changes in differently processed soya bean (glycine max.) and lima bean (phaseolus lunatus) with particular reference to their chemical composition and their mineral and some inherent anti-nutritional constituents.the effects of 3 processing techniques: cooking, roasting and autoclaving on the proximate chemical composition, the mineral content and some inherent toxic factors of soya and lima beans were investigated. the processing techniques generally reduced the crude fibre levels and enhanced the extractable fat in the soya and lima beans. the coefficients of variability for crude fibre and ether extract due to the processing techniques of soya and lima beans were 20.9%, 16.0% and 22.3%, 38.1%, respect ...19892561304
adenine binding sites of the lectin from lima beans (phaseolus lunatus).a single high-affinity binding site for adenine and related compounds was identified in the lima bean lectin (lbl) component iii tetramer. this site is identical with the high affinity site for 2,6-toludinyl-naphthalenesulfonate described previously (roberts, d. d., and goldstein, i. j. (1982) j. biol. chem. 257, 11274-11277). [14c]adenine was bound with high affinity (kd = 1.2 +/- 0.1 x 10(-5) m, t = 25 degrees c) and a high degree of specificity in that hypoxanthine and guanine were very poor ...19836643455
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