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the function of the non-specific adenylyl aminohydrolase of aspergillus oryzae. 19695353502
[kinetics of alpha-amylase biosynthesis by aspergillus oryzae and the effect of analogs of nitrogen bases on biosynthesis of the enzyme]. 19695396619
[effect rendered by several inhibitors on respiration processes of aspergillus oryzae]. 19695398248
[cytological and cytochemical study of the granules and lipids in the cells of aspergillus oryzae affected by metabolic poisons]. 19695398250
production of amylase in liquid culture by a strain of aspergillus oryzae.the effect of different media and ph on the formation of amylase by aspergillus oryzae ei 212 is described. depending upon the composition of the medium and growth conditions, the fungus was found to secrete alpha- or beta-amylase, or both. some of the properties of the partially purified alpha-amylase were found to be different from alpha-amylases from other sources.19705418942
proteolytic inhibitors in plasma from man treated with a protease from aspergillus oryzae. 19705419701
induction of enzymes in dormant spores of aspergillus dormant conidia of aspergillus oryzae, alpha-amylase, invertase, and glucose dehydrogenase were induced by their respective inducers. neither germination nor swelling occurred during this period.19705438036
studies on n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase of aspergillus oryzae. i. purification and characterization of n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase obtained from takadiastase. 19705452757
presence of binding site for alpha-amylase and of masking protein for this site on mycelial cell wall of aspergillus oryzae.mycelial cell wall of aspergillus oryzae m-13 grown in an alpha-amylase-forming medium could not bind alpha-amylase (taka-amylase a, ec however, by treatment with 1.0 n naoh at 100 c for 30 min, the wall gained the ability to bind alpha-amylase. this phenomenon was caused by removal of a factor (designated as masking factor) which masked the binding site for alpha-amylase. the masking factor was purified as a preparation giving a single peak in both ultracentrifugation (1.6s) and by ge ...19705473882
studies on the respiratory system of aspergillus oryzae. ii. preparation and some properties of mitochondria from mycelia. 19705484444
[experimental pulmonary embolism in dogs. local administration of aspergillus-oryzae protease i]. 19705490745
transformation of a serine protease of aspergillus oryzae into a thiol-enzyme. 19705492422
[determination of optimal conditions for cultivation of aspergillus oryzae using mathematical methods of planning the experiments]. 19705497277
induction of enzymes in dormant spores of aspergillus oryzae. ii. effects of some aliphatic and aromatic alcohols. 19705498085
the effects of protease i of aspergillus oryzae (brinase) on membrane permeability and growth of landschütz ascites tumour cells. 19715559592
[production of aspergillus oryzae mutants, active producers of acid proteinase]. 19715580123
effect of b-group vitamins & ethyl alcohol on aflatoxin production by aspergillus oryzae. 19675583866
[a study of the hydrolysis of glucomannans by an enzyme preparation from aspergillus oryzae]. 19675591625
[study on the heterogeneity of three times recrystallized alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae]. 19675592918
[effect of metabolic poisons on the permeability of cells of aspergillus oryzae toward some dyes]. 19675601514
a collagenolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. purification and properties. 19685642460
thrombolytic therapy with ca-7, a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae: a report of two representative cases. 19685646112
treatment of clotting in arterial hemodialysis cannulae with ca-7, a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. 19685646113
ca-7, a fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. 19685646120
studies on the conidia of aspergillus oryzae. vii. development of protein synthesizing activity during germination. 19685680607
effect of o-phenanthroline on the induction of glucose dehydrogenase in aspergillus oryzae. 19685722214
extracellular proteinases of aspergillus oryzae. 19685726152
[mechanism of action of glycoside splitting enzymes. iv. purification and properties of a beta-glucosidase from aspergillus oryzae]. 19685745899
on the two deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2 isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. 3. degradation of heat denatured dna by dnases k1 and k2. 19695771708
on the two deoxyribonucleases, k1 and k2, isolated from mycelia of aspergillus oryzae. iv. isolation of thymidylic acid rich fragments from dna of bacteriophage f1 by digestion with dnase k2. 19695771709
microheterogeneity of the carbohydrate group of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase. 19695792840
studies on the conidia of aspergillus oryzae. ix. protein synthesizing activity of dormant conidia. 19695822848
immunochemical studies on alpha-amylase. 3. immunochemical relationships among amylases from various microorganisms.sirishinha, stitaya (university of rochester school of medicine and dentistry, rochester, n.y.), and peter z. allen. immunochemical studies on alpha-amylase. iii. immunochemical relationships among amylases from various microorganisms. j. bacteriol. 90:1120-1128. 1965.-immunochemical relationships among amylases obtained from a selected group of microorganisms were examined, and a cross-reaction was detected between the alpha-amylases of bacillus stearothermophilus and b. subtilis. immunodiffusi ...19655847799
inhibition of respiration of aspergillus oryzae by adsorption of the mycelium on cellulose acetate fibres. 19645853675
studies on the spore coats of aspergillus oryzae. ii. conidia coat-bound beta-glucosidase. 19655862224
carbon dioxide fixation in aspergillus oryzae conidia at the initial phase of germination. 19655866275
[morphological, physiological, and biochemical studies of aspergillus oryzae variants obtained under the influence of ultraviolet rays]. 19655868973
isolation and characterization of ribosomes from dormant and germinating conidia of aspergillus oryzae. 19655880200
[the role of hydrogen bonds in the maintenance of the conformation and formation of the enzyme-substrate complex of alpha-amylase of aspergillus oryzae]. 19655881177
[the role of the calcium ion in the maintenance of conformation and active center of alpha-amylase in aspergillus oryzae]. 19655888197
interdependence of inoculum size, method of cultivation and substrate composition in amylase production and growth of aspergillus oryzae. 19655898323
the effect of an enzyme preparation from aspergillus oryzae on the aggregation of rabbit platelets in vitro. 19665918678
an experimental method for quantitative evaluation of thrombolysis: effect of ca-7, a protease from aspergillus oryzae. 19665920106
thrombolytic therapy with local perfusions of ca-7 (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae) in the dog. 19665920107
systemic toxicity of ca-7 (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae) in the dog. 19665925997
trehalase in conidia of aspergillus oryzae.horikoshi, koki (the institute of physical and chemical research, bunkyo-ku, tokyo, japan), and yonosuke ikeda. trehalase in conidia of aspergillus oryzae. j. bacteriol. 91:1883-1887. 1966.-trehalases (soluble trehalase and coat-bound trehalase) were found in the conidia of aspergillus oryzae, and the total activity of the trehalases increased during the germination process. the soluble trehalase was purified by diethylaminoethyl-cellulose column chromatography; its optimal ph, michaelis constan ...19665937243
[specificity properties of a protease from aspergillus oryzae]. 19665983458
[isolation of active protease from aspergillus oryzae culture liquid]. 19665999942
studies on glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. ii. purification and physical and chemical properties. 19676034674
studies on glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. 3. general enzymatic properties. 19676066287
studies on glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. iv. histidyl residue as an active site. 19676066288
multiple attach hypothesis of alpha-amylase action: action of porcine pancreatic, human salivary, and aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylases. 19676076229
antifungal properties of 2-n-alkyn-1-ols.fourteen 2-n-alkynols (c3-c14, c16, and c18) were tested against aspergillus oryzae, aspergillus niger, trichoderma viride, and myrothecium verrucaria in sabouraud dextrose agar at ph 5.6 and 7.0. toxicity to candida albicans, candida tropicalis, trichophyton mentagrophytes, and mucor mucedo was determined in the same medium at ph 5.6 and 7.0 in the absence and presence of 10% beef serum. fungitoxicity was strongly influenced by chain length, slightly by the ph of the medium, and significantly b ...19846098642
s1 nuclease of aspergillus oryzae.s1 nuclease has found many uses in the analysis of the structure of nucleic acids, and more new applications, such as the mapping of splice points of early mrnas in sv40, will undoubtedly be found.19816101052
[properties of the amylolytic enzymes in the drug preparation, orase]. 19806155292
molecular structure of taka-amylase a. i. backbone chain folding at 3 a resolution.the crystal structure of taka-amylase a was studied by an x-ray diffraction method at 3 a resolution. a total of 452 amino acid residues were found from the electron density map at the present stage. the four disulfide bonds and the branched carbohydrate were also located on the map. the difference electron density map of the maltotriose-soaked crystal showed that a maltose unit was bound in the active center left. the binding of iodine atoms to the enzyme was also studied.19806156152
confirmation of molecular weight of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase using the low angle laser light scattering technique in combination with high pressure silica gel chromatography.molecular weight of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase (taka-amylase a) was estimated to be 51,000 +/- 500 by the combined use of high pressure silica gel (tsk-gel g3000sw) chromatography and the low angle laser light scattering technique. the study was carried out partly to assess the performance of the combined technique, and results obtained indicate that it is highly promising as a method to determined protein molecular weight both accurately and quickly.19816165712
the use of taka-diastase in a[3h]poly(a) hybridization assay of oligo(u) sequences in rna.a reliable assay of uridylate sequences longer than 10 is described. the procedure is based on the hybridization of [3h]poly(a) with poly(u) or oligo(u) sequences in high ionic conditions and a subsequent degradation of single stranded polynucleotides with purified taka-diastase. a 1:2 complex between poly(a) and poly(u) is formed on which on poly(u) strand is digested by taka-diastase. the procedure is especially suitable for the detection and quantitation of un (n greater than 10) in rna prepa ...19816168676
alpha-amylase inhibitor from fungus cladosporium herbarum f-828.a strain of fungus cladosporium herbarum extracellularly produced an inhibitor specific for mammalian alpha-amylase. the inhibitor was purified 81-fold by freeze-thawing, heat treatment, and column chromatography on deae-cellulose, sephadex g-75, deae-sephacel, and bio-gel p-100. an apparent molecular weight of approximately 18,000 was estimated for the inhibitor using bio-gel p-100 filtration. the purified inhibitor preparation was a glycoprotein containing about 10% carbohydrate. the amino aci ...19826174515
[effect of glucose on the induced biosynthesis of alpha-amylase in an aspergillus oryzae 3000 strain]. 19806176100
[degradation of inactivated alpha-amylase by associated proteases].alpha-amylase preparations often contain small quantities of proteolytic activity which are difficult to remove. on the example of fungal alpha-amylase, such associated proteases have been shown to possess a specific activity to the denatured amylase molecules. the amylase is not attacked under native conditions, whereas in the thermal denaturation a rapid degradation of only the inactivated molecules occurs. a specific metabolic function of these associated proteases in the return of denatured ...19826183852
kinetic study on chemical modification of taka-amylase a. ii. ethoxycarbonylation of histidine residues.the modification of taka-amylase a (taa) [ec] of aspergillus oryzae by diethylpyrocarbonate (dep) was carried out at 25 degrees c and at ph 5.8 (0.1 m acetate buffer). two out of the six histidine residues were modified with 4.6 mm dep, and two or three histidine residues were modified with 23 mm dep. in both cases, one of them was protected from modification by the presence of 15% maltose. the results suggest that two or three out of the six histidine residues are exposed on the surface ...19826185471
present-day studies on cereals protein nature alpha-amylase inhibitors. 19836190085
the induction of alpha-amylase by starch in aspergillus oryzae: evidence for controlled mrna expression.the induction of alpha-amylase by starch has been studied in the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae. low levels of alpha-amylase activity were found in both intracellular and extracellular samples from glucose-grown cultures. however, alpha-amylase activity increased when starch was the sole carbon source. the intracellular enzyme activity was induced by a factor of approximately 6.5, while the extracellular activity increased 20-fold over that found in the glucose-grown cultures. regardless ...19846208985
a chicken repetitive dna sequence that is highly sensitive to single-strand specific endonucleases.a dna sequence consisting of the 5-mer agagg repeated tandemly 32 times has been detected in a chicken genomic clone and found to be present in about 2000 copies per chicken genome. this sequence was highly susceptible to single-strand specific endonucleases isolated from aspergillus oryzae (s1) and mung bean, but cleavage by a single-strand specific endonuclease isolated from neurospora crassa occurred only at a ph below 5.5. endonucleolytic cutting of the agagg sequence by the single-strand sp ...19836231528
molecular mechanisms involved in the production of chromosomal aberrations. ii. utilization of neurospora endonuclease for the study of aberration production by x-rays in g1 and g2 stages of the cell cycle.chinese hamster ovary cells (cho) were x-irradiated in g1 and g2 stages of the cell cycle and subsequently neurospora endonuclease (ne) (e.c.3.1.4), an enzyme which is specific in cleaving single-stranded dna, was introduced into the cells, after making the cells permeable by treatment with inactivated sendai virus. with this treatment all classes of x-ray-induced chromatid aberrations increased in g2 cells, whereas in g1 cells an increase in chromosome type of aberrations was found, associated ...19806244487
purification and properties of s1 nuclease from aspergillus. 19806246349
crystallization of a complex between ribonuclease t1 and 2'-guanylic acid.ribonuclease t1 was crystallized under various conditions. form i crystals were produced by microdialysis against 53% (v/v) 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol in 0.01 m sodium acetate, 0.05% 2'-guanylic acid (2'gmp) and 0.02% nan3 (ph 6.2-7.2). these crystals are tetragonal, space group p41212 and contain two molecules per asymmetric unit; cell dimensions are a = b = 5.86 nm, c = 13.28 nm. form iia and form iib crystals were obtained by microdialysis from a buffer of 0.01-0.05 m sodium acetate, 0.25-0.5% ...19806250834
s1 nuclease of aspergillus oryzae: a glycoprotein with an associated nucleotidase activity. 19806252849
the inverted repeat as a recognizable structural feature in supercoiled dna molecules.the single-strand-specific endonuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae introduces highly selective cleavages into supercoiled covalently closed circular dna molecules, but not into their previously linearized counterparts. the cleavage sites are inverted repeats of unit length between 9 and 13 base pairs, separated by a nonrepetitious 2-6 base pairs. such regions may adopt hairpin or similar structures stabilized by the negative superhelix density and may constitute recognition sites for cellular pr ...19806256738
s1-sensitive sites in dna after gamma-irradiation.dna from gamma-irradiated t1 bacteriophages was analyzed for "single-stranded" sites by cleavage with s1 nuclease from aspergillus oryzae as lesion probe. the ratio of "s1-sensitive sites" to the amount of radiation-induced single-strand breaks was about one. presumably these "denatured" sites were associated with single-strand breaks. the subsequent check for the persistence of "single-stranded" sites within the dna molecule by thermokinetics demonstrated a strong affinity of the nuclease to it ...19816260190
[isolation and characteristics of highly purified s1-nuclease from amylorizin p10x].s1-nuclease was purified from the soviet commercial enzyme amylorizin p10x prepared from the surface culture of aspergillus oryzae. the enzyme yield was 33% of total activity. the molecular weight of the enzyme measured by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate was equal to 30,000. the enzyme showed high specificity to single-stranded dna.19816262745
s1 nuclease of aspergillus oryzae: characterization of the associated phosphomonoesterase activity. 19816272646
secondary structure of bombyx mori and dictyostelium discoideum 5s rrna from s1 nuclease and cobra venom ribonuclease susceptibility, and computer assisted analysis.the 5s rrnas from bombyx mori and dictyostelium discoideum were end-labeled with [32-p] at either the 5' or 3' end and sequenced using enzymatic digestion. the secondary structure of these molecules was studied using the single-strand specific s1 nuclease and the base-pair specific cobra venom ribonuclease. computer analysis of these results was performed and was used to generate a consensus secondary structure for each molecule. a comparison of these results with those of other workers is prese ...19826278426
stereochemical course of dna hydrolysis by nuclease s1.nuclease s1 hydrolyzes the sp-diastereomer of 5'-o-(2'-deoxyadenosyl)-3'-o-thymidyl phosphorothioate in h2(18)o to [18o]deoxyadenosine 5'-o-phosphorothioate which can be phosphorylated enzymatically to the sp-diastereomer of [alpha-18o]deoxyadenosine 5'-o-(1-thiotriphosphate). 31p nmr spectroscopy shows the oxygen-18 in this compound to be in a nonbridging position at the alpha-phosphorus, indicating that the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by nuclease s1 proceeds with inversion of configuration a ...19836296110
secondary structure specificity of the nuclease activity of the 1,10-phenanthroline-copper complex.the artificial dnase activity of the 1,10-phenanthroline-cuprous ion complex [(op)2cu+] and h2o2 cleaves the a, b, and z forms of dna at different rates. the b structure, formed by most dnas including poly(da-dt) and poly(da) x poly(dt), is the most susceptible to cleavage. it is completely degraded within 1 min by 40 microm 1,10-phenanthroline/4 microm cu2+/7 mm h2o2/7 mm 3-mercaptopropionic acid. the a structure, formed by rna x dna hybrids such as poly(ra) x poly(dt), is cleaved in both stran ...19846320169
endonuclease s1-sensitive site in chicken pro-alpha 2(i) collagen 5' flanking gene region.a site that is preferentially cleaved by the single-strand-specific endonuclease from aspergillus oryzae was located in vitro 180 base pairs upstream from the 5' end of the chicken pro-alpha 2(i) collagen gene. it is found in supercoiled plasmids with a negative superhelical density of -0.024 or more but not in linear dna molecules. the nuclease s1 sensitivity is retained in plasmids containing genomic fragments extending from position +8 to -285 (where +1 is the first transcribed base) and from ...19846324210
[sedimentation-biochemical method of determination of sedimentation constants and molecular masses of enzymes].the sedimentation-biochemical method of determination of enzymes' sedimentation coefficients and estimation of their molecular masses based on the tiselius' transport technique is discussed. the method permits to determine the sedimentation coefficients of enzyme in the starting mixtures without their preliminary purification. the use of different substrats permits to carry out the studying of several enzymes simultaneously. the frameworks of the method are discussed.19836353201
[affinity chromatography of aminopeptidases].the recent data are generalized concerning a series of synthetic oligopeptides which are competitive inhibitors of aminopeptidases of animal, plant and microbic origin. a method for biospecific chromatography of these enzymes is developed, using as ligands such inhibitors as diazo derivatives of p-aminophenyl-, chloromethyl- and methylketones of l-amino acids and peptides, amino acids, aliphatic acid amides. it is established that the most effective inhibitors of aminopeptidases contain l-amino ...19836356542
[isolation of a specific inhibitor of microbial serine proteinase from kidney bean seeds].a protein acting as a specific inhibitor of microbial serine proteinases was isolated from kidney bean seeds. the purification procedure included complex formation between the inhibitor and aspergillus oryzae proteinase. the protein with a mr approximately 10 000 inhibits subtilisin and asp. oryzae proteinase but does not affect trypsin and chymotrypsin. the inhibitor molecule contains no half-cystine residues.19836357292
effect of drugs on the activity of fungal limit dextrinase & alpha-amylase. 19836360862
[species and organ heterogeneity of arylsulfatases]. 19846397752
[effect of the physiological conditions on alpha-amylase and glucoamylase formation by a selected strain of aspergillus oryzae].the production of alpha-amylase and glucoamylase by a selected strain of aspergillus oryzae was investigated using different carbon and nitrogen sources. the best and most economic fermentation medium for the production of the both amylases in submerged cultures had the following composition (in %): defatted rice brain, 8; corn steep liquor, 3; mgso4 x 7h2o, 0.1; kh2po4, 0.1; cacl2, 0.1. the optimum ph was 5.0. the optimal conditions for biosynthesis of the amylases were as follows: cultivation ...19836413831
effects of thiol protease inhibitors on intracellular degradation of exogenous beta-galactosidase in cultured human skin fibroblasts.the effects of low molecular weight (lmw) protease inhibitors of microbial origin were evaluated on the intracellular degradation of beta-galactosidase purified from aspergillus oryzae and taken up by cultured human skin fibroblasts with beta-galactosidase deficiency. only thiol protease inhibitors showed an effect to increase the enzyme activity. e-64, a specific inhibitor of thiol proteases, prolonged 3-fold a half life of the exogenous beta-galactosidase and when the enzyme was supplied as li ...19836414834
regulation of the oxidative phase of the pentose phosphate cycle in aspergillus oryzae (ahlburg). i. induction of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase.the activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase changes when the mycelium is grown on different carbon sources. in the presence of ribose, the activity of the enzyme is approximately 3 times higher than when the mycelium is grow in a medium containing glucose. this increase in the enzyme activity is developed progressively when the concentration of ribose increases from 1% to 6% and it is blocked if cycloheximide is added to the medium. this results suggest an increase in "de novo" synthesis o ...19836418104
energy of binding of aspergillus oryzae beta-glucosidase with the substrate, and the mechanism of its enzymic action.several beta-d-glucopyranosides (p-nitrophenyl, phenyl, and ethyl), 1-thio-beta-d-glucopyranosides, and phenyl 2-deoxy, 3-deoxy, 4-deoxy, and 6-deoxy beta-d-glucopyranosides were synthesized and used to study the mechanism of the enzymatic action of taka-beta-glucosidase [ec aspergillus oryzae]. kinetic constants of the enzyme for these glycosides were determined from s/v-s or 1/v-1/s plots, and the hydrolysis rates of these compounds with the enzyme, acid (3 n hcl) and alkali (3 n naoh ...19836418735
multiple forms of protyrosinase from aspergillus oryzae and their mode of activation at ph 3.0.this paper describes the isolation of three molecular forms (i-iii) of protyrosinase and catalytically active tyrosinase ( monophenol ,dihydroxyphenylalanine: oxygen oxidoreductase, e.c. from fresh mycelia of aspergillus oryzae bir 128 by (nh4)2so4 fractionation, successive chromatographies and disc-gel electrophoresis. experimental evidence is presented that purified protyrosinase is contaminated with firmly attached proteinases, and that this contamination may account for both the m ...19846424711
effect of glycolipids contained in liposomes on the incorporation of beta-galactosidase into specific organs.a series of glycolipids were examined to find a system capable of targeting liposomes into specific organs of rats. sulfatide was found to be the best among the components of liposomes examined for delivering the entrapped enzyme, beta-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae, into the brain and liver; gangliosides, for the spleen; and sphingomyelin, for the lung. to introduce the enzyme into the liver, galactocerebroside was far better than glucocerebroside. these data suggest that the sugar resid ...19846435635
alteration of the substrate specificity of aspergillus oryzae beta-galactosidase by modification with polyethylene glycol.beta-galactosidase (beta-d-galactoside galactohydrolase, ec purified from aspergillus oryzae was modified with 2,4,6-trichloro-s-triazine derivatives of polyethylene glycol (activated bpeg) having molecular weights of 600, 1500, 2000, and 4000. polyethylene glycol derivatives were attached to 6 of the 12 amino groups exposed on the surface of the enzyme. upon modification, the enzymatic activity for a water-soluble substrate, o-nitrophenyl beta-d-galactopyranoside, was reduced with inc ...19846436228
[fatty acid composition of the lipids in fungi of the genus aspergillus developing on mineral media with different carbon sources].this work was aimed at studying the effect of different carbon sources in the composition of mineral media on the growth of fungi belonging to the aspergillus genus and on the fatty acid composition of their lipids. a chemically-defined medium with glucose was shown to be optimal for the growth of 18 aspergillus strains and for the synthesis of lipids by them. the fatty acid composition of lipids was studied when the fungi grew in media with different carbon sources. the lipids were shown to con ...19846442390
[aspergillus oryzae as a cause of keratomycosis in the horse].a case of a spontaneous mycokeratitis of a previously injured cornea in a horse is described. the infection was caused by aspergillus oryzae. after application of chloramphenicol ophthalmic ointment a corneal clouding was found in the centre which was circularly sharply defined and which - after dispensing dexamethason-neomycin eye drops - expanded all over to a purulent keratitis. the demarcated and initially non purulent mycotic lesions largely improved after the application of tincture of iod ...19846528327
[a case of allergic broncho-pulmonary aspergillosis due to asp. oryzae and its subtype]. 19846530860
[regulation of alpha-amylase biosynthesis in an aspergillus oryzae 3000 strain based on the principle of feedback from the level of the active enzyme]. 19836606299
proteinase enzymes relevant to the baking industry. 19826754500
degradation of amyloid proteins with protease i from aspergillus oryzae. in vivo increase in saa clearance rate after enzyme infusion.the effect of the thrombolytic enzyme protease i from aspergillus oryzae (brinase) on the amyloid protein aa was investigated. the effect of the enzyme on purified, low molecular weight protein aa was very high. protein aa in intact amyloid fibrils suspended in neutral buffer was also degraded by the enzyme, although at a much lower rate. amyloid fibrils in tissue sections could also be attacked and removed, leaving the tissue structure fairly intact. the in vivo effect of brinase on protein saa ...19826760382
aminoacylase from aspergillus oryzae. comparison with the pig kidney enzyme.aminoacylase (ec from aspergillus oryzae was purified from a commercially available crude material by heat treatment, precipitation by polyethyleneimine and ammoniumsulfate, gel chromatography and preparative disc-gel-electrophoresis. the purified product was homogenous as judged by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. sds-gel electrophoresis, polyacrylamide-gel-gradient electrohoresis, gel chromatography and amino acid analysis demonstrated the enzyme to be composed of two subunits wit ...19806774495
reversal of fungitoxicity of 8-quinolinols and their copper(ii) bischelates. ii. reversal of the action of 8-quinolinol by dl-alpha-lipoic acid.the effect of amino acids and derivatives, krebs cycle acids and related compounds, fatty acids, and vitamins and related compounds on the toxicity of 8-quinolinol and bis(8-quinolinolato)copper(ii) to aspergillus oryzae (atcc 1011) was studied. only aliphatic thiol-containing compounds (cysteine, glutathione, dithioerythritol, and dithiothreitol) and dl-alpha-lipoic acid protected against 8-quinolinol but not its copper(ii) bischelate. it is suggested that 8-quinolinol inhibits lipoic acid bios ...19816790147
mutagenesis during transformation of bacillus subtilis. i. an increase in "selfing' resulting from hybrid donor dnas.reverse mutations increase when competent bacillus subtilis cells are transformed with high concentrations of homologous "selfer' dna. a high proportion of the mutants were also transformants of linked genes. a stimulation in the appearance of reversed mutations occurred when homoduplex and heteroduplex "selfer' dnas were used as donors. digestions of native and hybrid dnas with nuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae resulted in the preferential decrease of mutations as compared to a much smaller i ...19816799809
effects of phospholipids on substrate specificity of beta-galactosidase purified from aspergillus oryzae. 19826807206
effects of fibrinogen fragment and proteolytic enzyme on the immune system in mice.the immunomodulating ability of fibrinogen fragment (hol-dsk) and proteolytic enzyme with fibrinolytic activity from aspergillus oryzae was analysed in cba/ca, c57bl, c3h/hej and nmri mice. suppressive effects on the blastogenic response to mitogens were noted. no consistent suppressive effect, but sometimes an enhancing one, was recorded on the antibody responses to protein antigens. administration of hol-dsk or proteolytic enzyme shortly after the immunization resulted in a slight inhibition o ...19836848480
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