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seedborne pathogenic fungi in common bean (phaseolus vulgaris cv. inta rojo) in nicaragua.common bean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) is an important legume with high nutritional value. in nicaragua, certified healthy seeds of local bean varieties are not available, and seedborne fungi have gained little attention. here, were surveyed seedborne pathogenic fungi in an important local bean cultivar, 'inta rojo'. beans grown in the four main production areas in nicaragua (boaco, carazo, estelí, matagalpa) for future use as seed stock were sampled from four seed storehouses and six seed lots. a ...201627997595
expression of lima bean terpene synthases in rice enhances recruitment of a beneficial enemy of a major rice pest.volatile terpenoids play a key role in plant defence against herbivory by attracting parasitic wasps. we identified seven terpene synthase genes from lima bean, phaseolus lunatus l. following treatment with either the elicitor alamethicin or spider mites, tetranychus cinnabarinus. four of which (pltps2, pltps3, pltps4 and pltps5) were upregulated, and their derived proteins are phylogenetically clustered in the tps-g subfamily, with pltps3 positioned at the base of this cluster. recombinant pltp ...201728370092
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