the variation in the rhizosphere microbiome of cotton with soil type, genotype and developmental stage.plant roots and soil microorganisms interact with each other mainly in the rhizosphere. changes in the community structure of the rhizosphere microbiome are influenced by many factors. in this study, we determined the community structure of rhizosphere bacteria in cotton, and studied the variation of rhizosphere bacterial community structure in different soil types and developmental stages using tm-1, an upland cotton cultivar (gossypium hirsutum l.) and hai 7124, a sea island cotton cultivar (g ...201728638057
quantitative trait locus mapping for verticillium wilt resistance in an upland cotton recombinant inbred line using snp-based high density genetic map.verticillium wilt (vw) caused by verticillium dahlia kleb is one of the most destructive diseases of cotton. numerous efforts have been made to improve the resistance of upland cotton against vw, with little progress achieved due to the paucity of upland cotton breeding germplasms with high level of resistance to vw. gossypium barbadense was regarded as more resistant compared to upland cotton; however, it is difficult to apply the resistance from g. barbadense to upland cotton improvement becau ...201728424708
gbtcp, a cotton tcp transcription factor, confers fibre elongation and root hair development by a complex regulating the most important natural raw material for textile industry, cotton fibres are an excellent model for studying single-cell development. although expression profiling and functional genomics have provided some data, the mechanism of fibre development is still not well known. a class i tcp transcription factor (designated gbtcp), encoding 344 amino acids, was isolated from the normalized cdna library of sea-island cotton fibre (from -2 to 25 days post anthesis). gbtcp was preferentially expres ...201223105133
hplc preparation of the chiral forms of 6-methoxy-gossypol and 6,6'-dimethoxy-gossypol.a concentrated mixture of gossypol, 6-methoxy-gossypol, and 6,6'-dimethoxy-gossypol was extracted from the root bark of st. vincent sea island cotton with acetone. this extract was derivatized with r-(-)-2-amino-1-propanol to form diastereomeric gossypol schiff's bases. analytical-scale reverse-phase chromatography of these schiff's bases produced six peaks, indicating separation of the enantiomeric forms of the three gossypol compounds. the elution order of the peaks was found to vary with the ...200818407810
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