plant extract-mediated biogenic synthesis of silver, manganese dioxide, silver-doped manganese dioxide nanoparticles and their antibacterial activity against food- and water-borne pathogens.silver nanoparticles (agnps), manganese dioxide nanoparticles (mno₂nps) and silver-doped manganese dioxide nanoparticles (ag-doped mno₂nps) were synthesized by simultaneous green chemistry reduction approach. aqueous extract from the leaves of medicinally important plant cucurbita pepo was used as reducing and capping agents. various characterization techniques were carried out to affirm the formation of nanoparticles. hr-tem analysis confirmed the size of nanoparticles in the range of 15-70 nm ...201626857369
characterization of light-dependent regulation of state transitions in gymnosperms.the goal of this study was to characterize the light-dependent regulation of state transitions in gymnosperms. two species of conifer were examined: eastern white pine (pinus strobus l.) and white spruce [picea glauca (moench) voss], as well as the angiosperm pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l. subsp. pepo). both diurnal time courses in the field and manipulated light experiments in growth chambers were conducted. results from chlorophyll fluorescence analysis indicated that pumpkin was able to use a lar ...201626802541
filament formation in vitro of a sieve tube protein from cucurbita maxima and cucurbita pepo.phloem proteins of the sieve tube exudate from cucurbita maxima duch. and cucurbita pepo l. were investigated as to their filament forming ability in vitro. from the two main proteins (116000 dalton, 30000 dalton) only the 116000 dalton protein was found to form reversibly distinct filaments of 6-7 nm diameter upon removal of sh-protecting agents from the buffer, whereas the 30000 dalton protein was precipitated as amorphous material under these conditions. the protein filaments were similar to ...197524430373
[spectrophotometric analysis of phytochrome in the embryo of cucurbita pepo and cucurbita maxima].phytochrome detection and △ (△o.d.) measurements were made for the first time in a single embryo of pumpkin or gourd thanks to an apparatus adjusted to the differential spectrophotometer constructed by dr. spruit (wageningen). observed △ (△o.d.) values are comparable with usual values obtained by analysis of several seeds in a cuvette. the differential spectrum obtained has the same characteristics as the spectra of seedlings and seeds which can be found in the present literature. the time cours ...197024499981
cultivar-based introgression mapping reveals wild species-derived pm-0, the major powdery mildew resistance locus in squash.powdery mildew is a major fungal disease on squash and pumpkin (cucurbita spp.) in the us and throughout the world. genetic resistance to the disease is not known to occur naturally within cucurbita pepo and only infrequently in cucurbita moschata, but has been achieved in both species through the introgression of a major resistance gene from the wild species cucurbita okeechobeensis subsp. martinezii. at present, this gene, pm-0, is used extensively in breeding, and is found in nearly all powde ...201627936008
exposure of cucurbita pepo to dde-contamination alters the endophytic community: a cultivation dependent vs a cultivation independent approach.2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dichloro-ethylene (dde) is the most abundant and persistent degradation product of the pesticide 2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1,1-trichloroethane (ddt) and is encountered in contaminated soils worldwide. both dde and ddt are classified as persistent organic pollutants (pops) due to their high hydrophobicity and potential for bioaccumulation and biomagnification in the food chain. zucchini (cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo) has been shown to accumulate high concentrations of dde ...201626683261
two new ent-kaurane-type diterpene glycosides from zucchini (cucurbita pepo l.) seeds.two new ent-kaurane diterpene glycosides; 12α-(β-d-glucopyranosyloxy)-7β-hydroxykaurenolide (1) and 7β-(β-d-glucopyranosyloxy)-12α-hydroxykaurenolide (2), a new steroid; (24s)-stigmasta-7,22e,25-trien-3-one (12), and known compounds (3-11, 13-14) were isolated from zucchini (cucurbita pepo l.) seeds. the absolute structures of 1 and 2 were determined by acid hydrolysis and application of a modified moscher's method. furthermore, isolated compounds (1-14), and a derivative, 1a, were evaluated for ...201526420344
uptake of pharmaceuticals influences plant development and affects nutrient and hormone homeostases.the detection of a range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis) in the soil environment has led to a number of publications demonstrating uptake by crops, however very few studies have explored the potential for impacts on plant development as a result of api uptake. this study investigated the effect of carbamazepine and verapamil (0.005-10 mg/kg) on a range of plant responses in zucchini (cucurbita pepo). uptake increased in a dose-dependent manner, with maximum leaf concentrations of 821 ...201526418514
hormonal and epigenetic regulation during embryogenic tissue habituation in cucurbita pepo l.habituated embryogenic line of pumpkin contained more cks and iaa, but less aba than the non-habituated line. pronounced hypomethylation correlated with the absence of 2,4-d, addition of 5-azac, and the process of habituation. a comparative analysis between habituated and non-habituated embryogenic cultures of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.) in relation to endogenous phytohormones, global dna methylation, and developmental and regeneration capacities of the cultures was conducted. the analysis revea ...201626403461
solution properties of a heteropolysaccharide extracted from pumpkin (cucurbita pepo, lady godiva).a water-soluble galactoglucofucomannan was extracted from pumpkin (cucurbita pepo, lady godiva variety). gc-ms analysis indicated that the polysaccharide was composed of 1,6-linked-glucosyl, 1,2,6-linked-mannosyl, 1,3,6-linked-mannosyl, 1,2,6-linked-galactosyl, 1,2,6-linked-galactosyl, terminal fucosyl and terminal glucose. the solution properties of the polysaccharide were studied systematically by using size-exclusion chromatography combined with multi-angle laser light scattering, viscometry ...201526256344
effect of phosphorylation on antioxidant activities of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo, lady godiva) polysaccharide.phosphorylated derivatives of pumpkin polysaccharide with different degree of substitution were synthesized using pocl3 and pyridine. antioxidant activities and cytoprotective effects of unmodified polysaccharide and phosphorylated derivatives were investigated employing various in vitro systems. results showed that high ratio of pocl3/pyridine could increase the degree of substitution and no remarkable degradation occurred in the phosphorylation process. characteristic absorption of phosphoryla ...201526231331
the evaluation of the healing proprieties of pumpkin and linseed oils on deep second-degree burns in rats.medicinal plants have been recognized as useful remedies for primary health care. accordingly, cucurbita pepo l. (cucurbitaceae) (pumpkin) and linum usitatissimum (l.) griesb. (linaceae) (linseed) which have extracted oil with prominent pharmacological properties are investigated as possible burn healing treatments.201626186459
anticancer and anti-inflammatory activities of some dietary this study, we investigated few dietary cucurbits for anticancer activity by monitoring cytotoxic (mtt and ldh assays), apoptotic (caspase-3 and annexin-v assays), and also their anti-inflammatory effects by il-8 cytokine assay. aqua-alcoholic (50:50) whole extracts of cucurbits [lagenaria siceraria (ls), luffa cylindrica (lc) and cucurbita pepo (cp)] were evaluated in colon cancer cells (ht-29 and hct-15) and were compared with isolated biomolecule, cucurbitacin-b (cbit-b). mtt and ldh assay ...201526011982
sphingomonas taxi, isolated from cucurbita pepo, proves to be a dde-degrading and plant growth-promoting strain.the draft genome of sphingomonas taxi, a strain of the sphingomonadaceae isolated from cucurbita pepo root tissue, is presented. this gram-negative bacterium shows 2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dichloroethylene (dde)-degrading potential and plant growth-promoting capacities. an analysis of its 3.9-mb draft genome will enhance the understanding of dde-degradation pathways and phytoremediation applications for dde-contaminated soils.201525977415
expression profile of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase genes in summer squash (cucurbita pepo l.).carotenoids are important dietary components that can be found in vegetable crops. the accumulation of these compounds in fruit and vegetables is altered by the activity of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenases (ccds) enzymes that produce their degradation. the aim of this work was to study the possible implication of ccd genes in preventing carotenoid storage in the horticultural crop summer squash (cucurbita pepo l.). the relationship between the presence of these compounds and gene expression for ...201525861766
evaluation of the potential of squash pumpkin by-products (seeds and shell) as sources of antioxidant and bioactive compounds.the transformation of byproducts and wastes generated by agro-food companies is of high importance since only a small portion of plant material is utilized directly for human consumption. squash pumpkin is greatly used in portugal and as by-products of its processing are generated tons of shell and seeds. in this study we aim to evaluate the potential of these wastes as sources of beneficial and bioactive compounds (antioxidants and antimicrobials), studying the effect of different extraction so ...201525694712
investigating differences in the root to shoot transfer and xylem sap solubility of organic compounds between zucchini, squash and soybean using a pressure chamber method.a pressure chamber method was used to examine differences in the root to shoot transfer and xylem sap solubility of caffeine (log kow=-0.07), triclocarban (log kow=3.5-4.2) and endosulfan (log kow=3.8-4.8) for zucchini (cucurbita pepo ssp pepo), squash (cucurbita pepo ssp ovifera), and soybean (glycine max l.). transpiration stream concentration factors (tscf) for caffeine (tscf=0.8) were statistically equivalent for all plant species. however, for the more hydrophobic endosulfan and triclocarba ...201525537866
first tilling platform in cucurbita pepo: a new mutant resource for gene function and crop improvement.although the availability of genetic and genomic resources for cucurbita pepo has increased significantly, functional genomic resources are still limited for this crop. in this direction, we have developed a high throughput reverse genetic tool: the first tilling (targeting induced local lesions in genomes) resource for this species. additionally, we have used this resource to demonstrate that the previous ems mutant population we developed has the highest mutation density compared with other cu ...201425386735
protective effect of cucurbita pepo fruit peel against ccl4 induced neurotoxicity in rat.cucurbita pepo is a common vegetable used all over the world. in folk medicine it is used in gastroenteritis, hepatorenal and in brain anomalies. in the present study, protective effect of cucurbita pepo fruit peel against ccl4-induced neurotoxicity in rats was investigated. in this study, 36 sprague-dawley female rats (190±15 g) were randomly divided into 6 groups of 6 rats each. group i was given 1 ml/kg bw (body weight) of corn oil intraperotoneally (i.p); group ii, iii and iv were treated wi ...201425362619
carbohydrate metabolism before and after dehiscence in the recalcitrant pollen of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.).pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.) pollen is starchy, sucrose-poor and recalcitrant, features opposite to those of several model species; therefore, some differences in carbohydrate metabolism could be expected in this species. by studying pumpkin recalcitrant pollen, the objective was to provide new biochemical evidence to improve understanding of how carbohydrate metabolism might be involved in pollen functioning in advanced stages. four stages were analysed: immature pollen from 1 day before anthesi ...201525353653
particle-size dependent accumulation and trophic transfer of cerium oxide through a terrestrial food chain.the accumulation and trophic transfer of nanoparticle (np) or bulk ceo2 through a terrestrial food chain was evaluated. zucchini (cucurbita pepo l.) was planted in soil with 0 or 1228 μg/g bulk or np ceo2. after 28 d, zucchini tissue ce content was determined by icp-ms. leaf tissue from each treatment was used to feed crickets (acheta domesticus). after 14 d, crickets were analyzed for ce content or were fed to wolf spiders (family lycosidae). np ceo2 significantly suppressed flower mass relativ ...201425340623
phytotherapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia. a minireview.benign prostate hyperplasia (bph) is a common condition affecting older men, with an incidence that is age-dependent. histological bph, which typically develops after the age of 40 years, ranges in prevalence from >50% at 60 years to as high as 90% by 85 years of age. typical symptoms include increased frequency of urination, nocturia, urgency, hesitancy, and weak urine stream. conventional medicines used for the treatment of bph include alpha blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. this arti ...201425165780
nano-silicon dioxide mitigates the adverse effects of salt stress on cucurbita pepo l.research into nanotechnology, an emerging science, has advanced in almost all fields of technology. the aim of the present study was to evaluate the role of nano-silicon dioxide (nano-sio2 ) in plant resistance to salt stress through improvement of the antioxidant system of squash (cucurbita pepo l. cv. white bush marrow). seeds treated with nacl showed reduced germination percentage, vigor, length, and fresh and dry weights of the roots and shoots. however, nano-sio2 improved seed germination a ...201425066835
use of visible and near-infrared spectroscopy for predicting antioxidant compounds in summer squash (cucurbita pepo ssp pepo).the food industry and plant breeding programmes require fast, clean and low-cost screening techniques for nutritional compounds determination in food matrices. this is the first report on the study of the potential of near-infrared spectroscopy (nirs) for the prediction of antioxidant compounds in summer squash tissues collected since 2009-2012. modified partial least-squares (mpls) regression was used to correlate spectral information and the different antioxidant compounds in the samples. the ...201424996338
bacterial degradation of aroclor 1242 in the mycorrhizosphere soils of zucchini (cucurbita pepo l.) inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.a greenhouse experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of zucchini (cucurbita pepo l.), inoculated with the arbuscular mycorrhizal (am) species acaulospora laevis, glomus caledonium, and glomus mosseae, on the soil bacterial community responsible for aroclor 1242 dissipation. the dissipation rates of aroclor 1242 and soil bacteria abundance were much higher with the a. laevis and g. mosseae treatments compared to the non-mycorrhizal control. the biphenyl dioxygenase (bpha) and rhodococ ...201424969432
contribution of polyamines and other related metabolites to the maintenance of zucchini fruit quality during cold order to investigate the contribution of polyamines and related amino acids in the maintenance of zucchini fruit quality during cold storage, two varieties of cucurbita pepo with different degrees of chilling tolerance were used, natura (more tolerant) and sinatra (moresensitive). after harvest, free putrescine levels decreased during storage at 20 °c, whereas in fruit kept at 4 °c this polyamine accumulated in both varieties, but with higher levels in the sensitive variety (sinatra). this be ...201424960300
the volatile emission of eurosta solidaginis primes herbivore-induced volatile production in solidago altissima and does not directly deter insect feeding.the induction of plant defenses in response to herbivory is well documented. in addition, many plants prime their anti-herbivore defenses following exposure to environmental cues associated with increased risk of subsequent attack, including induced volatile emissions from herbivore-damaged plant tissues. recently, we showed in both field and laboratory settings that tall goldenrod plants (solidago altissima) exposed to the putative sex attractant of a specialist gall-inducing fly (eurosta solid ...201424947749
fibre from pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.) seeds and rinds: physico-chemical properties, antioxidant capacity and application as bakery product ingredients.the aims of this study were to determine the proximate composition, functional properties and antioxidant activity of pumpkin seeds and rind. besides, the effects of dietary fibre in pumpkin seeds and rinds on bread qualities and properties were evaluated.201324800388
determining the mineral composition in cucurbita pepo fruit using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy.efforts through conventional breeding to improve the mineral content in horticultural crops have not always been successful mainly due to the fact that standard analytical methods are both costly and time-consuming. we investigated the feasibility of applying near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (nirs) to the estimation of essential mineral composition in the skin and flesh of summer squash fruits (cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo) using a 200-sample set from diverse morphotypes.201424652716
optimization of preparation of antioxidative peptides from pumpkin seeds using response surface method.protein isolates of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l) seeds were hydrolyzed by acid protease to prepare antioxidative peptides. the hydrolysis conditions were optimized through box-behnken experimental design combined with response surface method (rsm). the second-order model, developed for the dpph radical scavenging activity of pumpkin seed hydrolysates, showed good fit with the experiment data with a high value of coefficient of determination (0.9918). the optimal hydrolysis conditions were determin ...201424637721
molecular and functional characterization of cpacs27a gene reveals its involvement in monoecy instability and other associated traits in squash (cucurbita pepo l.).a number of cucurbita pepo genotypes showing instable monoecy or partial andromonoecy, i.e. an incomplete conversion of female into bisexual flowers, have been detected. given that in melon and cucumber andromonoecy is the result of reduction of ethylene production in female floral buds, caused by mutations in the ethylene biosynthesis genes cmacs7 and csacs2; we have cloned and characterized two related c. pepo genes, cpacs27a and cpacs27b. the molecular structure of cpacs27a and its specific e ...201424595516
evaluation of six plant species used traditionally in the treatment and control of diabetes mellitus in south africa using in vitro methods.numerous plants are used by the local communities of south africa for the treatment and management of type ii diabetes.201424559378
changes in carbohydrate content in zucchini fruit (cucurbita pepo l.) under low temperature stress.the postharvest handling of zucchini fruit includes low-temperature storage, making cold stress unavoidable. we have investigated the changes of soluble carbohydrates under this stress and its relation with weight loss and chilling injury in zucchini fruit during postharvest storage at 4 °c and 20 °c for up to 14 days. two varieties with different degrees of chilling tolerance were compared: natura, the more tolerant variety, and sinatra, the variety that suffered more severe chilling-injury sym ...201424467899
tocopherol from seeds of cucurbita pepo against diabetes: validation by in vivo experiments supported by computational docking.tocopherol from raw pumpkin seeds has been reported to be effective in the alleviation of diabetes through its antioxidant activities. this study evaluates the antidiabetic activities of the tocopherol fraction of raw seeds of cucurbita pepo l. (cpse) in a diabetic rat model. in addition, the putative action mechanisms of its botanicals were computationally investigated.201324344360
degradation of direct azo dye by cucurbita pepo free and immobilized peroxidase.enzymatic decolourization of the azo dye, direct yellow (dy106) by cucurbita pepo (courgette) peroxidase (cp) is a complex process, which is greatly affected by ph, temperature, enzyme activity and the concentrations of h2o2 and dye. courgette peroxidase was extracted and its performance was evaluated by using the free-cp (fcp) and immobilized-cp (icp) forms in the decolourization of dy106. immobilization of peroxidase in calcium alginate beads was performed according to a strategy aiming to min ...201324191614
[influence of a variation potential on photosynthesis in pumpkin seedlings (cucurbita pepo l.)].the influence of a variation potential on photosynthesis in pumpkin seedlings (cucurbita pepo l.) was investigated in our work. it was shown that the variation potential induced by cotyledon burning propagates into a leaf. it decreases co2 assimilation and transpiration as well as increases nonphotochemical quenching. investigation of isolated chloroplasts showed that lowering of the ph in incubation medium from 6.9-7.2 to 6.5 increases nonphotochemical quenching. it was proposed that lowering o ...201524159815
multiwalled carbon nanotubes and c60 fullerenes differentially impact the accumulation of weathered pesticides in four agricultural plants.the effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (mwcnt) or c60 fullerenes on the uptake of weathered chlordane or ddx (ddt + metabolites) by cucurbita pepo (zucchini), zea mays (corn), solanum lycopersicum (tomato), and glycine max (soybean) was investigated. the plants were grown in 50 g of soil with weathered chlordane (2150 ng/g) and ddx (118 ng/g) that was amended with 0, 500, 1000, or 5000 mg/kg mwcnt or c60. after 28 d, the root and shoot content of chlordane components and ddx was determined b ...201324079803
involvement of ethylene biosynthesis and signalling in fruit set and early fruit development in zucchini squash (cucurbita pepo l.).we have identified a kind of parthenocarpy in zucchini squash which is associated with an incomplete andromonoecy, i.e. a partial conversion of female into bisexual flowers. given that andromonoecy in this and other cucurbit species is caused by a reduction of ethylene production in the female flower, the associated parthenocarpic development of the fruit suggested the involvement of ethylene in fruit set and early fruit development.201324053311
comparison between cultivated and total bacterial communities associated with cucurbita pepo using cultivation-dependent techniques and 454 pyrosequencing.endophytic bacteria often have beneficial effects on their host plants that can be exploited for bioremediation applications but, according to the literature, only 0.001-1% of all endophytic microbes should be cultivable. this study compared the cultivated endophytic communities of the roots and shoots of cucurbita pepo with the total endophytic communities as determined by cultivation-dependent techniques and 454 pyrosequencing. the ten most abundant taxa of the total communities aligned well w ...201626656884
an acorn squash (cucurbita pepo ssp. ovifera) fruit and seed transcriptome as a resource for the study of fruit traits in cucurbita.acorn squash (cucurbita pepo) is an iconic fall vegetable in the united states, known for its unique fruit shape and also prized for its culinary properties. little is known about the metabolism that underlies the development of fruit quality attributes such as color, sweetness, texture and nutritional qualities in acorn squash, or any other winter squash grown worldwide. to provide insight into winter squash fruit and seed development and add to the genomic resources in the cucurbita genus, rna ...201526504561
bioavailability assessments following biochar and activated carbon amendment in ddt-contaminated soil.the effects of 2.8% w/w granulated activated carbon (gac) and two types of biochar (burt's and blueleaf) on ddt bioavailability in soil (39 μg/g) were investigated using invertebrates (eisenia fetida), plants (cucurbita pepo spp. pepo) and a polyoxymethylene (pom) passive sampler method. biochar significantly reduced ddt accumulation in e. fetida (49%) and showed no detrimental effects to invertebrate health. in contrast, addition of gac caused significant toxic effects (invertebrate avoidance a ...201626495827
effect of acetylation on antioxidant and cytoprotective activity of polysaccharides isolated from pumpkin (cucurbita pepo, lady godiva).acetylation of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo, lady godiva variety) polysaccharide using acetic anhydride with pyridines as catalyst under different conditions was conducted to obtain different degrees of acetylation on a laboratory scale. furthermore, antioxidant activities and cytoprotective effects of pumpkin polysaccharide and its acetylated derivatives were investigated employing various established in vitro systems. results showed that addition of pyridine as catalyst could increase the degree of ...201323987399
in situ application of activated carbon and biochar to pcb-contaminated soil and the effects of mixing regime.the in situ use of carbon amendments such as activated carbon (ac) and biochar to minimize the bioavailability of organic contaminants is gaining in popularity. in the first in situ experiment conducted at a canadian pcb-contaminated brownfield site, gac and two types of biochar were statistically equal at reducing pcb uptake into plants. pcb concentrations in cucurbita pepo root tissue were reduced by 74%, 72% and 64%, with the addition of 2.8% gac, burt's biochar and blueleaf biochar, respecti ...201323933124
inheritance profile of weathered chlordane and p,p'-ddts accumulation by cucurbita pepo hybrids.cucurbita pepo ssp pepo (zucchini) accumulates significant levels of persistent organic pollutants in its roots, followed by unexpectedly high contaminant translocation to the stems. most other plant species, including the closely related c. pepo ssp ovifera (squash), do not have this ability. to investigate the mechanism of contaminant accumulation, two cultivars each of parental zucchini and squash, as well as previously created first filial (f1) hybrids and f1 backcrosses (bc) of those parent ...201323819281
a novel 3α-p-nitrobenzoylmultiflora-7:9(11)-diene-29-benzoate and two new triterpenoids from the seeds of zucchini (cucurbita pepo l).three novel multiflorane-type triterpenoids, 3α-p-nitrobenzoylmultiflora-7:9(11)-diene-29-benzoate (1), 3α-acetoxymultiflora-7:9(11)-diene-29-benzoate (2), and 3α-acetoxymultiflora-5(6):7:9(11)-triene-29-benzoate (3), along with two known related compounds 4 and 5 were isolated from the seeds of zucchini (cucurbita pepo l). their structures were determined on the basis of 1d and 2d nmr spectroscopy and hreims. triterpenoids possessing a nitro group were not isolated previously.201323803716
modeling the parameters for plasmodesmal sugar filtering in active symplasmic phloem loaders.plasmodesmata (pd) play a key role in loading of sugars into the phloem. in plant species that employ the so-called active symplasmic loading strategy, sucrose that diffuses into their unique intermediary cells (ics) is converted into sugar oligomers. according to the prevalent hypothesis, the oligomers are too large to pass back through pd on the bundle sheath side, but can pass on into the sieve element to be transported in the phloem. here, we investigate if the pd at the bundle sheath-ic int ...201323802006
a light in the shadow: the use of lucifer yellow technique to demonstrate nectar reabsorption.nectar reabsorption is a widely known phenomenon, related to the strategy of resource-recovery and also to maintain the nectar homeostasis at the nectary. the method currently performed to demonstrate nectar being reabsorbed involves the use of radioactive tracers applied to the nectary. although this method works perfectly, it is complex and requires specific supplies and equipment. therefore, here we propose an efficient method to obtain a visual demonstration of nectar reabsorption, adapting ...201323783170
carotenogenic gene expression and carotenoid accumulation in three varieties of cucurbita pepo during fruit development.the control of gene expression is a crucial regulatory mechanism in carotenoid accumulation of fruits and flowers. we investigated the role of transcriptional regulation of nine genes involved in the carotenoid biosynthesis pathway in three varieties of cucurbita pepo with evident differences in fruit color. the transcriptional levels of the key genes involved in the carotenoid biosynthesis were higher in flower-, leaf-, and fruit skin tissues than flesh tissues. this correlated with higher conc ...201323773001
a phase ii randomised double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial investigating the efficacy and safety of prostateeze max: a herbal medicine preparation for the management of symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy.the aim of the clinical trial was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of prostateeze max, an orally dosed herbal preparation containing cucurbita pepo, epilobium parviflorum, lycopene, pygeum africanum and serenoa repens in the management of symptoms of medically diagnosed benign prostate hypertrophy (bph).201323642948
phytoaccumulation of antimicrobials by hydroponic cucurbita pepo.consumer use of antimicrobial-containing products continuously introduces triclocarban and triclosan into the environment. triclocarban and triclosan adversely affect plants and animals and have the potential to affect human health. research examined the phytoaccumulation of triclocarban and triclosan by pumpkin (cucurbita pepo cultivar howden) and zucchini (cucurbita pepo cultivar gold rush) grown hydroponically. pumpkin and zucchini were grown in nutrient solution spiked with 0.315 microg/ml t ...201323487999
characterization of the aroma signature of styrian pumpkin seed oil ( cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var. styriaca) by molecular sensory science.application of the aroma extract dilution analysis on a distillate prepared from an authentic styrian pumpkin seed oil followed by identification experiments led to the characterization of 47 odor-active compounds in the flavor dilution (fd) factor range of 8-8192 among which 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline (roasty, popcorn-like), 2-propionyl-1-pyrroline (roasty, popcorn-like), 2-methoxy-4-vinylphenol (clove-like), and phenylacetaldehyde (honey-like) showed the highest fd factors. among the set of key odor ...201323461409
effect of c60 fullerenes on the accumulation of weathered p,p'-dde by plant and earthworm species under single and multispecies conditions.the use of engineered nanomaterials has increased dramatically in recent years, but an understanding of nanomaterial fate and effects in the environment is lacking. in particular, the interaction of nanomaterials with coexisting organic contaminants and the subsequent implications for sensitive biota is almost completely unknown. here, the effect of c60 fullerenes on the accumulation of weathered dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (p,p'-dde; ddt metabolite) by cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) and eisenia ...201323401244
impact of ag nanoparticle exposure on p,p'-dde bioaccumulation by cucurbita pepo (zucchini) and glycine max (soybean).the effect of nanoparticle (np), bulk, or ionic ag exposure on dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (p,p'-dde; ddt metabolite) accumulation by glycine max l. (soybean) and cucurbita pepo l. (zucchini) was investigated. the plants were grown in 125-ml jars of vermiculite amended with 500 or 2000 mg/l of bulk or np ag; ion controls at 5 and 20 mg/l were established. during 19 d of growth, plants were amended with solution containing 100 ng/ml of p,p'-dde. total shoot p,p'-dde levels in non-ag exposed ...201323252415
the effects of methanolic, chloroform, and ethylacetate extracts of the cucurbita pepo l. on the delay type hypersensitivity and antibody production.pumpkin, as a dietary plant, has been used in traditional medicine around the world. in addition, during the last decade, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antitumor, intestinal antiparasitic, antibacterial, anti hypercholesterolemia, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and analgic effects of pumpkin has been reported. the aim of the present study was to determine the effects of different extracts of cucurbita pepo l. on the immune responses. methanolic, chloroform and ethylacetate extracts of c. ...201223248672
suitability of elemental fingerprinting for assessing the geographic origin of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo var. styriaca) seed analytical method was developed and validated for the classification of the geographical origin of pumpkin seeds and oil from austria, china and russia. the distribution of element traces in pumpkin seed and pumpkin seed oils in relation to the geographical origin of soils of several agricultural farms in austria was studied in detail. samples from several geographic origins were taken from parts of the pumpkin, pumpkin flesh, seeds, the oil extracted from the seeds and the oil-extraction cak ...201323194559
chemical composition and functional characterisation of commercial pumpkin seed oil.pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.) seed oil is a common product in slovenia, hungary and austria and is considered a preventive agent for various pathologies, particularly prostate diseases. these properties are related to its high content of carotenoids and liposoluble vitamins. in this study the carotenoid (lutein and zeaxanthin), vitamin e (α- and γ-tocopherol) and fatty acid contents of 12 samples of commercial pumpkin seed oil were investigated together with the composition of the volatile fractio ...201322936573
the use of biochar to reduce soil pcb bioavailability to cucurbita pepo and eisenia fetida.biochar is a carbon rich by-product produced from the thermal decomposition of organic matter under low oxygen concentrations. currently many researchers are studying the ability of biochar to improve soil quality and function in agricultural soils while sustainably sequestering carbon. this paper focuses on a novel but complimentary application of biochar - the reduced bioavailability and phytoavailability of organic contaminants in soil, specifically polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs). in this g ...201222922132
development of a hull-less pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.) seed oil press-cake spread.a stable, oil-based spread rich in the omega-3 (ω-3) and omega-6 (ω-6) fatty acids was developed using a hull-less pumpkin seed (cucurbita pepo l.) oil press-cake, a by-product of the pumpkin oil pressing process, along with cold-pressed hemp oil. response surface methodology (rsm) was applied to investigate the effects of two factors, as the formulation's compositional variables: a commercial stabilizer (x(1) ) and cold-pressed hemp oil (x(2) ) added to the pumpkin seed oil press-cake in the sp ...201222900635
toxicity of silver and copper to cucurbita pepo: differential effects of nano and bulk-size particles.the phytotoxicity of bulk and nanoparticle cu and ag was directly compared. np ag reduced biomass and transpiration by 66-84% when compared with bulk ag. the ag ion concentration was 4.4-10-times greater in np than bulk particle solutions. the cu ion concentration was 1.4-4.4-times greater in bulk than np amended solutions. humic acid (50 mg/l) decreased the ion content of bulk cu solution by 38-42% but increased ion cu content of np solutions by 1.4-2.9 times. bulk and np cu were highly phytoto ...201222887766
nutritional and antioxidant profiles of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo linn.) immature and mature fruits as influenced by npk fertilizer.this study evaluated the influence of npk fertilizer on protein, fibre, ash, fat, carbohydrate, antioxidant activities and antioxidant phenolic compounds in immature and mature fruits of pumpkin. the treatment consisted of six npk levels (0, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 kg/ha), and was replicated six times in a randomized complete block design (rcbd). proximate analysis and antioxidant assays were done using standard analytical methods. at control and lower npk rates, the proximate compositions and ...201222868114
fullerene-enhanced accumulation of p,p'-dde in agricultural crop species.the effect of c(60) fullerene exposure on the accumulation of dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (p,p'-dde; ddt metabolite) by cucurbita pepo l. (zucchini), glycine max l. (soybean), and solanum lycopersicum l. (tomato) was determined. the plants were grown in 125 ml jars of vermiculite amended with 0 or 40 mg of c(60) fullerenes. prior to planting, the jars were amended with 40 ml solution containing 100 ng/ml of p,p'-dde with 0 or 100 mg/l humic acid. during three weeks of growth, plants were wa ...201222856886
low temperature acclimation of photosynthetic capacity and leaf morphology in the context of phloem loading type.carbon export from leaf mesophyll to sugar-transporting phloem occurs via either an apoplastic (across the cell membrane) or symplastic (through plasmodesmatal cell wall openings) pathway. herbaceous apoplastic loaders generally exhibit an up-regulation of photosynthetic capacity in response to growth at lower temperature. however, acclimation of photosynthesis to temperature by symplastically loading species, whose geographic distribution is particularly strong in tropical and subtropical areas ...201222791016
movement of soil-applied imidacloprid and thiamethoxam into nectar and pollen of squash (cucurbita pepo).there has been recent interest in the threat to bees posed by the use of systemic insecticides. one concern is that systemic insecticides may translocate from the soil into pollen and nectar of plants, where they would be ingested by pollinators. this paper reports on the movement of two such systemic neonicotinoid insecticides, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam, into the pollen and nectar of flowers of squash (cucurbita pepo cultivars "multipik," "sunray" and "bush delicata") when applied to soil b ...201222761727
anthelmintic efficacy of pumpkin seed (cucurbita pepo linnaeus, 1753) on ostrich gastrointestinal nematodes in a semiarid region of paraíba state, brazil.the aim of this study was to verify the in vivo effectiveness of pumpkin seed (curcubita pepo linnaeus, 1753) in naturally infected ostriches in the cariri zone, semiarid region of paraíba state, brazil. forty-eight ostriches were used, african black breed, of 14 to 36 months old, naturally infected by gastrointestinal nematodes. these animals were divided into four groups of 12 ostriches. group 1 consists of animals treated with 0.5 g/kg live weight (l. w.) of pumpkin seed meal; group 2 receive ...201322684690
virus infections in wild plant populations are both frequent and often unapparent.pathogens are thought to regulate host populations. in agricultural crops, virus infection reduces yield. however, in wild plants little is known about the spatial and temporal patterns of virus prevalence. thus, pathogen effects on plant population dynamics are unclear. prevalence data provide necessary background for (1) evaluating the effects of virus infection on plant population size and dynamics and (2) improving risk assessment of virus-resistant transgenic crops.201222645099
effect of npk fertilizer on chemical composition of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo linn.) investigation of the proximate composition and antioxidant profile of pumpkin seeds obtained from different levels of npk 15 : 15 : 15 compound fertilizer application at the obafemi awolowo university, ile-ife, nigeria was carried out. pumpkin seeds were grown in 2010 for two cropping seasons (may to august and august to november), and the following fertilizer rates were applied: 0, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 kg/ha. standard analytical methods were used to determine protein, crude fibre, ash, ...201222629204
advertising to the enemy: enhanced floral fragrance increases beetle attraction and reduces plant reproduction.many organisms face challenges in avoiding predation while searching for mates. for plants, emitting floral fragrances to advertise reproductive structures could increase the attraction of detrimental insects along with pollinators. very few studies have experimentally evaluated the costs and benefits of fragrance emission with explicit consideration of how plant fitness is affected by both pollinators and florivores. to determine the reproductive consequences of increasing the apparency of repr ...201222624324
accumulation of weathered p,p'-ddts in hybridized cucurbita pepo cultivars.cucurbita pepo spp pepo (zucchini) is known as an exceptional weathered dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (dde) accumulator, whereas cucurbita pepo ssp ovifera (squash) is termed a nonaccumulator. experiments were conducted with hybridized zucchini and squash to assess the inheritance pattern of ddx (the sum of p,p'-dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane [p,p'-ddt], p,p'-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane [p,p'-ddd], and p,p'-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene [p,p'-dde]) accumulation potential in xylem sap a ...201222610730
accumulation and phytotoxicity of engineered nanoparticles to cucurbita pepo.the effect of bulk and engineered nanoparticle (np) ag, au, cu, si, and c at 250 and 750 mg/l on zucchini biomass, transpiration, and element content was determined. the ph of bulk and np solutions prior to plant growth frequently differed. nanoparticle cu solution ph was significantly higher than bulk cu, whereas for ag and c, the nps had significantly lower ph. plants were unaffected by au, regardless of particle size or concentration. np ag reduced plant biomass and transpiration by 49-91% co ...201222567722
isolation and characterization of 10 ssr markers of momordica charantia (cucurbitaceae).microsatellite markers were isolated and characterized from the genome of momordica charantia (bitter melon) to be applied in studies of genetic diversity and population structure.201222523346
shoot excision has no effect on net flux of protons, ammonium or nitrate in seedling roots of a conifer and three crop species.a high-flux region, 5mm from the root tips of seedlings of coastal douglas-fir (pseudotsuga menziesii), soybean (glycine max), zucchini (cucurbita pepo) and pea (pisum sativum), was monitored using a microelectrode ion flux measurement system, for changes in the net fluxes of h(+), nh(4)(+) and no(3)(-) in response to shoot removal. in all species, careful excision of the seedling shoot had no significant effect on the net fluxes of h(+), nh(4)(+) or no(3)(-) measured 5mm from the root tip. expe ...201222494824
high-throughput snp genotyping in cucurbita pepo for map construction and quantitative trait loci mapping.cucurbita pepo is a member of the cucurbitaceae family, the second- most important horticultural family in terms of economic importance after solanaceae. the "summer squash" types, including zucchini and scallop, rank among the highest-valued vegetables worldwide. there are few genomic tools available for this species.the first cucurbita transcriptome, along with a large collection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (snp), was recently generated using massive sequencing. a set of 384 snp was sel ...201222356647
the effect of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l) seeds and l-arginine supplementation on serum lipid concentrations in atherogenic rats.the present study aimed to examine the effect of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.) seeds supplementation on atherogenic diet-induced atherosclerosis. rat were divided into two main groups , normal control and atherogenic control rats , each group composed of three subgroups one of them supplemented with 2% arginine in drinking water and the other supplemented with pumpkin seeds in diet at a concentration equivalent to 2% arginine. supplementation continued for 37 days. atherogenic rats supplemented wi ...201223983330
analysis of factors affecting volatile compound formation in roasted pumpkin seeds with selected ion flow tube-mass spectrometry (sift-ms) and sensory analysis.pumpkin (cucurbita pepo and maxima) seeds are uniquely flavored and commonly consumed as a healthy roasted snack. the objective was to determine dominant volatiles in raw and roasted pumpkin seeds, and the effect of seed coat, moisture content, fatty acid ratio, total lipids, reducing sugars, and harvest year on volatile formation. sensory was conducted to evaluate overall liking of seed variety and texture. seed processing included extraction from the fruit, dehydration, and roasting (150 °c). ...201222122232
genetic relationships and evolution in cucurbita pepo (pumpkin, squash, gourd) as revealed by simple sequence repeat polymorphisms.genetic relationships among 104 accessions of cucurbita pepo were assessed from polymorphisms in 134 ssr (microsatellite) and four scar loci, yielding a total of 418 alleles, distributed among all 20 linkage groups. genetic distance values were calculated, a dendrogram constructed, and principal coordinate analyses conducted. the results showed 100 of the accessions as distributed among three clusters representing each of the recognized subspecies, pepo, texana, and fraterna. the remaining four ...201222101929
new vitamin e isomers (gamma-tocomonoenol and alpha-tocomonoenol) in seeds, roasted seeds and roasted seed oil from the slovenian pumpkin variety 'slovenska golica'.the štajerska region in north-eastern slovenia and the styria region in southern austria have a long tradition of growing pumpkins (cucurbita pepo l.) as an oil crop. gc-ms determination of the free and esterified minor compounds in oil of roasted pumpkin seeds from the slovenian c. pepo l. variety 'slovenska golica' revealed the presence of two previously unreported compounds: alpha-tocomonoenol and gamma-tocomonoenol. using the gc-ms data, reference samples (crude palm oil) and tocopherol and ...201125212163
ammonium-related metabolic changes affect somatic embryogenesis in pumpkin (cucurbita pepo l.).somatic embryogenesis in pumpkin can be induced on auxin-containing medium and also on hormone-free medium containing 1mm ammonium (nh(4)(+)) as the sole source of nitrogen. growth of nh(4)(+)-induced embryogenic tissue was slow and caused considerable acidification of the culture medium. small spherical cells with dense cytoplasma formed proembryogenic cell clusters that could not develop into late stage embryos. buffering of nh(4)(+) medium with 25mm 2-(n-morpholino)-ethane-sulfonic acid enhan ...201121807439
the absorption and translocation of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners by cucurbita pepo ssp pepo.the mobility of polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) congeners within cucurbita pepo ssp pepo cv. howden (pumpkin), a pcb phytoextracting plant, was investigated through a comparison of field-weathered soil, root, shoot, and xylem sap congener profiles. this is the first study to show the presence of pcbs in xylem sap (range: 0.03-0.18 μg·ml(-1)), confirming that pcb translocation throughout the plant occurs via this medium. a comparison of soil (5.2 ± 2.5 μg·g(-1)), root (27.1 ± 2.1 μg·g(-1)), shoot ...201121696136
darkness affects differentially the expression of plastid-encoded genes and delays the senescence-induced down-regulation of chloroplast transcription in cotyledons of cucurbita pepo l. (zucchini).in contrast to differentiated leaves, the regulatory mechanisms of chloroplast gene expression in darkened cotyledons have not been elucidated. although some results have been reported indicating accelerated senescence in arabidopsis upon reillumination, the capacity of cotyledons to recover after dark stress remains unclear. we analysed the effect of two-days dark stress, applied locally or at the whole-plant level, on plastid gene expression in zucchini cotyledons. our results showed that in t ...201121630590
effect of pumpkin root exudates on ex situ polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) phytoextraction by pumpkin and weed species.a greenhouse experiment was conducted to determine if cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo (pumpkin) root exudates could increase the uptake of polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) into plants. contaminated soil was pre-treated with pumpkin root exudates by first growing pumpkins in the soil. plants (pumpkins and weeds) were grown in the pre-treated (root exudate group) and non-treated (control group) contaminated soils. seeds from five weed species collected from two contaminated sites were germinated in suffi ...201121559906
congener specificity in the accumulation of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds in zucchini plants grown hydroponically.zucchini cultivars cucurbita pepo subsp. ovifera cv. patty green and subsp. pepo cv. gold rush were cultivated hydroponically in a nutrient solution supplemented with a mixture of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds. patty green and gold rush showed low and high accumulation of these compounds in the aerial parts respectively. in both cultivars, the accumulation of each congener negatively depended on its hydrophobicity. this suggests that desorption and solubilization were partly responsible for ...201121512252
photochemical immobilization of cucurbita fruit ascorbate oxidase onto polyethylene disc for determination of ascorbate in serum and foodstuffs.abstract: an ascorbate oxidase purified from the green fruit of zucchini squash (cucurbita pepo medullosa) was immobilized photochemically on a polyethylene disc with 85% retention of initial activity of free enzyme. the optimum ph (5.5) was unchanged, while k(m) was decreased. the polyethylene discs were employed for determination of ascorbic acid in serum and foodstuffs. the working linear range was 2.8 μm to 16 μm. the mean value of ascorbic acid in serum as measured by the method was 0.16 mg ...201121506664
selection of reference genes for gene expression studies in zucchini (cucurbita pepo) using qpcr.the zucchini (cucurbita pepo) is an important food crop, the transcriptomics of which are a fundamental tool to accelerate the development of new varieties by breeders. however, the suitability of reference genes for data normalization in zucchini has not yet been studied. the aim of this study was to assess the suitability of 13 genes for their potential use as reference genes in quantitative real-time pcr. assays were performed on 34 cdna samples representing plants under different stresses an ...201121476515
influence of plant-earthworm interactions on som chemistry and p,p'-dde bioaccumulation.laboratory experiments assessed how bioaccumulation of weathered p,p'-dde from soil and humic acid (ha) chemistry are affected by interactions between the plants cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo and ssp. ovifera and the earthworms eisenia fetida, lumbricus terrestris, and apporectodea caliginosa. total organochlorine phytoextraction by ssp. pepo increased at least 25% in the presence of any of the earthworm species (relative to plants grown in isolation). uptake of the compound by ssp. ovifera was unaff ...201121421253
[effects of exogenous ca2+ on morphological and photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescent parameters of squash seedlings under high temperature and strong light stress].taking squash (cucurbita pepo l.) variety alan as test object, this paper studied the effects of exogenous ca2+ on the morphological and photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescent parameters of squash seedlings under the cross-stress of high temperature and strong light. under the stress, applying 5-20 mmol x l(-1) of ca2+ increased the plant height, leaf area, chlorophyll and carotenoid contents, photosynthetic rate (pn), stoma conductance (gs), transpiration rate (tr), maximal ...201021361006
transcriptome characterization and high throughput ssrs and snps discovery in cucurbita pepo (cucurbitaceae).cucurbita pepo belongs to the cucurbitaceae family. the "zucchini" types rank among the highest-valued vegetables worldwide, and other c. pepo and related cucurbita spp., are food staples and rich sources of fat and vitamins. a broad range of genomic tools are today available for other cucurbits that have become models for the study of different metabolic processes. however, these tools are still lacking in the cucurbita genus, thus limiting gene discovery and the process of breeding.201121310031
influence of different fertilizer types of zucchini (cucurbita pepo) on the structure of nematode communities.increasing efficiency of production of vegetable crops is directly related to search for appropriate solution to increase their productivity. organic amendments have been used for centuries to improve soil fertility and crop yield. our study suggests that organic amendments can also be used as nematicidal agents. the survey was conducted on experimental field of department horticulture at agricultural university of plovdiv, bulgaria in 2009 on nematode infested sites. combination with two types ...201122696945
the effects of pruning and nodal adventitious roots on polychlorinated biphenyl uptake by cucurbita pepo grown in field conditions.two cultivation techniques (i-pruning and ii-nodal adventitious root encouragement) were investigated for their ability to increase pcb phytoextraction by cucurbita pepo ssp pepo cv. howden (pumpkin) plants in situ at a contaminated industrial site in ontario (aroclor 1248, mean soil [pcb] = 5.6 μg g(-1)). pruning was implemented to increase plant biomass close to the root where pcb concentration is known to be highest. this treatment was found to have no effect on final shoot biomass or pcb con ...201121168941
technical note: evaluation of extraction methodologies for the determination of an organochlorine pesticide residue in vegetation.numerous extraction methodologies are used to quantify pesticide levels in vegetation. sample availability, resource use, efficiency, time consumption, space allocation, and cost vary considerably among the commonly employed techniques. a study was conducted to compare the efficiency of microwave assisted extraction (mae), blender homogenized extraction (be), soxhlet extraction (se), the quechers ("quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe") method, and a simple oven assisted extraction (o ...201321166351
[an extracellular ph changes registration by confocal microscopy in higher plant at the excitation potentials generation].confocal microscopy technique was applied for registration of apoplast ph changes in the cucurbita pepo seedling stem during generation of action potential and variation potential. fluorescent dye fitc-dextran was used for ph-changes registration. analysis of fluorescence images and fluorescence spectra showed, that fitc-dextran was localized in cell walls. propagation of action potential and variation potential was accompanied by transient increase of fluorescence intensity, which indicated alk ...201020799619
effect of organic matter additions on uptake of weathered ddt by cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo cv. howden.greenhouse studies were conducted to assess the impact of organic matter additions on plant uptake of ddt [2,2-bis(chlorophenyl)-1,1,1-trichloroethane] from weathered soil. cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo cv. howden pumpkins were grown in 100 g of ddt contaminated soil ([ddt] - 1100 ng/g) mixed with equal volumes of either clean soil, perlite, vermiculite, peat, potting soil, or granular activated carbon (gac) to give total organic carbon contents of 2.4%, 2.5%, 2.6%, 11.5%, 12.2%, and 27.3%, respectiv ...201320734916
chemical composition and biological activity of ripe pumpkin fruits (cucurbita pepo l.) cultivated in egyptian habitats.the chemical composition and biological activity of three parts (rind, flesh and seeds) of pumpkin fruits (cucurbita pepo l.) cultivated in egypt were studied. chemical analysis of fibre, protein, β-carotene, carbohydrates, minerals and fatty acids present in the rind, flesh, seeds and defatted seeds meal was conducted. chemical, gc-ms and biological assays of organic extracts of the main fruit parts, rind and flesh established their unique constituents. chromatographic purification of the extra ...201120603772
inheritance of p,p'-dde phytoextraction ability in hybridized cucurbita pepo cultivars.cucurbita pepo ssp pepo (zucchini) has been shown to uniquely phytoextract percent level amounts of dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (dde) and other organic contaminants from soil. since c. pepo ssp ovifera (squash) does not have this ability, a three-year field trial was conducted to follow the inheritance pattern of dde accumulation for cross pollinated c. pepo cultivars. parental zucchini and squash cultivars (3 each) had stem-to-soil bioconcentration factors (bcf, contaminant ratio of stem t ...201020507162
understanding the physiological and molecular mechanism of persistent organic pollutant uptake and detoxification in cucurbit species (zucchini and squash).cucurbita pepo ssp pepo (zucchini) roots phytoextract significant amounts of persistent organic pollutants (pops) from soil, followed by effective translocation to aboveground tissues. the closely related c. pepo ssp ovifera (squash) does not have this ability. in a dde-contaminated field soil, zucchini roots and stems contained 3.6 and 6.6-fold greater contaminant than did squash tissues, respectively, and zucchini phytoextracted 12-times more dde from soil than squash. in batch hydroponics, sq ...201020507062
bryonolic acid: a large-scale isolation and evaluation of heme oxygenase 1 expression in activated macrophages.bryonolic acid (ba) is a triterpenoid found in the cucurbitaceae family of plants. our interests in the immunomodulatory effects of this class of natural products led us to discover that ba induces a marked increase in the expression of a phase 2 response enzyme, heme oxygenase 1 (ho-1), in a dose-dependent manner. this phenotype has translational implications in malarial disease progression, and consequently we developed a large-scale isolation method for ba that will enable future in vitro and ...201020481554
mobility and half-life of bensulide in agricultural soil.environmentally and economically viable agriculture requires the use of cultivation practices that maximize agrochemical efficacy while minimizing their off-site movement. bensulide [o, o-diisopropyl s-2-phenylsulfonylaminoethyl phosphorodithioate] is one of the few herbicides from the organophosphate group used for control of weeds that threaten numerous crops. a field study was conducted on a silty-loam soil of 10% slope at kentucky state university research farm to monitor off-site movement a ...201020390925
cloning and characterisation of two ctr1-like genes in cucurbita pepo: regulation of their expression during male and female flower development.ethylene is an essential regulator of flower development in cucurbita pepo, controlling the sexual expression, and the differentiation and maturation of floral organs. to study the action mechanism of ethylene during the male and female flower development, we have identified two ctr1 homologues from c. pepo, cpctr1 and cpctr2, and analysed their expressions during female and male flower development and in response to external treatments with ethylene. cpctr1 and cpctr2 share a high homology with ...201020390430
a biosensor based on zucchini (cucurbita pepo l.) homogenate as a biorecognition layer for ascorbic acid amperometric biosensor based on zucchini (cucurbita pepo) tissue homogenate is presented. the zucchini tissue homogenate was crosslinked with gelatine using glutaraldehyde and fixed on a pretreated teflon membrane. the zucchini tissue contained the enzyme ascorbate oxidase and this enzyme catalyzed the oxidation of ascorbic acid in the presence of dissolved oxygen. the principle of the measurements was based on the determination of the decrease in the dissolved oxygen level. determinations we ...201020384439
effect of plant age on pcb accumulation by cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo.a greenhouse experiment was conducted to investigate polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) uptake and translocation from soil over time in pumpkin plants (cucurbita pepo ssp. pepo cv. howden). plants were grown in weathered soil collected from a former industrial site contaminated with aroclor 1248 (mean [pcb](soil) = 6.5 mg kg(-1)). plants were harvested five times over 42 d and analyzed for total pcb concentration in the root and shoot tissues. the concentration of pcbs in the root was not significan ...201320048312
assay-dependent phytotoxicity of nanoparticles to plants.the effects of five nanomaterials (multiwalled carbon nanotubes [mwcnts], ag, cu, zno, si) and their corresponding bulk counterparts on seed germination, root elongation, and biomass of cucurbita pepo (zucchini) were investigated. the plants were grown in hydroponic solutions amended with nanoparticles or bulk material suspensions at 1000 mg/l. seed germination was unaffected by any of the treatments, but cu nanoparticles reduced emerging root length by 77% and 64% relative to unamended controls ...200919924897
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