optimization of a real-time pcr assay for the detection of the quarantine pathogen melampsora medusae f. sp. deltoidae.melampsora medusae (mm), one of the causal agents of poplar rust, is classified as an a2 quarantine pest for european plant protection organization (eppo) and its presence in europe is strictly controlled. two formae speciales have been described within mm, melampsora medusae f. sp. deltoidae (mmd), and melampsora medusae f. sp. tremuloidae (mmt) on the basis of their pathogenicity on populus species from the section aigeiros (e.g. populus deltoides) or populus (e.g. populus tremuloides), respec ...201323809649
analysis of gene expression in poplar trees (populus deltoides x nigra, dn34) exposed to the toxic explosive hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (rdx).poplar plants (populus deltoides x nigra, dn34) growing under hydroponic conditions were exposed to 50 mg l(-1) of hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (rdx) for 24 h. the expression of genes potentially involved in the metabolism of toxic explosives was analyzed by reverse-transcriptase (rt) real-time pcr. genes under study were selected by reference to corresponding genes that were previously shown to be upregulated in the model plant arabidopsis thaliana by exposure to 2,4,6-trinitrotoluen ...201218246712
seasonal changes between one- and two-phasic response of plant leaves to heat stress.plant leaves normally respond to increasing injurious temperatures with a more or less continuous increase of tissue damage. a discontinuous response comprising a first lethal or sublethal temperature range which is followed by a non-injurious temperature range and a second, the lethal temperature range appeared to be an exception. the data with populus deltoides x simonii show that a two-phasic response is most pronounced after heat shocks of 15 s and was no longer detected after exposure to he ...197728309148
removal of nitrogen and phosphorus by eucalyptus and populus at a tertiary treated municipal wastewater sprayfield.various progenies of eucalyptus grandis and e. amplifolia, and clones of populus deltoides, were evaluated for plant removal of nitrogen (n) and phosphorus (p) for 26 months at a municipal waste spray field in north florida. tertiary treated wastewater containing 2.73 mg l(-1) nitrate n and 0.30 mg l(-1) total p was applied using sprinkler irrigation (93.8 m3 ha(-1) d(-1)) to fast growing trees utilized for bioenergy. eucalyptus amplifolia and e. grandis survived and grew very poorly as the resu ...201222908661
enhanced production of botrallin and tmc-264 with in situ macroporous resin adsorption in mycelial liquid culture of the endophytic fungus hyalodendriella sp. ponipodef12.hyalodendriella sp. ponipodef12, an endophytic fungus from the hybrid "neva" of populus deltoides × p. nigra, is a high producer of the bioactive dibenzo-α-pyrones botrallin and tmc-264. however, both the botrallin and tmc-264 produced by hyalodendriella sp. ponipodef12 were retained as both intracellular and extracellular products. the aim of this study was to evaluate an in situ macroporous resin adsorption for enhancement of botrallin and tmc-264 production in mycelial liquid culture of hyalo ...201425211003
poplar pdc3h17 and pdc3h18 are direct targets of pdmyb3 and pdmyb21, and positively regulate secondary wall formation in arabidopsis and poplar.wood biomass is mainly made of secondary cell walls, whose formation is controlled by a multilevel network. the tandem ccch zinc finger (tzf) proteins involved in plant secondary wall formation are poorly understood. two tzf genes, pdc3h17 and pdc3h18, were isolated from populus deltoides and functionally characterized in escherichia coli, tobacco, arabidopsis and poplar. pdc3h17 and pdc3h18 are predominantly expressed in cells of developing wood, and the proteins they encode are targeted to cyt ...201424786865
water stress-induced xylem hydraulic failure is a causal factor of tree mortality in beech and poplar.extreme water stress episodes induce tree mortality, but the physiological mechanisms causing tree death are still poorly understood. this study tests the hypothesis that a potted tree's ability to survive extreme monotonic water stress is determined by the cavitation resistance of its xylem tissue.201324081280
simultaneous growth and emission measurements demonstrate an interactive control of methanol release by leaf expansion and stomata.emission from plants is a major source of atmospheric methanol. growing tissues contribute most to plant-generated methanol in the atmosphere, but there is still controversy over biological and physico-chemical controls of methanol emission. methanol as a water-soluble compound is thought to be strongly controlled by gas-phase diffusion (stomatal conductance), but growth rate can follow a different diurnal rhythm from that of stomatal conductance, and the extent to which the emission control is ...200717374874
photosynthetic response of soybean to microclimate in 26-year-old tree-based intercropping systems in southern ontario, order to study the effect of light competition and microclimatic modifications on the net assimilation (na), growth and yield of soybean (glycine max l.) as an understory crop, three 26-year-old soybean-tree (acer saccharinum marsh., populus deltoides x nigra, juglans nigra l.) intercropping systems were examined. tree competition reduced photosynthetically active radiation (par) incident on soybeans and reduced net assimilation, growth and yield of soybean. soil moisture of 20 cm depth close ...201526053375
function and chromosomal localization of differentially expressed genes induced by marssonina brunnea f. sp. multigermtubi in populus deltoides.a total of 1,160 differentially expressed genes induced by marssonina brunnea f. sp. multigermtubi were identified in populus deltoides cv. 'lux' (i-69/55) with two-colour cdna microarray including 2,952 cdnas from two cdna libraries constructed with 72 h inoculated poplar leaves. functional analysis showed that 1,160 genes were classified into 11 functional categories that are involved in metabolism (15.9%), signal transduction (9.5%), transcription and replication (8.7%), and cell rescue and d ...200717643950
komagataella populi sp. nov. and komagataella ulmi sp. nov., two new methanol assimilating yeasts from exudates of deciduous trees.two new species of the methanol assimilating ascosporic yeast genus komagataella are described. komagataella populi sp. nov. (nrrl yb-455, cbs 12362, type strain, mycobank accession number = 564110) was isolated from an exudate on a cottonwood tree (populus deltoides), peoria, illinois, usa, and komagataella ulmi sp. nov. (nrrl yb-407, cbs 12361, type strain, mycobank accession number = 564111) was isolated from the exudate on an elm tree (ulmus americana), also growing in peoria, illinois. the ...201222302468
hot water and dilute acid pretreatment of high and low specific gravity populus deltoides clones.populus sp. are hardwood feedstocks that grow in forest management areas that are logged for softwoods; however, they are also being considered as an energy-destined feedstock. the objective of this work was to determine the effect of xylose yield from dilute acid and hot water pretreatments performed in unstirred batch stainless steel reactors at temperatures ranging from 140 to 200°c. populus deltoides clones s13c20 and s7c15 used in this study originated from eastern texas and were cultivated ...201120652357
influence of poplar clones on fertility life-table parameters of chaitophorus leucomelas (hemiptera: aphididae).the aphid chaitophorus leucomelas koch (hemiptera: aphididae) is one of the most important pests of poplar (populus spp.) plantations in iran. in this study, development, reproduction, and life history of the aphid were assessed on 11 poplar clones; belong to three species, populus nigra l., populus deltoides bartram ex marshall, and populus. euramericana guinier. the experiments were carried out under controlled conditions at 24 +/- 1 degrees c, 50-60% rh, and a photoperiod of 12:12 (l:d) h. th ...201021309247
host selection and probing behavior of the poplar aphid chaitophorus leucomelas (sternorrhyncha: aphididae) on two poplar hybrids with contrasting susceptibility to aphids.poplars are frequently attacked by aphids. the differential susceptibility of poplar hybrids to the aphid chaitophorus leucomelas koch (sternorrhyncha: aphididae) has been described, but the mechanism underlying this pattern is unknown. this work tested the hypothesis that poplar resistance to this aphid is associated with the presence of volatiles and secondary plant compounds that affect host selection and feeding behavior. this hypothesis was tested by studying the host choice and feeding beh ...201424665710
alcohol dehydrogenase and pyruvate decarboxylase activity in leaves and roots of eastern cottonwood (populus deltoides bartr.) and soybean (glycine max l.).pyruvate decarboxylase (pdc, ec and alcohol dehydrogenase (adh, ec are responsible for the anaerobic production of acetaldehyde and ethanol in higher plants. in developing soybean embryos, adh activity increased upon imbibition and then declined exponentially with development, and was undetectable in leaves by 30 days after imbibition. pdc was not detectable in soybean leaves. in contrast, adh activity remained high in developing cottonwood seedlings, with no decline in activit ...198716665586
carbon sequestration potential in stands under the grain for green program in southwest china.the grain for green program (ggp) is the largest afforestation and reforestation project in china in the early part of this century. to assess carbon sequestration in stands under the ggp in southwest china, the carbon stocks and their annual changes in the ggp stands in the region were estimated based on the following information: (1) collected data on the annually planted area of each tree species under the ggp in southwest china from 1999 to 2010; (2) development of empirical growth curves an ...201626959645
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