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some factors influencing enzymic activities of corynebacterium creatinovorans. 195014781175
the mechanism of acetate oxidation by corynebacterium creatinovorans. 195014790801
observations on the morphogenesis of arthrobacter citreus, spec nov. 195413143001
morphological comparison of some arthrobacter species. 195813536906
[on the degradation of nicotine by bacterial enzymes]. 196013721111
arthrobacter atrocyaneus, n. sp., and its blue pigment. 196013856051
influence of a bacterial cell extract upon the morphogenesis of arthrobacter ureafaciens.blankenship, l. c. (university of maryland, college park) and r. n. doetsch. influence of a bacterial cell extract upon the morphogenesis of arthrobacter ureafaciens. j. bacteriol. 82:882-888. 1961-the effect of a bacterial extract on alleviating the abnormal morphological appearance of arthrobacter ureafaciens when cultivated in thiotone broth is described. physical and chemical analyses of this extract revealed that the mineral components therein were largely responsible for the observed effec ...196113869842
[on the decomposition of nicotine by bacterial enzymes. iii. metabolic studies on cell free extracts]. 196113721112
studies on the metabolic function of the ferrichrome compounds. 196113689181
[on the decomposition of nicotine by bacterial enzymes. ii. isolation and characterization of a nicotine-splitting soil bacterium]. 196113696685
[on the decomposition of nicotine by bacterial enzymes. iv. l-6-hydroxynicotine as the first intermediate product]. 196113721110
nicotine oxidation by arthrobacter. 196113901850
auxin production by species of arthrobacter. 196114454424
[isolation and purification of aerobic cellulolytic soil bacteria. ii. isolation and description of a new arthrobacter species associated with sporocytophaga myxococcoides]. 196114492583
growth interactions of arthrobacter globiformis and pseudomonas sp. in relation to the rhizosphere effect. 196113878001
[6-hydroxy-pyridyl-(3)]-ketone]. 196113901804
wheaton rb: continuity of psychrophilic and mesophilic growth characteristics in the genus arthrobacter.roth, norman g. (whirlpool corp., st. joseph, mich.) and robert b. wheaton. continuity of psychrophilic and mesophilic growth characteristics in the genus arthrobacter. j. bacteriol. 83:551-555. 1962.-the effect of temperature on growth of seven members of the genus arthrobacter was determined at 0, 7, 20, 30, and 37 c. in general, no sharp cutoff point was observed between growth-temperature requirements of psychrophilic and mesophilic bacteria. there appeared to be a continuous gradation among ...196214494403
on the biotin requirement of arthrobacter globiformis. 196213878002
comparative carbohydrate catabolism in arthrobacter. 196214003016
phosphorylation of shikimic acid by ultrasonic extracts of micro-organisms. 196213944994
metabolism of glycerol by an arthrobacter species. 196213977220
production of a gibberellin-like substance by arthrobacter globiformis. 196214031348
on the origin of v-forms in arthrobacter atrocyaneus. 196214039490
bacterial iron metabolism: investigations on the mechanism of ferrichrome function. 196213874972
chemical composition and antigenic structure of cell walls of corynebacterium, mycobacterium, nocardia, actinomyces and arthrobacter. 196213882624
a ferrichrome-requiring arthrobacter which decomposes puromycin aminonucleoside. 196213901475
decomposition of puromycin aminoncleoside by arthrobacter flavescens. 196213901476
investigations on the action of the iron-containing growth factors, sideramines; and iron-containing antibiotics, sideromycins. 196314045511
[attempt at identification of 2 strains of arthrobacter by study of their antigenic properties and their resistance to antibiotics]. 196314048720
[research on various species of nitrogen-fixing arthrobacter isolated from karstic alpine rocks]. 196314048724
the assimilation of 2-c compounds other than acetate. 196314053263
new bacterial polysaccharide from arthrobacter.a bacterial strain (nrrl b-1973) isolated from soil at guatemala city and tentatively identified as an arthrobacter species produced a polysaccharide with unusual properties. conditions were studied for the production of this microbial gum in shaken flasks and 20-liter fermentors. suitable nutrients for optimal polysaccharide production included 3% glucose, 0.3% enzyme-hydrolyzed casein, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, and potassium phosphate buffer (ph 7.0). polysaccharide yields ranged f ...196314075048
a crystalline pigment produced from 2-hydroxypyridine by arthrobacter crystallopoietes n.sp. 196314106078
glutamic acid production by arthrobacter globiformis. 196313996592
a preliminary report on the fine structure of a bacteriophage of arthrobacter polychromogenes schippers-lammertse, muysers et klatser-oedekerk. 196314024588
metabolism of coumarin by a micro-organism: o-coumaric acid as an intermediate between coumarin and melilotic acid. 196414243380
some studies on trichloroacetate-decomposing soil bacteria. 196414245149
sugar nucleotide reactions in arthrobacter. i. guanosine diphosphate mannose pyrophosphorylase: purification and properties. 196414245350
sugar nucleotide reactions in arthrobacter. ii. biosynthesis of guanosine diphosphomannuronate. 196414245351
the occurrence of adenosine diphosphate glucose: glycogen transglucosylase in bacteria. 196414247687
microbial degradation of 2,2-dichloropropionic acid in five soils. 196414272481
branching enzyme of arthrobacter globiformis. 196414171890
an antibiotic produced by the mycorrhizal fungus cenococcum graniforme. 196414187005
use of arthrobacter terregens for bioassay of mycobactin.reich, claude v. (johns hopkins-leonard wood memorial leprosy research laboratory, johns hopkins university, baltimore, md.), and john h. hanks. use of arthrobacter terregens for bioassay of mycobactin. j. bacteriol. 87:1317-1320. 1964.-arthrobacter terregens was used to assay mycobactin, a growth factor for mycobacterium paratuberculosis. within 7 days, a. terregens gave a linear photometric growth response to mycobactin in the range of 0.05 to 0.2 mug/ml. preparations found to be active (or in ...196414188708
metabolism of coumarin by a micro-organism. 196414195065
adenosine diphosphate glucose-glycogen transglucosylase in arthrobacter sp. nrrl b 1973. 196414205498
metabolism of ethanolamine. an ethanolamine oxidase. 196414209947
specificity of improved methods for mycobactin bioassay by arthrobacter terregens.antoine, alan d. (johns hopkins university-leonard wood memorial leprosy research laboratory, baltimore, md.), norman e. morrison, and john h. hanks. specificity of improved methods for mycobactin bioassay by arthrobacter terregens. j. bacteriol. 88:1672-1677. 1964.-arthrobacter terregens was used to assay mycobactin, a growth factor for mycobacterium paratuberculosis. improved techniques permit the assay of mycobactin within 3 to 4 days by agarplate or liquid-medium methods. for the agarplate m ...196414240956
morphological aberration of arthrobacter globiformis cells due to biotin deficiency.chan, e. c. s. (university of new brunswick, fredericton, new brunswick, canada). morphological aberration of arthrobacter globiformis cells due to biotin deficiency. j. bacteriol. 87:641-651. 1964.-morphological aberration of arthrobacter globiformis strain 425 was shown to occur during growth in a chemically defined medium without added biotin. such aberrant cells could revert back to normal coccoid forms upon inoculation into fresh medium supplemented with the vitamin. this abnormal cellular ...196414127583
nutritional control of morphogenesis in arthrobacter crystallopietes.ensign, jerald c. (university of illinois, urbana), and r. s. wolfe. nutritional control of morphogenesis in arthrobacter crystallopoietes. j. bacteriol. 87:924-932. 1964.-arthrobacter crystallopoietes exhibits the cyclic, morphological variation which is a characteristic of this genus. a simple chemically defined medium was developed in which this organism is restricted to growth and division entirely in the coccoid form. addition singly to this medium of l-arginine, l-phenylalanine, l-asparagi ...196414137632
the metabolism of coumarin by a microorganism. ii. the reduction of o-coumaric acid to melilotic acid. 196414269315
enzymatic dehalogenation of 2,2-dichloropropionate. 19645836518
the bacterial oxidation of nicotine. vi. the metabolism of 2,6-dihydroxypseudooxynicotine. 19655835946
the isolation and characterization of glycogen from arthrobacter sp. nrrl b1973. 19655320421
production of gibberellin-like substances by bacteria and actinomycetes. 19655861292
a note on the differential response of arthrobacter spp. and pseudomonas spp. to drying in soil. 19655861293
a comparative study on the biochemical bases of the maximum temperatures for growth of three psychrophilic micro-organisms. 19655864888
the hydroxylation of nicotine: the origin of the hydroxyl oxygen. 19655879471
lytic enzymes of sorangium sp. some aspects of enzyme production in submerged culture. 19655880180
lytic enzymes of sorangium sp. action of the alpha- and beta-lytic proteases on two bacterial mucopeptides. 19655880183
micro-organisms associated with dead insect larvae in nigeria. 19655895702
[on the microbial decompositon of toxic substances. 4. on the microbial decomposition of phenylacetate, strychnine, brucin, vomicin and tubocurarine]. 19655898715
numerical taxonomy of certain coryneform bacteria.da silva, g. a. nigel (iowa state university, ames), and john g. holt. numerical taxonomy of certain coryneform bacteria. j. bacteriol. 90:921-927. 1965-an electronic computer was used to sort 32 strains of coryneforms into groups with the tree-sort program. the similarity values obtained in this procedure were then used to construct a dendrogram depicting the phenetic resemblance among the taxa. the results indicated that all the phytopathogens studied were sufficiently distinct from the type s ...19654954898
ornithine in mucopeptide of gram-positive cell walls. 19655326137
lytic enzymes of sorangium sp. isolation and enzymatic properties of the alpha- and beta-lytic proteases. 19655326246
biosynthesis of bacterial glycogen. 3. the adenosine diphosphate-glucose: alpha-4-glucosyl transferase of escherichia coli b. 19655326687
induction and purification of stereospecific nicotine oxidizing enzymes from arthrobacter oxidans. 19655849820
the stimulation of free radical formation in arthrobacter sp. by manganous ions. 19654285355
biosynthesis of bacterial glycogen. i. purification and properties of the adenosine diphosphoglucose pyrophosphorylase of arthrobacter species nrrl b1973. 196514304834
biosynthesis of bacterial glycogen. ii. purification and properties of the adenosine diphosphoglucose:glycogen transglucosylase of arthrobacter species nrrl b1973. 196514304835
the activation of escherichia coli adp-glucose pyrophosphorylase. 196514282015
studies on the biochemical basis of the minimum temperatures for growth of certain psychrophilic and mesophilic micro-organisms. 196514283028
synthetic metal chelators which replace the natural growth-factor requirements of arthrobacter terregens. 196514291610
fate of bacteria in chicken meat during freeze-dehydration, rehydration, and plate counts were determined on boneless cooked, cubed chicken meat obtained from a commercial processor. survival of the natural flora was determined after the meat was freeze-dehydrated and rehydrated at room temperature for 30 min and 50, 85, and 100 c for 10 min. total counts of bacteria in the rehydrated samples were determined during storage of the meat at 4, 22, and 37 c until spoilage odor was detectable. meat samples were inoculated with staphylococcus aureus, then dried, rehydrat ...196514325271
microbial degradation of isopropyl-n-3 -chlorophenylcarbamate and 2-chloroethyl-n-3-chlorophenylcarbamate.microbial degradation of isopropyl-n-3-chlorophenylcarbamate (cipc) and 2-chloroethyl-n-3-chlorophenylcarbamate (cepc) was observed in a soil perfusion system. degradation in perfused soils, and by pure cultures of effective bacterial isolates, was demonstrated by the production of 3-chloroaniline and the subsequent liberation of free chloride ion. identified isolates effective in degrading and utilizing cipc as a sole source of carbon included pseudomonas striata chester, a flavobacterium sp., ...196514325285
lysis of bacterial cell walls by an enzyme isolated from a myxobacter.ensign, j. c. (university of illinois, urbana), and r. s. wolfe. lysis of bacterial cell walls by an enzyme isolated from a myxobacter. j. bacteriol. 90:395-402. 1965.-an exoenzyme which lyses intact cells, heat-killed cells, and cell walls of arthrobacter crystallopoietes was purified 60-fold from the growth liquor obtained from a myxobacter (strain al-1). the lytic enzyme was produced during growth of the organism in a number of complex media, the maximal amount of enzyme being produced in yea ...196514330733
studies of the lipids of arthrobacter globiformis 616. i. the fatty acid composition. 196514332529
microorganisms in the root zone in relation to soil moisture. 196514346123
indigoidine and other bacterial pigments related to 3,3'-bipyridyl. 196514347925
polymer-producing species of arthrobacter.gasdorf, helen j. (northern regional research laboratory, peoria, ill.), r. g. benedict, m. c. cadmus, r. f. anderson, and r. w. jackson. polymer-producing species of arthrobacter. j. bacteriol. 90:147-150.1965.-two slime-producing microorganisms, designated as nrrl b-1973 and nrrl b-1797, were isolated from a guatemalan soil sample. their morphological and physiological characteristics permit their assignment to the genus arthrobacter. both cultures produce a large amount of extracellular polys ...196516562010
the metabolism of coumarin by a microorganism. v. melilotate hydroxylase. 19664285850
influence of clay minerals on microorganisms. i. montmorillonite and kaolinite on bacteria. 19664289932
metabolism of coumarin by a micro-organism. 19664381287
a schizokinen (siderochrome) auxotroph of bacillus megaterium induced with n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine. 19664961150
formation and function of the glycogen-like polysaccharide of arthrobacter. 19665297384
magnesium ion-independent ribonucleic acid depolymerases in bacteria.the distribution of ribonucleases among bacteria has been determined from the examination of a wide variety of species. bacteria that had been growing rapidly on a solid medium were harvested, treated with acetone and incubated in the presence of edta between ph4 and ph9. the ribonuclease activity was determined from the rate at which acid-soluble nucleotides were released. out of nearly 200 strains examined, about 30 did not contain a detectable ribonuclease. the ph optima of ribonucleases in t ...19665338680
coryneform bacteria in poultry, eggs and meat. 19665949430
microbiological oxidation of cyclic ketones. 19665956067
growth factor activity of mycobactin for arthrobacter species. 19665958118
biosynthesis of bacterial glycogen. v. the activation and inhibition of the adenosine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase of arthrobacter viscosus nrrl bi973. 19665961843
growth of arthrobacter citreus at an elevated temperature. i. promotion by associated microorganisms. 19665962587
growth of arthrobacter citreus at an elevated temperature. ii. promotion by metallic ions. 19665969332
reaction of an extracellular proteolytic enzyme from a strain of arthrobacter with diisopropylphosphofluoridate (dfp). 19665973664
characterization of a small proteolytic enzyme which lyses bacterial cell walls.ensign, j. c. (university of wisconsin, madison), and r. s. wolfe. characterization of a small proteolytic enzyme which lyses bacterial cell walls. j. bacteriol. 91:524-534. 1966.-an enzyme isolated from a myxobacter possesses both cell-wall lytic and proteolytic activity. the enzyme has been purified over 600-fold and is electrophoretically homogeneous upon cellulose acetate at several ph values and upon polyacrylamide gel columns. a single peak was obtained upon ultracentrifugation and density ...19665935339
reversible activation of allantoate amidohydrolase by acid-pretreatment and other properties of the enzyme. 19665328936
numerical taxonomy of some named bacterial cultures. 19676064342
substituents on the alpha-carboxyl group of d-glutamic acid in the peptidoglycan of several bacterial cell walls. 19676025572
numerical taxonomy of gram-positive and catalase-positive rods isolated from frozen hundred isolates from peas, beans, and corn were compared with cultures of corynebacterium, microbacterium, and arthrobacter by use of numerical taxonomic procedures. six groups (clusters), representing 75% of the isolates, resembled corynebacteriaceae. there was some doubt regarding the genera represented because the groups were not closely related to many of the known strains. the relationship of the different groups to each other, as well as a number of their properties, is presented.19676031430
concerning the nature of the alpha- and beta-lytic proteases of sorangium sp. 19676034704
phenols as intermediates in the decomposition of phenoxyacetates by an arthrobacter species. 19676035145
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