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successful therapy of clostridium septicum sepsis in a child with burkitt's lymphoma.the association between clostridium septicum sepsis in patients with malignant disease has been frequently documented. a presentation with fever, neutropenia, vomiting, and an acute abdomen is characteristic of this anaerobic infection which has been uniformly fatal in children with acute leukemia. we report the unusual course and the successful treatment of an adolescent with an abdominal burkitt's lymphoma with leukemic transformation and clostridium septicum sepsis and cellulitis.19816786126
[clostridium septicum bacteremia in a diabetic patient (author's transl)].this report concerns the clinical and bacteriological study of a female diabetic who presented with a febrile illness of sudden onset and acute toxemia. physical examination at admission was unrewarding. a few hours after admission lesions characteristic of gas gangrene appeared in the right upper limb without prior trauma, and a clostridial infection was suspected. bacteriological studies of the exudate and of the patient's blood led to the isolation of clostridium septicum, thus confirming the ...19817218925
clostridium septicum infections and malignancy. 19827112192
isolation of clostridium septicum from diseased chickens in broiler farms. 19827161998
serological characterization of clostridium septicum strains isolated from clinical materials of chickens and cows. 19836672417
nontraumatic clostridium septicum gangrenous myonecrosis.nontraumatic clostridium septicum infections may present as either septicemia or as metastatic myonecrosis. most of these infections occur in debilitated patients with diabetes who are receiving cancer chemotherapy. the majority have a hematologic abnormality or a carcinoma of the colon. usually there is an ulcerative lesion of the gastrointestinal tract that serves as the portal of entry. while most of these patients die from overwhelming sepsis, our patient was debrided early and treated promp ...19836628141
acute abomasitis due to clostridium septicum infection in experimental sheep. 19836606419
clostridial species in the pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis in patients with neutropenia.the role of gram-negative bacteria in the pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis has been stressed. we describe a 21-year-old woman with chronic neutropenia with cyclic fluctuations who died of necrotizing enterocolitis due to clostridium septicum. seven patients with cyclic neutropenia and necrotizing enterocolitis have been described in the literature and in each case in which bacteriologic data were reported, a clostridial infection was documented. patients with cyclic neutropenia should b ...19836846331
clostridium septicum arthritis.this case of anaerobic septic arthritis caused by clostridium septicum is apparently the first reported. it emphasizes the need for obtaining anaerobic as well as aerobic cultures on all suspected cases of septic arthritis.19836828918
fulminating clostridial septicemia in children treated for lymphoproliferative disorders.overwhelming clostridium septicum infection in 2 children, 1 and 4 yr old, with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and b-cell non-hodgkin malignant lymphoma, respectively, as well as fatal c. perfringens infection in a 3-yr-old child with histiocytosis-x are reported. a neutropenic patient with fever, abdominal symptoms and hypotension--but otherwise being well--must be suspected of having clostridial disease. the most alarming feature is shock and rapid course.19846610926
surgical aspects of clostridium septicum septicemia.clostridium septicum is a virulent cause of gas gangrene and sepsis. although thought to be rare, a survey of our affiliated hospitals for a recent five-year period disclosed eight cases. seven of the eight had an occult malignant neoplasm. the eighth patient was thought to be preleukemic. all seven malignant neoplasms involved the gastrointestinal tract. four patients were admitted with gangrene of an extremity, three with abdominal pain, and one with both. in four patients, c septicum septicem ...19846712467
antibiotic susceptibility of clostridium septicum isolated from chickens and cattle. 19846482134
neutropenic enterocolitis due to clostridium septicum infection.three cases of neutropenic enterocolitis are described. this unusual condition occurs almost exclusively in neutropenic patients and has a fulminating course which is almost invariably fatal without surgical intervention. the lesion is centered on the caecum and hitherto its pathogenesis has been unclear, partly because most studies have been performed on material obtained at necropsy. in these three patients, all of whom were treated surgically, clostridium septicum was identified by specific i ...19846699196
cns infection and bacteremia due to clostridium septicum.central nervous system infection with clostridium septicum is rare. we report two fulminant cases of such infection with accompanying bacteremia. the presence of extensive brain necrosis was striking in our two cases. the association of c septicum bacteremia with hematologic disease, and with solid tumors, was present in our cases. we conclude that c septicum should be considered as a potential cause of life-threatening bacteremia and meningitis in the compromised host.19846466165
clostridium septicum panophthalmitis with systemic complications.a fulminant case of endophthalmitis due to clostridium septicum is described. the patient presented with spontaneous gas gangrene panophthalmitis, with early visual loss and an air bubble in the anterior chamber. death ensued, and necropsy revealed changes consistent with severe arterosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a relationship not uncommon in patients with clostridium sepsis. this association as well as the histopathology of the globe are discussed.19854052363
imipenem/cilastatin therapy of bacteremia.imipenem/cilastatin was used to treat 135 patients with bacteremia and signs of infection. ninety percent responded favorably. the bacteriologic eradication rate was 98 percent among the 153 isolates. only one patient had breakthrough bacteremia and this was a susceptible clostridium septicum. in two isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa, emergence of resistance to imipenem during therapy was noted and appeared to be responsible for clinical failure. superinfection occurred in 13 patients and was r ...19853859221
sialidase activity in the sera of patients and rabbits with clostridial myonecrosis.the origin and nature of gas gangrene can be diagnosed exactly only by time-consuming bacteriological tests. in order to improve the diagnostic procedures, rabbits were infected with strains of clostridium perfringens, clostridium septicum or clostridium sordellii. sialidase activity was found to increase rapidly in serum; elevated creatine kinase activities were observed, too. high sialidase concentrations were found in sera (up to 1.6 mu/ml) and in tissues of wounded regions (up to 110 mu/g) o ...19853987045
clostridium septicum septicemia with identical metastatic myonecroses in a granulocytopenic patient. infectious disease emergency.clostridium septicum is a gram-positive, sporulating spindle-shaped rod. gas gangrene secondary to trauma is not uncommon. however, nontraumatic clostridial infection causing myonecrosis is quite unusual. this is a unique case report of clostridium septicum bacteremia with two simultaneously evolving metastatic foci of myonecrosis of the left arm and right thigh that developed in a patient with lymphoma when he became granulocytopenic during his hospital course.19854025378
[significance of clostridium septicum as a cause of gas edema].gas gangrene caused by clostridium septicum is relatively rare. in this paper 15 cases are described observed within the last 5 years. in 3 cases the gas gangrene was acquired exogenously. the other cases were endogenous infections. 9 of these cases were associated with colon carcinoma. c. septicum gas gangrene has a high lethality rate: 11 of the 15 patients died from the infection.19853884489
metastatic nontraumatic clostridium septicum osteomyelitis.nontraumatic clostridial infections are rare, but need to be diagnosed and treated early or high morbidity and mortality rates result. we believe that this is the first reported case of metastatic nontraumatic clostridium septicum osteomyelitis. early treatment with surgical debridement and parenteral antibiotics without hyperbaric oxygen was used. an associated occult rectal malignancy was discovered and treated.19853980945
[diffuse cellulitis and clostridium septicum septicemia in a non-cancer patient]. 19853982125
comparative in vitro activity of cefbuperazone against anaerobic bacteria isolated from community hospitals.the activity of cefbuperazone against 266 strains of anaerobic bacteria was determined by the agar dilution method and compared with cefoxitin, moxalactam, piperacillin, and clindamycin. all strains were recent clinical isolates from community hospitals. all agents tested showed good activity against bacteroides fragilis, fusobacterium spp., propionibacterium spp., clostridium septicum, clostridium perfringens, and the anaerobic, gram-positive cocci and gram-negative cocci. cefbuperazone, cefoxi ...19853985600
[ultrastructural characteristics of the natural heteromorphic growth of clostridium septicum].periodic cultures of c. septicum strain no. 59, growing in pope's broth, have been studied by means of transmission electron microscopy on ultrathin sections. during the lagphase of growth the inoculated bacilliary cells are sequentially converted into giant filamentous multinucleate forms. these changes, reflecting the reaction of phenotypical adaptation to new environmental conditions, are followed by the restoration of the initial phenotype via the fragmentation of the giant cells. at the sam ...19853993279
nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis, a case report.physicians are aware of the association between massively contaminated wounds and clostridial myonecrosis, or gas gangrene. a far less common but equally devastating presentation is that of nontraumatic or spontaneous gas gangrene. the most frequently encountered organism in this rare form of gangrene is clostridium septicum, and there is a high correlation with hematologic or gastrointestinal malignancy. the mainstays of treatment are intravenous antibiotics, surgical debridement, and hyperbari ...19863453908
clostridium septicum arthritis associated with colonic carcinoma. 19863735298
a case of nontraumatic clostridial gas gangrene occurring in a patient with colon adenocarcinoma, liver cirrhosis, and diabetes autopsy case of clostridial gas gangrene occurring in a 54-year-old man with colon adenocarcinoma, liver cirrhosis, and diabetes mellitus is reported. the patient died 4 days after the onset of symptoms with episodes of vomiting and abdominal pain. gangrene of both hips and perineum, hemolysis, renal failure, and disseminated intravascular coagulation were the dominant clinical features. clostridium septicum was isolated from the subcutaneous tissue fluid. adenocarcinoma of the ascending colo ...19863739709
carcinoma of the large intestine and nontraumatic, metastatic, clostridial myonecrosis.traumatic, clostridial myonecrosis is a rare and serious complication of wounds. nontraumatic, metastatic, clostridial myonecrosis may be caused by carcinoma of the large intestine. nontraumatic myonecrosis becomes evident with localized pain, generalized toxicity, local signs of inflammation, and crepitation. serum creatine kinase determinations may be of help in diagnosing patients suspected of having acute myonecrosis. immediate heroic surgical intervention, usually with demonstration of clos ...19863539558
preparation of clostridium septicum antigen for hyperimmunization of horses using a dialyzed culture.the preparation of toxic cultures of clostridium septicum is described, using an apparatus with a straight dialysis tubing, where the medium is filled both into the nutrition and cultivation space of the apparatus. using the cultivation to nutrition volume rate 1:2, mean titre of lethal antigen in filtrates 3.86 limes mortis per ml and 300 dosis lethalis minima per lm was obtained in comparison with the values of 2.22 and 150 respectively in flask filtrates. native filtrates of dialyzed cultures ...19863539722
arthritis caused by clostridium septicum. a case report and review of the literature. 19863512573
braxy or bradsot-like abomastitis caused by clostridium septicum in a calf. 198617422653
[gas gangrene: an extreme surgico-medical rather than medico-surgical emergency].a diabetic woman developed spontaneous gas gangrene of upper limb extending into trunk and due to clostridium septicum. recovery was obtained after major surgery involving disarticulation of upper limb and excision of soft tissues of left hemithorax, and a difficult intensive care programme (hyperbaric oxygen therapy, assisted ventilation). the presence of this gas gangrene revealed a bipolar colon cancer treated in parallel. the conventional therapeutic hierarchy is discussed: surgery should be ...19873584286
endogenous clostridium panophthalmitis.acute visual loss, pain, and redness in the left eye developed in a 61-year-old diabetic man. results of ophthalmologic examination showed 4+ conjunctival hyperemia and chemosis, no light perception, and restricted ocular motility. through a hazy cornea, a gas bubble was visualized filling about 50% of the anterior chamber. a vitreous tap disclosed myriad gram-positive rods with terminal and subterminal spores. cultures of the vitreous grew clostridium septicum, a gas-forming organism. explorato ...19873587922
successful management of malignant edema caused by clostridium septicum in a horse.the clinical course and successful therapeutic management of a horse with malignant edema caused by clostridium septicum is described. this is believed to be the first report of a horse surviving malignant edema caused by c. septicum. a discussion of this disease syndrome, including etiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs, therapy, and diagnostic methods is presented.19873446445
dnase production by clostridium septicum.sixty-two clostridium septicum isolates were assayed for extracellular dnase activity. all of the c. septicum isolates tested produced greater dnase activity than did the other dnase-producing clostridial isolates tested. the molecular weight of the dnase of c. septicum was determined to be approximately 45,000. dnase is a major extracellular protein produced by this organism.19873818933
quantitative method for determination of hemolytic activity of clostridium septicum toxin.a quantitative method for titration of hemolytic activity of clostridium septicum toxin was established. no linear dose-response line was obtained between the toxin dose and hemolysis ratio. logit or probit transformation of the hemolysis ratio changed this log-dose response curve into a linear line. we recommend a highly reproducible and accurate method based on parallel line assay using a well-standardized reference toxin for determination of hemolytic activity. the method consists of simultan ...19873430819
splenic abscess due to clostridium septicum in a patient with multiple myeloma.solitary abscesses of the spleen may occur as a consequence of septicemia from various septic foci, particularly intra-abdominal sites. a variety of causative organisms, including the clostridia, have been isolated. we have described a patient with multiple myeloma who had a solitary splenic abscess due to clostridium septicum and who failed to survive despite seemingly appropriate treatment. clinicians should be alert to this complication, which demands immediate splenectomy and appropriate ant ...19873660050
clostridium septicum: spontaneous myonecrosis. 19873693880
clostridium septicum and neutropenic enterocolitis. 19872887894
clostridium septicum and neutropenic enterocolitis. 19872890893
clostridium septicum sepsis and cerebritis: a rare complication of the hemolytic-uremic syndrome. 19883380585
clostridium septicum myonecrosis in association with colonic malignancy. 19883069311
[a case of nontraumatic clostridium septicum infection with intrahepatic pneumatic tumor and adenocarcinoma of the transverse colon]. 19883250993
acute ileotyphlitis as presenting manifestation of acute myelogenous leukemia.a case of acute myelogenous leukemia is reported in a child who presented with acute ileotyphlitis and died of an over-whelming clostridium septicum sepsis before the chemotherapy was administered. the pathogenesis of acute ileotyphlitis, especially the role of granulocytopenia is discussed.19883162345
clostridium septicum infection in neutropenic enterocolitis.a 36-year-old woman developed neutropenia following chemotherapy for inoperable carcinoma of the cervix. she suffered acute abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and peritonitis of rapid onset. the right hemicolon and 15 cm of terminal ileum were resected at laparotomy and this showed marked edema of the cecum and ileo-cecal valve associated with superficial ulceration of the valve. there was necrosis of submucosal tissues and the muscle wall which contained a large number of gram-positive bacilli. ...19883211599
occult gastrointestinal carcinoma causing metastatic clostridial soft-tissue infection. report of two cases.the association between nontraumatic, metastatic, clostridial soft-tissue infection and malignancy is well recognized, particularly when clostridium septicum is involved. this report presents two patients with nontraumatic, metastatic, soft-tissue infection due to c. septicum and reviews the english medical literature. eighty-four percent of the reported patients were found to have colon carcinoma, which was postulated to be the portal of entry. prognosis is poor, but early recognition and antim ...19883282840
diffuse spreading clostridium septicum infection, malignant disease and immune suppression.nineteen patients have been treated with gas gangrene infection proved on cultures to be caused by clostridium septicum. infection occurred after trauma in three patients and occurred spontaneously in 16, including six patients with peritonitis. none of the instances occurred as a postoperative infection. ten of the patients had an associated malignant disease including carcinoma of the colon and rectum in six, hematologic malignant conditions in three and carcinoma of the gallbladder in one. of ...19883344448
sudden visual loss associated with clostridial bacteraemia.a patient with endogenously acquired clostridium septicum panophthalmitis is presented. the patient exhibited a striking sequence of signs and symptoms associated with this devastating ocular infection. intensive antibiotic therapy was ineffective and enucleation of the globe was required. the microscopic pathology of the enucleated globe showed extensive infarction and necrosis of ocular structures in association with the panophthalmitis. in addition thrombosis of the central retinal artery and ...19883395597
early diagnosis of clostridial gas gangrene using sialidase order to improve the diagnosis of gas gangrene, especially at an early stage of infection, new ways for the detection of the responsible clostridia were investigated. sialidase, known to be excreted in large amounts by the most frequently occurring myonecrotizing clostridial species, clostridium perfringens, clostridium septicum, and clostridium sordellii, was isolated. with polyclonal antibodies raised against these enzymes, two immunological assays were established, which are directed again ...19882898309
aortitis due to metastatic gas gangrene.clostridium septicum bacteremia and its association with hematologic malignancy and colorectal cancer have been well recognized. panwalker, in a recent review, discussed clostridial sepsis and other unusual infections associated with colorectal tumors, including streptococcal bovis and bacteroides. he reports the coexistence of colorectal cancer and metastatic clostridium septicum infections at multiple sites. we describe a case in which a patient with an occult cecal carcinoma develops clostrid ...19892618068
[clostridium septicum and colonic cancer].during the period 1980-1987, clostridium septicum was identified at statens seruminstitut, from anaerobic blood cultures in six patients. five of the patients had cancer of the colon or rectum (c. coli) and one had cancer of the ovary. correspondingly great incidence of solid tumours, particularly c. coli with c. septicum infection without preceding trauma or compromizing of immunity has been reported in the literature. meticulous bacteriological identification should be undertaken on anaerobic ...19892773100
clostridium septicum infection and associated malignancy. report of 2 cases and review of the literature.we report 2 patients with myonecrosis due to clostridium septicum and associated colon carcinoma and have reviewed the english language literature for all reported cases of atraumatic c. septicum infection. a total of 162 cases of c. septicum infection have been reported. eighty-one percent of these patients had an associated malignancy. thirty-four percent of all patients had associated colon carcinoma, while 40% had a hematologic malignancy. thirty-seven percent of reported patients had an occ ...19892642585
clostridial myositis in a dog.myositis caused by clostridium septicum was diagnosed in a 3-year-old doberman pinscher. the illness was characterized by signs of pain, swelling, and lameness of left forelimb. despite treatment, the dog died. necropsy revealed crepitant swelling over the entire left forelimb, thoracic and abdominal wall, and lumbosacral area. subcutaneous edema and black, emphysematous muscles also were found. histologically, hemorrhages, congested vessels, and degeneration and necrosis of myofibers with scatt ...19892914794
clostridial sepsis and malignant address the significance of clostridial bacteremia in surgical patients, the bacteriologic records of the new york hospital from an eight year period were reviewed. of 1,708 patients who underwent surgical treatment with positive blood cultures, 23 (1.3 per cent) with clostridial bacteremia were identified. twenty-one of the 23 patients manifested clinical signs of sepsis at the time of clostridial bacteremia consisting of fever, leukocytosis or hypotension. fourteen patients had intra-abdomi ...19892814753
a randomized prospective study of ceftazidime and ciprofloxacin with or without teicoplanin as an empiric antibiotic regimen for febrile neutropenic patients.febrile neutropenic patients were randomized to receive ceftazidime and ciprofloxacin with the addition of teicoplanin in cases with clinical suspicion of a hickman line-associated infection. at 48 h both clinical and bacteriological analyses were made. patients were categorized as: success, in cases of improvement or stability in the clinical condition; failure, if there was a deterioration of the clinical condition; and non-evaluable, in cases of protocol violation or death due to other causes ...19902149051
clostridium septicum as a cause of pericarditis and mycotic aneurysm.clostridium septicum is a bacterial species associated with gas gangrene in both humans and animals. although not usually a pathogen in humans, it has been implicated in some cases of abscesses and bacteremia. we now report the first case of pericarditis with mycotic aneurysm due to c. septicum.19902229369
activation of phospholipase a2 in rabbit erythrocyte membranes by a novel hemolytic toxin (h-toxin) of clostridium septicum.a primary effect of a novel h-toxin of clostridium septicum on the hemolysis of rabbit erythrocytes was shown to be the activation of phospholipase a2 (pla2) associated with rabbit erythrocyte membranes by 20-fold that of controls. furthermore, the activation of pla2 induced by the h-toxin was enhanced in the presence of nad. the h-toxin itself had no pla2 activity. on the contrary, the h-toxin bound to palmitic acid at a molar proportion of 1:1 and lost its hemolytic activity. the pla2 was not ...19902341026
spontaneous, nontraumatic gangrene due to clostridium septicum.clostridium septicum is a major cause of spontaneous, nontraumatic gas gangrene. unlike clostridium perfringens, c. septicum is relatively aerotolerant and thus appears to be more capable of initiating infection in the absence of obvious damage to tissues. six cases illustrate the clinical setting and fulminant nature of spontaneous gangrene caused by c. septicum. a lesion in the colon such as carcinoma is often present and is presumed to serve as a portal of entry to the bloodstream. diabetes a ...19902330482
in vitro tests for the measurement of veterinary clostridial toxins, toxoids and antisera. i. titration of clostridium septicum toxins and antitoxins in cell culture.the assay of clostridium septicum antitoxin currently requires the inoculation of test mixtures intravenously into mice or intradermally into guinea-pig skin. an alternative indicator system based on the use of cell cultures is described. evidence is presented to show that the toxins detected by the in vivo and in vitro indicators are indistinguishable in terms of molecular weight, charge and hydrophobicity and that there is a close agreement between the two methods of titration. cell culture in ...19902257131
clostridium septicum gas gangrene following intramuscular infection from an influenza vaccine booster.we have reported a case of c septicum gas gangrene occurring in the forearm of a patient who had an influvac influenza booster 48 hours before admission. despite prompt antibiotic treatment and surgical debridement, the patient became hypotensive and could not be resuscitated.19902102204
[clostridium septicum: a warning signal]. 19902098142
actions of three clostridial iga proteases on distinct forms of immunoglobulin a molecules.three bacterial species of clostridium (septicum, tertium and sporogenes) were identified to produce extracellular proteases cleaving iga to fab and fc fragments, as demonstrated by sds-page and immunoelectrophoretic procedures. these enzymes acted on monometric iga1 paraproteins and normal serum iga1 but had no activity on iga2 paraproteins and intact secretory iga1 from human colostrum. their action on polyclonal serum iga1 suggested the absence of neutralizing anti-clostridial iga protease ac ...19912071167
the sialidase gene from clostridium septicum: cloning, sequencing, expression in escherichia coli and identification of conserved sequences in sialidases and other oligonucleotide mixture corresponding to the codons for conserved and repeated amino acid sequences of bacterial sialidases (roggentin et al. 1989) was used to clone a 4.3 kb psti restriction fragment of clostridium septicum dna in escherichia coli. the complete nucleotide sequence of the sialidase gene was determined from this fragment. the derived amino acid sequence corresponds to a protein of 110,000 da. the ribosomal binding site and promoter-like consensus sequences were identified upst ...19912034213
recognition, management, and prevention of clostridium septicum abscess in immunosuppressed patients.spontaneous gas gangrene due to clostridium septicum is a rapidly progressing disease that usually ends in fatal toxemia. we report three cases of asymptomatic c septicum abscesses to document the clinical course of this entity and to establish guidelines for its prevention and treatment. in contrast to previously reported data, c septicum infections can produce abscesses in solid organs, the retroperitoneum, and the extremities. these lesions often occur in patients with cancer, producing liver ...19912021349
[atraumatic clostridium septicum infection in granulocytopenia].a fatal clostridium septicum infection occurred in three patients. case 1. a 55-year-old man died of septicaemia resulting from granulocytopenia of uncertain aetiology; it was associated with perforation of ileal mucosal ulcers. autopsy revealed neutropenic enterocolitis and diffuse gas formation, especially in the brain, caused by clostridium septicum. case 2. a 18-year-old boy developed a caecal invagination during imipenem-induced granulocytopenia. a fulminant postoperative clostridium septic ...19911743095
nontraumatic gas gangrene: case report and review of emergency therapeutics.gas gangrene is a well-recognized serious life and limb threatening emergency. in certain patients the source of this infection may be nontraumatic. we present an illustrative case of nontraumatic gas gangrene caused by clostridium septicum and review the literature regarding its emergency management. early recognition of nontraumatic gas gangrene is crucial to reduction of mortality and morbidity. emergent therapy requires resuscitation, surgical consultation, pharmacological therapy, and consi ...19911787289
an alternative to the toxin neutralization assay in mice for the potency testing of the clostridium tetani, clostridium septicum, clostridium novyi type b and clostridium perfringens type d epsilon components of multivalent sheep vaccines.potency testing of veterinary vaccines containing clostridial antigens currently requires the vaccination of laboratory rabbits followed by the determination of specific antitoxin concentration in the rabbit sera by toxin neutralization test in mice. elisas are described as an alternative method to toxin neutralization for the determination of clostridium tetani, clostridium septicum, clostridium novyi type b and clostridium perfringens type d epsilon antitoxins. the assays were found to be rapi ...19911797039
[clostridium septicum pyomyositis revealing colonic cancer]. 19911816023
mycotic aortic aneurysm infected by clostridium septicum--a case history.the authors describe a sixty-seven-year-old hypertensive, diabetic man with a mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm infected with clostridium septicum. the patient had colonic polyps but no malignant disease. they could find only one other report of a mycotic aneurysm infected with c. septicum. in that case, as in most other cases of c. septicum bacteremia, the patient had gastrointestinal cancer. their case suggests that treatment for a clostridial infection should be considered in patients with kn ...19911863018
clostridium septicum bacteremia and diffuse spreading cellulitis of the head and neck in a leukemic patient. 19911866566
[a case of gas gangrene following operation of cervical esophageal carcinoma].a 74-year-old woman underwent surgery for cervical esophageal carcinoma. after operation, she had abdominal distension, high fever, and suddenly fell into shock and died. autopsy revealed necrosis and multiple gas blebs in the entire digestive tract and liver. direct smear specimens gram-stained disclosed clostridium septicum and the cause of death was found to be gas gangrene. this is the first of clostridium infection localized in the digestive tract and liver after operation. abdominal radiog ...19911886601
clostridium septicum myonecrosis and sepsis in the absence of trauma. 19911891736
clostridium septicum infection. beware of associated cancer.for reasons that are not fully understood, there is an association between clostridium septicum infection and carcinoma. in this article, dr kirchner describes the examination and treatment of a patient with c septicum infection in whom metastatic cancer was found on laparotomy.19911924004
[clostridium septicum infection in tumor patients]. 19912044424
clostridium septicum gas gangrene and an intestinal malignant lesion. a case report. 19912045404
recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor promotes wound healing in a patient with congenital neutropenia.we report a patient with congenital neutropenia or kostmann's syndrome who suffered many complications after presenting with clostridium septicum enterocolitis, including absence of wound healing. because of several reports of the use of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (g-csf) in patients with various complications of neutropenia, we treated this patient with recombinant human (rh) g-csf. we found that once rhg-csf restored neutrophil counts to normal, progressive wound healing followed. t ...19921380074
occult gastrointestinal malignancies producing metastatic clostridium septicum infections in diabetic patients.clostridial soft-tissue infections usually occur from traumatic injury but may be related to unrecognized gastrointestinal malignancy. overwhelming sepsis with clostridium septicum developed in five diabetic patients within 24 hours of onset of disease, and their course is reviewed.19921411949
cerebral abscess due to clostridium septicum. 19921433051
demonstration of clostridium septicum infection in a goose flock.clostridium septicum infection causing 5.0 to 5.2% mortality is reported for the first time in the literature from six-week-old growing geese in three flocks comprising 5,200, 5,500 and 5,900 geese, respectively. the affected birds exhibited weakness, uncoordinated movement, ataxia and, frequently, oblique position of the head and neck (torticollis) as well as signs indicative of dysequilibrium. the affected birds died within 18-24 h. gross pathological examination revealed anaemia, hepatitis wi ...19921476092
purification and characterization of the lethal toxin (alpha-toxin) of clostridium septicum.clostridium septicum lethal (alpha-toxin) was purified and found to be a basic protein (pi 8.4) of approximately 48 kda that is both lethal and hemolytic. the alpha-toxin had a hemolytic activity of approximately 2 x 10(7) hemolytic units per mg and a 50% lethal dose of approximately 10 micrograms/kg of body weight for mice. the alpha-toxin formed concentration-dependent, sodium dodecyl sulfate-resistant aggregates of approximately 230 kda. mice immunized with alpha-toxin showed a significant in ...19921541552
purulent thromboembolic meningoencephalomyelitis in a calf with isolation of clostridium septicum from the brain. 19921558882
non-traumatic clostridium septicum arthritis in a patient with caecal carcinoma. 19921643462
clostridium septicum meningoencephalitis: an unusual presentation of occult rectal carcinoma. 19921414846
spontaneous clostridial myonecrosis.spontaneous, nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis is a rare infection with an insidious onset and usually fatal outcome. spontaneous clostridial myonecrosis has a frequent association with colon carcinoma, leukemia, diabetes mellitus, and drug-induced immunosuppression. we present the case of a 73-year-old diabetic man who died of spontaneous clostridium septicum myonecrosis, who had presented with fulminant gangrene of the right thigh. clostridium septicum was cultured from the quadriceps muscl ...19921402768
clostridium septicum infections in children. 19921528648
gas gangrene from subcutaneous insulin administration.a case of gas gangrene that caused intractable shoulder pain refractory to narcotics in an immunocompromised host is presented. gas gangrene has been associated with severe trauma involving penetrating wounds, compound fractures, extensive soft-tissue injury, intramuscular injection of epinephrine, and interruption of arterial blood supply. this case describes an elderly insulin-dependent diabetic woman who developed gas gangrene in her arm and leg at the site of her subcutaneous insulin injecti ...19938240568
clostridium septicum gangrene complicating a closed femoral of the basic principles of orthopedic surgery is that gas gangrene does not develop in closed fractures. that there are exceptions to this rule is demonstrated by the following report of an extremely rare case. clostridium septicum myonecrosis developed after surgical treatment of a closed femoral fracture in a fit 45-year-old man, treated by antibiotics. the patient survived after having a right hip disarticulation and administration of high doses of intravenous penicillin. prophylactically ...19938116380
case report: emphysematous pyelonephritis caused by clostridium septicum and complicated by a mycotic aneurysm. 19938220960
diffuse pneumocephalus due to clostridium septicum cerebritis in haemolytic uraemic syndrome: ct demonstration.the computed tomography finding of diffuse pneumocephalus due to infection by gas-forming organisms is very unusual. we report such a case due to secondary infection by clostridium septicum in a child with diarrhoea-associated haemolytic uraemic syndrome.19938459926
clostridium septicum septicemia in a neonatal foal with hemorrhagic enteritis.clostridium septicum was isolated by anaerobic culture of blood collected from a 3-day-old foal with hemorrhagic enteritis and signs suggestive of septicemia. the foal responded well to treatment with intravenous fluids, antibiotics, plasma, and oral gastrointestinal protectants. one month after apparent complete recovery from the septicemia and hemorrhagic enteritis, the foal was euthanized during an acute episode of colic that was caused by severe, strangulating intestinal adhesions, thought t ...19938467700
activation and mechanism of clostridium septicum alpha toxin.clostridium septicum produces a single lethal factor, alpha toxin (at), which is a cytolytic protein with a molecular mass of approximately 48 kda. the 48 kda toxin was found to be an inactive protoxin (atpro) which could be activated via a carboxy-terminal cleavage with trypsin. the cleavage site was located approximately 4 kda from the carboxy-terminus. proteolytically activated atpro had a specific activity of approximately 1.5 x 10(6) haemolytic units mg-1. the trypsin-activated toxin (atact ...19937968539
histopathologic effects of culture filtrates of clostridium septicum in rabbit intestinal loops. 19938324121
fatal clostridium septicum myonecrosis.a 20 year old leukaemic patient with neutropaenia secondary to chemotherapy, who developed overwhelming sepsis, myonecrosis, vascular occlusion and necrotizing enterocolitis due to clostridium septicum infection is described. plain abdominal radiographs and a computed tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed gas in the retroperitoneal soft tissues. clostridium septicum septicaemia has a recognized association with malignancy and neutropaenia and has a high mortality if not diagnosed and ...19938257347
[generalized clostridial infection in a 60-year-old patient with massive soft tissue emphysema on thoracic radiography].we report a case of a 60-year-old patient with progressive soft tissue emphysema caused by infection with clostridium septicum. in contrast to a rather linear spread of air in non infectious soft tissue-emphysema, in this case a mainly vesicular spread of air in the soft tissue is noted on plain films. together with the clinical history, this finding may indicate an infectious cause. the radiological interpretation is an important step in the diagnostical workup.19938241302
clostridium septicum sepsis and meningitis as a complication of the hemolytic-uremic syndrome. 19938275613
isolation and properties of the natural and the recombinant sialidase from clostridium septicum nc 0054714.the natural sialidase of clostridium septicum was purified and characterized in parallel with the recombinant enzyme expressed by escherichia coli. the two enzymes exhibit almost identical properties. the maximum hydrolytic activity was measured at 37 degrees c in 60 mm sodium acetate buffer, ph 5.3. glycoproteins like fetuin and saponified bovine submandibular gland mucin, most of them having alpha(2-6) linked sialic acids, are preferred substrates, while sialic acids from gangliosides, sialyll ...19938358227
abdominal pain associated with an umbilical abscess in a llama.a 3-month-old llama with a presenting complaint of lethargy, anorexia, and a painful, distended abdomen was evaluated. the llama had intermittently strained to defecate during the 3 days prior to admission. physical examination results, hematologic data and lateral abdominal radiographs were used to diagnose a large umbilical abscess, which was causing a partial obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract. under general anesthesia, 3 liters of purulent exudate were drained from the abscess. the ab ...19938417858
neutropenic enterocolitis. two unusual cases with review of the literature.cases of neutropenic enterocolitis associated with clostridium septicum infection have been reported with increasing frequency in the past decade. we report two such cases involving unusual hosts and briefly discuss possible pathogenetic mechanisms such as ischemia, mucosal damage related to chemotherapy and neutropenia, and immunosuppression. one case involved a young man with chronic epstein-barr infection who developed extensive gas gangrene of the right side of his trunk and thigh and who di ...19938489343
clostridial endocarditis: report of a case caused by clostridium septicum and review of the literature.we describe a case of fatal infective endocarditis due to clostridium septicum in a patient with underlying colonic carcinoma. this is believed to be the first reported case of c. septicum endocarditis. the literature on the subject is reviewed.19938505566
how far should a clinical laboratory go in identifying anaerobic isolates, and who should pay?identification of anaerobic bacteria in specimens from sites of infection due to mixed organisms can be time-consuming and expensive. laboratories should limit anaerobic workups by testing only those specimens that have been properly collected and transported to the laboratory. use of selective and differential media for initial processing can provide rapid and relevant information to the clinician. anaerobes isolated from normally sterile sites and sites of serious infection should always be co ...19938324163
[atraumatic clostridium septicum infection in acute myeloid leukemia]. 19948072458
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