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utilization of betaine aldehyde by choline (chol-) mutants of neurospora crassa. 19694915435
isolation, characterization, and genetic analysis of osmotic mutants of neurospora crassa. 19694922974
nh2-terminal methionine in nascent peptides from neurospora crassa. 19714925709
biochemical model for the biological methylation of mercury suggested from methylation studies in vivo with neurospora crassa. 19714929974
mitochondrial rna polymerase from neurospora crassa. 19714933004
a gene controlling the early development of protoperithecium in neurospora crassa. 19704938066
transcription of mitochondrial dna in vitro from neurospora crassa. 19714938619
some genetic and physiological characteristics of urease-defective strains of neurospora crassa. 19714938795
fusidic acid resistance of mitochondrial g factor from neurospora crassa. 19714942120
intra-chromosomal position interference in neurospora crassa. 19644954622
existence of two phenylalanyl-srna synthetases in neurospora crassa. 19654955766
[intracellular localization of proteolytic enzymes of neurospora crassa. ii. identification of protease-containing cell structures]. 19654958292
effects of edta on tyrosinase and l-amino-acid oxidase induction in neurospora crassa. 19674961897
ribosomes and ribosomal protein from neurospora crassa. i. physical, chemical, and immunochemical properties.ribosomes from neurospora crassa, initially characterized by ultracentrifugal and immunochemical analyses, have been used to prepare ribosomal protein for physical, chemical, and immunochemical study. the acrylamide gel disc electrophoretic profiles of neurospora ribosomal protein exhibit a degree of heterogeneity comparable to what has been observed in other systems. only by chemical modification or by aggregation of the protein do alterations in the profile become apparent. disulfide-bond form ...19674962303
ribosomes and ribosomal proteins from neurospora crassa. ii. ribosomal proteins in different wild-type strains and during various stages of development. 19674965202
the occurrence of two dehydroquinases in neurospora crassa, one constitutive and one inducible. 19674966264
a new white ascospore mutant of neurospora crassa. 19674968445
the nature of 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase in extracts of wild-type neurospora crassa: a reaction controlled by two activating substrates and three allosteric negative modifiers. 19684968658
[proteins from neurospora crassa. 1. immunochemical analysis of the cytoplasmic proteins from neurospora crassa and various mutants]. 19684973222
[proteins from neurospora crassa. 2. immunoelectrophoretically detectable proteins and their relationship to growth time]. 20164973223
[proteins from neurospora crassa. 3. agar gel and immunoelectrophoretic analysis of enzymes and isoenzymes in various neurospora crassa strains]. 19684973224
gene-enzyme relationships in neurospora invertase.a spontaneous, single-gene mutation responsible for a total lack of invertase activity in neurospora crassa is described. the mutation is believed to lie in the structural gene for invertase, since an immunologically cross-reacting protein is made by the mutant strain. in addition, there was no evidence for a defect in regulation of invertase activity or synthesis by the following criteria. (i) the invertaseless condition was recessive in heterokaryons; (ii) no invertase inhibitor was found in m ...19694975154
amino acid transport in neurospora crassa. i. properties of two amino acid transport systems. 19694975665
the facile isolation of a structural phospholipoprotein from hydrogenomon as facilis and neurospora crassa.the paper describes a new and gentle procedure for isolating "structural" phospholipoproteins from organisms and the first such isolation from a procaryotic microbe, hydrogenomonas facilis. the amino acid composition of its protein moiety resembles that of "structural protein" from other sources. although disc gel electrophoresis has shown the protein to be heterogeneous, this is attributed to aggregation.19694978742
[vegetable cytology. intracellular localization of transaminase alanine-glyoxylate and malate synthetase in neurospora crassa]. 20114979219
organization of enzymes in the polyaromatic synthetic pathway: separability in bacteria.ultracentrifugation in sucrose density gradients was employed to estimate the molecular weights and to determine possible physical aggregation of the five enzymes catalyzing steps two to six in the prechorismic acid portion of the polyaromatic synthetic pathway in six species of bacteria: escherichia coli, salmonella typhimurium, aerobacter aerogenes, bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and streptomyces coelicolor. the five enzymes were not aggregated in extracts of any of the species exa ...19694979440
repressible alkaline phosphatase in neurospora crassa. 3. enzymatic properties. 19694981068
[electrophoretic and immunochemical analysis of endocellular soluble proteins of wild type neurospora crassa compared with those of one of its morphological mutants]. 19704985467
purification and properties of dihydroxy acid dehydratase from soluble and mitochondrial fractions of neurospora crassa. 19704986563
deficiency of dihydroxy acid dehydratase in the mitochondria of the iv-i mutants of neurospora crassa. 19704987443
organization of polyaromatic biosynthetic enzymes in a variety of photosynthetic organisms.sucrose density gradient centrifugation was used to estimate the molecular weights and determine possible physical aggregation of the enzymes catalyzing steps 2 to 6 in pre-chorismic acid polyaromatic biosynthesis in anabaena variabilis, chlamydomonas reinhardi, euglena gracilis, nicotiana tabacum, and physcomitrella patens. in a. variabilis, the five enzymes are separable. similar results were obtained for p. patens, n. tabacum, and c. reinhardi extracts, except that dehydroshikimate reductase ...19704992369
a structural gene for neurospora crassa isocitrate lyase. 19714996780
cryobiology of neurospora crassa. ii. alteration in freeze response of neurospora crassa conidia by additives. 19715001009
isolation, mapping, and characterization of trehalaseless mutants of neurospora crassa.mutant strains of neurospora crassa that lack trehalase and are unable to grow on trehalose were isolated, and the gene (tre) was positioned on the right arm of linkage group i. maltase and beta-galactosidase activities are almost identical in tre(-) strains, whereas that of invertase was reduced by more than half and those of acid phosphatase and amylase were somewhat increased. heterocaryons between standard and trehalaseless strains yield less than one-tenth the activity of the former. in add ...20165001211
reconstruction of the neurospora crassa pachytene karyotype from serial sections of synaptonemal complexes. 19725016006
role of lysine in carnitine biosynthesis in neurospora crassa. 19715090046
[isolation and partial characterization of a mitochondrially synthesized protein from neurospora crassa]. 19715092530
mutagen specificity in neurospora crassa. 19715094801
nh 2 -terminal residues of neurospora crassa proteins.the nh(2)-terminal amino acid composition of the soluble and ribosomal proteins from neurospora crassa mycelia and conidia was determined by the dinitrophenyl method. a nonrandom distribution of nh(2)-terminal amino acids was observed in the complex protein mixtures. glycine, alanine, and serine accounted for 75% of the nh(2)-terminal amino acids, and glycine appeared most frequently in mature proteins of mycelia. the appearance of phenylalanine as one of the major nh(2)-termini in crude conidia ...19715095291
hydroxylamine-induced purple adenine (ad-3) mutants in neurospora crassa. i. characterization of mutants by genetic tests. 19715096220
identification of the genetic alteration at the molecular level of ultraviolet light-induced ad-3b mutants in neurospora crassa. 19715096221
change in complementation patterns and enzyme activity of pyrimidine-3 mutants of neurospora crassa by induced reversion. 19715096222
continuous selection for increased linear growth rate in neurospora crassa. 20095111033
enzyme patterns and protein synthesis during synchronous conidiation in neurospora crassa. 19715111767
temperature-dependent actinomycin d effect on rna synthesis during synchronous development in neurospora crassa. 19715116518
in vitro mitochondrial complementation in neurospora crassa. 19715116521
cryobiology of neurospora crassa. i. freeze response of neurospora crassa conidia. 19715120624
genetic control of multiple forms of trehalase in neurospora crassa. 19715120655
transfer ribonucleic acid methylases during the germination of neurospora crassa.transfer ribonucleic acid (trna) methylases were studied during the germination of spores in neurospora crassa. the total methylase capacity and base specific trna methylase activities were determined in extracts from cells harvested at various stages of germination. germinated conidia have a 65% higher methylase capacity than ungerminated conidia. three predominant methylase activities were found in the extracts, and the relative amount of each activity was different at the various stages. enzy ...19715122811
[localization of 1,3-diphosphoglycerate: polyphosphate-phosphotransferase in neurospora crassa cells]. 19715124944
studies with purple adenine mutants in neurospora crassa. vi. the effects of differences in genetic background on ad-3a x ad-3b crosses. 19715127402
the peptidyl-puromycin reaction with neurospora crassa ribosomes. the number of active ribosomes in different conditions of growth. 19715129217
a survey of the interaction of calcium ions with mitochondria from different tissues and species.a survey was made of the capacity of mitochondria isolated from a number of different tissues and species to accumulate ca(2+) from the suspending medium during electron transport. the species examined included the rat, mouse, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, cow, chicken, turtle, blowfly, yeast and neurospora crassa. the tissues examined included vertebrate liver, kidney, brain, heart, spleen, thyroid and adrenal cortex, and the flight muscle of the blowfly. the mitochondria from all vertebrate tis ...19715129264
[studies on the conidial differentiation of neurospora crassa. i. chemico-structural organization of conditional conidiation of an amycelial mutant]. 19715129957
in vivo synthesis, molecular weights, and proportions of mitochondrial proteins in neurospora crassa. 19715160418
isoprenoid phenol and quinone precursors of ubiguinones and dihydroubiguinones (ubiguinones (h 2 )) in fungi.1. ten moulds and two yeasts were analysed for the presence of 2-polyprenylphenols, 2-polyprenyl(h(2))phenols, 6-methoxy-2-polyprenylphenols, 6-methoxy-2-polyprenyl(h(2))phenols, 6-methoxy-2-polyprenyl-1,4-benzoquinones, 6-methoxy-2-polyprenyl(h(2))-1,4-benzoquinones, 5-demethoxyubiquinones, 5-demethoxyubiquinones(h(2)), ubiquinones and ubiquinones(h(2)). 2. the organisms were found to be of three types: (a) those that contained only ubiquinones (aspergillus fumigatus and penicillium brevi-compa ...19715166547
a cytoplasmic protein from neurospora crassa resembling membrane proteins. 19715166638
an enzyme aggregate in the tryptophan pathway of neurospora crassa. 19655216358
the amino acid sequence of cytochrome c of neurospora crassa. 19655218916
amino acid production by amitochondrial fraction of neurospora crassa. 19665220957
genetic controls of recombination i. the recombination-2 gene of neurospora crassa. 19665230008
ribosomal rna and ribosomes from mitochondria of neurospora crassa. 19675233834
phosphoglucomutase mutants and morphological changes in neurospora crassa. 19675233848
inheritance of growth rate in neurospora crassa: reverse selection in an improved strain. 19675235104
a membranelike fraction from neurospora crassa, i. structure of "membranes" and release of free amino acids. 19685240019
multiple phenylalanyl-transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase activities in the cytoplasm of neurospora crassa.several trna's specific for a particular amino acid have been shown to exist in multiple, or isoaccepting, forms. there is considerable interest in establishing whether multiple aminoacyl-trna synthetases also exist. we present evidence that the cytoplasm of neurospora crassa contains three chromatographically separable phenylalanyl-trna synthetases distinct from mitochondrial phenylalanyl-trna synthetase. in addition to differences in chromatographic properties the three enzymes exhibit differe ...19695256412
in vitro formation of an active multienzyme complex in the tryptophan pathway of neurospora crassa.a multienzyme complex that catalyzes the anthranilate synthetase, phosphoribosylanthranilate (pra) isomerase, and indoleglycerolphosphate (ingp) synthetase reactions was produced in vitro when extracts from a tryp-1 mutant and a tryp-2 mutant of neurospora crassa were mixed. the sedimentation values and the molecular weights for the interacting components obtained from the mutants were estimated by sucrose gradients and by gel filtration on sephadex columns. the component coded for by the tryp-2 ...19695264137
glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and neurospora addition to the neurospora crassa mutant col-2, mutations in two other unlinked genes, balloon and frost, lead to distinct morphological growth and abnormal glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenases. the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenases from these strains have increased thermolabilities, altered kinetic parameters, and distinctive electrofocusing patterns. the altered enzyme segregates with each morphological phenotype in crosses to wild type, and there is a correlation between the severity of the ...19705271177
genetically induced subcellular mislocation of neurospora mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase.among 60 ultraviolet-induced missense mutations of the structural genes that code for mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase (m-mdh, ec of neurospora crassa, two enzyme phenotypes are observed. in a previously described class (c-mutants), m-mdh is malfunctional because of an abnormal conformation induced by association with mitochondria. we describe here a second class (k-mutants) in which the enzyme is malfunctional because of an altered subcellular location. thus, although both classes c ...19705272317
partial enzyme aggregates formed by pleiotropic mutants in the arom gene cluster of neurospora crassa.molecular weights of enzymically active arom aggregates produced by pleiotropic and various arom-1 mutants of neurospora crassa have been estimated by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. in contrast to most single-gene mutants (which produce intact arom multienzyme aggregates of normal molecular weight- about 230,000), pleiotropic mutants that lack two or more of the five enzyme activities in the arom aggregate produce partial arom aggregates of molecular weights ranging from about 60,000 t ...19715276302
defective production of mitochondrial ribosomes in the poky mutant of neurospora crassa.a strain of neurospora crassa containing a cytoplasmic mutation (poky) affecting mitochondrial function is shown to be deficient in small ribosomal subunits in the mitochondrion during the exponential growth phase. in the stationary growth phase, small subunits are more abundant and are present in mitochondrial ribosomal monomers. this change can be correlated with the return of mitochondrial cytochrome content to amounts approaching those of wild type mitochondria. the ribosomal defect shows an ...19715277071
synchronization of converging metabolic pathways: activation of the cystathionine gamma-synthase of neurospora crassa by methyltetrahydrofolate.methyltetrahydrofolate synchronizes the activities of the two branches of the pathway of methionine biosynthesis in neurospora crassa by serving as an essential activator of cystathionine gamma-synthase and antagonizing the feedback inhibition of this enzyme by s-adenosylmethionine. activation is specific for the methylated form of folate and increases with increasing glutamate content. the inability of extracts of me-1 and me-6 mutants to form cystathionine that has been previously reported is ...19715277076
absence of a 5s rna complnent in the mitochondrial ribosomes of neurospora crassa. 19715280093
constitutive mutants in a regulatory gene exerting positive control of quinic acid catabolism in neurospora neurospora crassa, evidence has recently been obtained for a cluster of four closely-linked genes controlling the inducible enzymes catalyzing the first three reactions in the catabolism of quinic acid. three of these genes appear to be the structural genes for the three enzymes. the fourth gene, designated qa-1, has been interpreted as having a regulatory function, since qa-1 mutants are pleiotropic types, are noninducible for the three enzymes, and form heterocaryons which complement mutant ...19715283945
regulation of enzyme synthesis in neurospora crassa. bnwl-480. 19665301008
amino acid transport in neurospora crassa. bnwl-280. 19665301139
regulation of enzyme synthesis in neurospora crassa. bnwl-714. 19685307103
a method for the automatic collection of ordered ascospores from neurospora crassa. 19655326032
the nature of photoactivation in neurospora crassa. 19675336978
mutants affecting thymidine metabolism in neurospora crassa.when (14)c-thymidine labeled only in the ring is administered to neurospora crassa, the majority of the recovered label is found in the ribonucleic acid (rna). three mutants were isolated in which different steps are blocked in the pathway that converts the pyrimidine ring of thymidine to an rna precursor. evidence from genetic, nutritional, and accumulation studies with the three mutants shows the pathway to proceed as follows: thymidine --> thymine --> 5-hydroxymethyluracil --> 5-formyluracil ...19695344102
position of linkage group v markers in chromosome 2 of neurospora crassa. 20045345069
a mitochondrial dihydroorotate oxidase system in neurospora crassa. 19695345581
genetic factors affecting allelic recombination at the histidine-3 locus of neurospora crassa. 19695345763
purification and crystallization of ribonuclease n1 from neurospora crassa. 19695348588
aging and repair in neurospora crassa studied by ultraviolet irradiation. 19695352952
secondary modification of cytochrome c by neurospora crassa. 19695353099
polyoxin d, a competitive inhibitor of udp-n-acetylglucosamine: chitin n-acetylglucosaminyltransferase in neurospora crassa. 19695353899
purification and properties of the aromatic (arom) synthetic enzyme aggregate of neurospora crassa. 19695354272
amino acid synthesis by the mitochondria of neurospora crassa. i. dependence on respiration of mitochondria. 19695354770
incorporation in vivo of 14c-labelled amino acids into the proteins of mitochondrial ribosomes from neurospora crassa sensitive to cycloheximide and insensitive to chloramphenicol. 19695356628
some aspects of complementation with carotenogrenic al loci in neurospora crassa. 19695357122
[immunochemistry and electrophoresis of the conidiation of neurospora crassa]. 19695357827
pyrimidine synthesis in neurospora crassa: gene-enzyme relationships.a new series of pyrimidine-requiring mutants of neurospora has been isolated and all enzymes involved in pyrimidine biosynthesis are represented by at least one mutant. among these mutants is included a single isolate for a new locus, pyr-6. this mutant is deficient in dihydroorotase (dhoase) and represents the only enzymatic step in orotate synthesis for which no mutant previously had been found. this mutant, which mapped genetically on the right arm of linkage group v, is unlinked to any of th ...19695361218
pyrimidine synthesis in neurospora crassa: regulation of enzyme activities.the regulation of several enzymes involved in pyrimidine biosynthesis in neurospora crassa has been studied. elevation of atcase (l-aspartate carbamoyltransferase) activity is found in all pyrimidine-requiring mutants when they are starved for uridine. dhoase (dihydroorotase) is an unstable enzyme, and it is impossible to conclude what type of regulation, if any, controls this enzyme. dhodehase (dihydroorotate dehydrogenase) activity shows a marked elevation in uridine-starved pyr-2 cultures, a ...19695361219
interconvertible forms of glycogen synthetase in neurospora crassa. 19695363997
mutants in the arom gene cluster of neurospora crassa specific for biosynthetic dehydroquinase. 19695364964
isolation and characterization of nuclease mutants in neurospora crassa. 19695365296
the radiation sensitivity of nuclease mutants in neurospora crassa. 20005366004
reversion of acridine mustard-induced ad-3 mutants of neurospora crassa. 20005366005
the biosynthesis of cytidine diphosphate esters in rat liver and neurospora crassa. 19695366838
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