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longevity in spores of aspergillus oryzae and rhizopus nigricans. 192317774267
further studies of the purification and properties of the amylase of aspergillus oryzae. 194521005743
adenosine deaminase from aspergillus oryzae. 194620997999
the formation of kojic acid (3-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyl-gamma pyrone) from ethyl alcohol by aspergillus oryzae. 194620277276
a study of the action of purified amylase from aspergillus oryzae, taka-amylase. 194720272106
hydrolysis of conjugated sulfates of estrogens by commercial enzyme preparation of aspergillus oryzae. 194918116033
preparation of crystals containing protease from aspergillus oryzae. 195015416771
[kojic acid, an antibiotic obtained from aspergillus oryzae cultures]. 195015421360
crystallization of the -amylase of aspergillus oryzae. 195114882291
multiple nature of the enzymes of aspergillus oryzae. 195214919612
enzymes of aspergillus oryzae. i. the development of a culture medium yielding high protease activity. 195214934632
enzymes of aspergillus oryzae. ii. the yield of enzymes from mutants produced by ultraviolet irradiation. 195214934633
the action of transglucosidase of aspergillus oryzae on maltose. 195212980966
transfructosidation reactions of an enzyme of aspergillus oryzae. 195212999833
[study of amino acid metabolism in aspergillus oryzae. i. effect of ph on free amino acids of aspergillus oryzae cultured on casamino acids and on glutamic acid]. 195313051119
transferase activity of the beta-glucosidases of aspergillus oryzae. 195313051324
factors influencing the paper chromatography of some enzymes of aspergillus oryzae and related enzymes. 195313051325
[study of amino acid metabolism in aspergillus oryzae. ii. free amino acids of mycelium cultured in different amino acids]. 195313080989
enzymes of aspergillus oryzae. iii. the sequence of appearance and some properties of the enzymes liberated during growth. 195313093530
enzymes of aspergillus oryzae. iv. fractionation and preparation of crystals rich in protease. 195313093531
enzymes of aspergillus oryzae. v. ethanol fractionation at low ionic strengths. 195313093532
[fungi from the family aspergillus as producers of amylase. 2. activity of amylase from aspergillus oryzae and its relation to growth on non-liquid natural media]. 195313119390
[production of amylase of molds from the family of aspergillus. 3. effect of conditions of growth on conidia formation in aspergillus oryzae]. 195313144397
[studies on amino acid metabolism by aspergillus oryzae. iii. free amino acids in the mycelium cultured on various sources of carbon and in the presence of ammonia]. 195413181389
[study on the metabolism of amino acids by aspergillus oryzae. iv. effect of calcium chloride on metabolism of amino acids]. 195413181392
[variability of aspergillus oryzae]. 195413223534
[presence of amylase in drops of exudates formed in colonies of aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae]. 195513312080
[effect of oxidized and reduced forms of nitrogen in culture medium on secretion of amylase from aspergillus oryzae]. 195613378073
[effect of phosphates on activity and content of amylolytic enzymes in aspergillus oryzae]. 195613407443
[adaptive characteristics of amylase of aspergillus oryzae]. 195713440595
[effect of osmotic pressure on formation of amylase by aspergillus oryzae]. 195713483125
effect of lytic enzyme from bacillus circulans and chitinase from streptomyces sp. on aspergillus oryzae. 195913622735
[adaptability of aspergillus oryzae amylolytic enzymes]. 195913643760
[amylolytic activity of aspergillus oryzae growing on synthetic media]. 195913822165
[biochemical and physiological characteristics of the fungus aspergillus oryzae and effect of conditions of its cultivation in the industry on the synt esis of amylolytic and proteolytic enzymes]. 195914404082
heterosis observed in aspergillus oryzae and its significance in koji manufacture. 195914409317
selection of fitter type nuclei in heterocaryons of aspergillus oryzae. 195914409318
[adaptation of aspergillus oryzae producing amylase]. 196013829342
the amino acid composition of alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae. 196013834098
[induced synthesis of amylase by the mycelium aspergillus oryzae]. 196013838380
[studies on the production of fungal amylases. ii. morphology of 4 strains of aspergillus oryzae and the effect of the time of growth on their amylolytic activity]. 196013754977
[a new method of hydrolysis of combined forms of vitamin b6 with an enzymatic preparation from aspergillus oryzae]. 196013687626
ribonucleases in takadiastase. 196018990809
growth of aspergillus oryzae in irradiated sucrose-nitrate medium. 196113699378
effect of irradiation on growth and enzyme activity of aspergillus oryzae. 196113699379
[effect of an enzymatic preparation from aspergillus oryzae on some cardiac glycosides]. 196113710100
[hexokinase from aspergillus oryzae]. 196113744680
[variability of experimentally produced forms of aspergillus oryzae]. 196113775438
[production of crystalline alpha-amylase by aspergillus oryzae]. 196113892280
[studies on granules and lipids in aspergillus oryzae cells]. 196113901919
x-ray diffraction patterns of the cell wall of aspergillus oryzae. 196214448908
[on the cytochemistry of polyphosphates in aspergillus oryzae]. 196214452453
maltoryzine, a new toxic metabolite produced by a strain of aspergillus oryzae var. microsporus isolated from the poisonous malt sprout. 196213956269
induced autolysis of aspergillus oryzae (a. niger group): iv. carbohydrates.the examination of substances formed during induced autolysis by aspergillus niger was continued in this work, which dealt in particular with carbohydrates. the autolysate contained a large amount of d-glucose (14 to 20% dry wt) and traces of glycolic aldehyde, dihydroxyacetone, ribose, xylose, and fructose. it also contained glycopeptides (about 10% dry wt), which were split from the cell wall during autolysis and which differed from one another in their level of polymerization and their compos ...196216349623
fungi associated with softening of bisulfite-brined cherries.softening of sound, calcium bisulfite-brined cherries was induced fairly quickly by brining them with cherries rotted by aspergillus niger, cytospora leucostoma, and penicillium expansum, but not with cherries rotted by a variety of other microorganisms, including alternaria sp., aspergillus oryzae, aureobasidium pullulans, botrytis cinerea, cladosporium sp., mucor racemosus, rhizopus stolonifer, and sclerotinia fructicola. rapid softening was correlated with the presence of a bisulfite-stable p ...196316349630
purification and some properties of cytochromes from aspergillus oryzae. 196314060390
size of inoculum and nitrogen metabolism in aspergillus oryzae. 196314072836
[glucose inhibition of induced amylase synthesis in aspergillus oryzae]. 196314074531
preparation of mammalian cell cultures with enzyme from aspergillus oryzae. 196314076861
binding of alpha-amylase to the cell wall of aspergillus oryzae. 196314089480
influence of the size of inoculum on various growth phases in aspergillus oryzae. 196313935366
localization of cell-bound alpha-amylase in aspergillus oryzae demonstrated by fluorescent-antibody technique. 196414102858
[on the nature of glucose inhibition of induced amylase synthesis in aspergillus oryzae]. 196414150175
studies on the thrombolytic activity of a protease from aspergillus oryzae. 196414157540
studies of the spore coats of fungi. i. isolation and composition of the spore coats of aspergillus oryzae. 196414200685
interdependence of inoculum size and trace element supply in growth of aspergillus oryzae. 196414245147
the major alkaline proteinase of aspergillus oryzae, aspergillopeptidase b. i. isolation in homogeneous form. 196414269301
the major alkaline proteinase of aspergillus oryzae, aspergillopeptidase b. ii. partial specific volume, molecular weight, and amino acid composition. 196414269302
the evaluation in the dog of a proteolytic enzyme derived from aspergillus oryzae. 196414324141
the action of a proteolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae on components of the blood clotting system. 196414324171
inhibition of respiration of aspergillus oryzae by adsorption of the mycelium on cellulose acetate fibres. 19645853675
studies on the spore coats of aspergillus oryzae. ii. conidia coat-bound beta-glucosidase. 19655862224
carbon dioxide fixation in aspergillus oryzae conidia at the initial phase of germination. 19655866275
[morphological, physiological, and biochemical studies of aspergillus oryzae variants obtained under the influence of ultraviolet rays]. 19655868973
isolation and characterization of ribosomes from dormant and germinating conidia of aspergillus oryzae. 19655880200
[the role of hydrogen bonds in the maintenance of the conformation and formation of the enzyme-substrate complex of alpha-amylase of aspergillus oryzae]. 19655881177
[the role of the calcium ion in the maintenance of conformation and active center of alpha-amylase in aspergillus oryzae]. 19655888197
interdependence of inoculum size, method of cultivation and substrate composition in amylase production and growth of aspergillus oryzae. 19655898323
immunochemical studies on alpha-amylase. 3. immunochemical relationships among amylases from various microorganisms.sirishinha, stitaya (university of rochester school of medicine and dentistry, rochester, n.y.), and peter z. allen. immunochemical studies on alpha-amylase. iii. immunochemical relationships among amylases from various microorganisms. j. bacteriol. 90:1120-1128. 1965.-immunochemical relationships among amylases obtained from a selected group of microorganisms were examined, and a cross-reaction was detected between the alpha-amylases of bacillus stearothermophilus and b. subtilis. immunodiffusi ...19655847799
immunochemical studies on alpha-amylase. i. effects of denaturing agents and proteolytic enzymes on the immunochemical reactivity of alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae. 19654955963
immunochemical studies on alpha-amylase. ii. examination of immunochemical and enzymic activities of native and modified alpha-amylase from aspergillus oryzae. 19654955964
size of inoculum, stimulation, and inhibition of growth in aspergillus oryzae. 196514290961
mannitol and mannitol dehydrogenases in conidia of aspergillus oryzae.horikoshi, koki (the institute of physical and chemical research, tokyo, japan), shigeji iida, and yonosuke ikeda. mannitol and mannitol dehydrogenases in conidia of aspergillus oryzae. j. bacteriol. 89:326-330. 1965.-a sugar alcohol was isolated from the conidia of aspergillus oryzae and identified as d-mannitol. two types of d-mannitol dehydrogenases, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-linked and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-linked, were found in the conidia. substrate specificit ...196514255698
ultra-high vacuum and microorganisms.experimental study of the space environment effect on living organisms is one of the most important tasks of exobiology. however location of the living organisms under study outside space vehicles and sputniks is combined with technical difficulties. therefore it is much more suitable to reproduce conditions found in space in laboratory and to study its effect on living cells. it was proved that low temperatures, even those approaching absolute zero do not kill microorganisms. the fact of microo ...196512035798
the effect of an enzyme preparation from aspergillus oryzae on the aggregation of rabbit platelets in vitro. 19665918678
an experimental method for quantitative evaluation of thrombolysis: effect of ca-7, a protease from aspergillus oryzae. 19665920106
thrombolytic therapy with local perfusions of ca-7 (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae) in the dog. 19665920107
systemic toxicity of ca-7 (fibrinolytic enzyme from aspergillus oryzae) in the dog. 19665925997
trehalase in conidia of aspergillus oryzae.horikoshi, koki (the institute of physical and chemical research, bunkyo-ku, tokyo, japan), and yonosuke ikeda. trehalase in conidia of aspergillus oryzae. j. bacteriol. 91:1883-1887. 1966.-trehalases (soluble trehalase and coat-bound trehalase) were found in the conidia of aspergillus oryzae, and the total activity of the trehalases increased during the germination process. the soluble trehalase was purified by diethylaminoethyl-cellulose column chromatography; its optimal ph, michaelis constan ...19665937243
[specificity properties of a protease from aspergillus oryzae]. 19665983458
[isolation of active protease from aspergillus oryzae culture liquid]. 19665999942
dynamics of amylolytic enzymes synthesis in aspergillus oryzae. 19664161862
a nuclease specific for heat-denatured dna in isolated from a product of aspergillus oryzae. 19664287053
studies on glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. ii. purification and physical and chemical properties. 19676034674
studies on glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. 3. general enzymatic properties. 19676066287
studies on glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. iv. histidyl residue as an active site. 19676066288
multiple attach hypothesis of alpha-amylase action: action of porcine pancreatic, human salivary, and aspergillus oryzae alpha-amylases. 19676076229
studies on the glucose dehydrogenase of aspergillus oryzae. i. induction of its synthesis by rho-benzoquinone and hydroquinone. 19674962256
effect of b-group vitamins & ethyl alcohol on aflatoxin production by aspergillus oryzae. 19675583866
[a study of the hydrolysis of glucomannans by an enzyme preparation from aspergillus oryzae]. 19675591625
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