survival and growth of selected pathogens in fermented kocho (ensete ventricosum).a study was conducted to investigate the antagonistic potential of fermented kocho, aqueous extract of fermented kocho and spent media from lactic acid bacteria (lab) isolated from it on salmonella sp, pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella sp, bacillus cereus and staphylococcus aureus. fermented kocho (ph 4.3) inhibited growth of the test bacteria soon after their introduction into the food. the spent media from all of the four lab, isolated from fermented kocho, namely pediococcus sp, leuconostoc ...19947867544
identification of bacteria and yeasts from in vitro and surface-sterilized field samples of ensete ventricosum by rdna analysis.bacterial and fungal contaminants of enset (ensete ventricosum) cultures and microbes associated with surface-sterilized field material were identified by 16s/26s rdna sequencing. ten bacterial species were identified in 16 isolates from in vitro cultures and seven in 10 isolates from field clones. three yeast species and one filamentous fungus were recorded as in vitro contaminants, whereas five yeast species were isolated from the field material. the bacterium, pseudomonas reactans (6 isolates ...200415672230
xerophthalmia in ethiopia: a nationwide ophthalmological, biochemical and anthropometric survey.a total of 6636 children, aged from 6 months to 6 years and selected throughout the country using a multi-staged stratified sample design, were examined for signs of xerophthalmia. the concentrations of retinol and of beta-carotene were measured in 742 children, including those with xerophthalmia and every twentieth of the remaining children. anthropometric measurements were made on 2909 of the children. bitot's spots were seen in 1.0% of all children, with a higher prevalence in the pastoral (1 ...19911782918
evaluation of starch obtained from ensete ventricosum as a binder and disintegrant for compressed tablets.the binding and disintegrant properties of starch obtained from ensete ventricosum musaceae have been evaluated. the effect of the starch on the physical properties such as crushing strength, friability and disintegration time of tablets of chloroquine phosphate, dipyrone and paracetamol was compared with tablets prepared with potato starch. the results show that enset starch can be used both as a tablet binder and disintegrant and the indication is that enset starch has a better binding ability ...19938098375
regeneration of ensete ventricosum through somatic embryogenesis and adventitious southern and south-western ethiopia, ensete ventricosum is grown as an important starchy, staple food crop, supporting the diet of a quarter of the ethiopian population. due to difficulty in germinating seeds and the long vegetative period, breeding enset is extremely difficult. adventitious buds and somatic embryos have been induced from callus derived from corm tissues and cultured on murashige and skoog's (ms) basal medium supplemented with benzylaminopurine (bap) or 6 γ-γ-dimethylallylami ...199624178427
sectional relationships in the genus musa l. inferred from the pcr-rflp of organelle dna sequences.the objective of this study was to construct a molecular phylogeny of the genus musa using restriction-site polymorphisms of the chloroplast (cpdna) and mitochondrial dna (mtdna). six cpdna and two mtdna sequences were amplified individually in polymerase chain reaction (pcr) experiments in 13 species representing the four sections of musa. ensete ventricosum (w.) ch. was used as the outgroup. the amplified products were digested with ten restriction endonucleases. a total of 79 restriction-site ...200312827254
distinction between wild and cultivated enset (ensete ventricosum) gene pools in ethiopia using rapd southwest ethiopia, the cultivation area of ensete ventricosum (enset) overlaps with the natural distribution area of this species. analyses of genetic diversity were undertaken using rapd to provide information for conservation strategies as well as evidence of possible gene flow between the different gene pools, which can be of interest for future improvement of cultivated enset. the extent of rapd variation in wild enset was investigated in 5 populations in the bonga area (kefficho adminis ...200415061792
yield and mineral content of ten enset (ensete ventricosum) varieties.a study was conducted to evaluate the macro and trace mineral contents often enset varieties collected from sidama zone of southern ethiopia. samples of leaf lamina, leaf midrib, pseudostem and corm were taken from ten enset varieties at the age of 5 to 6 years during the main rainy season. the dry weight of each variety and fraction were also determined. mineral contents in fractions of different enset varieties were analysed and compared with nutrient requirements of ruminants. the contributio ...200818557193
assessment of different levels of enset (ensete ventricosum) corm as an energy supplement in sheep fed a basal diet of rhodes grass hay.the objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of feeding different levels of enset corm as a supplement to sheep fed rhodes grass hay. thirty local yearling rams with a mean (±sd) body weight of 16.97 (±1.13) kg were used. six sheep were allocated to each of the five treatments in a completely randomized design. the treatments were hay ad libitum and 129 g dry matter (dm) corm (t1), 188 g dm corm (t2), 248 g dm corm (t3), 100 g dm noug (t4) cake, and hay alone (t5). one hundred gra ...201424715206
sheep production and marketing system in southern ethiopia: the case of awassazuria district.a survey was conducted in awassazuria district of southern ethiopia to characterize sheep production system. a structured questionnaire was used to collect data. using purposive sampling, a total of 120 households from the district were included in the survey. collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. result indicated that kajima neighbourhood has more (p<0.05) grazing land than the others. communal grazing, roadside grazing, enset (false banana, ensete ventricosum), banana leaf ...201525997416
development of ssr markers and genetic diversity analysis in enset (ensete ventricosum (welw.) cheesman), an orphan food security crop from southern ethiopia.enset (ensete ventricosum (welw.) cheesman; musaceae) is a multipurpose drought-tolerant food security crop with high conservation and improvement concern in ethiopia, where it supplements the human calorie requirements of around 20 million people. the crop also has an enormous potential in other regions of sub-saharan africa, where it is known only as a wild plant. despite its potential, genetic and genomic studies supporting breeding programs and conservation efforts are very limited. molecula ...201526243662
assessment of feed resources, feeding practices and coping strategies to feed scarcity by smallholder urban dairy producers in jimma town, ethiopia.smallholder dairy production is increasingly becoming popular in jimma town. however, feed shortage is a major constraint to dairy production. the objectives of this study was to assess feed resources, feeding practices and farmers' perceived causes of feed shortage and coping strategies to feed scarcity in smallholder dairy producers in jimma town, oromia regional state, ethiopia. a total of 54 randomly selected dairy farmers were interviewed using a pre-tested structured questionnaire and thro ...201627375986
the assessment and the farmers' perceived ranking of feed resources and coping strategies with feed scarcity in smallholder dairy farming in selected district towns of jimma zone, ethiopia.inadequate quantity and quality of feed resources are major constraints limiting milk production and reproductive performance of dairy cattle in ethiopia. the aim of this study was to assess dairy cattle feed resources, feeding practices, the farmers' perceived ranking of feed resources, causes of feed shortage, and coping strategies to feed scarcity in smallholder dairy system in selected district towns of jimma zone, ethiopia. data were obtained by interviewing 52 randomly selected smallholder ...201728389982
exploiting indigenous knowledge of subsistence farmers' for the management and conservation of enset (ensete ventricosum (welw.) cheesman) (musaceae family) diversity on-farm.enset (ensete ventricosum (welw.) cheesman) belongs to the order sctaminae, the family musaceae. the musaceae family is subdivided into the genera musa and ensete. enset is an important staple crop for about 20 million people in the country. recent publications on enset ethnobotany are insignificant when compared to the diverse ethnolingustic communities in the country. hence, this paper try to identify and document wealth of indigenous knowledge associated with the distribution, diversity, and ...201627586388
indigenous knowledge, use and on-farm management of enset (ensete ventricosum (welw.) cheesman) diversity in wolaita, southern ethiopia.ensete ventricosum (welw.) cheesman is a major food security crop in southern ethiopia, where it was originally domesticated and during millennia became pivotal crop around which an entire farming system has developed. although its cultivation is highly localized, the enset-based farming system provides sustenance to more than 20 million people. precise ethnobotanical information of intra-specific enset diversity and local knowledge on how communities maintain, manage and benefit from enset gene ...201424885715
digestibility and nitrogen utilization in sheep fed enset (ensete ventricosum) pseudostem or corm and graded levels of desmodium intortum hay to wheat straw-based diets.the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different levels of desmodium intortum (desmodium) hay supplementation in sheep fed fixed amounts of enset pseudostem or corm and a basal diet of wheat straw on intake, digestibility and nitrogen utilization. eighteen male sheep with a mean (± sd) live weight of 20.5 ± 1.45 kg were assigned to six treatments in a completely randomized design and fed either 108 g dry matter (dm) enset pseudostem or 165 g dm enset corm each with three levels ...201020050945
feeding value of enset (ensete ventricosum), desmodium intortum hay and untreated or urea and calcium oxide treated wheat straw for sheep.feed intake, in vivo nutrient digestibility and nitrogen utilization were evaluated in male sheep fed different fractions (leaf, pseudostem, corm, whole plant) of enset, untreated or 2% urea- and 3% calcium oxide- (cao or lime) treated wheat straw and desmodium intortum hay as sole diets. all feeds, except d. intortum hay and enset leaf had low crude protein (cp) content. non-fiber carbohydrate contents were higher in enset fractions, especially in pseudostem and corm relative to other feeds. en ...200919386013
efficient micropropagation of ensete ventricosum applying meristem wounding: a three-step protocol.a highly efficient three-step protocol for in vitro propagation of ensete ventricosum (enset) was developed that consisted of initiation, bud proliferation, and shoot elongation and rooting stages. at the initiation stage, it was crucial to use shoot tips (5-8 mm) with subtending corm tissues as explants to obtain growth. the addition of 0.5-1% (w/v) activated charcoal to the medium was essential to prevent phenol exudation which otherwise leads to the loss of cultures. during the bud proliferat ...200415517275
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