the influence of ph of the culture medium on the sensitivity of mycoplasma gallisepticum antigens for use in certain serological tests.mycoplasma gallisepticum antigens were prepared from organisms cultured in broth medium with glucose. the influence of period of growth, ph of the medium and duration of incubation at low ph (5.0) on the sensitivity of these antigens was determined in certain tests. the most sensitive antigen for the serum plate test was harvested after no more than 8 hr. incubation at ph 5.0. sensitivity in serum plate, haemagglutination and gel diffusion tests was impaired if organisms were incubated at ph 5.0 ...19715002646
experimental respiratory disease and airsacculitis in fowls caused by mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19725024311
[the occurrence of neuraminidase in mycoplasma gallisepticum]. 19725025772
ultrastructural characteristics of mycoplasma gallisepticum, m. gallinarum and m. meleagridis. 19725036320
an outbreak of synovitis caused by mycoplasma gallisepticum in chickens. 19725051901
cold hemagglutinin in serum of chicken infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19725051902
removal of non-specific agglutination reactions by avian sera to the serum plate agglutination test for mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19725062152
studies on an outbreak of mycoplasma gallisepticum infection among peafowls (pavo cristatus). 19725072745
oncolytic effect of a mycoplasma gallisepticum strain on solid ehrlich carcinoma. 19715136326
effect of the newcastle disease virus tcnd strain on mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in chickens. 19715142164
isolation and characterisation of mycoplasma gallisepticum from a fowl. 19715166491
growth and pathogenicity studies of mycoplasma gallisepticum in chicken tracheal organ cultures. 19715167481
identification of the a-1 agent as mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19665230186
electron microscopy of mycoplasma gallisepticum and mycoplasma mycoides using the negative staining technique and their comparison with myxovirus. 19675233756
mycoplasma gallisepticum--control by immunization. 19675233761
ultrastructure and life cycle of mycoplasma gallisepticum a5969. 19675233790
mycoplasma gallisepticum in the respiratory tract of the fowl. 19675234294
serological tests for the detection of antibodies to mycoplasma gallisepticum in chickens and turkeys. 19685250132
analysis of the helical ribosome structures of mycoplasma gallisepticum.the helical ribosome structures of mycoplasma gallisepticum have been analyzed by optical diffraction and the rotational symmetry technique. the helix repeat (510 a) is composed of 10 ribosomes in 3 turns. the rotational studies show some ribosome fine structure.19715276300
investigation into rabbit infusion media for the growth of mycoplasma gallisepticum antigens for inoculation into rabbits.serum cholesterol in rabbits was elevated, by intravenous inoculation of 20% tween 80, to amounts thought to have been sufficient to support growth of mycoplasma gallisepticum when 20% of such serum was added to rabbit infusion broth.however, better growth of the organism was obtained with a supplement of 5% rabbit serum and commercial cholesterol. investigation showed that normal rabbit serum may be inhibitory, which would explain these findings. the commercial cholesterol was not antigenic.19715291753
international reference preparation of anti-mycoplasma gallisepticum serum.the who expert committee on biological standardization requested the central veterinary laboratory, weybridge, england, to arrange a collaborative assay of material they had prepared to determine its suitability to serve as an international reference preparation of anti-mycoplasma gallisepticum serum. fourteen laboratories in eight countries performed comparative assays of the proposed reference preparation together with 3 immune sera from fowls. on the basis of the results obtained, the committ ...19715316619
viability studies with mycoplasma gallisepticum under different environmental conditions. 19665339400
distribution of mycoplasma gallisepticum in selected tissues and organs of artificially infected turkeys. 19665339401
a comparative study of single and multiple respiratory infections in the chicken: single infections (with mycoplasma gallisepticum and newcastle disease virus). 19665339513
serum fraction requirements of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19665339539
aerosol studies with avian mycoplasma. 2. infectivity of mycoplasma gallisepticum for chickens and turkeys. 19675339761
a partially defined (synthetic) medium for mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695347106
[the effect of mycoplasma gallisepticum on the development of immunity against fowl pseudoplague]. 19695355823
nature of antibody response of chickens to mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695366356
serological response produced in chickens by three strains of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695369170
cell division in mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695370993
pathogenesis of arthritis induced in chickens by mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695371120
ribonucleic acids of mycoplasma gallisepticum strain a5969. 19695374527
a report on the use of a serum plate antigen for the detection of antibodies to mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695389842
the effect of incubation time longer than 24 hours on mycoplasma gallisepticum serum tube agglutination test titers. 19695391209
mixed infection with infectious bronchitis virus and mycoplasma gallisepticum in a chicken flock. 19695392003
[on the therapy of avian mycoplasmosis. i. activity in vitro and in vivo of several antibiotics on mycoplasma gallisepticum]. 19695401442
mycoplasma synoviae and mycoplasma gallisepticum infections: differentiation by the hemagglutination-inhibition test. 19705440072
the development of a non-infectious carrier state in chickens infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19705448138
mixed infection with mycoplasma gallisepticum and the b1 strain of newcastle disease virus in chickens. 19705453398
contact transmission of mycoplasma gallisepticum and its prevention. 19705453399
non-specific agglutination reactions with mycoplasma gallisepticum antigens. 19705476609
the ws7 strain of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19705492102
ultrastructure of mycoplasma gallisepticum isolate 1056. 19705494318
a comparison of radiographic lesions in pelvic limbs of chickens infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum, mycoplasma synoviae, or an arthritis-producing virus. 19705503017
immunization against mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19705503019
[attenuation of a strain of mycoplasma gallisepticum for vaccination against avian mycoplasmosis]. 19705534780
[use of the metabolic inhibition test (mi-test) for mycoplasma gallisepticum]. 19705534809
cottonseed oil spray for broiler houses: effects on dust control, mycoplasma gallisepticum spread and broiler performances. 19705537218
pathogenesis of single and mixed infections caused by mycoplasma meleagridis and mycoplasma gallisepticum in turkey embryos. 19715541210
the effect of added energy on induced mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in broilers. 19715550466
growth and survival of germfree and conventional chicks inoculated with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19715567423
effect of tylosin on chickens infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum and the newcastle disease virus b1 strain. 19715569697
interaction of mycoplasma gallisepticum, mild strains of newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus in chickens. 19715569701
influence of newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis live vaccines on chickens infected with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19715569702
multiplication of mycoplasma gallisepticum and newcastle disease virus b1 strain in the respiratory tract of chickens. 19715580498
mechanism of egg transmission of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19675582486
serological and bacteriological observation of chickens intranasally inoculated with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19675587627
effect of dextrose in medium for the preparation of mycoplasma gallisepticum plate antigens.antigens for mycoplasma gallisepticum were prepared from organisms propagated in media with and without dextrose supplementation. the antigens made from organisms produced in medium enriched with dextrose were less sensitive than the others in slide agglutination tests.19685647514
[effect of several water-soluble steroids on the growth of mycoplasma gallisepticum]. 19685661579
activity of bottromycin against mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19685673297
lysis of the limiting membrane of mycoplasma gallisepticum by chemical agents. 19685677978
early lesions in chicken and turkey embryos inoculated with mycoplasma gallisepticum strain s6 at various stages of incubation. 19685686257
antibodies for newcastle disease virus and mycoplasma gallisepticum in sera from domestic chickens and game fowl of kenya. 19685690176
inactivated culture vaccine against mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in chickens. 19685690690
non-specific antibodies in chickens inoculated intratracheally with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19685695834
[enchancement and inhibtion of growth in mycoplasma gallisepticum by steroids]. 19685707658
[nutritional and metabolic studies of mycoplasma gallisepticum s6]. 19685725437
penetration patterns of mycoplasma gallisepticum and newcastle disease virus through the outer structures of chicken eggs. 19685749023
airsacculitis relation to mycoplasmas in turkeys free of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19685749025
latent infection of chickens with mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19685749601
methods of eradication of mycoplasma gallisepticum from chickens. 19685751830
eradication of mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in a chicken flock on a breeding farm. 19685753133
sugar transport in mycoplasma gallisepticum.mycoplasma gallisepticum cells were found to contain two different sugar transport systems, one for d-glucose and alpha-methyl-d-glucoside (alpha-mg) and the other for d-mannose and d-fructose. both systems were noninducible, stereospecific, dependent on temperature and ph, and sensitive to sulfhydryl-blocking reagents. the rate of sugar uptake depended on its external concentration, obeying michaelis-menten kinetics. the sugar accumulated in the cells against a concentration gradient, and an en ...19695773029
the evaluation of the metabolic-inhibition technique for the study of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695775117
antibiotic resistance to a strain of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695775620
the measurement of antibody to mycoplasma gallisepticum by the metabolic-inhibition technique. 19695793126
factors influencing the growth of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695804366
effects of ph, physical factors, and preservatives on the sensitivity of mycoplasma gallisepticum slide agglutination antigens. 19695812087
transmission of mycoplasma gallisepticum, newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, and combinations in a three-phase broiler house. 19695813240
serum treatment and antigen dose effects on agglutination and haemagglutination inhibition by mycoplasma gallisepticum antibodies. 19695814057
a strain of mycoplasma gallisepticum previously unreported in this country. 19695818048
amelioration of marek's disease by mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19695824203
infectious coryza of chickens. v. influence of mycoplasma gallisepticum infection on chicken infected with haemophilus gallinarum. 19655871448
dipping of hatching eggs for control of mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19635888714
microbiologic study of strains of mycoplasma gallisepticum isolated in argentina. 19635888715
sialic acid binding sites: role in hemagglutination by mycoplasma gallisepticum.hemagglutination of turkey erythrocytes by mycoplasma gallisepticum was inhibited by mucoproteins containing sialic acid, by sialic acid itself, and by treatment of the erythrocytes with neuraminidase. neuraminidase treatment of the mucoprotein-rich inhibitors reduced or abolished their inhibitory activity. the findings indicate that sialic acid on the erythrocyte surface provides binding sites for mycoplasma gallisepticum.19665903587
the interaction of mycoplasmas with mammalian cells. i. hela cells, neutrophils, and eosinophils.the ultrastructure of three mycoplasma species, mycoplasma pneumoniae, mycoplasma gallisepticum, and mycoplasma neurolyticum, has been studied in isolated form as well as in hela cell cultures and following incubation with human peripheral blood leukocytes. during log growth phase, the organisms could be distinguished from each other on the basis of their fine structure. in mammalian cell cultures, pplo's appeared to proliferate on the plasma membranes which had markedly increased their surface ...19665922745
studies of pplo infection. iv. the neurotoxicity of intact mycoplasmas, and their production of toxin in vivo and in vitro.concentrated suspensions of washed mycoplasma neurolyticum produce rolling disease in mice and rats, with neurological manifestations and pathological lesions similar to those seen with the exotoxin of this organism. pretreatment of animals with tetracycline protects completely against the toxic effects of washed suspensions of mycoplasmas, while tetracycline affords no protection against the exotoxin. freeze-thawing disruption of mycoplasma suspensions eliminates their neurotoxicity, while the ...19665925315
immunological competence of the chicken embryo and neonatal chicken to mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19665928623
analysis of the life cycle of mycoplasma gallisepticum.morowitz, harold j. (yale university, new haven, conn.), and jack maniloff. analysis of the life cycle of mycoplasma gallisepticum. j. bacteriol. 91:1638-1644. 1966.-a series of electron microscope observations on mycoplasma gallisepticum strain a5969 have been made by use of thin-section techniques and negative staining. the methods presented a consistent picture of a postdivision cell, which contains a fibrillar nuclear region, surrounding ribosomal region, highly organized bleb at one end of ...19665929782
growth of mycoplasma gallisepticum strain j without serum. 19665937705
studies of pplo infection. i. the production of cerebral polyarteritis by mycoplasma gallisepticum in turkeys; the neurotoxic property of the mycoplasma.turkey poults injected intravenously with suspensions of mycoplasma gallisepticum develop a fatal neurologic disease associated with polyarteritis affecting almost exclusively the cerebral arteries. the incubation period depends on the dose of organisms. with high doses (10(10) to 10(11) mycoplasmas) the birds become ill and die within a few hours; with lower doses (10(6) to 10(8)) neurologic manifestations appear after 7 days. the rapid onset of neurologic signs after high doses indicates the p ...19665938817
studies on the chronic respiratory disease of poultry in india. isolation of a pathogenic strain of pleuropneumonia-like-organism (mycoplasma gallisepticum). i. 19665940395
[the influence of the celo virus on artificial infection with mycoplasma gallisepticum]. 19665955161
methaemoglobin formation by mycoplasma gallisepticum: the role of hydrogen peroxide. 19665960332
airacculitis in turkeys. ii. use of tylosin in the control of the egg transmission of mycoplasma gallisepticum in turkeys. 19665963857
[on the induction of antibiotic resistance in "mycoplasma gallisepticum"]. 19665999417
control of chronic respiratory disease. vii. the effect of controlled versus natural infection of chickens with mycoplasma gallisepticum on egg transmission. 19666007130
effect of dipping eggs in spiramycin to inactivate mycoplasma gallisepticum. 19666007461
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