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on the classification of the streptothrices, particularly in their relation to is impossible from any point of view, morphological, biological or serological, to draw a sharp dividing line in this series. the forms change gradually from the mycelial organism to the bacillary, acid-fast organism. it is biologically a group complex and should be so considered. no doubt experiments with a larger series of species would yield results giving a possibility of closer classification and the introduction of some of the forms now in a debatable position, as bacillus diphtheriae a ...191319867629
direct cultivation of the mycobacterium tuberculosis. 192518011589
carbohydrate metabolism of organisms of the genus mycobacterium. 193016559456
studies on carbon metabolism of organisms of the genus mycobacterium: ii. utilization of organic compounds in a synthetic medium. 193116559495
studies on carbon metabolism of organisms of the genus mycobacterium: iii. end products of carbohydrate utilization as determined in synthetic media cultures. 193116559496
the pathological changes following experimental exposure of dogs to mycobacterium tuberculosis of avian origin. 193119969955
susceptibility of the gopher (citellus tridecemlineatus) to mycobacterium tuberculosis. 193119969954
dissociation of mycobacterium leprae. 193216559593
single cell dissociation of acid fast bacteria : mycobacterium of avian tuberculosis; mycobacterium of "rat leprosy". 193316559609
studies on the effect of synthetic surface-active materials on bacterial growth: i. the effect of sodium disecondary butyl naphthalene sulphonate on the growth of mycobacterium smegmatis. 193516559848
the relation of micro-organisms to carotenoids and vitamin a: the production of carotenoids by mycobacterium phlei. 193516745939
cellular reactions to waxes from mycobacterium leprae.1. the waxes from the b. leprae, like those from tubercle bacilli, are remarkable stimulants of cells. 2. the crude wax separated from the b. leprae is a mixture of lipoids and other materials, and gives reactions that include the types of cells characteristic of the response to the tuberculo-polysaccharide, phosphatide, and wax. 3. the wax obtained from the purification of the lepra phosphatide shows similar cellular reactions but with a greater proportion of foreign body giant cells. 4. lepros ...193519870447
effectiveness of hot hypochlorites of low alkalinity in destroying mycobacterium tuberculosis. 193616559929
glycerol and carbohydrate utilization by mycobacterium tuberculosis. 193616559976
inhibitory action of colloidal sulphur in corper's agar on the growth of four strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis hominis. 193618014482
the types of mycobacterium tuberculosis prevailing in montreal : (an interim report). 193620320444
the relation between the growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis and the yield of tuberculin on synthetic media. 193716560014
infection of adult cattle with mycobacterium tuberculosis avium. 194120475596
the history of six old cultures of mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194120475608
respiration and nutritional requirements of certain members of the genus mycobacterium. 194316747696
the influence of sulfanilamide upon the yellow pigment formed by mycobacterium tuberculosis from p-aminobenzoic acid. 194416560821
a yellow pigment formed from p-aminobenzoic acid by mycobacterium tuberculosis var. hominis. 194416560840
inhibition of growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis by a mold. 194417817564
an antibiotic substance active against mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194517799206
inhibition of growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis by a mold product. 194517740753
non-acid-fast forms of the mycobacterium of human leprosy. 194517780131
[not available]. 194520292247
[not available]. 194520292248
[not available]. 194520292252
[not available]. 194521013553
[not available]. 194520986318
tubercle bacilluria. 194521005401
activity of helvolic acid against mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194521006490
antibiotic substances active against m. tuberculosis. 194521007941
[not available]. 194521012665
inhibition of growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis by a mold product--the effect on pathogenic human tubercle bacilli. 194617784178
biologic changes in sulfonamide-resistant mycobacterium ranae. 194616561100
synthesis of b-complex vitamins by tubercle bacilli when grown on synthetic media. 194620286146
the relationship of acquired resistance, allergy, antibodies and tissue reactivities to the components of the tubercle bacillus. 194620286147
action of penicillin on mycobacterium leprae muris. 194620289744
an antibiotic (anti-smegmatis factor) produced by an actinomycete, specifically inhibiting species of mycobacterium. 194620277706
[not available]. 194620278826
report of the committee on evaluation of laboratory procedures [american trudeau society]. 194620279516
growth inhibition of tubercle bacilli by fusariun, sp. 194620281110
the effect of penicillin on the tubercle bacillus. 194620283086
the effect of penicillin on the growth of human type m. tuberculosis. 194620283087
the use of mice in the examination of drugs for chemotherapeutic activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194620283100
[not available]. 194620246654
the effect of water soluble lipids on the growth and biological properties of tubercle bacilli. 194620274625
the relation between chemical structure of sulfones and their bacteriostatic activity. 194620274636
a comparison of the effect of p-amino phenyl sulfone compounds in vitro and in vivo on tubercle bacilli. 194620274637
reaction of the developing chicken embryo and the chorioallantoic membrane to inoculation with various strains of mycobacterium paratuberculosis (johne's bacillus). 194620275302
the tubercle bacillus and fundamental chemotherapeutic and antibiotic action. 194620275719
on the nature of two carboxylic acids of high molecular weight obtained from the waxes of acid-fast bacteria. 194620276126
[not available]. 194620249334
[not available]. 194620296700
[not available]. 194620297325
evolution of mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194620341443
[not available]. 194620294007
[bacilli-status of tuberculosis in very young children]. 194620290690
the tuberculostatic action of the sodium salts of certain synthetic alicyolic acids. 194621013262
determination of pathogenicity of tubercle bacilli by their intermediate metabolism. 194621008765
inhibition of growth of mycobacterium tuberculosis by a mold product; the effect on pathogenic human tubercle bacilli. 194621012224
production of vitamin b2 by mycobacterium smegmatis. 194620987008
[not available]. 194620989746
laboratory aids in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. 194620991069
vaccination with the vole bacillus (wells); protective value of percutaneous and intracutaneous vaccination; observations on multiple puncture vaccination on man. 194620995858
the production of riboflavin by mycobacterium smegmatis. 194620998026
a study of the relationship of resistance, allergy, antibody and tissue reactivity in tuberculosis to the components of the tubercle bacillus. 194621000309
the effect of para-amino-salicylic acid in vitro and in vivo on virulent human type tubercle bacilli. 194621002634
detection of tubercle bacilli by the fluorescence technique. 194621003293
the influence of streptomycin and promin on the proliferation of tubercle bacilli in the tissues of the albino rat. 194620983213
immunization with the vole bacillus; the protective value of the vole bacillus (wells) as compared with bcg against tuberculous infection. 194620984406
vole bacillus; susceptibility of south african wild rodents to the vole strain of acid-fast bacillus and to other acid-fast bacilli; preliminary report. 194620984407
virulence of tubercle bacilli; in vitro testing by the use of diphtheria antitoxin. 194620984413
isolation of mycobacterium leprae in culture. 194620984878
biologic changes in sulfonamide-resistant mycobacterium ranae. 194620985568
[not available]. 194620986215
a comparison of various egg media for the routine isolation of mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194621065048
inhibition of mycobacterium tuberculosis by garlic extract. 194621066575
cultural examination for mycobacterium tuberculosis; results in a public health laboratory over a four-year period. 194621016352
effect of some fatty acids on the oxygen uptake of mycobact. tubercul.hum. in relation to their bactericidal action. 194621017939
susceptibility of the golden hamster (cricetus auratus) to mycobacterium tuberculosis hominis and bovis. 194621023168
the effects of (a) freeze-drying and (b) low temperature on the viability of mycobacterium tuberculosis. 194621023169
toadstools and mushrooms as a source of antibacterial substances active against mycobacterium phlei and bact. typhosum. 194621024275
a nucleoprotein from avian tubercle bacilli. 194621026223
isolation of mycobacterium tuberculosis from gastric contents neutralized after varying periods. 194621027326
soil bacteria similar in morphology to mycobacterium and corynebacterium. 194716561362
the respiration of mycobacterium phlei. 194716748129
the oxidation of lactic acid by mycobacterium phlei. 194716748131
antiseptic action of glycerite of hydrogen peroxide on mycobacterium tuberculosis (var. hominis). 194717740558
the demonstration of naturally-occurring streptomycin-resistant variants in the human strain of tubercle bacillus h-37rv. 194717791810
[not available]. 194720294193
antigenic relationship between the genus mycobacterium and the genus corynebacterium in goats and cattle. 194720295886
[not available]. 194720344188
nonbacillary forms of mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium leprae. 194720344292
the effect of para-aminosalicylic acid on tubercle bacilli. 194720344293
the effect of diet on the susceptibility of mice to experimental infection with mammalian tubercle bacilli. 194720344294
differential characteristics of virulent and avirulent variants of mammalian tubercle bacilli. 194720344295
alcohol as a disinfectant against the tubercle bacillus. 194720344594
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