tuberculosis of the mandible presenting as 'lumpy jaw'. 1979108413
[bactericidal effect of rifampicin on resting tubercle bacilli in vitro (author's transl)]. 1979108446
[tuberculosis and changes in the tissue lipids]. 1979108447
mycobacterium scrofulaceum infection in erythrocebus patas monkeys.mycobacterium scrofulaceum was cultured from two of seven tuberculin reactors in a group of 12 erythrocebus patas monkeys. one monkey reacted atypically to 0.1 ml of 2.5 mg veterinary tuberculin after having shown no reaction to four previous tests administered at 2-week intervals. the reaction consisted of edema with no induration or erythema at 24 hours and was completely dissipated at 36 hours. responses to additional tests using veterinary tuberculin (2.5 mg) and mycobacterium bovis purified ...1979108474
[effect of carbon dioxide on the inoculability of mycobacterium tuberculosis from pathological material]. 1979108674
induction kinetics of delayed hypersensitivity towards mycobacterium tuberculosis and m. avium: analysis of cross-reactions elicited by ppd-tuberculin and ppd-b. 1978108772
drug sensitivity of m. leprae isolated from leprosy patients administered dds for long period of time.drug sensitivity was tested using liquid medium on three stains isolated from the subcutaneous nodules of l-type patients who have long been administered dds alone. the results revealed that the first strain was resistant to dds up to the concentration of 1.0 microgram/ml suggesting as if it were dds dependent or enhanced strain, whereas the second strain was completely sensitive to dds even at the lowest concentration of 0.01 microgram/ml suggesting possible inactivation of this drug in the hos ...1978108909
miliary tuberculosis in children. clinical and laboratory manifestation in 19 patients.the clinical course of 19 children with miliary tuberculosis was studied. complaints were nonspecific and included fever, anorexia, weight loss, and night sweats. although all but one child had a miliary infiltrate visible on the chest roentgenogram, only 13 had a positive reaction to the purified protein derivative of the tuberculin test at admission to the hospital. outcome was excellent unless the child also had tuberculous meningitis or was in a far advanced state of the disease. miliary tub ...1979108996
the booster phenomenon in serial tuberculin determine the frequency, magnitude, and causes of the booster phenomenon in tuberculin testing, a total of 1,478 employees from 10 hospitals throughout the united states received sequential intradermal tests using ppd-t. in addition, approximately 70 per cent were initially tested with ppd-g. boosting was found in all age groups tested, but increased with age. it occurred as soon as one week after an initial tuberculin test, but rarely before that time. the boosted reactions were apparently c ...1979109023
primary drug resistance in children. drug susceptibility of strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from children during the years 1973 through 1977 at the kings county hospital center of brooklyn.a continuing study of the frequency of primary drug resistance among children treated at the kings county hospital center of brooklyn during the years 1973 through 1977 showed a high incidence of primary drug resistance to isoniazid (8.8 per cent) and to streptomycin (12.3 per cent). in contrast, there were no strains resistant to cycloserine, viomycin, ethambutol, or rifampin, and only one of 57 strains (1.8 per cent) was resistant to ethionamide, and one (1.8 per cent) was resistant to para-am ...1979109024
purification and properties of valyl-trna synthetase from mycobacterium smegmatis.valyl-trna synthetase from mycobacterium smegmatis has been purified over 1200-fold by conventional techniques as well as affinity chromatography on valyl-aminohexyl sepharose columns. the purified preparation is homogeneous by electrophoretic and immunologic criteria. the enzyme is a tetramer of approximate molecular weight of 120,000, composed of a single type of subunit. the synthetase exhibited maximal activity between 35--40 degrees c and ph 6.8--7.0. the pure enzyme though stable for sever ...1979109126
[criteria of resistance of some antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated in czechoslovakia. cycloserin, ethionamide, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, and ethambutol (author's transl)]. 1979109213
biochemical changes in avian tissues during infection.major sources of error in studies of diet--infectious disease interactions relate to failure 1) to define the stage of a disease cycle; and 2) to determine the extent of disease involvement at time of sampling. the former can be determined from clinical and biochemical observations from time of inoculation to recovery or mortality; the latter can be calculated from indexes obtained from histological preparations, changes in body temperatures, and other clinical symptoms, including weight loss an ...1979109321
prophylactic effect of bcg cell-wall skeleton on the tumor induction by 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene in mice: strain difference.prophylactic effect of repeated intravenous administrations of oil-attached bcg cell-wall skeleton (bcg-cws) on the induction of tumor by 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (dmba) was investigated in various strains of mice. the subcutaneous injection of dmba emulsified in oil induced squamous cell carcinoma in almost all of the strains of mice. treatment of c57bl/6, balb/c, and ddo strains with bcg-cws with appropriate route and timing resulted in the retardation of dmba-induced tumor development m ...1979109342
immunodiffusion studies of ribosomes in classification of mycobacteria and related taxa.ribosomal preparations consisting of crude ribosomes (cr), 30s subunits (30s) and 16s core particles (16s) from four strains of the species mycobacterium bovis (bcg), mycobacterium fortuitum, mycobacterium phlei and mycobacterium smegmatis were analyzed by immunodiffusion technique for taxonomical purposes. the ribosomal preparations tested contained several interspecies cross-reacting precipitinogens. the number of precipitinogens demonstrated at the homologous reactions was generally larger th ...1979109401
immunodiffusion studies of various structural preparations from mycobacterial cells.various structures and other preparations from mycobacterial cells were analyzed by immunodiffusion. the preparations were obtained from four strains referred to the species mycobacterium bovis (bcg), mycobacterium fortuitum, mycobacterium phlei and mycobacterium smegmatis. they represented cell walls (cw), culture filtrates (cf), artificially disintegrated cell material (xp), protoplasms (pp), crude ribosomes (cr), ribosomal 50s subunits (50s), ribosomal 30s subunits (30s), ribosomal 16s core p ...1979109402
demonstration of tuberculostearic acid in sputum from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis by selected ion monitoring.selected ion monitoring was used to detect tuberculostearic acid (10-methyloctadecanoic acid) in sputum from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. the specimens were autoclaved, lyophilized, extracted, and methanolysed before being subjected to thin-layer chromatography and injected into the gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer. tuberculostearic acid could be detected in five of six tuberculous sputum specimens containing acid-fast rods detectable by light microscopy of ziehl-neelsen stained smea ...1979109465
the effect of pretreatment with bcg on infection with schistosoma mansoni in mice and monkeys. 1978109612
[effect of various disinfectants (phenol derivatives, quaternary ammonium compounds, aldehydes and chloramine) on human type tubercle bacilli sensitive and resistant to antibacillary drugs]. 1979109709
confusion of legionella pneumophila and mycobacterium tuberculosis. 1979109752
fatal tuberculosis in young children.three young children with advanced cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis died between 1974 and 1978. two of the patients had tuberculous meningitis as well. all diagnoses were verified at autopsy; however, all tuberculin skin tests were negative. these instances emphasize the difficulty of establishing the diagnosis of tuberculosis in young children. tuberculosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cavitary chest disease in young children, even those with negative tuberculin skin tes ...1979109806
[lymphocyte transformation test in patients with active tuberculosis and in healthy subjects frequently exposed to m tuberculosis]. 1979109821
direct migration inhibition test with leukocytes as indicator of mycobacterial antigens in the human 32 patients with newly detected pulmonary tuberculosis positive on smear and culture, included in a controlled clinical trial, a significant correlation between diminishing inhibition of leukocyte migration (induced by ppd) and reduction of mycobacterial population in the sputum during the course of chemotherapy has been demonstrated. the changes of mycobacterial population in the host have been assessed in two ways: an indirect assessment was made from the time taken to achieve sputum smear ...1979109977
further studies of mycobacteriophage 33d (warsaw) for differentiation of bcg from m. bovis and m. tubeculosis.mycobacteriophage 33d (warsaw) was used to differentiate bacille calmette-guerin (bcg) strains from m. bovis and m. tuberculosis. known strains as well as clinical strains of bcg were used in the study. single plaque isolations and adsorption studies demonstrated that phage 33d (warsaw) did not adsorb to bcg cultures.1979109978
the value of the routine guinea-pig test. 1979109980
[sensitivity of mycobacterium tuberculosis to antitubercular agents]. 1979109991
[incidence of drug resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1979109992
pulmonary manifestations of mycobacterium intracellularis.pulmonary manifestations in 114 patients with at least two sputum cultures positive for m. intracellularis, no history of any kind of tuberculosis, and not other potential pathogen are described. even with these stringent diagnostic criteria, seven patients had normal chest radiographs and another seven had reticulonodular-appearing disease without a definite focus of infection. in the other 100 patients, 92% had infiltrates in the apical and/or posterior segments of the upper lobes, and 88% had ...1979110071
u.s. public health service cooperative trial of three rifampin-isoniazid regimens in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.a total of 822 patients with newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis were assigned randomly to one of 3 daily rifampin-isoniazid (rif-inh) regimens: 450, 600, or 750 mg of rif in combination with 300 mg of inh. after an initial 20 weeks of therapy with rif-inh, patients recieved 300 mg of inh and 15 mg of ethambutol (emb) per kg of body weight for either 12 or 18 months after their sputum cultures became negative. the rate of bacteriologic conversion of sputum among the 3 rif-inh regimens was com ...1979110184
[tuberculosis in patients deceased of renal insufficiency in a long-term hemodialysis program].eight cases of tuberculosis were seen in a series of patients dying of renal insufficiency after having been subjected to a long-term haemodialysis. in 5 cases mycobacterium tuberculosis was successfully cultivated (4 were typed as human, 1 as bovine). in 5 cases the disease affected mainly the lymph nodes, not the lungs. in 3 of these a prevalence of abscessing specific granulomas with the presence of leucocytes was noted on microscopical examination. the findings have been regarded as possibly ...1979110471
"routine."--a practice to be abjured. 1979110537
tuberculosis in oriental immigrants: a study in military dependents.tuberculosis in oriental immigrants is likely to be resistant to therapy with certain drugs. in 73 military dependents with positive cultures for tuberculosis who immigrated from six asian countries, the tuberculosis was found to be resistant to isoniazid in 58 percent (42 patients), to streptomycin in 36 percent (26 patients), to p-amino-salicylic acid in 14 percent (ten patients), to rifampin in 7 percent (five patients), and to ethambutol in 7 percent (five patients). despite the presence of ...1979110538
diagnosis of tuberculosis: routine cultures of bronchial washings are not indicated.during a five-year period, cultures of bronchial washings for mycobacterium tuberculosis were obtained almost routinely (859 of 1,012 bronchoscopic examinations.). this practice proved costly, and the diagnostic yield was extremely low. only three cases were diagnosed solely by this method (0.35 percent). five other cases were false-positive. additionally, 39 patients with known active pulmonary tuberculosis had false-negative cultures of bronchial washings; 13 of these 39 patients were receivin ...1979110539
immunobiology and species distribution of mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 5.the immunobiology and mycobacterial species distribution of immunoabsorbent affinity chromatography-purified mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen 5 have been studied. in delayed hypersensitivity skin tests, antigen 5 was nearly equipotent with tuberculin-purified protein derivative in sensitized guinea pigs. in vitro, antigen 5 was capable of stimulating the production of migration inhibitory factor by cultured lymphocytes from sensitized guinea pigs and humans. antigen 5 stimulated thymidine inco ...1979110696
antigenic differences between extracts of actively replicating and synchronized resting cells of mycobacterium tuberculosis.protein extracts were prepared from aerobically replicating cells of mycobacterium tuberculosis and from synchronized non-replicating cells derived from the sediments of non-agitated cultures. although both preparations share a number of antigens, the extracts of the non-replicating cells also contain antigenic components that are not shared by the replicating cells, and which can be isolated and visualized by immunoaffinity chromatography and immunoelectrophoretic techniques.1979110697
three types of mycolic acid from mycobacterium tuberculosis brévanne: implications for structure-function relationships in pathogenesis.saponification of the chloroform-soluble wax from mycobacterium tuberculosis brévanne led to the isolation of three classes of mycolic acid containing characteristic functional groups along the methylene backbone: type alpha (two cyclopropane rings); type beta (methoxyl, methyl, and cyclopropane); and type gamma (ketone, methyl, and cyclopropane). the structures of these acids were elucidated principally by mass spectrometry. the high mass region of the keto mycolate is presented showing the mer ...1979110779
immunoregulation in infection caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis: the presence of suppressor monocytes and the alteration of subpopulations of t lymphocytes.this study was designed to characterize qualitative and quantitative alterations, occurring before and during chemotherapy, in the mononuclear cells of patients with infections caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. a hemolytic plaque-forming (pfc) assay indicated that the production of antibody to sheep red blood cells by pokeweed mitogen (pwm)-stimulated lymphocytes was suppressed in treated and untreated patients as compared with that in normal adult donors (p less than 0.001). the removal of ...1979110887
brain tuberculoma. diagnosis and treatment. 1979110891
tuberculosis of the cns presenting as mass lesions. 1979111206
diagnosis and management of tuberculosis. 1979111269
tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis. 1979111794
status of drug resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated from hospitalized patients in lucknow. 1979112054
[l-phase growth of mycobacteria. 2. consideration on the survival of tubercle bacillus in caseous lesion (author's transl)]. 1979112315
[inhibitory effect of tuberculoglycoprotein on lysosomal enzyme activity (author's transl)]. 1979112316
[combined infection with yersinia pseudotuberculosis and mycobacterium tuberculosis as a rare cause of obstructive icterus]. 1979112451
thoracic tuberculosis: clinical aspects. 1979112685
thoracic tuberculosis: laboratory aspects. 1979112686
pathology of tuberculosis. 1979112687
the flotation method for detection of tubercle bacilli in sputum smears.both the flotation smear examination and culture techniques yielded results for detection of tubercle bacilli which were superior to either direct smear examination or to examination of smear from liquefied or liquefied-centrifuged sputum specimens.1979112743
tuberculin hypersensitivity following bcg vaccination in brisbane school hundred and fifty brisbane school children were tuberculin tested, in paired groups, with purified protein derivatives of mycobacterium tuberculosis, bovis, bcg and avium. reaction to avian ppd were stronger than to any of the others used. this finding may be of some importance in interpreting the variation in protection afforded by bcg vaccination.1979112744
hydroxylamine sensitivity and salt tolerance in screening and identifying mycobacteria.hydroxylamine sensitivity offered no advantage over p-nitrobenzoic acid in distinguishing between tubercle bacilli and other (opportunist and non-significant) mycobacteria. it was of limited use in identification procedures. salt tolerance assisted in the identification of strains which may be mycobacterium triviale and m. chelonei var borstelense.1979112745
isoniazid inhibition of the synthesis of monounsaturated long-chain fatty acids in mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra.isoniazid inhibited c(24) and c(26) monounsaturated fatty acid synthesis in mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra. time courses of this inhibition and that of mycolic acid synthesis were similar.1979112917
delayed hypersensitivity in ambystoma mexicanum. 1979113261
immunization against schistosoma mansoni in rhesus monkeys and the requirement of activation of both cell-mediated and humoral mechanisms.when groups of rhesus monkeys were pretreated with bcg plus hyperimmune serum from monkeys with chronic schistosomiasis or with dialyzable transfer factor from uninfected monkeys plus hyperimmune serum and were challenged with 1,500 cercariae of schistosoma mansoni, the mean worm burdens were significantly lower than that of untreated controls. pretreatment with neither bcg alone nor corynebacterium parvum plus a membrane antigen of adult worms of s. mansoni affected susceptibility. neither lymp ...1979113342
effects of panax ginseng extracts on the growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv. 1979113372
influence of dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso) on restoring sensitivity of mycobacterial strains resistant to chemotherapeutic compounds. 1979113379
purification of antibodies to bacterial antigens by an immunoadsorbent and a method to quantify their reaction with insoluble bacterial targets.a combination of procedures was employed to develop a radioimmunoassay which quantified the binding of antibodies to antigens of either intact propionibacterium acnes or to antigens of insoluble extracts derived from the bacteria. reactive antibody populations were purified by use of bacterial immunoadsorbents which were prepared by coupling p. acnes to diethylaminoethyl cellulose. binding of antibodies was detected with [125i]staphylococcal protein a ([125i]spa) and optimal conditions for the a ...1979113462
[a long-term observation on previously treated cases of pulmonary tuberculosis retreated with rifampicin for more than six months (author's transl)]. 1979113607
lysosomal enzymes and microbicidal capacity of activated macrophage.a relation was sought between acid phosphatase contents and the presence of tubercle bacilli inside the peritoneal exudate cells (pec) of normal guinea pigs and those immunized with bcg. this was done to investigate the role lysosomal enzymes play in the microbicidal capacity of the cell. in both normal and immune animals tubercle bacilli were present only in those pec that contained acid phosphatase. cells without acid phosphatase did not contain bacilli. thus, only activated cells ingested bac ...1978113649
mycobacterium leprae and phenoloxidase activity.our earlier studies indicated that the enzyme o-diphenoloxidase was absent in mycobacterium leprae separated from depromatous human tissues. at that time the bacilli were not available from any other source. the existence or absence of this enzyme in m. leprae recovered from infected armadillo tissues were reinvestigated. the intact cells which were metabolically active, failed to oxidize dopa. likewise, dopa and its derivatives were not oxidized by the enzymatically active cell-free preparation ...1978113650
mechanisms of immunity in tuberculosis. 1979113763
[bactericidal effect of disinfectants on various strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1979113848
[the bacteriological principles of tuberculosis treatments]. 1979113863
[antitubercular drug therapy. in practice... one should remember]. 1979113864
self-inoculation with mycobacterium tuberculosis weiszfeiler w-115.after intracutaneous self-inoculation with 0.05 mg (wet weight) of mycobacterium tuberculosis w-115 containing approximately 600 000 viable units, the local reaction was observed during a period of 9 weeks. no adverse effects or general reaction were observed. from the lesion the w-115 strain was recultivated. it was labelled w-115(78)st vaccine strain and is used for further studies. on the basis of experiments on laboratory animals, monkeys, human new-borns and adults, the strain w-115 is cons ...1979113990
malonyl-coa decarboxylase from mycobacterium tuberculosis and pseudomonas fluorescens. 1979114118
mode of action of a mycobacterial water-soluble adjuvant, maf3. 1979114248
[transmissible modification induced in mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium bovis in vitro].a biologically active material (fraction "s") is isolated from cultures of scotochromogenic mycobacteria. mycobacterium tuberculosis, or mycobacterium bovis by disrupting the cells, sedimentation through 2.2 m sucrose, and ultrafiltration. the fraction "s" induces the modification of tubercle bacilli into non acid-fast bacteria forming smooth colonies on nutritive glycerol agar within 24-36 h of incubation. three new phenotypes are thus obtained; two proved to be stable upon subculturing. freque ...1979114293
the prevalence of anonymous mycobaeteria in both resistant as well as fresh cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in the local population of south east rajasthan. 1979114478
a quantitative assay for bacterial rna polymerases. 1979114520
[current status and problems of tuberculosis. 10 years of experience in a general medicine department].one hundred and seventeen cases of tuberculous disease who came to the authors' observation in 10 years are described. some cases are illustrated in details just to point out the complexity and the different guises of clinical presentation and to underscore the importance of an high index of suspicion for tuberculosis in patients who are admitted to a ward of internal medicine. in 71 patients with active, progressive tuberculous disease, the diagnosis was confirmed by bacteriological findings in ...1979114891
deoxyribonucleic acid relatedness among species of slowly-growing mycobacteria.dna-dna hybridization is a reliable method for determining the phylogenetic relationship between bacterial strains the hybridization kinetics for dna from different slowly-growing mycobacteria were measured optically in a spectrophotometer. the results indicate that m. tuberculosis and m. bovis belong to one species. m. avium and m. intracellulare are two species, but some serotypes, now designated m. intracellulare, actually belong to m. avium.1979115225
active or passive acquired resistance after mycobacterium lepraemurium infection in c57bl/6 and c3h/hen mice. 1979115377
reconstructive surgery for hansen's disease (leprosy). 1979115386
[short term chemotherapy of tuberculosis. bactericidal mechanisms in short term chemotherapy]. 1978115526
[short term chemotherapy of tuberculosis. current experimental findings in short term chemotherapy]. 1978115527
enhancement of endotoxic shock by n-acetylmuramyl-l-alanyl-(l-seryl)-d-isoglutamine (muramyl dipeptide).we described elsewhere that the synergistic antitumor activity of endotoxic extracts from re mutants of gram-negative bacteria and trehalose mycolate against guinea pig syngeneic line 10 tumor was abrogated after peptide substances accompanying these extracts had been removed. this activity could be restored by combining peptide-free endotoxin either with cell wall skeleton from bacillus calmette-guérin, a polymeric mycolic acid-arabinogalactan-mucopeptide complex, or with a combination of two s ...1979115579
canadian survey to determine the rate of drug resistance to isoniazid, pas and streptomycin in newly detected untreated tuberculosis patients and retreatment 1975, a survey was carried out in canada to determine the primary and acquired drug resistance of m. tuberculosis isolates to isoniazid (inh), para-aminosalicylic acid (pas) and streptomycin. the results of this investigation were compared with those of the primary drug resistant study of armstrong, undertaken in 1963-64. it revealed that primary drug resistance has increased from 4.9% to 6.3%. the increase is mainly due to immigrants having arrived in this country during the last 12 years. i ...1979115802
partial characterization of anti-tumor effector macrophages in the peritoneal cavities of concomitantly immune mice and mice injected with macrophage-stimulating agents. 1979115998
[scanning electron microscopy of drug resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis (author's transl)]. 1979116051
in vitro susceptibility of mycobacteria, especially of mycobacterium intracellulare, to 5-fluorouracil and pattern of development of resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis to the drug. 1979116112
[importance of serological studies in the differential diagnosis of diseases of the osteoarticular system]. 1979116216
[ultrastructural change in mycobacterium tuberculosis under the influence of antibacterial preparations (a review of the literature)]. 1979116217
[bacillary elimination in patients with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis treated with intrabronchial infusion of tuberculostatics]. 1979116218
[frequency of mycobacterium tuberculosis elimination by persons with nonspecific lung diseases]. 1979116219
[distribution and multiplication of mycobacteria in water]. 1979116220
[relapse of pulmonary tuberculosis and factors contributing to their occurrence]. 1979116221
[characteristics of the mycobacteria isolated from urogenital tuberculosis patients]. 1979116222
[current bacteriologic and clinical aspects of chemo-antibiotic therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis]. 1978116622
diagnosis of tuberculosis. 1979116806
[the significance of the sporadic few colony isolates of mycobacterium tuberculosis--on the false-positive culture (author's transl)]. 1979117198
metabolic inhibitors of host-tissue origin in mycobacterium is not clear why host-derived bacteria are metabolically inert, compared to organisms grown in vitro. o-diphenoloxidase is the only metabolic property proven to be present in mycobacterium leprae separated from infected human as well as animal (mouse and armadillo) tissues. however, highly concentrated suspensions of m. leprae obtained from the organs of experimentally infected armadillos showed little or extremely low o-diphenoloxidase, while the organisms bound 14c-labeled dopa. when these ...1979117257
[secondary resistance in 544 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in the adult]. 1979117276
the methanol extraction residue of bacillus calmette-guerin protects against 7,12-dimethylbenz(alpha)anthracene-induced rat mammary carcinoma. 1979117451
[intralobal pulmonary sequestration and tuberculosis superinfection].among 16 pulmonary sequestrations observed in 23 years, 3 were associated with pulmonary tuberculosis. a detailed report is given on a 37-year-old man who was found by serendipity to have a right lower sequestration after 6 years treatment for tuberculosis; middle and upper lobe function had already been lost. two and half years after pneumonectomy, the patient is in good health. discussion centers on the diagnosis and potential complications of pulmonary sequestrations.1979117543
accidental contamination of diagnostic cultures of mycobacteria and phage identification of the contaminating strain.phage typing of mycobacteria is a new technique not yet widely used for classification and intraspecies differentiation. systematic long-term studies organized by the who have succeeded, using a battery of 11 different mycobacterial phages, in dividing m. tuberculosis into 3 different phage sub-groups, preliminarily labelled as a, b and c. a special case of phage-typing is presented which enabled identification of a virulent mycobacterial strain causing accidental contamination of diagnostic myc ...1979117577
[synthesis and tuberculostatic activity of various derivatives of 3-alkylthio- and 3-phenylthiopyrazine-2-carboxylic acids and thieno[2,3-b]pyrazine]. 1979117675
kinetics of detection of blastogenic responses of neonatal calves inoculated in utero with tetanus toxoid, killed mycobacterium bovis, and killed brucella abortus.nine pregnant cows were laparotomized and their fetuses were immunized with tetanus toxoid, killed brucella abortus, and killed mycobacterium bovis. blastogenesis assays and total leukocyte and differential counts were done when the calves were 1, 2, 3, 7, 14, 21, 28, and 60 days of age. initial blastogenesis responses to antigens, phytohemagglutinin, and concanavalin a were not positive as frequently as were the responses obtained when the calves were 2 to 3 weeks of age. the probability of obt ...1979117730
[a study on prevalence of resistance to primary and secondary drugs among newly admitted pulmonary tuberculosis patients in 1977. part 1. comparison of results in 1977 with those in 1957, '59, '61, '63, '66, '69 and '72 (author's transl)]. 1979118298
[a study on prevalence of resistance to primary and secondary drugs among newly admitted pulmonary tuberculosis patients in 1977. part 2. studies on the factors related to the prevalence of drug resistance (author's transl)]. 1979118299
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