cold-sensitive mutants of neurospora crassa were isolated by mutagenesis of wild-type conidia followed by filtration enrichment in complete medium at the nonpermissive temperature (10 c). zone sedimentation analyses of cytoplasmic ribosomes isolated from the wild-type strain and from 14 of the mutant strains grown at 10 c indicate that one cold-sensitive mutant is defective in ribosome biosynthesis at that temperature: instead of the 2.3:1 mass ratio of 60s:37s ribosomal subunits ch ...19744281772
genetic recombination in neurospora crassa affected by changes in the supply of cellular energy. 20144281764
genetic analysis of a suppressor of urease-deficiency in neurospora crassa. 20144281763
hydroxylamine-induced purple mutants (ad-3) in neurospora crassa. ii. identification of genetic alteration at the molecular level. 19714281762
hyperproduction of some glycosidases in neurospora crassa. 19744281648
mutations specifically blocking differentiation of macroconidia neurospora crassa. 19744281398
metabolic products of microorganisms. 135. uptake of iron by neurospora crassa. iv. iron transport properties of semisynthetic coprogen derivatives. 19744281294
phase-specific genes for macroconidiation in neurospora crassa.two new mutant genes in neurospora crassa prevent the formation of free macroconidia from proconidial chains. these genes, called conidial separation-1 and conidial separation-2, are phase-specific, playing no role in either the sexual life cycle or other aspects of the asexual life cycle. a cell-wall-associated autolytic activity was found to increase in wild-type cultures at the time of active formation of free conidia from proconidial chains; no such increase was detected in mutant cultures. ...19744280981
regulation of phosphate metabolism in neurospora crassa: isolation of mutants deficient in ther repressible alkaline phosphatase.mutants of neurospora crassa have been isolated that lack the repressible alkaline phosphatase, but, unlike nuc-1 and nuc-2 mutants, are able to make the repressible acid phosphatase and the repressible phosphate permease under conditions of derepression (phosphate deprivation). the new mutants, called pho-2, map in linkage group v, and are unlinked to the putative control mutants, nuc-1, nuc-2-pcon(c), and preg(c). three of the pho-2 mutants do not make detectable amounts of repressible alkalin ...19744280980
a second locus subject ot recombination control by the rec-1+ gene in neurospora crassa. 19744280900
sporopollenin formation in the ascospore wall of neurospora crassa. 19744280888
induction and genetical analysis of edeine resistant mutants of neurospora crassa. 19744280502
specific fragmentation of adenovirus heteroduplex dna molecules with single-strand specific nucleases of neurospora crassa. 19744280445
partial purification and characterization of two peptidases from neurospora crassa. 19744280316
a pyruvate-valine enzyme complex that is dependent upon the metabolic state of the are presented suggesting that intact neurospora crassa mitochondria contain an enzyme complex incorporating five enzymes necessary for the biosynthesis of isoleucine and valine. the functional integrity and stability of the complex has been shown to be dependent on the metabolic state of the mitochondria. the complex has been solubilized by digitonin and has an approximate molecular weight of 400,000.19744280069
investigations into a reversal of diepoxybutane specificity in neurospora crassa. 19744280014
the genetic analysis of resistance to benomyl in neurospora crassa. 19744279980
mitochondrial translation of cytochrome b in neurospora crassa and locusta migratoria. 19744279883
lipid composition of mitochondrial outer and inner membranes of neurospora crassa. 19744279881
a genetic study of female sterility in neurospora crassa. 19744279838
translation products in vitro of mitochondrial messenger rna from neurospora crassa. 19744279820
hyphal wall peptides and colonial morphology in neurospora crassa. 20144279659
growth, respiratory, and cytochrome characteristics of certain of the isoleucine-valine mutants of neurospora crassa. 19744279658
role of a mitochondrial gene in the conformation and optical properties of mitochondrial cytochromes in neurospora crassa. 19744279657
mutagenicity of ddt in mice, drosophila melanogaster and neurospora crassa. 19744279650
control of the flux to arginine in neurospora crassa: de-repression of the last three enzymes of the arginine pathway. 19744279299
mutants of neurospora crassa resistant to 8-azaguanine. 19744279275
an improved method for the production of neurospora crassa spheroplasts and a new method for measuring transport in fragile cells. 19744278825
regulation of sulfate metabolism in neurospora crassa: transport and accumulation of glucose 6-sulfate. 19744278785
isocitrate lyase from neurospora crassa. ii. composition, quaternary structure, c-terminus, and active-site modification. 19744278772
isocitrate lyase from neurospora crassa. i. purification, kinetic mechanism, and interaction with inhibitors. 19744278771
purification and properties of neurospora crassa laccase.extracellular neurospora laccase (p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase; ec has been purified to apparent homogeneity by classical purification techniques. the enzyme, which consists of mainly one form, has a molecular weight of 64,800 and contains 11% carbohydrate. the ultraviolet, visible, and electron paramagnetic resonance spectra indicate that both type i and type ii copper are present, as described for the polyporus versicolor enzyme. with the exception of phloroglucinol, only para- a ...20144278681
protease secretion in neurospora crassa. 19744278579
induction of neurospora crassa laccase with protein synthesis inhibitors.rapidly growing neurospora crassa does not produce laccase (p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase; ec low concentrations of cycloheximide induce the production of this enzyme, most of which is secreted into the media. in general, limited inhibition of protein synthesis seems to derepress laccase synthesis since actinomycin d and, to a limited extent, puromycin also induce laccase production. similarities in the conditions of laccase and tyrosinase induction, plus investigations with two ty ...20144278535
isolation and properties of selenomethionine-resistant mutants of neurospora crassa.mutants resistant to selenomethionine were isolated, and their properties studied. mapping studies indicate that the mutation sites are located near the eth-1(r) locus in linkage group i, about ten map units away from the mating type locus. the sites of new mutation are either allelic to or very close to eth-1(r). they are resistant not only to selenomethionine but also to ethionine, while the ethionine-resistant mutant, eth-1(r), is sensitive to selenomethionine. the selenomethionine-resistant ...19744278470
the structure and development of septa in neurospora crassa. 20144278339
sterols of neurospora crassa and the pattern of their binding during the growth cycle. 19744278288
a histidine-3 mutant, in neurospora crassa, due to an interchange. 19744277978
rna polymerase activities in neurospora crassa. 19744277640
peptide utilization by amino acid auxotrophs of neurospora crassa.the ability of auxotrophs of neurospora crassa to grow on certain tripeptides, despite the presence of excess competing amino acids, suggests it has an oligopeptide transport system. in general, dipeptides did not support growth except in those instances where extracellular hydrolysis occurred, or where the dipeptide appeared to be accumulated by an uptake system which is sensitive to inhibition by free amino acids. considerable intracellular peptidase activity toward a large number of peptides ...19744277602
immunological difference of mitochondrial and cytoplasmic ribosomes of neurospora crassa. 19744277526
a perithecial color mutant of neurospora crassa. 19744277338
properties of repressible alkaline phosphates from wild type and a wall-less mutant of neurospora crassa. 19744276965
[microbiological transformation of estrogens. transformation of equilenine into 12 beta-dihydroequilenine by neurospora crassa]. 19734276716
[derepression and conidiation in a neurospora crassa mutant (acu-3) nonutilizing acetate]. 19744276450
effects of ultraviolet radiation on carotenoid-containing and albino strains of neurospora crassa. 19744276420
artificial induction of the sexual cycle of neurospora crassa. 19744276299
uptake and efflux of sulfate in neurospora crassa. 19744276129
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