effect of phagocytosis on superoxide anion production and superoxide dismutase levels in bcg-activated and normal rabbit alveolar macrophages. 1978212559
coexistent bronchogenic carcinoma and active pulmonary tuberculosis.sixty-four cases of coexistent bronchogenic carcinoma and active pulmonary tuberculosis were diagnosed between 1969 and 1976. the majority were male chronic cigarette smokers in their fifth and sixth decades. human bacilli were isolated in 48 patients (88.9 percent) and atypical bacilli in six patients (11.1 percent). all of the atypical bacilli and 8.3 percent of the human bacilli were found to be resistant to the first line antituberculous drugs. all patients, except two who died following res ...1978212648
[causes of failure in neutralization, recovery and social rehabilitation of chronic eliminators of koch bacilli treated with rifampin and ethambutol]. 1978212812
[clinical studies of the role of the fluorescent circulating antibody test in the diagnosis of active tuberculosis].the value was studied, of the test of circulating fluorescent antibodies against m. tuberculosis in establishing the diagnosis of active tuberculosis in 610 patients classified in 4 groups: 1. active tuberculosis bacteriologically confirmed; 2. active tuberculosis with negative bacteriological examination, but confirmed by other methods of criteria; 3. stabilized tuberculosis; 4. non-tuberculous affections. the specificity of the test in active tuberculosis was of 80% in adults and of 91,5% in c ...1978212813
phospholipid antigens of mycobacteria. 1978214399
induction of enhanced resistance against encephalomyocarditis virus infection of mice by nonviable mycobacterium tuberculosis: mechanisms of protection.nonviable mycobacterium tuberculosis strain jamaica suspended in oil-droplet emulsions was used to enhance resistance of mice against encephalomyocarditis virus (emcv). the mycobacteria-injected mice were significantly resistant to 50,000 50% lethal doses of emcv. similar concentrations of virus in plasma of normal and mycobacteria-injected mice from 1 to 120 min after injection of emcv showed that resistance was not a result of rapid elimination of virus from the circulation. furthermore, survi ...1978215550
[risk factors and high-risk groups in the prevention of tuberculosis].starting from the premise that in the methodology of tuberculosis control priority should be given to the higher risk groups, the authors tried to identify such groups and list them in the order of their priority within the district of a dispensary serving a population of about 400,000 inhabitants. on comparing the results of the detection of risk factors among the population in general with that per endangered groups it was found that the former presented a decrease (from 1.09 to 0.44 per thous ...1978217059
[current incidence and clinical significance of non-culturable bacilli or those culturable with difficulty].an analysis of 246 patients with positive smear present bacilli and negative cultures revealed that in only 9% of the cases no organized previous treatment had been applied, although almost half of these had benefited from short courses with streptomycin associated with penicillin before an exact diagnosis of tuberculosis had been made. since the remaining 91% had had 1--2 months of chemotherapy, which frequently included rifampicin, the authors stress that microscopically detectable germs are f ...1978217063
metabolism of cyclic amp in non-pathogenic mycobacterium smegmatis.the intracellular concentration of cyclic amp reached a maximum in 3.5-day old cultures of mycobacterium smegmatis grown in the presence of glycerol as the main source of carbon. glucose-grown cells exhibited decreased cyclic amp levels at all stages of growth. when m. smegmatis cells were incubated with various metabolites, pyruvate increased whereas glucose, ctric acid, succinic acid and lactic acid decreased intracellular cyclic amp levels. no cyclic amp was detected in the incubation medium. ...1979218515
cerebrospinal fluid lymphocyte transformations in meningitis.cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytes from 13 patients with nonsuppurative meningitis were cultured with antigens derived from mycobacterium tuberculosis, sporotrichum schenckii, and herpes simplex. when csf lymphocytes from five patients with infections associated with these organisms were incubated with "correct" antigen there was increased incorporation of thymidine. the levels were higher than those seen when the cells were incubated with different antigens or when csf lymphocytes from patients wi ...1979219789
phagosome-lysosome fusion and cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate in macrophages infected with mycobacterium microti, mycobacterium bovis bcg or mycobacterium lepraemurium.when ingested by mouse peritoneal macrophage monolayers, live mycobacterium microti caused a sustained increase in monolayer cyclic amp content and fusion of lysosomes with the bacterium-containing phagosomes was impaired. ingested live m. bovis bcg caused a transient increase in cyclic amp and the defect in phagolysosome formation was less pronounced. dead mycobacteria and live m. lepraemurium neither enhanced monolayer cyclic amp content nor inhibited phagolysosome formation. mycobacterium mic ...1979220379
purification, physicochemical properties, and localization of cytochrome c in energy-transducing membranes from mycobacterium phlei. 1979220917
adjuvant immunotherapy of lung cancer with bcg cell wall skeleton (bcg-cws).four hundred fifty-five patients with lung cancer were treated with oil-attached cell-wall skeleton of bacillus calmette-guérin (bcg-cws) as adjuvant immunotherapy following initial conventional therapy. the overall survival period of the patients was prolonged significantly as compared with that of 380 patients in a historical control group receiving initial conventional therapy alone (p less than 0.0001). the prolongation of the survival period of the patients was also statistically significan ...1979221088
macrophage activation by mycobacterial water soluble compounds and synthetic muramyl dipeptide.the adjuvant effects of mycobacteria can be replaced by more chemically defined isolates of the cell walls including a water soluble fraction (wsa) and by the synthetic analog n-acetyl-muramyl-l-alanyl-d-isoglutamine (mdp), which is the minimal structure required for adjuvanticity. these compounds can directly activate macrophages as determined by an increase in spreading and adherence and by an elevated synthesis of the enzyme collagenase. moreover, this increase in collagenase production is mo ...1979221582
[studies of the action of lipari pumice dust on experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs and on cultures of koch bacillus]. 1978222225
viomycin resistance: alterations of either ribosomal subunit affect the binding of the antibiotic to the pair subunit and the entire ribosome becomes resistant to the drug. 1979222276
nonspecific adjuvant immunotherapy of lung cancer with cell wall skeleton of mycobacterium bovis bacillus calmette-guérin.nonspecific adjuvant immunotherapy with bacillus calmette-guérin cell wall skeleton (bcg-cws) was given to 155 lung cancer patients. clinical effects of the bcg-cws treatment were estimated by comparing the survival of the bcg-cws group with that of a historical control group on the basis of 4-year results. significant prolongation of survival time has been observed in clinical stages ii, iii (m0) and iii (m1). however, most stage iii patients who were given the bcg-cws treatment died of cancer ...1979222448
superoxide, superoxide dismutase, lipoperoxidation, and m. leprae. 1979222696
the requirement for macrophages in the augmentation of natural killer cell activity by bcg. 1979222845
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-splitting enzyme in normal, elicited and activated peritoneal macrophages of the mouse. 1979222905
generation of cytotoxic lymphocytes against human tumor cells in vitro by various soluble microbial extracts. 1979222929
[results of intermittent biweekly treatment with rifampicin and ethambutol in silicotuberculosis].the results were analysed, of the results obtained by the associated treatment with rifampicin and etambutol 2/7 for at least 6 months in 53 patients with silico-tuberculosis and positive bacteriologic tests. only two of the patients in the group were in the 1-st stage of silicosis while half of the patients had cavities. also 50% of the patients had strains showing resistance to various drugs. only five of the patients did not receive chemotherapy before the start of the study. immediate favour ...1979223222
introduction--heterogeneity of the cellular immune response. 1979223416
macrophage-dependent, nk-cell-independent "natural" surveillance of tumors in syngeneic mice.the present study, which was designed to further characterize the "natural" t-independent rejection of syngenetic tumours (greenberg and greene, 1976), has revealed the following points: (1) no detectable dba/2 nk cell activity was demonstrated against the syngeneic tumour lines studied, and these tumours were indensitive to nk cells from high-activity strains; (2) in addition the tumour frequencies in old and young mice receiving small tumour inocula were identical, in contrast with the reporte ...1979223992
a study of transfer factor for opportunistic infections in cancer patients.although supportive care during therapy of patients with malignancies has improved, infection remains the major cause of death in these patients. the problem of "opportunistic" infections is becoming more apparent as better antibiotics are found. the control of these infections depends in part on mechanisms of cell-mediated immunity. it has been demonstrated that delayed-type hypersensitivity can be transferred from one person to another. therefore, we used transfer factor in the treatment of 15 ...1979225647
metchnikoff-schaumann bodies in experimental yersin's type tuberculosis induced with mycobacterium avium in hamster.structure and ultrastructure of metchnikoff-schaumann bodies occurring in macrophages, epithelioid cells and multinucleated giant cells in tuberculous granuloma were investigated. their similitude with other reported intracellular calcareous bodies occurring in malakoplakia, infectious orchitis (michaelis-guttman' bodies or calcosphaerites), in beryllium granulomas (conchoid bodies) and sarcoidosis (schaumann bodies) is discussed.1979225661
an adenosine diphosphoglucose glucohydrolase of mycobacterium phlei. 1979226469
[evaluation of initial supervised and integrated treatment of tuberculosis].the operational and technical efficiencies were evaluated, of the initial, intermittently administered chemotherapy, supervised and integrated by the general medical network. the treatment was applied in 160 patients detected in 53 rural medical districts. it was noted that under the operational aspect the treatment was applied in 100% of the eligible patients, and administration of all the necessary doses was achieved in 91,6% of the patients. bacteriological negativation by the direct examinat ...1979227036
catabolic pathways of coryneforms, nocardias, and mycobacteria. 1979227323
interactions between viomycin resistance and streptomycin resistance on ribosomes of mycobacterium smegmatis. 1979228160
interaction between 30 s ribosomal components in a viomycin resistant mutant of mycobacterium smegmatis.a high level viomycin resistant mutant of mycobacterium smegmatis atcc 14468 (ac16) was analyzed genetically and biochemically in an attempt to understand the mechanisms of expression of high level viomycin resistance and co-resistance to kanamycin and streptomycin. genetic analysis has shown that at least three different genes (vicc, str, and kan) were involved in the phenotypic expression of drug resistance in ac16, and high level resistance to viomycin was due to interactions between the prod ...1979228161
cytostatic activity of peripheral blood monocytes against bronchogenic carcinoma cells in patients with lung cancer.cytostatic acitivity of peripheral blood monocytes against cultured cell lines of bronchogenic carcinoma was examined in patients with lung cancer. cytostatic activity in lung cancer patients with neither augmented nor suppressed as compared with that of controls such as normal healthy persons, patients with malignancies other than lung cancer, and patients with benign respiratory diseases. there was no correlation between the cytostatic activity of monocytes and the advance of clinical stages o ...1979229054
serum angiotensin-converting enzyme, transcobalamin and lysozyme in normal and lepromatous armadillos. 1979229221
[analysis of failures of chemotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis in adults]. 1979229540
[observations on the number of sputum samples used in establishing the bacteriological diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis]. 1979229542
[a serological study of respiratory infections in pilgrims to mecca]. 1978229604
phagocytosis-induced injury of normal and activated alveolar macrophages.the present study tested the hypothesis that bcg-activated macrophages become injured when they phagocytose certain particulates. the data indicate that alveolar macrophages obtained from mycobacterium bovis bcg-sensitized animals were more susceptible to cell death after in vitro incubation with bcg or zymosan than were macrophages from normal animals. increased susceptibility was dependent on phagocytosis, since incubation with cytochalasin b, a phagocytosis inhibitor, abrogated the effect. ca ...1979231011
a regulatory role for interferon in immunity. 1979231406
comparison of the in vivo & in vitro activities of adenylate cyclase from mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra (nctc 7417). 1979231572
[effectiveness of treatment with rifampicin and isoniazid in association with ethambutol or prothionamide in patients with recently detected pulmonary tuberculosis].in newly discovered patients with cavitary forms of pulmonary tuberculosis treatment with rifampicin, in association with other drugs, leads to recovery (negativation) in 69,6 percent of the patients in 3 months, in 92 per cent after 6 months and in 94,6 percent after 9 months of treatment. closure of cavities is found in 23,4 percent, 64,5 percent and 76,6 percent of all patients at the corresponding time intervals. comparisons of the various regimens of chemotherapy which include rifampicin sh ...1979232302
modulation of the tumoricidal function of activated macrophages by bacterial endotoxin and mammalian macrophage activation factor (s). 1979232620
functional similarity and diversity in peritoneal macrophage populations induced in vivo by various stimuli. 1979232817
adenosine triphosphatase of mycobacteria.a mg+2-(ca+2)-activated adenosine triphosphatase activity has been demonstrated in saprophytic, human pathogenic and non-pathogenic, and atypical, species of mycobacteria. (na+ + k+)-activated adenosine triphosphatase was absent in the species investigated. the effect of age of culture on enzyme activity was revealed in an increase up to mid logarithmic phase of growth, and a decline thereafter. differences in oxygen tensin during growth did not alter enzyme activity. isonicotinic acid hydrazide ...1979233112
studies on the mechanism of mycobacterium smegmatis l-lactate oxidase. 5-deazaflavin mononucleotide as a coenzyme analogue.apo-lactic oxidase from mycobacterium smegmatis reconstituted with the deazaisoalloxazine analogue of fmn, 5-deazafmn, undergoes reduction by l-lactate but not catalytic reoxidation by o2. the rate of deazafmn-holo-enzyme reduction by substrate is 1.1 min-1. with l-[alpha-3-h]-lactate, direct tritium transfer to enzyme-bound deazafmn occurs during reduction. no evidence for a stable covalent lactate-deazafmn adduct has been obtained. the deaza-fmnh2-enzyme is reoxidized extremely slowly by o2, c ...1975234460
effect of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide on the membrane-associated reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide oxidase of mycobacterium phlei.nad+ had a biphasic effect on the nadh oxidase activity in electron transport particles from mycobacterium phlei. the oxidase was inhibited competitively by nad+ at concentrations above 0.05 mm. nad+ in concentrations from 0.02 to 0.05 mm resulted in maximum stimulation of both nadh oxidation and oxygen uptake with concentrations of substrate both above and below the apparent k-m. oxygen uptake and cyanide sensitivity indicated that the nad+ stimulatory effect was linked to the terminal respirat ...1975234463
suppression and regression of a transplanted tumor in the guinea pig colon mediated by mycobacterium bovis, strain bcg.the growth in the colon wall of a diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatocarcinoma was suppressed by bcg. injection of bcg into established colon-wall tumors caused tumor regression. successful therapy required a limited tumor burden. guinea pigs in which growth of the neoplasm was suppressed at the site of bcg infection developed systemic tumor transplantation immunity.1975234537
bcg and cancer prevention. 1975234658
variations in the pathways of malate oxidation and phosphorylation in different species of mycobacteria.mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv, the slow-growing human pathogenic strain of tubercle bacilli and mycobacterium smegmatis and mycobacterium phlei, the fast-growing saprophytes, have shown variations regarding the type of dehydrogenase that initiates malate oxidation in the respiratory chain. m. tuberculosis h37rv is characterized by having a malate oxidase system (designated malnad pathway) in which malate oxidation is mediated by the nad+-dependent malate dehydrogenase (ec but not by ...1975234747
detection of antibodies to mycobacterium tuberculosis by solid phase radioimmunoassay.the sandwich solid phase radioimmunoassay procedure has been adapted to the serological diagnosis of tuberculosis by the use of disposable plastic haemagglutination trays in which the wells were sensitized with soluble mycobacterial antigen and the subsequent uptake of globulin from test sera detected with radioiodinated antiglobulin. the influence of time and temperature of the incubation stages, ph, washing times, drying and the efficiency of various non-specific blocking agents have been stud ...1975234990
1-alkyl-2-nitroimidazol-5-yl derivatives. i. 1975235267
analysis of bacterial biotin-proteins.the biotin-protein populations in several bacterial strains were analyzed by solubilization of [3h]biotin-labeled cells with sodium dodecylsulfate followed by electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels containing the detergent. a variety of patterns of biotin-labeled polypeptide chains was seen, ranging from a single biotin-protein in escherichia coli, corresponding to the biotin carboxyl carrier protein component of acetyl-coa carboxylase, to multiple species in enterobacter aerogenes, pseudomonas ...1975235315
[etiology and pathogenesis of primary pulmonary hypertension]. 1975235664
natural antibodies in healthy adults.the serum of 100 adults living in budapest was examined for isohaemagglutinin titre with haemaglutination, for staphylococcal-antitoxin titre with haemolysis inhibition and for bacterial antibody titre against 17 different groups of bacteria with passive haemagglutination. antibody levels in males, except for certain bacterial antibodies, were somewhat lower than in females. the antibody titres, especially in men, decreased gradually from 20 to 50 years of age and were usually lower in rh negati ...1975235827
effect of phospholipase a on the structure and functions of membrane vesicles from mycobacterium phlei.the phospholipid composition of the electron transport particles and coupling factor-depleted electron transport particles of mycobacterium phlei are the same, but they differ in contents. the accessibility of partially purified phospholipase a to these membrane phospholipids was found to be different. treatment of membranes of mycobacterium phlei with phospholipase a impairs the rate of oxidation as well as phosphorylation. the inhibition of phosphorylation can be reversed by washing the membra ...1975236299
the mediator of cellular immunity. x. interaction of macrophages and specifically sensitized lymphocytes. 1975237635
iron transport in mycobacterium smegmatis: ferrimycobactin reductase (nad(p)h:ferrimycobactin oxidoreductase), the enzyme releasing iron from its carrier. 1975237787
the relationship between length of incubation, bacterial growth and tuberculin yield of a strain of mycobacterium tuberculosis.the relationship was studied between length of incubation in a liquid synthetic medium, amount of bacterial growth, ph of the culture filtrate and tuberculin yield of a single strain, dt, of mycobacterium tuberculosis. no sinple relationship was found between the total crop of bacteria and the tuberculoprotein content of the culture filtrate. on the other hand, protein release and the ph of the culture filtrate were closely related. in each of two trials the bacterial crop increased rapidly duri ...1975238317
observations on trace proteins in plasma of febrile patients by cationic disc electrophoresis in acrylamide gel at ph 3.8.cationic disc electrophoresis at ph 3.5 in 6 m urea-containing acrylamide gels permits analysis of plasma and other body fluids for the presence of trace proteins with pi greater than or equal 5 and m.w. less than 60,000. these charge and size characteristics would include rabbit and human granulocytic pyrogen, human monocytic pyrogen and, by inference, other similar candidate pyrogenic proteins. semiquantitation of the trace protein content can be achieved by densitometric scanning of gels stai ...1975238735
[asparagine metabolism in mycobacteria. ii. -- asparagine hydrolysis and aspartohydroxamic acid formation and hydrolysis catalysed by m. fortuitum, m. phlei and bcg asparaginases (author's transl)].crude extracts of bcg, m. fortuitum and m. phlei, hydrolyse asparagine (i) and l-beta-asparthohydroxamic acid (iii), and catalyse the synthesis of aspartohydroxamic acid from asparagine and hydroxylamine (ii). the ratio between these enzymatic activities (i:ii and i:iii) presents a certain stability during the different steps of purification of these mycobacteria asparaginases. in particular, m. fortuitum asparaginase has been purified 90 to 130-fold, with recovery of approximately 10%. only the ...1975239619
1-alkyl-2-nitroimidazol-5-yl derivatives ii. n-substituted nitrones. 1975239726
cholesterol metabolism by mycobacterium.cholesterol metabolism by mycobacterium species atcc number 19652 was studied in defined media. whole cells were found to take up 91% of the total cholesterol when incubated five days at 34 degrees c in media of ph 6.8-7.4. uptake of cholesterol by whole cells could be significantly inhibited by 2,4-dinitrophenol and dicyclohexylcarbodiimide. growth media supernates as well as isolated microbial cell walls were found to contain cholesterol hydrolysing activity. this activity was extractable by t ...1975240103
[characteristics of a mycobacterium mucosum culture oxidizing cholic acid].some physiologo-morphological and biochemical characteristics were studied with the culture of mycobacterium mucosum 1210 which can assimilate cholic acid as a sole source of carbon. this culture is capable of spontaneous variability. four variants of the culture were obtained which possessed different rates of the transformation of cholic acid. the variant which formed slimy colonies of pale-yellow colour was the most active. some morphological modifications of the cells were investigated in th ...1975240106
[comparative characteristics of the ability to coagulate milk in different representatives of the order actinomycetales].the ability to clot milk was studied among 482 cultures of actinomycetales. the highest activity was manifested by thermophilic actinomycetes, the next come globisporous, white, and gray groups of the genus actinomyces. cultures belonging to the genera mycobacterium and mycococcus did not clot milk. the ability to clot milk can be used as an additional taxonomic index while studying ray fungi.1975240108
growth inhibition of mycobacterium tuberculosis by oleate in acidified medium. 1975240119
purification, crystallization, and properties of d-ribose isomerase from mycobacterium smegmatis.d-ribose isomerase, which catalyzes the conversion of d-ribose to d-ribulose, was purified from extracts of mycobacterium smegmatis grown on d-ribose. the purified enzyme crystalized as hexagonal plates from a 44% solution of ammonium sulfate. the enzyme was homogenous by disc gel electrophoresis and ultracentrifugal analysis. the molecular weight of the enzyme was between 145,000 and 174,000 by sedimentation equilibrium analysis. its sedimentation constant of 8.7 s indicates it is globular. on ...1975240851
a new group of water-soluble iron-binding compounds from mycobacteria: the exochelins. 1975240908
[evaluation of the cholinesterase activity of bacteria on a solid nutrient medium]. 1975241005
low molecular weight water-soluble peptidoglycans as adjuvants and immunostimulants.the tetrasaccharide-heptapeptide (th), when injected with mineral oil, exerted a strong adjuvant effect. it stimulated b and t cells, but did not increase the phagocytic activity of the reticulo-endothelial system. while bcg exerted significant preventive effect on the growth of sarcoma 180, leucosarcomatosis an ehrlich ascitic tumor, th, at the doses used, was devoid of such activity.1975241167
l-asparaginase activity of mycobacterium phlei under various growth mycobacterium strains were grown statically on salts-glycerol-asparagine (sauton) or on salts-glucose-glutamate (sym) media. at desired time of incubation, the bacteria were washed with water, disintegrated with powdered corundum and in resulting cell-free extracts l-asparaginase activity was determined by the conway method. the majority of experiments were performed on m. phlei which exhibited considerable rise in l-asparaginase activity with increasing age of the culture. this change did ...1975242189
abnormal forms of bacteria produced by antibiotics.subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics can produce in vitro aberrant forms of bacteria that are similar to those observed in specimens and cultures from patients being treated with antibacterial agents. eight species of bacteria were grown on membranes placed on agar containing subinhibitory concentrations of nine antibiotics. the resulting organisms were examined by gram stain and electron microscopy. gram stains showed filamentous and granular forms of enterobacteria with bipolar staining ...1975242211
the purification and properties of peroxidase in mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv and its possible role in the mechanism of action of isonicotinic acid hydrazide.peroxidase from mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv was purified to homogeneity. the homogeneous protein exhibits catalase and y (youatt's)-enzyme activities in addition to peroxidase activity. further confirmation that the three activities are due to a single enzyme was accomplished by other criteria, such as differential thermal inactivation, sensitivity to different inhibitors, and co-purification. the y enzyme (peroxidase) was separated from nadase (nad+ glycohydrolase) inhibitor by gel filtrat ...1975242321
diabetic status in leprosy.the diabetic status of the local jhansi patients (120 cases) was established before and after antileprosy treatment. control studies were performed in normal healthy subjects (50 persons) without family history of diabetes mellitus. random normals showed an incidence of diabetes only 2%, while leprosy patients (94 males and 26 females) had incidence of diabetic status of 14.2%. the highest incidence (19.3%) of diabetes was in lepromatous leprosy and lowest incidence (6.4%) in tuberculoid leprosy ...1979261975
[the fight against tuberculosis and hansen's disease. general appraisal of the epidemiologic analogy of the koch and hansen mycobacterium infections]. 1979261978
[mycobacteria in centrifuge sludge from milk processing centers]. 1979262694
different binding sites for entry and exit of amino acids in whole cells of mycobacterium phlei.on the basis of mutual inhibition of uptake with different amino acids in whole cells of mycobacterium phlei, it was demonstrated that the binding site of proline was different from those of all other amino acids studied. other groups of amino acids share a common binding site: lysine, histidine, and arginine; valine, leucine, and isoleucine; tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine; glutamic acid and aspartic acid. the exit and entry processes were studied for proline, glutamine, and glutamic ac ...1977263821
suppurative cervical adenitis caused by opportunist mycobacterium.of 45 consecutive submandibular abscesses treated by external drainage in a district oral surgery unit, four cases, representing nearly 9% of the sample, were caused by opportunist mycobacterium avian-intracellulare, an organism known to give a poor response to all known antimycobacterial chemotherapeutic agents. treatment by excision of the diseased tissue is indicated in these cases. the diagnosis and management of these conditions is discussed.1977265175
mycobacterium marinum infections of the hand: report of two cases in coastal south carolina. 1977266094
multiple skin testing of tuberculosis patients with a range of new tuberculins, and a comparison with leprosy and mycobacterium ulcerans infection.four hundred and seventy tuberculosis patients were each skin tested with four of a range of 17 mycobacterial reagents in four countries in all of which tuberculosis and leprosy were endemic. sixteen of the reagents were new tuberculins prepared from extracts of living mycobacteria disrupted by ultrasonic disintegration and the last was ppd, rt23.the effect that tuberculosis exerted on the delayed-type skin test response to these antigens was assessed by comparing results for tuberculosis patien ...1977266538
tuberculosis due to mycobacterium kansasii.eighteen cases of tuberculosis due to mycobacterium kansasii have been described. eleven were from western australia and seven from queensland. the symptoms, x-rays and histology of the disease were indistinguishable from those due to mycobacterium tuberculosis, but the organisms were resistant to streptomycin, para-amino-salicylic (pas) and isoniazid, but sensitive to ethionamide and cycloserine, and in most cases sensitive to rifampicin and ethambutol. all 18 cases were treated with some form ...1977266899
disseminated atypical tuberculosis-antedating the clinical onset of neoplasia.two cases of disseminated atypical tuberculosis are presented in which the infection anteceded by over four years the development of acute granulocytic leukemia on one and hodgkin's disease in the other patient. the presence of disseminated atypical mycobacteriosis in the absence of a clearcut underlying illness suggests a "preneoplastic state." it should alert the clinician to the possibility of a neoplastic disorder which may not become clinically manifest for several years.1977268997
tropical fish tank granuloma.a case of tropical fish tank granuloma due to mycobacterium marinum is presented. the source, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment are discussed.1977271819
immunotherapy and chemoimmunotherapy of malignant disease with bcg and nonviable mycobacterial fractions. 1977272083
disseminated bcg disease associated with immunotherapy by scarification in acute leukemia.disseminated bcg infection developed in a patient with acute leukemia receiving bcg immunotherapy by scarification. predisposing factors included the underlying malignancy, intensive chemotherapy, and continuous high-dose corticosteroids. the scarification technique is safe; however, physicians should be alert to this syndrome as a cause of fever of unknown origin in cancer patients receiving bcg immunotherapy.1978276413
[classification and identification of the genus mycobacterium]. 1977279061
[differential diagnosis between mycobacterium diernhoferi (bönicke and juhasz) and mycobacterium parafortuitum (tsukamura, toyama and mizuno)]. 1977279063
sporotrichoid mycobacterium marinum infection in diabetes. chemotherapy with rifampin and ethambutol. 1978279836
[differential study of fast growing scotochromogenic mycobacteria]. 1977283472
nature of transformation of hydrocortisone by cells incorporated into polyacrylamide gel.the ability of mycobacterium globiforme 193 cells immobilized in polyacrylamide gel (paag) to transform soluble and microcrystalline hydrocortisone was investigated under conditions to periodic aeration. it was found that the specific 3-oxosteroid-delta'-dehydrogenase activity of immobilized cells hardly differs from that of free cells and averages 0.06 mumole/mg cells . min; the quantitative and qualitative composition of the transformation products formed by free and immobilized cells was iden ...1979297469
mycobacterium avium serotype 4 infection in swine. 1979298934
effectiveness of killed virulent cell vaccine against paratuberculosis. 1979298935
abnormal chemotaxis in patients with cutaneous anergy.chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and mononuclear leukocytes was studied in six patients who had persistent cutaneous anergy. four had previous infections (three fungal and one caused by mycobacterium kansasii), one had sarcoidosis, and one had late-onset immunoglobulin deficiency. our data indicate that some patients with persistent cutaneous anergy have a combined defect of leukocyte function. lymphocytes incubated in vitro with mitogen failed to elaborate active lymphocyte-derived ch ...1977300135
chronic lung disease in children.since tuberculosis is still a significant threat, the family physician needs to be familiar with methods of its diagnosis and treatment. among other entities discussed are atypical mycobacteriosis sarcoidosis, and cystic fibrosis.1977301112
differential tuberculin test for mycobacterial infection in children.a composite antigen prepared from strains of m. avium, m. intracellulare and m. scrofulaceum has been used in addition to ppd in differential skin tests, principally on children investigated for mycobacterial cervical adenitis. the tests were uniformly successful in 12 cases bacteriologically positive for opportunist mycobacteria and gave unequivocal positive or negative results in 30 cases awaiting diagnosis.1977301316
immunostimulators induce granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating activity and block proliferation in a monocyte tumor cell line.monocyte tumor cell line pu5-1.8 does not normally produce colony-stimulating activity (csa) required by granulocyte and macrophage progenitors to proliferate and mature in agar. however, csa is induced in the culture line by as little as 10 ng/ml endotoxic lipopolysaccharide (lps), with maximum csa production and release to the medium between 2 and 3 days of incubation. derived lipid a, but not alkali-treated lps, is also active. induction requires rna and protein synthesis, but is not blocked ...1977301553
[a case of subcutaneous abscess due to mycobacterium fortuitum (author's transl)]. 1977301580
mycobacterium marinum infections treated with tetracycline.five cases of mycobacterium marinum skin infections were successfully treated with 2 gm of tetracycline hydrochloride daily for periods from four to 12 weeks. in each case, the isolated m marinum was sensitive in vitro to tetracycline at levels from 25 to 50 microgram/ml. tetracycline is recommended as treatment for extensive or sporotrichoid m marinum infections.1977302108
in vitro effects of lidocaine on anaerobic respiratory pathogens and strains of hemophilus influenzae.lidocaine is commonly employed as a topical anesthetic agent during fiberoptic bronchoscopic procedures or transbronchial brushing. previous studies have demonstrated an inhibitory effect of lidocaine on the growth in culture media of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, as well as several species of mycobacterium and various fungi. the current in vitro investigation demonstrates an inhibitory, as well as a bactericidal, effect of lidocaine hydrochloride (in concentrations identical to tho ...1977302778
the production of a lymphocyte inhibitory factor (lyif) by bursal and thymic this study the migration and migration inhibition of different lymphoid cell populations from immunized and control birds were evaluated. bursal, thymic, and splenic cells migrated in a capillary tube with thymic cells forming the characteristic cone of cells within 4 hours of culture. both thymic and bursal cell populations from birds sensitized by mycobacterium tuberculosis produced a lymphocyte inhibitory factor (lyif) when stimulated by specific antigen in vitro. the ability of bursal cel ...1977303455
three forms of delayed skin-test response evoked by mycobacteria. 1978305000
induction of myeloid colony-stimulating activity in murine monocyte tumor cell lines by macrophage activators and in a t-cell line by concanavalin a.certain fibrosarcoma lines in culture and the wehi-3 myelomonocytic leukemia cell line have previously been shown to secrete myeloid colony-stimulating activity (csa) spontaneously. we describe here other hematopoietic tumor cell lines in which csa is either produced constitutively or inducible by immunostimulators. csa production in macrophage and monocyte tumor lines is induced by lipopolysaccharide, zymosan, mycobacterium strain bacillus calmette-guérin, tuberculin purified protein-derivative ...1978305822
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