an open reading frame in the rhodospirillum rubrum plasmid, pky1, similar to alga, encoding the bifunctional enzyme phosphomannose isomerase-guanosine diphospho-d-mannose pyrophosphorylase (pmi-gmp).the nucleotide sequence of a bglii fragment (3188 bp) from the plasmid pky1 of rhodospirillum rubrum was determined. a significant similarity was found between the amino acid sequences deduced from the nucleotide sequence of bglii fragment with that of alga, encoding the bifunctional enzyme with both the activities of phosphomannose isomerase and guanosine diphospho-d-mannose pyrophosphorylase of pseudomonas aeruginosa.19938383539
a multicopy phr-plasmid increases the ultraviolet resistance of a reca strain of escherichia has been previously reported that the ultraviolet sensitivity of reca strains of escherichia coli in the dark is suppressed by a plasmid pky1 which carries the phr gene, suggesting that this is due to a novel effect of photoreactivating enzyme (pre) of e. coli in the dark (yamamoto et al., 1983a). in this work, we observed that an increase of uv-resistance by pky1 in the dark is not apparent in strains with a mutation in either uvra, uvrb, uvrc, lexa, recbc or recf. the sensitivity of reca le ...19846229697
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