construction of brewing-wine aspergillus oryzae pyrg- mutant by pyrg gene deletion and its application in homology transformation.pyrg(-) host cells are indispensable for pyrg(-) based transformation system. isolations of pyrg(-) host cells by random mutations are limited by time-consuming, unclear genetic background and potential interferences of homogenous recombination. the purpose of this study was to construct brewing-wine aspergillus oryzae pyrg(-) mutant by site-directed mutation of pyrg gene deletion which would be used as a host for further transformation. pmd-pyrgab, a vector carrying pyrg deletion cassette, was ...201424742431
motif-independent prediction of a secondary metabolism gene cluster using comparative genomics: application to sequenced genomes of aspergillus and ten other filamentous fungal species.despite their biological importance, a significant number of genes for secondary metabolite biosynthesis (smb) remain undetected due largely to the fact that they are highly diverse and are not expressed under a variety of cultivation conditions. several software tools including smurf and antismash have been developed to predict fungal smb gene clusters by finding core genes encoding polyketide synthase, nonribosomal peptide synthetase and dimethylallyltryptophan synthase as well as several othe ...201424727546
rapid delivery of diazepam from supersaturated solutions prepared using prodrug/enzyme mixtures: toward intranasal treatment of seizure emergencies.current treatments for seizure emergencies, such as status epilepticus, include intravenous or rectal administration of benzodiazepines. while intranasal delivery of these drugs is desirable, the small volume of the nasal cavity and low drug solubility pose significant difficulties. here, we prepared supersaturated diazepam solutions under physiological conditions and without precipitation, using a prodrug/enzyme system. avizafone, a peptide prodrug of diazepam, was delivered with--aspergillus o ...201424700272
effects of codon optimization on the mrna levels of heterologous genes in filamentous fungi.filamentous fungi, particularly aspergillus species, have recently attracted attention as host organisms for recombinant protein production. because the secretory yields of heterologous proteins are generally low compared with those of homologous proteins or proteins from closely related fungal species, several strategies to produce substantial amounts of recombinant proteins have been conducted. codon optimization is a powerful tool for improving the production levels of heterologous proteins. ...201424682479
new insights into heat induced structural changes of pectin methylesterase on fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular modeling basis.heat-induced structural changes of aspergillus oryzae pectin methylesterase (pme) were studied by means of fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular modeling, whereas the functional enzyme stability was monitored by inactivation studies. the fluorescence spectroscopy experiments were performed at two ph value (4.5 and 7.0). at both ph values, the phase diagrams were linear, indicating the presence of two molecular species induced by thermal treatment. a red shift of 7 nm was observed at neutral ph ...201424657465
biorefinery development through utilization of biodiesel industry by-products as sole fermentation feedstock for 1,3-propanediol production.rapeseed meal (rsm) hydrolysate was evaluated as substitute for commercial nutrient supplements in 1,3-propanediol (pdo) fermentation using the strain clostridium butyricum vpi 1718. rsm was enzymatically converted into a generic fermentation feedstock, enriched in amino acids, peptides and various micro-nutrients, using crude enzyme consortia produced via solid state fermentation by a fungal strain of aspergillus oryzae. initial free amino nitrogen concentration influenced pdo production in bat ...201424650530
discovery and analysis of an active long terminal repeat-retrotransposable element in aspergillus oryzae.wild-type aspergillus oryzae rib40 contains two copies of the ao090005001597 gene. we previously constructed a. oryzae rib40 strain, rkuaf8b, with multiple chromosomal deletions, in which the ao090005001597 copy number was found to be increased significantly. sequence analysis indicated that ao090005001597 is part of a putative 6,000-bp retrotransposable element, flanked by two long terminal repeats (ltrs) of 669 bp, with characteristics of retroviruses and retrotransposons, and thus designated ...201424646755
trypsin inhibitor from edible mushroom pleurotus floridanus active against proteases of microbial origin.protease inhibitors can be versatile tools mainly in the fields of medicine, agriculture and food preservative applications. fungi have been recognized as sources of protease inhibitors, although there are only few such reports on mushrooms. this work reports the purification and characterization of a trypsin inhibitor from the fruiting body of edible mushroom pleurotus floridanus (pfti) and its effect on the activity of microbial proteases. the protease inhibitor was purified up to 35-fold by d ...201424615526
preparation of przewalskinic acid a from salvianolic acid b using a crude enzyme from an aspergillus oryzae strain.przewalskinic acid a is a rare, water-soluble, and highly biologically active ingredient found, thus far, only in the salvia przewalskii maxim herb; however, the content in s. przewalskii herb is very low. in order to obtain useful quantities of przewalskinic acid a, the biotransformatin of salvianolic acid b from salvia miltiorrhiza root (danshen in chinese) into przewalskinic acid a was studied using a crude enzyme produced from aspergillus oryzae d30s strain. the crude enzyme from the a. oryz ...201424615145
functional analysis of histone deacetylase and its role in stress response, drug resistance and solid-state cultivation in aspergillus the eukaryotic cell, histone deacetylases (hdacs) play key roles in the regulation of fundamental cellular process such as development regulation, stress response, secondary metabolism and genome integrity. here, we provide a comprehensive phenotypic analysis using hdac disruptants in aspergillus oryzae. our study revealed that four hdacs, hdaa/aohda1, hdab/aorpd3, hdad/aohos2 and hst4/aohstd were involved in stress response, cell wall synthesis and chromatin integrity in a. oryzae. osmotic s ...201424613105
process characterization and influence of alternative carbon sources and carbon-to-nitrogen ratio on organic acid production by aspergillus oryzae dsm1863.l-malic acid and fumaric acid are c4 dicarboxylic organic acids and considered as promising chemical building blocks. they can be applied as food preservatives and acidulants in rust removal and as polymerization starter units. molds of the genus aspergillus are able to produce malic acid in large quantities from glucose and other carbon sources. in order to enhance the production potential of aspergillus oryzae dsm 1863, production and consumption rates in an established bioreactor batch-proces ...201424604500
purification and evaluation of the enzymatic properties of a novel fructosyltransferase from aspergillus oryzae: a potential biocatalyst for the synthesis of sucrose 6-acetate.a novel fructosyltransferase (aoft) capable of synthesizing sucrose 6-acetate (s6a) from sucrose and glucose 6-acetate has been purified to homogeneity from aspergillus oryzae zz-01. its molecular mass was ~50 kda by sds-page; optimal activity was at 45 °c and it was stable from ph 4.5 to 7.5 with an optimum ph of 6. mg(2+), k(+) (5 mm), propanol, toluene (50%, v/v), tween 20 or triton x-100 (1%, w/v) increased the transfructosylation activity by 20, 17, 17, 10, 25 and 20%, respectively. an over ...201424563291
protective effects of the fermented laminaria japonica extract on oxidative damage in llc-pk1 cells.this study investigated the protective effect of the butanol (buoh) fraction from fermented laminaria japonica extract (bflj) on aaph-induced oxidative stress in porcine kidney epithelial cells (llc-pk1 cells). l. japonica was fermented by aspergillus oryzae at 35±1°c for 72 h. freeze-dried fermented l. japonica was extracted with distilled water, and the extracted solution was mixed with ethanol and then centrifuged. the supernatant was subjected to sequential fractionation with various solvent ...201324551823
trimming of glucosylated n-glycans by human er α1,2-mannosidase the endoplasmic reticulum (er), folding of proteins modified by asparagine-linked (n-linked) glycosylation is precisely monitored by quality control machinery. upon exit from the calnexin/calreticulin cycle, glycoproteins are digested by α-mannosidases in the er, especially α1,2-mannosidase i (ermani). ermani removes the α1,2-linked mannose of the b-chain from properly folded er glycoproteins, whereas two or more α1,2-linked mannose residues are sequentially trimmed from improperly folded gly ...201424519966
cloning and expression of a family 10 xylanase gene (aoxyn10) from aspergillus oryzae in pichia pastoris.a full-length cdna sequence of aoxyn10, a gene encoding a glycoside hydrolase (gh) family 10 xylanase from aspergillus oryzae, was amplified from the total rna by 3' and 5' rapid amplification of cdna ends. the cdna sequence is 1,689 bp, containing 5', 3' untranslated regions and a 1,422 bp open reading frame (orf) that encodes a 21-aa signal peptide and a 452-aa mature peptide (designated aoxyn10). multi-alignment revealed that aoxyn10 contains two regions: a catalytic domain (cd) and a family ...201324492599
direct fermentation of raw starch using a kluyveromyces marxianus strain that expresses glucoamylase and alpha-amylase to produce ethanol.raw starch and raw cassava tuber powder were directly and efficiently fermented at elevated temperatures to produce ethanol using the thermotolerant yeast kluyveromyces marxianus that expresses α-amylase from aspergillus oryzae as well as α-amylase and glucoamylase from debaryomyces occidentalis. among the constructed k. marxianus strains, yrl 009 had the highest efficiency in direct starch fermentation. raw starch from corn, potato, cassava, or wheat can be fermented at temperatures higher than ...201424478139
modes of inhibition of α -amylase and α -glucosidase by aqueous extract of morinda lucida benth leaf.diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder of glucose metabolism. the management of blood glucose level is the hallmark in the treatment of this disease. this may be achieved through the use of oral hypoglycemic drugs such as biguanides, insulin secretagogues, and α-glucosidase inhibitors. the purpose of the present study was to investigate the inhibitory effect of morinda lucida leaf extracts on the activities of α-amylase and α-glucosidase. this was performed using α-amylase from aspergillus or ...201324455701
canola cake as a potential substrate for proteolytic enzymes production by a selected strain of aspergillus oryzae: selection of process conditions and product characterization.oil cakes have excellent nutritional value and offer considerable potential for use in biotechnological processes that employ solid-state fermentation (ssf) for the production of high value products. this work evaluates the feasibility of using canola cake as a substrate for protease production by a selected strain of aspergillus oryzae cultivated under ssf. the influences of the following process parameters were considered: initial substrate moisture content, incubation temperature, inoculum si ...201324455400
optimisation of soy flour fermentation parameters to produce β-glucosidase for bioconversion into aglycones.the solid state fermentation (ssf) parameters of defatted soybean flour (dsf) with aspergillus oryzae ioc 3999/1998 or monascus purpureus nrrl 1992 was evaluated using a rotational central composite experimental design to optimise the production of β-glucosidase and convert glycosidic isoflavones in aglycones. variables investigated were initial ph of dsf, volume of water added to 10 g of dsf and incubation temperature. β-glucosidase activity was measured using the synthetic substrate, p-nitroph ...201424444906
high level production of β-galactosidase exhibiting excellent milk-lactose degradation ability from aspergillus oryzae by codon and fermentation optimization.a β-galactosidase gene from aspergillus oryzae was engineered utilizing codon usage optimization to be constitutively and highly expressed in the pichia pastoris smd1168h strain in a high-cell-density fermentation. after fermentation for 96 h in a 50-l fermentor using glucose and glycerol as combined carbon sources, the recombinant enzyme in the culture supernatant had an activity of 4,239.07 u ml(-1) with o-nitrophenyl-β-d-galactopyranoside as the substrate, and produced a total of extracellula ...201424435763
comparative analysis of aspergillus oryzae with normal and abnormal color conidia.this study focuses on the characteristic of strains with anomalous color conidium and compares with normal color conidium. comparative analysis of enzymes activity and extracellular proteins revealed that a. oryzae with anomalous color conidium was not different from the strain with normal color conidium. in addition, a. oryzae with anomalous color conidium could not influence the palatability and quality of the soy sauce. these findings provide an insight into a. oryzae with anomalous color con ...201424426175
hydrolysis of green tea residue protein using proteolytic enzyme derived from aspergillus amino acids are important chemical components which impact the taste of green tea infusion. the hydrolysis of water-insoluble protein in the green tea residue helps to increase the contents of free amino acids components except theanine. studies indicate that the hydrolysis of the tea protein could be restricted due to interaction of polyphenols with protein. the experiment indicates that the hydrolysis of tea protein by protease is the main trend when the polyphenols concentration is lower ...201324425904
physiological characterization of the high malic acid-producing aspergillus oryzae strain 2103a-68.malic acid is a c₄ dicarboxylic acid that is currently mainly used in the food and beverages industry as an acidulant. because of the versatility of the group of c₄ dicarboxylic acids, the chemical industry has a growing interest in this chemical compound. as malic acid will be considered as a bulk chemical, microbial production requires organisms that sustain high rates, yields, and titers. aspergillus oryzae is mainly known as an industrial enzyme producer, but it was also shown that it has a ...201424413918
quantitation and structural determination of glucosylceramides contained in sake lees.sake lees are solid parts filtered from the mash of sake, the traditional rice wine of japan, which is brewed with aspergillus oryzae and saccharomyces cerevisiae. the moisture-holding activity of sake lees has long been recognized in japan. however, the constituent responsible for this activity has not been elucidated. in this study, we first determined the structure of the glucosylceramides contained in sake lees. the glucosylceramides contained in sake lees were n-2'-hydroxyoctadecanoyl-l-o-β ...201424389795
immobilization of aspergillus oryzae  β-galactosidase on cellulose acetate-polymethylmethacrylate membrane and its application in hydrolysis of lactose from milk and whey.the present study demonstrates the immobilization of aspergillus oryzae β-galactosidase on cellulose acetate-polymethylmethacrylate (ca-pmma) membrane and its application in hydrolyzing lactose in dairy industries. the effect of physical and chemical denaturants like ph, temperature, product inhibition by galactose, storage stability, and reuse number of the enzyme immobilized on ca-pmma membrane has been investigated. lactose was hydrolyzed from milk and whey in batch reactors at 50°c by free a ...201427350979
implementation of a metal structured packing in a fungal biofilm reactor for the production of a recombinant protein by aspergillus oryzae. 201425864332
discovery and characterization of a new family of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases.lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (lpmos) are a recently discovered class of enzymes capable of oxidizing recalcitrant polysaccharides. they are attracting considerable attention owing to their potential use in biomass conversion, notably in the production of biofuels. previous studies have identified two discrete sequence-based families of these enzymes termed aa9 (formerly gh61) and aa10 (formerly cbm33). here, we report the discovery of a third family of lpmos. using a chitin-degrading exem ...201424362702
enzymatic transformation of polydatin to resveratrol by piceid-β-d-glucosidase from aspergillus oryzae.resveratrol is now gaining much attention because of its pharmacological properties. polygonum cuspidatum has the highest content of resveratrol in plants and is the best material offering resveratrol. however, the content of resveratrol in p. cuspidatum is much lower compared with its glycoside polydatin. in this study, enzymatic transformation of polydatin to resveratrol by piceid-β-d-glucosidase from aspergillus oryzae sp. 100 was investigated. the biotransformation conditions were optimized. ...201424362562
sequence analysis and heterologous expression of the wool cuticle-degrading enzyme encoding genes in fusarium oxysporum 26-1.two protease-like proteins, krta and krtc, were identified in fusarium oxysporum 26-1. genes coding these proteins, krta and krtc, were isolated and characterized. recombinant krta (rkrta) and krtc (rkrtc) were successfully expressed in aspergillus oryzae and secreted. the combination of rkrta and rkrtc completely removed the cuticle of wool fibers.201424360406
a comparative study of extraction techniques for maximum recovery of glutamate decarboxylase (gad) from aspergillus oryzae nsk.γ-amino butyric acid (gaba) is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the mammalian central nervous system that plays a vital role in regulating vital neurological functions. the enzyme responsible for producing gaba is glutamate decarboxylase (gad), an intracellular enzyme that both food and pharmaceutical industries are currently using as the major catalyst in trial biotransformation process of gaba. we have successfully isolated a novel strain of aspergillus oryzae nsk that possesses a relati ...201324321181
production optimization and expression of pectin releasing enzyme from aspergillus oryzae po.protopectinase is an enzyme that solubilizes protopectin forming highly polymerized soluble pectin. protopectinase activity was detected from aspergillus oryzae po isolated from soil of persimmon orchard. response surface methodology of box-behnken design with three fermentation variables (temperature, nano3 and apple pomace concentration) was used to optimize protopectinase production of a. oryzae po, and protopectinase activity was improved to 270.0 u/ml. endo-polygalacturonase belonged to a-t ...201424299753
the henry reaction in [bmim][pf₆]-based microemulsions promoted by environmentally-friendly, enzyme-promoted procedure for the henry reaction was first studied using water-in-[bmim][pf6] microemulsions as reaction medium. the amano acylase from aspergillus oryzae showed better catalytic activity for the addition reactions of nitromethane with a series of aromatic aldehydes, and a highest yield of 90% was obtained.201324284489
enhanced β-galactosidase production of aspergillus oryzae mutated by uv and order to breed a high-yield β-galactosidase-producing strain, aspergillus oryzae was used as the parent strain and mutagenized with ultraviolet (uv) and uv plus lithium chloride (licl), respectively. after being mutagenized by uv, the β-galactosidase activity of mutant uv-15-20 reached 114.08 u/ml, which revealed a 49.22% increase compared with the original strain. a mutant uv-licl-38 with high β-galactosidase activity (121.42 u/ml) was obtained after compound mutagenesis of uv and licl; the ...201424274018
deglycosylation of isoflavones in isoflavone-rich soy germ flour by aspergillus oryzae kacc 40247.aspergillus oryzae kacc 40247 was selected as an efficient daidzein-producing fungus from strains of the genus aspergillus by using 5% (w/v) soy germ flour (sgf) as an isoflavone-glycoside-rich medium. the culture conditions, including sgf concentration, agitation speed, initial ph, temperature, and time, were optimized as follows: 7% (w/v) sgf, initial ph 6.0, 33 °c, 300 rpm, and 24 h in a 100 ml baffled flask. the determined amount of isoflavone aglycons in sgf using 50% ethyl acetate was the ...201324266868
enzymatic synthesis of novel oligosaccharides from n-acetylsucrosamine using β-fructofuranosidase from aspergillus oryzae.mycelia of aspergillus oryzae nbrc100959 contain 2 types of β-fructofuranosidases, transfructosylation-catalyzing enzyme (βffasei), and hydrolysis-catalyzing enzyme (βffaseii). using βffasei extracted from the mycelia of strain nbrc100959, two novel oligosaccharides consisting of glcnac and fructose, β-d-fructofuranosyl-(2→1)-β-d-fructofuranosyl-(2↔1)-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-α-d-glucopyranoside (n-acetyl-1-kestosamine, 1-kesnac) and β-d-fructofuranosyl-(2→1)-β-d-fructofuranosyl-(2→1)-β-d-fructofuran ...201324246554
purification and characterization of a prolyl endopeptidase isolated from aspergillus oryzae.a new fungal strain that was isolated from our library was identified as an aspergillus oryzae and noted to produce a novel proly endopeptidase. the enzyme was isolated, purified, and characterized. the molecular mass of the prolyl endopeptidase was estimated to be 60 kda by using sds-page. further biochemical characterization assays revealed that the enzyme attained optimal activity at ph 4.0 with acid ph stability from 3.0 to 5.0. its optimum temperature was 30 °c and residual activity after 3 ...201424241934
molecular identification of isolated fungi from stored apples in riyadh, saudi arabia.fungi causes most plant disease. when fruits are stored at suboptimal conditions, fungi grows, and some produce mycotoxin which can be dangerous for human consumption. studies have shown that the penicillium and monilinia species commonly cause spoilage of fruits, especially apples. several other genera and species were reported to grow to spoil fruits. this study was conducted to isolate and identify fruit spoilage by fungi on apples collected in riyadh, saudi arabia and conduct a molecular ide ...201324235866
effects of direct-fed microbial supplementation on broiler performance, intestinal nutrient transport and integrity under experimental conditions with increased microbial challenge.1. the effects of aspergillus oryzae- and bacillus subtilis-based direct-fed microbials (dfm) were investigated on the performance, ileal nutrient transport and intestinal integrity of broiler chickens, raised under experimental conditions, with increased intestinal microbial challenge. 2. the first study was a 3 × 2 factorial experiment, with 3 dietary treatments (control (con), con + dfm and con + antibiotic growth promoter) with and without challenge. chicks were fed experimental diets from 1 ...201424219515
improved α-amylase production by aspergillus oryzae after a double deletion of genes involved in carbon catabolite filamentous fungi, the expression of secretory glycoside hydrolase encoding genes, such as those for amylases, cellulases, and xylanases, is generally repressed in the presence of glucose. crea and creb have been observed to be regulating factors for carbon catabolite repression. in this study, we generated single and double deletion crea and/or creb mutants in aspergillus oryzae. the α-amylase activities of each strain were compared under various culture conditions. for the wild-type strain, ...201424213479
efficient formation of heterokaryotic sclerotia in the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae.heterokaryon formation by hyphal fusion occurs during a sexual/parasexual cycle in filamentous fungi, and therefore, it is biotechnologically important for crossbreeding. in the industrial filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae, a parasexual cycle has been reported, and it was recently suggested that sexual reproduction should be possible. however, as a. oryzae enters into hyphal fusion with a much lower frequency than neurospora crassa, the process of heterokaryon formation has not been extensiv ...201424201891
production and characterization of a new α-glucosidase inhibitory peptide from aspergillus oryzae α-glucosidase inhibitor was developed from aspergillus oryzae n159-1, which was screened from traditional fermented korean foods. the intracellular concentration of the inhibitor reached its highest level when the fungus was cultured in tryptic soy broth medium at 27℃ for five days. the inhibitor was purified using a series of purification steps involving ultrafiltration, sephadex g-25 gel permeation chromatography, strong cation exchange solid phase extraction, reverse-phase high performance ...201324198670
identification of pyroglutamyl peptides in japanese rice wine (sake): presence of hepatoprotective pyroglu-leu.japanese rice wine, sake, is made from steamed rice, water, and lactic acid by "multiple parallel fermentation" with mold (aspergillus oryzae) and yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). nineteen pyroglutamyl peptides were identified in commercially available sake. among them, pyroglu-leu and pyroglu-gln were the major constituents. pyroglu-leu has been demonstrated to attenuate hepatitis and colitis in animal models. commercial products (n = 5) contained pyroglu-leu at concentrations ranging from 40 ...201324175632
improvement of kojic acid production in aspergillus oryzae b008 mutant strain and its uses in fermentation of concentrated corn stalk hydrolysate.a strain designated m866, producing kojic acid with a high yield, was obtained by combining induced mutation using ion beam implantation and ethyl methane sulfonate treatment of a wild type strain of aspergillus oryzae b008. the amount of kojic acid produced by the strain m866 in a shaking flask was 40.2 g/l from 100 g/l of glucose, which was 1.7 times higher than that produced by wild strain (23.58 g/l). when the mixture of glucose and xylose was used as carbon source, the resulting kojic acid ...201424170020
fed-batch synthesis of galacto-oligosaccharides with aspergillus oryzae β-galactosidase using optimal control strategy.fed-batch synthesis of galacto-oligosaccharides (gos) from lactose with β-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae was evaluated experimentally and reaction yield was maximized via optimal control technique. the optimal lactose and enzyme feed flow rate profiles were determined using a model for gos synthesis previously reported by the authors. experimentally it was found that fed-batch synthesis allowed an increase on the maximum total gos concentration from 115 (batch synthesis) to 218 g l(-1) as ...201424167086
purification and partial characterization of nad aminohydrolase from aspergillus oryzae nrrl447.aspergillus oryzae aminohydrolase free acid phosphodiesterase catalyzes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to deamino-nad and ammonia. the enzyme was purified to homogeneity by a combination of acetone precipitation, anion exchange chromatography and gel filtration chromatography. the enzyme was purified 230.5 fold. sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the purified enzyme showed a single protein band of mw 94 kda. the enzyme displayed maximum activity at ph 5 and 40 °c wit ...201424158390
galactooligosaccharides formation during enzymatic hydrolysis of lactose: towards a prebiotic-enriched milk.the formation of galactooligosaccharides (gos) in skim milk during treatment with several commercial β-galactosidases (bacillus circulans, kluyveromyces lactis and aspergillus oryzae) was analysed in detail, at 4 and 40°c. the maximum gos concentration was obtained at a lactose conversion of approximately 40-50% with b. circulans and a. oryzae β-galactosidases, and at 95% lactose depletion for k. lactis β-galactosidase. using an enzyme dosage of 0.1% (v/v), the maximum gos concentration with k. ...201424128493
kinetic characterization of galacto-oligosaccharide (gos) synthesis by three commercially important β-galactosidases.many β-galactosidases show large differences in galacto-oligosaccharide (gos) production and lactose hydrolysis. in this study, a kinetic model is developed in which the effect of lactose, glucose, galactose, and oligosaccharides on the onpg converting activity of various β-galactosidases is quantified. the use of onpg as a competing substrate to lactose yields more information than can be obtained by examining only the conversion of lactose itself. the reaction rate with lactose or oligosacchar ...201424124064
a new diketopiperazine alkaloid from aspergillus oryzae.investigation of bioactive secondary metabolites from terrestrial aspergillus oryzae sp. mmao1 using m2 medium afforded a new diketopiperazine alkaloid, 7,9-dihydroxy-3-(1h-indol-3-ylmethyl)-8-methoxy-2,3,11,11a-tetrahydro-6h-pyrazino[1,2-b]isoquinoline-1,4-dione (1a), containing the unusual amino acid l-6,8-dihydroxy-7-methoxyphenylalanine. this was co-isolated with ditryptophenaline (2), cyclo-(tryp,tyr) (4), cyclo-(pro,val), α-cyclopiazonic acid (3), kojic acid and uridine. re-cultivation of ...201424116376
glycosylation analysis of recombinant neutral protease i from aspergillus oryzae expressed in pichia pastoris.neutral protease i from aspergillus oryzae 3.042 was expressed in pichia pastoris and its n-glycosylation properties were analyzed. after purification by nickel-affinity chromatography column, the recombinant neutral protease (rnpi) was confirmed to be n-glycosylated by periodicacid/schiff's base staining and endo h digestion. moreover, the deglycosylated protein's molecular weight decreased to 43.3 kda from 54.5 kda analyzed by sds-page and maldi-tof-ms, and the hyperglycosylation extent was 21 ...201324078118
effect of the combined physical and chemical treatments with microbial fermentation on corn straw order to improve corn straw degradation, steam explosion, sodium hydroxide soaking and aspergillus oryzae fermentation were used. the optimal sodium hydroxide pretreatment condition for lignin degradation was obtained. the degradation rates of hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin were 54.68%, 17.76% and 33.14% for the exploded straw (p<0.05); 67.92%, 2.44% (p>0.05) and 76.54% for the alkali-treated straw (p<0.05); 75.98%, 39.93% and 77.88% for the exploded and alkali-treated straw (p<0.05), re ...201324063818
the crystal structure of an extracellular catechol oxidase from the ascomycete fungus aspergillus oryzae.catechol oxidases (ec catalyse the oxidation of o-diphenols to their corresponding o-quinones. these oxidases contain two copper ions (cua and cub) within the so-called coupled type 3 copper site as found in tyrosinases (ec and haemocyanins. the crystal structures of a limited number of bacterial and fungal tyrosinases and plant catechol oxidases have been solved. in this study, we present the first crystal structure of a fungal catechol oxidase from aspergillus oryzae (aoco ...201324043469
effects of food lectins on the transport system of human intestinal caco-2 cell monolayers.the effects of 16 lectins isolated from foodstuff on the transport system across human intestinal caco-2 cell monolayers were investigated by using four fluorescent markers: lucifer yellow (ly) for the paracellular pathway, fluorescein (fl) for the monocarboxylic acid transporter-mediated pathway, rhodamine 123 for the p-glycoprotein-mediated efflux pathway, and calcein for the multidrug resistance associated protein-related efflux pathway. the transepithelial electrical resistance (ter) values ...201324018688
aspergillus oryzae type iii polyketide synthase csyb uses a fatty acyl starter for the biosynthesis of csypyrone b compounds.csypyrones b1, b2 and b3 are α-pyrones that can be obtained from aspergillus oryzae expressing csyb, which is a type iii polyketide synthase. we investigated the biosynthesis of the csypyrone b compounds using [1-(13)c] and [2-(13)c] acetate feeding experiments. (13)c nmr analyses of the methyl esters of the csypyrone b compounds fed with the (13)c-labeled acetates showed that the carboxyl carbons of the csypyrone b side-chains were derived from the c-2 methyl carbon of the acetate. these result ...201324011646
microbial floral dynamics of chinese traditional soybean paste (doujiang) and commercial soybean paste.traditional soybean paste from shandong liangshan and tianyuan jiangyuan commercial soybean paste were chosen for analysis and comparison of their bacterial and fungal dynamics using denaturing gel gradient electrophoresis and 16s rrna gene clone libraries. the bacterial diversity results showed that more than 20 types of bacteria were present in traditional shandong soybean paste during its fermentation process, whereas only six types of bacteria were present in the commercial soybean paste. th ...201324002452
screening of extracts from natural feed ingredients for their ability to reduce enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) k88 adhesion to porcine intestinal epithelial cell-line ipec-j2.enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (etec) k88 is the most prevalent enteropathogen in weaned piglets, with the ability to express fimbria f4 and specifically attach to intestinal receptors in the young piglet. the prevention of etec k88 adhesion to the epithelium by interfering in this fimbria-receptor recognition provides an alternative approach to prevent the initial stage of disease. the aim of this study is to screen, among different feed ingredients (fi), their ability to reduce etec k88 atta ...201323992796
aspergillus oryzae aoso is a novel component of stress granules upon heat stress in filamentous fungi.stress granules are a type of cytoplasmic messenger ribonucleoprotein (mrnp) granule formed in response to the inhibition of translation initiation, which typically occurs when cells are exposed to stress. stress granules are conserved in eukaryotes; however, in filamentous fungi, including aspergillus oryzae, stress granules have not yet been defined. for this reason, here we investigated the formation and localization of stress granules in a. oryzae cells exposed to various stresses using an e ...201323991062
random mutagenesis of the aspergillus oryzae genome results in fungal antibacterial activity.multidrug-resistant bacteria cause severe infections in hospitals and communities. development of new drugs to combat resistant microorganisms is needed. natural products of microbial origin are the source of most currently available antibiotics. we hypothesized that random mutagenesis of aspergillus oryzae would result in secretion of antibacterial compounds. to address this hypothesis, we developed a screen to identify individual a. oryzae mutants that inhibit the growth of methicillin-resista ...201323983696
reduction of the degradation activity of umami-enhancing purinic ribonucleotide supplement in miso by the targeted suppression of acid phosphatases in the aspergillus oryzae starter culture.miso (fermented soybean paste) is a traditional japanese fermented food, and is now used worldwide. the solid-state culture of filamentous fungus, aspergillus oryzae, grown on rice is known as rice-koji, and is important as a starter for miso fermentation because of its prominent hydrolytic enzyme activities. recently, commercial miso products have been supplemented with purinic ribonucleotides, such as inosine monophosphate (imp) and guanine monophosphate, to enhance the characteristic umami ta ...201323973834
metabolic engineering of aspergillus oryzae nrrl 3488 for increased production of l-malic acid.malic acid, a petroleum-derived c4-dicarboxylic acid that is used in the food and beverage industries, is also produced by a number of microorganisms that follow a variety of metabolic routes. several members of the genus aspergillus utilize a two-step cytosolic pathway from pyruvate to malate known as the reductive tricarboxylic acid (rtca) pathway. this simple and efficient pathway has a maximum theoretical yield of 2 mol malate/mol glucose when the starting pyruvate originates from glycolysis ...201323925533
engineering the thermostability of a xylanase from aspergillus oryzae by an enhancement of the interactions between the n-terminus extension and the β-sheet a2 of the enzyme.a mesophilic aspergillus oryzae xylanase (aoxyn11a) belongs to glycoside hydrolase family 11. hydrogen bonds and a disulfide bridge were introduced between the n-terminus extension and the β-sheet a2 of aoxyn11a, which were located in the corresponding region of a hyperthermostable xylanase. the mutants were designated as aoxyn11a(c5) and aoxyn11a(c5-c32), respectively. the thermostabilities of aoxyn11a and the mutants were assessed by the molecular dynamics simulations. after being incubated at ...201323907668
comparison and analysis of the genomes of two aspergillus oryzae strains.a. oryzae 3.042 (china) and a. oryzae rib40 (japan) used for soy sauce fermentation show some regional differences. we sequenced the genome of a. oryzae 3.042 and compared it to a. oryzae rib40 in an attempt to understand why different features are shown by these two a. oryzae strains. we predict 11,399 protein-coding genes in a. oryzae 3.042. the genomes of these two a. oryzae strains are collinear revealed by mummer analysis, indicating that the differences are not obvious between them. severa ...201323889147
mycoflora of soybeans used for meju fermentation.diverse fungi are present in korean traditional meju and they are known to play an important role in fermented soybean products. to determine the origin of the fungi in meju, we examined the mycoflora of soybeans from 10 traditional meju factories. the samples were untreated or treated with sodium hypochlorite, and placed on malt extract agar (mea), dichloran 18% glycerol agar (dg18), and dichloran rose bengal chloramphenicol agar (drbc) medium. a total of 794 fungal strains were isolated and th ...201323874133
assessment of a bacterial 6-phytase in the diets of broiler chickens.two 21-d broiler experiments were conducted to assess the efficacy of a bacterial 6-phytase expressed in aspergillus oryzae on growth performance, nutrient utilization, and intestinal molecular markers. two hundred forty birds in 5 treatments (experiment 1) or 256 birds in 4 treatments (experiment 2) were used. the treatments included a negative control diet that was marginally deficient in p (nc) or nc plus tricalcium phosphate, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 phytase units/kg (experiment 1), and nc or nc ...201323873558
effect of the combined probiotics with aflatoxin b₁-degrading enzyme on aflatoxin detoxification, broiler production performance and hepatic enzyme gene order to degrade aflatoxin b₁ (afb₁), afb₁-degrading microbes (probiotics) such as lactobacillus casei, bacillus subtilis and pichia anomala, and the afb₁-degrading enzyme from aspergillus oryzae were selected and combined to make feed additive. seventy-five 43-day-old male arbor acres broilers were randomly divided into 5 groups, 15 broilers for each group. the broilers were given with 5 kinds of diets such as the basal diet, 400 μg/kg afb₁ supplement without feed additive, and 200, 400, 800 ...201323831311
characterization of a (d)-stereoselective aminopeptidase (dama) exhibiting aminolytic activity and halophilicity from aspergillus oryzae.β-aminopeptidases exhibit both hydrolytic and aminolytic (peptide bond formation) activities and have only been reported in bacteria. we identified a gene encoding the β-aminopeptidase homolog from a genome database of the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae. the gene was overexpressed in a. oryzae, and the resulting recombinant enzyme was purified. apart from bacterial homologs [β-ala-para-nitroanilide (pna)], the enzyme preferred d-leu-pna and d-phe-pna as substrates. therefore, we designate ...201323821291
synthesis and antifungal activities of cyclic octa-lipopeptide burkholdine analogues.synthesis and antifungal activity of cyclic octapeptide derivatives of burkholdines are described. to construct cyclic octapeptides, the combination of fmoc-spps and cyclization with dic/hobt in the solution phase was employed. synthesized peptides were evaluated for antifungal activity with mic values against saccharomyces cerevisiae, aspergillus oryzae, and candida viswanathii. as a result, the lipid side chain and the stereochemistry of each amino acid of bk-1097 analogues significantly affec ...201323769641
structurally diverse chaetophenol productions induced by chemically mediated epigenetic manipulation of fungal gene expression.epigenetic manipulation of gene expression in chaetomium indicum using a hdac inhibitor led to the isolation of structurally diverse chaetophenols, and 3, 4 and 5 bear unprecedented polycyclic skeletons. the expression of two silent genes (pksch-1 and pksch-2) for nonreducing pkss involved in chaetophenol biosynthesis was associated with an increase of histone acetylation level. the heterologous gene expression study in aspergillus oryzae revealed pksch-2 to be the nr-pks gene for 8.201323767797
crystal structures of copper-depleted and copper-bound fungal pro-tyrosinase: insights into endogenous cysteine-dependent copper incorporation.tyrosinase, a dinuclear copper monooxygenase/oxidase, plays a crucial role in the melanin pigment biosynthesis. the structure and functions of tyrosinase have so far been studied extensively, but the post-translational maturation process from the pro-form to the active form has been less explored. in this study, we provide the crystal structures of aspergillus oryzae full-length pro-tyrosinase in the holo- and the apo-forms at 1.39 and 2.05 å resolution, respectively, revealing that phe(513) on ...201323749993
production of 8-hydroxydaidzein from soybean extract by aspergillus oryzae kacc 40247.aspergillus oryzae kacc 40247 was selected from among 60 fungal strains as an effective 7,8,4'-trihydroxyisoflavone (8-hydroxydaidzein)-producing fungus. the optimal culture conditions for production by this strain in a 7-l fermentor were found to be 30 °c, ph 6, and 300 rpm. under these conditions, a. oryzae kacc 40247 produced 62 mg/l of 8-hydroxydaidzein from soybean extract in 30 h, with a productivity of 2.1 mg/l/h. these are the highest production and productivity for 8-hydroxydaidzein eve ...201323748754
use of spent osmotic solutions for the production of fructooligosaccharides by aspergillus oryzae the food industry, osmotic dehydration can be an important stage to obtain partially dry foodstuffs. however, the remaining spent osmotic solution at the end of the process could become a waste with an important environmental impact due to the large amount of organic compounds that it might contain. since one of the most important osmotic agents used in osmotic dehydration is sucrose, this spent osmotic solution could be used to be biotransformed to produce fructooligosaccharides by a fructos ...201423744119
fungus-specific sirtuin hstd coordinates secondary metabolism and development through control of laea.the sirtuins are members of the nad(+)-dependent histone deacetylase family that contribute to various cellular functions that affect aging, disease, and cancer development in metazoans. however, the physiological roles of the fungus-specific sirtuin family are still poorly understood. here, we determined a novel function of the fungus-specific sirtuin hstd/aspergillus oryzae hst4 (aohst4), which is a homolog of hst4 in a. oryzae yeast. the deletion of all histone deacetylases in a. oryzae demon ...201323729383
rapid enzyme production and mycelial growth in solid-state fermentation using the non-airflow box.solid-state fermentation (ssf) has become an attractive alternative to submerged fermentation (smf) for the production of enzymes, organic acids, and secondary metabolites, while there are many problems during the culture of ssf. we recently created a ssf system using a non-airflow box (nab) in order to resolve the problems, which enabled the uniform culture in the whole substrate and high yield of many enzymes. in this paper, further characterization of ssf using the nab was carried out to obta ...201323727349
a compendium of causative agents of occupational asthma.the objective is to provide an evidence-based compendium of allergenic and irritant agents that are known to cause occupational asthma in order to improve diagnostics and disease management.201323706060
molecular markers for barrett's esophagus and its progression to cancer.there is a clinical need for biomarkers that can improve diagnostic accuracy and risk stratification of esophageal lesions. here we review the current literature and highlight the most important, recent advancements in biomarkers as a supplement to histopathology for management of patients with barrett's esophagus.201323689523
the crystal structure of acidic β-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae.the crystal structure of the industrially important aspergillus oryzae β-galactosidase has been determined at 2.60 å resolution. the ao-β-gal is a large (985 residues) monomeric multi-domain enzyme that has a catalytic (α/β)8-barrel domain. an electron density map revealed extensive n-glycosylation between the domain interfaces suggesting that the oligosaccharide-chains would have a stabilizing role for the structure of ao-β-gal. comparison of structure with other β-galactosidase structures of g ...201323688418
comparative genomic analysis of aspergillus oryzae strains 3.042 and rib40 for soy sauce fermentation.the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae 3.042 (chinese strain) is a close relative of a. oryzae rib40 (japanese strain), which is the important agent used for soy sauce fermentation. the genome of a. oryzae 3.042 was sequenced and compared with a. oryzae rib40 in an attempt to understand why different soy sauce flavors are produced by these strains. the a. oryzae 3.042 chromosome is 36,547,279bp and contains 11,399 protein-encoding genes. mummer analysis revealed that the genomes of a. oryzae ...201323673060
gamma radiation mediated green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using fermented soybean-garlic aqueous extract and their antimicrobial activity.aspergillus oryzae was used to enhance the mobilization of antioxidants of soybean matrix along with garlic as a co-substrate by modulating polyphenolic substances during solid-state fermentation. mobilized polyphenols were used as a green tool for synthesis and stabilization of gold nanoparticles (aunps). the radiation-induced aunps synthesis is a simple, clean and inexpensive process which involves radiolysis of aqueous solution that provides an efficient method to reduce metal ions. gamma irr ...201323667801
fine de novo sequencing of a fungal genome using only solid short read data: verification on aspergillus oryzae rib40.the development of next-generation sequencing (ngs) technologies has dramatically increased the throughput, speed, and efficiency of genome sequencing. the short read data generated from ngs platforms, such as solid and illumina, are quite useful for mapping analysis. however, the solid read data with lengths of <60 bp have been considered to be too short for de novo genome sequencing. here, to investigate whether de novo sequencing of fungal genomes is possible using only solid short read seque ...201323667655
enhanced production of bovine chymosin by autophagy deficiency in the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae.aspergillus oryzae has been utilized as a host for heterologous protein production because of its high protein secretory capacity and food-safety properties. however, a. oryzae often produces lower-than-expected yields of target heterologous proteins due to various underlying mechanisms, including degradation processes such as autophagy, which may be a significant bottleneck for protein production. in the present study, we examined the production of heterologous protein in several autophagy (aoa ...201323658635
improved production of protease-resistant phytase by aspergillus oryzae and its applicability in the hydrolysis of insoluble phytates.among three hundred isolates of filamentous fungi, aspergillus oryzae sbs50 secreted higher phytase activity at ph 5.0, 35 °c and 200 rpm after 96 h of fermentation. starch and beef extract supported the highest phytase production than other carbon and nitrogen sources. a nine-fold improvement in phytase production was achieved due to optimization. supplementation of the medium with inorganic phosphate repressed the enzyme synthesis. among surfactants tested, tween 80 increased fungal growth and ...201323652971
high-efficiency removal of phytic acid in soy meal using two-stage temperature-induced aspergillus oryzae solid-state fermentation.phytic acid of soy meal (sm) could influence protein and important mineral digestion of monogastric animals. aspergillus oryzae (atcc 9362) solid-state fermentation was applied to degrade phytic acid in sm. two-stage temperature fermentation protocol was investigated to increase the degradation rate. the first stage was to maximize phytase production and the second stage was to realize the maximum enzymatic degradation.201423633040
a robust whole-cell biocatalyst that introduces a thermo- and solvent-tolerant lipase into aspergillus oryzae cells: characterization and application to enzymatic biodiesel develop a robust whole-cell biocatalyst that works well at moderately high temperature (40-50°c) with organic solvents, a thermostable lipase from geobacillus thermocatenulatus (btl2) was introduced into an aspergillus oryzae whole-cell biocatalyst. the lipase-hydrolytic activity of the immobilized a. oryzae (r-btl) was highest at 50°c and was maintained even after an incubation of 24-h at 60°c. in addition, r-btl was highly tolerant to 30% (v/v) organic solvents (dimethyl carbonate, ethanol, ...201323608501
microbial lipid production from potato processing wastewater using oleaginous filamentous fungi aspergillus oryzae.use of potato processing wastewater for microbial lipid production by oleaginous filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae was studied with the purpose of recycling potato processing wastewater for biodiesel production. the wastewater contained high concentrations of solids, starch and nutrients. sterilization of the potato processing wastewater resulted in a thick gelatinized medium, causing the fungi to grow slow. in order to overcome this problem, the wastewater was diluted with tap water at thre ...201323597680
functional analysis of abp1p-interacting proteins involved in endocytosis of the mcc component in aspergillus oryzae.we have investigated the functions of three endocytosis-related proteins in the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae. yeast two-hybrid screening using the endocytic marker protein aoabp1 (a.oryzae homolog of saccharomyces cerevisiae abp1p) as a bait identified four interacting proteins named aip (aoabp1 interacting proteins). in mature hyphae, egfp (enhanced green fluorescent protein) fused to aips colocalized with aoabp1 at the hyphal tip region and the plasma membrane, suggesting that aips fu ...201323597630
allergens causing occupational asthma: an evidence-based evaluation of the literature.the aim of this work is to provide an evidence-based evaluation and overview of causative substances in order to improve disease management.201423595938
high-level extracellular production and characterization of candida antarctica lipase b in pichia pastoris.the gene encoding lipase b from candida antarctica (calb) was expressed in pichia pastoris after it was synthesized by the recursive pcr and cloned into the pichia expression plasmid, ppiczαa. the calb was successfully secreted in the recombinant p. pastoris strain x-33 with an apparent molecular weight of 34 kda. for 140 h flask culture, the dry cell weight and the extracellular lipase activity reached at 5.4 g/l and 57.9 u/l toward p-nitrophenyl palmitate, respectively. when we performed the f ...201323571105
time-dependent correlation of the microbial community and the metabolomics of traditional barley nuruk starter fermentation.the microbial community and the metabolites of barley nuruk were studied to determine the time-dependent correlation between the fermentation of microbes and metabolites. samples were analyzed by a polyphasic approach based on culture-dependent, culture-independent (pcr-dgge and qpcr analysis), and metabolite analysis using gc-ms. barley nuruk consists of varying amounts of bacteria, yeasts, and molds. the pcr-dgge results showed that only one phylotype, aspergillus oryzae, was predominant throu ...201323563559
inhibition kinetics of lipid oxidation of model foods by using antioxidant extract of fermented soybeans.fermentation by using aspergillus oryzae has been reported to increase antioxidant activity of soybeans significantly. the effectiveness of the extract from fermented soybeans was studied in 3 model foods with different complexities, i.e., linoleic acid emulsion, sunflower oil emulsions and bulk sunflower oil. for the emulsion systems, oxidation at two different ph values (4.5 and 7) was also compared. a reparameterised logistic equation was used to describe and to predict the experimental data. ...201323561179
identification of telomerase rnas from filamentous fungi reveals conservation with vertebrates and yeasts.telomeres are the nucleoprotein complexes at eukaryotic chromosomal ends. telomeric dna is synthesized by the ribonucleoprotein telomerase, which comprises a telomerase reverse transcriptase (tert) and a telomerase rna (ter). ter contains a template for telomeric dna synthesis. filamentous fungi possess extremely short and tightly regulated telomeres. although tert is well conserved between most organisms, ter is highly divergent and thus difficult to identify. in order to identify the ter seque ...201323555591
enhanced thermostability of a mesophilic xylanase by n-terminal replacement designed by molecular dynamics simulation.xylanases have attracted much attention owing to their potential applications. the applicability of xylanases, however, was bottlenecked by their low stabilities at high temperature or extreme ph. the purpose of this work was to enhance the thermostability of a mesophilic xylanase by n-terminal replacement.201323512640
further enhanced production of heterologous proteins by double-gene disruption (δaosedd δaovps10) in a hyper-producing mutant of aspergillus oryzae.the filamentous fungus aspergillus oryzae is used as one of the most favored hosts for heterologous protein production due to its ability to secrete large amounts of proteins into the culture medium. we previously generated a hyper-producing mutant strain of a. oryzae, aut1, which produced 3.2- and 2.6-fold higher levels of bovine chymosin (chy) and human lysozyme (hly), respectively, compared with the wild-type strain. however, further enhancement of heterologous protein production by multiple ...201323504109
effects of a novel bacterial phytase expressed in aspergillus oryzae on digestibility of calcium and phosphorus in diets fed to weanling or growing 2 experiments, 48 weanling (initial bw: 13.5 ± 2.4 kg, exp. 1) and 24 growing pigs (initial bw: 36.2 ± 4.0 kg, exp. 2) were used to determine effects of a novel bacterial 6-phytase expressed in aspergillus oryzae on the apparent total tract digestibility (attd) of phosphorus and calcium in corn-soybean meal diets fed to weanling and growing pigs. in exp. 1 and 2, pigs were randomly allotted to 6 dietary treatments using a randomized complete block design and a balanced 2 period changeover des ...201323497607
preparation of progenin iii from total steroidal saponins of dioscorea nipponica makino using a crude enzyme from aspergillus oryzae strain.progenin iii, one of the most active spirostanol saponins, is a potential candidate for anti-cancer therapy due to its strong antitumor activity and low hemolytic activity. however, the concentration of progenin iii is extremely low in natural dioscorea plants. in this paper, the progenin iii production from total steroidal saponins of dioscorea nipponica makino was studied using the crude enzyme from aspergillus oryzae dlfcc-38. the crude enzyme converting total steroidal saponins into progenin ...201323471779
protodioscin-glycosidase-1 hydrolyzing 26-o-β-d-glucoside and 3-o-(1 → 4)-α-l-rhamnoside of steroidal saponins from aspergillus oryzae.a novel protodioscin-(steroidal saponin)-glycoside hydrolase, named protodioscin-glycosidase-1 (pgase-1), was purified and characterized from the aspergillus oryzae strain. the molecular mass of this enzyme was determined to be about 55 kda based on sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. pgase-1 was able to hydrolyze the terminal 26-o-β-d-glucopyranoside of protodioscin (furostanoside) to produce dioscin (spirostanoside), and then further hydrolyze the terminal 3-o-(1 → 4)-α-l-rhamnopyranoside ...201323467827
breeding research on sake yeasts in japan: history, recent technological advances, and future perspectives.sake is an alcoholic beverage of japan, with a tradition lasting more than 1,300 years; it is produced from rice and water by fermenting with the koji mold aspergillus oryzae and sake yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae. breeding research on sake yeasts was originally developed in japan by incorporating microbiological and genetic research methodologies adopted in other scientific areas. since the advent of a genetic paradigm, isolation of yeast mutants has been a dominant approach for the breeding o ...201323464572
fuzzy logic control of rotating drum bioreactor for improved production of amylase and protease enzymes by aspergillus oryzae in solid-state this study, we compared the performance of two control systems, fuzzy logic control (flc) and conventional control (cc). the control systems were applied for controlling temperature and substrate moisture content in a solidstate fermentation for the biosynthesis of amylase and protease enzymes by aspergillus oryzae. the fermentation process was achieved in a 200 l rotating drum bioreactor. three factors affecting temperature and moisture content in the solid-state fermentation were considered ...201323462006
nad⁺-dependent xylitol dehydrogenase (xdha) and l-arabitol-4-dehydrogenase (lada) deletion mutants of aspergillus oryzae for improved xylitol production.xylitol dehydrogenase (xdha) and l-arabitol dehydrogenase (lada) are two key enzymes in xylan metabolism catalyzing the oxidation of xylitol to d-xylulose and arabitol to l-xylulose, respectively. in aspergillus oryzae, xdha and lada are encoded by xdha and lada. we deleted xdha and lada and xdha-lada to generate mutants with decreased dehydrogenase activities and increased xylitol production. the mutants were constructed by homologous transformation into a. oryzae p4 (∆pyrg) using pyrg as a sel ...201323436125
2-(benzothiazol-2-yl)-phenyl-β-d-galactopyranoside derivatives as fluorescent pigment dyeing substrates and their application for the assay of β-d-galactosidase activities.2-(benzothiazol-2-yl)-phenyl-β-d-galactopyranoside derivatives were synthesized as novel artificial fluorescent pigment dyeing substrates for β-d-galactosidase. the substrates, which exhibited non-fluorescence or weak fluorescence in solution phase, were smoothly hydrolyzed by β-d-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae and yielded a water-insoluble strong fluorescent pigment. the difference of fluorescent intensity exhibited a linear relationship with the amount of enzyme.201323434417
hierarchical meso-macroporous silica grafted with glyoxyl groups: opportunities for covalent immobilization of enzymes.hierarchical meso-macroporous silica (average mesopore diameter 20 nm) was synthesized and chemically modified to be used as a support for the immobilization of lipases from candida antarctica b and alcaligenes sp. and β-galactosidases from bacillus circulans and aspergillus oryzae. catalytic activities and thermal stabilities of enzymes immobilized by multipoint covalent attachment in silica derivatized with glyoxyl groups were compared with those immobilized in glyoxyl-agarose, assessing bioca ...201323416689
manr, a transcriptional regulator of the β-mannan utilization system, controls the cellulose utilization system in aspergillus oryzae.manr, a dna-binding protein possessing the zn(ii)(2)cys(6) binuclear cluster domain, acts as a positive regulator of mannanolytic enzyme genes in aspergillus oryzae. in this study, we found that manr controlled the expression not only of mannanolytic enzyme genes but also of cellulolytic enzyme genes in a. oryzae, based on dna microarray analysis of a manr-disruptant and a manr-overexpressing strain. a new model for the regulation of cellulase and hemicellulase genes mediated by manr and xlnr in ...201323391935
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