a note on a novel fungal alkaline proteinase inhibitor from aspergillus oryzae. 197942393
[properties of amylase immobilized on aerosil derivatives].the properties of three preparations of alpha-amylase immobilized on aminoaerosil by 2,4-toluylenediisocyanate and n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide as well as on carboxyaerosil by n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide were compared with the properties of soluble enzyme. under immobilization the ph-effect and ph-stability zones of amylase are 0.5--1.0 ph units shifted towards the alkaline region. the preparations in which the enzyme is bound with the matrix through the amine groups on carboxyaerosil by n,n' ...197938550
purification of an alkaline nuclease from physarum alkaline nuclease was purified from microplasmodia of physarum polycephalum. the nuclease, active on denatured dna and rna and free of contamination by other nucleolytic activities, appeared to be a zinc-metallo protein. the enzyme was only active under conditions, where zn2+ were retained in the enzyme. loss of zinc occurred by the chelating action of edta, egta or ampholines, by acid of highly alkaline ph conditions or by high ionic strength. the addition of zncl2 to compensate losses, rest ...197941584
[effect of endonuclease s1 on the dna of normal and tumor cells]. 197942519
[immobilization of aspergillus oryzae aminopeptidase on organic and inorganic carriers].the process of asp. oryzae aminopeptidase immobilization on organic (ae-cellulose, sepharose 4b, sephadex g-200) and inorganic (sch-2, sch-3 sylochromes and kck n 1 silicagel) carriers was studied. aminopeptidase immobilized on sephadex g-200 contains the largest amount of protein (80 mg per 1 g of carrier) and is the most active of all other preparations. the immobilized preparations retain the temperature optimum, like the soluble form, at 60 degrees c, except the preparation immobilized on ae ...197938548
presence and partial characterization of internal acid protease of aspergillus oryzae.the presence and partial characterization of the internal acid protease (ec of aspergillus oryzae has been investigated. although the majority of the acid protease is external and present in the culture filtrate, a significant amount of the active enzyme is firmly bound to the cells; it is not released by repeated extraction of cells with 0.9% sodium chloride but is liberated into the soluble fraction during disruption of cells. the internal acid protease, as well as the external one, ...197829561
how much is secondary structure responsible for resistance of double-stranded rna to pancreatic ribonuclease a?1. double-stranded f2 sus11 or qbeta rnas, resistant to bovine pancreatic rnaase a in 0.15 m nacl/0.015 m sodium citrate (ssc), are quickly and completely degraded at 10-fold lower ionic strength (0.1 x ssc) under otherwise similar conditions. at this ionic strength the secondary structure of double-stranded rna is maintained, as judged by the following: (a) the unchanged resistance of double-stranded rna and dna, under similar low ionic strength conditions, to nuclease s1 from aspergillus oryza ...197826405
[stability of alpha-amylase with immobilization through its different functional groups].the paper deals with stability of aspergillus aryzae alpha-amylase immobilized on cm- and ae-celluloses using n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide by means of binding through its amine or carboxylic groups. the binding of the enzyme with cm-cellulose makes its preparations more stable to the effect of edta and elevated temperature (50 degrees c) than under fixation on ae-cellulose.197936704
single-stranded regions in streptococcus pneumoniae chromosomal deoxyribonucleic acid and their relation to transformation.deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) in lysates of both completent and noncompetent streptococcus pneumoniae cells was characterized by chromatography on benzoylated, naphthoylated diethylaminoethyl-cellulose columns, by sensitivity to aspergillus oryzae s1 endonuclease, and by sucrose gradient analysis. the dnas from both competent and noncompetent cells were found to contain similar extents of single-stranded regions. these single-stranded regions appeared to be intact, unpaired regions in double-stran ...197935514
[acid-stable and acid-unstable alpha-amylases of the mold fungi aspergillus].acid-sable alpha-amylase of asp. niger and acid-unstable, alpha-amylase of asp. oryzae were studied. it was demonstrated, that beside being a more acid-stable properties, alpha-amylase asp. niger has increased thermal stability as compared to alpha-amylase asp. oryzae. the molecular weights of acid-stable alpha-amylase and acid-unstable alpha-amylase are 58 000 and 51 000, respectively. the amino acid composition, and the c- and n-terminal amino acids of both forms of alpha-amylases were determi ...197831203
isolation and properties of leucine aminopeptidase from aspergillus oryzae.homogenious leucine aminopeptidase is purified from "oryzine"--mixture of enzymes produced by surface culture of asperigillus oryzae using treatment with activated characoal, followed by deae-cellulose and hydroxylapatite chromatographies, biogel p-100 gel-filtration and polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis. the enzyme has ph optimum 9.0 and the molecular weight 37500 as estimated by gil-filtration through sephadex g-100 (superfine) and sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. leucine aminopeptidas ...197719097
preparation and properties of a new dnase from aspergillus oryzae.a dnase present in commercial preparations of aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase was purified 1550-fold in 25% yield by acetone precipitation and by chromatography on diethylaminoethyl- and carboxymethylcellulose. the enzyme was isolated free of contaminating rnases and dnases. the molecular weight of the enzyme determined by gel filtration on sephadex g-100 was 48 000, while a molecular weight of 58 000 was determined for the single band observed upon polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in sodium ...197719042
immobilization of alpha-amylase on porous glass and silochrome.immobilized forms of alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae were prepared on the porous glass and silochrome by the glutaraldehyde method. an addition of calcium ions at a concentration of 0.05 m to the reaction mixture during immobilization stabilized the enzyme activity. ph optimum of the insoluble form of alpha-amylase was 5.8 and that of the soluble form was 4.7. storage of the insoluble enzyme as water suspension in 0.015 m cacl2 at 4 degrees c for six months and twenty times repeated specif ...197824839
purification and characterization of the two molecular forms of membrane acid protease from aspergillus oryzae.two forms (m1 and m2) of the membrane-bound acid protease of aspergillus oryzae have been purified by extraction with triton x-100, washing with cold acetone, and repeated gel filtration on bio-gel a-15 m in the presence and absence of triton x-100. the purified membrane enzymes, m1 and m2, moved as a single band in acrylamide gel electrophoresis and had apparent molecular weights of 150 000 and 60 000, respectively, as estimated by sodium dodecyl sulfate/acrylamide gel electrophoresis. these tw ...197825177
optimal conditions of alpha-amylase production by aspergillus oryzae in liquid media.the alpha-amylase secretion in a mineral culture medium containing starch and glucose follow the lysis of mycelium. this lysis seems to result from the hydrolysing action of dextranase and levulanase on cell wall. cell lysis and amylase secretion are greatly enhanced by ph elevation of culture medium (optimal ph 8,8). in such conditions of production the amylase is not stable but can be stabilized by addition of starch. a method is described using ph and starch content modifications, which allow ...197723718
properties of chymotrypsin proteinase from aspergillus oryzae.chymotrypsin-type proteinase is detected in the proteolytic system of asp. oryzae. the action of it and chymotrypsin is shown to depend on formaldehyde. hydrolysis of substrates, p-nitrophenyl acetate (p-npa) and n-benzoyl-tyrosine methyl ether (btme), by both preparations is almost the same. the obtained activity ph-optimum for the studied proteinase esterolytic activity is located in the alkaline zone as well as for crystalline chymotrypsin (substrate p-npa). it concerns ph of both enzymes sta ...197718830
rapid induction of alpha-amylase by nongrowing mycelia of aspergillus oryzae.a rapid induction system for synthesis of alpha-amylase by the funga aspergillus oryzae m-13 was established. the mycelia were prepared from 20-h cultures grown on a peptone-glycerol medium and starved for 5 h; maltose was the optimum inducer tested. during h 1 of induction, formation of both intra- and extracellular alpha-amylases occurred at an almost identical rate (70 to 80 microgram/g of cells-h) without a detectable lag period. after a 1-h induction period, a remarkable increase in the ext ...197718989
gluconic acid forming enzymes in aspergillus niger (author's transl).at least three gluconic acid forming enzymes were identified in cell-free extracts of aspergillus niger: glucose oxidase (ec, a glucose dehydrogenase (ec, and an enzyme or a mixture of enzymes catalyzing the cleavage of 6-phosphogluconate into gluconate and inorganic phosphate. 2,6-dichlorphenolindophenol was one of the hydrogen acceptors in vitro of the glucose dehydrogenase. some properties of this enzyme (km values, ph-dependence, substrate and hydrogen acceptor specificit ...197716416
mechanism of amylase action on glucoside starch bonds.functional groups of glucoamylase and alpha-amylase from asp. awamori, alpha-amylase from asp. oryzae and alpha- and beta-amylases from barley malt are identified. kinetic curves of the activity dependency on ph, values of ionization heats and photooxidative inactivation draw to the conclusion that carboxyl-imidazole system enters into the active site of the enzymes. a hypothetic mechanism of hydrolysis of alpha-1,4-glucoside bond in starch molecule by alpha- and beta-amylases and of alpha-1,4- ...197614726
isolation of amylolytic system of aspergillus oryzae by sorption on deahp amylum.conditions of effective sorption of amylolytic enzyme from a solution or from fermentative liquid on deahp amylum were studied. isolating action is in a direct dependence on the relation between activity and amount of deahp amylum, the curve of this dependence was illustrated. the enzyme can be released by elution or adsorbate can be used in a pulverised from. in the conclusion of the work laboratory isolation technique is described.197715220
extracellular acid protease of aspergillus oryzae grown on liquid media: multiple forms due to association with heterogeneous polysaccharides.the acid protease (ec that is produced extracellularly when aspergillus oryzae is grown on liquid media has been isolated and characterized. the enzyme was purified by precipitation with tannic acid, chromatography on duolite a-2, and gel filtration on sephadex g-100. the last step yielded four active components, with varying molecular weights ranging from 42,000 to 60,000. two of them, designated e1 and e1a, with molecular weights of 60,000 and 55,000, respectively, were heterogeneous ...197715987
use of amylum derivatives for isolation of amylolytic a leading article literature is reviewed concerning isolation of amylolytic enzymes by adsorption on differently modified starches, resp. on other adsorbents. deae amylum, deahp amylum and deae-sephadex a 25 were found to be most suitable adsorbents. the other adsorbents examined did not reach claimed parameters.197715219
difference spectroscopic study of the interaction between taka-amylase a and substrates. 1978306996
evidence for the presence of membrane-bound forms of acid protease in aspergillus oryzae. 197713792
characterization of beta-galactosidase from a special strain of aspergillus oryzae.beta-galactosidase ec was isolated from a partially purified preparation obtained from cultured cells of a special strain of aspergillus oryzae, rt 102 (ferm-p1680). the enzyme preparation gave a single protein band on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and was free from alpha-galactosidase, alpha- and beta-mannosidase, alpha- and beta-n-acetylhexosaminidase, and protease activities. the beta-galactosidase was capable of acting on aryl beta-galactosides, lactose, and lactosides. it also ...197614118
purification and characterization of the two molecular forms of aspergillus oryzae acid protease.the isolation and partial characterization of the acid proteases a1 and a2 (ec3.4.23.6) from aspergillus oryzae grown on solid bran culture are described. the purified preparations were essentially homogeneous by several criteria including sedimentation analysis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the physiochemical properties of the proteases a1 and a2 were as follows (in the order: a1, a2): molecular weight: 63 000 & 32 000; sedimentation coefficient s20, w: 3.93 and 3.16 s; diffusion cons ...19768138
histamine induction and release following proteolytic enzyme exposure.the mechanism of biologic response from exposure to a 12% subtilisin carlsberg preparation is shown to be one of histamine release in the guinea pig. three groups of guinea pigs were pretreated by intradermal injections withsaline solution of (1) the commercial proteolytic enzyme preparation containing 12% subtilisin carlsberg, (2) an alkaline protease preparation obtain from aspergillus oryzae that was isolated from cotton dust, or (3) a nonproteolytic mixture of proteins and lipases obtained f ...197548332
[role of metal ions in the catalytic activity of aspergillus oryzae aminopeptidase].the paper deals with the role of metals in the catalytic action of asp. oryzae aminopeptidase. cobalt ions are more specific activators than mn2+ and mn2+ and evoke its maximal activity. sinergic activation of co2+ in combination with mn2+ and mg2+ was not found in contrast to some aminopeptidases of animal origin. activation of the enzyme with cobalt chloride depends on temperature. by the 10th minute of incubation the activation reaches its maximum: 650 and 900% at 20 and 40 degrees c, respect ...1979106499
[drug treatment of meteorism. results of a double blind test]. 1977333264
mechanism of conjugation and recombination in bacteria. xvii. further evidence for single-stranded regions in recipient dna during conjugation in escherichia coli k-12.the secondary structure of recipient dna mated with hfr strain was investigated by cscl density gradient fractionation. after 45 min of hfrh64 x 3h-f-ab1157 mating one-fourth of the radioactive recipient dna was recovered as a single-strand but only after shearing of cell lysates prior to centrifugation. this heavier than native dna fraction of radioactive material (obtained after the first centrifugation) was degraded by single-strand specific nuclease s from aspergillus oryzae. these findings ...197767752
activation of fungal alpha-amylase by dithioerythritol.the activity of fungal alpha-amylase has been shown to be influenced by disulfide-reducing reagents. thus, the enzymatic activity increases in the presence of dithioerythritol or 2-mercaptoethanol. l-cysteine is also capable of increasing the activity, but the activation competes with an inactivation reaction which dominates at higher reagent concentrations (greater than 20 mm). a possible scheme interpreting the results is given.197995240
low resolution crystal structures of taka-amylase a and its complexes with inhibitors.the molecular structure of taka-amylase a, an alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae, has been studied at 6 a resolution by x-ray diffraction analysis. the electron density map showed a non-crystallographic three-fold screw arrangement of the molecules in the crystal. the molecule is an ellipsoid with approximate dimensions of 80 x 45 x 35 a and contains a hollow which may correspond to the active center. the inhibitor molecules bind to taka-amylase a at four different sites, one of which is loca ...197993603
aflatoxin produced by five species of aspergillus on rice. 1979114865
simple and rapid colorimetric method for the microdetermination of alpha amylase. 1977412348
[formation of volutin inclusions in the mycelium of aspergilli growing on media with hydrocarbons]. 1979440149
comparative studies of three exo-beta-glycosidases of aspergillus oryzae.beta-glucosidase [beta-d-glucoside glucohydrolase ec] and beta-galactosidase [beta-d-galactoside galactohydrolase, ec] of takadiastase were purified by acetone fractionation, deae-cellulose, and hydroxylapatite chromatography. purity was confirmed by disc electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation and measurement of other glycosidase activities which coexisted in takadiastase. molecular weight of the beta-glucosidase was 218,000 by sedimentation equilibrium and 110,000-116,000 by sds ...197933973
enzymatic determination of nonrandom incorporation of 5-bromodeoxyuridine in rat dna.secondary cultures of normal rat embryo cells were synchronized by a double thymidine block and pulsed with 10(-7) m 5-[3h]bromodeoxyuridine (brdurd) or 10(-7) m[3h]thymidine during an entire s phase (7.5 h). to examine the pattern of [3h]thymidine, dna was immediately extracted and purified at the completion of the s phase, cscl density gradient centrifugation revealed that substitution for thymine by bromouracil was less than 7%. single-strand specific nucleases obtained from aspergillus oryza ...1976133713
studies on the respiratory system of aspergillus oryzae. v. some properties of the respiratory system of mitochondria from mycelia grown in the presence of chloramphenicol.presence of chloramphenicol in the growth medium for mycelia of aspergillus oryzae was without effect on the oxidative activity, respiratory control, or p/o ratio of isolated mitochondria. the mitochondria oxidized krebs cycle intermediates even in the presence of cyanide at the concentration markedly inhibiting the normal mitochondrial oxidation. however, the p/o ratio during the mitochondrial oxidation decreased by about 1.0 on addition of cyanide. the c-type cytochromes, shown to occur in lar ...1977199770
[kinetic parameters of superhelical dna cleavage by endonuclease s1].major kinetic parameters of endonuclease s1 were determined on superhelical bacteriophage pm2 dna and on relaxed nicked circular pm2 dna. at 37 degrees and 0,25 m nacl, the michaelis constants were respectively 1.7 . 10(-8) m and 1 . 10(-9) m, and catalytic constants were respectively 0.36 sec-1 and 1.2 . 10(-2) sec-1. the inhibition of the enzyme reaction by its product was detected.1979503058
variations in hybridization of rna from different mouse tissues and embryos to endogenous c-type virus dna transcripts.several adult tissues, newborns, and embryos of uninfected balb/c mice were analysed for rna complementary to [3h]-dna transcripts synthesized from an endogenous type-c virus of balb/c 3t3. the technique of rna:dna hybridization was used and the extent of hybridization was measured by the use of a single-strand-specific nuclease (s-i), purified from aspergillus oryzae. virus-specific rna was detected in all adult and embryonic tissues tested. however, the rna extracted from tissues having higher ...1975169317
specificity of the s1 nuclease from aspergillus oryzae.conditions are described for digesting single-stranded dna by s1 nuclease without introducing breaks in double-stranded dna. the enzyme is inhibited by low concentrations of various compounds of phosphate. under certain conditions s1 nuclease cleaves the strand opposite a nick in bacteriophage t5 dna; under other conditions, the enzyme cleaves a loop in one strand of heteroduplex lambdadna while leaving the opposite strand intact. s1 nuclease makes many single strand breaks in ultraviolet-irradi ...1975171268
inside 45s ribonucleic acid. 1977202281
[studies on the reaction mechanism of a ribonuclease ii from aspergillus oryzae (author's transl)].ribonuclease t2 was isolated from an aspergillus oryzae extract. in order to define the substrate specificity, the hydrolysis of a series of 2',3'-cyclic nucleotides was measured semiquantitatively. modifications in all positions of the bases are tolerated, as long as the base stays in the anti conformation or has a chance to return to it; bulky substituents at n-3 of the pyrimidine base lower the rate. so far the conclusion seems justified that the enzyme does not react with the substrates by s ...1975240766
aspergillus oryzae acid proteinase. purification and properties, and formation of acid proteinase from aspergillus oryzae was isolated from a commercial powder by successive (nh4)2so4 fractionation, acetone precipitation, and ion-exchange chromatography on phosphate- and deae-cellulose columns. the purified enzyme was found to be homogeneous by ultracentrifuge-sedimentation analysis (s20, w equal 3.63s), but electrofocusing in polyacrylamide gels and electrophoresis at ph 3.2 revealed that it consists of two very closely migrating bands. no difference in the amino acid com ...1975239702
specific site of action for single-strand specific nuclease on the double-stranded circular dna intermediates of an avian rna tumor virus.circular viral dna intermediates obtained from the quail tumor line, qt6, at 1 day after infection, were opened at one specific location by the single-strand specific nuclease, s1, of aspergillus oryzae. this site was no longer accessible to the s1 nuclease when circles were first opened at another location with a restriction endonuclease.1978215777
on the physical properties and mechanism of action of arylsulfate sulfohydrolase ii from aspergillus oryzae. 1975241293
purification and properties of beta-galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae.beta-galactosidase [ec] has been purified from a culture of aspergillus oryzae by 2-propanol fractionation, column chromatography on deae-sephadex a-50 and sephadex g-200. the preparation was homogeneous on ultracentrifugation and disc electrophoresis. the enzyme showed ph optima of 4.5 with onpg-1 as a substrate and 4.8 with lactose as a substrate. the stable ph range was from 4.0 to 9.0 and the optimum temperature was 46 degrees. the michaelis constants were 7.2 x 10-minus 4 m with on ...1975236999
activity of endonuclease s1 in denaturing solvents: dimethysulfoxide, dimethylformamide, formamide and formaldehyde. 1975241350
characterization of dna used to assay sera for anti-dna antibodies; determination of the specificities of anti-dna antibodies in sle and non-sle rheumatic disease states.commercial 14c-labeled kb cell dna, widely used to assay sera for anti-dna antibodies, was chromatographed on benzoylated-naphthoylated-deae-cellulose (bndc) and on hydroxyapatite (hap). on bndc, only 25% of the 14c label eluted with 1 m nac1 (kb fraction i) characteristic of ds-dna. fifty-five percent of the label eluted with 50% formamide-1 m nac1 (kb fraction ii) characteristic of ss or denatured dna. on hap, however, none of the 14c label eluted with 0.2 m phosphate buffer as anticipated for ...1977300090
studies on the substrate specificity of taka-amylase a. xiii. preparation of 6-deoxy-6-iodomaltooligosaccharides and their inhibitory action against taka-amylase a1.o-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-o-6-deoxy-6-iodo-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-d-glucopyranose (6'-mt), o-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-6-deoxy-6-iodo-d-glucopyranose (6-m), and o-6-deoxy-6-iodo-alpha-d-glucopyranosyl-(1 leads to 4)-d-glucopyranose (6'-m) were prepared and their inhibitory action against taka-amylase a [ec, alpha-1, 4-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase, aspergillus oryzae] was investigated. the inhibitor constants of 6'-mt and 6'-m were 10 mm and 54 mm, re ...1978306997
purification and characterization of extracellular proteinases of aspergillus oryzae.the extracellular proteinases of aspergillus oryzae ei 212 were separated into two active fractions by (nh4)2so4 and ethanol fractionation followed by diethylaminoethyl-sephadex a-50 and hydroxyapatite chromatography. the molecular weight was estimated by gel filtration to be about 70,000 and 35,000 for proteinases i and ii, respectively. optimum ph for casein and hemoglobin hydrolysis was 6.5 at 60 c for proteinase i and 10.0 at 45 c for proteinase ii, and for gelatin hydrolysis it was 6.5 at 4 ...1975242254
multimolecular substrate reactions catalyzed by caabohydrases. aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase degradation of maltooligosaccharides.aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase degrades maltooligosaccharides by other pathways besides simple glycosidic bond scission. the utilization of the alternate pathways increases with the concentration of substrate implicating a multimolecular substrate mechanism. reducing-end labeled and uniformly labeled maltooligosaccharides were used to elucidate these alternate degradation mechanisms. condensation followed by hydrolysis is not a significant pathway. transglycosylation is concluded to occur, but ...1978307963
[production of mutants with an increased alpha-amylase synthesis].a mutant characterized by elevated biosynthesis of alpha-amylase was obtained as a result of a three-stage induced selection using nitroso compounds. changes of mutagens in the course of selection stages and the establishment of their effective doses causing the maximum accumulation of mutations yielded the mutant which produced 2.5 times more alpha-amylase than the parent strain of aspergillus oryzae 762. the induced variability of the mutant can be registered on a solid growth medium and provi ...1978309059
a study of the mechanism of action of taka-amylase a1 on linear oligosaccharides by product analysis and computer simulation.the action pattern and mechanism of the taka-amylase a-catalyzed reaction were studied quantitatively and kinetically by product analysis, using a series of maltooligosaccharides from maltotriose (g3) to maltoheptaose (g7) labeled at the reducing end with 14c-glucose. a marked concentration dependency of the product distribution from the end-labeled oligosaccharides was found, especially with g3 and g4 as substrates. the relative cleavage frequency at the first glycosidic bond counting from the ...1978308947
repetitive attack by aspergillus oryzae alpha amylase.the action of aspergillus oryzae alpha amylase on reducing-end, and uniformly radiolabeled maltotriose through maltodecaose has been studied. the enzyme is found to hydrolyze more than a single glycosidic bond during enzyme-substrate encounters. the extent of this repetitive attack is quantitated.1978306286
[alpha-amylase activity in lysosomes of aspergillus oryzae (author's transl)].the alpha-amylase of mycelial cells of aspergillus oryzae exists in a particular form in 8000 g pellet. the lysosomal localization of acid phosphatase is confirmed by electron microscopy. the purification of lysosomes by discontinuous gradient of sucrose in d2o shows that alpha-amylase activity is bound to these particles.1978306932
the predominantly nonhydrolytic action of alpha amylases on alpha-maltosyl fluoride.crystalline alpha amylases from a number of sources utilized alpha-maltosyl fluoride as a glycosyl donor and acceptor at high rates (approximately 10 to approximately 1550 mumol/min/mg of protein, for 30 mm substrate). all enzymes catalyzed conversion of this compound into maltooligosaccharides in preference to causing its hydrolysis. maltotetraosyl flouride and maltooligosaccharides of d.p. 3 to 6+ accounted for 75--93% (by weight) of early reaction-products. at a late stage, the yield of malto ...1979313247
release of escherichia coli dna from membrane complexes by single-strand endonucleases.treatment of gently prepared lysates of escherichia coli with single-strand-specific endonuclease (si or from mung beans) results in the release of about 90% of the dna from membranes, as determined by the m band technique. the released dna has an average molecular weight of about 1.2 x 10(8). data obtained with endonuclease s1 fit a mathematical model in which substrate sites are at or near membrane attachment sites. data obtained with pancreatic deoxyribonuclease or x-rays fit a model for doub ...1977331316
studies on the restoration of the activities of ribonucleases by polyamines in the presence of various ribonuclease inhibitors.the effect of polyamines on ribonucleases in the presence of various inhibitors (poly(g), heparin, and rat liver rnase inhibitor) has been studied. bovine pancreatic rnas a and a ribonuclease from horse submaxillary gland (rnase hs) were inhibited by the inhibitors, but rnase t1 and rnase m were not inhibited. polyamines were found to restore the activites of rnase a and rnase hs inhibited by poly(g) or heparin but not those activities inhibited by rat liver rnase inhibitor. when poly(u) and pol ...1977405377
[3-(1,4-cyclohexadienyl)-l-alanine,8-lysine]vasopressin: synthesis and some pharmacological properties.[3-(1,4-cyclohexadienyl)-l-alanine,8-lysine]vasopressin, otherwise known as [3-(2,5-dihydrophenylalanine),8-lysine]vasopressin or [dihphe3]lysine-vasopressin, has been synthesized in an attempt to utilize 2,5-dihydrophenylalanine (dihphe) to evaluate the contribution of aromaticity in position 3 to biological activity. the analogue has the same primary structure as lysine-vasopressin, except that two additional hydrogen atoms are present on the ring moiety of the phenylalanine residue in positio ...1979536993
[nuclease from aspergillus oryzae, specific for single-stranded regions of nucleic acids].a single-stranded specific nuclease has been purified from amyloryzine obtained from the mould fungi aspergillus cryzae. the nuclease under study resembles the enzymes described in the literature in its ability to hydrolyze single-stranded nucleic acids. however, the enzyme essentially differs from previously known nucleases in some catalytic properties, particularly in its ability for degradation of poly a. it has been shown that the enzyme also hydrolyzes the synthetic dinucleotide ptpt to mon ...1979465607
[peptidases of preparations of proteolytic enzymes from several species of bacteria, molds and actinomycetes].the activity of carboxy- and aminopeptidases of enzymic preparations obtained from bacteria bacillus subtilis 1 m, 17, bacillus mesentericus 100/26, 100/56, 16; pseudomonas aeruginosa 1/7a, 1/4; bacillus thermophilicus s. sp. nov b-22, moulds aspergillus oryzae 1-746, aspergillus flavus 716 and actinomycete streptomyces griseus 32-13 was studied. in the bacterial preparations the proteolytic activity was 1.5-2.5 times lower than in the fungal and actinomycete preparations. the carboxypeptidase a ...1976825850
differential excision from dna of the c-8 deoxyguanosine reaction products of n-hydroxy-2-aminofluorene and n-acetoxy-n-acetyl-2-aminofluorene by endonuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae.calf thymus dna was modified in vitro with [g-3h]n-hydroxy-2-aminofluorene and [g-3h]n-acetoxy-n-acetyl-2-aminofluorene and the nuclease s1 digestion was studied under identical conditions. the ratios of the maximum reaction rate (v) and the michaelis constant (km), v/km, indicate that 2-aminofluorene(af)-modified dna is hydrolyzed 3 times more slowly than n-acetyl-2-aminofluorene(aaf)-modified dna under similar reaction conditions. the af-modified dna was slightly more susceptible to partial di ...1979476609
studies on the inhibitory effects of zinc heptanoate on microorganisms.inhibitory effect of zinc heptanoate was observed on different cultures of bacteria and fungi. growth of all the bacteria was inhibited by the compound. greatest inhibition was seen in the case of staphylococcus albus, streptococcus pyogenes, shigella dysenteriae, shigella sonnei, shigella flexneri, salmonella typhi, s. paratyphi a, s. paratyphi b, vibrio cholerae, corynebacterium diphtheriae, and e. coli whereas least inhibition was found in the case of staphylococcus aureus. in triethanolamine ...1979553835
the nutritive value of dehulled soybeans fermented with aspergillus oryzae or rhizopus oligosporus as evaluated by rats. 1979571903
[immunological studies on allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis--probably induced by aspergillus oryzae (author's transl)]. 1979541917
[isolation and some properties of homogenous nuclease s1 from alpha-amyloryzin].a purification method for isolating homogeneous single-strand specific nuclease s1 from alpha-amyloryzin has been developed. the yield was about 16% and purification factor--9000. nuclease s1 thus obtained was proved to be free of contaminations of any others nucleolytic enzymes. it is shown for the first time that ribo- and deoxy-dinucleosidemonophosphates are hydrolyzed by nuclease s1 to form 5'-nucleotides with ph optimum for apa equal to 4.6.1979547181
kinetic studies of the phenol sulphate-phenol sulphotransferase of aspergillus oryzae.arylsulphatase ii of aspergillus oryzae exhibits both hydrolytic and sulphotransferase activities. the kinetic data suggest the formation of an intermediate covalent enzyme-sulphate complex with transfer of sulphate from donor to acceptor proceeding via a ping pong mechanism. the unusual kinetic behaviour when 2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl sulphate is the substrate is also consistent with this mechanism.1977588253
mycotoxins of aspergillus oryzae strains for use in the food industry as starters and enzyme producing molds. 1977613924
a rapid direct assay for the determination of the separate activities of the three arylsulphatases of aspergillus oryzae.1. the three arylsulphatases of aspergillus oryzae exhibit pronounced kinetic differences and substrate specificities. arylsulphatase i hydrolyses all substrates tested, whereas arylsulphatase iii will not hydrolyse tyrosine o-sulphate or phenolphthalein disulphate. arylsulphatase ii does not hydrolyse p-nitrophenyl sulphate or phenolphthalein disulphate at appreciable rates in the absence of added phenolic compounds. phenols such as tyramine increase the rate of hydrolysis of these substances b ...1977597235
differential repression of arylsulphatase synthesis in aspergillus oryzae.1. the activities of the three arylsulphatases (arylsulphate sulphohydrolase, ec of aspergillus oryzae produced under a variety of repressing and non-repressing conditions were determined. 2. these enzymes exhibit different sensitivities to repression by inorganic sulphate. 3. arylsulphatase i, but not arylsulphatases ii and iii, exhibits a transient de-repression in the early growth phase in sulphate media. 4. when the fungus is cultured in repressing media and subsequently transferred ...1977597236
rate equation for amylase-catalyzed hydrolysis, transglycosylation and condensation of linear oligosaccharides and amylose. 1978632229
model for carbohydrase action. aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase degradation of maltotriose.aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylase catalyzes degradation of oligosaccharides by a variety of pathways. we present here a quantitative study of the degradation of maltotriose by this amylase. our results lead to a scheme involving multiple transglycosylation reactions and shifted binding due to simultaneous binding of two substrate molecules. the scheme is able to account for the diverse body of information collected for the enzyme. the effect of substrate concentration on the products of maltotrio ...1978307964
mapping of deoxydi- and trinucleotides liberated by the action of endonucleases from the silkworm and aspergillis oryzae.both silkworm nuclease and nuclease o of aspergillus oryzae mycelia hydrolyse dna endolytically to di- and trinucleotides terminating in 5'-phosphate. these oligonucleotides were fractionated first be deae-cellulose chromatography with 7 m urea into the respective isoplithic groups and then analysed for the composition and isomerism: each group was labeled 5'-terminally by the [gamma-32p]atp-polynucleotide kinase reaction and then electrophoresed monodimensionally for the dinucleotides and two-d ...1978656423
release of peptide-bound sialic acid from landschütz ascites-tumour cells by proteinase 1 of aspergillus oryzae [proceedings]. 1977598591
properties of limit dextrinase of aspergillus oryzae. 1978753749
amino acid analogs. iii: new syntheses of monomethyl- and monophenylglutamic acids.glutamic acid analogs containing 3- and 4-methyl and 2-, 3-, and 4-phenyl substituents were prepared. the 3- and 4-methyl- and 3- and 4-phenylglutamic acids did not inhibit plasmodium berghei and were nontoxic to the host (mice) at 640 mg/kg. the five analogs in addition to 2-methlglutamic acid were inactive against lactobacillus casei at 1000 mug/ml in a defined medium: against escherichia coli, only 2-methylglutamic acid caused 27% inhibition at 10,000 mug/ml. all six analogs failed to inhibit ...1975811786
fermentative production of limit dextrinase by aspergillus oryzae. 1976992794
[experiences with substitution therapy using a new pancreatic enzyme of plant origin].the indication field of nortase, a combination of microbial lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes, comprises the replacement therapy of maldigestion and insufficiency of pancreas. its efficacy and tolerance were tested in 100 patients in an open study under the conditions of general practice. during the 15-day treatment the following symptoms were evaluated: anorexia, flatulence, pressure and pain in the epigastrium, nausea after the meals, belching, pyrosis, the quality of feces and the body weight ...1978700583
the capacity of alpha-amylases to catalyze the nonhydrolytic degradation of starch and glycogen with formation of novel glycosylation products. 1975810091
conformation of mammalian 5.8 s ribosomal rna: s1 nuclease as a probe. 19761001452
[degradation of the human igg molecule by a fungal fraction with leucineaminopeptidase activity. preliminary results]. 1976819165
effect of brinase (protease i from aspergillus oryzae) on the elimination of fibrin from the lungs and pulmonary damage in rats with induced intravascular coagulation and inhibited fibrinolysis. 19761006629
studies on lipids of natto. 1976815306
isolation of amylolytic system of aspergillus oryzae on deae amylum.studying isolation technique with deae amylum the method was found to be suitable for isolation of alpha-amylase. after determination of optimal conditions sorption curves were illustrated, from which the amount of deae amylum needed for 100% enzyme sorption from solutions of various activity and origin can be calculated. preparation obtained shows high temperature stability and can be used in food industry and agriculture or after its elution in pharmacy. at the end of the paper laboratory isol ...1977846561
aspergillus oryzae (nrrl strain 1988) 1977867035
proteinase inhibitors from cereal grains. 19761012027
s1 nuclease from aspergillus oryzae for the detection of dna damage and repair in the gamma-irradiated intracerebral rat gliosarcoma 9l. 1977905506
degradation of nucleic acids in cell lysates by s1 nuclease in the presence of 9 m urea and sodium dodecylsulfate.single-strand-specific nuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae is shown to degrade dna and rna in lysates of hela cells in the presence of 9 m urea and sodium dodecylsulfate. free dodecylsulfate inhibits s1 nuclease. however, if the detergent is complexed with proteins prior to the addition of the enzyme, s1 nuclease can degrade nucleic acids at dodecylsulfate concentrations which would inhibit the enzyme completely if no other proteins were present. in lysates prepared from hela cells by treatment ...1977908332
chemical properties of the polysaccharides associated with acid protease of aspergillus oryzae grown on solid bran media. 1977881411
specific hydrolysis of rabbit globin messenger rna by s1 nuclease.s1 nuclease isolated from aspergillus oryzae has been used to investigate the secondary structure of rabbit globin messenger rna (mrna). the enzyme, which is specific for single stranded nucleotides, digests globin mrna to a limited extent, with 65-75% of the mrna nucleotides resistant to digestion under mild conditions. this limited digestion is not due to enzyme inactivation, but rather to the normal activity of the single-strand nuclease. the reaction was studied as a function of temperature, ...1977909777
isolation and amino-terminal sequence analysis of a new pancreatic trypsinogen of the african lungfish protopterus aethiopicus.the purification and characterization of three pancreatic trypsinogens a1, a2, and a3, from the african lungfish, protopterus aethiopicus, is reported. these zymogens are activated by trypsin, by enterokinase, by an acid protease from aspergillus oryzae, and by autoactivation. the three trypsinogens contain the same amino-terminal amino acid sequence, beginning with the activation peptide leu-pro-leu-glu-asp-asp-lys-. like the activation peptide of the previously characterized trypsinogen b [ree ...1977911766
natural plant enzyme inhibitors. v. a trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor from alocasia macrorhiza tuber.a trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor was isolated from the tubers of alocasia macrorhiza by extraction at ph 7.6, heat treatment at 80 degrees c, ammonium sulphate precipitation and successive column chromatography on cm-cellulose, deae-sephadex a-50 and sephadex g-100. the inhibitor was pure by cellulose acetate electrophoresis. the molecular weight was approximately 32 000 as determined by gel filtration on sephadex g-100. the inhibitor acted on bovine trypsin, human trypsin and bovine chymotrypsi ...1977911861
[isolation and properties of the acid carboxypeptidase of aspergillus oryzae].caboxypeptidase with ph optimum 4--5 for peptide substrates is isolated from "oryzine", the enzyme mixture produced by aspergillus oryzae, by means of successive salt fractionation, sephadex g-75 gel filtration, chromatography on amberlite irc-50, hydroxylapatite, deae-cellulose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. its molecular weight, as determined by means of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dolecylsulphate, was found to be 37 000. the enzyme has a broad substra ...1976942547
fungus-fermented soybeans benefit the life cycle of japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica).feeding quail chicks diets containing soybeans fermented with two cultures of aspergilli (a. oryzae n.r.r.l. 451 and a. oryzae n.r.r.l. 506) resulted in significantly superior weight gains (p less than 0.05) through a 4-week growth period and confirmed previous observations made with identical cultures in broiler studies. subsequent hen-day egg production and egg size were changed little by diets containing fermented soybeans. the numerical increases in fertility and hatchability were not signif ...1976945574
aspergillus oryzae a patient with only meningitis, a septate hypha was seen in a langhans giant cell, and the rarely pathogenic aspergillus oryzae was cultured from the cerebrospinal fluid. serologic results confirmed the diagnosis. the patient responded to therapy with amphotericin b and flucytosine.1976946540
[effect of the storage conditions on the viability of fungi]. 1976950926
visualization of leucineaminopeptidase activity after acrylamide gel electrophoresis. 1976962113
induction and repair of strand breaks and 3'-hydroxy terminals in the dna of mouse brain following gamma irradiation.dna was isolated from mouse brain after in vivo gamma-ray irradiation, treated with endonuclease s1 from aspergillus oryzae if necessary, and analysed further by alkaline and neutral sucrose gradient centrifugation. in parallel, its template activity was determined by dna polymerase (ec, enzyme a of klenow from escherichia coli) assay as described previously. similar experiments were performed with cultured mouse leukaemia cells (l5178y) irradiated in vitro at 0 degrees c. irradiation in ...1978718924
on a rabbit hyperlipemia induced by a fungic galactomannane peptide.i.v. injection into rabbits of a fungic galactomannane peptide isolated from the culture medium of aspergillus oryzae induced the apparition, 20 h later, of an hypertriglyceridemia, with a concomittant decrease of about 70% of the post-heparin lipoprotein lipase activity. the same effect had been obtained earlier with a carbohydrate-rich fraction purified from a crude papain preparation. the 2 fractions are compared.1978738437
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