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clostridium septicum and malignancy. 19695819442
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cns infection and bacteremia due to clostridium septicum.central nervous system infection with clostridium septicum is rare. we report two fulminant cases of such infection with accompanying bacteremia. the presence of extensive brain necrosis was striking in our two cases. the association of c septicum bacteremia with hematologic disease, and with solid tumors, was present in our cases. we conclude that c septicum should be considered as a potential cause of life-threatening bacteremia and meningitis in the compromised host.19846466165
antibiotic susceptibility of clostridium septicum isolated from chickens and cattle. 19846482134
acute abomasitis due to clostridium septicum infection in experimental sheep. 19836606419
fulminating clostridial septicemia in children treated for lymphoproliferative disorders.overwhelming clostridium septicum infection in 2 children, 1 and 4 yr old, with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and b-cell non-hodgkin malignant lymphoma, respectively, as well as fatal c. perfringens infection in a 3-yr-old child with histiocytosis-x are reported. a neutropenic patient with fever, abdominal symptoms and hypotension--but otherwise being well--must be suspected of having clostridial disease. the most alarming feature is shock and rapid course.19846610926
nontraumatic clostridium septicum gangrenous myonecrosis.nontraumatic clostridium septicum infections may present as either septicemia or as metastatic myonecrosis. most of these infections occur in debilitated patients with diabetes who are receiving cancer chemotherapy. the majority have a hematologic abnormality or a carcinoma of the colon. usually there is an ulcerative lesion of the gastrointestinal tract that serves as the portal of entry. while most of these patients die from overwhelming sepsis, our patient was debrided early and treated promp ...19836628141
serological characterization of clostridium septicum strains isolated from clinical materials of chickens and cows. 19836672417
neutropenic enterocolitis due to clostridium septicum infection.three cases of neutropenic enterocolitis are described. this unusual condition occurs almost exclusively in neutropenic patients and has a fulminating course which is almost invariably fatal without surgical intervention. the lesion is centered on the caecum and hitherto its pathogenesis has been unclear, partly because most studies have been performed on material obtained at necropsy. in these three patients, all of whom were treated surgically, clostridium septicum was identified by specific i ...19846699196
surgical aspects of clostridium septicum septicemia.clostridium septicum is a virulent cause of gas gangrene and sepsis. although thought to be rare, a survey of our affiliated hospitals for a recent five-year period disclosed eight cases. seven of the eight had an occult malignant neoplasm. the eighth patient was thought to be preleukemic. all seven malignant neoplasms involved the gastrointestinal tract. four patients were admitted with gangrene of an extremity, three with abdominal pain, and one with both. in four patients, c septicum septicem ...19846712467
successful therapy of clostridium septicum sepsis in a child with burkitt's lymphoma.the association between clostridium septicum sepsis in patients with malignant disease has been frequently documented. a presentation with fever, neutropenia, vomiting, and an acute abdomen is characteristic of this anaerobic infection which has been uniformly fatal in children with acute leukemia. we report the unusual course and the successful treatment of an adolescent with an abdominal burkitt's lymphoma with leukemic transformation and clostridium septicum sepsis and cellulitis.19816786126
clostridium septicum arthritis.this case of anaerobic septic arthritis caused by clostridium septicum is apparently the first reported. it emphasizes the need for obtaining anaerobic as well as aerobic cultures on all suspected cases of septic arthritis.19836828918
clostridial species in the pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis in patients with neutropenia.the role of gram-negative bacteria in the pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis has been stressed. we describe a 21-year-old woman with chronic neutropenia with cyclic fluctuations who died of necrotizing enterocolitis due to clostridium septicum. seven patients with cyclic neutropenia and necrotizing enterocolitis have been described in the literature and in each case in which bacteriologic data were reported, a clostridial infection was documented. patients with cyclic neutropenia should b ...19836846331
clostridium septicum infection associated with colonic carcinoma and hematologic abnormality.six patients with clostridium septicum sepsis seen at duke university medical center over a two-year period also had other abnormalities, consisting of hematologic disorders in 3 and colon tumors in 3. three patients died of sepsis; 2 survived following disarticulation of the arm to control gas gangrene, while the sixth patient survived the sepsis but died of metastatic disease. when anaerobic cultures are positive for c. septicum, antibiotics should be given immediately. the high incidence of u ...19806934562
the effects of laboratory animal diets on the potency tests of bacterial vaccines.comparative studies of the responses elicited by mice fed on pcd and ffg diets to a number of bacterial vaccines have shown a significant reduction in the immune response to tetanus toxoid but not to clostridium septicum toxoid and increased resistance to challenge with e. coli and syngeneic tumour cells but not to pasteurella multocida. these differences cannot readily be explained in terms of differences between the identifiable constituents of the diets and illustrte the dangers of vaccine po ...19806995215
clostridium septicum infections and malignancy. 19827112192
isolation of clostridium septicum from diseased chickens in broiler farms. 19827161998
cerebritis due to clostridium septicum. 19807192812
suppurative abomasitis associated with clostridium septicum infection.a 1-week-old calf and two 1-month-old lambs from different farms in eastern south dakota had severe abomasitis characterized by diffuse suppurative inflammation, edema, and emphysema. clostridium septicum in the abomasal wall of each was identified by immunofluorescence and isolation. the lesions and microbiologic findings established the disease as braxy, a condition infrequently reported in the united states and thought to affect sheep only.19817204251
clostridium septicum infection and malignancy.evidence mounts favoring the relationship, albeit unexplained, between clostridium septicum infection and malignancy, particularly hematologic or intestinal malignancy. seven patients with c. septicum gangrene or sepsis have been treated at the massachusetts general hospital in the years 1977-79. all of these patients have had associated malignant disease: four patients had colon adenocarcinomas, two patients had acute myeloblastic leukemias, and one patient had breast carcinoma. in six of the s ...19817212798
[clostridium septicum bacteremia in a diabetic patient (author's transl)].this report concerns the clinical and bacteriological study of a female diabetic who presented with a febrile illness of sudden onset and acute toxemia. physical examination at admission was unrewarding. a few hours after admission lesions characteristic of gas gangrene appeared in the right upper limb without prior trauma, and a clostridial infection was suspected. bacteriological studies of the exudate and of the patient's blood led to the isolation of clostridium septicum, thus confirming the ...19817218925
occult clostridial myonecrosis.nontraumatic gas gangrene is extremely rare. it usually occurs following ulceration or perforation of an abdominal or pelvic viscus in persons having impaired host immune defenses. a fatal case of nontraumatic clostridium septicum septicemia and myonecrosis in an elderly diabetic man with a perforated colon carcinoma is presented. the case illustrates the occult manner in which such cases typically present and the fulminant course of this disease. the need for rapid diagnosis and the current rec ...19817235340
nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis: an infectious disease emergency.a 64-year-old man presented with a history of four days of lower abdominal pain and 12 hours of cutaneous discoloration, bullae formation, and swelling of the soft tissues of abdominal wall and right thigh. myonecrosis of abdominal wall and an adenocarcinoma of the cecum were found at operation. cultures of blood and fluid from the bullae yielded clostridium septicum. nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis is a fulminant, usually fatal disease that is most often the result of bacteremia from an oc ...19817235341
gas gangrene: a postoperative complication.gas gangrene, also known as clostridial myonecrosis, is a severe and acute infection usually caused by clostridium septicum, which may contaminate a wound. on rare occasions it is a complication of elective bone surgery, although it is usually found in elderly persons after hip surgery. the onset is usually sudden and it may occur from 6 hr. to 3 days after tissue injury. diagnosis may be difficult because of the similarity of symptoms to those of anaerobic cellulitis. treatment consists of surg ...19807264230
clostridium septicum infection in cattle in the united states. 19817309612
susceptibility of clostridium septicum to 23 antimicrobial agents.the in vitro susceptibility of clostridium septicum was studied with a microtiter broth dilution method. several antimicrobial agents demonstrated consistently good activity against the organism.19817325648
neutropenic enterocolitis and clostridium septicum infection in patients with agranulocytosis.two patients with previously undiagnosed agranulocytosis had rapidly fatal clostridium septicum sepsis and neutropenic enterocolitis. this toxigenic organism has a known predilection for cecal lesions. the association reported herein suggests that c septicum may be the cause of this necrotizing enteropathy.19807387278
the haemorrhagic exudate and its possible relationship to neurogenic inflammation.the morphological effects of an aqueous solution of nistatin, of clostridium septicum and tityus serrulatus toxins, of bothrops jararaca and agkistrodon piscivorus venoms on the vessels of the tendinous portion of the diaphragm were investigated in guinea-pigs. it was demonstrated that all these substances, when injected intrapleurally induced not only an increase in the permeability of venules but also haemorrhages originating at this segment of the microcirculation. red cells were shown to esc ...19807400880
[ultrastructure of clostridium septicum].the study of cl. septicum by means of electron microscopy revealed that these organisms had peritrichously located flagella and the five-layer cell wall. the formation of small oval spores was observed by the end of the first day. the first sign of sporulation was the appearance of the prespore membrane followed by the formation of the prespore; the formation of the spore coat and the spore cortex began simultaneously at stage iv. the spore coat appeared first as short osmiphil scales. they were ...19807435021
clostridium septicum abscess in hepatic metastases: successful medical management.clostridium septicum bacteremia is frequently associated with hematologic and colonic malignancies and neutropenia. it frequently produces 'metastatic' gangrene with excessive mortality. standard therapy usually includes surgical debridement and antibiotics. we present a patient with metastatic breast cancer treated with high-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. she was treated successfully with antibiotics alone despite developing cl. septicum bacteremia and gas in hepatic metasta ...19947517261
diversity in molecular mass of the common edta-soluble antigens of clostridium chauvoei and clostridium septicum.common edta-soluble antigens of clostridium chauvoei and c. septicum were examined by indirect-immunofluorescence (ifa) and immunoblot analysis. the monoclonal antibodies (mabs) specific for the 35 kda antigen of c. chauvoei strain atcc 10092 were used. these mabs reacted with all 11 strains, 6 of c. chauvoei and 5 of c. septicum, in ifa. in immunoblot analysis with the mabs, the bands at molecular mass of 35 kda were found in all c. chauvoei strains, while the bands at 36 kda were found in 4 of ...19947518890
myonecrosis due to clostridium septicum in a patient with unexplained neutropenia: successful treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor.we report a case of sepsis due to clostridium septicum successfully treated with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (gcsf). this case prompted our review of clostridial sepsis and considerations regarding the use of gcsf in cases of drug-induced neutropenia.19957541162
clostridial disease of the gut.clostridia are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in humans and animals. some of the most common clostridial infections are those of the gut. the primary infections in humans are clostridium perfringens food poisoning and clostridium difficile-mediated antibiotic-associated diarrhea and colitis. less common but important infections include non-food poisoning c. perfringens nosocomial diarrhea and c. perfringens type c necrotizing jejunitis (pig-bel). c. perfringens is also the dominan ...19957548565
clostridium septicum bacteremia in a patient with large granular lymphocyte leukemia.this is the first case report of clostridium septicum septicemia in a patient with large granular lymphocyte leukemia. c. septicum infection is highly associated with malignancy and causes a rapidly fatal enterocolitis among patients who are profoundly neutropenic. the need for early recognition and combination of early antibiotic therapy and necessary surgical intervention may help to alter the fulminating nature of c. septicum infection.19957552816
clostridium septicum bacteremia associated with aortic graft infection.after emergency repair of a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm associated with an aortocaval fistula, clostridium septicum sepsis prompted evaluation for colon cancer. adenocarcinoma of the right colon ultimately required hemicolectomy, after which the patient had development of recurrent c. septicum bacteremia. computed tomography scanning demonstrated a large fluid collection surrounding the aortic graft, and percutaneous drainage documented recurrent c. septicum. initial axillobifemoral bypas ...19957563411
malignancy, mortality, and medicosurgical management of clostridium septicum infection.necrotizing clostridium septicum infections (csi) have a strong association with malignancy or immunosuppression. to clarify this relationship and determine how it impacted mortality, the experience with csi at a single institution was reviewed.19957570310
[gas gangrene as presentation of colonic carcinoma in familial adenomatous polyposis].one case of gas gangrene by clostridium septicum associated to colon cancer is herein presented. spontaneous gas gangrene is often associated with neoplasms among which hematologic and colon neoplasms are the most frequent. the present case has also peculiarity that the colon cancer had developed from a familiar adenomatous polyposis syndrome.19957584783
brain abscesses caused by clostridium septicum as a complication of hemolytic-uremic syndrome. 19957715999
purulent pericarditis due to clostridium septicum associated with carcinoma of the colon. 19957727661
peritonitis due to clostridium septicum in a capd patient. 19957734578
clostridium septicum primary myonecrosis related to cecal neoplasia. 19957775706
[infection by clostridium septicum as a presenting form of colonic neoplasia]. 19957779902
clinical courses of seven survivors of clostridium septicum infection and their immunologic responses to alpha toxin.clostridium septicum bacteremia typically portends a fulminant disease associated with high mortality. we describe the clinical courses of seven survivors of c. septicum infection and their antibody responses to the alpha toxin produced by c. septicum. three patients had clinical syndromes ranging from uncomplicated bacteremia to early typhlitis, and three patients had syndromes ranging from abscess to myonecrosis and septic shock. in addition, an aids patient who developed septic shock and who ...19947803645
gene structure of the 'large' sialidase isoenzyme from clostridium perfringens a99 and its relationship with other clostridial nanh proteins.clostridium perfringens possesses two sialidase isoenzymes of different molecular weight. almost 90% of the gene encoding the 'large' form was found on a 3.1 kb chromosomal fragment (sau3ai) of strain a99 by hybridization with probes developed from the n-terminal protein sequence and from commonly conserved sialidase motifs ('asp-boxes'), whereas the remaining 3'-terminal part was detected on a 2.1 kb fragment (hind iii) of chromosomal dna. after combination of both fragments, the resulting e. c ...19947804004
the primary structure of clostridium septicum alpha-toxin exhibits similarity with that of aeromonas hydrophila aerolysin.the gene for clostridium septicum alpha-toxin was cloned and expressed in escherichia coli from c. septicum bx96. the toxin was determined to be 443 amino acids in length, with a 31-residue signal peptide that was removed from the toxin during secretion. no extended hydrophobic regions were observed in the mature toxin sequence. expression of alpha-toxin in e. coli bl21 resulted in the production of atpro, which was identical to native toxin from c. septicum with respect to activity and activati ...19957806374
invasive clostridium septicum infection in association with colorectal carcinoma. 19947922895
clostridium septicum septicaemia in a patient with leukaemia.clostridium septicum infection has been shown to have a strikingly high association with either bowel or blood malignancies. the infection may be fatal if unrecognised. we report a case of c. septicum bacteremia in a man diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.19947939827
clostridium septicum gas gangrene of the gluteus maximus and an ascending colon malignant tumor. a case report.clostridial myonecrosis is a complication associated with contaminated traumatized wounds. presented is the case of an elderly female with pain in her right hip, radiographic evidence of gas in the soft tissues, and no history of trauma. evaluation of this patient revealed clostridial myonecrosis. culture results identified the organism as clostridium septicum. due to the association between clostridium septicum and occult malignancies, colonoscopic evaluation was performed. a colonic lesion was ...19947955680
activation and mechanism of clostridium septicum alpha toxin.clostridium septicum produces a single lethal factor, alpha toxin (at), which is a cytolytic protein with a molecular mass of approximately 48 kda. the 48 kda toxin was found to be an inactive protoxin (atpro) which could be activated via a carboxy-terminal cleavage with trypsin. the cleavage site was located approximately 4 kda from the carboxy-terminus. proteolytically activated atpro had a specific activity of approximately 1.5 x 10(6) haemolytic units mg-1. the trypsin-activated toxin (atact ...19937968539
clostridium septicum syndrome. 19947978581
spontaneous clostridium septicum myonecrosis in congenital neutropaenia.spontaneous clostridium septicum myonecrosis is an uncommon disorder that has been described in association with malignancy, immunosuppression and neutropaenia. typical clostridial myonecrosis develops without a visible portal of entry and mortality is high. the pathogenesis is not completely understood but the clostridia may gain access to the circulation via areas of ileo-caecal ulceration secondary to enterocolitis, antibiotics or neoplasms. a 5 year old boy with congenital neutropaenia prese ...19948048901
[atraumatic clostridium septicum infection in acute myeloid leukemia]. 19948072458
differentiation of hl-60 cells is promoted by h-toxin of clostridium septicum.h-toxin of clostridium septicum potentiated dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso)-induced differentiation of human promyelocytic leukemia hl-60 cells which were monitored by nuclear morphology and production of oxidative radicals. but, h-toxin did not induce differentiation of hl-60 cells in the absence of dmso. these phenomena were not observed by staphylococcal leukocidin, a cytotoxin affecting to hl-60 cells. in hl-60 cells, adp-ribosylation of 118, 93, 75 and 58 kda membrane proteins was observed, but t ...19948082787
clostridium septicum gangrene complicating a closed femoral of the basic principles of orthopedic surgery is that gas gangrene does not develop in closed fractures. that there are exceptions to this rule is demonstrated by the following report of an extremely rare case. clostridium septicum myonecrosis developed after surgical treatment of a closed femoral fracture in a fit 45-year-old man, treated by antibiotics. the patient survived after having a right hip disarticulation and administration of high doses of intravenous penicillin. prophylactically ...19938116380
invasive clostridium septicum infection in association with colorectal carcinoma.the association between invasive clostridium septicum infection and colorectal carcinoma is examined by the presentation of three cases and a review of the literature. in the first two cases the patients presented with nontraumatic metastatic clostridial gas gangrene. in the third case a patient with chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression from concomitant multiple myeloma had a necrotizing transmural infection of the right colon. the apparent portal of entry of clostridium septicum was an occult ...19948199947
cloning, nucleotide sequence and expression of a hemolysin gene of clostridium septicum.a genomic library of clostridium septicum nctc547 strain was made in escherichia coli by means of lambda gt10. the dna insert of a hemolysin-positive (hly+) lambda-clone was transferred into puc19. the resulting plasmid, pcs21, confers a hly+ phenotype on e. coli. crude lysates of e. coli (pcs21) possessed a strong lytic activity on human erythrocytes and also a lethal effect on mice, characteristic of an alpha toxin. nucleotide sequence analysis revealed that the insert dna (5.2 kb) in pcs21 in ...19948200504
case report: emphysematous pyelonephritis caused by clostridium septicum and complicated by a mycotic aneurysm. 19938220960
gas gangrene from subcutaneous insulin administration.a case of gas gangrene that caused intractable shoulder pain refractory to narcotics in an immunocompromised host is presented. gas gangrene has been associated with severe trauma involving penetrating wounds, compound fractures, extensive soft-tissue injury, intramuscular injection of epinephrine, and interruption of arterial blood supply. this case describes an elderly insulin-dependent diabetic woman who developed gas gangrene in her arm and leg at the site of her subcutaneous insulin injecti ...19938240568
[generalized clostridial infection in a 60-year-old patient with massive soft tissue emphysema on thoracic radiography].we report a case of a 60-year-old patient with progressive soft tissue emphysema caused by infection with clostridium septicum. in contrast to a rather linear spread of air in non infectious soft tissue-emphysema, in this case a mainly vesicular spread of air in the soft tissue is noted on plain films. together with the clinical history, this finding may indicate an infectious cause. the radiological interpretation is an important step in the diagnostical workup.19938241302
fatal clostridium septicum myonecrosis.a 20 year old leukaemic patient with neutropaenia secondary to chemotherapy, who developed overwhelming sepsis, myonecrosis, vascular occlusion and necrotizing enterocolitis due to clostridium septicum infection is described. plain abdominal radiographs and a computed tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis showed gas in the retroperitoneal soft tissues. clostridium septicum septicaemia has a recognized association with malignancy and neutropaenia and has a high mortality if not diagnosed and ...19938257347
clostridium septicum sepsis and meningitis as a complication of the hemolytic-uremic syndrome. 19938275613
histopathologic effects of culture filtrates of clostridium septicum in rabbit intestinal loops. 19938324121
how far should a clinical laboratory go in identifying anaerobic isolates, and who should pay?identification of anaerobic bacteria in specimens from sites of infection due to mixed organisms can be time-consuming and expensive. laboratories should limit anaerobic workups by testing only those specimens that have been properly collected and transported to the laboratory. use of selective and differential media for initial processing can provide rapid and relevant information to the clinician. anaerobes isolated from normally sterile sites and sites of serious infection should always be co ...19938324163
isolation and properties of the natural and the recombinant sialidase from clostridium septicum nc 0054714.the natural sialidase of clostridium septicum was purified and characterized in parallel with the recombinant enzyme expressed by escherichia coli. the two enzymes exhibit almost identical properties. the maximum hydrolytic activity was measured at 37 degrees c in 60 mm sodium acetate buffer, ph 5.3. glycoproteins like fetuin and saponified bovine submandibular gland mucin, most of them having alpha(2-6) linked sialic acids, are preferred substrates, while sialic acids from gangliosides, sialyll ...19938358227
abdominal pain associated with an umbilical abscess in a llama.a 3-month-old llama with a presenting complaint of lethargy, anorexia, and a painful, distended abdomen was evaluated. the llama had intermittently strained to defecate during the 3 days prior to admission. physical examination results, hematologic data and lateral abdominal radiographs were used to diagnose a large umbilical abscess, which was causing a partial obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract. under general anesthesia, 3 liters of purulent exudate were drained from the abscess. the ab ...19938417858
diffuse pneumocephalus due to clostridium septicum cerebritis in haemolytic uraemic syndrome: ct demonstration.the computed tomography finding of diffuse pneumocephalus due to infection by gas-forming organisms is very unusual. we report such a case due to secondary infection by clostridium septicum in a child with diarrhoea-associated haemolytic uraemic syndrome.19938459926
clostridium septicum septicemia in a neonatal foal with hemorrhagic enteritis.clostridium septicum was isolated by anaerobic culture of blood collected from a 3-day-old foal with hemorrhagic enteritis and signs suggestive of septicemia. the foal responded well to treatment with intravenous fluids, antibiotics, plasma, and oral gastrointestinal protectants. one month after apparent complete recovery from the septicemia and hemorrhagic enteritis, the foal was euthanized during an acute episode of colic that was caused by severe, strangulating intestinal adhesions, thought t ...19938467700
neutropenic enterocolitis. two unusual cases with review of the literature.cases of neutropenic enterocolitis associated with clostridium septicum infection have been reported with increasing frequency in the past decade. we report two such cases involving unusual hosts and briefly discuss possible pathogenetic mechanisms such as ischemia, mucosal damage related to chemotherapy and neutropenia, and immunosuppression. one case involved a young man with chronic epstein-barr infection who developed extensive gas gangrene of the right side of his trunk and thigh and who di ...19938489343
clostridial endocarditis: report of a case caused by clostridium septicum and review of the literature.we describe a case of fatal infective endocarditis due to clostridium septicum in a patient with underlying colonic carcinoma. this is believed to be the first reported case of c. septicum endocarditis. the literature on the subject is reviewed.19938505566
gas composition in clostridium septicum gas gangrene.clostridial gas gangrene (myonecrosis) is a rare but catastrophic condition that usually occurs in patients with underlying diseases. this paper reports a fatal case of spontaneous clostridial gas gangrene in a 60-year-old female diabetic patient. the composition of gas samples from the patient's damaged muscle was analyzed. the results showed 5.9% hydrogen, 3.4% carbon dioxide, 74.5% nitrogen and 16.1% oxygen. this gas composition supports the belief that such gas production occurs via glucose ...19958541740
[gas gangrene as a manifestation of endogenous clostridium septicum infection].endogenous, nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis has a frequent association with colon carcinoma, leukemia, diabetes mellitus, and drug-induced immunosuppression. we present two cases of clostridium septicum myonecrosis. an 18-year-old girl developed severe abdominal pain on day 7 after hospitalization for cytostatic treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. blood cultures yielded clostridium septicum and histopathological exam of muscle tissue showed extended myonecrosis. eventually the patien ...19958582739
primary clostridium septicum aortitis: a rare cause of necrotizing suprarenal aortic infection. a case report and review of the literature.a 74-year old woman sought medical attention for general symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and back pain. a computed tomographic scan showed gas in the wall of the descending thoracic and suprarenal aortas. emergency thoracoabdominal exploration revealed a necrotizing infection of the thoracic aorta extending to the origin of the celiac axis. after surgery clostridium septicum was identified in tissue culture. surgical management consisted of in-situ graft replacement of the thoracoabdominal aorta. ...19968627911
cloning and expression of sialidase l, a neuacalpha2-->3gal-specific sialidase from the leech, macrobdella decora.sialidase l is a neuacalpha2-->3gal linkage-specific sialidase that releases 2,7-anhydro-neuac instead of neuac from sialoglycoconjugates (chou, m.-y., li, s.-c., kiso, m., hasegawa, a., and li, y.-t.(1994) j. biol. chem. 269, 18821-18826). a 2. 5-kilobase cdna of sialidase l was cloned by a combination of methods based on polymerase chain reactions. the composite cdna sequence reveals an open reading frame coding for 762 amino acids, including a putative 28-residue signal peptide at the n termi ...19968702601
periodic recurrence of gangrenous dermatitis associated with clostridium septicum in a broiler chicken operation. 19968744754
double clostridial mycotic aneurysms of the aorta.mycotic aortic aneurysm continues to present challenging and difficult management issues with a significant morbidity and mortality. the offending organism in the etiology of this aneurysm can be variable and unusual. the first report of two mycotic aortic aneurysms caused by clostridium septicum in the same patient is described here. presentation and management as well as conditions commonly associated with clostridium septicum infection and a review of all clostridial mycotic aortic aneurysms ...19958745194
cloning and characterization of nanb, a second streptococcus pneumoniae neuraminidase gene, and purification of the nanb enzyme from recombinant escherichia coli.streptococcus pneumoniae is believed to produce more than one form of neuraminidase, but there has been uncertainty as to whether this is due to posttranslational modification of a single gene product or the existence of more than one neuraminidase-encoding gene. only one stable pneumococcal neuraminidase gene (designated nana) has been described. in the present study, we isolated and characterized a second neuraminidase gene (designated nanb), which is located close to nana on the pneumococcal ...19968759848
phase i trial of high-dose infusional hydroxyurea, high-dose infusional 5-fluorouracil and recombinant interferon-alpha-2a in patients with advanced malignancies.the ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor, hydroxyurea (hu), augments the cytotoxic effects of 5-fluorouracil (5fu) in vitro; both drugs are synergistic with interferon-alpha (ifn) in vitro. the aim of this phase i study was to determine the maximal duration of hu, 4.3 g/m2, administered as a parenteral infusion in combination with 5fu, 2.6 g/m2 administered over 24 hrs each week, + ifn, 9 mu, subcutaneously three times per week. there were 26 patients enrolled and evaluable. this included 14 patie ...19968824349
phylogenetic positions of clostridium chauvoei and clostridium septicum based on 16s rrna gene sequences.the sequences of the 16s rrna genes (rrs genes) of clostridium chauvoei, the causative agent of blackleg in cattle, and the phenotypically related organism clostridium septicum were determined. after amplification of 1,507-bp pcr fragments from the corresponding rrs genes, the sequences were determined in a single round of sequencing by using conserved region primers. a sequence similarity analysis of the sequences revealed the close phylogenetic relationship of c. chauvoei and c. septicum in cl ...19968863454
mycotic aneurysm of the thoracic aorta caused by clostridium septicum.we describe a case-of a 78-year-old man who presented with a mycotic aneurysm of the thoracic aorta caused by clostridium septicum and underwent successful resection. there are only 3 cases of mycotic aneurysms caused by clostridium septicum reported in the literature. clostridium septicum infections have been shown to have a high association with gastrointestinal and hematologic malignancies. all patients with clostridium septicum infections, therefore, require a search for gastrointestinal les ...19968957398
bovine clostridial infections in zambia (1985-1994).retrospective surveillance study of clostridial infections of cattle in zambia, for the period 1985 to 1994, showed that out of the 318 cases observed, 62.8% and 24.2% were from western and southern provinces, respectively. of the 6 clostridia species identified, clostridium septicum (38.1%) followed by c. chauvoei (36.2%) and c. perfringens (13.2%) were dominant. although the highest incidence for clostridial infections was in 1989 (75 cases) and 1990 (77 cases), the number of c. perfringens ca ...19968997878
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