frequency and epidemiology of primary drug-resistance in tuberculosis in the federal republic of germany including berlin (west). partial result of a study of the w.a.t.l. 197898839
the conversion of sputum in tuberculosis. 197898840
[tuberculosis infection]. 197898846
differentiation of bcg from other variants of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from clinical isolated from clinical material may be reliably differentiated from other variants within the species mycobacterium tuberculosis by means of a few simple cultural and biochemical tests and by bacteriophage typing. animal pathogenicity tests may therefore be avoided.197898878
[antitumor activity of the bacterial walls of br. abortus 99].a brief chronologic survey is made of investigations that reveal that the bacterial cell walls and their chemical components exhibit antitumoral activity. discussed is the problem which are the constituents of the bacterial wal and what is the mechanism through which such effects are produced. the conclusion is drawn that some peptides participating in the structure of the bacterial wall after their release in body stimulate the macrophages and thus confer antitumoral activity to them.197898899
delayed hypersensitivy and experimental interstitial pneumonitis.the effects of prior sensitization with killed h37ra tubercle bacilli on the pulmonary reaction to intravenous (iv) challenge with complete freund's adjuvant (cfa) have been studied and were compared to reactions in nonsensitized cfa-challenged controls. rabbits that died within 24 hours of challenge demonstrated acute arteritis prior to granuloma formation. sensitized rabbits had a greater number of exudative cells in the pulmonary lavage fluid and a larger volume of parenchymal infiltrate than ...197899116
[studies on the antituberculous activities of rifampicin (rep) and the period of exposure in vitro (author's transl)]. 197899200
[the effects of antituberculous chemotherapy in vitro under various conditions inadequate for the growth of tubercle bacilli (author's transl)]. 197899201
depression of protective mechanisms against microörganisms in tumor-bearing mice and its restoration by adjuvants.bacterial growth within 72 hr after an intravenous inoculation with listeria monocytogenes was enhanced strikingly in the liver of mice, when viable cells of sarcoma-180 were injected subcutaneously into ddn, c3h/he, and balb/c mice 5 hr before the inoculation. such an enhanced bacterial growth appears to be attributable to a depressed ability of macrophages to digest engulfed bacteria. pretreatments with zymosan, killed bcg, or viable bcg prevented such depression in tumor-bearing mice and incr ...197799344
the suppression of the appearance of bacterial mutants by combined antibacterial therapy. 197899422
virulence of mycobacterium tuberculosis and susceptibility to peroxidative killing sub-bactericidal concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, mycobacterium tuberculosis was killed by hydrogen peroxide/peroxidase/halide microbicidal systems. the halide cofactor could be either iodide or, with much lower efficiency, chloride. omission of any one of the reactants eliminated the tuberculocidal effect. differences in susceptibility between different strains of m. tuberculosis did not correlate with virulence differences. the observations are discussed in the context of host defence m ...197899484
[prediction of time of terminating chemotherapy and of indication of surgical treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis based on bacteriological findings obtained from resected specimens (author's transl)]. 197899593
[pilot trial of a short-term treatment of leprosy by combined chemotherapy and immunotherapy]. 197799787
tuberculosis infection and the repeat test. effect in bcg-vaccinated guinea pigs.groups of bcg-vaccinated guinea pigs were infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis and the course of tuberculin reactions before and after was studied. the infection led to reactions that were accelerated as if repeated tests had been given, but were larger than in such cases. acceleration of reactions due to previous testing was present 1 week, but not 4 weeks after the start of the infection. possibly, in cellular immunity in general, absence of the repeat test effect may be interpreted as a s ...197899809
controlled trial of 6-month and 8-month regimens in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. first report.four short-course antituberculosis regimens allocated at random were studied; (1) streptomycin, isoniazid, and rifampin given daily for 6 months; (2) these 3 drugs plus pyrazinamide given daily for 2 months, followed by twice-weekly administration of streptomycin, isoniazid, and pyrazinamide; (3) a regimen that differed from regimen 2 only in that ethambutol replaced pyrazinamide, and (4) streptomycin plus isoniazid plus rifampin plus pyrazinamide given 3 times per week for 4 months, followed by ...1978100029
an assessment of the place of follow-up pulmonary tuberculosis.i n 1971--4 forty-four patients were found to have drug-susceptible tubercle bacilli in their sputum more than one year after a previous positive result. comparison of their case records with those of 45 controls showed that inadequate chemotherapy was by far the most important cause of relapse. most patients who have had adequate chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis should be discharged. patients who have certain risk factors or who have had inadequate or irregular chemotherapy should be fol ...1978100128
[nomenclature of tuberculosis bacilli. the status of bcg. tuberculins and other mycobacterins]. 1978100221
enzymatic and immunological characterization of the mycobacterium fortuitum complex.the arylsulfatase isozymes of mycobacterium fortuitum, m. peregrinum, m. chelonei subsp. chelonei, and m. chelonei subsp. abscessus were examined to determine the isozymal and immunological relationship among the members of the m. fortuitum complex. cell extracts were subjected to electrophoresis on agarose and polyacrylamide gel, and arylsulfatase activity was localized using beta-naphthyl sulfate as substrate. unique zymograms were produced for m. fortuitum, m. peregrinum, and m. chelonei whic ...1978100510
rodent malaria: bcg-induced protection and dose of 10(7) viable units of mycobacterium bovis, strain bcg, protected a significant number of swiss mice from a primary challenge with 10(4) thoracic sporozoites of plasmodium berghei. immunization with irradiated sporozoites induced greater protection than that observed in bcg-treated with bcg and surviving a primary sporozoite challenge were not protected from rechallenge, whereas mice immunized with irradiated sporozoites and surviving initial challenge of sporozoites were solidly immu ...1978100553
atypical mycobacteria. 1978100630
[experimental pulmonary cavity formation (author's transl)]. 1978100644
[treatment of bronchial lesions in pulmonary tuberculosis with primary drug resistance of mycobacteria]. 1978100778
[immunological changes after bcg vaccination and infection with virulent mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1978100780
tuberculosis in kenya: a second national sampling survey of drug resistance and other factors, and a comparison with the prevalence data from the first national sampling survey. an east african and british medical research council co-operative investigation.a survey was carried out in 1974 in the same random sample of 11 of 30 districts in kenya that were surveyed in 1964, to obtain information on (a) the proportion of patients with pulmonary and with extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, (b) the prevalence of bacteriologically-positive pulmonary tuberculosis, (c) the prevalence of initial and acquired drug resistance, (d) the radiographic extent and type of pulmonary disease, and (e) the changes that had occurred in the 10-year period. of 1490 patients, 8 ...1978100917
comparison of various measures of sensitivity of m. tuberculosis to ethambutol.a sensitivity test for ethambutol was standardised, and performed on cultures isolated from patients before and after the start of chemotherapy with ethambutol and isoniazid. a discrimination type of approach was employed and three criteria of resistance were evolved: (a) growth of 20 colonies or more on ethambutol 4 microgram/ml, using a standard inoculum; (b) a proportion of 25% or more on ethambutol 1.4 microgram/ml; (c) a proportion of 5% or more on ethambutol 2 microgram/ml. the mic definit ...1978100918
host-phage relationships in the genus mycobacterium and their clinical significance.progress made during the last 15 years in the studies on the relationships between mycobacteria and their bacteriophages is reviewed. the basic biology of the phages and the applications of studies on adaptation and host range are discussed in relation to the development of phage typing systems for epidemiological purposes. the nature of lysogeny, its natural occurrence, its experimental establishment, the effect of the lysogenic state on the host bacterium and the evidence that lysogenic mycoba ...1978100919
primary antituberculous drug resistance in hawaii, 1957 to 1977.a study of primary antituberculous drug resistance in hawaii was conducted from 1957 to 1977 to determine the incidence of primary resistance with respect to time. a total of 1,869 initial cultures of mycobacterium tuberculosis submitted to leahi hospital in honolulu were screened to identify drug resistance. of 256 patients who excreted resistant bacilli, only 55 had no history of previous antituberculous chemotherapy. the frequencies of primary drug resistance from july 1957 to july 1977 were ...1978101107
effect of oil-attached bcg cell-wall skeleton and thymectomy on the incidence of lung cancer and amyloidosis induced by chemical carcinogens in rabbits.intravenous injection of oil-attached bcg cell-wall skeleton showed potent preventive activity for induction of lung cancer by the intrabronchial instillation of chemical carcinogens (3-methylcholanthrene, 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide) in rabbits. on the other hand, the thymectomized rabbits developed lung cancer by instillation of chemical carcinogens at an 80% incidence, compared to 47.2% in the controls. there were no differences in the appearance of amyloidosis between thymectomized and bcg cell ...1978101411
enhancing effect of coenzyme, q10 on immunorestoration with mycobacterium bovis bcg in tumor-bearing mice.effect of the additional treatment with coenzyme q10 on immunorestoration with mycobacterium bovis bcg in tumor-bearing mice was investigated. cell-mediated cytotoxicity in tumor-bearing mice against alloantigenic tumor cells was determined by 51cr release assay using spleen cells of c57bl/6n mice which had been inoculated subcutaneously with syngeneic melanoma-b16 and immunized intraperitoneally with alloantigenic mastocytoma p815-x2 cells. the cell-mediated cytotoxicity against mastocytoma p81 ...1978101414
induction of antitumor activity in mice presensitized with mycobacterium by immunization with tuberculin-coated tumor. 1978101417
isolation and characterization of the monounsaturated long chain fatty acids of mycobacterium tuberculosis.the positions of double bond in the monounsaturated c15-c32 fatty acids of mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra were established by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry of the ozonized esters and their pyrrolidide derivatives. the monounsaturated c15-c21 fatty acids had the double bond primarily at the delta 9 position while the monounsaturated longer chain fatty acids (c22-c32) had the double bond in several positions. many of the latter acids, especially the odd-numbered series, were very complex ...1978101728
[carbon metabolism in methylotrophic bacteria isolated from activated sludge]. 1978101747
drug resistant tuberculosis in new zealand.strains of m. tuberculosis resistant to one or more of the antituberculous drugs have not been common in new zealand in the past. there is however, a high incidence of drug resistant tuberculosis in western samoa, 50 percent of cultures tested showing drug resistance and half of these are resistant to two or more drugs. a change from the usual initial treatment is suggested for samoan patients with tuberculosis in new zealand.1978101915
[recurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis in poland. 2. risk factors]. 1978101975
[importance of bacteriological examinations for mycobacterium tuberculosis of certain groups of population with increased risk of contracting tuberculosis]. 1978101984
[biological properties of selected drug-resistant strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1978101985
tuberculosis in south cleveland 1968--74. a laboratory based survey. 1978102006
characteristics of hospitalized tuberculous patients today.the characteristics of 149 patients with tuberculosis consecutively discharged from the tuberculosis service of the university of tennessee hospital in 1975 and 1976 were evaluated. the results of this study indicate the presence in this group of advanced age, alcohol abuse, debility from multiple chronic diseases, drug resistance, and recalcitrance. despite the unfavorable circumstances surrounding these patients, 118 patients showed bacteriologic and/or roentgenographic evidence of improvement ...1978102036
[catalases of mycobacteria as antigens. i. isolation, purification and characterization of catalases from different mycobacteria (author's transl)].preparations of catalase isolated from the strains m. tuberculosis, m. kansasii and m. bovis bcg are produced for testing their antigenic activity. after desintegration of the bacteria the highest activity remained in the precipitation with 50% saturated ammonium sulphate solution. the further purification of the catalase-fractions occurred with the aid of column chromatography on sephadex g 200 and deae-sephadex-a 50 after ultrafiltration. in this way the relative activity increased in m. tuber ...1978102090
[comparative study of virulence of mycobacterium xenopi and other mycobacteria in the rabbit (author's transl)]. 1978102134
pathobiodynamics: changes in ascorbate metabolism in rats with peripheral inflammation. 1978102321
[current status of the problem. i. epidemiology of tuberculosis]. 1978102388
tuberculous evaluate modern treatment and identify important factors influencing the outcome of tuberculous meningitis, clinical and laboratory findings in 52 patients aged from 9 months to 68 years have been reviewed. patients were classified by clinical criterions at admission and at the start of treatment. delay in commencing treatment was associated with deterioration and consequently poorer prognosis, but some severely ill patients made a good recovery. forty-four survivors (85%) recovered, and only ...1979102806
pott's disease in heroin addicts.five cases of tuberculous vertebral osteomyelitis occurred in heroin addicts at st luke's hospital center between 1955 and 1975. all patients were men, and four were between 19 and 33 years of age. in contrast with the indolent onset typical to pyogenic or fungal vertebral osteomyelitis in heroin addicts, patients with pott's disease had an acute toxic reaction, with fever, back pain, weight loss, and night sweats. neurologic abnormalities, uncommon with pyogenic or fungal vertebral infection, o ...1979102808
[a comparison of the time of in vivo resistance development of tubercle bacilli to rifampicin, kanamycin, ethionamide, lividomycin, and enviomycin (tuberactinomycin-n) in patients with chronic cavitary tuberculosis (author's transl)]. 1978102861
antituberculous effect of some imidazole derivatives. 1978102862
[detection of pathogenic mycobacteria in the environment of the medical units and of the slaughter-house of an african town (author's transl)].the authors have made investigations about the presence of pathogen mycobacteria in puddles of rain water and in rill waters of sanitary formations and municipal slaughter-house of yaoundé. 19 strains of pathogen mycobacteria have been isolated from 84 water samples : 15 m. tuberculosis strains, especially present in the environment of sanitary formations, 4 m. bovis strains, especially present in the environment of the slaughterhouse. the third part of isolated m. tuberculosis strains belongs t ...1978102900
[mycobacteriophage typing of acid-fast strains isolated from patients in various provinces of poland]. 1978103079
[healing of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis depending on bacteriostatic effect of various methods of treatment]. 1978103090
[virulence of polyresistant strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1978103091
[pathomorphology of tuberculous and post-tuberculous changes depending on the l-transformation of mycobacteria in the patient's body]. 1978103092
[acquired resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis to rifampicin]. 1978103148
[special aspects of tuberculosis in exposed personnel]. 1978103203
isolation of tuberculin peptides from tuberculin purified protein derivative (ppd).tuberculin purified protein derivative (ppd) obtained from the filtrate of mycobacterium tuberculosis was hydrolysed with proteinase, trypsin, or chymotrypsin. each hydrolysate consisted of a tuberculin peptides mixture (tpm). from each tpm 16 fractions were obtained by ion-exchange chromatography on dowex 50w-x8 but only one fraction was isolated from each of the 16 fractions which showed tuberculin activity in guinea pigs sensitized with m. bovis (bcg) or m. tuberculosis. this fraction was des ...1978103608
pharmacologic factors and manipulation of immunity systemic adjuvants in cancer therapy.because of the experimental and clinical studies which have been extensively conducted with bacillus calmette-guérin (bcg) as a systemic adjuvant in cancer immunotherapy, we have analyzed the main factors and conditions which determine its beneficial action and have underlined some of these (eg, the dose factor which controls the amplification of suppressor cells which is probably responsible for failures and even the possible tumor-enhancing effect of immunotherapy). knowing those factors and c ...1978103616
incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis and change in bacteriological status of cases at shorter intervals. 1978103812
immunological method to differentiate between antigens of tubercle bacilli, other mycobacterial species, and non-acid-fast bacteria.sera from rabbits immunized with sonicates of mycobacterium bovis bcg were passed through an immunoadsorbent made of a soluble bcg extract to make partially purified antibodies to bcg. these antibodies were in turn used to prepare an immunoadsorbent through which the bcg extract was passed. the partially purified antigenic material was radiolabeled and subjected to electrophoresis in acrylamide gels. one of the radiolabeled fractions isolated (bcg-c) was found to bind to antibodies to bcg and h3 ...1978103823
organization of allergic granulomas and dependence on insoluble antigen. 1978104033
[action of preparation k and its components on the causative agent of tuberculosis]. 1978104131
[lymph node tuberculosis--today].the peripheral tuberculosis of the lymph nodes on the neck, in the axilla and on the groin is described in its present epidemiological situation, its pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy. nowadays the tuberculosis of the lymph nodes most frequently occurs at older age and in women. in most cases the m. tuberculosis is the causative organism. the differential diagnosis must take into consideration many possibilities and sources of error--also for the following therapy and expert opinion--, in most ...1978104459
isolation of tubercle bacteria using ogawa egg medium modified by addition of tween 80.a modified medium was developed by altering the composition of 3 per cent ogawa egg medium and adding tween 80. isolation of tubercle bacilli using this medium, in general, showed better growth and colines became visible earlier than the original medium, but there was no improvement in the positive rate.1978104475
stimulating effect of leucine on the growth of m. leprae.m-y 16j agar slant was prepared by modifying m-y 14b which has hitherto been used most widely in our experiments by increasing the amount of na pantothenate and adding leucine, and the growth stimulating effect was investigated referring to the foregoing subculture experiments. the results revealed that the growth of m. leprae was stimulated remarkably in the primary isolation quite similarly to the subculture. this seemed to be resulted from stimulated biosynthesis of fatty acids by the leucine ...1978104535
isolation of m. leprae using semi-synthetic solid agar medium.the primary isolation of m. leprae from leprous nodules was carried out using agar slant prepared by solidifying the basic compositions of m-y series to confirm the reproducibility of the preliminary studies. results revealed that l-feb-75 strain represented thin membraneous growth from about 20th week and it crept up the culture tube wall at about 30th week of incubation at 37 degrees c. l-jun-75 strain, on the other hand, exhibited numerous, white and rough colonies of submiliary size on vario ...1978104536
[leprosy]. 1978104538
radiographic manifestations of pulmonary mycobacterium kansasii infections.the radiographic characteristics of 187 pristine cases of pulmonary mycobacterium kansasii infection are reviewed. the cases were selected from a total of 309 patients with two positive sputum cultures. all but three of the 187 patients had pulmonary disease. the progenitive focus of disease almost always involved the upper lobes, the right side (72%) more often than the left (50%). upper lobe disease began posterior to the trachea in every case. only one patient had disease that originated in a ...1978104602
cell-mediated and humoral immune responses of cattle to brucella abortus, mycobacterium bovis, and tetanus toxoid: evaluation of immunization and assay techniques.a concentration of 2.5 x 10(-5) m 2-mercaptoethanol (2-me) added to the medium in lymphocyte blastogenesis assays increased both the uptake of [3h]thymidine in unstimulated lymphocyte cultures and the probability of detecting antigen-sensitized cattle. the use of 2-me did not cause lymphocytes from unsensitized cattle to react positively in blastogenesis assays. a crude brucella lysate prepared from brucella abortus strain 19 was compared with a well-characterized brucella protein allergen prepa ...1978104645
cell-mediated and humoral immune responses of cattle to brucella abortus, mycobacterium bovis, and tetanus toxoid: immunization of the fetus. 1978104646
a continuing survey of tuberculosis primary drug resistance in the united states: march 1975 to november 1977. a united states public health service cooperative study. 1978104647
growth characteristics of atypical mycobacteria in water and their comparative resistance to disinfectants.with the increasing significance of group iv atypical mycobacteria as etiological agents in a variety of infections, studies were conducted to determine their growth capabilities in water and their comparative resistance to disinfectants used to decontaminate hospital equipment. isolates of mycobaterium chelonei (tm strains) from peritoneal fluids of patients and peritoneal dialysis machines were able to multiply in commercial distilled water, with generation times at 25 degrees c ranging from 8 ...1978104656
[is bacteriophage typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis of practical value?]. 1978104757
recovery from tuberculous meningitis. 1979104758
the effect of cortisone on the accumulation, activation, and necrosis of macrophages in tuberculous lesions.rabbits were injected intramuscularly with cortisone acetate (2 mg/kg) on alternate days. six days after the first injection these rabbits and controls were injected intradermally in multiple sites with bcg (the vaccine strain of tubercle bacillus). periodically, over the next 2 months, the resulting lesions were measured and surgically biopsied, and the animals were tuberculin-tested. macrophage activation in the bcg lesions was evaluated histochemically by staining for beta-galactosidase activ ...1978104930
bovine tuberculosis. 1978105166
[adjuvant activity and antigenicity of maf3 determined by the lymphocyte blastogenesis (author's transl)]. 1978105172
effect of mycobacterial water-soluble adjuvant (maf3) on the immune response of guinea pigs to the hapten-carrier conjugates. 1978105230
[action of iodophoric disinfectants and chlorhexidine-containing preparations on human-type tubercle bacilli]. 1979105345
[bacteriostatic activity of the blood in pulmonary tuberculosis and its clinical significance]. 1979105352
[detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis with the parallel use of various methods]. 1979105353
[prognostic value of isolation of drug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1978105475
[the use of mycobacteria in the estimation of the concentration of antibiotics, antimycotics and antituberculotics (author's transl)].the possibility of using the rapid resistance test to determine the levels of antibiotic, antimycotic and antituberculotic drugs is systematically investigated. as a rule the incubation time reduced to seven days for tubercel bacilli results in a lower inhibitor concentration (mic) than with other microbiological methods used in tuberculosis diagnostics due to a lower inactivation of the drugs. the mic of antibiotics and antituberculotics is found between 0.02 and 15 microgram/ml; for penicillin ...1978105479
cell-mediated immunity on secretory surfaces. 1978105574
[persisters and chemotherapy in tuberculous infection (author's transl)]. 1978106180
[decrease of isoniazid-resistant mycobacterium strains]. 1979106354
[comparative study of methods for the bacterioscopic diagnosis of tuberculosis and of methods for determining drug sensitivity]. 1979106383
[effect of temperature fluctuations in sending pathological material on the inoculability of mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1979106384
[biological characteristics of the specific and nonspecific microflora in osteoarticular tuberculosis]. 1979106385
[microbiological studies in the clinical picture of osteoarticular tuberculosis]. 1979106386
[study of the milk of nursing mothers with tuberculosis for mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1979106387
cross-reactions between mycobacteria. ii. crossed immunoelectrophoretic analysis of soluble antigens of bcg and comparison with other mycobacteria.cross-reactions between mycobacterium bovis bcg and various other mycobacteria, nocardia asteroides, corynebacterium pyogenes and listeria monocytogenes were studied by incorporating antibodies against these bacteria in the intermediate gel of a crossed immunoelectrophoretic system with bcg antigen and anti-bcg antibodies. in the bcg reference system forty-four distinct antigenic components were recorded, of which thiryt-three cross-reacted with mycobacterium tuberculosis, twenty-five with m. av ...1979106465
pericarditis due to mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium fortuitum: a case this case study, pericarditis results from mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium fortuitum. both organisms were isolated from three different clinical specimens: a pericardial fluid, pericardium, and a thoracentesis fluid. a mixed mycobacterial culture was initially suspected upon examining ziehl-neelsen stained smears prepared from the primary cultures following seven to ten days of incubation. dilutions and subcultures were subsequently performed, confirming the presence of two diffe ...1979106725
acetylated methylmannose polysaccharide of streptomyces griseus. locations of the acetyl groups.the positions of esterification of the 4 to 5 acetyl residues in the acetylated methylmannose-containing polysaccharide from streptomyces griseus have been established by the methyl replacement technique, wherein ester substituents are specifically replaced with methyl ether substituents. the newly incorporated methyl groups were distinguished from 3-o-methyl groups by the use of polysaccharide containing radioactively labeled endogenous methyl groups. the positions of methyl group localization ...1979107171
isoprenoid quinones in the classification of coryneform and related bacteria.menaquinones were the only isoprenoid quinones found in 85 of the 95 coryneform bacteria examined. dihydromenaquinones having nine isoprene units were the main components isolated from corynebacterium bovis, from other glutamic acid-producing strains, and from arthrobacter globiformis and related species. dihydromenaquinones with eight isoprene units were found in brevibacterium linens, the remaining corynebacterium species and strains probably belonging to the genus rhodococcus. tetrahydromenaq ...1979107269
[sputum positive conversion among retreatment cases with pulmonary tuberculosis converted to negative by the use of rifampicin (author's transl)]. 1979107360
[effect of amikacin on experimental tuberculosis of mice (author's transl)]. 1979107361
[short course chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis with duration for 6 months after sputum negative conversion. (report 1)--report of the 19--20th a series of controlled trial of chemotherapy--(author's transl)]. 1979107362
immunologic functions and in vitro activation of cultured macrophage tumor lines.five murine monocyte of macrophage tumor lines adapted to culture were characterized for differentiated properties. they ingested zymosan and latex beads, bore receptors for immunoglobulin and complement, synthesized lysozyme (most of which was secreted), and produced granulocyte colony-stimulating activity, either spontaneously or inducibly. some of the lines also mediated phagocytosis and exocytosis of red blood cells (rbc) and lysis of tumor targets, dependent on the presence of specific anti ...1978107454
[epidemiological and clinical aspects of drug-resistant tubercle bacilli in children treated in the years 1961--1976]. 1979107515
benign presentation of tuberculous meningitis. 1979107992
immunosuppression by mycobacterial arabinomannan. 1979108041
thrombocyte migration and the release of thrombocyte inhibitory factor (thrif) by t and b cells in the chicken.the elaboration of various inhibitory factors by sensitized lymphocytes has been reported for both mammals and birds. until recently, the ability of the b cell to elaborate these had been questioned by a number of investigators. we have demonstrated the release of a lymphocyte inhibitory factor from the avian thymus and bursal lymphocyte. the avian thrombocyte is active in haemostasis as well as being a phagocytic cell. we have demonstrated that the ability of the thrombocyte to migrate, signifi ...1979108206
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