the soluble blue pigment, indochrome, of arthrobacter polychromogenes. 19695345987
the effect of herbicides on soil microflora. 8. the effect of herbicides on growth and morphology of some species of bacteria. 19695358100
aromatization of 9alpha-hydroxy-19-norandrostenedione by arthrobacter simplex. 19695365807
growth of arthrobacter citreus in a chemically-defined medium and its requirement for chelating agents with schizokinen activity. 19695365937
the nitrogen nutrition of soil and herbage coryneform bacteria. 19695371052
[microbiological transformation of 3-beta-hydroxy-5,6-epoxy-steroids]. 19695373533
microbiological degradation of bile acids. ring a cleavage and 7alpha, 12alpha-dehydroxylation of cholic acid by arthrobacter simplex.the metabolism of cholic acid by arthrobacter simplex was investigated. this organism effected both ring a cleavage and elimination of the hydroxyl groups at c-7 and c-12 and gave a new metabolite, (4r)-4-[4alpha-(2-carboxyethyl)-3aalpha-hexahydro-7abeta-methyl-5-oxoindan-1beta-yl]valeric acid, which was isolated and identified through its partial synthesis. a degradative pathway of cholic acid into this metabolite is tentatively proposed, and the possibility that the proposed pathway could be e ...19695378382
[formation of crystalline nicotine blue by a nicotine degrading arthrobacter oxydans]. 19695384624
the production of superoxide anion radicals in the reaction of reduced flavins and flavoproteins with molecular oxygen. 19695388670
studies on lipids of soil micro-organisms with particular reference to hydrocarbons. 19695392541
the biodeterioration of vinyl polymers and plasticizers. i. isolation of micro-organisms and experiments with polyvinyl alcohol. 19695396048
[supplementary study on psychrotrophic bacteria of meat]. 19695408400
soil bacteria: a principal component analysis and guanine-cytosine contents of some arthrobacter-coryneform soil isolates and of some named cultures. 19705417666
the substrate selectivity of the steroid dehydrogenase of arthrobacter simplex. its use for the resolution and determination of absolute and relative configuration in total synthesis. 19705419051
induction of chlamydospore formation in fusarium solani by soil bacteria. 19705436564
soil bacteria: numerical analysis of electrophoretic protein patterns developed in acrylamide gels. 19705437391
some properties of a bacterial proteinase chemically fixed to agarose. 19705455658
2-hydroxy fatty acid-containing phospholipid of arthrobacter simplex. 19705456032
chromatography of a halophilic enzyme on hydroxylapatite in 3.4 m sodium chloride. 19705472720
polyphasic taxonomy of the genus vibrio: numerical taxonomy of vibrio cholerae, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and related vibrio species.a set of 86 bacterial cultures, including 30 strains of vibrio cholerae, 35 strains of v. parahaemolyticus, and 21 representative strains of pseudomonas, spirillum, achromobacter, arthrobacter, and marine vibrio species were tested for a total of 200 characteristics. morphological, physiological, and biochemical characteristics were included in the analysis. overall deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) base compositions and ultrastructure, under the electron microscope, were also examined. the taxonomic ...19705473901
intracellular substrates for endogenous metabolism during long-term starvation of rod and spherical cells of arthrobacter crystallopoietes.cells of arthrobacter crystallopoietes, harvested during growth as spheres and as rods, were starved by shaking at 30 c in phosphate buffer for 30 days, during which time they maintained 100% viability. changes in cellular components and the activity of specific enzyme pathways were monitored. a glycogen-like polysaccharide comprised 40% of the dry weight of growing spherical cells and 10% of the dry weight of rod cells. this material was utilized at approximately the same rate, on a percentage ...19705474876
cometabolism of m-chlorobenzoate by an arthrobacter.twenty isolates representing nine bacterial genera were obtained from enrichment cultures and were shown to cometabolize one or more of 22 substituted benzoates. one of the isolates, an arthrobacter sp., cometabolized m-chlorobenzoate to a product identified as 4-chlorocatechol by thin-layer chromatography and ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopy. the data indicate that cometabolism by the arthrobacter results from the formation of products by its benzoate-oxiding enzyme system that are not act ...19705480101
cometabolism: a technique for the accumulation of biochemical products. 19705491278
the effect of nickel on a marine bacterium, arthrobacter marinus sp.nov. 19705493594
[isolation and properties of microorganisms decomposing uric acid]. 19705497275
[on the formation of h2s and of ch3sh in spoiled sausages and hams: action of microorganisms]. 19705517480
[arthrobacter from rhizospheres of colza seedlings]. 19705526031
influence of mode of steroid substrate addition on conversion of steroid and growth characteristics in a mixed culture fermentation. 19705530771
ultrastructural explanation for snapping postfission movements in arthrobacter crystallopoietes.the ultrastructure of dividing rod-stage cells of arthrobacter crystallopoietes was examined by electron microscopy. the cell walls consist of two layers. during cell division, the inner layer invaginates to form the septum. the outer layer does not participate in septum formation. after septum formation is completed, the two daughter cells remain attached by the outer layer of the cell wall. it appears that localized rupture of the outer layer during further wall growth is responsible for the p ...19715541021
bacteriology of manganese nodules. v. effect of hydrostatic pressure on bacterial oxidation of mn11 and reduction of mno2. 19715544291
[decomposition of uric acid by aerobic bacteria isolated from soil]. 19715560554
[endogenous reserve and hydrolytic enzymes of a psychrophilic and mesophilic strains of arthrobacter]. 19715566945
the effect of nickel on a marine bacterium: fine structure of arthrobacter marinus. 19715571860
studies in valine biosynthesis. 8. dihydroxyacid dehydratase activity in microorganisms with diverse fermentation patterns. 19715581667
[biologic role of arthrobacter in subterranean soils]. 19675584186
coryneform bacteria of the arthrobacter type and their reserve material. 19675602473
the primary structure at the dfp-reacting site of a proteolytic enzyme from a strain of arthrobacter. 19685636373
biosynthesis of the peptidoglycan of bacterial cell walls. 8. specificity in the utilization of l-alanyl transfer ribonucleic acid for interpeptide bridge synthesis in arthrobacter crystallopoietes. 19685638593
the lipid composition of microbacterium lacticum. 19685639272
studies on bacterial urate:oxygen oxidoreductase. i. purification and properties of the enzyme. 19685640164
studies on bacterial urate:oxygen oxidoreductase. ii. observations concerning the properties and components of the active site. 19685640165
the widespread occurrence of a corticosteroid 1-alpha-hydroxylase in the interrenals of elasmobranchii. 19685643423
bacteriology of manganese nodules. ii. manganese oxidation by cell-free extract from a manganese nodule bacterium.a cell-free extract from arthrobacter 37, isolated from a manganese nodule from the atlantic ocean, exhibited enzymatic activity which accelerated manganese accretion to synthetic mn-fe oxide as well as to crushed manganese nodule. the reaction required oxygen and was inhibited by hgcl(2) and p-chloromercuribenzoate but not by atebrine dihydrochloride. the rate of enzymatic action depended on the concentration of cell-free extract used. the enzymatic activity had a temperature optimum around 17. ...19685645405
purification and properties of l-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase. 19685646150
oxidation of hydrocarbons by microorganisms isolated from soil. 19685646840
[importance of the crystalline form of cortisone acetate for the c-1 dehydrogenation by arthrobacter simplex]. 19685668198
micro diffusion cells for the growth of single protein crystals by means of equilibrium dialysis. 19685672516
[on the blue soluble pigment of arthrobacter polychromogenes]. 19685678032
the fine structure of arthrobacter pascens and the development of mesosomes during the growth cycle. 19685681515
porphyrin production by arthrobacter globiformis. 19685681520
studies of 3-oxo steroid delta-1-oxydo reductase of arthrobacter simplex. 19685687830
a note on the vitamin requirements of some coryneform bacteria from soil and herbage. 19685698668
[metabolic products of microorganisms. 65. ferrioxamine from eubacteriales]. 19685709361
the oxidation of aminoacetone by a species of arthrobacter.1. a micro-organism similar to arthrobacter globiformis has been isolated from sewage by elective growth on a medium containing l-threonine as sole source of carbon and nitrogen. 2. washed cell suspensions of the organism catalyse the complete disappearance of aminoacetone from the medium and its almost complete oxidation. 3. in the presence of iodoacetate, aminoacetone disappearance is accompanied by the accumulation of methylglyoxal, about 70% of the aminoacetone removed being accounted for in ...19685721463
a new modification of the carbazole analysis: application to heteropolysaccharides. 19685723302
activity of an autolytic n-acetylmuramidase during sphere-rod morphogenesis in arthrobacter crystallopoietes. 19685732515
preliminary crystallographic data for an extracellular proteolytic enzyme from a strain of arthrobacter. 19685760454
studies on the structure of yeast mannan. i. purification and some properties of an alpha-mannosidase from an arthrobacter species. 19695769177
the microbiological metabolism of colchicine. 19695769960
populations of dalapon-decomposing bacteria in soil as influenced by additions of dalapon or other carbon sources.the numbers of bacteria capable of decomposing the herbicide dalapon were determined for five soils by the most-probable-number method. before treatment of the soils with dalapon, the numbers varied from 1,000 to 10,000 cells per g of soil. incubation of the soils with dalapon resulted in large increases (100-fold) in two of three soils in which dalapon was decomposed rapidly. lack of increase in numbers in spite of rapid decomposition in the other soil probably indicated breakdown by a chemical ...19695772393
alteration of glucose metabolism of arthrobacter crystallopoietes by compounds which induce sphere to rod morphogenesis.succinate and several other compounds which induce sphere to rod morphogenesis of a. crystallopoietes were found to suppress both catabolism and assimilation of glucose. diauxic growth patterns resulted from growth on glucose plus any one of these compounds. glutamate stimulated growth but was not an inducer of morphogenesis. with this compound, diauxic growth and suppression of glucose catabolism or assimilation did not occur. glucose permease was studied with alpha-methylglucoside as substrate ...19695773009
induction and repression of steroid hydroxylases and dehydrogenases in mixed culture fermentations. 19695775118
role of alcoholic intermediates in formation of isomeric ketones from n-hexadecane by a soil arthrobacter.a soil arthrobacter species isolated from an oregon soil was capable of transforming n-hexadecane to a series of ketonic products, the 2-,3-, and 4-hexadecanones, with evidence for accumulation of 2- and 3-hexadecanols as oxidative intermediates when yeast extract or peptone was used as a growth substrate. the accumulation and participation of internal alcohols in this type of hydrocarbon transformation has not been previously reported. in the absence of yeast extract or peptone, growth from low ...19695785950
numerical taxonomy of some named coryneform bacteria. 19695792675
studies on the structure of yeast mannan. ii. mode of action of the arthrobacter alpha-mannosidase on yeast mannan. 19695814027
utilization of l-threonine by a species of arthrobacter. a novel catabolic role for "aminoacetone synthase".1. a species of arthrobacter (designated arthrobacter 9759) was isolated from soil by its ability to grow aerobically on l-threonine as sole source of carbon atoms, nitrogen atoms and energy; the organism also grew well on other sources of carbon atoms including glycine, but no growth was obtainable on aminoacetone or dl-1-aminopropan-2-ol. 2. during growth on threonine, (14)c from l-[u-(14)c]threonine was rapidly incorporated into glycine and citrate, and thereafter into serine, alanine, aspart ...19695821726
the bacterial oxidation of nicotine. vi. the metabolism of 2,6-dihydroxypseudooxynicotine. 19655835946
enzymatic dehalogenation of 2,2-dichloropropionate. 19645836518
induction and purification of stereospecific nicotine oxidizing enzymes from arthrobacter oxidans. 19655849820
production of gibberellin-like substances by bacteria and actinomycetes. 19655861292
a note on the differential response of arthrobacter spp. and pseudomonas spp. to drying in soil. 19655861293
a comparative study on the biochemical bases of the maximum temperatures for growth of three psychrophilic micro-organisms. 19655864888
the hydroxylation of nicotine: the origin of the hydroxyl oxygen. 19655879471
lytic enzymes of sorangium sp. some aspects of enzyme production in submerged culture. 19655880180
lytic enzymes of sorangium sp. action of the alpha- and beta-lytic proteases on two bacterial mucopeptides. 19655880183
micro-organisms associated with dead insect larvae in nigeria. 19655895702
[on the microbial decompositon of toxic substances. 4. on the microbial decomposition of phenylacetate, strychnine, brucin, vomicin and tubocurarine]. 19655898715
characterization of a small proteolytic enzyme which lyses bacterial cell walls.ensign, j. c. (university of wisconsin, madison), and r. s. wolfe. characterization of a small proteolytic enzyme which lyses bacterial cell walls. j. bacteriol. 91:524-534. 1966.-an enzyme isolated from a myxobacter possesses both cell-wall lytic and proteolytic activity. the enzyme has been purified over 600-fold and is electrophoretically homogeneous upon cellulose acetate at several ph values and upon polyacrylamide gel columns. a single peak was obtained upon ultracentrifugation and density ...19665935339
coryneform bacteria in poultry, eggs and meat. 19665949430
microbiological oxidation of cyclic ketones. 19665956067
growth factor activity of mycobactin for arthrobacter species. 19665958118
biosynthesis of bacterial glycogen. v. the activation and inhibition of the adenosine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase of arthrobacter viscosus nrrl bi973. 19665961843
growth of arthrobacter citreus at an elevated temperature. i. promotion by associated microorganisms. 19665962587
growth of arthrobacter citreus at an elevated temperature. ii. promotion by metallic ions. 19665969332
reaction of an extracellular proteolytic enzyme from a strain of arthrobacter with diisopropylphosphofluoridate (dfp). 19665973664
melilotate hydroxylase. purification of the enzyme and the nature of the prosthetic group. 19676017743
inhibition and agglutination of arthrobacters by psuedomonads.the bacterial flora of water in narragansett bay, r.i., was observed semimonthly from 1962 to 1964. dominant isolates were keyed to genus, and the isolates for each genus were expressed as percentage of total isolates. there was a consistent inverse relationship between arthrobacters and the dominant pseudomonads. pseudomonad growth on agar plates markedly inhibited arthrobacter cross-streaks. agar from inhibition zones as well as supernatant fluids from pseudomonad broth cultures inhibited arth ...19676025306
substituents on the alpha-carboxyl group of d-glutamic acid in the peptidoglycan of several bacterial cell walls. 19676025572
numerical taxonomy of gram-positive and catalase-positive rods isolated from frozen hundred isolates from peas, beans, and corn were compared with cultures of corynebacterium, microbacterium, and arthrobacter by use of numerical taxonomic procedures. six groups (clusters), representing 75% of the isolates, resembled corynebacteriaceae. there was some doubt regarding the genera represented because the groups were not closely related to many of the known strains. the relationship of the different groups to each other, as well as a number of their properties, is presented.19676031430
concerning the nature of the alpha- and beta-lytic proteases of sorangium sp. 19676034704
phenols as intermediates in the decomposition of phenoxyacetates by an arthrobacter species. 19676035145
formation of 2,4-dichlorophenol and 2,4-dichloroanisole from 2,4-dichlorophen-oxyacetate by arthrobacter sp. 19676035146
sphere-rod morphogenesis in arthrobacter crystallopoietes. i. cell wall composition and polysaccharides of the peptidoglycan.cell walls of arthrobacter crystallopoietes were prepared from cells grown as spheres and from peptone- and succinate-induced rod stage cells. undegraded polysaccharide backbones of the peptidoglycans were isolated from myxobacter al-1 protease digests by ecteola cellulose and sephadex g-50 chromatography. the polysaccharide backbones of the sphere cell wall peptidoglycan are heterogeneous in their size, and average less than 40 hexosamines per chain. those of the rod cell walls are homogeneous ...19676035266
sphere-rod morphogenesis in arthrobacter crystallopoietes. ii. peptides of the cell wall peptidoglycan.cell walls of arthrobacter crystallopoietes grown as spheres and as rods were solubilized by treatment with the b enzyme from chalaropsis, an n-acetylmuramidase. the neutral glycopeptides were then isolated by chromatography on ecteola cellulose. the glycopeptides, consisting of disaccharide-peptide units interlinked by peptide cross-bridges, were fractionated by gel filtration on sephadex columns into oligomers of various sizes. the size distribution ranged from monomers with no cross-bridges t ...19676035267
utilization of aromatic hydrocarbons by arthrobacter spp. 19676035537
investigations into the basis of microbial ecology in soil, illustrated with reference to growth of soil diphtheroids and azotobacter in a model system. 19676039197
numerical taxonomy of some named bacterial cultures. 19676064342
[liberation of coumarin by soil microorganisms]. 19676076182
enzymatic synthesis of flavin adenine dinucleotide.a new and simple enzymatic method for the synthesis of flavin adenine dinucleotide (fad) from flavin mononucleotide by the transadenylylation reaction using microbial cells is described. among various microorganisms tested, artherobacter globiformis ifo 12138 and two soil bacteria were selected as useful enzyme sources. under suitable reaction conditions, the amount of fad synthesized was 2.25 mumol/ml with cells of a. globiformis. the transadenylylation reaction could be coupled with the atp su ...19836089661
[h-nmr spectroscopy. specificity of microbial sialidases against complex substrates].the specificities of one viral and five bacterial sialidases were investigated by 1h-nmr-spectroscopy with substrates or substrate mixtures containing two sialic acid residues of different linkage types. this technique allows - in contrast to the methods used before - the simultaneous determination of the rates of hydrolysis of both neuac linkages in a single experiment. the substrate specificities of the enzymes are discussed on the basis of the relation of the rate constants k/k'. the data obt ...19846096253
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