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studies upon growth phases of clostridium septicum. 193516559834
kinetics of lysis by clostridium septicum hemolysin.the kinetics of the hemolytic reaction effected by the hemolysin of clostridium septicum, strain 44, has been studied with regard to the effect of concentration, temperature, and hydrogen ion concentration on the rate of the hemolytic reaction. the kinetics of hemolysis was found to resemble in several respects that of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, but differed in the absence of a clearly defined ph optimum. attention is drawn to differences between the hemolytic system studied and certain other h ...194419871420
parallelism in the lethal and hemolytic activity of the toxin of clostridium septicum.the relation of the lethal toxin to the hemolysin produced by clostridium septicum, strain 44, has been investigated. the following results suggest that the hemolytic and lethal actions of crude toxin are functions of a single substance or that they are functions of two substances which have similar physical, chemical, and antigenic properties. (1) within the limits of experimental error, the lethal activity of cultures is directly proportional to their hemolytic activity. (2) treatment of a cul ...194419871418
nutritional requirements and factors affecting the production of toxin of clostridium septicum.a medium consisting of a complete acid hydrolysate of casein supplemented with cystine, tryptophan, growth accessory factors, glucose, and inorganic salts, has been developed for the cultivation of clostridium septicum. toxin equivalent to 400 to 700 l.d(50) per ml. has been obtained regularly in this medium. the principal factors found to affect the yield of toxin are:- (a) phase of strain employed: cultures of cl. septicum may contain a number of variants. some of these may be characterized by ...194419871419
case report of sudden death [multiple clostridium septicum emboli in intrahepatic portal veins, with extensive necrosis of the liver]. 194718906905
the growth of clostridium septicum and its inhibition. 194716561290
the growth of clostridium septicum and its inhibition. 194720292333
immunization with clostridium septicum toxoid and with trivalent gas gangrene toxoid. 194720261077
studies on agglutination of red cells by clostridia. i. cl. septique. 195114895790
the beta-toxin (deoxyribonuclease) of cl. septicum. 195114851168
the survival of bacterial spores in arsphenamines. 195214946683
antibiotic prophylaxis of experimental clostridial infections. ii. penicillin prophylaxis of clostridium perfringens and clostridium septicum infections. 195224542145
effect of sub-lethal body x-radiation on susceptibility of mice to clostridium septicum toxin. 195212983374
[antigens common to the toxins of clostridium septicum and histolyticum]. 195313033375
[studies on the properties of clostridium histolyticum and clostridium septicum antisera]. 195313124941
[symptomatic anthrax of the face due to vibrio septicus]. 195413145545
[new researches on the evaluation of the anti-histolyticum and anti-septicum activity of different sera]. 195413158926
mixed bacterial infections in relation to antibiotic activities. i. clostridium septicum-micrococcus infections. 195413201758
the effect of antibiotics on spores of clostridium septicum in vivo. 195424543102
[bovine enzootic fulminating necrotic hepatitis due to association of welchia perfingens and clostridium septicum]. 195613317177
mixed bacterial infections in relation to antibiotic activities. ii. the role of staphylococcal antibiotic in a clostridium septicum-staphylococcus albus infection. 195724544423
[anatoxin from vibrio septicus and its antigenic and immunogenic properties]. 195813570447
complexity of toxins from clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei. 195813598715
[acetone purification of vibrio septicus anatoxin]. 195913636339
[chick embryo as an object for the determination of vibrio septicus virulence]. 195913636345
antigenic formulae for clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei. 195913642182
[study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue culture. v. cytopathogenic effects of clostridium septicum toxin]. 195913658454
[adsorption and elution of an active protein in vibrio septicus anatoxin]. 195913671024
the interactions between clostridium septicum and clostridium histolyticum toxins and antitoxins. 196213983973
[experimental inoculation of the chick embryo with clostridium septicum]. 196214491667
differentiation of clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei by the use of fluorescent labelled antibodies. 196313966870
sucrose-fermenting strains of clostridium septicum. 196314076707
[on liver lipids in guinea pigs. 3. the total lipid, neutral fat, phosphatide, cholesterol, fat-free dry substance and water content of the liver in clostridium septicum-infected guinea pigs]. 196314107836
[a triggering factor in clostridium septicum gas gangrene]. 196414137371
[problems of obtaining toxin from clostridium septicum cultures]. 19655833338
[composition of the gases liberated by clostridium septicum cultivated in a thioglycolate medium]. 19654954598
[composition of gases freed by clostridium sporogenes and by clostridium septicum cultivated in thioglycolate media]. 19664958636
location of esterases in clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei: an electron microscope study. 19675607845
the nature and properties of the haemagglutinin of clostridium septicum. 19676029762
[detection of clostridium septicum and cl. oedematiens by the fluorescent antibody technic]. 19674899155
direct-challenge potency test for bacterins containing clostridium septicum. 19685637928
temperature studies on chicken inoculations to aid differentiation between clostridium chauvoei and clostridium septicum. 19685655004
the relationship of the neuraminidase of clostridium septicum to the haemagglutinin and other soluble products of the organism. 19685667846
case report--clostridium septicum infection in a broiler flock. 19695813245
[comparative study of gases emitted by clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei cultivated on sodium thioglycolate medium]. 19695373657
glycolytic and related enzymes in clostridial classification.the activities of 15 glycolytic and related enzymes were determined in clostridia. all contained 1-phosphofructokinase; three of them lacked 6-phosphofructokinase and mannitol 1-phosphate dehydrogenase. glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase was found in six clostridia, thus demonstrating the presence of hexose monophosphate shunt. only parts of the citric acid cycle were found to be present in most clostridia with an indication of the full cycle in clostridium septicum. the intermediary enzyme activ ...19694244302
on the growth and survival of clostridium septicum in soil. 19694904967
sequential growth of clostridium chauvoei, clostridium septicum, and clostridium novyi in the same medium. 19695782565
clostridium septicum infections and malignancy. 19695819436
clostridium septicum and malignancy. 19695819442
[clostridium septicum in a derby eland]. 19695408497
[the in vitro identification and the in vivo action of clostridium septicum neuraminidase]. 19705499382
clostridium septicum infection of the thyroid gland. 19705487765
[immunologic efficiency of clostridium septicum toxoid in the animal experiment]. 19715147791
[enterogenous non-traumatic gas phlegmon infection by clostridium septicum]. 19714327293
[study of the fine structure of spore formation in clostridium septicum]. 19715131475
[composition of the gases given off by clostridium septicum, clostridium chauvoei and welchia perfringens cultured in a sodium thioglycolate medium under vacuum after alkalinization of the medium at the end of cultivation]. 19724338943
the deoxyribonucleases and hyaluronidases of clostridium septicum and cl. chauvoei. i. an agar plate method for testing for deoxyribonuclease. 19725076438
the deoxyribonucleases and hyaluronidases of clostridium septicum and cl. chauvoei. ii. an agar plate method for testing for hyaluronidase. 19725076439
prevention of swarming of clostridium septicum. 19724566879
letter: sudden deaths from clostridium septicum infection of the gobabis district. 19724670770
[non-traumatic infection with clostridium septicum]. 19734741475
adenocarcinoma of the colon presenting as clostridium septicum cellulitis of the left thigh. 19744834747
[effect of enterocin on clostridium perfringens and clostridium septicum (author's transl)]. 19744152346
letter: clostridium septicum infection in chickens. 19751114642
clostridium septicum infection and antibiotic treatment in broiler chickens. 19751114625
[bacteriocins of clostridium septicum (author's transl)].17 strains of clostridium septicum were examined for bacteriocin production. two bacteriocin-producing strains were detected by the stab culture method and the spot test using the supernatant fluids of the cultures. the bacteriocin of cl. septicum ovinus was active against all other strains of cl. septicum without inhibiting the donro strain (table 2). this bacteriocin and one indicator strain (wex) were chosen for further study. the bacteriocin, which was spontaneously produced during the logar ...19751221680
letter: an outbreak of gangrenous cellulitis caused by clostridium septicum in a broiler flock. 19751164275
chronic clostridium septicum infection of a tibial fracture: a case open transverse fracture of the mid-shaft of the tibia of a professional footballer became infected by clostridium septicum and, after early compression plating, required surgical intervention on three further occasions and extensive antibiotic treatment before healing occurred. clostridial infection is a recognized complication of open fractures contaminated with soil, and the necrotizing toxins produced by the c. septicum were probably responsible for the persistence of this infection. infe ...19761002285
growth of clostridium tertium and clostridium septicum in chemically defined media.defined media for the growth of clostridium tertium and clostridium septicum are described. the requirements for growth of these two species are compared with each other and with those of clostridium perfringens.1976180884
electron capture gas chromatography study of the acid and alcohol products of clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei.the metabolic products produced by several strains of clostridium septicum obtained from patients and animals, along with strains of clostridium chauvoei, were studied in chopped meat glucose medium by electron capture gas-liquid chromatography (ec-glc). the strains of c. septicum and c. chauvoei were shown to comprise five different metabolic groups. both the ec-glc study and the o and h antigenic study performed previously showed that strains of c. septicum comprise a heterogeneous group. one ...19761254716
studies on mode of action of a bacteriocin from clostridium septicum.a bacteriocin was found in the supernatant fluid of clostridium septicum strain ovinus. sensitivity to the bacteriocin was confined to other strains of c. septicum and to strains of c. chauvoei; the other gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria tested for sensitivity were unaffected by the bacteriocin. the bacteriocin killed sensitive cells rapidly but cell lysis did not appear to be involved. the bacteriocin inhibited protein and rna synthesis immediately after its addition to sensitive cells; ...19761253001
preparation and evaluation to clostridium septicum toxoid.clostridium septicum was grown under controlled conditions to produce high levels of alpha toxin. the toxin was toxoided and concentrated by ultrafiltration. the toxoided alpha toxin retained immunizing properties. the concentrated toxoid, when formulated on total combining power, in monovalent or multivalent clostridial products, provided protection to rabbits against direct challenge with cl. septicum spores. the toxoided alpha toxin produced antitoxin levels which exceeded current minima.19761001826
potency testing of clostridium septicum bacterins in sheep and laboratory animals.the immunogenic potency of bacterins containing clostridium septicum was evaluated in mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and sheep to establish potency requirements for these bacterins. two subcutaneous injections of cl. septicum bacterins were shown to provide resistance against intramuscular spore challenge. protection in mice, hamsters and guinea pigs was generally at low levels, in the range of 1 to 5 ld50. efficacy estimates, at these levels of challenge, indicated that a degree of relati ...19761001825
quantitative chemical analyses and antigenic properties of peptidoglycans from clostridium botulinum and other clostridia.the cell wall peptodoglycans were isolated from clostridium botulinum and some other species of the genus clostridium by hot formamide extraction and their quantitative chemical composition and antigenic properties were determined. the petidoglycan of c. botulinum type e was found to be a diaminopimelic acid (dap)-containing type composed of glucosamine, muramic acid, glutamic acid, alanine and dap in the molar ratio of 0.76:0.78:1.00:1.88:0.81. all other types of c. botulinum and clostridium sp ...197662070
deoxyribonucleases and hyaluronidases of clostridium septicum and clostridium chauvoei. iii. relationship between the two organisms. 1976940440
purification of clostridium toxoids.a two-step fractionation procedure was applied for purification and concentration of the individual clostridium toxoids. the toxoids were precipitated with hydrochloric acid in the presence of sodium sextametaphosphate, then antigenic fractions were separated from inactive contaminants by sephadex g-75 filtration. specific activity of the preparations thus obtained, as determined by mancini radial immunodiffusion, was 150--565 binding units per mg of protein nitrogen for clostridium perfringens ...197770974
clostridium septicum in childhood leukaemia. 197773090
multiple hepatic tumors and peliosis hepatis in fanconi's anemia treated with androgens.we report the case of a 13-year-old boy who was known to have fanconi's anemia for five years. for treatment of this condition he was given androgens and corticosteroids. two months before his death, severe varicella developed complicated by pneumonia, jaundice, and prolonged fever; all of which resolved during a five-week hospitalization. three weeks later he died of clostridium septicum sepsis caused by necrotizing enterocolitis. at autopsy he was found to have multiple hepatocellular neoplasm ...1977199056
clostridium septicum infection in childhood leukemia: report of a case and review of the literature.overwhelming clostridium septicum infection is a rare occurrence in children. it is seen almost exclusively as a complication of acute leukemia. a high index of suspicion in the leukemic child with an acute abdomen is the key to early diagnosis and improved survival. a case in a 13-year-old girl with acute myelogenous leukemia is reported and six pediatric cases in the literature were reviewed.1977268232
analysis of amines and other bacterial products by head-space gas chromatography.a gas chromatographic (gc) head-space technique is presented, which is suitable for the analysis of volatile products in bacterial broth cultures. this is exemplified by studies on clostridium septicum, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis. the media were acidified or made alkaline and after heating, samples of the gas phase above the media were directly injected into the gas chromatograph. a gas chromatograph equipped with dual columns and flame ionization detectors was used, employing p ...1978358746
differentiation in the cytotoxicity between hemorrhagic and necrotizing principles produced by clostridium septicum. 1979541869
[clostridium septicum infection in acute leukemia]. 1979286885
immunogenicity of clostridium septicum in guinea pigs.five strains of clostridium septicum were used to prepare bacterins, bacterin-toxoids, toxoid, and combinations of bacterins or bacterin-toxoids. these preparations were tested for immunogenicity in guinea pigs vaccinated subcutaneously with 1.0 ml of product. usually, a second vaccination was given 21 to 24 days later. the immunity of groups of vaccinated guinea pigs was challenged with as many as 22 strains of c septicum. when challenge exposed with homologous strains at 21 to 24 days after on ...1979525895
postoperative clostridium septicum dermatitis simulating toxic epidermal necrolysis.widespread detachment of the epidermis as a result of clostridium septicum infection after a laparotomy for intestinal obstruction is described. a clinicopathological picture, hitherto undescribed, is outlined.1979472950
clostridium septicum bacteremia. its clinical significance.the medical records of 59 patients with clostridium septicum bacteremia were reviewed; 42 (71 per cent) of these patients had malignancies. one half had hematologic malignancies, and one half had solid tumors. of the 21 patients with solid tumors, 14 (67 per cent) had cancer of the colon. among these patients, the cecum was the most frequent site of malignancy. the cecum and distal ileum were the most probable portals of entry for c. septicum bacteremia among the 28 patients examined at autopsy. ...1979420252
necrotising enterocolitis associated with invasion by clostridium septicum complicating cyclic neutropaenia.a fatal case of necrotising enterocolitis complicating cyclic neutropaenia in a 17-year-old boy is reported. the episode of enterocolitis was characterised by fulminant, generalised peritonitis associated with necrosis and gas formation in the wall of the ileum and caecum. clostridium septicum was grown from premortem blood cultures and gram positive bacilli typical of this organism were present in histological sections of the bowel wall. necrotising enterocolitis in this and previously reported ...1979292384
clostridium septicum infection associated with colonic carcinoma and hematologic abnormality.six patients with clostridium septicum sepsis seen at duke university medical center over a two-year period also had other abnormalities, consisting of hematologic disorders in 3 and colon tumors in 3. three patients died of sepsis; 2 survived following disarticulation of the arm to control gas gangrene, while the sixth patient survived the sepsis but died of metastatic disease. when anaerobic cultures are positive for c. septicum, antibiotics should be given immediately. the high incidence of u ...19806934562
[ultrastructure of clostridium septicum].the study of cl. septicum by means of electron microscopy revealed that these organisms had peritrichously located flagella and the five-layer cell wall. the formation of small oval spores was observed by the end of the first day. the first sign of sporulation was the appearance of the prespore membrane followed by the formation of the prespore; the formation of the spore coat and the spore cortex began simultaneously at stage iv. the spore coat appeared first as short osmiphil scales. they were ...19807435021
gas gangrene: a postoperative complication.gas gangrene, also known as clostridial myonecrosis, is a severe and acute infection usually caused by clostridium septicum, which may contaminate a wound. on rare occasions it is a complication of elective bone surgery, although it is usually found in elderly persons after hip surgery. the onset is usually sudden and it may occur from 6 hr. to 3 days after tissue injury. diagnosis may be difficult because of the similarity of symptoms to those of anaerobic cellulitis. treatment consists of surg ...19807264230
the haemorrhagic exudate and its possible relationship to neurogenic inflammation.the morphological effects of an aqueous solution of nistatin, of clostridium septicum and tityus serrulatus toxins, of bothrops jararaca and agkistrodon piscivorus venoms on the vessels of the tendinous portion of the diaphragm were investigated in guinea-pigs. it was demonstrated that all these substances, when injected intrapleurally induced not only an increase in the permeability of venules but also haemorrhages originating at this segment of the microcirculation. red cells were shown to esc ...19807400880
neutropenic enterocolitis and clostridium septicum infection in patients with agranulocytosis.two patients with previously undiagnosed agranulocytosis had rapidly fatal clostridium septicum sepsis and neutropenic enterocolitis. this toxigenic organism has a known predilection for cecal lesions. the association reported herein suggests that c septicum may be the cause of this necrotizing enteropathy.19807387278
the effects of laboratory animal diets on the potency tests of bacterial vaccines.comparative studies of the responses elicited by mice fed on pcd and ffg diets to a number of bacterial vaccines have shown a significant reduction in the immune response to tetanus toxoid but not to clostridium septicum toxoid and increased resistance to challenge with e. coli and syngeneic tumour cells but not to pasteurella multocida. these differences cannot readily be explained in terms of differences between the identifiable constituents of the diets and illustrte the dangers of vaccine po ...19806995215
cerebritis due to clostridium septicum. 19807192812
nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis: an infectious disease emergency.a 64-year-old man presented with a history of four days of lower abdominal pain and 12 hours of cutaneous discoloration, bullae formation, and swelling of the soft tissues of abdominal wall and right thigh. myonecrosis of abdominal wall and an adenocarcinoma of the cecum were found at operation. cultures of blood and fluid from the bullae yielded clostridium septicum. nontraumatic clostridial myonecrosis is a fulminant, usually fatal disease that is most often the result of bacteremia from an oc ...19817235341
susceptibility of clostridium septicum to 23 antimicrobial agents.the in vitro susceptibility of clostridium septicum was studied with a microtiter broth dilution method. several antimicrobial agents demonstrated consistently good activity against the organism.19817325648
clostridium septicum infection and malignancy.evidence mounts favoring the relationship, albeit unexplained, between clostridium septicum infection and malignancy, particularly hematologic or intestinal malignancy. seven patients with c. septicum gangrene or sepsis have been treated at the massachusetts general hospital in the years 1977-79. all of these patients have had associated malignant disease: four patients had colon adenocarcinomas, two patients had acute myeloblastic leukemias, and one patient had breast carcinoma. in six of the s ...19817212798
[clostridium septicum bacteremia in a diabetic patient (author's transl)].this report concerns the clinical and bacteriological study of a female diabetic who presented with a febrile illness of sudden onset and acute toxemia. physical examination at admission was unrewarding. a few hours after admission lesions characteristic of gas gangrene appeared in the right upper limb without prior trauma, and a clostridial infection was suspected. bacteriological studies of the exudate and of the patient's blood led to the isolation of clostridium septicum, thus confirming the ...19817218925
occult clostridial myonecrosis.nontraumatic gas gangrene is extremely rare. it usually occurs following ulceration or perforation of an abdominal or pelvic viscus in persons having impaired host immune defenses. a fatal case of nontraumatic clostridium septicum septicemia and myonecrosis in an elderly diabetic man with a perforated colon carcinoma is presented. the case illustrates the occult manner in which such cases typically present and the fulminant course of this disease. the need for rapid diagnosis and the current rec ...19817235340
successful therapy of clostridium septicum sepsis in a child with burkitt's lymphoma.the association between clostridium septicum sepsis in patients with malignant disease has been frequently documented. a presentation with fever, neutropenia, vomiting, and an acute abdomen is characteristic of this anaerobic infection which has been uniformly fatal in children with acute leukemia. we report the unusual course and the successful treatment of an adolescent with an abdominal burkitt's lymphoma with leukemic transformation and clostridium septicum sepsis and cellulitis.19816786126
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