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[the effect of ethyleneimino-p-benzoquinones on neurospora crassa. brief communication]. 195914436476
[the effect of 4-ethylene-1-butene-3-ol on neurospora crassa]. 195914436475
preparation of an active glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase from neurospora crassa. 196014435710
a nitrite reductase from neurospora crassa. 196014426899
some properties of glutamic dehydrogenase from neurospora crassa. 196014426898
directional effect of hydrocortisone acetate on the free amino acids of neurospora crassa. 196014426371
[comparative studies on the effect of choline analogues on choline-requiring mutants 34,486 and 47,904 of neurospora crassa]. 196014424877
differential response of a double mutant--adenineless, inositolless-in neurospora crassa to combined treatment by ultra-violet radiation and chemicals. 195914420369
[o-carboxyanilino]-1-desoxyfructose in a medium of a neurospora crassa mutant]. 196014417247
incorporation of c14-labeled compounds into carotenes by neurospora crassa. 196014412356
stimulation of carotene synthesis in submerged cultures of neurospora crassa by surface-active agents and ammonium nitrate. 196014412355
action of nucleic acids on the inhibition of growth by actinomycin of neurospora crassa. 196014408651
the oxidases of polystictus versicolor and neurospora crassa in relation to their endogenous respiration. 195514389259
a genetical investigation into the td-locus of neurospora crassa. 195414366216
studies on the metabolism of acetate by acetate-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 195514362602
amino acid biosynthesis in torulopsis utilis and neurospora crassa. 195514353934
interference studies in neurospora crassa and n. sitophila. 196514345909
genetic recombination in neurospora crassa and n. sitophila. 196514345908
proof of hybrid enzyme formation in a case of inter-allelic complementation in neurospora crassa. 196514343274
simultaneous induction and repression of nitrate reductase and tpnh cytochrome reductase in neurospora crassa. 196514336061
pantothenic acid requirement for spore color in neurospora crassa. 196514332098
karyokinesis of somatic nuclei of neurospora crassa: 3. the juvenile and maturation cycles (feulgen and crystal violet staining). 196514332097
an electron microscope and biochemical study of neurospora crassa during development. 196514328416
some carbon-dioxide requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 196514328414
the effect of temperature on the production of perithecia by neurospora crassa. 196514328412
formation of mitochondria in neurospora crassa. a study based on mitochondrial density changes.the choline concentration used in the growth medium influences the density of mitochondria produced by the chol-1 mutant of neurospora. isopycnic centrifugation in sucrose gradients can be used to determine the density of mitochondria, and can resolve into two populations, mitochondria derived from a mixture of cells grown at low (1 microg/ml choline chloride) and high (10 microg/ml choline chloride) choline levels. in an experiment in which cells are shifted from low to high choline growth cond ...196514326126
the influence of precursor pool size on mitochondrial composition in neurospora crassa.the chemical composition of mitochondria obtained from exponentially growing neurospora can be varied by addition of choline or amino acids to the culture medium. the variation affects the phospholipid to protein ratio, and the density of mitochondria as determined by isopycnic centrifugation in sucrose gradients. these variations have been observed in biochemical mutant strains as well as wild type cultures. in a choline-requiring strain, two levels of choline supplementation to the medium have ...196514326125
isocitrate lyase from neurospora crassa. 196514325944
studies of a phenylalanine-tyrosine requiring mutant of neurospora crassa (strain s 4342). 196514323589
[glycine accumulation and protein biosynthesis in choline and riboflavine deficiency in neurospora crassa]. 196514315562
characterization of the sulfite and hydroxylamine reducases of neurospora crassa. 196514313747
interallelic recombination at the his-5 locus in neurospora crassa. 196514313687
interallelic recombination at the his-i locus in neurospora crassa and its genetic control. 196514313686
[intracellular localization of proteolytic enzymes of neurospora crassa. i. function and subcellular distribution of proteolytic enzymes]. 196514306495
multiplicity of hydroxylamine reductase activities in neurospora crassa. 196514304889
saccharopine, an intermediate of the aminoadipic acid pathway of lysine biosynthesis. i. studies in neurospora crassa. 196514304863
induction kinetics and genetic analysis of x-ray-induced mutations in the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa. 196514294078
genetical and biochemical studies of histidine-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. iv. linkage relationships of hist-3 mutants. 196514292155
genetical and biochemical studies of histidine-requiring mutants of neurospora crassa. 3. correspondence between biochemical characteristics and complementation map position of hist-3 mutants. 196514292154
increased activity of tryptophan biosynthetic enzymes in histidine mutants of neurospora crassa.carsiotis, m. (university of cincinnati college of medicine, cincinnati, ohio), and ann m. lacy. increased activity of tryptophan biosynthetic enzymes in histidine mutants of neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 89:1472-1477. 1965.-the activities of tryptophan synthetase and indoleglycerol phosphate synthetase, the last two enzymes in the tryptophan biosynthetic pathway, are elevated twofold or more in all histidine mutants of neurospora crassa. the elevation occurs only when the mutants are grown i ...196514291582
polysaccharide components of neurospora crassa hyphal walls. 196514290954
a model predicting characteristics of genetic maps in neurospora crassa. 196514287408
an endonuclease from neurospora crassa specific for polynucleotides lacking an ordered structure. ii. studies of enzyme specificity. 196514284739
an endonuclease from neurospora crassa specific for polynucleotides lacking an ordered structure. i. purification and properties of the enzyme. 196514284738
the conversion of shikimic acid to anthranilic acid by extracts of neurospora crassa. 196514284730
cysteine biosynthesis in neurospora crassa. i. the metabolism of sulfite, sulfide, and cysteinesulfinic acid. 196514275135
preferential inhibition of synthesis and methylation of ribosomal rna in neurospora crassa by actidione. 196514265742
mechanism of action of gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane in neurospora crassa. 196414263171
a mutant enzyme in neurospora crassa interconvertible between electrophoretically distinct active and inactive forms. 196414255110
the assimilation of arginine and lysine in canavanine resistant and sensitive strains of neurospora crassa. 196414251310
the role of pyridoxal phosphate in the aldolytic activity of tryptophan synthetase from neurospora crassa. 196414247674
the nature of complementation among mutants in the histidine-3 region of neurospora crassa. 196414246266
karyokinesis of somatic nuclei of neurospora crassa. ii. dna replication in synchronously dividing conidial nuclei. 196414244731
karyokinesis of somatic nuclei of neurospora crassa. i. the correlation between conidial radiosensitivity and their karyokinetic stage. 196414244729
mutagenicity of a monofunctional alkylating agent derivative of acridine in neurospora.purple adenine (ad-3) mutants induced in neurospora crassa by 2-methoxy-6-chloro-9-(3-[ethyl-2-chloroethyl] aminopropylamino) acridine dihydrochloride (icr-170) result from intragenic alterations. they are further characterized by low frequencies of leakiness, allelic complementation, and nonpolarized complementation patterns. these characteristics distinguish them from ad-3 mutants induced by x-rays, nitrous acid, and 2-aminopurine.196514242025
use of s-methylcystine and cystathionine by methionineless neurospora mutants.wiebers, joyce l. (purdue university, west lafayette, ind.), and harold r. garner. use of s-methylcysteine and cystathionine by methionineless neurospora mutants. j. bacteriol. 88:1798-1804. 1964.-radioactive methionine was found in hydrolysates of various strains of neurospora crassa when either s-methylcysteine (smc)-c(14)h(3) or smc-s(35) is the sole addition to minimal medium. isotope product-precursor specific activity ratios are very similar for the two sources of label. wild-type and meth ...196414240970
a new iron-binding compound from cobalt-toxic cultures of neurospora crassa. 196414240595
suppressor gene action in the tryptophan synthetase system of neurospora crassa. ii. biochemical studies. 196414239770
suppressor gene action in the tryptophan synthetase system of neurospora crassa. i. genetic studies. 196414239769
the beta-glucosidase system of neurospora crassa. 3. further studies on an aryl beta-glucosidase mutant. 196414233913
the beta-glucosidase system of neurospora crassa. ii. purification and characterization of aryl beta-glucosidase. 196414233912
dna in mitochondria of neurospora crassa. 196414224397
production of protoplasts in an osmotic mutant of neurospora crassa without added enzyme.hamilton, james g. (tulane university school of medicine, new orleans, la.), and janet calvet. production of protoplasts in an osmotic mutant of neurospora crassa without added enzyme. j. bacteriol. 88:1084-1086. 1964.-an osmotic mutant of neurospora crassa was grown in minimal medium containing increasing concentrations of sorbose. protoplasts were produced in the higher concentrations by inhibition of cell-wall synthesis. similar molar concentrations of fructose, glucose, and sucrose also prod ...196414219023
polyribosomes and morphology in neurospora crassa. 196414217560
synthetic conidiogenous media for neurospora crassa. 196414217537
phospholipid variations in mutant strains of neurospora crassa. 196414213341
a dissimilatory nitrate reductase from neurospora crassa. 196414192898
biological rhythms: a new type in strains of a mutant of neurospora crassa.the formation of growth bands in neurospora, with periods ranging from 15 to 90 hours, depends strongly on temperature and on composition of the growth medium, but not upon cycles of light and dark. the rhythm is endogenous but not "circadian."196414191701
genetic analysis of the structure of the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa by means of irreparable recessive lethal mutations. 196414191354
an endogenous circadian rhythm in neurospora crassa. 196414188770
metabolic antagonism between an azo dye and riboflavin: effect of 3'-methyl-4-monomethylaminoazobenzene on mutants of neurospora crassa. 196414188464
(structural and functional complexity at the tryptophan-1 locus in neurospora crassa.) 196414181485
irreparable mutations and ethionine resistance in neurospora.some ethionine-resistant mutants of neurospora crassa are temperature-sensitive,in that they fail to grow in the upper temperature range at which wild type neurospora grow best. two of these mutants have lost an indispensable function since at elevated temperatures they are unable to grow on a variety of complex media.196414172634
some observations on pigments induced by p-aminobenzoic acid in neurospora crassa cultures. 196414171650
complementation between tryptophan synthetase mutants of neurospora crassa. 196414170327
physiological channeling of tryptophan in neurospora crassa. 196414166876
genetic blocks in the isoleucine-valine pathway of neurospora crassa. 196414158618
biosynthesis of ergothioneine and hercynine by mycobacteria.genghof, dorothy s. (yeshiva university, new york, n.y.), and olga van damme. biosynthesis of ergothioneine and hercynine by mycobacteria. j. bacteriol. 87:852-862. 1964.-ergothioneine and hercynine were found to be synthesized by a wide variety of mycobacteria grown in chemically defined media free from these compounds. the cultures examined included 53 recently isolated and laboratory strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis, 26 "unclassified" mycobacteria (runyon groups i to iv), and representat ...196414137624
beta-glucosidase system of neurospora crassa. i. beta-glucosidase and cellulase activities of mutant and wild-type strains.eberhart, bruce (university of north carolina, greensboro), david f. cross, and lewis r. chase. beta-glucosidase system of neuspora crassa. i. beta-glucosidase and cellulose activities of mutant and wild-type strains. j. bacteriol. 87:761-770. 1964.-a mutant strain, gluc-1, of neurospora crassa was isolated and characterized by its low level of beta-glucosidase activity. the mutant was selected by testing irradiated colonies for extracellular beta-glucosidase activity. strains containing the glu ...196414137612
methods of protein extraction from neurospora crassa. 196414124858
the regulation of pyrimidine biosynthesis in neurospora crassa. i. end-product inhibition and repression of aspartate carbamoyltransferase. 196414123563
the influence of temperature on the ultraviolet induced revertant frequencies of two auxotrophs of neurospora crassa. 196314123304
effects of amino acids on the utilization of tryptophan and indole for growth by a mutant of neurospora crassa. 196414121218
sequential ascus collection in neurospora crassa. 196314114929
inheritance of gene differences in neurospora crassa. 196314113662
fine structure analysis at the td locus of neurospora crassa. 196414105106
a genetic map of the td locus of neurospora crassa. 196414105105
ascorbic acid protection against toxicity of an azo dye carcinogen for neurospora crassa. 196314089477
radiation protection by calcium gluconate and recovery of x-irradiated conidia of neurospora crassa. 196314077516
sedimentation behavior of adenylsuccinase formed by interallelic complementation in neurospora crassa. 196314076711
effect of environmental conditions on the nadp-specific glutamic acid dehydrogenase in neurospora crassa. 196314072833
biotin biosynthesis. i. biotin yields and biotin vitamers in cultures of phycomyces blakesleeanus.eisenberg, m. a. (columbia university, new york, n.y.). biotin biosynthesis. i. biotin yields and biotin vitamers in cultures of phycomyces blakesleeanus. j. bacteriol. 86:673-680. 1963.-the addition of pimelic acid to a well-aerated medium resulted in a 10- to 12-fold increase in the biotin production of phycomyces blakesleeanus. azelaic acid also stimulated biotin production, but not to the same extent as did pimelic acid. a number of biotin analogues were found to be inactive. further enhance ...196314066460
effects of certain amino acids on anthranilate production in neurospora crassa.soboren, josephine (university of california, los angeles) and joseph f. nyc. effects of certain amino acids on anthranilate production in neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 85:881-888. 1963.-the level of anthranilic acid produced in cultures of a tryptophanless mutant of neurospora crassa strain c-83 was closely related to the growth response. a good growth response was attained only on supplements which greatly repressed the level of anthranilate accumulated. the improved growth response of stra ...196314044958
nucleotide composition of ribonucleic acid from neurospora crassa.henney, h. (the university of texas, austin) and r. storck. nucleotide composition of ribonucleic acid from neurospora crassa. j. bacteriol. 85:822-826. 1963.-the nucleotide composition of total, ribosomal, and soluble ribonucleic acid (rna) from the conidia and the hyphae of neurospora crassa was determined. the corresponding rna classes from the two morphological types had the same base ratio. total, ribosomal, and soluble rna from hyphae contained, respectively, 51.0, 50.2, and 61.6% guanylic ...196314044949
measurement of membrane potentials in neurospora.microelectrodes were used to record intracellularly from the filamentous fungus neurospora crassa. under standard conditions membrane potentials averaged 127 mv, inside negative. the potentials were potassium-sensitive, and depended upon the distance of the cells from the growing margin of the colony. in addition, the potentials were quickly reduced to about 30 mv in the presence of low concentrations of sodium azide or the polyene antibiotic nystatin.196214039333
the effect of amino acid on the uptake and utilization of tryptophan and other precursors of nicotinic acid by neurospora crassa. 196214038173
[arginine uptake from medium by resting cell of neurospora crassa mutant s36703a, and relationship between arginine and canavanine]. 196314034622
[action of canavanine on the growth of neurospora crassa arginine-less mutants]. 196314034619
studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa. v. evidence for allelic complementation among ad-3b mutants. 196314026060
glutamic and alanine dehydrogenase determined by one gene in neurospora crassa. 196214017030
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