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effects of aqueous extracts of hibiscus macranthus and basella alba in mature rat testis function.mature male albino wistar rats (180-220 g) were given by gastric intubation hibiscus macranthus hochst a ex rich (malvaceae) and basella alba l. (basellaceae) aqueous extract from both fresh and dry leaves, at a dose equivalent to 0.720 or 0.108 g of plant, respectively per kg body weight. this was to evaluate their effects on male reproductive function. control groups were treated equally, but given water instead of the extract. after the treatment periods, animals were killed, their blood coll ...199910465653
development-inhibiting activity of some tropical plants against sitophilus zeamais motschulsky (coleoptera: curculionidae).thirteen tropical plants were evaluated for development-inhibiting activity against sitophilus zeamais. the bioassays were carried out by incorporating seeds or leaves at various dose levels into an artificial diet for the test insect. it was found that seeds of basella alba and leaves of operculina turpethum and calotropis gigantea were potent in delaying development and in reducing adult emergence, and hence the capacity for population increase. at 0.5% concentration, adult emergence in tests ...200010758266
evaluation of the cytotoxicity, mutagenicity and antimutagenicity of emerging edible plants.this study evaluates the toxic, mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of emerging edible plants that are consumed as new leafy vegetables in taiwan. among eight plant extracts, only the extracts of sol (solanum nigrum l.) showed cytotoxicity to salmonella typhimurium ta100 in the absence of s9 mix. the toxicity of extracts from different parts of the sol plant, such as leaf and stem, immature fruit and mature fruit, towards s. typhimurium ta100 and human lymphocytes was also assayed. the immature ...200111527563
novel antifungal peptides from ceylon spinach seeds.two novel antifungal peptides, designated alpha- and beta-basrubrins, respectively, were isolated from seeds of the ceylon spinach basella rubra. the purification procedure involved saline extraction, (nh(4))(2)so(4) precipitation, ion exchange chromatography on deae-cellulose, affinity chromatography on affi-gel blue gel, ion exchange chromatography on cm-cellulose and fplc-gel filtration on superdex peptide column. alpha- and beta-basrubrins exhibited a molecular weight of 4.3 and 5 kda, respe ...200111688973
mineral content of culinary and medicinal plants cultivated by hmong refugees living in sacramento, california.since the end of the american-vietnamese war in 1975, more than 1.5 million refugees from southeast asia have resettled in the united states. included among these displaced persons were the hmong from laos, a subsistence-based, shifting-cultivation, agricultural society. hmong who resettled in urban areas have viewed vacant lots adjacent to urban dwellings as potential garden sites for production of familiar herbs and vegetables. in the present study exotic culinary and medicinal herbs grown by ...200211939106
antifungal peptides, a heat shock protein-like peptide, and a serine-threonine kinase-like protein from ceylon spinach seeds.two antifungal peptides (designated alpha- and beta-basrubrins) with molecular masses of 4-5 kda and distinct n-terminal sequences, and a peptide and a protein with n-terminal sequences resembling heat shock protein (hsp) and serine-threonine kinase, respectively, were isolated from seeds of the ceylon spinach basella rubra. the purification procedure entailed saline extraction, (nh4)2so4 precipitation, ion exchange chromatography on deae-cellulose, affinity chromatography on affi-gel blue gel, ...200415245882
daily consumption of indian spinach (basella alba) or sweet potatoes has a positive effect on total-body vitamin a stores in bangladeshi men.recent evidence suggests that the vitamin a equivalency of beta-carotene from plant sources is lower than previously estimated.200415321812
ethnomedicine of dharwad district in karnataka, india--plants used in oral health care.the present ethnomedicine survey covers the dharwad district of karnataka in southern india. it was revealed that 35 plants belonging to 26 families are being used to treat different types of oral ailments like toothache, plaque and caries, pyorrhea and aphthae. sixteen of these plants were new claims for the treatment of oral ailments not previously reported in the ethnomedicinal literature of india. basella alba, blepharis repens, capparis sepiaria, oxalis corniculata and ricinus communis are ...200415325728
effects of basella alba and hibiscus macranthus extracts on testosterone production of adult rat and bull leydig determine the androgenic effects of basella alba and hibiscus macranthus extracts in the rat and the bull, and to develop a novel in vitro test system using leydig cells from bull testes.200516281090
the wide distribution of endornaviruses, large double-stranded rna replicons with plasmid-like properties.the international committee on taxonomy of viruses (ictv) recently accepted endornavirus as a new genus of plant dsrna virus. we have determined the partial nucleotide sequences of the rna-dependent rna polymerase regions from the large dsrnas (about 14 kbp) isolated from barley (hordeum vulgare), kidney bean (phaseolus vulgaris), melon (cucumis melo), bottle gourd (lagenaria siceraria), malabar spinach (basella alba), seagrass (zostera marina), and the fungus helicobasidium mompa. phylogenetic ...200616341944
effects of extracts from hibiscus macranthus and basella alba mixture on testosterone production in vitro in adult rat testes find an in vitro system for the measurement of the androgenic effects of different extracts of hibiscus macranthus (malvaceae) and basella alba (basellaceae).200616372129
structural identification and bioactivities of red-violet pigments present in basella alba fruits.mature basella alba l. fruit, with dark blue skin and deep red-violet flesh, is a potential source of natural colorants. its pigment components and bioactivities deserve particular attention and investigation. in this study, fruit flesh was extracted with 80% methanol (containing 0.2% formic acid) and subjected to solid-phase extraction, semipreparative hplc isolation, mass spectrophotometric analysis, and structural elucidation. the major red pigment was identified as gomphrenin i. its quantity ...201020839771
effects of the methanol extract of basella alba l (basellaceae) on steroid production in leydig this study, leydig cells were purified from 70 day-old sprague dawley male rats and incubated with 10 and 100 µg/ml of methanol extract of basella alba (meba) for 4 hours followed by the evaluation of cell viability, steroid (testosterone and estradiol) production, and the level of aromatase mrna. results showed that meba did not affect leydig cell viability. at the concentration of 10 µg/ml, meba significantly stimulated testosterone and estradiol production (p < 0.01 and p < 0.03, respectiv ...201121339992
medicinal plants of the mien (yao) in northern thailand and their potential value in the primary healthcare of postpartum study the use of medicinal plants by the mien in nan province and their potential value in the primary healthcare of postpartum women. also, to survey the medicinal plant resources present there.201121458554
effect of methanol extract of basella alba l. (basellaceae) on the fecundity and testosterone level in male rats exposed to flutamide in utero.we evaluated the effect of the methanol extract of basella alba (meba) on testosterone level and fecundity/fertility in male rats exposed in utero to flutamide - an androgen receptor antagonist. for this purpose, 1.5- and 2.5 -month-old male rats exposed in utero to flutamide were treated with the meba (1 mg kg(-1) ) for 2 and 1 month respectively. five days before the end of treatment, rats were housed with females to assess their fecundity/fertility. thereafter, rats were sacrificed and blood ...201121592171
lead toxicity, defense strategies and associated indicative biomarkers in talinum triangulare grown hydroponically.talinum species have been used to investigate a variety of environmental problems for e.g. determination of metal pollution index and total petroleum hydrocarbons in roadside soils, stabilization and reclamation of heavy metals (hms) in dump sites, removal of hms from storm water-runoff and green roof leachates. species of talinum are popular leaf vegetables having nutrient antinutrient properties. in this study, talinum triangulare (jacq.) willd (ceylon spinach) grown hydroponically were expose ...201222722003
appraisal of heavy metal concentration in selected vegetables exposed to different degrees of pollution in agra, india.the accumulation of air-borne heavy metals in edible parts of vegetables in the chosen areas of the city of agra, india was investigated. agra, with a population of 1.7 million, is a medium-sized indian city where leafy green vegetables are received generally from the surrounding areas of about 50 km radius. vegetables basella alba (spinch, locally called palak), trigonella foenumgraecum (fenugreek, locally called methi), and coriandrum sativum (coriander, locally called dhania) from the various ...201322773079
protective effect of basella alba and carpolobia alba extracts against maneb-induced male infertility.male infertility is one of the leading causes of social frustration and marginalization, mainly in the developing world. it is attributed to many factors including exposure to agropesticides such as manganese ethylenebis (dithiocarbamate) (maneb), which is one of the most frequently used fungicides in cameroon. previous reports support efficiency of some medicinal plants commonly used in cameroonian folk medicine for the treatment of this disorder.201424073857
a new endornavirus species infecting malabar spinach (basella alba l.).a putative new endornavirus was isolated from malabar spinach (basella alba). the viral dsrna consisted of 14,027 nt with a single orf that coded for a polyprotein of 4,508 aa. the genome organization was similar to that of four other endornaviruses. conserved domains for helicase-1, capsular synthase, udp-glucose-glycosyltransferase (ugt), and rdrp were detected. infected plants were phenotypically undistinguishable from healthy ones. the name basella alba endornavirus is proposed for the virus ...201424122112
ethnomedicinal plants to cure skin diseases-an account of the traditional knowledge in the coastal parts of central western ghats, karnataka, india.documentation of ethnomedicinal knowledge pertaining to the treatment of different types of skin diseases from the central western ghats of india, a rich habitat of different ethnic communities.201424239890
revisiting "vegetables" to combat modern epidemic of imbalanced glucose homeostasis.vegetables have been part of human food since prehistoric times and are considered nutritionally necessary and good for health. vegetables are rich natural resource of biological antioxidants and possess capabilities of maintaining glucose homeostasis. when taken before starch-rich diet, juice also of vegetables such as ridge gourd, bottle gourd, ash gourd, chayote and juice of leaves of vegetables such as radish, indian dill, ajwain, tropical green amaranth, and bladder dock are reported to arr ...201424991093
a regulatory approach on low temperature induced enzymatic and anti oxidative status in leaf of pui vegetable (basella alba).basella alba is a soft green vegetable, survives in adverse environmental circumstances, for example, very cold temperature although the mechanism and the temperature sensitivity in this species are not clarified. pot experiment for cultivation of b. alba was carried out to examine the effects of low temperature on the synthesis of two enzymes, polyphenol oxidase (ppo) and peroxidase (pod) in leaf of this plant. they were exposed to 8 °c for 24 h, 48 h and 72 h periods and the respective control ...201425183947
evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of aqueous extracts of leaves of basella alba in albino rats.this study was done to evaluate possible hepatoprotective effects of aqueous leaf extracts of basella alba in comparison with silymarin in paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats. six groups of six albino rats each received orally for 6 weeks, vehicle, paracetamol (2 g/kg/day), paracetamol (2 g/kg/day) plus silymarin (50 mg/kg/day), paracetamol (2 g/kg/day) plus b. alba extract (60 mg/kg/day), paracetamol (2 g/kg/day) plus b. alba extract (80 mg/kg/day) and paracetamol (2 g/kg/day) plu ...201525347929
hmg-coa reductase inhibitory activity and phytocomponent investigation of basella alba leaf extract as a treatment for hypercholesterolemia.the enzyme 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl-coenzyme a (hmg-coa) reductase is the key enzyme of the mevalonate pathway that produces cholesterol. inhibition of hmg-coa reductase reduces cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver. synthetic drugs, statins, are commonly used for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. due to the side effects of statins, natural hmg-coa reductase inhibitors of plant origin are needed. in this study, 25 medicinal plant methanol extracts were screened for anti-hmg-coa reductase ...201525609924
contribution of leafy vegetable sauces to dietary iron, zinc, vitamin a and energy requirements in children and their mothers in burkina faso.improved leafy vegetable (lv) sauces, with amaranth, sorrel, and ceylon spinach/spider plant leaves were formulated from traditional recipes to assess their potential use for food-to-food fortification in iron, zinc and vitamin a in the diet of young children and their mothers in burkina faso. improvement was based on an increase in lv proportion and a decrease in mineral absorption inhibitors. an increase in iron content of up to 3 mg/100 g was obtained in some improved sauces in which dried fi ...201525665504
physicochemical properties and biological activities of thai plant mucilages for artificial saliva preparation.plant mucilages can be found in various parts of several thai plants, which can be used as thickening, moisturizing, and lubricating agents in artificial saliva formulations.201525853963
fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ftir) analysis, chlorophyll content and antioxidant properties of native and defatted foliage of green leafy vegetables.ftir analysis for five selected green leafy vegetables (glvs) viz., hibiscus cannabinus l., (kenaf), h. sabdariffa l., (roselle), basella alba l., (vine spinach), b. rubra l. (malabar spinach) and rumex vesicarius l., (sorrel) confirmed the presence of free alcohol, intermolecular bonded alcohol, intramolecular bonded alcohol, alkane, aromatic compounds, imine or oxime or ketone or alkene, phenol and amine stretching. the chlorophyll content was higher in native leaves of b. alba (2.96 g/kg) tha ...201526604386
hypocholesterolemic and antiatherosclerotic potential of basella alba leaf extract in hypercholesterolemia-induced rabbits.hypercholesterolemia is the major risk factor that leads to atherosclerosis. nowadays, alternative treatment using medicinal plants gained much attention since the usage of statins leads to adverse health effects, especially liver and muscle toxicity. this study was designed to investigate the hypocholesterolemic and antiatherosclerotic effects of basella alba (b. alba) using hypercholesterolemia-induced rabbits. twenty new zealand white rabbits were divided into 5 groups and fed with varying di ...201526697097
detection of ni, cd, and cu in green leafy vegetables collected from different cultivation areas in and around colombo district, sri lanka.five types of green leafy vegetables ["kankun" (ipomoea aquatica), "mukunuwenna" (alternanthera sessilis), "thampala" (amaranthus viridis), "nivithi" (basella alba), and "kohila leaves" (lasia spinosa)] were randomly collected from six different locations (wellampitiya, kolonnawa, kottawa, piliyandala, bandaragama, and kahathuduwa) in and around colombo district, sri lanka, and subjected to analysis of three heavy metals [nickel (ni), cadmium (cd), and copper (cu)] by atomic absorption spectrome ...201626911591
in vivo tracing of organochloride and organophosphorus pesticides in different organs of hydroponically grown malabar spinach (basella alba l.).an in vivo uptake and elimination tracing study based on solid phase microextraction (spme) was conducted to investigate the accumulation, persistence and distribution of organochloride pesticides (ocps) and organophosphorus pesticides (opps) in malabar spinach (basella alba l.) plants. uptake and elimination of the pesticides were traced in leaves, stems and roots of living malabar spinach plants. root concentration factor (rcf), distribution concentration factor (dcf) and transpiration stream ...201627209519
dehydrated basella alba fruit juice as a novel natural colorant: pigment stability, in vivo food safety evaluation and anti-inflammatory mechanism characterization.flesh of basella alba l. mature fruits bearing deep-violet juice provides a novel and potential source of natural colorant. to minimize the pigment purification process and warrant safety acceptability, b. alba colorant powder (bacp) was prepared using mature fruits through a practical batch preparation and subjected to fundamental pigment characterization, food safety assessment and bio-function evaluation. yield of the dehydrated b. alba colorant powder (bacp) was 37 g/kg fresh fruits. reconst ...201627405766
phytoextraction of heavy metals by potential native plants and their microscopic observation of root growing on stabilised distillery sludge as a prospective tool for in situ phytoremediation of industrial waste.the safe disposal of post-methanated distillery sludge (pmds) in the environment is challenging due to high concentrations of heavy metals along with other complex organic pollutants. the study has revealed that pmds contained high amounts of fe (2403), zn (210), mn (126), cu (73.62), cr (21.825), pb (16.33) and ni (13.425 mg kg(-1)) along with melanoidins and other co-pollutants. the phytoextraction pattern in 15 potential native plants growing on sludge showed that the blumea lacera, partheniu ...201727826829
optimization of in vitro and ex vitro regeneration and micromorphological studies in basella alba l.the optimum concentrations of the plant hormones for in vitro regeneration and subsequent effect of auxins on rooting (in vitro and ex vitro) of shoots of basella alba l. have been investigated in present study. nodal shoot segments were used as explants to initiate the cultures. the bud breaking from explants was observed within 1 week of incubation on agar gelled murashige and skoog's (ms) medium. multiple axillary shoots (7.30 ± 0.56 shoots per explant) were induced on ms medium supplemented ...201627924133
pharmacognostical standardization of upodika- basella alba l.: an important ayurvedic antidiabetic establish the pharmacognostic standards for the correct identification and standardization of an important antidiabetic plant described in ayurveda.201728182032
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