[interspecies circulation of mycobacteria]. 1975129774
[cultivation bt negativity in microscopically positive sputum samples (author's transl)]. 1975130982
[laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis (author's transl)]. 1975131272
immune mechanism in pasteurella multocida-infected mice.various immunizing procedures were tested for their effect on the growth of pasteurella multocida in specific pathogen-free cd-1 mice. two injections with killed vaccine incorporated into freund complete adjuvant gave excellent protection against parenteral challenge, but less to control the growth of an aerogenic inoculum. protection with adjuvant-treated preparation was always superior to that seen with non-adjuvant-treated vaccines. a killed saline-suspended vaccine introduced aerogenically m ...1976131783
use of freund's adjuvant arthritis test in anti-flammatory drug screening in the rat: value of animal selection and preparation at the breeding center.the freund's adjuvant technic, using killed mycobacterium butyricum suspended in mineral oil, is a refined tool for anti-inflammatory drug evaluation. its use has long been reserved for testing and not for screening due to technical problems in the preparation of valid animal models. after reviewing the methodology, the authors demonstrated that the availability of arthritic rats from a modern breeding center (charles river france, sa, elbeuf, france) make the procedure applicable to drug screen ...1976131876
[apparatus for perparations of wire tampons (author's transl)]. 1976132290
[differentiation of mycobacteria in agar column according to lebek (author's transl)]. 1976132296
adjuvant and mitogenic properties of a supernatant fraction of sonically treated myobacterium bovis (bcg).a water-soluble, oil-free supernatant fraction of sonically treated bcg (bcg-ss) was shown to be an immunological adjuvant and a mitogen. when bcg-ss and sheep erythrocytes (srbc) were injected intravenously into mice, the plaque-forming cell (pfc) response was 10 times greater than that induced by injection of srbc alone. circulating antibody responses to srbc and to bovine serum albumin were also enhanced by bcg-ss. the in vitro enhancement of pfc and circulating antibody responses did not req ...1976133083
analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of 6-chloro-alpha-methyl-carbazole-2-acetic acid (c-5720).the carbazole, c-5720, has the same order of analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activity as indomethacin and is more potent than phenylbutazone and acetylsalicylic acid in the yeast inflamed paw, the carrageenin foot edema, the mycobacterium butyricum-induced pyrexia, and the acute and chronic adjuvant arthritis tests. in chronic adjuvant arthritis in rats, c-5720 lowers the elevated serum mucopolysaccharide and plasma fibrinogen levels, and partially restores the depressed liver n-dem ...1976133645
[epidemiological and clinical importance of m. avium among the inhabitants of rostov province]. 1976134365
stimulation of the phagocytic activity of the reticuloendothelial system in adjuvant arthritis in the rat.the administration of mycobacterial adjuvant produced a stimulation of the reticuloendothelial system (res) phagocytic function. the degree of such a stimulation was greater in lewis than in avn inbred strain of rats. there was no relationship between the degree of res stimulation and clinical signs of adjuvant-induced arthritis.1976134533
[modifications by bcg of the mortality of the irradiated mouse].freeze-dried bacillus calmette guerin (b.c.g.) of institut pasteur was given by intravenous route to mice at 1,2 and 4 mg/kg before and after gamma irradiation of animals by 1 000 rad. b.c.g. 1 mg/kg injected the day or the day after irradiation has a protective effect (mortality reduced from 77% for controls to 58% and 50% for treated mice). b.c.g. given before irradiation in single or double doses increased mortality.1976134782
restoration of oxidative phosphorylation by purified n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-sensitive latent adenosinetriphosphatase from mycobacterium phlei.the n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (dccd)-sensitive latent adenosinetriphosphatase (atpase) (ec; atp phosphohydrolase) from mycobacterium phlei has been purified to homogeneity and used to resotre oxidative phosphorylation to detergent-extracted membranes. the phosphorylation was inhibited by dccd any by tetraphenylboron and valinomycin. the enzyme was solubilized from the membrane vesicles by treatment with cholate followed by extraction with triton x-100. after partial purification on a ...1976135258
experimental studies of tumor immunotherapy. i. macrophage migration inhibitory activity as an immunological parameter.the macrophage migration inhibition activity [mi activity) was stable in sensitized lymphocyte-to-marcophage ratios of 1:5 to 1:20 in mice. antigen protein concentrations under 100 mug/ml did not induce nonspecific macrophage migration inhibition. inhibition of tumor proliferation and survival was observed after a combined injection of bcg and mh-134 cells. after a single injection of mh-134 tumor cells, mi activity was reinforced and prolonged, demonstrating the clear effects of bcg as adjuvant ...1976135489
the influence upon mitogenic and cellular immunologic reactive systems in vitro by poly(i:c) and bcg murine interferons induced in vivo. 1976136302
experimental studies of tumor immunotherapy. ii. tumor immunotherapy following tumor order to approach human cancer immunotherapy, the author carried out the immunotherapy with bcg on mice having homotransplanted cancer, observed the posttransplantation results with lapse of time, conduced daily macrophage inhibition test (mi test) and found the immunotherapy to be effective. at the same time the mi test proved to be a useful criterion in determining the course of cancer progress and effectiveness of the immunotherapy.1976136871
bcg for handicapped children. 1976137029
bidirectional amplification of macrophage-lymphocyte interactions: enhanced lymphocyte activation factor production by activated adherent mouse peritoneal cells.adherent peritoneal cells (90 to 95% macrophages) from mice injected with mycobacterium bovis, strain bcg, or certain noninfectious agents such as pyran copolymer or phytohemagglutinin showed increased chemotactic and tumoricidal capacity in vitro. these activated macrophages elaborated 2 to 5 times more lymphocyte-activating factor (laf) in vitro than equal numbers of adherent cells from untreated mice. in contrast, adherent pc from mice treated with thioglycollate or mineral oil were not cytot ...1977137265
[mycobacterium infections of the lymph nodes of the neck]. 1976137289
tropical dermatoses likely to be encountered in britain. 1977139187
immunologically mediated macrophage aggregation in monolayers of peritoneal cells from bcg-sensitized mice.aggregation of cultured macrophage monolayers derived from bcg-sensitized mice was produced if nonadherent cells and specific antigen (tuberculin) were present, particularly if the antigen was renewed in the form of tubercle bacilli. the evidence indicated that antigen-stimulated bcg-sensitized lymphocytes in these cultures produced a soluble factor, which in the presence of the renewed supply of antigen caused the aggregation. the phenomenon was irreversible and followed by death of the macroph ...1977139359
[diagnosis of tuberculosis]. 1977140342
development of two inbred strains of rats and characteristics of their skin reactions.two inbred strains of rat (donryu and sprague-dawley strains) were developed. the skin reactions of these strains immunized with m. tuberculosis, hen egg albumin (ova) or hen egg lysozyme and challenged with the purified protein derivative (ppd) or each antigen were even and uniform. the donryu strain showed a typical arthus reaction with petechiae and edema and a negligible delayed skin reaction, whereas the sprague-dawley strain showed a poor arthus reaction and a typical delayed skin reaction ...1976140679
effects of trypsin treatment on the structure and function of solubilized coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei. 1977140685
[antibodies against respiratory virus in human sera]. 1977141296
phagocytosis of heat-killed radiolabelled mycobacteria in human mononuclear phagocytes cultured in vitro.human mononuclear phagocytes cultured in vitro for 8 dyas were exposed to 125i-labelled, heat-killed mycobacterium triviale. the microorganisms were apparently engulfed, but no digestion occurred within a period of 16 days after the engulfment, measured as release of radioactivity to the medium and observed microscopically. attempts were made to stimulate intracellular digestion of the bacteria. pre-incubation with bcg-stimulated lymphocytes or with supernatants from bcg-stimulated lymphocyte cu ...1977141861
[comparative studies on the sensitivity of smooth bronchial muscles to catecholamines during sensitization with various allergens].an attempt has been made to compare the effects produced by adrenergic agents on smooth bronchial muscles of normal and bcg- as well as ovalbumin-sensitized guinea pigs. the method of determining the state of relaxation of the isolated bronchial tree was used to ascertain the degree of sensitivity to adrenergic agents of smooth bronchial muscles. experiments conducted on a total of 34 guinea pigs showed a considerable decrease in the response of smooth bronchial muscles to novodrine, adrenaline, ...1976141864
[species composition of heterotrophic bacteria in the water of the rybinek reservoir].twenty four cultures of heterotrophic bacteria were isolated from the water of the rybinsk reservoir on a medium containing organic matter. bacteria belonging to the families pseudomonadaceae and achromobacteriaceae were most widely distributed; bacteria of the mycobacteriaceae family were encountered less often. predominating species which belonged to the genera pseudomonas, caulobacter, flavobacterium, mycobacterium, and corynebacterium were isolated from the central part of the reservoir. the ...1977142898
trypsin-induced changes in the orientation of latent atpase in protoplast ghosts from mycobacterium phlei.latent atpase, located on the inner surface of protoplast ghosts of mycobacterium phlei, was unmasked either by trypsin or an impermeable form of trypsin, ethylene maleic anhydride-trypsin. density gradient experiments showed that the ghost preparations remained intact following trypsin treatment. evidence was obtained that 125i-trypsin failed to penetrate the ghost membranes. thus, attempts were made to determine whether the atpase molecule in the ghost membranes is accessible from the outer su ...1977144135
protein: polyanion interactions. studies on the trehalose-p synthetase as a model system. 1977144431
alkaloids of thalictrum. xxii. isolation of alkaloids with hypotensive and antimicrobial activity from thalictrum revolutum.sixteen alkaloids were characterized from thalictrum revolutum dc., namely; thalidasine, o-methylthalmethine, o-methylthalicberine, thalrugosaminine, thalicarpine, thalmelatine, pennsylvanine, palmatine, berberine, thalifendine, columbamine, jatrorrhizine, deoxythalidastine, thalphenine and magnoflorine. the structure of thairugosaminine (1) a bisbenzylisoquinoline type which was previously proposed on partial data was completely established, including the absolute configuration as s,s. thalphen ...1977144834
cancer immunotherapy with surgery.with the recent advances in the immunological surveillance system, an understanding of the role of host immunity has become essential to the management of carcinogenesis, tumor proliferation, recurrence and metastasis. although it is important to continue chemical and surgical treatment of cancer, support of the anti-tumor immune system of the host should also be considered. long term remission has been reported in leukemia by treating with bcg after chemotherapy whereas surgical treatment is us ...1977145159
lepromin and the arthus reaction. 1977147247
[epidemiological characteristization tuberculosis foci]. 1977147461
[a contribution to problems of possible use of tissue cultures in diagnostics of pulmonary tuberculosis (author's transl)]. 1977147746
studies on mg2+-(ca2+-)activated adenosine triphosphatase from mycobacterium smegmatis cdc 46. 1978147930
tetracyclines: new look at old antibiotic. ii. clinical use. 1978149261
[listeria monocytogenes (welshimer strain) application to induce an acquired resistance to listeriosis and mycobacterial infections (author's transl)]. 1978149596
effect of propionibacterium acnes or bcg on enzyme activities in spleen lymphocytes of donryu strain rats.immunopotentiated rats, which were injected with propionibacterium acnes or bcg, had the 50% survival twice as long as those in untreated controls after intravenous inoculation of sato lung carcinoma (slc) cells. the amount of labeled tumor cells in the lung of the adjuvant-treated rats decreased significantly in the first 20 hr after intravenous injection of 51cr-labeled tumor cells compared to that of control animals. the elevated activities of atpase and acid phosphatase in the whole nucleate ...1978149684
immune response to persistent mycobacterial infection in mice.mycobacterium marinum has been recommended as a possible model of m. leprae for use in laboratory studies of antileprosy immunity. m. marinum introduced into the footpads of normal mice underwent a steady decline in viability, with less than 1% survival after a 30-day period. small numbers of viable bacilli were recovered from the footpads of these mice up to 12 months later. similarly, mice infected with m. simiae exhibited bacterial populations that persisted for up to 18 months with little ch ...1978149769
immunological methods employed in an attempt to induce erythema nodosum leprosum (enl) in the mouse foot pad model five different parameters were employed to simulate the condition of enl as observed in the human. the experimental groups with five to six months leprosy infection were injected intravenously with various anti-mycobacterial antibodies, m. leprae sonicate and 'b' cells obtained from syngenic donors. the control group of animals, infected similarly, were treated either with m. leprae sonicate or gamma globulins precipitated from normal human serum. all recipients were ...1978151764
[infections with atypical mycobacterias in mining and industry and taxonomy of the genus mycobacterium]. 1978152150
[incidence of atypical mycobacteria in some areas of ussr (author's transl)]. 1978152157
the pathology of leprosy. 1978152980
[determination of the sensitivity of mycobacteria to pyrazinamide and nicotinamide (author's transl)].since pyrazinamide (pza) has had a come-back in therapy of tuberculosis a simple and reliable method for sensitivity tests has been necessary. a comparison of resistance tests to pza in acid löwenstein-jensen-medium and in fluid medium with those to nicotinamide (nsa) showed a clear superiority of the nsa method, recommended by brander. also in routine sensitivity tests the use of nsa instead of pza has stood the test. another advantage of the method is the possibility to integrate it in the sim ...1978153062
[computer tomographic diagnosis of abscesses (author's transl)].the computer tomographic diagnosis of an abscess must be related to the clinical condition of a patient. in the presence of pyaemia or following an operation, with high fever, tenderness on palpation, leucocytosis and rapid development of the illness, an abscess may be suspected. the computer tomographic findings depend on the stage of the development of the abscess. early on there is the finding of a cellular tumour with high attenuation values; after a few days, with leucocyte degeneration, th ...1979153310
lymphocyte transformation test in leprosy: decreased lymphocyte reactivity to mycobacterium leprae in lepromatous leprosy, with no evidence for a generalized impairment.untreated leprosy patients were examined with respect to lymphocyte transformation in vitro after stimulation with mycobacterial and other microbial antigens, allogeneic lymphocytes, or nonspecific mitogens. methods were used to circumvent technical variability. the results were compared with those obtained in controls matched for age, sex, race, and environment. no evidence was found for a generalized impairment of lymphocyte transformation in vitro, whereas a specific defect towards mycobacter ...1978153335
purification and characteristics of hydrophobic membrane protein(s) required for dccd sensitivity of atpase in mycobacterium phlei.the energy-transducing n,n'-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-sensitive (dccd-sensitive) atpase complex consists of two parts, a soluble catalytic protein (f1), and an intrinsic membrane protein (f0). the bacterial coupling factor complex, bcf0-bcf1, has recently been purified from mycobacterium phlei, and used to reconstitute oxidative phosphorylation in detergent-extracted membranes. the bcf0 moiety has been purified by being recovered from the purified bcf0-bcf1 complex by affinity chromatography. bcf ...1978153436
restoration of t-cell responsiveness by thymosin: expression of anti-tuberculous immunity in mouse lungs.specific pathogen-free, adult thymectomized, irradiated, and bone marrow-reconstituted (thxb) b6d2 mice were infected aerogenically with 1 x 10(3) to 5 x 10(3) live bcg pasteur. seven days later a group of the mice was placed on a 14-day regimen of 20 mg of calf thymosin per kg per day, and the growth of the bcg in the lungs, spleen, inguinal lymph node, bone marrow, and blood was determined for up to 90 days. the thymosin treatment was followed by a decline in the bcg counts for the lungs and s ...1979154473
affinity labeling of coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei with 2',3'-dialdehyde derivatives of adenosine 5'-triphosphate and adenosine 5'-diphosphate. 1979154517
[2 gigantic tuberculous abscesses of the neck. current aspect of lymph node mycobacteriosis]. 1979155148
in vitro induction of cell-mediated immunity to murine leukemia cells. vii. methods for augmenting the induction and expression of cytotoxic response in vitro to syngeneic tumors. 1979155712
[mycobacterium fortuitum infection after total hip prosthesis. a report of 3 cases (author's transl)].the authors have observed three instances of sepsis due to mycobacterium fortuitum complicating total hip replacement for osteoarthritis. the case histories are fully described. the requirements are given for recognition of the organism which grows on special culture media and which may be mistaken for mycobacterium tuberculosis. this feature explains why, in some cases, the organism may not be discovered. antibiotics were ineffective but the general condition of the patient was not greatly affe ...1979155857
inhibition of in vitro cytotoxic responses by bcg-induced macrophage-like suppressor cells. ii. suppression occurs at the level of a "helper" t cell. 1979156233
[mycobacterium fortuitum infection after total hip prosthesis. a report of 3 cases (author's transl)].the authors have observed three instances of sepsis due to mycobacterium fortuitum complicating total hip replacement for osteoarthritis. the case histories are fully described. the requirements are given for recognition of the organism which grows on special culture media and which may be mistaken for mycobacterium tuberculosis. this feature explains why, in some cases, the organism may not be discovered. antibiotics were ineffective but the general condition of the patient was not greatly affe ...1979156387
[tuberculin test sensitivity in cattle with mycobacterium bovis in argentina]. 1979156551
[tuberculin test sensitivity in cattle with mycobacterium bovis in argentina. ii. comparative tuberculin tests]. 1979156552
lymph node activation by a factor released from lymphocytes of normal mice in reaction with mycobacterium kansasii.substances which have the same properties as the previously described lymph node activating factor are released from the 4-h culture of 10 x 10(6) lymph node cells from normal non-sensitized mice and 2.5--5 x 10(6) mycobacterium kansasii cells. they increase the number of lymphocytes with nucleoli synthesizing ribonucleic acid in the popliteal lymph nodes of intact mice and give the precipitation lines with the beta- to alpha-globulin electrophoretic mobility, which are specific for the lymph no ...1979156656
properties of energy-transducing systems in different types of membrane preparations from mycobacterium phlei--preparation, resolution, and reconstitution. 1979156832
tryptic proteolysis of coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei. theoretical modeling of structure-function relationships.trypsin treatment of solubilized coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei alters its subunit structure and functional properties. this coupling factor exhibits atpase activity following trypsin treatment. concurrently, both the ability of the enzyme to rebind to membranes depleted of coupling factor and its capacity for coupled phosphorylation are lost. the native alpha (64 000 dalton) subunit undergoes limited proteolytic digestion, and the delta (14 000 dalton) subunit is partial ...1979157157
limited proteolysis of coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei. effects of different enzymes and modifying agents.the activation of the coupling factor-latent atpase enzyme by tryptic proteolysis may resemble the activation of many proenzymes by limited proteolysis. the beta (53 000 dalton) subunit of solubilized coupling factor-latent atpase from mycobacterium phlei was selectively lost in some trypsin-treated samples. since a concomitant loss of atpase activity was not observed, the beta subunit may not be essential for atpase catalytic activity. treatment of solubilized coupling factor with chymotrypsin ...1979157159
[effect of bacillus callmette guerin (bcg) on the receptivity of nude mice to schistosoma mansoni]."nude" mice are injected intravenously with 1 mg live bcg each. pulmonary schistosomules, counted 5 days after infestation with schistosoma mansoni cercaria are observed to be fewer in injected mice than in non-injected controls. this show that bcg immunostamulation can be obtained when mature t lymphocytes are absent.1978157204
[atypical mycobacteria in swimming-pool water (author's transl)]. 1979158147
suppressor t-cells in bcg-infected mice.specific pathogen-free b6d2 hybrid mice were infected with high (10(8) cells, intravenous), moderate (10(6) cells, intravenous), and low 10(3) cells, aerogenic) doses of viable bcg pasteur. the growth of the bcg in the lungs and spleens of the three groups was followed over a 90-day period and correlated with the level of tuberculin hypersensitivity. spleen cells were harvested from the three groups of mice at increasing time intervals and filtered through nylon wool to remove adherent cells, an ...1979158567
development of suppressor t-cells in mycobacterium habana-infected mice.mice were infected intravenously with increasing numbers of mycobacterium habana (simiae serotype ii), and the levels of delayed-type hypersensitivity to purified protein derivative and m. habana cytoplasmic protein antigen were determined after 14, 30, and 90 days. a footpad delayed-type hypersensitivity response was seen in 14-day-infected mice and was followed by a persisting anergy. t-cell-enriched suspensions collected 30 and 90 days into the infection (anergic donors) showed depressed tran ...1979158568
[peritoneal tuberculosis in africa (author's transl)].peritonel tuberculosis is quite frequent overseas and specially in africa; as an example, it is about 0,5 p. 100 of the admittances and 13 p. 100 of the total number of tuberculous cases recorded in dakar and djibouti, over a period of four years. first symptoms are not caracteristic but rapidly one may observe either ascitic or non-ascitic forms, with eventually pseudo-tumoral or adhesive aspect. diagnostic criteria are reviewed as well as the therapeutic rules and results.1979158695
delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) in bcg-sensitized mice i. lack of suppressor t cell activity on dth to sheep red blood cells.mice pretreated with an intravenous (i.v.) injection of bcg (bcg-sensitized mice) and then immunized intravenously with a high dose (10(8)--10(9)) of sheep red blood cells (srbc) 2 weeks later developed strong delayed-type hypersensitivity (dth) to srbc, as in mice pretreated with cyclophosphamide (cy) (cy-treated mice) and then immunized with srbc 2 days later; normal mice given the same dose of srbc did not show such dth. the mechanism of this strong dth to srbc which developed in bcg-sensitiz ...1979159397
effects of dimethyl sulfoxide and colchicine on the resorption of experimental amyloid.the induction of amyloid in c3h mice by either casein solution or complete freund's adjuvant emulsion with mycobacterium butyricum was confirmed by partial splenectomy. the animals were autopsied after treatment with dimethyl sulfoxide (550 mg/kg, 50 times), colchicine (0.02 mg/kg, 15--37 times), or saline solution as a control. detailed histological comparisons of biopsy and autopsy spleens provided evidence that dimethyl sulfoxide was significantly effective in the resorption of amyloid, while ...1979159544
soluble factors from bcg-induced suppressor cells inhibit in vitro pfc responses but not cytotoxic responses. 1979159779
active transport of calcium in membrane vesicles from mycobacterium transport of calcium ions has been demonstrated in inside-out membrane vesicles from mycobacterium phlei mediated by respiratory linked substrates as well as by atp hydrolysis. the uptake of calcium exhibited an apparent km of 80 microm and v of 16.6 nmol calcium uptake x min-1 x mg protein-1. a fortyfold concentration gradient for calcium ions was calculated for both the atp-induced and the respiration-induced transport of calcium. removal of coupling-factor-latent atpase resulted in the ...1979159818
susceptibility to adjuvant-induced arthritis among germfree, specific-pathogen-free, and conventional rats.germfree f344 rats developed severe arthritis with 100% incidence after a single intradermal inection of either squalane containing 0.5 mg of heat-killed mycobacterium bovis bcg or a water-in-oil emulsion containing 0.2 mg of peptidoglycan derived from staphylococcus epidermidis. conventional f344 rats developed less-severe arthritis with 20% incidence for heat-killed bcg and 0% incidence for peptidoglycan. specific-pathogen-free rats showed an intermediate susceptibility between germfree and co ...1979160888
concanavalin a induced suppressor activity in human leprosy.peripheral blood lymphocytes from nine normal subjects and 40 patients with leprosy were pretreated in vitro with concanavalin a (con a). cells from normal subjects pretreated for 24 hours showed consistent and effective generation of suppressive activity which inhibited mitogen induced transformation of autologous lymphocytes. prolongation of con a pretreatment to 40 hours resulted in maximal suppressive activity. tuberculoid leprosy patients had lymphocytes in their blood which on 24 hour pret ...1979161322
[pulmonopathy (including tuberculosis)--mycobacteriosis (including tuberculosis) (author's transl)]. 1979161371
[specific and nonspecific induction of resistance to listeria infection and hypersensitivity to listeria factor ei (author's transl)]. 1979161513
[a comparison of some lipid components of the mycobacterium kansasii strains isolated from patients and sources of supply water (author's transl)]. 1979161516
impact of specific immunotherapy in acute myelocytic leukemia.our studies clearly show that significantly longer remission duration was attained in groups of aml patients immunized with neuraminidase treated allogeneic myeloblasts as compared to patients who received chemotherapy alone or neuraminidase treated myeloblasts plus mer. it is clear that mer, albeit apparently active alone in certain other clinical studies impairs the immunotherapeutic value of neuraminidase treated allogeneic myeloblasts in aml patients. the in vivo and in vitro immunological t ...1979161758
[effect of cultivation conditions on some lipid components of mycobacterium kansasii (author's transl)]. 1979161868
characteristics common to cutaneous infections with mycobacterium marinum. 1978162687
[pathogenicity of atypical mycobacteria].human diseases caused by atypical mycobacteria are reviewed. pulmonary illness and childrens' lymphadenitis are the commonest, but cutaneous, disseminated, bony, articular, renal and meningeal diseases are also produced by atypical mycobacteria. disseminated infections are often manifested by fever, hepato-splenomegaly and hematologic changes. most diagnosis are made by sputum and gastric-juice cultures, bonemarrow and liver biopsies. disseminated diseases are often fatal but may be cured with m ...1977162750
antitumor activity of bacterial infection. ii. effect of listeria monocytogenes on growth of a guinea pig hepatoma.growth of a guinea pig hepatoma was suppressed when tumor cells were mixed with viable listeria monocytogenes (lm) before intradermal (id) injection into syngeneic recipients. heat-killed lm were less effective than viable organisms in suppressing tumor growth. a vaccine containing oil droplets and lm cell walls lacked antitumor activity. intratumor injection of viable lm on the 7th day after id injection of tumor cells prolonged survival of guinea pigs that did not succumb to lm infection. afte ...1975164568
persistent papillomatosis associated with immunodeficiency.a case report of a young bull with persistent papillomatosis associated with immunodeficiency is presented. humoral immune responses were normal but cell mediated immunity was deficient. the possible significance of the findings to pathogenesis and therapy of the disease is discussed.1975165037
specific immunity and nonspecific resistance to infection: listeria, protozoa, and viruses in mice and hamsters,.specific immunity developed by mice against protozoan (toxoplasma gondii and besnoitia jellisoni) and bacterial (listeria monocytogenes) infections was compared with nonspecific protection conferred by prior infections. the results indicated that homologous immunity protected mice from more than 10-5 ld50 of t. gondii or b. jellisoni, but from only 10-2 ld50 of l. monocytogenes. heterospecific protection among these organisms was for 10-0.4 minus 10-1.2 ld50. in studies in hamsters specific immu ...1975165241
mycobacterium microti may protect itself from intracellular destruction by releasing cyclic amp into phagosomes. 1975165421
the effect of nonspecific immune stimulation on the recurrence rate of herpetic keratitis in rabbits.cellular immunity is of primary importance in resistance to virus infection. in this study, 75 rabbits were immunized with live bcg, 75 rabbits were immunized with staphylococcus aureus, and 75 rabbits were injected with saline. two weeks after immunization the corneal epithelium of both eyes was infected with mckrae strain herpes virus, and five weeks after immunization the rabbits were skin tested with old tuberculin or staphylococcus to ascertain their immune status. the corneas were observed ...1975166051
[results of 79 hepatic biopsies in untreated bacillary pleurs pulmonary tuberculosis patients].the authors report 79 needle biopsies of the liver, using a menghini needle, carried out as routine in untreated cases of pulmonary tuberculosis with positive sputum. apart from the histological study, the authors carried out, in 30 cases, a bacteriological study of the liver fragment. the bacteriological and histological results are reported here in detail, then compared with those in the world literature. no significant correlation was found between the histological type of the suggestive hepa ...1975166442
biosynthesis of phosphatidyl ethanolamine in mycobacterium 607. 1975166638
leoprosy- clinical aspectos of nerve involvement.leprosy is the cause of the commonest peripheral neuropathy. the predilection of mycobacterium leprae for nerve tissue accounts for the clinical features that are most dreaded and most characteristic of the disease. were it not for the progressive destruction of peripheral nerve trunks and the consequences of this, leprosy would largely remain a cutaneous condition of cosmetically unsightly hypopigmented or erythematous areas and aggregations of nodular thickenings. the neurologic damage in lepr ...1975166794
leprosy--histopathologic aspects of nerve involvement.the most striking single feature of the clinical manifestations of leprosy is the very wide range of appearances shown by the skin lesions. these include the vague, hypopigmented macules of indeterminate leprosy; the large, sharply defined hypopigmented anaesthetic lesions of tuberculoid leprosy; the nodules and diffuse infiltration of lepromatous leprosy; and a wide range of plaques and annular lesions of the intermediate (borderline or dimorphous) types of disease. from superficial appearances ...1975166795
effect of mycobacterium bovis and mycobacterium tuberculosis on the take and survival of chickens with transplanted mc-29 hepatoma. 1975166869
multiple forms of cytochrome b in mycobacterium phlei: kinetics of reduction.the kinetics of reduction of the b-type cytochromes in the electron transport particles (etp) from mycobacterium phlei were studied with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, reduced form (nadh) or succinate as electron donors. there appeared to be three active cytochromes b in the etp,bs563 and bs559, which were reducible by either substrate, and bn563, which was reducible by nadh but not by succinate. in the presence of adenosine 5'-triphosphate, a substantial increase in b563 reduction was obser ...1975166977
biosynthesis and structure of glycosyl diglycerides, steryl glucosides, and acylated steryl glucosides.a particulate enzyme fraction from mycobacterim smegmatis catalyzed the transfer of -14c-glucose from the udp--14c-glucose into neutral glycolipids. the two major radioactive components were purified by column chromatography on o-diethylamino ethyl cellulose (acetate) and thin layer chromatography on silica gel in several solvents. the first product yielded a water-soluble component upon saponification, which had a hexoseglycerol ratio of 1:1 with all of the hexose being identified as glucose. ...1975167261
[leg ulcers of rare cause]. 1975167424
effect of immunization with attenuated mycobacterium bovis (bcg) on experimental herpetic keratitis.mycobacterium bovis (bcg, pasteur strain) was injected intraperitoneally into guinea pigs and rabbits on the 19th and 5th days prior to the intracorneal inoculation of herpesvirus hominis. during a three-day and nine-day observation period, respectively, the bcg had no significant effect on the clinical course of the herpetic keratitis and no effect on the titer of virus present in the infected corneas.1975167922
streptovirudins, new antibiotics with antibacterial and antiviral activity. i. culture taxonomy, fermentation and production of streptovirudin complex.a new antibiotic complex has been isolated from cultures of streptomyces strain no. ja 10124. on the basis of taxonomic studies, the producing microorganism is described as streptomyces griseoflavus (krainsky, 1914) waksman et henrici, 1948, subsp. thuringiensis subsp. nov., type strain ja 10124. the antibiotic complex, designated as streptovirudin, was isolated from extracts of both mycelium and culture filtrate. it is a white amorphous material which consists of ten closely related components ...1975168173
immune and non-immune macrophage resistance to the fibroma-myxoma virus complex. 1975168379
effect of bcg on dimethylhydrazine induction of colon tumors in rats.the effect of bcg injection into the colon wall on the induction of colon tumors by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride (dmh) was assessed in male rats. persistent, generalized bcg infection followed the intracolonic injection of 6.7 times 10(6) organisms in otherwise untreated rats. in rats given dmh (30 mg/kg/wk) intragastrically for 5 weeks and then infected with bcg, colon tumors developed at the same rate and in the same incidence as in uninfected rats, but more tumors were mucinous adeno ...1975169375
methanol extraction residue of bcg in the treatment of transplanted rat tumours.subcutaneous growth of immunogenic chemically induced rat sarcomata and a hepatoma was restricted when cells were injected into syngeneic animals in admixture with mer. rats rejecting mixed inocula were immune to further challenge with the same tumour. growth of a chemically induced mammary carcinoma which lacks detectable immunogenicity was suppressed when low cell inocula were injected in admixture with mer or intact bcg organisms, although animals were not immune to re-challenge. these studie ...1975169861
oxidation of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide by particles from mycobacterium lepraemurium.particles from mycobacterium lepraemurium catalysed the oxidation of nadh with oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor. the preparations contained cytochromes of the a + a3'b and c types, as well as co-binding pigments. the nadh oxidase activity was sensitive to inhibitors of the flavoprotein system as well as to hqno and antimycin a. in addition, a cytochrome oxidase sensitive to cyanide was also present. the system was inhibited by the thiol-binding agent, pcmb, and thus indicated the involve ...1975170040
differential stimulation of murine lymphoma growth in vitro by normal and bcg-activated macrophages.peritoneal macrophages from mice infected with bacille calmette-guérin (bcg) and from normal mice were examined for their effects in vitro on thymidine uptake by 10 murine lymphomas, a murine fibroblast line, and a guinea pig hepatoma. only the murine fibroblast line showed growth inhibition in the presence of bcg macrophages. for the majority of tumors, normal macrophages were profoundly stimulatory to tumor cell dna synthesis, while bcg macrophages were much less stimulatory, without being fra ...1975170358
effect of oil-attached bcg cell wall on the kinetics of lymphocytes in the tumor-draining node.the lymphocyte distribution into the tumor-draining node was studied with ah-130 hepatoma cells and donryu strain rats in relation to the adjuvant activity of the oil-attached bcg whole cell wall. the mixed inoculation of the oil-attached bcg cell wall with tumor cells resulted initially in further augmentation of increased distribution of 51cr-labeled lymphocytes into the draining-node induced by inoculation of the tumor cells alone, and secondarily in the systemic stimulation of response of th ...1975171193
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