molecular, genetic, and functional analysis of the basic replicon of pva380-1, a plasmid of oral streptococcal origin.the 4.2-kb cryptic plasmid pva380-1 has been used as a vector for the cloning of antibiotic resistance genes directly in streptococci, and in the construction of escherichia coli/streptococcus shuttle vectors. the results of subcloning experiments located the basic replicon of pva380-1 within a 2.5-kb region. the nucleotide base sequence of this region was determined and contained a single complete open reading frame (orf) encoding a 237-amino-acid peptide with a predicted size of 29 kda. this p ...19921409970
nucleotide sequence analysis of tetracycline resistance gene teto from streptococcus mutans dl5.streptococcus mutans dl5, isolated from the dental plaque of a pig, was resistant to high levels of streptomycin (sm, 20 mg/ml), erythromycin (em, 1 mg/ml), and tetracycline (tc, greater than 100 micrograms/ml), but contained no detectable plasmid dna. the smr and emr determinants were cloned from cellular dna on the self-replicating 5-kilobase-pair (kbp) ecori fragment of pam beta 1 and the 4.2-kbp cryptic plasmid pva380-1, respectively, by transformation of streptococcus sanguis challis. helpe ...19882841293
mobilisation of the streptococcal plasmid pmv158: interactions of mobm protein with its cognate orit dna region.the streptococcal plasmid pmv158 encodes the relaxase protein, mobm, involved in its mobilisation. purified mobm protein specifically cleaved supercoiled or single-stranded dna containing the plasmid origin of transfer, orit. gel retardation and dnase i footprinting assays performed with dna fragments containing the plasmid orit provided evidence for specific binding of mobm by orit dna. dissection of the mobm-binding sequence revealed that the orit region protected by mobm spanned 28 nucleotide ...199910394908
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