cross-resistance amongst thiambutosine, thiacetazone, ethionamide and prothionamide with mycobacterium leprae. 197884317
[primary resistance observed in 974 strains of m. tuberculosis isolated from adult pulmonary patients]. 197884325
comparison between the effects of micrococcus, bcg and related polysaccharides in preclinical chemo-immunotherapy of murine l 1210 leukaemia [proceedings]. 197884653
evidence for a ruthenium red-staining extracellular layer as the haemagglutinin of the wvu 1853 strain of mycoplasma synoviae. 197884665
evaluation of mycobacteriology laboratories: the acid-fast a proficiency testing program, slides bearing acid-fast bacilli were sent to laboratories in new york state. the most reliable results were obtained in laboratories using the ziehl-neelsen method. cold staining procedures were less reliable. the auramine-rhodamine fluorescent stain, which produced many false positives, should be confirmed by the ziehl-neelsen procedure. the testing program described can be used to determine whether laboratories perform the acid-fast stain effectively.197884804
leprosy's footprints in bone-marrow histiocytes. 197985259
microbial-like antigens in human leukemia.antigens present in leukemic sera and organ extracts, but absent from non-leukemic sera and tissues, were detected by examining their reactions with anti-microbial antisera by means of counter-immunoelectrophoresis. out of 110 different antisera used, 12 antisera, those produced against micropolyspora, coccidioides, salmonella, mycoplasma, mycobacterium simiae, absidia, pseudorabies virus and adenovirus, proved to react regularly with the leukemic sera. absorption studies point to an immunologic ...197885287
[comparison of different methods of detecting mycobacterium tuberculosis during antibacterial therapy]. 197985299
sarcoidosis and mycobacterial l-forms. a critical reappraisal of pleomorphic chromogenic bodies (hamazaki corpuscles) in lymph nodes. 197886180
immunotherapy models in experimental animals. 197987018
[experiments for the serological establishment of the species of mycobacteria inducing an immune restructuring of the macroorganism].serological investigations are carried out on hyperimmune rabbit and guinea pig sera with two antigens each of mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv, mycobacterium bovinus, mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium kanzassi. one of the antigens is obtained through electrohydraulic destruction of delipidated mycobacteria, while the other constitutes cell walls, purified with ribonuclease, of non-delipidated mycobacterial cells, destroyed by the same method. the antigens, prepared by the electrohydraulic m ...197887060
studies of leukemia specific antigen and immunotherapy of acute leukemia with cell-wall skeleton of bcg. 197887101
re-evaluation of sputum staining for the diagnosis of pulmonary were collected at 2 teaching institutions, university hospital, university of michigan (umh) and university of california at los angeles (ucla) hospital, to evaluate the usefulness of the auramine-rhodamine fluorochrome stain in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in hospitalized patients. the patients studied had received no prior therapy, and their sputum specimens were positive for a pathogenic mycobacterium by microscopy or culture or both. the true-positive smear rate was 0.88 at u ...197987141
specific inhibition of formation of acid-fastness in mycobacteria by 3,3'-di-o-methylellagic acid.3,3'-di-o-methylellagic acid obtained from euphorbia adenochlora selectively inhibited the formation of acid-fastness in mycobacteria without retardation of their growth. gross reductions in contents of wax d, cord factor and free mycolic acids were found in the nonacid-fast bacilli compared with the normal ones.197987342
lipid-modified antigens. i. specificity of guinea pig t lymphocyte responses and i-region restriction. 197987434
sputum-smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis: controlled trial of 3-month and 2-month regimens of chemotherapy.of 1072 chinese patients with radiographically active pulmonary tuberculosis and no microscopic evidence of acid-fast bacilli in sputum examinations, only 691 (64%) were sputum-culture negative. all patients were randomly allocated to selective chemotherapy (antituberculosis chemotherapy not being started until the activity of the disease had been confirmed), to daily streptomycin, isoniazid, rifampicin, and pyrazinamide for 2 months or 3 months, or to a standard 12-month control regimen. during ...197987829
tuberculosis chemotherapy--how long. 197987838
leprosy's footprints in bone marrow. 197988011
evaluation of the chloride and bromide salts of cetylpyridium for the transportation of sputum in tuberculosis bacteriology.the usefulness of cetylpyridium chloride and cetylpyridium bromide, at a final concentration of 1% in 1% solution of sodium chloride, for the transportation of sputum in tuberculosis bacteriology, was evaluated. it was found that these compounds did not alter the staining properties nor the viability of the tubercle bacilli for at least 14 days.197988109
mycobacterial antigens: a review of their isolation, chemistry, and immunological properties. 197888663
[use of herman's method of staining mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 197989264
the influence of decalcifying fluids on the demonstration of mycobacterium tuberculosis in paraffin sections. 197989611
[effect of pesticides on tissue structures of the lungs and on the course of experimental tuberculosis]. 197989674
histochemical demonstration of enzyme activities in plastic and paraffin embedded tissue sections.histochemical staining for enzymes is usually performed on frozen sections. this report lists the longer incubation times required to demonstrate esterase, acid phosphatase, beta-galactosidase, and cytochrome oxidase in plastic embedded and ruotine paraffin embedded tissues. the sections embedded in plastic, i.e. water soluble methacrylate (polyscience's jb-4) and cut at 2 micrometers, were far superior to frozen sections and paraffin embedded sections both in tissue detail and in the localizati ...197990411
analysis of antigens in mycobacterium paratubercuolsis. 197990456
identification of a mycobacterium leprae specific protein antigen(s) and its possible application for the serodiagnosis of leprosy.acetone-killed mycobacterium leprae separated from infected armadillo liver tissue without the use of proteases were treated with 0.2 m lithium acetate, 20 mm edta, ph 8.8 solution, and the concentrated antigen extract was analyzed by ouchterlony immunodiffusion. the antigen extract gave a single immunoprecipitate when reacted with pooled lepromatous leprosy (ll) patients sera made highly specific for m. leprae by adsorption. apparently identical precipitates were produced by reacting the antige ...197990666
pyridine extractability of acid-fastness from mycobacterium leprae.various mycobacteria were tested for their ability to retain acid-fastness after treatment with pyridine: a) mycobacterium leprae separated from organs of 20 experimentally infected armadillos (which were sacrificed); b) m. leprae separated from a biopsy of a lepromatous patient; c) direct smears of lepromatous tissues from armadillos; d) eighteen cultivable mycobacteria obtained from the american type culture collection (atcc); e) cultivatable mycobacteria separated from the lymph nodes of a wi ...197990667
pyridine extraction of m. leprae. 197990668
[mycobacterium africanum (author's transl)].a restatement about m. africanum. diagnosis is based on the aspects of cultures and some biochemical features. its resistance potentiality is that of m. tuberculosis except for tb 1 with which resistance is very frequent. it has a rather low experimental virulence and seems to be confined to africa.197991078
[present state of resistance to antibiotics by tuberculous bacilli in africa (author's transl)].tuberculous bacilli isolated from recently infected patients from various african countries, are resistant to the main specific antibiotics. the present study analyses these resistances which are frequent and mainly directed against inh and streptomycin. resistance against inh is frequently associated, and is due to inadequate monitoring of the treatment. the resistance against streptomycin is probably due in part to the frequent use of streptomycin against common non-tuberculous infections. the ...197991079
the harada's staining method for leprosy bacilli. 197991361
[diagnostic value of microbiological methods of detecting the causative agent of tuberculosis in studying sputum of varying character]. 197991711
[method of identifying mycobacteria by using screening tests]. 197991714
importance of the neural predilection of mycobacterium leprae in is suggested that continuous leakage of bacilli into the circulation from a primary focus of intraneural infection may simultaneously initiate bacillary dissemination and the suppression of cell-mediated immunity. both these features are essential for the development of lepromatous leprosy. nerve involvement in leprosy, previously thought of as a diagnostic feature of the disease and as a complication of therapy, may represent an essential phase in the cycle of infection and reinfection by my ...197991779
ige class-specific suppressor t cells and establishment of their hybrid cell line. 197991965
legionella, mycobacteria, and freund's adjuvant. 197991969
basic mechanisms of chemotherapy. 197992392
the chemotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis: a review. 197992393
[the efficiency of cold staining methods at the light microscopical evidence of acid fast bacilli (author's transl)].comparing studies has been demonstrated wether or not the cold staining of acid fast bacilli is qualitative and quantitative better than the ziehl-neelsen-method. the hot staining was superior to all cold staining methods and their modifications tested. if a cold staining is necessary two methods are recommended, the kinyoun method and the staining with carbolfuchsin which chloroform is added to. thin smear and homogeneous material provide better results. additional investigations concerning dec ...197992862
[why monospecific tuberculin skin test antigens have not been isolated]. 197993497
[effects of tween stabilization on the sensitivity and specificity of mycobacterial purified protein derivatives]. 197993498
[commission on screening and diagnostic methods: sputum samples spread on the slide but not fixed: study with the intent of staining and culturing tubercle bacilli]. 197993499
comparison of auramine-rhodamine b and acridine orange for staining of acid-fast cooperation of 6 laboratories in czechoslovakia and in the gdr, the efficiency of auramine-rhodamine b (ar) and acridine orange (ao) (short-time method) for staining of acid-fast bacilli was compared. whereas a former comparison of ar and ao (original method) pointed out the superiority of ar, the investigation of both methods used as short-time procedures showed significantly more acid-fast rods after using ao. the number of "false positive" results was somewhat higher on ar staining. howeve ...197993610
the location and expression of idiotypic determinants in the immunoglobulin variable region--iii. expression of the protein 315 and 460 idiotypic determinants in mouse anti-dnp antibodies. 197993694
effect of micrococcus, bcg and structurally related polysaccharides on the adjuvanticity to a t cell-dependent antigen [proceedings]. 197993950
cellular immunity in patients with tuberculosis caused by mycobacterium kansasii and mycobacterium tuberculosis. 197994081
[repeated contamination of an antiseptic solution by mycobacterium chelonei]. 197994449
macrophage-lymphocyte clusters in the immune response to soluble protein antigen in vitro. viii. cinephotomicrographic studies.t cells from immune guinea-pigs produce clusters in vitro with macrophages pulsed with soluble protein antigens. the formation of clusters is antigen-specific. time-lapse cinephotomicrography was used to study the sequence of events leading to cluster formation and the kinetics of already formed clusters. the central lymphocyte attaches through a broad base to the macrophage during the first few hours of incubation. after several hours, during which the central lymphocyte is situated alone on th ...197994460
macrophage-lymphocyte clusters in the immune response to soluble protein antigen in vitro. ix. antigen-pulsed macrophages as a tool for specific absorption of cluster-initiating t cells.t-cell populations from guinea-pigs sensitized to the protein antigens purified protein derivative of mycobacterium tuberculosis, ovalbumin, or horseradish perioxidase can be selectively depleted of cells capable of initiating antigen-specific macrophage-lymphocyte clusters in vitro. the depletion is achieved by incubating the t cells on a monolayer of antigen-pulsed macrophages in a petri dish for some hours and then gently aspirating the cells not adhering to the bottom of the dish. when subse ...197994461
primary and secondary resistance of mycobacterium tuberculosis in eastern botswana.of 51 patients in eastern botswana who denied previous anti-tuberculosis treatment, 6 (11.8 %) were excreting tubercle bacilli resistant to one of the first-line drugs in regular use: 4 patients (7.8 %) showed resistance to isoniazid, 2 (3.9 %) to thiacetazone and none to streptomycin. of 44 patients known to have been on previous anti-tuberculosis treatment, 31 (70.5 %) were found to show resistance to one or more of the first line drugs: 31 (70.5 %) to isoniazid, 12 (27.2 %) to streptomycin an ...197994476
therapeutic effect of intravenously administered yeast glucan, in mice locally infected by mycobacterium leprae. 197994971
the chemical nature of the antigen-specific moiety of transfer factor. 197995068
[gram-positive bacteria as adjuvants (author's transl)].gram-positive bacteria or their constituents influence the immune response in various ways. for instance: listeria monocytogenes cellwall fraction acts as b-cell mitogen, in this way enhancing a humoral immune response. corynebacterium parvum acts as a macrophage stimulant evoking maximum macrophage activation. bcg, among other things, leads to an enhancement of a t-cell response to unrelated antigens. the hypothetical therapeutic consequences are discussed.197896006
selective platelet immune retention.inbred rats were immunized with freund's adjuvant containing proteins of mycogacterium tuberculosis, mycobacterium butyrium, or dinitrochlorobenzene (dncb). native arterial blood was then passed over glass beads coated with those antigens. the platelet retention on the glass beads was measured. rats immunized with complete freund's adjuvant developed accelerated platelet retention on beads coated with protein derivatives of tuberculosis (ppd) after just 18 seconds of blood flow. rats immunized t ...197896007
mode of action of anti-tubercular drugs. 197796023
modification of methods used in bacteriophage typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates.a procedure in which soft agar overlays were used in bacteriophage-typing mycobacterium tuberculosis is presented. this safer method uses commercially available media, whereas media presently used must be prepared in the laboratory. single plaque isolations of the phage bg-1 specifying phage type a and b of m. tuberculosis were readily made by using the modified procedures. this purification and the use of prototype strain myc 1415 as the indicator host strain have significantly enhanced the abi ...197896127
comparison of several culture media used for studies on mycobacteriophages.the value of rva, n-1, 7h10, 7h11 and sauton's media for studies on mycobacteriophage infeciton and lysis of mycobacteria was assessed. experiments were made with mycobacteriophages bgi, bki, cri-3, g37, and lg, all of which lyse mycobacterium smegmatis strain 607b, and with mycobacteriophage ds6a which lyses mycobacterium tuberculosis strain h37rv. the methods involved "direct lysis", the measurement of "routine test dilutions" and counts of plaque-forming units. it was found that n-1, 7h10 and ...197896257
[cross resistance in mycobacteria--biochemical and genetic aspects (author's transl)]. 197896293
[skin sensitivity to battey and kansasii sensitins in a selected rural population and students. ii. skin sensitivity to kansasii sensitin and rt-23 tuberculin simulatneously]. 197896432
[tuberculin reactions in guinea pigs injected with virulent and avirulent tubercle bacilli]. 197896433
[meningoencephalitis as an evolutive conplication of hodgkin's disease]. 197896497
detection of antibodies to mycobacterium johnei by counterimmunoelectrophoresis.counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie) was applied in the detection of antibodies to mycobacterium johnei in 110 sheep, 11 goat and 31 cattle sera and compared to immunodiffusion (id) test. one per cent noble agar, 7 ml per slide of 5 cm x 10 cm; barbitone-tris buffer, mu = 0.03, ph 8.6; a constant current of 5 ma per slide and m johnei protoplasmic antigen at 4 mg per ml were found to impart high sensitivity to cie and give rapid results. cie detected 97 sheep, 11 goat and 31 cattle positive sera, ...197896579
[studies of pyrazine derivatives. vi. synthesis and tuberculostatic activity of 6-alkoxy and 6-phenoxy pyrazine-2-carbothioamides]. 197896662
antigenic relationships of various mycobacterial species with mycobacterium tuberculosis.antigen cross reactivity of various mycobacterial sonicates with mycobacterium tuberculosis was studied by fused rocket immunoelectrophoresis using 2 mycobacterium tuberculosis reference antisera. a considerable degree of cross reactivity was noted with both antisera, and each anti-serum revealed different information about the antigenic complexities between mycobacteria.197896711
tryptophan uptake by mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv: effect of rifampin and ethambutol.uptake of radioactive tryptophan by mycobacterium tuberculosis h(37)rv grown in vitro and in vivo was investigated. k(m) values indicated low affinity, and sodium azide inhibited uptake. rifampin at the minimal inhibitory concentration had no effect, whereas ethambutol inhibited uptake only in the bacilli grown under in vitro conditions. the significance of these results is discussed.197896733
a new experimental model of systemic connective tissue disease in immunized rabbit, the immumizations with whole mycobacterium tuberculosis injected intradermally and its crude cytoplasmic w.s.e. injected intraarticulary induce not only a self-perpetuating synovitis in the stimulated knee but also chronic systemic lesions of connective tissue (non-stimulated knee, both shoulders, aortic artery adventitial valvular endocardium, liver, kidneys and lungs). w.s.e. stimulates precipitating antibody synthesis, skin reaction and lymphoblastic transformation of lymphocytes i ...197896883
biological nitrogen fixation in the terrestrial environment of a high arctic ecosystem (truelove lowland, devon island, n.w.t.).arranged in descending order of nitrogen-fixing (acetylene-reducing) potential the sites examined were mesic meadow and peat polygon troughs (equal rank), transition zone between mesic meadow and gravel ridge, gravel ridge, polar dessert, and peat polygon tops. the dominant nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, as in other arctic areas, were blue-green bacteria, especially those epiphytic on arctic mosses. the epiphytic association exhibited an optimum temperature for fixation of 20 degrees c. other b ...197896927
studies on transfer rna from preparations of trna and aminoacyl-trna synthetases have been isolated from exponentially growing cells of mycobacterium smegmatis and mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv. though the aminoacyl-trna synthetases of older cells retain their activity, the trnas seem to undergo modification and show poorer activity. the mycobacterial enzyme preparations catalyse homologous and heterologous aminoacylation between trna from the two species (m. smegmatis and m. tuberculosis h37rv) or from escherichi ...197896929
test for differentiation of m. tuberculosis and m. bovis from other mycobacteria.a test is described for selective inhibition of mycobacterium tuberculosis and m. bovis isolates in fluid medium. the method employs rho-nitro-alpha-acetyl-amino-beta-hydroxy-propiophenone (nap) as an inhibitory agent for differentiation of mammalian tuberculosis strains from other mycobacteria.197896930
lipids of the streptomycettes. structural investigation and biological interrelation a review.during a systematic investigation of lipids of streptomycetes a series of compounds of biochemical and microbiological interest have been isolated and characterized. these include several menaquinones, glycosyl diglycerides (glucuronosyl and isoladobinosym diglycerides), two ornithino lipids and a diol phospholipid. some of these lipids were not known previously as constituents of streptomycete cells although they have been encountered elsewhere; others have proved to be novel lipids. the result ...197896946
evaluation of diagnostic criteria in tuberculous meningitis in children, including the hemagglutination test on the cerebrospinal fluid. 197797215
activity of amikacin against mycobacterium tuberculosis. 197897261
characterization of the purified components of a new homologous series of alpha-mycolic acids from mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra.homologous series of alpha-mycolic acids from mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra were separated according to size as their p-bromophenacyl ester by bonded c18 reverse-phase, high performance liquid chromatography. mass spectrometry of the prominent components separated by high performance liquid chromatography gave relatively simple spectra and showed a series of components differing by 28 atomic mass units. a total of different structures were identified. the structures were established as follow ...197897292
mycolic acids. a reinvestigation.mycolic acids derived from the cell walls of mycobacterium bovis bcg, mycobacterium bovis bovinus i, mycobacterium smegmatis, and mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv have been fractionated as their p-bromophenacyl esters by a two-step high performance liquid chromatographic procedure: 1) adsorption chromatography on 10-micrometer particle size silica gel, and 2) reverse phase partition chromatography on a 10-micrometer particle size support containing a c18 bonded phase. this procedure has resulted ...197897301
nitrate reductase activity of mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium bovis in the presence of electron donors.the activities of the nitrate reductase enzyme of mycobacterium tuberculosis, m. bovis, and of bcg were assayed with and without addition of electron donors. m. tuberculosis always reduced nitrate; m. bovis did so only in the presence of electron donors, and bcg did not show enzymatic activity.197897306
cerebral prostaglandin synthesis during the dietary and pathological stresses of essential fatty acid deficiency and experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.rats of the lewis strain were fed diets adequate or deficient in essential fatty acids (efa). at 70-80 days of age experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) was induced using adjuvants containing either mycobacterium butyricum or mycobacterium tuberculois h37ra. when the former mycobacterium was used, the incidence of eae was greater in the efa-deficient than in efa-adequate controls; but when the rats challenged with m. tuberculosis, the incidence of the disease was the same in both dietary ...197897486
[study of specific sensitivity of the erythrocytes in pulmonary tuberculosis]. 197897657
[chemotherapy of tuberculosis with controlled viability of mycobacteria in the sputum]. 197897658
[method of increasing the effectiveness of the passive phosphatide hemagglutination test]. 197897659
[method of rapid determination of the cord factor in the mycobacterium colonies on solid nutrient medium]. 197897660
[action of streptomycin-group preparations on experimental tuberculosis caused by sensitive and resistent mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 197897661
[virulence of rifampicin-resistent mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 197897662
[virulence of h37rv cultures treated with mycobacteriophages]. 197897663
[quantitative method of assessing the virulence of mycobacterium tuberculosis in an experiment on guinea pigs]. 197897664
antimycobacterial antibodies in tuberculosis. i. the counterimmunoelectrophoresis (cie) test. 197897743
[derivatives of 2-thion-3-isonicotinoylamino-thiazolid-4-one with tuberculostatic activity]. 197897745
[tuberculosis and mycobacteriosis in cattle in the province of santander]. 197797771
mycobacteriosis in monkeys: a report of two cases. 197897835
[character of bacillus elimination in patients with freshly detected pulmonary tuberculosis]. 197897865
effect of low temperature on growth, viability, and synthesis of mycolic acids of mycobacterium tuberculosis strain h37ra.cultures of mycobacterium tuberculosis strain h37ra were grownto early logarithmic phase at 37 degrees c and were incubated at 16 degrees, 20 degrees, and 25 degrees c. the decrease in this ability was more rapid at 20 degrees c than at 16 degrees c. low-temperature incubation caused decreases in the ratios of mycolic acids and monounsaturated c16-19 fatty acids relative to the total of fatty acids synthesized. it also caused an increase in the ratio of saturated c24-26 fatty acids relative to ...197898081
niacin-negative strain of mycobacterium tuberculosis. 197898083
enhancing effect of passive immunization with mycobacterial antibodies on humoral and cellular immunity in bcg-infected mice.the present paper is an attempt to get insight about the mechanisms involved in the enhancing phenomenon that occurs in bacterial infections. mice infected with small doses of the bcg strain of m. bovis and treated with a m. tuberculosis h37rv antiserum investigated at various intervals for their capacity to synthesize haemagglutinating antimyco-bacterial antibodies and to develop delayed hypersensitivity to ppd. as controls, bcg-infected mice were treated with the antiserum freed from its mycob ...197898097
identification and drug sensitivity of tubercle bacilli from addis ababa, ethiopia. 197898117
manipulations of the phagosome-lysosome fusion response in cultured macrophages. enhancement of fusion by chloroquine and other amines. 197898333
bacteria induce lymphokine synthesis polyclonally in human b lymphocytes.we have studied the ability of various bacteria to stimulate human lymphocytes to produce leukocyte migration inhibitory factor (lif). mononuclear cells from adult and cord blood as well as purified t and b lymphocytes were stimulated with killed bacteria. the culture supernatants were tested for the presence of lif by the agarose migration method. all nine bacterial strains tested activated unseparated mononuclear cells and b lymphocytes but not t cells to produce lif. lif was also present in c ...197898583
host-parasite relationships in experimental airborne tuberculosis. vii. fate of mycobacterium tuberculosis in primary lung lesions and in primary lesion-free lung tissue infected as a result of bacillemia.evidence suggests that in humans tuberculous disease usually arises at apical or subapical sites in the lungs seeded as a consequence of an early bacillemic phase of the infection. this study examined the fate of bacilli transported via the bloodstream to metastatic sites in the lungs of guinea pigs after aerosol infection with approximately two viable virulent mycobacterium tuberculosis. the results revealed that, even after logarithmic-phase multiplication of bacilli in primary lesions had bee ...197898601
drug-resistant tuberculosis. 197898637
[a new therapeutic approach to open pulmonary tuberculosis with a combination of isoniazid, prothionamid and dapson (author's transl)]. 197898759
differentiation of mycobacteria by "in vivo" and "in vitro" delayed hypersensitivity reactions.guinea pigs were sensitized with heat killed m. tuberculosis, m. kansasii, m. scrofulaceum, and m. avium-intracellulare. purified protein derivatives (ppds) prepared from each of these organisms were tested for delayed type hypersensitivity by lymphocyte transformation, macrophage migration, and mantoux type skin sensitivity tests. the homologous reactions were consistently more intense than heterologous reactions in all three procedures. the skin test procedure was more sensitive than either in ...197898814
experimental data on the antimicrobial activity of isoprodian (pth). 197898838
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