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cometabolism of m-chlorobenzoate by an arthrobacter.twenty isolates representing nine bacterial genera were obtained from enrichment cultures and were shown to cometabolize one or more of 22 substituted benzoates. one of the isolates, an arthrobacter sp., cometabolized m-chlorobenzoate to a product identified as 4-chlorocatechol by thin-layer chromatography and ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopy. the data indicate that cometabolism by the arthrobacter results from the formation of products by its benzoate-oxiding enzyme system that are not act ...19705480101
cometabolism: a technique for the accumulation of biochemical products. 19705491278
the effect of nickel on a marine bacterium, arthrobacter marinus sp.nov. 19705493594
[isolation and properties of microorganisms decomposing uric acid]. 19705497275
[on the formation of h2s and of ch3sh in spoiled sausages and hams: action of microorganisms]. 19705517480
[arthrobacter from rhizospheres of colza seedlings]. 19705526031
influence of mode of steroid substrate addition on conversion of steroid and growth characteristics in a mixed culture fermentation. 19705530771
major paraffin constituents of microbial cells with particular references to chromatium sp. 19704987617
[production of a cytokinin-type substance by arthrobacter of rhizospheric origin]. 19704988161
fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by the strains of arthrobacter. 19704990264
cell bound proteolytic enzymes of arthrobacter. 19704990627
growth of arthrobacter citreus in a chemically defined medium and its requirement for chelating agents. 19704992200
saprophytic coryneform bacteria. 19704928346
steroid derivatives. lxxi. the microbial dehydrogenation of 17beta-hydroxy-17alpha-methyl-5alpha-androstan-3-one. 19704319876
biotin deficiency in arthrobacter globiformis: fine structure and effect of physical stress. 19704192256
degradation of endrin, aldrin, and ddt by soil microorganisms.twenty microbial cultures which had been shown to degrade dieldrin were tested to determine their ability to degrade endrin, aldrin, ddt, gamma isomers of benzenehexachloride (gamma-bhc), and baygon. all isolates were able to degrade ddt and endrin, whereas 13 degraded aldrin. however, none of them was able to degrade baygon or gamma-bhc.19704192889
studies on the antigenic activities of yeasts. v. effect of alpha-mannosidase digestion on the immunochemical properties of the mannan of saccharomyces cerevisiae. 19704194658
porphyrin formation by arthrobacter globiformis. 1. the effects of trace elements and aeration on coproporphyrin accumulation. 19705310897
[microbiological studies of atropine-decomposing bacteria]. 19704947265
the occurrence of pectolysis within the genus arthrobacter. 19715314557
dna decomposition by soil microorganisms. 19715314560
confusion in the taxonomy of a nitrogen-fixing bacterium currently classified as mycobacterium flavum 301. 19715089328
[effect of extracellular secretions of azotobacter on other microorganisms]. 19715096615
-oxidation of long-chain fatty acids in cell-free extracts of arthrobacter simplex. 19715113508
separation and characterization of three proline peptidases from a strain of arthrobacter. 19715117486
[oligonitrophilic coryne-like bacteria and nocardia assimilating hydrocarbons]. 19715121782
production of inhibitors of auxin and gibberellin induced growth of plants by arthrobacter pascens. 19715129178
sequential 11 -hydroxylation and 1-dehydrogenation of 16 -hydroxycortexolone. 19715134546
joint action of two glucanases produced by arthrobacter in spheroplast formation from baker's yeast. 19715134664
[comparative characteristics of psychrophilic and mesophilic arthrobacter strains]. 19715135047
structural effects on arthrobacter methylene hydroxylase activity.arthrobacter 4-44-2 (atcc 25581), capable of subterminal oxidation of n-hexadecane to 2-, 3-, and 4-alcoholic and ketonic products, was examined for the ability of this methylene hydroxylase capability to be induced and repressed and for structural relationships influencing methylene function oxidation. induction was best carried out by use of n-alkanes from 10 to 16 carbons in length and was especially strong with methylcyclohexane among cyclic compounds tested. induction was not observed with ...19715139534
production of inhibitors of auxin and gibberellin induced growth of plants by arthrobacter pascens. 19715142877
[autotrophic and heterotrophic nitrification in aquatic ecosystems]. 19715148461
[assimilation of low-boiling alkanes by arthrobacter]. 19715153994
fatty acid composition of arthrobacter simplex grown on hydrocarbons. occurrence of -hydroxy-fatty acids. 19715156370
microbial aspects of pollution in the food and dairy industries. 19715161227
[influence of root secretions of various plants on telluric microflora rich in arthrobacter and in aerobic sporular bacteria]. 19715161999
lysis of viable yeast cells by enzymes of arthrobacter luteus. 19715166255
microbiological and chemical changes in lean wiltshire bacon during aerobic storage. 19715168214
[antitumor activity of fatty acid-trehalose ester from arthrobacter and nocardia]. 19715168581
changes in bacterial population during the colonization of wheat rhizosphere, following aseptic cultivation and foliar application of urea. 19715172517
-glutamyl-glutamic acid, an interpeptide bridge in the murein of some micrococci and arthrobacter sp. 19714256044
a new type of peptide subunit in the murein of arthrobacter strain j39. 19714259817
a comparison of the electrophoretic properties of dehydrogenases from arthrobacter, agrobacterium, and rhizobium. 19714106185
phosphatases: applications of new methods for their separation. 19714326442
lipid composition of some species of arthrobacter.the lipids from arthrobacter crystallopoietes, a. pascens, and a. globiformis were investigated. each strain contained three glycolipids, a monogalactosyl diglyceride, a digalactosyl diglyceride, and a dimannosyl diglyceride, and traces of triand tetraglycosyl diglycerides. the phospholipids in all three strains consisted of bisphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylglycerol, and phosphatidylmyoinositol. no evidence could be obtained for the occurrence of mannophosphoinositides. analysis of the fatty ...19714327507
[respiratory enzymes in a psychrophilid and a mesophilic strain of arthrobacter]. 19714332339
s-ureidoglycolate dehydrogenase: purification and properties. 19714399430
development of a diazinon-degrading bacterium in paddy water after repeated applications of diazinon. 19714932410
[antibiotics--inhibitors in biosynthesis of the bacterial cell-wall]. 19714942177
soil bacteria: principal component analysis of physiological descriptions of some named cultures of agrobacterium, arthrobacter, and rhizobium. 19714943485
nature of the phosphodiester linkage of the phosphomannan from the yeast kloeckera brevis. 19714946336
iron requirements and aluminum sensitivity of an hydroxamic acid-requiring strain of bacillus megaterium.bacillus megaterium strain atcc 19213 secretes a ferric-chelating secondary hydroxamic acid, whereas a mutant (strain sk11) derived from it cannot produce a hydroxamate. strain sk11 could be cultivated in a sucrose-mineral salts medium (treated with chelex 100 to reduce trace metals) in the absence of added hydroxamate, if the inoculum was high. the lowest iron supplements necessary for maximal growth of both strains were equivalent (0.01 to 0.04 mug of iron per ml). addition of either aluminum ...19714993339
effect of apollo 11 lunar samples on terrestrial microorganisms. 19714993600
[threonine deaminease from arthrobacter strain 23]. 19714994281
use of mutagens in the improvement of production strains of microorganisms. 19714998300
hexose-atp phosphotransferases: comparative aspects. ii. cross-reactivity of hexokinases from a variety of species with antisera to yeast hexokinase. 19715001183
immunological comparisons of histidinol dehydrogenases. 19715001387
ultrastructural explanation for snapping postfission movements in arthrobacter crystallopoietes.the ultrastructure of dividing rod-stage cells of arthrobacter crystallopoietes was examined by electron microscopy. the cell walls consist of two layers. during cell division, the inner layer invaginates to form the septum. the outer layer does not participate in septum formation. after septum formation is completed, the two daughter cells remain attached by the outer layer of the cell wall. it appears that localized rupture of the outer layer during further wall growth is responsible for the p ...19715541021
bacteriology of manganese nodules. v. effect of hydrostatic pressure on bacterial oxidation of mn11 and reduction of mno2. 19715544291
[decomposition of uric acid by aerobic bacteria isolated from soil]. 19715560554
[endogenous reserve and hydrolytic enzymes of a psychrophilic and mesophilic strains of arthrobacter]. 19715566945
the effect of nickel on a marine bacterium: fine structure of arthrobacter marinus. 19715571860
studies in valine biosynthesis. 8. dihydroxyacid dehydratase activity in microorganisms with diverse fermentation patterns. 19715581667
bacteriology of manganese nodules. v. effect of hydrostatic pressure on bacterial oxidation of mnii and reduction of was experimentally demonstrated that two strains of arthrobacter 37, one growing at 25 c and the other at 5 c, could catalyze mn(ii) oxidation at hydrostatic pressures well in excess of the pressure encountered by the parent culture in its original habitat in the ocean (80 atm). the strain grown at 5 c showed an increase in temperature optimum for manganese oxidation with increase in pressure. it was like-wise experimentally shown that induced bacillus 29 without added ferricyanide and unindu ...19714927407
dna base composition of soil arthrobacters and other coryneforms from cheese and sea fish. 19724537440
decomposition of nucleic acids and some of their degradation products by microorganisms. 19724538623
d- and l-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase, enantiozymes of arthrobacter oxidans. 19724405081
covalently bound flavin in d-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase from arthrobacter oxidans. 19724405082
[microbiological properties of soils in northern france: arthrobacter extent]. 19724632290
a numerical study on the relationships of listeria and erysipelothrix. 19724632765
bacterial carotenoids. 38. c 50 -carotenoids. 9. isolation of decaprenoxanthin mono- and diglucoside from an arthrobacter sp. 19724635696
the bacterial oxidation of nicotine. 8. synthesis of 2,3,6-trihydroxypyridine and accumulation and partial characterization of the product of 2,6-dihydroxypyridine oxidation. 19724636328
biochemical transformations of herbicide-derived anilines in culture medium and in soil. 19724649740
[development cycle of arthrobacter simplex (jensen) lochhead during cultivation on different media]. 19724657955
[properties and taxonomic position of some coryneform bacteria that assimilate hydrocarbons]. 19724663473
[systematics of mycobacterium and related organisms]. 19724667388
lipid composition of growing and starving cells of arthrobacter crystallopoietes.the lipid composition of growing and starving cells of arthrobacter crystallopoietes was compared. although the lipid composition of the two cell types was similar, the amount of total lipids recovered from the starving cells was 30.4% less than that recovered from the growing cells. the loss of lipids, as compared to the loss of total cell mass during starvation, was (i) proportional to the loss of the cell mass (phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylglycerol-2, and cardiolipin), (ii) greater than ...19724669211
arthrobacter mysorens--a new species excreting l-glutamic acid. 19724679432
formation of hydroxylamine from ammonium by oxygenation. 19725012473
[enzymatic oxidation of heterocyclic compounds by bacterial cultures]. 19725013029
[transformation of aromatic hydrocarbons in co-oxidative conditions]. 19725013105
heterotrophic nitrification in samples from natural environments. 19725015754
bacteria which attack petroleum hydrocarbons in a saline medium. 19725029878
heterotrophic nitrifiction by arthrobacter sp.arthrobacter sp. isolated from sewage oxidized ammonium to hydroxylamine, a bound hydroxylamine compound, a hydroxamic acid, a substance presumed to be a primary nitro compound, nitrite, and nitrate. the concentration of free hydroxylamine-nitrogen reached 15 mug/ml. the identification of hydroxylamine was verified by mass spectrometric analysis of its benzophenone oxime derivative. the bound hydroxylamine was tentatively identified as 1-nitrosoethanol on the basis of its mass spectrum, chemical ...19725030623
mechanism of nitrification by arthrobacter sp.resting cells of arthrobacter sp. excrete as much as 60 mug of hydroxylamine-nitrogen per ml when supplied with ammonium. an organic carbon source in abundant supply is necessary for the oxidation. resting cells oxidize hydroxylamine to nitrite and 1-nitrosoethanol, the former accumulating only when an exogenous carbon source is available. cell-free extracts contain an enzyme catalyzing the formation of hydroxylamine from acetohydroxamic acid, a hydroxylamine-nitrite oxido-reductase, and an enzy ...19725030624
stereoregularity of chemically synthesized (1 to 6)- -d-mannopyranan as revealed by enzymic degradation with arthrobacter -d-mannanase. 19725050612
limonoate dehydrogenase from arthrobacter globiformis. 19725057436
isolation and characterization of n-butane-utilizing microorganisms. 19725066104
occurrence of microorganisms capable of decomposing organic phosphorus compounds in two types of bottom sediments of the eutrophic lake jeziorak. 19725069546
[metabolic products of microorganisms. 106. the structure of terregens factor]. 19725072727
covalently bound flavin in d-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase from arthrobacter oxidans. identification of the 8 -(n-3-histidyl)-riboflavin-linkage between fad and apoenzyme. 19725083098
[assimilation of volatile n-alkanes (c6-c10) by bacteria]. 19725084508
microbial transformation of -picoline, 2-ethylpyridine and -picolinate. 19725085653
[microbiological transformation of organic compounds in co-oxidation conditions]. 19724623307
immunodiffusion and fluorescent antibody methods to distinguish rod from coccoid forms of a species of arthrobacter. 19724624206
extensive microbial degradation of ddt in vitro and ddt metabolism by natural communities. 19724626578
covalently bound flavin in d-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase from arthrobacter oxidans. purification and properties of d-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase. 19724628374
phosphoenolpyruvate, a new inhibitor of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. 19724629561
evolutionary mechanism of adaptation of arthrobacter histodinolovorans and pseudomonas aeruginosa to use l-histidinol as a sole source of nitrogen and carbon. 19724630547
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