allergy epidemiology in the st. louis, missouri, area. iii. trees.a population skin-tested with pollen from twelve wind pollinated tree species showed a variable level of allergenicity, particularly among adults. pollen extracts of box elder, willow and hickory elicited the highest allergic reactions, oak, birch, sycamore, black walnut and poplar more moderate reactions, while allergens from cottonwood, maple, elm and white ash were less reactive. since box elder is ubiquitous and produces a strongly positive reaction among adults, it should be included among ...19751147318
transformation of plastids in the leaves of acer negundo l. var. odessanum (h. rothe).the leaves of acer negundo l. var. odessanum (h. rothe), if permanently exposed to strong sunlight, do not green, but remain yellow and finally become bleached. in yellow leaves the plastids contain single thylakoids and no grana. in plastids of bleached leaves, however, only vesicles are present. the concentration of chlorophylls and photosynthetic activity are much lower in those leaves than in the green ones. if the illumination is reduced (e.g. by shading) both the yellow and the bleached le ...19751158981
oligonucleotide dna fingerprinting detects a multiallelic locus in box elder (acer negundo). 19921344985
safety and immunogenicity of immunotherapy with polymerized tree, grass, and ragweed in patients with multiple inhalant sensitivities.immunotherapy with polymerized ragweed (prw) and individually polymerized grasses (ipg) previously has been demonstrated to be safe and effective. we conducted this trial in order to assess safety and immunogenicity of individually polymerized trees (ipt) and to assess safety of concomitantly administering ipt, ipg, and prw in patients with multiple inhalant sensitivities. sixteen patients with typical tree pollinosis were recruited; all but one had grass pollinosis, and all had ragweed pollinos ...19863944375
the amino acid sequences of cytochrome c from four plant sources.proposed amino acid sequences of cytochrome c from nasturtium (tropaeolum majus l.), box-elder (acer negundo l.), elder (sambucus nigra l.) and parsnip (pastinaca sativa l.) are presented. because of the very limited amounts of cytochrome available from some plant sources, peptides derived from the cytochromes c have been sequenced by the semi-quantitative dansyl-edman technique (gray & hartley, 1963) without supporting quantitative amino acid analyses. because of the qualitative nature of the w ...19744362498
tumor inhibitors. lxii. the structures of acerotin and acerocin, novel triterpene ester aglycones from the tumor inhibitory saponins of acer negundo. 19715089340
severe asthma attacks caused by gnats and box elder bugs. 19705481641
tumor inhibitors. xxi. active principles of acer negundo and cyclamen persicum. 19676032773
a computerized micro-elisa assay for allergen-specific ige antibodies.a computer-normalized micro-elisa assay employing horseradish peroxidase and polystyrene microtiter plates (ip assay) for allergen-specific ige antibodies is described. the specificity of the assay was confirmed by heat inactivation and multiple absorption experiments. individual allergen blanks were used to account for the variability in the nonspecific binding among various allergens. the results obtained in milliunits of absorbance were normalized by a computer protocol using four reference s ...19846372431
comparative uptake of 234u, 238u, 239pu, 241am, and 244cm by boxelder trees (acer negundo) inhabiting a contaminated tennessee floodplain. 19807429851
studies of allergen extract stability: the effects of dilution and mixing.however potent the allergy extracts provided by manufacturers, they are subject to deterioration with storage, especially after dilution or mixture with other extracts.19968757215
cavitation fatigue. embolism and refilling cycles can weaken the cavitation resistance of xylem.although cavitation and refilling cycles could be common in plants, it is unknown whether these cycles weaken the cavitation resistance of xylem. stem or petiole segments were tested for cavitation resistance before and after a controlled cavitation-refilling cycle. cavitation was induced by centrifugation, air drying of shoots, or soil drought. except for droughted plants, material was not significantly water stressed prior to collection. cavitation resistance was determined from "vulnerability ...200111161035
responses of acer negundo genders to interannual differences in water availability determined from carbon isotope ratios of tree ring cellulose.understanding the responses of riparian trees to water availability is critical for predicting the effects of changes in precipitation on riparian ecosystems. dioecious acer negundo l. (box elder) is a common riparian tree that is highly sensitive to water stress. earlier studies indicated that the genders of a. negundo respond differently to water availability, with males being more conservative in their water use than females. to assess the potential effects of changes in precipitation on the ...200211960758
hypersensitivity to common tree pollens in new york city patients.testing for tree pollen hypersensitivity typically requires the use of several tree pollens. identifying patterns of cross-sensitivity to tree pollens could reduce the number of trees used for testing. the goal of this study was to relate reported tree pollen levels to hypersensitivity patterns. three hundred seventy-one allergy patients were tested serologically for hypersensitivity toward prevalent tree pollens in the surrounding new york area over the years 1993-2000. specific tree pollens th ...200212221895
box elder. 200312546325
boxelder water sources and physiology at perennial and ephemeral stream sites in assess the influence of stream water on leaf gas exchange and water potential in different sized boxelder trees (acer negundo l.), we compared these characteristics in trees growing beside a perennial stream and a nearby ephemeral stream in a montane-riparian forest in northern arizona. patterns of tree water use were quantified by stable isotope analysis (delta(18)o). physiological characteristics were similar for large and small trees. similarity between sites in predawn and daytime water p ...199714759869
photosynthesis and water relations of the floodplain tree, boxelder (acer negundo l.).during summer, gas exchange and water relations were measured in mature boxelder (acer negundo l.) trees growing on a floodplain in central indiana, usa. a shallow (< 1.25-m deep) water table and repeated flooding kept the soil water potential above -0.5 mpa at all times. net photosynthesis and stomatal conductance were influenced primarily by light and, to a lesser extent, by leaf temperature, but showed no relationships with leaf-to-air water vapor gradient or leaf water potential. throughout ...199214969957
auxin and ethylene regulation of diameter growth in trees.recent studies on the phytohormonal regulation of seasonal cell-division activity in the cambium, primary-wall radial expansion of cambial derivatives, differentiation of xylem cells, and growth of the cortex in forest trees of the north temperate zone are reviewed. indol-3-ylacetic acid (iaa, auxin) has been characterized by combined gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) in the cambial region of abies balsamea, pinus densiflora, pinus sylvestris and quercus robur. all of the evidence sup ...198814972810
response of five temperate deciduous tree species to water stress.gas exchange, tissue water relations, and leaf/root dry weight ratios were compared among young, container-grown plants of five temperate-zone, deciduous tree species (acer negundo l., betula papyrifera marsh, malus baccata borkh, robinia pseudoacacia l., and ulmus parvifolia jacq.) under well-watered and water-stressed conditions. there was a small decrease (mean reduction of 0.22 mpa across species) in the water potential at which turgor was lost (psi(tlp)) in response to water stress. the psi ...199014972935
new and remarkable records of microfungi from turkey.during a botanical excursion of the university of essen in the year 2002 to north-, central- and south-anatolia we have collected representatives of about 100 genera of microfungi as parasites or saprophytes on crops and wild plants. some of them are new for turkey: passalora dubia on atriplex hortensis, pseudocercospora ligustri on ligustrum ovalifolium, passalora smilacis on smilax aspera, uromyces limonii on limonium spec., puccinia jasmini on jasminim spec., sawadea bicornis on acer negundo, ...200315151298
an innovative blood lead screening program for indian children.there is little information on the lead levels of indian children nationally. in the late 1990s, members of the chippewa and cree tribes living on the rocky boy reservation near box elder, montana, were concerned about environmental pollution and how it might be affecting the health of their children. with financial assistance from the environmental protection agency, the tribes designed and implemented an innovative lead screening program for young children. because most children on the reserva ...200415192900
environmental control of cold hardiness in woody plants.the development of cold hardiness in 2 woody plant species (acer negundo and viburnum plicatum tomentosum) was shown to be independent of the induction of bud dormancy. substantial hardiness levels were obtained under controlled conditions with long days and certain low temperatures-without dormancy development as a prerequisite.low temperatures given during the dark period with long days induced hardiness to a level not significantly different from that of short days. giving plants continuous 1 ...196716656639
the long day leaf as a source of cold hardiness inhibitors.short photoperiods followed by low temperatures induced cold hardiness in acer negundo, viburnum plicatum tomentosum, and weigela florida. hardiness was also obtained under long days and natural fall temperatures if the leaves were removed, either manually or by low temperature. similarly, removal of leaves from plants exposed to long days at 5 degrees brought about an accelerated rate of hardening. these observations suggested the presence of a hardiness inhibitor in the leaves which was counte ...196716656666
regulation of cold hardiness in acer negundo.the application of gibberellin to acer negundo either during or after a short photoperiod strikingly lowered the amount of hardiness obtained after 4 weeks in darkness at 5 degrees . two growth retardants, b9 and amo 1618, the latter of which interferes with gibberellin synthesis, brought about hardiness increases under long photoperiods. the naturally occurring inhibitor, dormin, also increased hardiness under the usual inhibiting influence of long photo-periods. extracts from plants given long ...196816656743
characterization and role of an endogenous inhibitor in the induction of cold hardiness in acer inhibitor extracted from short day treated acer negundo leaves was compared to abscisic acid in 4 different solvent systems. the chromatographic properties of abscisic acid and the inhibitor were in very close agreement. treatment of acer negundo plants under non-hardening preconditions (long days) with either the inhibitor or abscisic acid increased hardiness after a hardening period of 3 weeks at 40 degrees . a gibberellin-inhibitor relationship was further studied by making comparison of e ...196916657135
prevalence of pollen sensitization in younger children who have is commonly believed that young children are incapable of pollen sensitization; therefore, skin testing usually is not performed to these allergens. the purpose of this study was to identify the frequency of positive skin tests to outdoor allergens among younger children who have asthma. patients who have asthma, aged 6 months to 10 years, were evaluated for pollen sensitization over a 10-year period. skin-prick testing was performed to relevant individual aeroallergens including trees, grass ...200718201429
foliage chemistry and the distribution of lepidoptera larvae on broad-leaved trees in southern ontario.this study addresses the influence of foliage chemistry on the distribution of lepidoptera larvae across species of trees. i used ordination and analysis of principal coordinates to describe the partitioning of the larvae of 24 species of lepidoptera over 23 species of host trees taking into account 13 chemical properties of the foliage. canonical analysis of principal coordinates (cap) revealed two significant axes linking the two datasets. the first constrained axis (r(2)=0.83) was associated ...200818488251
gender-specific patterns of aboveground allocation, canopy conductance and water use in a dominant riparian tree species: acer negundo.acer negundo sarg. (box elder) is a dioecious tree species that dominates riparian systems at mid elevations throughout the southwest and intermountain west of the united states. previous studies have shown that female a. negundo trees occur at higher frequencies along stream margins, whereas males occur at higher frequencies in drier microsites. to better understand the adaptive significance of sex ratio biases and their impact on the ecohydrology of riparian ecosystems, we examined whole-plant ...200818595851
phenology of semiochemical-mediated host foraging by the western boxelder bug, boisea rubrolineata, an aposematic seed predator.the western boxelder bug (beb), boisea rubrolineata (heteroptera: rhopalidae), is a specialist herbivore of boxelder trees, acer negundo. we tested the hypothesis that bebs use semiochemicals to locate host trees. headspace volatiles from trees bearing staminate inflorescences ("staminate trees") and from trees bearing pistillate inflorescences ("pistillate trees") were collected throughout the season and bioassayed in y-tube olfactometer experiments. headspace extracts of early-season, pollen-b ...200919123035
pollen allergenic potential nature of some trees species: a multidisciplinary approach using aerobiological, immunochemical and hospital admissions data.trees are considered producers of allergenic pollen. the aims of this work were to characterize the aerobiology of the platanus, acer, salix, quercus, betula and populus pollen, linking it with monthly emergency hospital admissions and to identify the different reactivity levels in sensitized patients. this information would be of great importance to evaluate the convenience of changing the inventory of pollen producer trees related to the risk of allergenic reactions. the study was conducted in ...200919147130
determination of irritant threshold concentrations to weeds, trees and grasses through serial dilutions in intradermal testing on healthy clinically nonallergic dogs.irritant threshold concentration (itc) for intradermal testing (idt) was determined in 31 healthy, clinically nonallergic dogs. twenty-three allergens were tested at five variable concentrations ranging from 1000 to 8000 pnu/ml. to distinguish irritant reactions from subclinical ige-mediated hypersensitivities, serum allergy testing was performed. itcs were determined by evaluating the lowest concentration to which no dogs (0% cut-off) and to which at least 10% of dogs (> or = 10% cut-off) react ...201020230589
acer negundo invasion along a successional gradient: early direct facilitation by native pioneers and late indirect facilitation by conspecifics.*here, we analysed the role of direct and indirect plant interactions in the invasion process of acer negundo along a natural successional gradient in the middle rhone floodplain (france). we addressed two questions: what are the responses of the invasive acer seedlings to native communities' effects along the successional gradient? what are the effects of the invasive acer adult trees on the native communities? *in the three communities (salix, acer and fraxinus stands) we transplanted juvenile ...201020487316
non-native grass invasion suppresses forest succession.multiple factors can affect the process of forest succession including seed dispersal patterns, seedling survival, and environmental heterogeneity. a relatively understudied factor affecting the process of succession is invasions by non-native plants. invasions can increase competition, alter abiotic conditions, and provide refuge for consumers. functional traits of trees such as seed size and life history stage may mediate the effects of invasions on succession. we tested the effects of the for ...201020582439
contrasting the morphology, anatomy and fungal colonization of new pioneer and fibrous roots.• not all roots born as first-order branches are the same and this has important consequences for overall function. we hypothesized that, compared with fibrous roots, pioneer roots are built to live longer at the expense of absorptive capacity. • we tested this hypothesis by investigating pioneer and fibrous roots in their first 14 d of life in the arbuscular mycorrhizal tree species: acer negundo, acer saccharum, juglans nigra, liriodendron tulipifera and populus tremuloides. root observations ...201121210817
preliminary studies on allelopatic effect of some woody plants on seed germination of rye-grass and tall order to investigation of allelopathic effects of some ornamental trees on seed germination of rye-grass (lolium prenne) and tall fescue (festuca arundinaceae), this experiment was conducted in a randomized complete block design with 3 replicates at the laboratory of horticultural sciences department of ferdowsi university of mashhad, during 2008. in this research, we studied the effect of aqueous and hydro-alcoholic extracts of afghanistan pine (pinus eldarica), arizona cypress (cupressus ar ...201021313873
hydraulic, biomechanical, and anatomical interactions of xylem from five species of acer (aceraceae).possible trade-offs between hydraulic conductivity and mechanical properties of woody stems from five species were assessed. acer negundo is a ruderal tree, a. saccharinum, and a. rubrum are fast-growing and shade-intolerant soft maples, whereas a. nigrum and a. saccharum are slow-growing and shade-tolerant hard maples. it was hypothesized that the ruderal and soft maples would have lower modulus of elasticity (moe) and modulus of rupture (mor), but higher maximum specific conductivity (k(s max) ...200321659164
establishment success of coexisting native and exotic trees under an experimental gradient of irradiance and soil moisture.the exotic trees ailanthus altissima, robinia pseudoacacia, acer negundo and elaeagnus angustifolia coexist with the native trees fraxinus angustifolia and ulmus minor in river banks of central spain. similarly, the exotic trees acacia dealbata and eucalyptus globulus co-occur with the natives quercus pyrenaica and pinus pinaster in northwest spain. we aimed to identify the environmental conditions that favour or hamper the establishment success of these species. in spring 2008, seeds of the stu ...201121842417
invasive acer negundo outperforms native species in non-limiting resource environments due to its higher phenotypic plasticity.abstract: background: to identify the determinants of invasiveness, comparisons of traits of invasive and native species are commonly performed. invasiveness is generally linked to higher values of reproductive, physiological and growth-related traits of the invasives relative to the natives in the introduced range. phenotypic plasticity of these traits has also been cited to increase the success of invasive species but has been little studied in invasive tree species. in a greenhouse experimen ...201122115342
seasonal variation of bacterial endophytes in urban trees.bacterial endophytes, non-pathogenic bacteria residing within plants, contribute to the growth and development of plants and their ability to adapt to adverse conditions. in order to fully exploit the capabilities of these bacteria, it is necessary to understand the extent to which endophytic communities vary between species and over time. the endophytes of acer negundo, ulmus pumila, and ulmus parvifolia were sampled over three seasons and analyzed using culture dependent and independent method ...201526042095
elemental concentrations in deposited dust on leaves along an urbanization gradient.environmental health is an essential component of the quality of life in modern societies. monitoring of environmental quality and the assessment of environmental risks are often species based on the elemental concentration of deposited dust. our result suggested that stomata size and distribution were the most important factors influencing the accumulation of air contaminants in leaves. we found that the leaves' surfaces of acer negundo and celtis occidentalis were covered by a large number of ...201424875264
do david and goliath play the same game? explanation of the abundance of rare and frequent invasive alien plants in urban woodlands in warsaw, poland.invasive alien plants occur in numbers differing by orders of magnitude at subsequent invasion stages. effective sampling and quantifying niches of rare invasive plants are quite problematic. the aim of this paper is an estimation of the influence of invasive plants frequency on the explanation of their local abundance. we attempted to achieve it through: (1) assessment of occurrence of self-regenerating invasive plants in urban woodlands, (2) comparison of random forest modelling results for fr ...201627992516
identification, pathogenicity and abundance of paracremonium pembeum sp. nov. and graphium euwallaceae sp. nov.--two newly discovered mycangial associates of the polyphagous shot hole borer (euwallacea sp.) in california.fusarium euwallaceae is a well-characterized fungal symbiont of the exotic ambrosia beetle euwallacea sp. (polyphagous shot hole borer [pshb]), together inciting fusarium dieback on many host plants in israel and california. recent discoveries of additional fungal symbionts within ambrosia beetle mycangia suggest these fungi occur as communities. colony-forming units of graphium euwallaceae sp. nov. and paracremonium pembeum sp. nov., two novel fungal associates of pshb from california, grew fro ...201626740544
detection of hypoglycin a in the seeds of sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus) and box elder (a. negundo) in new zealand; the toxin associated with cases of equine atypical myopathy.during april and may 2014 four horses aged between 5 months and 9 years, located in the canterbury, marlborough and southland regions, presented with a variety of clinical signs including recumbency, stiffness, lethargy, dehydration, depression, and myoglobinuria suggestive of acute muscle damage. two horses were subjected to euthanasia and two recovered. in all cases seeds of sycamore maple (acer pseudoplatanus) or box elder (a. negundo) were present in the area where the horse had been grazing ...201626593855
integration of visual and olfactory cues in host plant identification by the asian longhorned beetle, anoplophora glabripennis (motschulsky) (coleoptera: cerambycidae).some insects use host and mate cues, including odor, color, and shape, to locate and recognize their preferred hosts and mates. previous research has shown that the asian longicorn beetle, anoplophora glabripennis (motschulsky), uses olfactory cues to locate host plants and differentiate them from non-host plants. however, whether a. glabripennis adults use visual cues or a combination of visual and olfactory cues remains unclear. in this study, we tested the host location and recognition behavi ...201526556100
effect of chipping and solarization on emergence and boring activity of a recently introduced ambrosia beetle (euwallacea sp., coleoptera: curculionidae: scolytinae) in southern california.polyphagous shot hole borer (euwallacea sp., coleoptera: curculionidae: scolytinae) has recently invaded southern california. the beetle, along with its associated fungi, fusarium euwallaceae, graphium sp., and acremonium sp., causes branch dieback and tree mortality in a large variety of tree species including avocado (persea americana mill.) and box elder (acer negundo l.). with the spread of the beetle through los angeles, orange, and san diego counties in california, there is increasing conc ...201526470327
preparation and characterisation of biodegradable pollen-chitosan microcapsules and its application in heavy metal removal.biosorbents have been widely used in heavy metal removal. new resources should be exploited to develop more efficient biosorbents. this study reports the preparation of three novel chitosan microcapsules from pollens of three common, wind-pollinated plants (acer negundo, cupressus sempervirens and populus nigra). the microcapsules were characterized (fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy and elemental analysis) and used in removal of he ...201525479387
effects of co₂ on acer negundo pollen fertility, protein content, allergenic properties, and carbohydrates.atmospheric gaseous pollutants can induce qualitative and quantitative changes in airborne pollen characteristics. in this work, it was investigated the effects of carbon dioxide (co2) on acer negundo pollen fertility, protein content, allergenic properties, and carbohydrates. pollen was collected directly from the anthers and in vitro exposed to three co2 levels (500, 1000, and 3000 ppm) for 6 and 24 h in an environmental chamber. pollen fertility was determined using viability and germination ...201525471717
models to predict the start of the airborne pollen season.aerobiological data can be used as indirect but reliable measures of flowering phenology to analyze the response of plant species to ongoing climate changes. the aims of this study are to evaluate the performance of several phenological models for predicting the pollen start of season (pss) in seven spring-flowering trees (alnus glutinosa, acer negundo, carpinus betulus, platanus occidentalis, juglans nigra, alnus viridis, and castanea sativa) and in two summer-flowering herbaceous species (arte ...201525234751
ecotoxicity effects triggered in aquatic organisms by invasive acer negundo and native alnus glutinosa leaf leachates obtained in the process of aerobic decomposition.the replacement of autochthonous tree species by invasive ones in coastal zones of freshwater bodies induces additional alteration of hydrochemical and microbiological characteristics due to decomposition of fallen leaves of non-indigenous species, which can lead to ecotoxic response of the littoral biota. leaves of invasive to lithuania boxelder maple (acer negundo) and autochthonous black alder (alnus glutinosa) lost more than half of biomass and released stable amount of doc (60-70 mg/l) thro ...201425058932
hypoglycin a concentrations in seeds of acer pseudoplatanus trees growing on atypical myopathy-affected and control pastures.hypoglycin a, found in seeds of acer negundo, appears to cause seasonal pasture myopathy (spm) in north america and is implicated in atypical myopathy (am) in europe. acer negundo is uncommon in europe. thus, the potential source of hypoglycin a in europe is unknown.201724863395
changes in the ige-reacting protein profiles of acer negundo, platanus x acerifolia and quercus robur pollen in response to ozone treatment.this study aims to investigate the effects of o3 in protein content and immunoglobulin e (ige)-binding profiles of acer negundo, platanus x acerifolia and quercus robur pollen. pollen was exposed to o3 in an environmental chamber, at half, equal and four times the limit value for the human health protection in europe. pollen total soluble protein was determined with coomassie protein assay reagent, and the antigenic and allergenic properties were investigated by sds-page and immunological techni ...201424382092
foraging strategies in trees of different root morphology: the role of root lifespan.resource exploitation of patches is influenced not simply by the rate of root production in the patches but also by the lifespan of the roots inhabiting the patches. we examined the effect of sustained localized nitrogen (n) fertilization on root lifespan in four tree species that varied widely in root morphology and presumed foraging strategy. the study was conducted in a 12-year-old common garden in central pennsylvania using a combination of data from minirhizotron and root in-growth cores. t ...201324128849
a test for pre-adapted phenotypic plasticity in the invasive tree acer negundo l.phenotypic plasticity is a key mechanism associated with the spread of exotic plants and previous studies have found that invasive species are generally more plastic than co-occurring species. comparatively, the evolution of phenotypic plasticity in plant invasion has received less attention, and in particular, the genetic basis of plasticity is largely unexamined. native from north america, acer negundo l. is aggressively impacting the riparian forests of southern and eastern europe thanks to h ...201324040212
identification of methylenecyclopropyl acetic acid in serum of european horses with atypical is hypothesised that european atypical myopathy (am) has a similar basis as seasonal pasture myopathy in north america, which is now known to be caused by ingestion of hypoglycin a contained in seeds from the tree acer negundo. serum from horses with seasonal pasture myopathy contained the conjugated toxic metabolite of hypoglycin a, methylenecyclopropyl acetic acid (mcpa).201423773055
gender specific patterns of carbon uptake and water use in a dominant riparian tree species exposed to a warming climate.air temperatures in the arid western united states are predicted to increase over the next century. these increases will likely impact the distribution of plant species, particularly dioecious species that show a spatial segregation of the sexes across broad resource gradients. on the basis of spatial segregation patterns, we hypothesized that temperature increases will have a greater negative impact on female plants compared with co-occurring male plants of dioecious species. this hypothesis wa ...201323666790
ecotoxicological effects evoked in hydrophytes by leachates of invasive acer negundo and autochthonous alnus glutinosa fallen off leaves during their microbial decomposition.throughout 90-day biodegradation under microaerobic conditions, invasive to lithuania species boxelder maple (acer negundo) leaves lost 1.5-fold more biomass than that of autochthonous black alder (alnus glutinosa), releasing higher contents of n(tot), ammonium and generating higher bod(7). boxelder maple leaf leachates were characterized by higher total bacterial numbers and colony numbers of heterotrophic and cellulose-decomposing bacteria than those of black alder. the higher toxicity of a. n ...201323202636
seasonal pasture myopathy/atypical myopathy in north america associated with ingestion of hypoglycin a within seeds of the box elder tree.we hypothesised that seasonal pasture myopathy (spm), which closely resembles atypical myopathy (am), was caused by ingestion of a seed-bearing plant abundant in autumn pastures.201323167695
in vitro exposure of acer negundo pollen to atmospheric levels of so₂ and no₂: effects on allergenicity and the last years, a rising trend of pollen allergies in urban areas has been attributed to atmospheric pollution. in this work, we investigated the effects of so(2) and no(2) on the protein content, allergenicity, and germination rate of acer negundo pollen. a novel environmental chamber was assembled to exposure pollen samples with so(2) or no(2) at two different levels: just below and two times the atmospheric hour-limit value acceptable for human health protection in europe. results showed t ...201222296411
influence of stand structure on carbon-13 of vegetation, soils, and canopy air within deciduous and evergreen forests in utah, united states.carbon isotope ratios (δ(13)c) were studied in evergreen and deciduous forest ecosystems in semi-arid utah (pinus contorta, populus tremuloides, acer negundo and acer grandidentatum). measurements were taken in four to five stands of each forest ecosystem differing in overstory leaf area index (lai) during two consecutive growing seasons. the δ(13)cleaf (and carbon isotope discrimination) of understory vegetation in the evergreen stands (lai 1.5-2.2) did not differ among canopies with increasing ...199728307459
ecophysiological differences among juvenile and reproductive plants of several woody species.photosynthetic and water relations characteristics of small juvenile and large reproductive plants were investigated during one growing season for four woody species native to red butte canyon, utah, usa: acer negundo, artemisia tridentata, chrysothamnus nauseosus, and salix exigua. for all species, juvenile plants differed from reproductive plants in at least one of the following characters: water potential, stomatal conductance, photosynthetic rate, or water-use efficiency. late in the growing ...199128313342
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