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structural genes for dahp synthase isoenzymes in neurospora crassa. 19715569206
molecular transport. i. in vivo studies of transport mutants of neurospora crassa with altered amino acid competition patterns. 19715569897
molecular transport. i. in-vitro studies of isolated glycoprotein subunits of the amino acid transport system of neurospora crassa conidia. 19715569898
kinetic characteristics of the two glucose transport systems in neurospora crassa.glucose is transported across the cell membrane of neurospora crassa by two physiologically and kinetically distinct transport systems. system ii is repressed by growth of the cells in 0.1 m glucose. system i is synthesized constitutively. the apparent k(m) for glucose uptake by system i and system ii are 25 and 0.04 mm, respectively. both uptake systems are temperature dependent, and are inhibited by nan(3) and 2,4-dinitrophenol. glucose uptake by system ii was not inhibited by fructose, galact ...19715573732
regulation of sugar transport in neurospora crassa.sugar uptake systems in neurospora crassa are catabolically repressed by glucose. synthesis of a low k(m) glucose uptake system (system ii) in neurospora is derepressed during starvation for an externally supplied source of carbon and energy. fasting also results in the derepression of uptake systems for fructose, galactose, and lactose. in contrast to the repression observed when cells were grown on glucose, sucrose, or fructose, system ii was not repressed by growth on tryptone and casein hydr ...19715573733
sites of biosynthesis of outer and inner membrane proteins of neurospora crassa mitochondria. 19715578606
amino acid transport in neurospora crassa. iv. properties and regulation of a methionine transport system. 19715579132
a survey of new morphological mutants in neurospora crassa. 19675583730
catabolism of l-arginine in neurospora crassa. 19675583768
[analysis of sorbose resistance in neurospora crassa double mutants; contribution to the genetics of active transport. ii]. 19675584171
the size distribution of x-ray induced multilocus deletions in the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa. 19675584575
[crossing analysis of sorbose resistant mutants of neurospora crassa]. 19675586541
[analysis of sorbose resistance in neurospora crassa in heterokaryons of sorbose resistant mutants; contribution to the genetics of active transport]. 19675586542
specificity in the photoreactivation of premutational damage induced in neurospora crassa by ultraviolet. 19675586545
isolation of mutant strains of neurospora crassa from differentially surviving ascospores. 19675588793
[metabolism of glycine and conidiation in neurospora crassa]. 19675591331
[on phosphorous compounds in preparations of cell walls from neurospora crassa mycelia]. 19675597389
[the uptake of orthophosphate by adenine-deficient mutant of neurospora crassa 286-10 hsa]. 20135599898
the effect of nitrogen source and cysteine on the morphology, conidiation and a cell wall fraction of conidial and aconidial neurospora crassa. 19675600895
[possible presence of glycerol teichoic acid in neurospora crassa]. 19675622359
[purification of ribonucleases of neurospora crassa and their properties]. 19675626108
mechanism of choline o-sulphate utilization in fungi.1. the position of the enzyme blocks in a number of parathiotrophic mutants of aspergillus nidulans a 69 and mutants a and c of a biotinless mutant of aspergillus nidulans were examined by nutritional and heterokaryosis experiments and by assay in vitro of enzyme systems and specific enzymes. 2. the mutants were in five groups: a and c blocked at sulphate transport; gamma at atp sulphurylase; iota at adenosine 5'-sulphatophosphate kinase; eta at the adenosine 3'-phosphate 5'-sulphatophosphate re ...19685637353
the regulation of nitrate reductase and catalase by amino acids in neurospora crassa. 19685640154
evidence for two types of 18-s ribosomal rna in neurospora crassa. 19685642641
acetate-onutilizing mutants of neurospora crassa. i. mutant isolation, complementation studies, and linkage relationships.sixty mutants of neurospora crassa unable to grow on acetate as sole source of carbon, but able to utilize sucrose, were isolated. on the basis of complementation tests, they were divided into seven groups, each group representing a different gene. six of the genes have been mapped; no two are closely linked. these loci have been designated acu-1 to acu-7. mutations at four of these loci result in poor germination of ascospores.19685643047
acetate-nonutilizing mutants of neurospora rassa. ii. biochemical deficiencies and the roles of certain enzymes.the levels of krebs cycle, glyoxylate cycle, and certain other enzymes were measured in a wild-type strain and in seven groups of acetate-nonutilizing (acu) mutants of neurospora crassa, both after growth on a medium containing sucrose and after a subsequent 6-hr incubation in a similar medium, containing acetate as the sole source of carbon. in the wild strain, incubation in acetate medium caused a rise in the levels of isocitrate lyase, malate synthase, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, acety ...19685643048
nature of the complementation products formed by a complementing mutant of neurospora crassa.the mutant am-14 produces no active nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-linked glutamate dehydrogenase (gdh) and no protein showing immunological cross-reaction with the enzyme. nevertheless, it shows complementation with several other am mutants in heterokaryons. active gdh can be extracted from heterokaryons formed from am-14 and other mutants which, by themselves, produce more or less inactive varieties of the enzyme. the enzyme from am-14 + am-3 heterokaryons can be partially separat ...19685643060
tryptophan transport in neurospora crassa. ii. metabolic control.the rate of tryptophan transport in neurospora is regulated by the intracellular pool of tryptophan. when cells were shifted from growth in minimal medium to tryptophan-containing medium for 10 min, there was a 50% reduction in the rate of tryptophan transport. intracellular tryptophan pools derived from indole were equally effective in reducing the rate of transport as externally supplied tryptophan. the regulatory influence of tryptophan on the transport system appears to be a property of all ...19685643067
a new gene which affects uptake of neutral and acidic amino acids in neurospora crassa. 19685645735
effect of nitrogen source of cobalt toxicity in neurospora crassa. 19685645743
genetic control of aspartate transcarbamylase by the pyr-3 locus of neurospora crassa. 19685649514
amino acid incorporation by cell-free extracts of neurospora crassa. 19685649916
alteration of tryptophan-mediated regulation in neurospora crassa by indoleglycerol phosphate.the accumulation of imidazoleglycerol phosphate during growth of neurospora crassa in the presence of 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole was found to cause derepression of tryptophan synthetase and to inhibit the induction of kynureninase. accumulation of indoleglycerol phosphate in response to growth in the presence of indole acrylic acid or anthranilic acid was also accompanied by derepressed synthesis of tryptophan synthetase. enzyme synthesis in mutants (his-7 and trp-4) unable to form these intermediat ...19685650070
somatic cell variation during uninterrupted growth of neurospora crassa in continuous growth tubes. 19685652069
growth of neurospora crassa in unstirred liquid cultures. 19685652093
observations on the tube method of measuring growth rate in neurospora crassa. 19685652094
a repressible alkaline phosphatase in neurospora crassa. ii. isolation and chemical properties. 19685653190
role of iron in the regulation of heme biosynthesis in neurospora crassa. 19685653647
chromatographic differences between the cytoplasmic and mitochondrial trnas of neurospora crassa. 19685656076
genetic analysis of the extent and type of functional inactivation in irreparable recessive lethal mutations in the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa. 19685656344
homology tests on presumed multilocus deletions in the ad-3 region of neurospora crassa induced by the acridine mustard icr-170. 19685656345
control of nitrate reductase by iron in neurospora crassa. 19685661623
growth of a neurospora crassa lysine auxotroph on glutaric acid. 19685666732
the pathways of thiamine biosynthesis. separation, purification, and identification of some precursors of the pyrimidine moiety of thiamine produced by neurospora crassa auxotrophs. 19685666944
regulation of "malic" isozymes and malic dehydrogenases in neurospora crassa. 19685667339
induced mutation in uv-sensitive mutants of aspergillus nidulans and neurospora crassa. 19685672966
mutants of neurospora crassa deficient in ornithine-delta-transmainase.the arg-12(s) mutation of neurospora causes a partial block in the ornithine transcarbamylase (otc) reaction. strains carrying this mutation will use endogenous ornithine, but not exogenous ornithine, as a precursor of arginine. certain strains carrying arg-12(s) may be used for direct selection of variants able to use exogenous ornithine as an arginine precursor. among eight such derivatives, six lacked the catabolic enzyme ornithine transaminase (ota). all six mutations were alleles of a singl ...19685674052
utilization of exogenous and endogenous ornithine by neurospora crassa.through the use of a mutant deficient in ornithine-delta-transaminase (ota), it is shown that this enzyme normally has no obligate or even major biosynthetic role in neurospora. the pathways of ornithine and proline synthesis proceed wholly independently of each other in ota-less strains. it is probable that ota functions as an enzyme of arginine catabolism. with mutants affected in ota, ornithine transcarbamylase, and the synthesis of ornithine, it was demonstrated that exogenous and endogenous ...19685674053
an acetohydroxy acid synthetase from neurospora crassa. 19685677177
c-terminal analysis of histidinol dehydrogenase from neurospora crassa. 19685679374
a mutagenic after-effect associated with ethylene oxide in neurospora crassa. 19685683006
kinetic studies of mutation induction by epoxides in neurospora crassa. 19685683008
the metabolism of aromatic acids by micro-organisms. metabolic pathways in the fungi.1. the metabolic pathways of aromatic-ring fission were examined in a range of fungal genera that utilize several compounds related to lignin. 2. most of the genera, after growth on p-hydroxybenzoate, protocatechuate or compounds that are degraded to the latter (e.g. caffeate, ferulate or vanillate), rapidly oxidized these compounds, but not catechol. 3. such genera possessed a protocatechuate 3,4-oxygenase and accumulated beta-carboxymuconate as the product of protocatechuate oxidation. this en ...19685691754
the metabolism of aromatic acids by micro-organisms. a reassessment of the role of o-benzoquinone as a product of protocatechuate metabolism by fungi.1. the addition of aniline to cultures of several yeasts, fusarium oxysporum and neurospora crassa growing with protocatechuate as sole carbon source resulted in the precipitation of dianilino-o-benzoquinone (anil). this product was also formed, however, if the medium was uninoculated. 2. the physical presence of yeast cells (living or dead) increased the anil yields in debaryomyces subglobosus cultures. 3. no anil was formed if p-hydroxybenzoate was the growth substrate. 4. o-benzoquinone was a ...19685691755
[metabolic control and ultrastructural aspects of the conidiation (macro-microcondia) in neurospora crassa]. 19685699314
heterokaryotic transmission of factors affecting recombination in neurospora crassa. 19685699828
genetic and complementation studies of a new carotenoid mutant of neurospora crassa. 19685699832
specific inhibition by atp and other properites of an endonuclease of neurospora crassa. 19685701229
anthranilic acid as a feedback inhibitor of glutamine synthetase of neurospora crassa. 19685704311
the effect of cycloheximide on carotenoid biosynthesis in neurospora crassa. 19685704312
[endoplasmic reticulum and centripetal progression of the interconidial septum in a morphologic mutant of neurospora crassa]. 19685705255
a new locus in the tryptophan pathway of neurospora crassa. 19685708292
evidence for nonsense mutations in the arom gene cluster of neurospora crassa. 19685710960
biosynthesis of betaine in neurospora crassa. 19685711186
analysis of a case of mutagen specificity in neurospora crassa. i. dose-response curves. 19685713537
identification of genetic alterations induced by ethyl methanesulfonate in neurospora crassa. 20005714159
induced macroconidia formation in neurospora crassa. 19685721155
in vivo regulation of intermediate reactions in the pathway of tryptophan biosynthesis in neurospora crassa.the in vivo regulation of intermediate reactions in the pathway of tryptophan synthesis in neurospora crassa was examined in a double mutant (tr-2, tr-3) which lacks the functions of the first and last enzymes in the pathway from chorismic acid to tryptophan. the double mutant can convert anthranilic acid to indole and indole-3-glycerol, and the production of these indolyl compounds by germinated conidia was used to estimate the activity of the intermediate enzymes in the pathway. indole-synthes ...19685726311
correlation between base-pair transition and complementation pattern in nitrous acid-induced ad-3b mutants of neurospora crassa. 20135727269
the relationship of ethanol dehydrogenase to morphogenesis of neurospora crassa. 19685727908
[considerations on the specificity of the microbiological determination of adenine using neurospora crassa]. 20135728610
thymidine kinase: evidence for its absence from neurospora crassa and some other micro-organisms, and the relevance of this to the specific labelling of deoxyribonucleic acid. 19685729618
the exogenous environment as a factor in the control of the 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase of neurospora crassa. 19685729957
[inclusion of adenine-8-c14 into the ribosomes and polyribosomes of germinating conidia and mycelium of a neurospora crassa 28610 ad. strain deficient in adenine]. 19685747531
non-nuclear inheritance of uv sensitivity in neurospora crassa. 19685759970
purification and characterization of a multienzyme complex in the tryptophan pathway of neurospora crassa. 19695769998
photochemical studies of the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway in neurospora crassa. 19695772972
neurospora mutant exhibiting hyperproduction of amylase and invertase.a mutant strain of neurospora crassa has been isolated which is derepressed for amylase and beta-fructofuranosidase (invertase). large amounts of the two enzymes were secreted into the culture medium upon depletion of exogenous carbon source. the resulting increases of the two extracellular enzymes were prevented by actinomycin d, cycloheximide, and glycerol. the starving cells of the mutant strain produced amylase and invertase de novo, as evidenced by incorporation of radioactive amino acids i ...19695773010
genetic determinants of circadian rhythmicity in neurospora.timex, a strain of neurospora crassa which exhibits a circadian rhythm of conidia formation in growth-tube cultures, has been found to differ from wild-type strains by two genes. one gene, inv, is responsible for an invertase deficiency, whereas the second gene, bd, is of unknown function. both genes map independently from other genes known to induce neurospora rhythmicity. the inv gene is not essential for the timex phenotype because bd strains express that phenotype on certain media. although ...19695773032
proteins of mitochondrial and cytoplasmic ribosomes from neurospora crassa. 19695777034
localization of some amino acid biosynthetic enzymes in cell fractions from the slime mutant of neurospora crassa. 19695780099
inhibition by ethionine of the growth of neurospora crassa. 19695786780
alkaline phosphatases of neurospora crassa. i. 19695786781
glycogen phosphorylase of neurospora crassa. 19695787226
the metabolic control of nitrite reductase in neurospora crassa. 19695787239
beta-ketoadipate coa-transferase in neurospora crassa. 19695793125
mutagen specificity at the ad-3a and inositol loci in neurospora crassa. 19695796512
comparison of the complementation and genetic maps of closely linked nonallelic markers on linkage group i of neurospora crassa. 20005796943
genetic studies of urease mutants in neurospora crassa. 20005796944
the gemini-xi s-4 spaceflight radiation interaction experiment. ii. analysis of survival levels and forward-mutation frequencies in neurospora crassa. 19695797679
non-reciprocal recombination at the pan-2 locus in neurospora crassa. 19695797808
high frequency of 3:1 tetrad ratios for the pdx-1 locus of neurospora crassa. 19695797809
variation in "map distance" in neurospora crassa. 19695798519
the mitochondrial and cytoplasmic transfer ribonucleic acids of neurospora crassa. 19695799126
the control of allelic recombination at histidine loci in neurospora crassa. 19695799350
crossing-over across the centromere in the mating-type chromosome of neurospora crassa. 19695800692
organization of enzymes in the common aromatic synthetic pathway: evidence for aggregation in fungi.centrifugation in sucrose density gradients of partially purified extracts from six species of fungi, i.e., rhizopus stolonifer, phycomyces nitens, absidia glauca (phycomycetes), aspergillus nidulans (ascomycetes), coprinus lagopus, and ustilago maydis (basidiomycetes), indicate that the five enzymes catalyzing steps two to six in the prechorismic acid part of the polyaromatic synthetic pathway sediment together. the sedimentation coefficients for these enzymes are very similar in the six specie ...19695802608
locus-specific changes in cell wall composition characteristic of osmotic mutants of neurospora crassa.the osmotic phenotype of neurospora crassa is characterized by inhibition of growth at high osmolalities of growth medium. mutations at six osmotic loci of linkage group i were examined to assess the biochemical and physiological effects of these mutants. isolated cell walls from 23 osmotic strains were compared with the wild type with regard to quantitative levels of the following components: percentage of total dry weight, total glucose, alkali-soluble glucose, nonglucose carbohydrates, amino ...19695802619
the isolation of mutants affecting ascus development in neurospora crassa and their analysis by a zygote complementation test. 19695806169
an effect of genetic background on dose-response curves in neurospora crassa. 20135807325
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